Generations – Selfie Snatching






The teenager


He dumped me – he just dumped me, and he dumped me by text?  The sheer bloody cheek…


I was at home, supposedly working on my History project, but I had been worried about Tony for a few days – he had not been as open as he was with me, so not a lot of work was been done.  So there I was, white t-shirt, faded jeans, knee length black leather boots, looking at the screen when the message came through.


I was too shocked to cry, as I stared at my phone screen – but I was angry, as I threw it down onto the bed and stood up, grabbing my leather jacket and putting it on before I sat back on my bed and picked up my phone again.  I looked again at the message, wondering if I had the guts to show him in a reply exactly how I felt.


But then I had a better idea, as I looked at myself in my full length mirror, the reflection of my pink wall and hangings making me smile.  “Fuck him,” I thought to myself as I picked up the phone, and then at myself, my long dark hair hanging loose.  I’d show him what he was going to miss instead, as I looked at myself again, and then took a selfie, before I sent it to him with the words “your fucking loss.”


“Well, that’s nice – you’ve done part of my job for me.”


I looked up suddenly at the man who was standing in my doorway, casually dressed – but wearing black gloves, a small holdall in one of his gloved hands, and a gun in the other.




“You may have heard of me in the media – they like to call me the Selfie Snatcher,” he said with a smile, “and today, it’s your turn to come with me.  You’ve taken your selfie – very considerate, but now it’s my turn.”  He smiled as he said “stand up, turn round, hands behind your back.”


He was a charmer – but he also had a gun, so I put my phone down, and turned round, noticing as he put the bag down and removed from it a length of rope.  I watched to the side as he crossed my wrists, and then used the rope to secure them together – and he did a good job of it, as I felt the rope around and between my wrists, and he tied it off out of reach of my fingers.


“So what happens now,” I said as I turned round and looked at him.


“Now – you open your mouth, nice and wide,” he said.  I really didn’t have a choice, so I did as he asked, as he took a folded white cloth from a clear bag and pushed it into my mouth, filling it and pressing my tongue down as I closed my lips over it.  He then took a wide roll of clear tape, tore a strip off and pressed it over my mouth, but he did it carefully, almost – gently.


When I looked in the mirror again, I could barely see the tape, as he picked up his bag and said “I’ll contact your parents later, but let’s take a little walk, shall we?”  I nodded as he took my arm, after he had put the gun in his jacket pocket, and we slowly walked down the stairs, towards the front door…


“Jess, are you going out?  Who is…”



The Mother


When I got home from my trip to the shopping centre, I opened the front door and went in without a care in the world.  I was casually dressed – a fawn leather jacket over a scoop necked white t-shirt, black leggings and knee length black leather boots zipped up the inside.  I hadn’t seen anything I liked, but I could hear Jess upstairs, and a boy talking, so I assumed her boyfriend was round.


Given that, I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on, putting a teabag in a cup and then adding the hot water.  That was when I heard the footsteps, and went out to the hallway, expecting to see Jess and her boyfriend going out.


Well, it was Jess – but it wasn’t her boyfriend, it was a complete stranger to me.  They both had their back to me, but when I said “Jess, are you going out?  Who is…”  he turned round and smiled at me – and I saw that Jess had her wrists tied behind her back with rope.  She then turned and looked at me, her eyes wide open as she looked between us – and I saw something was covering her mouth.


“Is this your mother,” the young man said, and as Jess nodded he looked at me.


I could only look at Mum as she stared at both of us, wondering what he was going to do now.  The last thing I wanted was her to get hurt…


I looked again at him as he smiled, and then took the gun out of his pocket, before he said “well, I think she may have to come with us – keep you company, if you like.  So, tell me dear lady, are you going to do anything to raise the alarm?”


He was kidnapping Jess?  That was when I remembered the newspaper reports – a young man who kidnapped women for a day or two, after making them take a selfie of themselves.  I looked at them as I said “are you the Selfie Snatcher,” and as he nodded I saw Jess sigh and nod as well.


Now, since Jess’ father had gone off, I had been missing something, excitement, whatever you want to call it – and I still don’t know why this happened, but I looked at him, and I said “take me as well.”




Jess was staring at me as the young man smiled, and said “why?”


“Jess’ father is long gone – there is nobody except my mother, and she won’t pay a ransom.  But take us both, and let us go in a day or two, and I’ll make it worth your while.”


Jess was still staring at me as he looked me up and down, and then he said “get your phone – you need to take a selfie of yourself first.”


What was Mum playing at?  I watched as she went back into the kitchen, and returned with her own phone, posing as she took a picture of herself while the Snatcher took some more rope from his bag,


“Very good – put the phone somewhere, and then put your hands behind your back,” he said as he doubled the rope over.  Mum smiled at me, and said “it’ll be an adventure” as she threw her phone onto a chair in the front room, and then turned round, crossing her wrists behind her back.


I couldn’t believe I was doing this, as I felt the rope pulling my wrists together, and looked over my shoulder as he wrapped the rope round several times, and then split the lengths and took them between my wrists, making it even tighter.  I wriggled my fingers as he tied the rope off, and then turned round as he took a piece of cloth from the bag.


“Open your mouth.”


I nodded and did that, tasting the cotton on my tongue as he pushed it in, and then closed my lips over it as he tore some clear tape from a roll, and then pressed it firmly over my lips.  I looked at myself in the mirror, my own long dark hair over the shoulders of my jacket, and nodded as he said “so, why don’t you both…”


So, of course we both looked at the front door as it opened…


The grandmother


I had been at my old people’s group, and I had meant to go straight home, but as I was walking past the house I saw the grey van parked outside, and wondered what was been delivered, so I walked up the garden path, opened the door, walked in – and discovered something very different indeed.


Mum was looking at us, her long black coat fastened tightly with her black boots visible underneath, and her copper blonde hair.  She stood there for a moment, before she looked at the young man and said “are you taking my family hostage?”


“I am,” he said with a smile before he said the words I didn’t want to hear.


“What are you going to do about it?”


Looking from my daughter to my granddaughter, I wasn’t sure what to think.  Their arms were behind their backs, and I presume were secured in some way, but that was the only thing.  It too me a few minutes to realise something was covering their mouths as well.


And given what I had been doing earlier that morning, something was stirring in me as well.  I had been trying to find a way to tell them what I was doing, but somehow it never came out – but this…


I looked at the young man, and said “you need to take me as well, or I am going to raise the alarm.”


“GRRNNNNN!”  I was shocked, and I could see Mum was surprised as well, but she closed the door, turned round, and put her hands behind her back as she said “go on – do it.”


I looked at Mum, she looked at me, and then we both watched as the Snatcher went into the front room, took Mum’s phone and gave it to her, and then told her to take a selfie.


Ten minutes later, she was looking at us, smiling as he taped her lips over, her hands behind her back, before he opened the front door and looked out onto the street.  He then said “walk normally” as we followed him out and down the path, waiting as he opened the side door of a grey van before he told us all to get in.  He had already closed out front door, so we all stepped in and sat on the floor of the van, watching as one by one he crossed and tied our ankles together with rope, and then closed the door.


When did this day start to get so weird?  I’m sitting in the back of a transit van, my daughter on one side of me and my mother on the other, all of us with our wrists and ankles tied, and tape over our mouths with cloth in them, and I’m excited?


Well, this day is turning out to be very interesting indeed.  As I wriggle my legs, I wonder how they’re going to feel about the other surprise…



When the van stopped, we looked at each other, before the side door opened and I could see we were in some sort of warehouse.  The Snatcher smiled as he came in, and said “well, this was an unexpected bonus of a day.  I’m going to untie your ankles, and you will walk with me.  Then I’ll fetch you some food and drink.  Nod if you all understand.”


We looked at each other and nodded in unison, as he untied our feet and helped us to stand up, before we were marched in single file across to a door.  As we went in, I could see four mattresses on the floor as he said “wait here” and closed the door, locking it behind us.


I looked at Jess, and then at my mother, before I said “Whthhllslshupphnnnhre?”


Sfbeensnshed,” Jess said, and then she started to laugh.  A muffled laugh, but a laugh – and what was stranger, my mother started laughing.


And then so did I – even with the tape and cloths, we seemed to be happy, as he came back in, pushing a trolley with plates of sandwiches, fruit and bottles of water.


“Well, I see you’re settling in,” he said with a smile as he untied our wrists, and left again, closing the door as we looked at each other.


One of us had to be first, so I reached up and peeled the clear tape away from my mouth, and then gently pulled the cloth out, before I said “well – want to tell me what’s going on today?”


Jess removed her own gag, and said “he’s the Selfie Snatcher.”


“I guessed that,” I said with a grin as her mother removed her own gag, “and?”


“He was going to take me – then Mum stopped us…”


I looked at her, my head to one side as she blushed.


“Okay, okay, I know this looks strange, but come on, aren’t you both a little excited about what is going on?”


Jess looked to the side of the room, where four nightgowns were on the floor, and said “his latest guests before us?”


“Must be,” Mum said as she unfastened and removed her coat, and then I saw Jess staring at her.  It took me a few moments to realise why – my mother was standing there, wearing a black PVC one piece outfit with long sleeves, open so that the top of her chest was showing, and hot pants.  Then there was the fishnet stockings – and the over the knee black patent leather boots.


“What,” she said as she looked at us, “you’re wearing boots as well, aren’t you?”






“Oh – right.  Well, the group I lead each week, it’s kind of a self-help group – we help each other to get tied up and release our feelings in complete safety…”


Well, Mum and Gran were really surprising me today – I looked at the trolley, and took a bottle of water as I said “you like been tied up Gran?”


“Yes,” she said as she picked up a sandwich, “but come on – are you both telling me you didn’t enjoy what has happened today a little bit?” Biting into it, she looked at us as she said “well?”


I looked at Mum, Mum looked at me, and then we each took a sandwich as Mum said “so – what exactly happens at your group?”


“I have the distinct feeling we’re going to find out later,” Gran said with a smile, “and I have the feeling you are going to enjoy it…”




“There – I trust that is not too uncomfortable?”


I looked at myself, the ropes now encircling my arms and chest above and below, and said “it’s not uncomfortable” as I wriggled round, feeling the on my breasts.  He had made it really tight – the rope also went over one shoulder, round my neck and back over the other.


I looked at Jess, who was smiling as she moved, the ropes holding her arms and upper body tight as well, while the Snatcher bound Mum’s arms and upper body.  Our wrists were secured behind our backs, and our fingers taped together, but you want to know something?


As Mum sighed at the ropes been tightened, I didn’t want to try and get free anyway.


I watched him feed the rope under one of Gran’s arms, up and round the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, before he tied the ends off, and smiled at all of us.


“Are you sure you want this?”


“Do it to me first,” Gran said, “and then let the others decide.”


I watched as he passed a longer length of rope around Gran’s waist, and then tied a knot at her belly, before she let the lengths of rope drop in front of her.


“What does it fell like,” Mum asked he walked behind Gran, and then knelt down.


“You’ll see,” she said with a smile as he reached between her legs, and pulled the rope through and up, pressing on her as he took the ends and secured them to the rope round her wrists.  Looking at me as he stood up, he said “well?”


“Go on – do it.”


He took more rope and tied it round my waist as Mum and Gran watched, and then walked behind me, as I wondered what it would be like.


Well, it was nothing like I had expected, as he reached between my legs and pulled the rope up, pressing on the front of my jeans as I wriggled – and felt it moving on a very sensitive part of me.


And all of a sudden, I understood.  I could do nothing to stop him doing this – and right then, I didn’t want to stop him, as he made me and Gran sit down, and we both looked at Mum.


I could see the indecision on her face, but then she nodded, and the soft gasp as the crotch rope was tie don her, pressing on her own leggings, told me all I needed to know – and told me how much she was going to enjoy it later.


As she sat on the mattress, the Snatcher knelt in front of me, and crossed me ankles, the rope and my own boots squeaking as he secured my ankles together.  He then tied my legs together below my knees, stroking my legs as he took the rope between them, and I giggled.


“Having fun?”


“Oh yes – and so will you,” I said as I looked at my daughter, and then saw her smile as her legs were secured as well.  Perhaps it was the way the rope rubbed on her as she was twisted round…


As the Snatcher tied my legs, I giggled like Mum and Gran – and then opened my mouth as he pushed the sponge ball in.  I could feel it expand in my mouth, pushing my cheeks out and my tongue down as I closed my lips over it.


It wasn’t clear tape this time, but white tape, covering my mouth and chin as it seemed to form to the contours of my face, sealing my lips as I looked up and nodded before he made me lie down and turn over.  I felt him pull my ankles back, and then the pressure eon my crotch increased as the rope was pulled back.  He’d tied my ankles to it – and as I tried to move them the rope moved, and I started to feel faint, giddy, excited…


I watched as Jess rolled onto her side and looked at me, a strange, glazed look in her eyes as she tried to move her legs.  As the Snatcher gagged me, I heard Mum say “this is going to be so enjoyable for you” before I was made to lie face down, and he pulled my ankles back.


And oh my god – the feeling as he tied my ankles in place, and the rope rubbed between my legs as I tried to move, my muffled squeals of delight and surprise clear as Mum looked at me.


I told then they would enjoy it, and the look in their eyes told me I was right as he looked at me.


“Not the first time for you, is it?”


“No – so do your worst, and it will be worth your while?”


He nodded before he pushed the sponge into my mouth, taped it, and hogtied me.  As he left the room, I looked at my daughter and granddaughter, as they began to moan, and I moved myself, feeling the wetness under my shorts as I started to bring myself on.


We were going to enjoy this so much – and then we would have so much to share afterwards…







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