Lock-In Summer







Brother v sister


He pitched it to them as a contest – to see who could get free first.  Trevor is eight, and Cassie six, and I really did not want them to be afraid – in fact, they seemed excited as they watched him tie my hands behind my back.


He tossed a coin in his gloved hand, and Trevor called it, so he made my son sit down on a small chair, and took his arms around the chair back before he used a skipping rope to tie his wrists together.  He then wound an orange tow rope round his body and the chair back, almost covering his red top as he made sure Trevor was not getting out of the chair.  He looked down and watched as he then used a purple rope to tie his ankles together, the rope over the legs of his brown pants.


He looked at me and smiled, before the man pulled a rolled up scarf between his lips and tied it round his head to keep him quiet.  I then sat down on the recliner, watching as he tied my ankles together.  I was wearing a blue denim knee length dungaree dress, so the rope rubbed on my bare skin as they both watched.


He didn’t use rope for Cassie – instead, he took a roll of white tape and taped her wrists tightly together in front of her, then covered her mouth with some more strips as her eyes twinkled.  He has long blonde hair like me, and was wearing a red sweatshirt and jogger pants – augmented with a white band round her stomach as he taped her arms to her sides.


She walked over and lay down with her head on my lap as the man taped her ankles together, and then wound the tape tightly round may head to keep me quiet as well, before he left the room.  We looked at each other, and then the contest to see who would get free began.  I just prayed he would have gone when one of them managed to do so…





I literally stepped out of the house for fifteen minutes, to get a paper.  My thirteen year old grandchildren were visiting me when the lockdown started, and they’re still here – Sara and Stephen.  They both have dark hair, Sara’s somewhat longer, and they both were wearing denim.  For Sara, it was a pair of dungarees over a grey striped jumper, and Stephan a pair of faded jeans with a grey t-shirt.


Anyway – as I said, I was literally going to go get a paper, before we called their parents as we did every day, and I was gone for fifteen minutes tops.  Which is why I was so shocked to come home and see them looking at me, with strips of silver tape pressed firmly down over their mouths!


But that wasn’t all.  They were sat side by side on two dining chairs, with white rope tied round their arms and waist and the chair back, to hold them there.  The rope was also holding their wrists together in front of them, Sara praying while Stephen had clenched fists, and more rope had been used to bind their ankles together.


I did not know what to say – and then I could not say anything as a leather gloved hand went over my mouth, and a deep voice told me to keep quiet.  When the phone rang, he told me to answer it calmly, and when I did so it was my son – asking what the photo he had just received was about.


The man made me hand the phone over, and he told my son we were hostages, and the person who was waiting outside their rear door would explain.  He then ended the call, and showed me a roll of silver tape.


I was wearing a white blouse and faded jeans with silver slippers – and fifteen minutes later, I was lying on my side on the couch looking at my grandchildren, silver bands round my arms and body, my wrists, my legs and my ankles, as well as over my own mouth, while the masked man just sat and watched us.


We learned later they took their mother hostage as well, and forced my son to rob his office – but that was after dark, after they left, after we fell asleep…



Quiet Time


I couldn’t say much – the white and grey scarf that was wrapped round my head muffled everything I tried to say, and I could feel it getting wet where it was between my lips.


I know – you’re going to say why didn’t you pull it down?  A little difficult when my wrists are taped down to the arms of the leather chair I was sitting in – my right one with white tape, my eft one with purple floral patterned tape.


It was the mid-afternoon, and my big sister had tricked me into playing this game.  I was bored, so I agreed – so here I am, in my blue t-shirt and cycling shorts, lifting my legs up and down to see the way she had tied my ankles together with another white scarf.


Mind you, if I could, I would laugh – because big sis is in the same position as me now.  She’s sitting in a white plastic chair, her purple leopard spot hoodie open so that I can see her red checked sleeveless blouse and blue denim shorts.  Her wrists are tied tightly down to the arms of the chair, while her ankles are tied together with the same sort of brown rope that was then wrapped around the legs of the chair as well.


She can’t talk either – she has silver tape over her mouth, and she keeps looking at me with eyes wide, then to the door, then to me, then to them…


Yes, them – a man and woman dressed in black with balaclavas over their head, who came in and tied her up.  I couldn’t do a thing to stop them, could I?


And I couldn’t warn Mum when she came in either with the shopping.  She was wearing a purple jumper and long skirt – and boy was she surprised to see us.  And then surprised by the two thieves, who took her upstairs as we tried to get free.


The woman then came back down and checked on us, shaking her head to show we should stop trying to get out of the chairs as she stayed there.  I wondered where Mum was – I could hear her, but not see her – and then all I heard was the same sort of mumbling sound my sister and I were making, as the man came back down.


Dad found us in the room later, much later…



Hide and Seek


The room was quiet, the sound of the radio coming up from the ground floor, but it was obvious someone had been searching there, with clothes scattered over the floor and drawers open.


The white wardrobe door slowly swung open, and two bae feet slowly stretched out – the red toenails gleaming in the light as they wriggled and then went back in before they reappeared – this time showing the purple checked pants with the turned up cuffs.


And the band of silver tape that was holding the ankles tightly together.


The legs bent again and then slowly came back out, showing more of whoever this was – and then the eight year old girl came out, looking round with eyes wide in fear.  She was wearing a grey sweatshirt, with red print on it, but her wrists were behind her back – held together with more of the silver tape that crinkled as she tried to move her arms.


Strips of the tape were also pressed firmly down over her mouth, her brown hair hanging loose as she turned her head from side to side, and then started to slide herself over towards the door, bending her legs as she pushed herself forward and then stretching them out again. 


Eventually, she managed to manoeuvre herself into the hallway, and then down to the next door.  As she looked in, she called out “Hmghdddd.”


Her ten year old sister was sitting on the floor, her wrists taped together in front of her and a band of tape holding her arms to her sides.  Her ankles were also taped together, as were her legs below her knees – and her mouth was covered with the tape as well.  They looked at each other, and then her sister started to move towards her, until they were both in the corridor, and making their way to their parent’s room…


As they went in, they saw their mother and father, sitting back to back with a wide silver band around their waist and upper bodies.  Their mother was wearing a denim dress, their father jean and a polo shirt – but they both had their ankles, and legs taped together, as well as tape wrapped round their heads.


They looked at their daughters and nodded as they came over, leaning on their legs and rubbing their cheeks on the denim and nylon to see if they could get their mouths free, see if they could call for help…



Disney Time


“There – that should keep you two out of mischief.  Comfy, Your Highness?”


Rebecca nodded as she squirmed on the leather couch, feeling excited at what was happening.  She was dressed as Rapunzel, with a long red-blonde wig on that had a massive plaited pigtail laid to the side of her.  Her dress had a white bodice with short puffed sleeves, and a long purple skirt, but it had something else added to it now, by the man wearing a black mask over his eyes.


The addition being the bands of yellow tape that held her arms to her sides, above and below her elbows, and also held her legs together above her ankles and above her knees, the skirt wrapped tightly round them under the binding, her hands resting on the top band.  She was barefoot, and giggled as the man gently tickled the soles of her feet.


“Your little sister is staying with you,” he said as he placed the Snow White doll next to her, also secured with bands of yellow tape, and strips over the mouth – to match those over Rebecca’s mouth to keep her quiet.


“Now, we need a word with the Queen Mother.  Are you going to stay there?”


“Yes, she will – won’t you Rebecca?”


The young girl nodded as she looked at her grandmother, who she had been staying with while her parents were stuck abroad.  She had short grey hair, and was wearing a Snow White dress herself – the puff sleeved blue top with red patches, and the long yellow skirt.  Her grandmother’s wrists were behind her back, and she could hear the crinkle of tape as she tried to move her hands behind there.


“Let’s go,” the second man said as they walked her grandmother out, while Rebecca turned her head and pressed her tape covered lips to the doll’s head.


“Whllbhfhhnmhshhsthr” she mumbled as she heard them talking, and hoped they would bring her back in.  Even if they could not move, she wanted them to be together…


Granny’s game


“Now remember – we count to one hundred, and the one who gets free first wins the prize.  All right?”


Casey nodded as she looked at her grandmother, and then at the woman who was standing there by the chair, a nylon stocking pulled down over her head.  Her light brown hair was platted into two pigtails, and she was wearing a white t-shirt and peach cotton shorts.


But she could not move – her upper body was secured to the chair back with bands of tape.  Blue tape held her shoulders to the white chair back, green tape her upper body and arms, and yellow tape her waist and lower arms.  She also had red tape around her upper legs and the chair seat, white tape around her legs above and below her knees, and silver tape round her ankles.


“So when do we start,” she said as she looked at the woman.


“As your grandmother said, we’re going to have a look round, and then we’ll tell you to start – but we’ll put the television on for you as well, to keep you amused while we do so.”


Casey nodded as she looked at her brother Don on the floor, where a man who also had a stocking pulled down over his head was wrapping silver tape round his legs below his knees.  He was wearing a pair of pyjamas – a short sleeved white top with green sleeves, and green pants with pictures of a monkey on them, and a silver band round his crossed ankles to hold them together.  His wrists were also taped together in front of him, and a band of tape was round his arms and chest.


But he was laughing as the man tickled him, before he looked at our grandmother.  She was sitting on their couch, wearing the black vest and pants we had had come down to find her in.  And like Don, she had her wrists taped together in front of her, and tape round her ankles and her legs below her knees.  Her legs were bent, with her arms resting on the band of tape round them above her knees as the man wrapped more tape round her arms and legs.


“now, we’re going to be very quiet,” she said with a smile as he wrapped the silver tape round her head, then tore some strips off and put them over Don’s mouth.  At the same time, the woman put green tape over my mouth as she stopped me talking.


We then watched the television until they came back and checked us, but as they went out Granny started nodding, and we started counting.











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