Good News







I usually have very little time for those who knock on your door, and have something to sell or a donation to ask for or to see if you are going to be saved.  Recently, however, I had an experience which provided some amusement on a sunny afternoon.


I was trying to meet a deadline for a report when I heard the front doorbell ring, and at first I was minded to ignore it.  When the bell rang again, however, I was mildly annoyed, and saved my work before I went to see who was disturbing me.


So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the door and found two women standing there.  One was in her early thirties, and wore a light tan cotton dress with with a matching jacket fastened by a single button.  Her legs were in a pair of sheer stockings, while her feet nestled in a pair of white heels.


The women with her was in her late twenties, with clear blue eyes and long strawberry blonde hair, in contrast to the first woman’s brown eyes and hair.  She was wearing a blue short sleeved dress with white polka dots, a matching belt wrapped round her waist, white hose and blue Mary Jane Shoes, while round her neck was a silver crucifix. 


“Hello,” the first woman said as she opened her handbag, and took out a bible, “my name is Elaine, and this is my friend Betty.  We’re members of the congregation at the local Ecumenical church, and I was wondering if we could talk to you about the message we have to share…”


Like I said, normally I have no time for this, but looking at them as they smiled, I started to get an idea, and a rather wicked one at that.  Smiling, I said “well, why don’t you ladies come in, and let me make some coffee.  We can talk over that.”


“Well, that is very kind of you,” Elaine said as they both walked in.  I showed them to the front room, and as they sat down, their legs together and to the sides, I asked them to wait there while I went to fetch some coffee and cakes.


Returning to the kitchen, I started the coffee machine, and then took from a store jar some brownies that I had baked for a party later in the week.  These were very popular with my friends, thanks to a little extra ingredient I added, but as I put them out on the plates I reminded myself not to have one.


“You have a nice home…”


“Miles,” I said as I put the plate of brownies down on the coffee table, “please help yourselves – I will bring the coffee through in a minute.”  As I walked out, I glanced back and saw they had both picked up a brownie, and started to eat it.  With that in mind, I decided not to add any extra of the special ingredient to the coffee, instead bringing the pot through with three cups, sugar and cream, and setting it next to the plate on the coffee table.


“These are exceptionally good brownies,” Betty said with a smile as I sat down, “what do you put into them?”


“Sorry – trade secret,” I said as I sat down and poured coffee for all three of you.  “So tell me, have you had much success in telling people of the good news?”


“Well, I admit it had been a struggle,” Elaine said as she sipped her coffee, “but we are called on to persevere.”


“Indeed – discipline is so important, I imagine,” I said with a smile, “Would you agree Betty?”


“Oh yes,” she said as she smiled, “but we take joy from spreading the good news.”


“As do I,” I said with a smile as I sipped my own coffee.


“So you are a Christian as well?”


“Oh yes, but I know I am a sinner,” I said with a smile.  “After all, we are all imperfect, aren’t we?”


“Yes,” Elaine said quietly, “yes, we are all imperfect.”  As she looked at me, I noticed her eyes were slightly glazed over, and as she slowly put her cup down she turned to look at Betty.


“Oh yes, all have sinned and fallen short,” she replied, but she was also looking different, as I took the cup from her hands and put it down on the table.


“Is it so wrong to be a sinner,” I said quietly, “if there is enjoyment in it?”


“But it is wrong to sin before God…”


“And are we not all forgiven if we ask for forgiveness and truly repent,” I said as I took Elaine’s cup.


“Yes, yes we are…”


“Please, come with me, I want to discuss this somewhere else,” I said as I took their hands, and led them out of the room, making sure they did not trip over as we walked down to my basement.  I keep a fully equipped basement to meet my own recreational needs, and as we walked in they looked round.


“This…  This is a most unusual gymnasium,” Elaine said as she looked round.


“Yes, but it meets my needs.  You both look hot – do you feel a little hot?”


“I am a bit warm,” Betty said quietly, “I’m not sure why…”


“I must make a request,” I said quietly, “your shoes may damage the matting.  Please, take them off.”  I watched as Elaine slowly slipped her shoes off, while Betty unbuckled and removed her own.


“It feels so soft,” Elaine said as she walked onto the matting, “and yes I am warm.  May I remove my jacket?”


“Of course,” I said as she unfastened and removed her jacket, letting it drop to the floor as she rubbed her bare arms.  At the same time, Betty unfastened and removed her belt, her dress flowing a little more easily.


“What are these for,” Betty asked as she walked to one side, and picked up a skein of red Japanese silk rope.


“Would you like to find out,” I asked as I looked at her.  As she nodded, I said “Well, if you want me to show you, you will have to take your dress off.”


“I don’t know,” she said in a soft whisper, “is that wrong?”


“God will forgive you if it is,” I said quietly, both me and Elaine smiling as she unbuttoned her dress and slipped it off, revealing a white bra and panties, as well as white high top stockings.


“Very sexy,” Elaine whispered, “and very sinful.”


“Then I must ask for forgiveness,” Betty said as I walked behind her, and took some of the rope.  Shaking it and doubling it over, I slowly guided her hands behind her back, and then tied her wrists together, hands palm to palm, as Elaine watched.


“Miles, you are a naughty boy,” she giggled as I passed the rope around and between her arms, “but that does feel so soft, and so… sensual…”


“Do you like it though,” I whispered as I tied the ropes off, and she slowly nodded, both watching as I took a second length of rope, and pulled her arms together behind her back – making her elbows touch as I did so, and forcing her chest out.


“I should stop you,” Elaine said as she grinned, and Betty sighed when I tied the ropes off.


“You could – or you could experience it for yourself.”


“Oh yes – do this to her as well,” Betty crooned, watching as Elaine reached behind her back and pulled down the zip on her shift dress, letting it fall to the floor and revealing a very fetching flesh coloured bra and girdle combination undergarment – and that her stocking were fastened to her girdle by straps.


“Oh that is even sexier,” Betty purred as I walked behind Elaine, folded her arms behind her back, and used the red rope to secure her wrists tightly together.  I then took a second length of rope, and tied it round her arms and behind her back, securing them together above her elbows in a box tie and then tying her forearms to it as well.


“Oh my,” she breathed as I tied the ropes off, “this feels soooo goooooooooood.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I said with a smile as I took yet another length of rope, and then tied it round her waist, further locking her arms against her back before I fed it up and tied it round her chest, above and below her breasts so they were framed in red.


“Oh, can I try that as well,” Betty purred as Elaine sighed.


“No – I have something else for you to try,” I whispered into her ear, “but first, how would you like the rest of the demonstration to be a surprise?”


“Oh you are a naughty boy,” Elaine sighed, “what are you going to do, blindfold us?”


“In a way,” I said with a smile as I picked up two black leather hoods, and slipped one over Betty’s head, fastening the strap round her neck so that only her lips showed.


“This is – different,” she whispered as I fitted the second one over Elaine’s head, making sure both of them had their hair fully covered as well.


“Now then,” I said as I took more rope and tied it round Betty’s waist, letting the ends dropt to the floor in front of her, “would you like a surprise?”


“What… hmmsnsss,” she said as I kissed her, my tongue entering and exploring her mouth.  When I pulled away, she smiled. She then squealed as I walked behind her, and pulled the rope firmly up between her legs, securing it to her waist behind her.


“OH yes,” she purred as I tied some rope to her wrists, and then threw it over an overhead beam, pulling her arms up behind her so that’s he was standing on tip toe.  “That feels so amazing, so nice, so whttrudnnn.”


“Saving the surprise for Elaine,” I whispered as I pushed the red ball gently between Betty’s lips, and then strapped it tightly round her head.  “I want to do one more thing, and then I’ll be right back.”  I picked up a steel rod with leather cuffs at each end, and fastened the cuffs round her white stocking covered ankles, so that as she twisted round she could only pivot her feet – but the rubbing of the rope between her legs was keeping her distracted.


“Are you having fun Betty,” Elaine giggled as I took more ropes, and knelt in front of her, securing her ankles tightly together first.  “I can’t move now,” she sighed as a second length went around her legs below her knees, and a length around her thighs, each one pulled tightly and cinched between her shapely limbs.


“That’s the idea – and I have big surprise for you as well,” I whispered as I draped a length of the soft, sensual rope round her neck, and then passed it under the rope above her chest before I wound the lengths together and tied them round the lower band.  Doing this meant I brushed on her breasts, which evoked a soft cooing sound from her – especially when I did the same at the rope round her waist, and walked behind her.


“AHHHHHHHHHHH” was her next response as I fed the rope between her legs and gently pulled it up, Betty turning her head and mumbling “sssnssssnt” as I pulled the rope up, raising her girdle as it rubbed on her sex, and tied it round her arms.


“Wha…  What is that… Whathmmmssnnnnn,” Elaine said – the last bit a bit muffled, as I pushed the red ball into her mouth, and then strapped it tightly round her head.  Those gasps were echoed by Betty, and then increased as I lowered two ropes from the ceiling, and tied them to the ropes behind Elaine’s back, before lifting her up, her feet dangling as I raised her a foot from the floor using a winch to the side.


“There,” I said as I pulled on Elaine’s crotch rope, making her sway and moan at the same time, “doesn’t that feel good?  Does it feel sinful?”


“Hyssss,” she moaned as I walked round, and gently caressed her chest in my hands, making her squirm round as the ropes rubbed on her.


“Whtrrudnnn,” Betty mumbled, and then she gasped as well as I caressed her chest, my hands massaging, my fingers pressing her bra cup into her as she squirmed round.  She could hardly move her legs, but she tried, which just made the rope rub all the more. 




“Yes, he is,” I whispered as I eased down the cups of her bra, and started to massage her bare breasts, hearing her moans as she felt my touch, and those of Elaine as she twisted in the air, “and this feels so sweet as well, doesn’t it?”


Betty said nothing, only moaning and shaking as my lips enclosed her firm, hard nipples and started to suck on them, drawing them out as she twisted round, the ropes rubbing more and more on her dark stained and damp panties.  So I slipped one hand into them, and fingered her damp clit as I continued to kiss and arouse her.


When she came, she came suddenly, shaking and screaming before she slumped forward, panting gently.  Wiping my finger, I said “now wasn’t that pleasing?”


“Ysstwwss,” she slowly panted.


“Rest, sleep,” I whispered as I walked over to Elaine.  She twisted round, saying “Bteeee?”


“Hush,” I said as I started to caress her chest, hearing her soft moans as I slowly, gently aroused her.  It was not possible to expose her breast as well, so with her I took a different approach, massaging her chest as she twisted round, and the ropes rubbed on her body and sex, making her pant and groan more and more – until I pulled her panties down, moved the rope to the side, and started to use my lips and tongue on her.


Like Betty, it was obvious very quickly this was new to her, and nobody had helped her to have an orgasm – because it came far too quickly, as her juices flowed and I lapped them up while she shook.


Standing up, I looked at both of them as their heads slumped forward, and said “can you both hear me?  Nod if you can?”  As they did so, I said “good – I want you to listen vary carefully.

“I want you both to come and visit every Sunday, at four – you will come to discuss matters of religion with me.  But when you hear me say a certain word, you will do whatever I tell you.  That word is…”


As I said the word, they both nodded in agreement.


“Good – sleep now…”





“Oh my,” Elaine said as she opened her eyes, and saw Betty stretching and yawning next to her, “did we fall asleep Miles?”


“Do not worry,” I said with a smile, “I let you both sleep, but you should be on your way.”


As they stood up, Elaine brushed down her dress and jacket, and said “Miles, may we come and see you on Sunday?  I feel we have much to discuss.”


“OF course,” I said with a smile, “do you have a time in mind?”


“I can be here for four,” Betty said with a smile, “can you Elaine?”


“Four is good – Miles?”


“Until then – have a pleasant evening ladies,” I said as I showed them out.  I was looking forward to Sunday now – I felt I had much to teach them…



And so it has proven to be – it is five thirty now, and after coffee and cake I said the word.  Both women are in front of me now on the floor, in their underwear, hogtied, tape gagged, blindfolded – and moaning at the vibrators and ropes I have tied to make them happy…








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