Indian Nights







There is a certain atmosphere in the air, almost as if the flowers are calling out to the insects to come and help pollinate.  A heady, musky atmosphere and smell, an aroma that hung like a veiled curtain in the air.  What it does is permeate everything, add a layer of a sensual nature to all you do, think, say, believe.  That is important to what was about to happen, as I made my way through the busy streets.  The sights, sounds, smells just seemed to thicken and heighten the sensations I am experiencing.  Still, I had a purpose in mind, so I focus purely on my destination, on my intent.


The destination is a simple white walled house, with a small fence round it and a tiny patch of grass long bleached of the lush green that should be there.  To open and close the gate silently was an easy affair, as it was to open the door to the house and slip in – people are so trusting in this area, and so welcoming.  I find it a great boon when this is the case – it can be so much effort and damage to gain entry otherwise.


It was quiet inside, which is the way I like it – so I made my way through the darkened rooms.  Not so dark that I could not see – and I have excellent night vision at any rate – but dark enough to cover my movements from anyone looking over from the street.  As a result, it was simple to find the safe, simple to open it, simple to start to empty it – and simple to stop when I heard the front door open and close, and footsteps on the lower floor.  I closed the safe door to, stood up and walked towards the door, controlling my breathing, staying as quiet as I could as the steps came closer.


As the bedroom door opened, I watched the tall, graceful woman as she walked in.  She had long brown hair, which flowed over the shoulders of her ivory silk tunic, a pale blue dupatta draped gracefully over her left arm.  The tunic itself had long translucent sleeves, with a blue star motif on the cuff, and on the hem that hung near her knees was a blue fern pattern and a gold edge.  She was also wearing a pair of ivory silk pants, and her elegant feet sat in a pair of blue and silver sandals.  I could see the blue nail polish on her toenails, and red on her finger nails, as well as the gold ring with a large blue opal.


I waited as she turned the light on, and looked round the room, the perfume in the air added to by the heavy scent that was emanating from her own body.  It was intoxicating in the extreme, and I smiled as I walked silently forward, clamping my gloved hand over her mouth as I pulled her against my chest, and told her to be quiet.


I was not at all surprised that she was not quiet – that she in fact screamed into my leather covered palm, and tried to force it off me.  She soon discovered that was a futile argument – my hold was too strong, but just in case I reached round with my free hand, grabbed her wrists and said in a calm, clear voice again she had to stop struggling, and calm down.  As she tried to fight back, I inhaled again the perfume – a musk base, with hints of sandalwood and lotus blossom.  A strange combination, to be sure, but it added to the atmosphere, as I continued to hold her until eventually she stopped struggling, her breath to on my hand coming in short bursts as she tensed in my grip.


When she did this, I said I would take my hand away if she remained quiet, and smiled as she nodded in agreement.   Taking my hand away, she asked me who I was, and what was I doing in her home?


Well, I said I would answer in a moment, once I was sure she would not give me any trouble, so she needed to move her arms slowly behind her back.  She asked why, and I said just to do it, or I may force her to.  That got the desired result, as I took from my pocket a length of silk cord.  It only took me a few minutes to secure her wrists together, her hands palm to palm, and taking the cords between her wrists as well.  The result – a tight, secure, snug and comfortable binding that held her wrists, with no way for even her long elegant fingers to find and unravel the knot.


I then told her to sit on the bed, as I took my first good look at her.  She was in her early twenties, with green eyes, and she had a blue opal held in a silver jewel on her forehead.  She also had on a silver necklace, with a number of opals embedded in the silverwork.  Beautiful, and valuable as well.  As she looked at me, I took another length of silk cord from my pocket, and knelt in front of her, quickly securing her ankles together side by side, and then standing up again.  I watched as she tried to move her wrists and ankles, and then looked at me and asked the correct question.


What did I want?


I wasn’t quite read to answer that question yet – well, not in totality – so I told her that I was robbing her.  She tried to watch me as I walked behind her, and removed her necklace, and then saw the rucksack I placed on the bed as I removed from inside it a velvet bag and placed the jewelled necklace inside.  I also removed her forehead jewel – gently, of course – and placed that into the bag, before I told her to stay where she was.  I also made it clear that if she did move, or talk, it would be a decision that she would have cause to regret.


Naturally, she then turned and watched as I continued to empty the contents of her safe, thinking I was not aware – and then just as quickly turned round as I stood up, and looked at her.  I could see her shiver, as I took the dupatta from her arm, and rolled it into a thick band. 


As I told her to open her mouth, I saw her shiver again, but she opened her mouth, and made a strange mewling sound as I pulled the rolled cloth between her lips, forcing her tongue to the floor of her mouth as I wrapped the dupatta around her neck, pulled it between her lips again and then secured the ends tightly together at the base of her neck, lifting her hair out of the way so that she did not have her hair trapped.


I needed to test the efficacy of the gag, of course, so I reached round from behind her and started to caress her chest.  Of course she tried to move out of the way, but that just meant my hands rubbing more, as I heard her well muffled cries of protest.    You can therefore imagine what she did – or rather did not say, as I lifted up the edge of her tunic and lifted it over her head, exposing her white bra as she struggled.  I let it fall over her wrists, and then saw her expression change as I took from the rucksack more silk rope, and used it to bind her arms together below her elbows, making them touch as the rope went around and between her limbs.


She said something that sound like dundis, as I saw the way her chest was forced out – and then released her wrists long enough to remove the tunic, before I bound them tightly together again – and then took a length of rope around her waist, locking her wrists against her back as I did so.  She watched as I carefully folded her tunic, and placed it over the back of a chair, and then she began to realise what it was I had not said to that point, as I started to gently kiss her neck and shoulders as my hands caressed and massaged her chest.  I could feel her nipples harden and her breasts firm under my arms as she protested, and even pleaded, but I was in charge now, as I kept going.


And as I kept going, I felt her start to move as well, unable to stop herself as her body started to overrule her head.  I took the moment to take a longer length of rope from my rucksack, and bind her arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below her chest as I did so, the bands framing and forcing her breasts out even more.  It was this feeling of control I looked forward to – but I was still gentle, still careful, making sure she was not hurt at the same time as her sensual nature was aroused more and more.


She said something like whitsharpen, as I laid her on her back, straddling her legs as I continued to play with her chest, and leaned down to kiss her neck, her shoulders, and then as I eased the cups of her bra down her chest and her breasts, her moans increasing dramatically as my lips enclosed and teased on her nipples.


And no, I will not deny it – as she began to squirm under me, it was having an effect on me as well.  An effect I wanted to show her, but not yet.  She needed to be prepared first, as I moved down, pulling her pants down with me until I released her ankles and pulled them off.


I moved to the side of the bed, bending her left leg and kissing her chest as I used silk to secure her ankle to her thigh, her leg below her knee, and then repeated the process on the other side, before spreading her legs and starting to use my lips and tongue to pleasure her.


That seemed to bring down the last of the barriers, as she moved in response to me, and I tasted her juices.  I continued to do this, to bring her to the peak and then pull back, looking at her as she looked down at me and slowly shook her head from side to side.  So I went back to work, before I removed my own pants and she saw how aroused I was.  I took a moment to prepare myself, to put on protection, and then enter her, feeling her body grip me as she groaned and urged me to continue.


That was what I heard, and how could I resist the request of a beautiful lady?  So I moved with her, as she gripped me, and we both responded, feeling the pressure and pleasure increase, my pants mixing with her muted calls, until we both had to give release.


As she collapsed on the bed and panted, the scent of her own juices adding to the atmosphere, I slipped out and put my own pants on, before I rolled her over and secured her ankles to the chest ropes.


And with that I left her to recover, as I slipped into the perfumed night, satisfied in every respect...







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