Meditation in Rope and Leather






I wasn’t expecting what happened to happen – who ever does really?  But it did happen, and I remember it as if it was yesterday…


I was wearing a soft black leather jacket over my outfit, and a pair of over the knee black suede boots with a three inch heel.  It had been a long day at the bar, and I feely confess, I was looking forward to a hot bath and a lie in.  Well, we don’t always get what we want – but as the song goes, if we try somehow, we might find, we get what we need…


Sorry – getting ahead of myself.  I made my way down the street, up to my front door, unlocked it and walked in, expecting the house to be empty.  I closed the front door, put my bag on the floor, walked into the front room, turned on the light – and there he was.


He was tall, broad shouldered, and wore a black jumper that stretched across his chest, black jeans and sneakers, black gloves – and a black balaclava, which meant all I could see of his face was his thin lips and his piercing blue eyes.  He turned and looked at me, and then said in a clear, quiet voice to be quiet as he raised a pistol and pointed it at me.


As I looked round, I could see the open drawers and doors of the furniture, so he had been searching for things to take, but I was more concerned at that point about what he was going to do to me.  So when he told me to turn round, and raise my hands, I did so, facing the wall with a mixture of feelings.


It may sound strange, but just as I was terrified of what he might do, there was something else, something I could not process as I looked at the white wall.   Could hear him behind me, and as I looked round I could see him opening a large bag, and taking out some lengths of rope.


“Face the wall, and put your arms by your side.”


He was issuing a command, and as I did so I felt him take my hands behind my back, and put them together, palm to palm.  I steeled myself – he was going to tie my hands and feet while he robbed me, that much was…


To my amazement, that was not what he did – but he did wrap the rope around my arms and forced my elbows together, pulling my shoulders back and making my jacket open.  It was a strange feeling, as I heard the rope been pulled tighter over the leather, and then between my arms so that they were locked together.  He held me, whispered if I liked it, and before I could answer yes or no he went and I presumed took some more rope.


That was a good guess on my part, as he did to my wrists what he had just done to my elbows – locked them together with the rope around and between my arms.  I wriggled my fingers as he tied the rope off out of reach of them.  It was as if they had been sheathed in something, so tightly were they held together.  And – yes, it was making me feel a little excited despite the helplessness.  Or maybe because of the helplessness…


I felt him stroke his gloved hands down my arms and across my shoulders, a little electric shock running through me as he did so, and then he reached round, slowly unfastening my jacket fully, and then pulling it back, letting it hang off my elbows binding as I felt the cook air on my chest.  I was wearing a black strapless crop top – I may be a little older than most women who would wear it, but it did make me look good.  The other thin I noticed as I looked down was just how much my chest was forced out, the spandex spreading tight over my breasts.


I asked what he was going to do next, but he whispered into my ear to be quiet – or he would make me be quiet.  The implication of that was quite clear, so I nodded s he stroked down my bare upper arms, and then started to knead his fingers into my shoulders, before he leaned over and kissed my ear.


I bit my tongue, not sure of what I could do or say, as his lips touched my bare shoulders, and I saw his gloved hands reach round.  His touch was surprisingly gentle, as he started to stroke my chest, and I let out a sigh.  I should have been – no, I was terrified, but something else was happening as well as he stroked round my chest, and then started to gently massage it, his fingers sinking into my soft flesh as he did so.


My flesh wasn’t soft for long, as what he was doing caused my body to respond, and I could feel my breasts firming up as well.  More to the point, I was starting to struggle, as I whispered “no,” despite the feelings I was experiencing.


H reminded me he had said to be quiet, or he would make sure I was quiet.  I nodded and closed my eyes, wondering what he would do next as I felt my breasts getting firmer, as he continued the massage – and ten he pinched my nipples, making me squeal as I realised how sensitive they had become.  I also shivered again – and not just form what he was doing.


“No – exactly from what he was doing, as he lifted the top over my head and pulled it off, down my arms, letting it drop to the floor.  The cold air hit my bare flesh then as I saw just how prominent and firm my nipples were, and how large my breasts had become – and how his own leather gloves felt as he gripped me again, more firmly this time, his fingers singing in as I moaned slightly.


Ordering me not to move, I nodded as he stepped away and then came back, a long length of rope passed round me and pulled tight under my chest as my arms were forced against my back.  He then passed it round above my chest, framing my breasts as he wound the rope round several times.  The bands grew wider, and rubbed on me as he pulled it tighter each time, then tied the rope off behind me.


That wasn’t the only thing he did however, as I twisted round, my leather skirt squeaking as my jacket rubbed against me.  I felt his hands on me as he passed the rope under the lower band, on my left side, and then pulled the rope up, making me gasp again as he then took it round my neck, and under the bands on my other side.  That framed my chest on both sides, as if they were boxed in, but then he took more rope over my shoulder, wrapping it tightly round my left breast, then my right one, before he took it back over the other shoulder.


As a result, my breasts were forced up and out, and ripe for his attention, as he gently squeezed and played with my nipples again, making me squirm but also making something change inside me.  I was warm – and getting hotter, not in terms of flush, but inside me, as I started to feel a dampness between my legs.


Was this…  Was this turning me on?  I had to admit, that was a possibility, as he continued to massage and pinch my chest until I started to moan loudly.


“I told you I would have to make you be quiet,” he said quietly as he knelt down, and I felt him reach under my skirt and pull may panties down, making me step out of them as he did so.  I wondered what he was going to do, and then he held my black lace panties in front of me, wadded up, and told me to open my mouth. 


I knew I had no choice, as I opened my mouth, but I was surprised at the damp sweet taste as they were pushed into my mouth, keeping my tongue pressed down to the floor of my mouth as I looked round.  I saw him holding a roll of white tape, which made a soft sound as he peeled a long strip off, tore it free, and then pressed it over my mouth.  The tape seemed to form to the contours of my face, but it held firm, as he turned me round and looked at me.


I watched him carefully as he smiled, and then leaned down, encircling my left nipple with his lips and gently kissing it as his tongue ran over my nipple.  This time I really did moan, but the tape and my panties meant to was muffled, and I realised something.  He was going to do this, and by gagging me, I was actually free to give expression to what he was doing – and I was helpless unable to stop him.


And more to the point, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stop him…


He moved from side to side, drawing my nipple out as I moaned softly and squirmed, and felt the fire growing stronger inside me.  He stopped and looked me, before he reached round and slowly pulled the zip down on my leather skirt, letting it fall to the floor before he made me walk out of the room, and up to the bedroom.


I knew now what his intentions were, but I was powerless to stop him, and if I was honest – and I had to be honest – I wondered how he was going to do what he was going to do.  We walked into the bedroom, and he closed the door, closing the curtains and putting the bag with the rope down as he closed the curtains, then looked at me.


I was standing by the bed, as he slowly pushed me over, and sat across me, leaning down ad kissing my chest, his lips and teeth suckling on me as I groaned and twisted round.  As I rubbed on him, I wasn’t surprised to feel a bump there as well, and I knew he was getting aroused.  But that was incidental now, I wanted him to continue what he was doing…


He slowly moved down me, spreading my legs apart as he kissed my belly button, his tongue running round it as I raised my head and looked at him.  He looked up and smiled as he moved further down, and then kissed me on my mound – making me shiver as I felt the fire growing wilder inside me, and I felt the dampness as well.


More than that – he started to lick the juices, and that made little shocks run through me, making me squirm even more as he continued to kiss and lick me, his tongue finding little spots that made me jump and moan even more.  I spread my legs apart, inviting him in, and he took the opportunity, using his tongue to tease and coax me along as I started to shiver and shake.


When he stopped, I looked up to see him unbuckling his belt, pulling the zip down as he let his pants drop, and then his boxers, his cock standing firm and proud as he looked at me.  I wondered if he would use any protection - but that question was answered as he moved forward again, smiling at me as he slipped past my guard, and smoothly entered me.


I felt the throbbing as he did so and gripped him with my own muscles, seeing him smile as he started to thrust forward, moving in and out as I moved in time with him, lost in the feelings of enjoyment and ecstasy I was feeling as he started to expand and fill me, pressing on the walls of my passage as I closed my eyes and moaned even more.


And as he grew larger, the throbbing increased, making me shake as I moved my hips in time with his thrusts, feeling him grow even larger as the waves of pleasure started to lap on me, making me groan even more, wanting to bring him with me.  I could feel the cool leather of my jacket a sit rubbed on my back, and the ropes around my arms and chest, seeming to add to the excitement I was feeling as he increased the speed and strength of his thrusts.  I breathed in short gasps through my nose as I closed my eyes, feeling him building, feeling me building…


And when it came, it came in a flood of desire, my body shaking as I felt him cum inside me at the same time, the fluids mixing and intermingling as I gripped him and milked him for all he had…


Eventually, I fell back onto the bed, sighing as I closed my eyes and I felt him slip out.  I could hear him putting his pants back on, and then as he crossed my ankles.  Opening them slowly, I watched as he bound them tightly together, the white rope sinking into the soft black suede.  He then bound my legs together below my knees, stroking my legs gently as he did so, the rope between my legs so tight as I tried to move them…


He then took a longer length of rope, doubled it over and slipped it under my waist as I slowly pushed myself up, then tying it at my waist before he let the end lie between my legs, pushing it through as his hands stroked my thighs.


I wondered what he was going to do, but I found out as he rolled me over onto my stomach, and pulled my bound and booted ankles back, tying the rope he had taken between my legs round my ankles and making sure they stayed near my bottom.  I wondered why he had done that, and then I tried to move my legs – and I knew as I felt the shivering, the fires, the desire…


I moved my ankles back and forth as he searched my room, groaning and making myself more aroused as he took my jewellery, and left me there.  I was helpless, I was gagged, I was – I was feeling so much more aroused and satisfied than I had ever been, as I brought myself to another orgasm, wondering when my husband would get home…







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