That day?  I guess it started like any other – I got out of bed, showered, and then got ready for the day at the office.  I work as a typist/administrator, and I put on a grey skirt, white bow tie blouse, and a grey jacket, as well as the usual underwear, tights and shoes.


I then pulled my reddish brown hair back, and fixed it in place with a rubber band, before I put my glasses on and picked up my handbag.  From there, it was out of the door, locking it behind me, and catching the bus into town, and another boring day at the office.


And I mean BORing – typing memos, organising meetings, chatting at the water cooler – just your ordinary day.  I just wanted five o’clock to come round, so that I could get home, and unwind.


I guess, looking back, I should have realised something different was going on when my boss’ eleven o’clock came out of the office.  He was a tall man, smartly dressed, and as he passed my desk he looked at me and smiled.  He was the only person to do that the whole day – so how I forgot it is understandable, but still.


It might have given me a heads up...


But you know what they say about hindsight...  So the day ended, and I left the office, walking to the bus stop and not paying particular attention to anything.  There was the usual chatter, the usual quiet humming, but nothing in particular.


Nothing that would tell me the way my evening and night was going to go, at any rate – not even as I walked up the path to my front door, unlocked it and walked in.


Because it was as I closed my front door that the sickly sweet smelling cloth was clamped over my nose and mouth, and everything went dark...




When I woke up, I was lying on the couch in my front room, the lights turned down low.  I wasn’t sure how much time had passed – but I was sure of the fact that someone had taped my wrists together with what looked like black electrical tape.


I glanced down, and saw my ankles were secured together in the same way, and then I heard the soft male voice that said “hello.”


I looked over – and there he was.  He wore a blue open necked shirt, a grey jacket and trousers – and a grey balaclava covering his head, only his blue eyes and his mouth showing.  He smiled – and in any other circumstance, I will admit he had a nice smile, but he had knocked me out and tied me up?


“Don’t try and move, unless I tell you,” he said as he leaned forward, “I would not want you to hurt yourself.  Take your time, let yourself come to.”


“Who...  Who are you,” I remember saying, “why...”


“Hush,” he said quietly, “I do not want you to get upset, and start calling out.  If you did, I would have to take steps to keep you quiet, and I do not wish to do that...


“Just yet.”


I looked at him as I considered what he was saying, and then nodded as I asked the next question on my mind.


“All right – what do you want?”


“Good question,” he said as he looked at me, “right now, I want you to remain calm, remain still, remain quiet.  If you do that, I will let you have some water.”


As if I had a choice in the matter?  I nodded as he opened a bottle of water, but a straw into the top, and then walked over, kneeling in front of me as he put the straw to my lips.


“Slowly, slowly,” he whispered, “you don’t want to make yourself sick, do you?”


I shook my head as I slowly sipped, and then moved my head back.  “But what do you want,” I said as I looked at him.


“Oh I will show you in time,” he said quietly.  “If I cut the tape away, will you sit up and behave yourself?  You should know I have already disconnected your telephone and I have your mobile as well.”


Did I have a choice in the matter?  I nodded slowly as I saw him pick a very sharp knife up, and cut the tape away from my wrists and ankles.  As I sat up and rubbed my arms, he looked at me and said “do as I say, and you’ll be just fine.  Please, take your jacket off.”


I slipped my jacket off and folded it, putting it next to me on the chair as he said “while you were asleep, I ordered some Chinese food for you to eat – when it comes, we can eat, but for now, I want you to promise me you will not raise the alarm tonight.”


Well, he had the knife, so I slowly nodded as he said “good – I really do not wish to hurt you, but I do need to make sure you do as I say.”




“Oh for both our benefits,” he said quietly as I looked round.  The curtains were drawn, and I saw my mobile next to the main phone – both disconnected.


“So who are you?”


“Someone visiting you,” he said with a smile before there was a ring on the doorbell.  “Remember,” he said as he made me stand, holding my arm with the knife in his other hand, “not a word.”


I nodded as I made my way to the door, him following with the knife, which he then put into his waistband as I opened the door, with him standing out of sight.


“You ordered some food?”


“Yes, I did,” I said with a smile as I looked at the older man standing there.  He put a box on the ground, removed the lift and lifted out two bags, which he handed to me.


“All paid for – have a nice night,” he said as he walked off, the man closing the door before he smiled at me.  “Very well done – now, take the bags into the front room, and sit at the table.”


So we walked in and I took a seat at my dining table, watching as he knelt down and taped my ankles to the front legs of the chair, and then used more tape round my waist to force my back against the support.  Only then did he go to the kitchen, returning with plates and cutlery.


“There,” he said as he unpacked the various containers, “allow me to serve.”


Now don’t get me wrong – I have no problem with a man buying me dinner.  I just would prefer it in a nice restaurant, and with a man I can see the face off – not taped to a chair with a man that covers his head with a grey balaclava!


Having said that – I could not deny how good the food tasted, and once I realised I really was not going anywhere the conversation was surprisingly good.  He knew a lot about politics, and famous people – and before I realised what was happening, we were laughing and joking with each other.


I really was feeling relaxed – and I did enjoy the meal.  It was only as he cleared things away that I wondered what he was going to do next.


So when he returned, with a bag, and placed it on the table, I wasn’t too surprised to see him draw out several lengths of rope.


“I really don’t have a choice in the matter, do I,” I said, and he had the good grace to shake his head before he guided my hands behind my back, and crossed my wrists.


The rope felt – well, it may sound strange, but it felt soft against my wrists, as he wound it around them, but it also felt strong and firm as they were forced together.  It happened so quickly, but I soon felt the ropes with my fingertips as he took the band around and between my arms.


“There,” he said as he put his hands on my upper arms, “I trust that is not too uncomfortable?”


“Not really – but you have not told me why you are doing this,” I said as I looked over my shoulder.


“You’re right, I haven’t,” he said as he cut away the tape holding me to the chair, and helped me to stand up.  “Let’s go through to your main room again, and I will make you comfortable there.”


So he took my arm as I stood up, and we walked back in, him waiting as I sat down before he crossed my ankles and tied them tightly together as he had my wrists.  I watched the way he did it – doubling the rope over, passing it round my legs and taking the end through the centre loop, pulling firmly back and round a few times with the bands neatly on top of each other, then separated the ends and tied them between my legs to make it really tight.


“Now then,” he said as I wriggled round, “you wait there while I take a look around, make sure I have found what you may have to offer.”


“Aren’t you afraid I may call for help?”


“Oh I don’t think you will,” he said as he turned on my music centre, and found a good music channel, turning the volume up, “but just in case...”  He took from his bag a large red bandana, and rolled it into a band, tying a knot in the middle before he eased it between my lips and tied it round my head.


I watched as he walked off – and I swear to this day, I didn’t think about why he went to the expense of ordering Chinese food if all he was going to do was rob me.  Looking back on it now, I realised what was fascinating me was looking at the rope around my ankles, and feeling the rope around my wrists, and realising that it was actually very comfortable.


More than that, I didn’t think too badly of the guy who was doing this, and had done this to me.  He was cute, and he had nice eyes, even if that and his mouth was all I could see.


Even the way I was been kept quiet was comfortable – the knot of cotton pressing my tongue down, but even with it being tight it wasn’t uncomfortable.  It even got my thinking of what he might do when he came back.


Well, I found that out all right...




Eventually I heard the footsteps on the stairs, and saw him walk into the front room.


“Well, you look quite relaxed there,” he said with a smile, “so you won’t mind if I make you a little more secure, will you?”


Whtddummnn” I asked as I felt the cloth soak up my saliva.


“Let me show you,” he said as he walked behind me, and put his hands on my arms.  I shivered as he did that, and then sighed as he let me go. 


That feeling lasted for only a few minutes, before I saw him pass a very long length of rope he had doubled over down from my head, and then used it to pull my arms firmly into my sides, the band sitting just below my chest.


It was different – and it got more different as he took the rope around above my chest.  Below.  Above.  Below.  Above...  Each time pulling my arms more firmly in, each time adding more pressure above and below.  I could see, as I looked down, my blouse stretching as my chest was forced up and out, and I wondered for how much longer he was going to do this.


Well, I got my answer, as I felt him give the rope one more tug behind me – and then he fed it under the lower band on my left side, pulling it though and up as both bands tightened even more there.  Taking the rope around the back of my neck, he used it in a similar way on my right side, before I felt him finally tie the ends off.


So there I was – my arms pulled firmly into my sides, and those ropes rubbing on me as I tried to get my breath.


“Oh dear – allow me to stop you feeling so hot,” he said – and then he unfastened the bow at my collar, the two ends hanging loose as he reached round and unfastened the top button of my blouse.  Now, to be honest that did feel better, but as I wriggled round the next two buttons came undone, and the front of my blouse started to open up, revealing the top of my bra.


Cnnucffrrmp,” I said as I looked up at him – and then felt the end of the white tape as he stuck it to my cheek, and wrapped it round my head, covering my lips, the wet knot of material – the whole damned cleave gag in fact, as he wound the tape tightly round my head!


Whtrruddnnn,” I called out, much more muted and muffled now as he tore the tape free and pressed it down at the back of my head.


“Making sure you can appreciate what I am doing without raising the alarm,” he whispered into my ear as he robbed my upper arms between the bands of rope – and then started to slowly open my blouse out, pulling it the sides as he did so.  I tried to move to stop him, but in the process I felt his hands on my chest – and it felt...


It felt...


I can’t really describe how it felt – but I do know a few minutes later, as he put his large gloved hands over them and started to gently knead them, I was surprised to find myself responding in a positive way.  By which I mean, it felt nice, and I realised I was feeling nice as a result of that.


Closing my eyes, I let out a low moan, before I felt his hands gripping more firmly.  I squirmed a little – especially when I felt him pull my blouse down, and stroke my upper arms.


That was when I felt his lips on my shoulders, before he slipped down the straps of my bra and eased the cups down.  I felt the cool night air on them, felt my nipples harden without any further help – and then shivered as his gloved hands ran over them, while he gently kissed my neck and shoulders.


I was unable to stop myself from moaning now, as I moved my head to the side, but the masked man simply walked round.  I slowly opened my eyes to look at him, as he smiled, and then leaned forward, his lips enveloping my nipples one by one before he gently sucked on them his tongue sending little electric shocks through me as it stroked over the very, VERY sensitive tips...


I groaned out loud at that, rubbing my legs together as I felt so warm and nice down there – and then I was vaguely aware of him standing me up, unfastening my skirt and letting it fall to the floor, before he lifted me in his arms, continuously gently kissing my chest as he carried me out of the room, up the stairs, into my bedroom...


I now knew what was coming, but I was too caught up n the moment I think to fully realise it.   He laid me down on the bed, and continued to kiss and tease on my breasts as I felt him slip my pantyhose down, then my panties, his gloved finger moving slowly up my damp clit and making me shiver even more before he started to move his lips down, kissing my belly...


My waist...


My hips...


Oh god, between my legs...


I screamed then as I felt his lips on my passage, his tongue gently licking the moisture there and making me produce more as he did so.  Without saying a word, or threatening me, I had become like putty in his hands, open and willing to him moulding me in any way he wanted to, even though I knew he was the one making me do this.


The one who was threatening to...


As his tongue entered me, I let out a long, low moan, and then saw how excited he was getting as he let his pants drop, and I saw how ready he was to take me.


I swear, I know it sounds wrong now, but at the time, I was begging him to do so.


So as he untied my ankles, and spread my legs, I looked up and nodded, closing my eyes as he slipped so easily, so wonderfully into me, gripping him as we started to move together, me getting more and more excited, more and more ready...


When it came, it was a wonderful release, both for him and for me, as we groaned together.  I then collapsed on the bed, as he looked at me, and then tied a rope round my waist, rolling me over and pulling it up so that the cords sat between and rubbed on my clit before he secured it to my wrists.


I tried to move them, sighing and moaning at the effect they had on me, as he crossed and tied my ankles again, then bound my legs below my knees, before he pulled my ankles back and tied them to the rope between my legs.


I dimly remember rolling over, looking at him as he fastened his pants, then gently kissed my gagged lips.  “I’ll make sure someone finds you,” he said, and /I nodded as I watched him leave the room.


That was when temptation overtook me, and I started to pull on the ropes, feeling the excitement build again...



Well, a policeman did find me, I was taken to hospital, examined, tested – but they never found him.  The strange thing is, at nights, I sometimes lie awake, wondering why he chose me, why he did what he did to me – and why I enjoyed it so much....







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