Kit’s Big Night







I’d known Kit since we were at school together, so when she asked me to call round tonight I didn’t think too much about it.  We often got together to go to the cinema or share a pizza – nothing really special.  I didn’t know what was going to happen…


When I got there, Kit was waiting – and dressed in her usual eclectic style.  She loves chiffon, satin and silk you see, so she was wearing a pink chiffon blouse with capped sleeves, and a short plaid skirt as if she was back at her school.  A thin pink ribbon was tied round her waist, with a little bow to the side at the front, and she was wearing two bandanas – a light pink one loosely tied round her neck with the knot at the base of her neck, and a red one over her long strawberry blonde hair.  You could also make out her dark bra under the blouse.


So we sat and talked for a little while over a drink, as I looked into her blue eyes.  I had to admit, she was a beautiful girl, but I could never really get up the courage to tell her that…


Anyway, eventually she held my hands, and said she wanted me to help her with something.  I asked her what, and that was when she hit me with the bombshell.  She’d found this site that was filled with stories of – well, damsels in distress for want of a better word, and she had really enjoyed them.  To the extent that she wanted to experience it for herself.


I asked her what she meant, and in reply she stood up and left the room for a few minutes.  I waited until she came back in – in one hand, she had several lengths of white rope, and in the other some blue silk scarves.  She looked at me, standing on the carpet in her bare feet, and asked if I would help.


So, confession time – I’ve watched enough cop shows and read enough of the wrong sort of books to know what to do, but to have a beautiful girl like Kit ask me to do this to her?  She looked at me, her head to one side, smiled and said “well?”


I laid out some ground rules – if she wanted me to stop, she just had to say and I would.  That got an unexpected response – what if she could not speak?  Like a fool, I hadn’t realised WHY she had those scarves in her hand…  So I said if she grunted SOS in Morse code that would be the signal.


Agreeing to this, she put the ropes and scarves on the couch, and left the room, coming back with a chair from the dining table.  It was made of mahogany, with a tan coloured padded seat, and the back was open save for the crossed wooden beams.  Setting it in the middle of the room, she sat down and told me I could start.


So, and I admit I was nervous, I went behind the chair and asked her to lean forward.  She smiled as she did this, and I guided her hands and arms through the gaps in the chair back, before picking up a length of the white nylon rope and doubling it over.  Sometimes, I wondered how much use it was when I was a Boy Scout – but not this time, as I doubled the rope over, crossed her wrists, and started to bind them together.


I passed the ends of the rope through the centre loop, and pulled back, hearing her soft gasp as I did so, and then wound the rope round, keeping the bands neatly arranged side by side.  When I had made four passes, I tucked the ends through and separated the rope ends, passing them between her arms to tighten the binding, then securing the ends together with a square knot and then to the chair back. 


Kit flexed her fingers and smiled, as she said it felt snug.  Putting my hands on her shoulders, I asked her if she wished to continue, and her nod and smile told me all I needed to know.


Kneeling in front of her, I took another length of the white rope, and passed it round her legs above her knees, listening to her giggles as in the same way as her wrists I wrapped the rope round and pulled it tight.  After a couple more passes, I separated the ends and passed them between her legs, seeing her reaction as the tips of my fingers were drawn over her thighs.


Cinching that band, I then bound her slim ankles together side by side, stroking this time the back of her legs as I took the rope around and between her legs.  She wriggled and sighed as little as I did that, and then pulled her ankles back, using more rope to take them under the chair and secure them to the chair back as well, her toes resting on the floor.


I stood up and watched her as she wriggled round, and said this was different from what she had expected.  When I asked in what way it was different, she smiled and said she didn’t think she could stop anyone doing anything to her.


I smile din return, as she said it was time to ‘try and keep her quiet’.  I picked up a long thin blue scarf and rolled it into a band, and asked Kit to open wide.


She smiled before she did so, and she smiled again after I had pulled the scarf between her teeth, and tied the ends firmly together at the back of her neck, letting them fall down her back as she closed her lips over it. 


She tried to talk – actually, it really only muffled and made her slightly lips in her speech – but that was what she wanted.  What took her by surprise was when I said I wanted to really test the gag, and I walked behind her before I started to tickle her sides.


She laughed out and tries to move out of the way – but come on, I’d tied her to the chair?  She didn’t want me to stop though, and so I kept going as she moved her feet very slightly to and fro,


I asked her if she was ready for the blindfold, and reminded her if she wanted me to stop of the safety grunt, but all she did was nod and watch as I folded a larger blue scarf, and then tied it round her head, covering her eyes and sitting the knot on top of the one for her gag.  She moved her head from side to side again, as I put my hands on her shoulders and started to gently massage them.


She relaxed at that, sighing again as I eased the tension out of the muscles with my fingers, and kept asking her how she was feeling.  She said something like “meffelleenngudd” as her head leaned back, and I gently kissed her forehead.


“dddujsstkksssmm,” she asked, and as I confirmed that she said “mmmssnss – kssmmgen.”


So I did, and then gently kissed her lips, smiling as she kissed me back.  I then started to move my hands up and down her arms, telling her to let me know if anything happened she did not like.  She nodded, and then as I kissed her again she pressed her lips firmly against mine, responding as I stroked my hand over her stomach, and then moved them up.


I gently, gently ran my hands over her chest, and heard her groan as I passed my fingertips over her breasts.  This was the moment I had been scared of, not knowing how she would react – but I saw her smile, and nod, as I gently circled her breasts, and then placed my hands on them, gently starting to massage again.


Kit groaned, and closed her eyes, as my fingers danced over her body and then returned to playing with her chest.  She wriggled round and pushed forward, saying “hwwlngghfulkkeddmmm?”


“Far too long,” I whispered back, “do you wish me to continue Kit?”  She nodded, so I pressed slightly more firmly, letting her move with me as she started to respond more and more.


I asked if she wanted the blindfold off, but she shook her head as I reached down and kissed her neck while playing with her.  I felt her shiver at that, but continued as I felt her breasts firming, and her nipples under her blouse and bra.


Taking a deep breath, I reached down with my hands and slowly undid the pink sash bow at her waist, and then unbuttoned her blouse, opening it and pulling it slightly down her arms as I kissed her shoulders, and then massaged her chest again, my hands pressing down onto her black bra as I continued to kiss her.  I could feel how firm her nipples were now, as her moans grew louder and louder.


A little too loud, if truth be told, and I untied her pink bandana, folded it into a wide band, and tied it round her head, covering her blue gag as she mumbled “whhrruddnnn?”


“Keeping you quieter,” I said quietly as I eased my hands under the cups of her bra, my fingers stroking over her firm nipples as she shivered and mumbled “hmggdddd…”


I gently squeezed as she put her head back, and I asked if she wanted me to carry on.  So I did, easing the shoulder straps down her arms, and then kissing her neck and shoulders as I eased the bra off her breasts.  She groaned more now as my fingers played with her nipples, and she started to shiver and shake.  So when I walked in front of her, sitting on hr lap and kissing her chest, she started to gag kiss my neck as well.


And as I enveloped her left nipple and kiss it, my tongue running over it, she moaned and pushed herself forward, encouraging me as I started to suck gently while she wriggled under me.  Now, naturally, this was having an effect on me as well, and I could feel that effect getting stronger – but I was able to hide that for the moment as I moved from breast to breast, kissing, sucking and licking as I did so.


She wriggled under me – which made me feel giddy as well – as she shook her head, the blindfold slipping down and falling over her neck.  She looked at me, nodding as she said “Sssmszzznn – elffwhurddnnntmmm.”


“Good,” I said quietly as she looked down, and then looked at me.  “Whtrruggnddtnnwnw,” she said as she looked at me.


“What would you like me to do, Kit?”


She looked again at me, as I got up and released her wrists and ankles from the chair.  Lifting her up, she looked at me and nodded.


And as for what happened next – that’s between me and Kit…







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