Five Nights with Helen








I still remember the first date I had with Helen.  I was new in town, and wanted to find someone to spend time with, so I signed up with a dating agency, filled out the forms, did all the things you need to do – and then I had a call from her.


Her voice was deep, husky, as she asked if the description of me as a “fin loving guy who likes to play as well as treat a woman right” was correct.  I assured her it was – little realising what I was going to get into – so she agreed to meet me in the park at six o’clock on the Friday night, saying I should be carrying a dozen red roses.


So there I was, six o’clock, wearing a sports jacket over an open necked shirt, smart trousers, polished shoes, nervous face – and then I saw her walking down the path, her grey hair pulled back in a bun.  She had on a long sleeved pink blouse with a tie neck, a burgundy red pleated leather skirt, and long matching leather boots with a purse in the same colour.  Her lips were red, and as she came towards me she had a smile that would light up the darkest room.


“Are you Gerry,” she said in that deep voice, and I nodded as I stood up, holding the flowers out.  She smiled and thanked me for them, and asked where we were going.  I suggested a little Italian restaurant I knew, and she smiled, taking my arm as we walked along.


She is a great conversationalist – over our meal, we talked about all sorts of things, such as politics, sport…  Even music, or at least how the X-Factor might relate to music.


Eventually, I paid for the meal and offered to walk her home.  As we walked along the streetlamp lit pavement, she thanked me for the evening, and then we stopped for a moment as we kissed each other.  That was nice, and we walked along some more, until we got to her front door.


She thanked me for the night – and then asked if I wanted to come in and have a drink.  Well, I accepted, so I followed her to the door, watching as she unlocked it, and then we both went in.


I waited until she had put her purse on the table by the door, and then she asked me if I would help her play a little game.  Well, I was curious, so I asked her what she wanted to play – and then was when the night got interesting.


She asked me to pretend to be someone who was waiting for her to come home, so that he could steal her jewels.  I asked her if she wanted me to pretend to be a cat burglar, and she nodded, saying I would have to make sure she stayed in one place, but also I was going to be polite, and let her have a drink.


Well, it was an unusual request, but I nodded as she said I could start now.  I smiled, said hello, and told her I was here to rob her, but that I also wondered if she wanted something to drink.  She asked if I was going to tie her up – so I noticed a long scarf on a peg, took that and told her to hold her hands out in front of her, palm to palm.  She smiled as I used the scarf to tie her wrists together, and then took a second patterned scarf as we walked into the front room.


I invited her to sit down, and then used the second scarf to tie her ankles together, hearing her giggles at the sound of her boots rubbing together.  Standing up, I offered to fix her a drink, and she indicated a drinks cabinet, smiling as I poured two scotches and handed one to her.  Sitting down next to her, I asked her the obvious question – why?


She smiled, took a sip and said it was a trust game – and she wanted to know if she could trust me not to take advantage of the situation.  Oh don’t get me wrong – I was tempted, but I asked her why I would take advantage of her on a first date.  That seemed to be the answer she was looking for, as she smiled and sipped her drink, watching while I had mine.


We talked for a little while longer, before I offered to remove the scarves.  She said I could, if I agreed to two things.  I asked what they were, and she told me the first was that we go on another date.  Well, I was more than willing to agree to that – which was when she told me the second thing.  We would fix a date, and I should come early – and surprise her, pretending again to be a burglar, and making sure she could not move for an hour before we went out.


I double checked if she meant she wanted to be really tied up, and unable to talk.  She nodded, smiled and said she felt she could trust me – so we agreed to meet up the next Saturday, as I removed the scarves, and she gave me a little peck on the cheek.  I left her, standing in the doorway and smiling, wondering what I was going to do.



I did a bit of reading up in the next week, bought a few things – Helen had called me, told me her front door was going to be unlocked, and I could start as soon as I came in – so it was about six in the evening when I walked to her front door, carrying a plastic carrier bag.  I had booked tickets for a film at eight thirty, which meant we would have time to play her game, have some take away, and then get to the cinema in my car.


The front door was indeed open, and I could hear the sound of her moving around in the kitchen as I closed the door behind myself.  Walking slowly along the corridor, I saw her at the work surface, her hair now dark and in a pageboy cut.  She was wearing a floral print dress, with long sleeves and a knee length skirt, along with knee length red leather boots – a pair of dark tights visible between the tops of the boots and the hem of the skirt.


I walked slowly up behind her, and then put my hand over her mouth, pulling her back against me as I whispered into her ear not to struggle, and to do exactly what I said.  I loved the way her lips moved over my gloved hand, as she mumbled something, and then nodded.  Whispering into her ear to put her hands behind her back, I let go of her mouth, and then took out of my bag a length of rope, which I used to tie her wrists together.  I had read instructions on how to do this, as I doubled the rope, wrapped it round them to pull them together, and then passed the rope between her wrists to tighten the binding.


She wriggled her fingers, and then said she would be a good girl, and do what I say.  I asked her where her valuables were, and as she told me she grinned.  That made me feel so good, as I took her by the arm and walked her into her front room.  Telling her to sit down, I walked to the windows and drew the curtains over, then walked back and took a second length of rope from the bag, Helen smiling as I crossed and tied her ankles together.  She then saw me take a third length of rope out, and used it to tie her legs together below her knees. 


I smiled in return as she wriggled her feet waving her toes up and down as the rope squeaked on her crossed ankles.  I then rolled up a scarf I had bought specially, and told her to open her mouth.  As she did so, I pulled the band into her mouth, her red lips closing over it as I tied the band round her head. 


Helping her to lie down, I took one more length of rope out, and used it to secure her ankles to the leg of the couch, Helen smiling and giggling as she watched me do so.  Telling her not to move, I took my bag and walked into the kitchen, putting the bottle of wine into the fridge with an ice pack round it, and then sat down, looking at a selection of menus. 


One hour later, we were sitting at the table, talking as she drank her wine – I had the car after all.  She still had her ankles and legs tied, as she swung them under the chair – at her choice.


It was a good film as well – a screening of Three Days of the Condor.  When Robert Redford had Faye Dunaway tied in the bathroom, she snuggled up into me and thanked me for the night…



A week or so later, I had a call from Helen, saying I should come over for the night – she wanted to try something, and she felt she could trust me to do it without “taking advantage” as she put it.   By now, I realised she was wearing wigs, so when she answered the door with long light brown hair, I smiled and said hello, admiring her outfit.


She was wearing a long sleeved white peasant top, blue denim Daisy Dukes, and over the knee white leather boots with a three inch heel.  She stood for a moment, looking at me, and then dragged me in as she closed the door.  When we went into the front room, I saw the ropes and other items on the floor, as she smiled and told me she had been reading as well.


She said she wanted to be the pop singer who has been kidnapped, and has to be held hostage by a man who looks after her.  Well, I knew who the man was meant to be, but I also wondered how tightly she wanted to be tied.


So I asked her, and she said she would tell me what to do – turning and crossing her wrists behind her back as a sign she wanted to start.  So I selected a length of rope, and bound her wrists together the same way I had before.


She then looked a longer length, and told me to double it over, then pass it round her and pull it tight under her chest.  As I did this, she giggled, and then told me to wrap it again round her this time above the chest.  I did this a few times, alternating above and below.  As I did so, I became aware of certain things.  The first was how her top stretched over her chest, showing her chest in a very different way.  The second was how the rope looked around her body.


And the third was how she was smiling as she wriggled round, her arms now held firmly to her sides, the ropes sitting above and below her chest.  She then told me to take two smaller lengths, and tie them between her arms and her sides, to make the binding tighter.  Well, it certainly did that, as she smiled and then sat down, stretching her legs out and crossing her ankles.


More rope to hold her ankles together, then her legs below her knees, and then her thighs.  As I tied the last band, my hands stroked her smooth legs, and I saw the way she was looking at me.  She asked how I liked the feel of her legs, and I had to tell her I did like it.


She smiled, and then shuffled forward, leaning over as I looked at her – and then we kissed again.  Properly – a long, tender, loving kiss between two people who I now knew were really attracted to each other.


We kissed for a little while longer, before she lay on her stomach on the couch, bent her ankles back and looked at me.  I knew what she wanted, so I took rope and tied her ankles to the chest ropes – I had read somewhere that was more comfortable and secure.  She tried moving her legs, then turned her head and told me to gag her – with a scarf and duct tape.



So I folded the white scarf, waiting until Helen opened her mouth before I put the folded scarf behind her teeth.  As she closed her lips, she smiled and said “nwthttpp,” giggling at the sound of her own muffled voice.  Picking up the roll of silver tape, I tore several strips of the tape off and smoothed them over her mouth.


“Swhtruggnndd,” she said as she wriggled round.  I smiled, and kissed her forehead, before I picked up a camera and took several photos of her, saying she needed to have some ransom photos taken.


She looked appropriately scared, before I left her alone, watching the television as I went into the kitchen.  She had left a selection of ingredients out, and instructions on what to do with them, as I started to prepare the food.


An hour or so later, she looked up as I carried a tray in, with a bowl of pasta and sauce and a glass of wine on it.  Placing the tray on the coffee table, I released her ankles from her chest ropes, and helped her to sit up, before I removed the tape and the scarf, wiping the drool from her lips before I took the pasta, put some on the fork and placed it in her mouth.


She smiled as she ate, and took some sips of wine, before we talked as I ate.  I asked her how it felt to be tied like that, and she said it felt very different – very nice, very stimulating.  She smiled as she said that, as I smiled back, and then she said she wanted me to take her upstairs to bed.


When we had finished, I lifted her up and carried her over my shoulder, placing her gently on the bed as she looked at me, and told me to sit next to her.  As I did so, she kissed me again – and again, as I put my hands round her and held her close.  It was a wonderful feeling, as we lay together, and rubbed against each other.  I heard her gasps, and asked her if she was all right – and she nodded.


We did this for a while, before I untied her, and she started to strip…



We went out for a few normal dates after that, and then one night she called me.  She was angry, upset, and told me to come over now.  I was there as soon as I could be, and went into the house to find her sitting in her chair, crying.  She was wearing a pink tunic with mid-length sleeves, black tights and long burgundy Hunter Wellingtons, her hair on this night long and brown.


I sat and asked her what had happened – apparently, her boss had ripped into her at work, and she was mad as hell.  So mad, she wanted to go and do some damage to her house – and then she told me I had to stop her doing that.


Nodding, I pulled a chair away from her dining table, and told her to sit on it, with her hands on her head.  She had left a selection of ropes on the couch beside herself, so I took a long length and wrapped it round her waist as well as the chair back, making sure she was secured to it.  I then asked her to put her hands against the chair back, and used tape to secure them to the wood, then her elbows as well.


Taking a second long length of rope, I wound it round her chest and the chair back, making a nice rope harness as she continued to express her firm views on what she wanted to do to her supervisor.  Once she was secure, I knelt in front of her and used more rope to secure her ankles together, pulling them back and securing them to the spar under the chair.  I tied her legs together below her knees as well, and then rolled up the scarf, tying a knot in the middle and using it as a proper cleave gag to muffle her protests.


I put my hands on her shoulders, and started to gently massage them, talking quietly to calm her down.  She seemed to be enjoying that, as I kissed her cheeks – and then I slowly moved my hands down and started to gently massage her chest as well.  I wasn’t sure why I was doing this – but I knew she was enjoying it, because she started to moan and she put her head back, her eyes closed.


As I massaged then, she nodded, and then opened her eyes, looking at me as I kissed her lips.  I asked her if she wanted me to continue, and she nodded as I continued the massage, using my fingers to gently squeeze them as I did so – that seemed to please her as well as she wriggled round.


I then walked round and sat on her lap, kissing her neck as I kept massaging her, and she rubbed her lips against mine.  She could see how turned on I was as well, as she looked down at the bulge in my pants, me blushing as I apologised.


“Slllrrt,” she said, “elkkktt.  Cnushwmmt?”


I stood up and opened my pants, her eyes lighting up as she saw how erect and aroused I was, before she said “ewntnutmklftm.”  I pointed out she was tied to the chair, but she nodded as she looked down.  I got the message, as I untied her from the chair and lifted her up, the two of us kissing as I carried her up to her bed.


It was beautiful as we kissed while I untied her legs, and removed her boots and leggings as she removed my clothes – and we made sweet, fantastic love to each other, several times.


She had calmed down as well – so when she told me her plan for the next date, I nodded in agreement.  If that was what she wanted, that was what we would do…




It was early evening when I saw her walking down the quiet street, a large patterned headscarf over her hair and head, wearing a tweed coat over her outfit.  I could see her crimson pants, and her knee length black wedge heel boots, her handbag on her arm.


I made my way into the back of the van, opening the sides as she walked past – and then quickly grabbed her, hand gagging her as I lifted her into the back of the van, and closed the door.  I had a cloth in my hand, and as I held her she slowly stopped struggling and her eyes closed.


No, it was not drug soaked – this was a game, as I laid her out, and used some white tape to quickly bind her wrists together behind her back, and wrapped some tape round her head, covering her mouth as the scarf protected her hair.  I then used a length of rope to bind her ankles together, before I climbed into the front of the van and drove back to her house.


It was dark as we pulled into her driveway, and I got into the back, fetching her handbag and taking her keys out.  I opened the front door, put her bag inside, and then untied her ankles as she pretended to come to.  Looking at her, I put my finger to my lips, and then walked her quickly into the house, closing the van door and locking it before we went into the house and I closed the door.


I told her she was to do exactly what I said, and she nodded as I cut the tape away from her wrists, and told her to take her coat off.  As she did so, I saw the purple silk blouse she was wearing, and pointed to the tape round her head.  I shook my head, and took from my pocket another length of cord, telling her to turn round.


I then used the cord to tie her elbows together behind her back, pulling gently to make sure they were as close together as possible, hearing her muffled gasp as her shoulders were pulled back.  I then tied her wrists together with another length of cord, making sure I took the rope between her limbs as well as round them.


Walking in front of her, I smiled as I told her to walk up to her bedroom.  She nodded and walked in front of me, my hands on her as we walked into her bedroom.


There was a bag of the ropes she liked in there, so I thanked her for being prepared, taking a longer length, doubling it over, and using it to bind her arms to her back, the bands framing her chest above and below as I pulled tighter with each pass.  The bands made her blouse, which was already straining, almost burst open as I tied them off, and then did something I had seen.


I fed the free rope under one arm, pulled it up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, making her breasts even more prominent as I did so.  As I tied it off, she gasped and moaned, and then looked at me with her head to one side as I stood in front of her.


Sitting her on the bed, I tied he rankles together side by side, and then her legs below her knees, before I gently pressed my lips over her taped ones, opening her blouse as I did so and pulling it to the sides.  She pressed her lips against mine, as I exposed her braless chest, and started to massage it again.


She closed her eyes again and groaned, as she pressed her chest against me, and then indicated she wanted the tape taken away.  As I cut it free, she nodded, and then told me to take my t-shirt off.  Once I had done that, she started to kiss my chest again, as I continued to massage hers, her gasps getting stringer as I felt her nipples and chest firming up.


She then slid off the bed, kneeling in front of me as she used her lips to pull down the zip on my pants.  I then sighed as my cock fell out, and she started to kiss it, making it start to throb as she did so.  For a moment, I thought she was going to give me a blow job as she kissed the tip, but then she said I had to gag her again, before I carried on.


I unwound the scarf from her head, and then tied it between her lips, wrapping it round twice as I did so.  I kissed her again, and then took a wide roll of white tape she had bought, adding to her gag by pressing a long length gently over her mouth.


She groaned then as I kissed her chest, using my lips and tongue to play with her nipples, as she wriggled round and lay on the ground.  With my hands, I unfastened the waist of her own trousers and pulled them down, and then her panties as I stroked my finger over her damp, moist clit.


Her eyes lit up and she nodded, as I straddled her, my cock stroking over her as I kissed and sucked on her chest, and then entered her, her eyes glazing over as I started to thrust to and fro.  Her grip on me was as tight and beautiful, as I made love to her while she was unable to stop me…




We spent that night on her bed, me naked and holding her from behind as she slept, both sated, both secure in ourselves and how we felt about each other…




And today?  We’re driving to the Lake District, Helen sitting next to me.  She’s wearing a brown cowl necked jumper, blue jeans, and brown leather boots, the tops of her grey socks peeking over them.  She turns and looks at me, the clear tape over her lips crinkling slightly as she moves her hands.  Her wrists are tied together in front of her, and then secured down to a rope that is around her waist, and between her legs.  Those legs are also secured at the ankles and knees, as she moves the ropes to and fro.


We’re having a hostage weekend – nice remote cottage, food and clothes in the trunk.  I am so looking forward to it…







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