Mature Thoughts








I was a young man when I first discovered where my tastes and preferences in this line of work lay.  Let me lay the basics out before I begin – yeah, I’m a burglar, a home invader, and I do get satisfaction as well as profit out of my visits.  I did my training, learned my skills, and was ready to make my mark – discretely, of course.


Anyway, as I say I was a young man, and I broke in one day on a ground floor flat in the Kensington area.  Entry through the back yard was easy enough, and the person who lived there had left the back door unlocked, which saved me a little effort.  So I got in, walked into the front room – and found the person who lived there, there.


She was middle aged, but tried to hide it with her long father cut blonde hair.  She was wearing a black velvet dress, with a large metal necklace, dark tights and knee length black leather boots.  She looked at me from her seat, put down her magazine, and asked me what I was doing there.


Well, I had no choice but to tell her I was going to rob her, and walked forward in a way designed to convey menace.  Which is what made it a bit of a shock when she smiled and said “Good – I could use some excitement.  I take it you’re going to have to tie me up and keep me quiet?”


I nodded as I drew from my pocket some lengths of cord, but to my growing surprise she smiled and said “all right – you don’t mind if I am comfortable, are you?”


I looked at the chair she was sitting back in – Mahogany, with arm rest and a seat and back upholstered in grey tartan.  Nodding, I waited until she was comfortable, and then tied her wrists tightly down to the arm rests, making sure they were secured there.  I then watched as she crossed her ankles before I tied them tightly together, making sure the rope went between her legs as well, and secured them to one of the front legs.


“Hmmm,” she said as she wriggled round, “you know what you’re doing.  So how are you going to keep me quiet?”


She looked at me, fluttering her eyelids, so I leaned over and kissed her fully on the lips.  I realised she was returning the kiss, and then smiled as she said “not bad – but how can you rob me while you do that?”


So I went to the hallway and found a large headscarf, which I rolled into a band and used as a cleave gag, the woman giggling as she watched me remove her necklace and make that the first item I put in my bag – followed, I promise you, by quite a few other expensive items.


As I left, she said “Fnkkuuyngmmnn” to me, and I turned and smiled.  Somehow, she was enjoying the experience, and that seemed to be making my job a lot easier.  Maybe it was something that had happened to her in the past, and that she had enjoyed – but whatever it was, I was glad it had gone so well.


And I also learned the lesson of the time.  The more mature woman is more likely to have items of value I could take – and I could perhaps give them something to remember me by as well.



Mind you, not all the women I visit can be so – cooperative.  I recall one in particular – this was in Bath, then as now a mixture of students and well off people.  The flat was on the first floor of a townhouse on one of the many curved terraces, and getting in involved a fire escape and the use of a knife. 


Once I was in, I found myself in a high ceilinged room, with regency furniture, and nobody home.  So I made my way through to the bedroom, and started to search for valuables.




I turned suddenly to see a grey haired woman standing there, wearing a brown coat with turned back cuffs on the sleeves, the cuffs and front with a paisley pattern trim.  A fur wrap was round her neck, and she was also wearing a pair of knee length brown leather boots.


Boots which clicked on the wooden floor as she turned and started to run to the telephone – but I was faster, and grabbed her round the waist, covering her mouth with my hand as she tried to scream.


I also had to stifle a scream as she brought her heel down on my foot – so I whispered into her ear that if she didn’t stop struggling, I’d choke her and strip her before I tied her up.


That seemed to get her attention, as she stopped struggling and mumbled – well, I won’t repeat what she said, but it was most unladylike.  I told her to kneel down, still covering her mouth as she did so, and then as soon as I removed my mouth I used the fur wrap round her neck as a crude, but surprisingly effective cleave gag.


She didn’t like it much, but as I pulled her hands behind her back and used some rope to secure them together, she stopped struggling and seemed to accept she was not getting away with this.  I then turned myself round and crossed her ankles before getting off her and standing up as she rolled over, staring at me.


“Stay there,” I said as I went back into the bedroom – and then went back again, picking her up and then dropping her on the bed so that I could keep an eye on her.  I could hear her rolling around, and in fact as I turned round I saw her coat had opened up, revealing the white blouse and brown skirt underneath.


So I walked over and rolled her onto her side, pulling her ankles back and tying them to her wrists, before I removed her gold Rolex and her earrings.  She then tried to scream out as I finished helping myself to her valuables, and then left her to enjoy the taste of fur in her mouth.



Yeah, I have to confess I did get some enjoyment out of that situation – but just how much enjoyment I could get out of it was unknown to me until the day I met a woman I’ll call Purdey.  Purdey because she looked a lot like Joanna Lumley did in The New Avengers – long blonde hair, and one hell of a body.


I met her when I broke into a detached house in Pinner – very large, very inviting.  This was a weekday afternoon, which has a paradoxical approach to it.  On the other hand, it is when you would expect the chances are the greatest the house would be empty.  On the other hand, it is also the time that if you are going to meet someone, it will be an older woman.


Getting in was simplicity itself, with the aid of the universal door opener where PVC is concerned – the heated screwdriver.  It was a nice kitchen I walked into as well – very rustic, complete with the anachronistic Aga stove in a town kitchen.  I smiled as I carried my bag of tools and supplies round the house, and spent a short, yet profitable time in a downstairs office.


From there, I made my way along the hallway and walked into a room – only to find Purdey in there, sitting in a window that looked out onto a treehouse outside.  She was wearing a tight minidress – and by tight, I mean it was barely holding her chest in.  Made of black material with a gold print and white highlights, the skirt just about covered her bottom – and a pair of black suede knee length boots on her legs.


She looked at me, and licked her lips as she said “oh dear – a big bad robber has broken in.  What are you going to do to me?”


I told her if she kept quiet, I wouldn’t hurt her, but her response to that was “well, you’ll need to make sure I can’t raise the alarm.”  She was sitting in a wooden chair with a wooden ring around the legs, and a padded leather seat, but she pushed herself back on that and said “well, come on – tie me to the chair.”


She asked for it – so I walked behind her, putting my bag down and pulling her arms behind the chair.  Crossing her wrists, I took some rope from my bag and secured them tightly together, before I tied them to the chair back. 


“Nice – you’d better make sure I can’t slide forward,” she almost purred, so I took a longer length of rope and tied her waist to the chair back.  She then put her feet up on the ring, and watched as I tied her ankles together, and secured them to one of the crossbeams as well.  I could see she was enjoying this, so I also tied her legs together below her knees, tying the ends of that rope to the top of a chair leg.


I watched as she wriggled round, and her chest managed somehow still to be contained by her dress.  She noticed the way I was looking at her, and said “do you like what you see?”


Well, I nodded in response, as she kept twisting round and said “so what are you going to do about it?”


I reached over and gently caressed her chest, shocked to hear her moan, and then realising I was enjoying how they felt as much as she was enjoying the feel of my hands.  “You... You’d better make sure I cannot raise the alarm,” she gasped as I walked behind her, and then covered her mouth with my hand as I groped her some more.


I then took a handkerchief from my pocket, and pushed it into her mouth before I took a roll of tape from my bag, and tore off three strips, layering them over her mouth to keep it in place.  She then tipped her head back, looking at me over the band of silver, and said “kkpgnnggg.”


Well, as I said, she started it, so I kept massaging her chest, hearing her moans increase as she closed her eyes and slowly nodded.  I swear, tying someone up was stock in trade, as was gagging them – but for them to get pleasure out of it had not occurred to me at that point.


She certainly was however, as she kept groaning, and then sighed as I stripped her rings and watch away, and went to look through the rest of the house.   When I looked in, she was still twisting round, her eyes closed as she seemed to be panting through her nose, so I left her to it and made my exit.




So after that, I really focused on targeting the mature woman, those who had life experience, and if the opportunity was there to make it more pleasurable for them, so be it.  A few months later, I forced my way into a house in Bermondsey, but as I made my way along the corridor I could hear crying from a room.


Opening it, I saw a woman sitting there with long chestnut brown hair, falling over the shoulders of her high necked purple wool jumper.  She was also wearing a long black pleated skirt, and fabric boots – but her head was on her arms, and she was bent over a table.


She must have heard me come in, however, because she turned her head and looked at me, before she said “so you’ve come to take what I value as well?  Go on – it’s just rocks – they don’t mean anything anymore.”


Well, I made her sit up, and as I started to bind her wrists together behind her back she told me her husband of twenty years had just walked out on her, and moved in with his secretary.  Well, it’s an old old story, and certainly not the first time I had heard it, so once I had her wrists secured and started to bind her arms to her side with a longer length, I encouraged her to tell the story. 


As she wriggled round, I started to feel genuinely sorry for her, and told her she had a lot to look forward to without the bastard who had walked out on her.  Once I had the ropes tied off, I made her stand and walked her up to her bedroom.  Sitting her on her bed, I lashed her ankles tightly together, and then folded her skirt back before I tied her legs together.  As I took the rope around and between her legs, I noticed her shifting slightly and then sighing as I pulled the rope tighter.


I then asked if there was anything I could do, and as she squirmed round she looked at me.  Looked at me in a way that said she wanted something badly – but I couldn’t give her that, although I could give her something similar.


Standing her up, I unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor, before I lay her on the bed, and found a clean folded pair of panties.  She nodded as she opened her mouth and allowed me to push them in, before I found some medical tape and covered her lips with a long strip.


She then watched as I eased her panties down, and – well, let’s just say on that occasion, my fingers made her forget the day she had experienced up to that point.  As she eventually collapsed, the sweat stains and other fluids very evident, she watched as I relieved her of her valuables, and then walked out.




Yeah, yeah – the sexual side of all of this is not lost on me, and I have to confess there have been occasions where I have made actual love to one of the women.  Normally, it’s because I felt they wanted it, and if I was wrong, they certainly said nothing about it afterwards.


Well, said is probably too strong a word – after all, they had something stopping them talking as well.  But – look, this one may illustrate what I mean.  I was in Alderley Edge, a very rich part of the country, and had broken into the main house in a training stable when I came across the owner’s wife.


She had collar length black hair, and was wearing a black pinafore style short dress with a white blouse underneath, dark stockings and black over the knee leather boots.  She also had a hell of a voice, as she screamed for help.


So I had to push her down onto a couch and clamp my hand over her mouth, using my free hand to keep her wrists together above her head as I straddled her, and told her to calm down.  Well, she wasn’t going to do that for a while, so she struggled as I sat across her lap, my legs apart, our two bodies rubbing against each other...


Honestly, there was no way with the way she was dressed that natural reaction was not going to take place – and when it did, she could tell it did, and she suddenly stopped wriggling round, looking up at me.  It was a strange look though – almost as if she was surprised rather than shocked.  I took that chance to get off the couch and roll her over, then pull her arms behind her back and used a roll of strong black tape I had in my pocket to bind her wrists together.


I saw the zip that was holding her dress up - and I swear this had never been my initial intent – I reached up and pulled it down, taking the dress down her as well.  Well, she kicked back at that, so I grabbed her ankles, crossed them and then tied them tightly together, as her muffled calls were silenced by the cushion she was facing.



Rolling her over, I realised her blouse had come undone, and fallen either side of her rather ample chest.  She was also looking at me, and opened her mouth to scream again – which was the cue for me to push a folded rag I had available into her mouth, and then make her sit up before I wound the black tape round her head to keep it in place.


I then wrapped the rope round her arms and body, framing her chest as she started to shake, so once I had that secured I told her to calm down.  As I laid her on her back, she saw the bulge in my pants, and then looked at me as if she wanted to see. 


How could I refuse?  I opened my pants up and let them drop, and she nodded, suddenly writhing round and opening her legs up.  I asked if she knew what it was she was wanting, and when she nodded I made her kneel on the floor, pulling her panties and hose down as I reached round and started to play with her chest in my hands, and her neck with my lips.


As she rubbed against me, I made sure I was protected, and then mad her sit with her knees apart before I made sweet, sweet love to her, the woman closing her eyes and moaning.  I got the distinct feeling it had been some time for her, but she gripped me, and soon she was arching her back and screaming into her gag in pleasure.


As I came out and pulled my pants up, I taped her legs together below her knees and left her there, availing myself of her valuables before I left the house.  As I departed, she looked at me and nodded.




So yes, I do have a preference and a target – which brings me to you.  I surprised you when you came home rather early, and made sure you could not raise the alarm, before I secured you.


There you are, in your snakeskin print minidress, your pale and glistening chest now unencumbered of the ornate and jewelled necklace in my bag.  Your arms are secured together behind your back, rope around and between your wrists, and there is a band of rope around your waist as well as two bands framing your chest, rubbing on you where the deep neckline is allowing that peek of your chest as it heaves.


You’re also still wearing your over the knee black fabric boots, but the white rope around your ankles and below your knees means they are not coming off any time soon.  And then there is the strip of nice, sticky white tape covering your mouth, keeping that pair of panties inside.


I know your rings won’t hurt you – I have them as well.  My question is, this wonderful toy I found when looking for your safe – should I let you enjoy it or not?









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