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At the stores


I try to use his services every couple of months, especially when I start to feel down, and he always manages to lift my spirits.  The most recent occasion was the most daring – I was on a trip to Oxford Street when the time started, having a look through the stores.  I was dressed as I usually am for such a trip – a light brown jersey dress that hugs my body, and that had a deep neckline, dark hose and knee length tan leather boots, with a matching leather jacket on.


I was coming to the end of the day, and thinking about going home when I was in Selfridges, and then I felt a pressure against my side, and he said “do exactly what I say, without question, and you’ll be all right.  You’re going to invite me to your house, understand?”


I nodded slowly as he said “good – look at me.”  He was wearing a blue jacket and pants, with a white shirt, but I could see in his hand he had a compressed sponge as he looked round, and said “open wide – I’m going to put this in your mouth, and you are going to keep it in there, staying nice and quiet.  Understood?”


I nodded slowly as I bowed my head and opened my mouth, feeling the sponge as he pushed it in and as it expanded to fill the space while I closed my lips over it.  “Good – take me to your house,” he said quietly, “and remember – don’t raise the alarm.”


I nodded slowly as he took me by the arm, and walked me out of the store and along the high street.  It is the strangest feeling, being essentially kidnapped like that – and I played along, secretly enjoying the fact it was not possible for me to speak or raise the alarm, even if he was not right there with me.


We went onto the Central line, and nobody batted an eyelid as we headed west, getting off at West Ealing as he walked me back to my house, and I unlocked the front door before we walked in.  As we did so, he closed the door, and then took from his jacket pocket a roll of white tape.


“Thank you,” he said with a smile, “now, face the wall, and put your hands behind your back.”


I heard the soft peeling sound, and did as he asked, feeling the tension on my skin as he taped my wrists tightly together, and then wound the tape round my upper body to fix my arms against my sides, controlling my breathing as he did so.  He then turned me round and covered my mouth with strips of the tape, leaving me with no chance of pushing the sponge out even if I wanted to.


And I did not want to, as he walked me up the stairs and told me to lie on my back on the bed.  He then taped my ankles tightly together, as well as my legs below and above my knees, before he started to search through the drawers and put my jewellery into his pockets.


I could only struggle and mewl as I watched him rob me, and I was loving every second of it, before he patted me on the cheek, and told me to relax – he was just going to get something to eat and drink, and then he would be on his way.  Leaving me in the room, I kept struggling as I heard him moving about in the kitchen for an hour or so – and then he came back into the room and peeled the tape from my mouth, asking if I had enjoyed the experience as he eased the sponge out of my mouth.


Whatever else he can do – and he does a lot – he’s also a very good coke – perfect Sole Veronique…


Take me


I knew he was coming, and I was ready for him when he arrived.  My dress was black, and tight – so tight you could make out my blood red bra underneath – and a skirt that came half way down my thighs.  A wide black elastic belt with a wide black buckle was round my waist.  My boots were made of black leather – just over the knee, gathered slightly below, a small heel.  I had even been to the hairdressers, and was wearing the secretary glasses I so loved.


Precise, that is how I like things to be – so when the leather gloved hand was clamped over my mouth at precisely the pre-booked time, I knew I was in for a good evening.


His voice was quiet and calm as he told me not to struggle, but to lean forward and put my hands behind my back, then put them together palm to palm.  I did as he asked, but he didn’t tie my wrists together – not at first anyway.


What he tied was wrap rope round my arms and pull my elbows together so that they almost touched, taking the rope around and between my arms, and then tying it off before I felt a second length of rope around my wrists.  That had the effect of forcing my shoulders back, my chest out – and I wondered if my dress would hold.  The Spandex did the job however, as he made sure my arms were locked together behind my back, my hands useless, my fingers wriggling…


He was calm, spoke softly as he held me, and then wrapped more rope around my upper body, forcing my arms against my back as he framed my chest in two white bands, forcing them out even more – and then he took the rope over one shoulder, and I shivered as he stroked over my chest.  I swear, you could see my nipples as he wrapped the rope around the lower band and pulled it back up, making me gasp even more as he took the rope over my other shoulder and then tied it tightly.  All I could do was wriggle round as he reached down and started to massage my chest, his fingers sinking into my breasts as he gently kneaded away.


I closed my eyes, enjoying every second he was doing this.  I still had not seen him, but I was loving his attentions…


He then said “open your mouth” and as I did so, he put a folded cloth inside that felt smooth on my tongue.  Closing my lips, I heard a soft tearing sound, and then I felt the tug on my cheek as he pressed the end of a roll of white tape on there, and proceeded to wrap the tape tightly round my head, silencing me and stopping me doing more than a muffled moan.


He then walked in front of me, allowing me to see him with the stocking down to his nose, covering his eyes, and dressed in black – and then let him sit me on the ground, banding my left leg and using more white rope to tie my ankle to my thigh.  My skirt had already ridden up so that he could do this, as he could see my red panties – and as he scored that leg, then the other, I knew nothing could stop him doing anything to me…


He looked at me, and then produced an electric toothbrush, which he switched on and then ran over my breasts, making me squirm – the dress now stretched so tightly, with my bra, that my nipples could feel the brush even under that.  And the effect that was having on me…


I squirmed around, and felt the dampness in my panties – and then he ran the toothbrush between my legs, over the material, and oh god the sensations that ran through me…


So I barely noticed as he cut my panties away, and then kissed me between my legs, his tongue bringing me on as I pushed my hips forward, wanting him to take me…


So I gasped and nodded as he started to kiss my neck and pulled his pants down, before he entered me – wearing protection, of course.  So wonderful a feeling…



When he had finished, I slumped down, and watched as he washed me down, and then untied me before he left…



Home Alone


My family live far from my home, so since my husband died I have struggled a little with feelings of loneliness – but I know a friend was going to come round at seven, so I made a special effort to be ready for them.


I was ready by half six in fact, and was sitting on the couch, wearing a black jumper with a white front and back, and a grey wool skirt.  I was also wearing white mid-calf leather boots, and black hose with a pattern up the outside of the leg.  My hair was combed back, and golden blonde – perfect for the man I was expecting.


So the knock on the door took me by surprise – surely he wasn’t early.  I went and answered it – and as I walked backwards, I remembered I had another appointment that night which had slipped my mind.


He was smartly dressed, carrying a briefcase – and a gun in his hand, as he told me to remain calm, and lie down on the couch in the main room, my hands behind my back.  I shivered as he said that, but I did as he asked, walking in with my hands in the air before I lay down.


He talked to me, calmed me, reassured me as he guided my hands behind my back and crossed my wrists, and then tied them tightly together with white rope.  I felt the cords on my wrists as he took them around and between my arms, securing them tightly together as I lay there, wondering what else he was going to do.


He then went to the end of the couch and tied my ankles tightly together, the rope rubbing on the leather, and then my legs below my knees as I lay there.  It was a strange feeling – as if I was a model in an old television show – especially when he told me to roll onto my side, and then to open my mouth before he stuffed a rolled up white cloth in there to keep me quiet.

I watched as he looked at me, and asked if I was comfortable – and I nodded, as he smiled and then – left the house?


But then that was what I had arranged – to be left as a damsel in distress for my friend to find, and he did so ten minutes later, removing the wet cloth from my mouth and asking if I was all right.


Well, I certainly was then…



Holiday surprise


My husband and I were on a touring holiday in England, and we had stopped for lunch in a nice spot.  He was wearing a polo shirt and jeans, while I was wearing a purple wool dress with a leather belt round my waist and pleated skirt, dark hose and purple suede boots with wedge heels.  I also had dark hose on, and a matching purple scarf rolled into a band and tied loosely round my neck.


It was a beautiful day, with the wind blowing through my red-brown hair, and I was sitting by the roadside on some rocks, just enjoying the peace and quiet while my husband was preparing some food in the camper van.  A truly special day.


And it was about to become even more special…


As I said, my husband was in the van, so when the other black car pulled up alongside I wasn’t too bothered, even when I heard the car door open – and it didn’t close.  So the first I knew of what was going to happen was when a black hood as pulled down over my head, and I was lifted up and carried over someone’s shoulder.


I was so surprised I didn’t offer any resistance as I was laid down, and I felt something sticky on my wrists as they were held firmly together.  A damp cloth was then pressed over my nose and mouth as I was told not to struggle, and just to sleep – which was when I knew I wasn’t in any real danger, so I struggled a little, and then pretended to go to sleep.


I could feel him crossing my wrists in front of me, and then heard a rasping sound as my ankles were forced together as well, before something was wound round my head, forcing the hood against my skin.


Then something closed, and we moved off – much to my own excitement, because – well, it was the unknown about what was coming next.  I was bumped around, and I could smell the petrol burning, but I loved every second of it.


Eventually, whatever I was in stopped and I was lifted out, and carried somewhere.  I could feel the cool air on my face through the hood, before I was laid down on something soft.  Whatever was on my wrists was cut away – and then I felt rope being passed around and between my wrists, securing them together before they were lifted up above my head, and secured to something.


The thing holding my ankles together was also cut away, and I felt the rope around them.  I guessed my boots were been compressed under the bands, and tired to imagine how much the purple colour would be changed by that tension.


I twisted my legs round as I felt whoever it was pressing on my hood, and then heard the scissors as it was carefully cut away, allowing me to see.  I was in a log cabin, and could now see I was lying on a bed, my wrists held above my head and tied to an iron bedstead.


That was when I saw him and nodded as he left.  My husband had arranged this, and when he came in and came over to me I nodded and groaned, wondering what he was going to do, and grateful for his surprise for me…



The sisters


My sister and I do everything together – and I mean everything, including hiring entertainers for our own private enjoyment.  One in particular never fails to make us feel special…


The last time he called I made a special effort – I was wearing a chiffon leopard print top with gull wings, a short black skirt, dark tights, and over the knee brown suede boots which were covered in little black studs.  My grey-blonde hair was held back with a black clip.


Oh yeah – and I freely admit, both me and my sister are full of figure.  But that just adds to the fun when he comes…


When I answered the door in response to the ring, he was standing there – impeccably dressed in a black dinner jacket and pants, the crisply ironed white shirt and the black bow tie.  Highly polished shoes, and smiling as he came in with his black pilot’s case.  He even smelt nice, as he asked if my sister was home yet. 


I said – very quietly – she was upstairs getting ready, so he suggested we get started.  Going into the front room, I closed the curtains as he opened the bag, and took out a length of soft white rope, before he walked behind me and took my hands there.  I smiled as I felt him secure my wrists tightly together, making sure it was comfortable and inescapable, and then he invited me to sit on the couch.


As I did so, he took a second length of rope from the bag and knelt down, smiling as he put my ankles together and doubled the rope over, and used it to bind them, the rope going around and between as I saw the suede compress under the tight bands of rope.  I wriggled my fingers, knowing I was not going anywhere.


And neither was my sister, who came into the room just as he stood up.  Like me, she was also wearing brown suede boots – in her case, thigh high ones over her black stocking covered legs.  Her dress was black, and short, with a band of fur around the neck and shoulders.


Well, she saw me, and then turned and put her own hands behind her back, allowing him to secure them tightly together as well while I watched.  He is a true professional – the doubled over rope round the wrists, then pulled back against the central loop and wound in neat bands, then separated and tied between her arms to make it even more secure, with the knot and ends out of reach of her painted fingers.


She then sat next to me while he secured her ankles tightly together, and then used another band of rope to secure her legs together below her knees while we talked – before he did the same to me as well, so that my legs were snugly secured.  We twisted them round and smiled – before he moved on to the next part of the evening.


As we opened our mouths, he pushed a compressed sponge ball in, and I could feel it expand on my tongue as I closed my lips over it, and watched as he tore a strip of brown fabric plaster from a roll, before he pressed it gently, but firmly, over my mouth.  My sister looked at me, nodding as the fabric covered her own lips, before he told us both to kneel on the floor, facing each other.


We knew what was coming now, as he took two longer lengths of rope from the bag and doubled them over, then passed the first one round my body and pulled it tight under my chest.   That forced my arms against my sides, but also stretched my top over my chest as he wound it round and round, forming two bands that pressed down on it in a nice way, and made sure I could not move.  When he tied the rope off, he went and did the same to my sister, the top band pressing down on the fur of her outfit and making a groove in that.


We didn’t mind though – we were excited as he removed carefully our jewellery, and then proceeded to the best part.  He took another rope, and carefully tied it around the bands between my chest, pulling them together as I groaned at the feelings that gave me.  Letting the ends drop to the floor, he walked behind me, reached between my legs, and then…


Well, I was lost in the feelings as he tied the ends to my chest ropes, then made me lie face down and pulled my ankles back before he tied them to the new rope.


My sister got the same treatment as he left us looking at each other, squirming around while he pretended to search the house – leaving our valuables on the table.


That is why he is so good, you see – he didn’t do anything other than bind and gag us, and he left us to our own enjoyment.  A true professional…



The Lovers


We had both used his services in the past, but now that we were together we enquired if he would do a double visit for us – and he was more than glad to do so.


I was sitting on the couch at home, reading a book.  Having just come in from work, I had not changed from my purple dress into anything else – the long cream chiffon scarf was wrapped loosely around my neck, and I still had on the over the knee black boots I had worn that day, my legs in dark stockings.


As for my lover, she was in the kitchen, preparing some food.  She’s older than me, with shorter hair the same colour as mine, and was wearing a grey patterned blouse and grey skirt, with knee length black leather boots, and dark tights.  A white scarf with a silver trim was tied loosely around her neck as well.


As she told me later, the evening started when she heard the back door open, and he came in.  He was wearing a black sweater and boots, gloves, and had a balaclava over his head leaving only his eyes and mouth visible, but when he spoke she knew who it was.  He told her to turn the cooker off, and then asked who else was in the house, before he made her (at gunpoint using a starter pistol) walk into the front room with her hands in the air, while he followed carrying a kit bag in his hand.


So I saw them come in, and then slowly stood up at his request to face her, as he said he needed to make sure we could not raise that alarm – but there was no reason we could not have some fun at the same time.  As we both looked at him, he then told me to take my scarf, and gag my lover with it.


I nodded as I took the scarf off, and we kissed before she opened her mouth and I pulled it between her lips, taking it round her head twice and then securing the ends at the base of her neck as she closed her red lips over the chiffon.  I smiled as I stood back, and then opened my mouth as she used her own scarf as a cleave gag on me.


He then ordered my lover to remove my dress, which she did as she nodded and walked behind me.  She reached round and hugged me, pressing her lips on my neck as I closed my eyes, before she pulled the zip down the back and allowed the dress to fall to the floor.  She then stood in front of me as I was told to return the favour, so I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor, then reached round and unzipped her skirt as she stood in her black bra and panties.


He then handed us each a length of white rope, and told us to tie it round our waists, and then let the ends drop to the floor.  As I did, I looked at my own white basque, and smiled at the knowledge of what was about to happen – as my lover came round and reached between my legs, then pulled the rope back between them.  I felt it pressing on me as she tied the ends behind my back – and I was eager to return the pleasure I was feeling as I did the same to her with her rope.


He then made us face each other, both of us smiling as the cloth in our mouth started to soak up the saliva.  I could see the material at the corners of her mouth get darker as he told us to hug each other, while taking more rope from the bag he had.  He walked behind my lover as I put my arms round her and he started to bin my wrists tightly together, so that she was in my embrace – and then he tied them to her crotch rope.


I saw her eyes close and heard her moan as I tried to move my arms – and then felt him at work behind e as he secured her wrists in the same way, and then the increase in the tension as her wrists were tied to my rope – and the groan escaping my lips as she returned the favour to me…


The rope around our waists held us even more tightly together, before he tied rope round our upper arms to hold them to our bodies.  Our breasts were already rubbing together, as she put her head down and kissed my breasts while she wriggled round.  I think you can imagine exactly how that made me feel…


I nuzzled her chest as well, as he made us both kneel down, before I heard the squeak of rope and leather on leather as he secured my ankles together.  When he tied that rope off, he stood up and walked round as we looked at each other, and put our lips together, our eyes closing as he completed securing us.


And this is the sign of how good he is – he left us alone to enjoy the feeling of been helpless against each other, kissing, moving the ropes as we showed our love to each other…







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