It Happened One Night






How did it all begin?  Looking back now, it may sound silly, but as I had dinner with some of my girlfriends that night I truly had no inkling, no idea of what was about to happen.  Had I know, would I have done anything different?  I honestly don’t know…


Let me tell you something about myself – I’m in my late forties, divorced, and live vary happily alone in the suburbs.  I’m about five foot eight, still slim, and at that time I had long blonde hair.  I was working as the office manager for a local estate agency, and – well, there was nothing really special about me.


As I said, I was having dinner with some friends, and I remember clearly the outfit I was wearing that night – a black leather jacket and knee length skirt, a black short sleeved top with a lace panel at the top which you could see the straps of my black bra through, dark tights, and knee length red leather boots with a two inch block heel.  I also remember clearly what I had to eat that night – garlic mushrooms, steak, and half a bottle of wine.


It’s those little details that seem to come to mind – anyway, I enjoyed the meal, said goodbye to my friends, and hailed a taxi to take me home.  The ride back was uneventful, and I got out, paid the driver, walked up the garden path, and let myself in.


And that was when things began to happen…


When I closed the door, I turned the hall light on, and slipped off my jacket after I had put my handbag on the table – and that was when I felt the cold breeze blowing through the hallway.


And realized there was a man standing in front of me.


And realized he was pointing a gun at me.


He was taller than me, and certainly looked stronger.  Short brown hair, and wearing a black roll neck sweater under a denim jacket, jeans, and shoes.  He looked me up and down, and said “now, you’re not going to do something stupid like scream or call for help, are you?”


I looked at him, and said quietly “you have the gun – why would I want to do anything to upset you?”


“Very wise move,” he said with a smile, “so let’s start at the beginning.  Let your jacket drop to the floor, then slowly take your phone out of your handbag, and hand it to me.”


No, I was not going to argue with that – he had a gun pointed at me, for f…  Anyway, I let my jacket drop to the ground, and then picked my handbag up, handing it over to him as I said “you get it out.”


“Well, when you put it that way,” he said quietly, “go into the front room and turn the light on.”  He motioned with the gun as I walked forward, putting the light on to see the curtains drawn – and a large holdall on the floor, lengths of rope visible at the top.  I shivered – he was a home invader was my thought, and my prayer was that was all he was. 


“Kneel down on the floor, in front of the couch, and put your hands behind your back.”  I did as he said, wondering what he was going to do as out of the corner of my eye I saw him take a length of rope and double it over.  I then felt him kneel behind me, his strong hands moving my wrists and crossing them behind my back, before I felt the rope rubbing on them as he started to bind them tightly together.


“I’ll tell you where my valuables are,” I said as he wound the rope tightly around and between my wrists, and then tied the rope off, the ends and knot out of reach of my fingers.


“And if you do that, I leave you alone and don’t hurt you?”


“Well, yes,” I said as I tried to move my wrists apart – unsuccessfully – “why?”


“Who says I am after your valuables?”


Seven words – seven words that made me shiver in fear, as I turned my head and looked at him.  I could see him put my ankles together, and then the pressure increase as he used more rope to bind them tightly together in the same way as her wrists.


IT was funny, the sound my boots made as they rubbed together when I tried to move – and then I felt his hand on my shoulders as I said “I need you to do something for me – but that is in the morning.  For tonight, we will pass the time together.”


I wondered what he meant by that, as he went back to his bag – and then I saw a long length of rope passing over my head, before he pulled it tight round me under my chest, forcing my arms into my sides as he did so.  It then went round again above my chest…  Below… Above…  Below… Above…


It had three effects.  The first was to force my arms tightly to my sides, as I realised this was another way of making sure I could not move.  The second was to force my chest out, and stretch my top over my breasts as that happened.  The third thing…


The third thing was more difficult to explain.  It was as if the ropes were not just holding my arms in place, but also making me feel – different.  They rubbed on me, and it was as if that was making something start to tick over inside me.  Exactly what, I had no idea – not at first anyway,


So he tied my arms to my sides, and then he stroked my hair back, saying not to panic, to do as he said, and it would be all right.  As if I had a choice in the matter?  I asked him what he was going to do – and then he told me.


And when he told me, I wished I had not asked him.  I shook my head – no way was I going to do that – and then I felt the gun against my head, as he said I had a choice – what he said, or the barrel of the gun in my mouth.


That is not really a choice, is it?  So I let him twist me round, and then watched as he slowly pulled down the zip on his pants, and let his cock hang out.  I had to admit, it was big – but then he was big as well.  But what he wanted me to do…  Nodding, I leaned forward and started to kiss it with my lips, thanking the lord it at least was clean.


He sighed as I did that, and then held the gun to my head as he told me what he wanted me to do next.  Now, I’m no prude – it’s not the first time I had been asked to do that for a boyfriend – but one holding a gun to my head?  I nodded as I turned myself to face him properly, and then put my lips over the tip, tasting the salty pre-cum before I pulled back and my lips made a soft popping sound.


“Keep going?”


I put my lips over the top again, and stroked my tongue over it, before I slowly started to take him in, trying not to gag at the taste as I started to kiss and suck, while my tongue played with the base of his cock.  As I did this, I could feel it start to enlarge, but the gun was an excellent motivator, as I started to suck as well as play with him.


That had the desired effect – for him at least – as I felt it pressing my tongue down while he held my head, and with each kiss, each suck, I felt him getting larger and larger, filling my mouth, pressing my tongue down as he pushed himself forward against my face.  I had no choice but to keep bringing him on, feeling him engorge, the throbbing on my tongue as I sucked and kissed, played and teased, unable now to let go as my lips formed a seal around his cock, and I had nowhere to go, nowhere to hide…


There was something else on my mind though – as I knew he was getting closer and closer to the edge, I was wondering if that was enough for him, and what would happen next.


And there was a more worrying thought in my mind – why was I actually enjoying been forced, at gunpoint, to give this intruder, this man who had broken into my house and held me at gunpoint, a flaming blow job?  What was wrong with me?


But – I kept going, as he filled my mouth, groaning softly as I continued with what he had ordered me to do – and then I felt the jump in his cock, and braced myself as he held my head in his hands.


“Drink it all down,” he whispered before he came in my mouth, the hot salty and sticky liquid hitting the back of my throat as I started to swallow, knowing I had no real choice in the matter, no real choice at all.


It seemed to last an eternity, but in truth I had no real idea how long he kept going for – only that I had to swallow it all, before he eventually let go of my head and I pulled back, my lips popping again as I did so.  I looked at him, with a mixture of disgust and – yeah, and satisfaction somehow – before he put his own tackle away, and looked at me.


Kneeling down, he looked at me and smiled – before he reached behind me and quickly pulled the zip down on my skirt, letting it fall to the floor as he exposed the tops of my tights and my knickers.  Before I could do anything, he had pulled my tights down, and used a knife to cut my knickers away – the same knickers he then pushed into my mouth when I opened it to protest!


He waved his finger at me, and told me not to spit them out, before he picked out of the bag a wide roll of white tape.  It made a strange squelchy sound as he peeled a long strip away and tore it off, and then pressed it down over my lips and jaw – after which, I could not move them apart, never mind try to make any sort of understandable chatter with my lips covered and my mouth stuffed.


But there was a bigger problem – I was now exposed, and I wondered what he was going to do as he leaned forward – then he grabbed my breasts in his hands and he started to knead them, his fingers sinking into the flesh as he did so.  Only – I was surprised at how firm my breasts had become, and in equal measure terrified as his groped me.


Why so terrified?  Because my body was definitely reacting now, as I groaned slightly – and those groans increased as he pulled my top up under the bands of rope, revealing my bra – and then my breasts in the cool air as he pulled the straps of my bra down my arm, the cups underneath, and then…


My eyes opened wide as I felt his lips on my breasts, kissing them all over, and then his lips enveloped my left nipple, the tip of his tongue running over it as he did so, and he gently sucked.


It was like a little river of fire running through me, as he did this, and then moved to the other side - and that fire was flowing down through my body and into my sex.  I was starting to tingle – a feeling I had not felt in a very long time – but it was so wrong!  This man had tied me up, gagged me, forced me at gunpoint to blow him off – and now he was sucking on my nipples and kissing my breasts?  And THAT was what was starting to make me feel as if…


Feel as if…


Oh my god – had it been so long?  Was I so desperate for the feel of a man that this was my body’s way of telling me to shut up, and felt him do it.  Let him… no, no it was wrong, and I started to shake my head and moan to make him stop.


I know – it was worth a try, but it seemed to have exactly the opposite effect on him of what I wanted, as he kissed and licked me more and more, and my eyes started to glaze over.  I started to shake as well as he pushed me over onto my back, and moved his head down, kissing my belly, and then between my legs as he gently moved them apart, the leather of my boots creaking as my ankles stayed held firmly together.


It was – AMAZING!  The gentle caress of his lips, and the feel of his tongue on me…  no man, no man had ever, EVER done that, and however much I wanted him to go away, however much I wanted him to not to do this in my head, my body was overruling it…


I could feel the fire burning now, feel the dampness which he started to lick away with his tongue – and it was wonderful, warming, alluring…  I pushed my hips up to meet his face, but he pushed them back down again, as he unfastened and let his pants drop, and his boxers – and I saw how well he had recovered already.


There was nothing I could do about this, not a damn thing, as my conscious mind was pulled down, and I responded on a visceral, and animal level, watching as he rolled a condom on his large cock – and then throwing my head back, closing my eyes and groaning in pure pleasure as he entered smoothly into me, hitting all the sweet, sweet spots as he did so, and then began to move to and fro, my muscles gripping him as he did so and helping him along.  There was the throbbing again, inside me, filling me, making me do this despite my thoughts, despite my situation…


It was a glorious feeling as he expanded inside me, making me squirm as I pushed up in time to his thrusts, and then screaming a my body started to shake, and the orgasm enveloped me as he shot off inside me.  Even though I was an older woman, I was still grateful he had done that, as I closed my eyes and let him fill me with pleasure…


When he eventually pulled out, he looked at me and then went back to the bag, taking some more rope and tying it round my waist before he slipped a small white lozenge inside me.  IT was as it started vibrating that I realised what it was, while he tied the rope up between my legs, pressing my damp and sweet lips there to keep it inside as he tied the ends of the rope between my breasts.  He then secured my legs together below my knees, before he picked me up.  I could only watch him through misty eyes as he carried me up to my bedroom, and laid me on my bed, pulling my ankles back and tying them to the rope between my legs as he said he was going to let me rest, and come back for me when it was time for me to get ready…





It was still dark outside when he came back into my room, and started to untie me, telling me to go and shower and then to dress for work.  I nodded slowly, wondering what he was going to do – but my body ached all over, in a nice way, and I was wanting the relief that warm water would give to me…


When I came back into my room, he was waiting, but as I went to my underwear drawer he told me to put on something else he had instead.  He handed me a pair of white panties and a bra, but as I put them on I noticed there were small disc pads sewn into the material – and those pads were placed to be between my legs and over my breasts.  I wondered what they were there for, but he ordered me to get dressed, and I went to my wardrobe.


I took out a pleated grey skirt and slipped that on, followed by a black V-necked sweater with elbow length sleeves.  I then took out a pair of knee length black patent leather boots, with a three inch stiletto heel, before I looked at him.  He nodded, and said we were going to my office.


It was still dark – and early – as he made me get into my car and he got in behind me, and we drove to the offices I was working at.  When I went into the car park at the back, he got out and made me do so as well at gunpoint, bringing his bag with him as I opened the door and turned the alarms off.


As I said, I was managing an estate agency at the time, but we had a safe in the store which we kept money and other documents in – and it was this safe he forced me to open, before he made me take him down to the cellar.  It was a bare room with a white tiled floor, but there was a folding black chair against the wall, which he told me to sit on and then put my hands behind my back.


I knew what was coming – so I did that, then watched as he walked round and crossed my wrists behind the chair back, and tied them tightly together with the rope.  It was tight, but not uncomfortable, as he made sure I could not move them apart.  I crossed my legs while he was doing this, feeling those little discs on my crotch and my breasts, and wondering what they were there for.


He then took a longer length of rope and started to bind my arms tightly to my sides, taking it above and below my chest as my jumper was stretched over my breasts once again – but he made it tighter this time, taking the rope over one shoulder, round the lower band of rope between my breasts, and then up over the other shoulder, making my breasts even more prominent as he did so.  I was beginning to wonder if he was going to do what he did the previous night…


He then knelt in front of me and crossed my ankles, biding them tightly together as I watched what he did.  He passed the ends of the doubled over length through the loop and pulled back, then wound the rope round several times, keeping the bands parallel and neat before she tucked them into the top loop and separated the lengths.  He then passed them between my legs, making the bands tighter before he tied the ends off behind my legs.


Folding the hem of my skirt back, he tied my legs together in the same way, then folded the skirt back before he used another length of rope to tie my waist to the chair back.


He then folded a blue silk square, and told me to open my mouth.  As I did so, he pushed the scarf in, and then as I closed my lips over it he used some of the tape from the previous night to cover my lips, pressing the material down so that it moulded to the shape of my jaw and chin.  I really could not open my mouth after that – and then he told me to close my eyes.  I did that, and felt the tape as it was pressed over them as well, keeping me in the dark as I heard him stand up and walk away…


And that was when it started.  I felt a vibration on my chest and on my crotch, and I suddenly realised what the hell those ‘pads’ in the bra and panties I was wearing were.  Bad enough I was tied, gagged, blindfolded – but now he was doing this, and my body was responding to the teasing.  THAT was why he had tied me to the chair, as I started to groan and wriggle round, unsure how much of this I could take…


As it was, I didn’t stay upright for very long as I struggled, and fell onto my side, grateful I had not hurt myself as I kicked my legs out, but that just seemed to make it worse, as I felt another orgasm coming…



I had no idea how long I was down there for – I hadn’t seen a clock after her had made me dress – but I know I had four orgasms before I heard someone call out “What the hell” and the tape was taken off my eyes, allowing me to see two of the agents.  They helped me up, and removed the tape from my mouth as they said the police were coming, but as I spat the cloth out I pleaded with them to untie me – I really, really needed to go to the toilet.


And I really, really needed to get that bra and panties set off…



It was a few days later, when I was going down a small side street, that I happened to look in the window of – well, an Adult shop, and I saw the bra and panties there.  I went in and asked what they were, and the woman inside said they were called VibraPants and a VibraBra.  They had tiny vibrators built in ‘for added and discrete pleasure.’


The man was never caught, and I left that job soon after – but I left that shop with a purchase, and the remote to make it work for me…







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