Just Another Day




Purple tights.  What on earth possessed me to wear purple tights yesterday of all days?

I appreciate this is a difficult thing for you to do, Sandra, but we need to know exactly what happened to you and your partner.  Can we start at the beginning?

Sorry – you have a job to do after all.  Where would you like me to start?

Let’s begin with what happened when you came home last night.  According to Jackie, you met for a drink at about six o’clock?

That’s right – we had decided to meet up before we came home after work.  It had been one of those weeks, and we both needed to chill out a bit.  Anyway, we met at the Rovers, had a couple of glasses, then went to the China Dragon and picked up some takeaway for our supper on the way home.

I see – so you got home at about 7:30?

Could be – I can’t say for certain.  Anyway, Jackie unlocked the door to the flat and went into the front room while I took the food into the kitchen.  She came in a few mintu4s later and we kissed.

Forgive me, Sandra, but what were you both wearing at the time?

Well, Jackie had taken her coat off, but she was still in her work outfit – a brown woollen jumper with sleeves to just below her elbows.  A grey pinafore dress – like a gymslip – with buttons on the shoulders.  Dark tights and her knee length tan leather boots.

And you?

I was in a grey dogtooth pattern tweed skirt and jacket, with a white blouse underneath.  Black stretch knee length leather boots and those bloody tights...

It’s all right – just take a few minutes.  Now, you were both in the kitchen?

Yeah – enjoying the moment, as it were, when we first heard them.

You didn’t know they had come in?

No – when you’re in the moment, you never hear anything.  This man said “Well, isn’t this nice,” and we both turned and looked in the doorway.

Can you describe who you saw?

Two men – both young, I would not have said they were more than about thirty.  One was slightly taller, about six feet, while the other was five ten, but both of them had stockings over their heads.

What were they wearing?

Dark shirts, jeans, shoes – honestly, if I could remember more, I would tell you now.  I do remember the baseball bat that one of them had in his hands, though – the way he swung it in his open palm and the noise it made...

Anyway, we both stared at them, before the taller one said “Girls, keep your hands where we can see them.  We don’t want to hurt you, but believe me when I say we will if you try anything stupid.  Isn’t that right, Bert?”

“Yeah Ernie?”

Bert and Ernie?

I know, I know – it could not be dumber, but that was what they called each other.  Jackie – she’s always been the braver one – started to shout at them, asking what they were doing there and what the hell they thought they were doing coming into our house...

What happened then?

She got a slap across her face from Bert.  I put my arms around her as she stood there, the tears starting to come down her face, but Ernie just started laughing.

“Oh this is rich,” he said, “We’ve found ourselves a couple of love birds here.  I can see we’re going to have some fun later.  Right now, however, I want you to let go of lover here and keep your hands where I can see them, understand?”

Jackie whispered that it was all right as I let her go and stood there, staring angrily at them.  “That’s better,” he said as he grabbed me by the arm and Bert grabbed Jackie, “Into the front room with both of you, and no funny business.”

You said Jackie had already been in that room?

Yeah – the curtains were drawn and the lamp was lighting parts of the room, but not all of them.  We were pushed to the couch and told to sit down, with our hands in front of us, while Bert went out of the room for a few minutes.  When he came back, he had a pillow case which he dropped to the ground.

So they had already searched your rooms?

Yeah – although we only found out later.  Anyway, Ernie told him to “go and see what he could find.”  Honestly, we had no idea of what that meant, or what exactly was going to happen next.  All we knew was we had walked into these two men robbing our flat.

“You look hot” he said as he looked at me sitting there.  “Why don’t you stand up and take your jacket off.”

I looked at Jackie, before standing up and unbuttoning my jacket.  As I slipped it off my shoulders, Bert walked back in and I let my jacket drop to the floor.

Because he told you to?

No – because I was horrified to see what he had in his hands.  As for Ernie, he just looked at me and said “now your blouse.”

I stared at him and shook my head, but he just swung the bat down into his hand and said “take it off now.”  I could see he meant business, so reluctantly I started to unbutton my blouse.  As I took it off, Jackie just said “Sandra, how nice.”


I’d left my bra off that morning – I had plans for later that night.  The two guys could see that as well, as Bert sniggered and Ernie just said “Very nice.”  Bert brought a chair over from the dining table and set it in the centre of the room, then grabbed Jackie by her arm and dragged her over to it.

The one that is still in there?

A-ha.  He forced Jackie to sit down and picked up a roll of tape.  “Tape her wrist to the chair back,” he said as he threw it at me.  I swear, at that point I was relieved – I figured they were going to get me to tie her up, then tie me up and leave.  Nasty, but we could live with that.

So when did you figure out that was not what was going to happen?

After a few minutes.  I knelt at Jackie’s side, and she whispered to me that she understood as I taped her wrists tightly to the wooden chair back.  As I stood up, I kissed her gently on the lips as she looked at me.

“How touching,” Ernie said.  “Why don’t you kiss her properly?”

I looked at him to see if he was joking, but there was a glint in his eye that scared me, so I kissed Jackie more passionately.  He then said “Take her dress off her.”  I turned and we both stared at him, but we could both see he meant it.  As the tears started to flow from behind Jackie’s glasses, I slowly unbuttoned the dress and slipped it down her body.  The bottom of her jumper was just over the top of her tights as she sat there.

How did you feel?

Scared – and, if you would believe, slightly excited at seeing Jackie sitting there with her arms fixed and her breasts heaving as she took deep breaths.  If the truth be told, I could see she was staring at my chest as well.  What was worse, they both could see that as well.

“Take a seat,” Ernie said.  I figured I was going to be secured next, hopefully next to Jackie.  I started to walk to the table to get another chair, but I was surprised when he said “No.”  Turning to look at him, I saw him waking over to Jackie.  “Take a seat here, facing your girlfriend.”

I presume that is when you realised they were not going to leave quickly.

I started to get inkling, yes.  Slowly, I sat on Jackie’s knees facing her, her chest heaving more and more with each passing second.  I thought the room was in silence, but I then heard the strangest sound – the squeak of leather against leather.

I glanced to the side to see that Bert was using one of my long silk scarves to bind my right ankle to Jackie’s left, securing them tightly together as the black sat next to the brown.  He quickly walked round and secured them together on the over side as we looked into each other’s eyes.

“Take her glasses off,” Ernie said, so I lifted her spectacles off and handed them to her.  As I did so, I kissed her again to let her know that everything was all right.  That got a laugh from the two men, but we tried to ignore them.

“Keep going,” Bert said, “she’s your partner, kiss her neck.  She wants it and you want to do it.”

Did you?

Not with them watching, but I saw Jackie nod slightly, so I leant over and gently kissed her neck.  The squeak of leather was louder, and I wanted to embrace her, but I tried to restrain myself.  They, on the other hand, had other ideas as Jackie gasped and brought her head forward to kiss my neck in return.

“Lift her jumper up,” Bert said as I felt Jackie’s lips gently massage my neck and shoulder.  I could also hear the bat tapping against the table, so I reluctantly passed my hands around her and lifted her jumper up; out lips meeting as I did so.  I figure by then both of us wanted to comfort each other, even if we were doing this under duress and threat of actual physical harm.  I felt her relax slightly as my arms lifted the wool to reveal her breasts in the black bra I had watched her put on that morning, so it had some of the desired effect.

Did you think at any time that the two intruders might want to rape you?

At first, yes, but it was becoming clearer to us that they were more interested in watching than actually taking us.  At any rate, I could feel Jackie move with me as I did what they demanded next.

Which was?

I slipped the cups of her bra down and exposed her breasts as well, pressing them next to mine as I passed my arms around her as best I could and kissed her again.  Even with our ankles bound and her wrists fixed to the chair back, we still felt a bit more in control as we kissed.

What happened next?

We separated, and she looked into my eyes as we sat there.  That was when Ernie said “Kiss her breasts – you know she wants you to.”

I looked into Jackie’s eyes, and I could see he was right, but I still wasn’t sure.  “Please,” she whispered, “do it for both of us.”  Nodding, I sat back a little before leaning down and gently enclosing the nipple of her left breast in my mouth.

The relief as I heard her gasp, and then moan softly – well, I felt guilty at the time, but now I’m glad she was feeling less afraid.  As I continued to kiss and suck, I barely even noticed what was happening to me.

So that was when your own wrists were bound?

It was – I never even felt Bert pull my arms behind my back and tape them together, but when I moved slightly to kiss Jackie’s other breasts I realised I could not move my arms any more.  Despite that, my one concern was for Jackie, so I continued to kiss and arouse her as she sat back and let her eyes close.

“Let me,” I heard her say, so I straightened my back and moved forward to allow her to return the favour by kissing my own breasts.  I have to admit I was enjoying the feel of her rouged lips against my own skin, the electric shock of her caress firing up more than just my brain.  I gasped in return, enjoying the sensation as she kissed me again and again, and I just wanted to embrace her, but obviously...

Obviously.  I presume that this was when they took the silverware from the cabinet?

I guess so.  At any rate, the next thing I knew was when I felt us being coming much closer together – and not in a particularly nice way.  As I glanced down, I could see that Bert was passing the roll of tape around both Jackie and I, pulling us both against the chair back around our bare midriffs and pinning us in place.

I don’t even think Jackie noticed – all she knew was I was coming closer, so I leaned over and started to kiss her neck again to show how much I was appreciating if not exactly enjoying what she was doing.  I knew she was beginning to feel warm all over, so I started moving my bottom in her lap to help relax her still further.  It also seemed to encourage her in kind – I could feel her moving in rhythm with me after a few minutes.

As this was going on, I felt our legs been untied, but didn’t look down.  What I did feel was my boots been taken off and the backs of my knees pressing against the back of the seat as my ankles were pulled back and taped together behind the chair.  I presume that was when Jackie’s own boots were also removed and her ankles taped to the legs of the chairs, but I had no idea that was what was happening at that point.

We were so caught up in ourselves, using the way we were kissing to distract ourselves from the reality, that when I felt my own head been pulled back it was a sudden and unwelcome jerk to me.  I tried to cry out, but instead felt a wad of cloth – one of Jackie’s scarves – been stuffed into my mouth.  I could see the shock in Jackie’s eyes, but what could I do?

I then saw Bert with a length of tape in his hands, and knew what was coming.  I let him cover my mouth and lips with that and a few other strips, then watched helplessly as the same thing was done to Jackie.  We stared mutely at each other, wondering if that was the end of the stay, but they had one more surprise waiting for us.

The vibrator?

They must have found them when they searched our rooms before we even arrived.  The first I knew was when Ernie pulled the front of my pantyhose open and pushed the device down against my crotch, and obviously against Jackie’s too.  With my legs effectively, if not literally, wrapped around her waist the throbbing could be felt by both of us, which I guess was their intention.

I could hear her moan, and I guess I was doing so as well, when the lights went out and we heard rather than watched as they both left.  We both tried to relax, in our own way, and try to get through however long it would be before somebody came to our rescue.

So you were left like that until your neighbour found you at one o’clock this morning?

I’m sorry, I could not tell you what time it was.  I must have fallen asleep, because the first I knew of it was when I heard him say “Oh My God” and the pull on my skin as the tape was taken away.  The worst thing was seeing the dark stain on my hose as I finally stood up – like I said, damn the purple hose.

Quite.  Well, thank you Sandra – we’ll be in touch as soon as we hear anything.  What do you plan to do today?

Hold Jackie when your colleague has finished with her – that’s all.





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