Meet The Fox






Oh, of course I have had some interesting encounters in my time, Ellen.  After all, I am The Fox, and I do like to have fun.  Take the cos player – she was in town for a convention, but I knew she was also a trader in gems, and not necessarily a legit one, if you catch my drift.  So I found out which room in the hotel she was booked into.


Sorry – suite.  Only the best for her.  I made my way up the service entrance, and knocked on the door, bold as brass – and then smiled as she opened the door, and I walked in, gun in one gloved hand and bag in the other.  She was dressed as one of those Saturday Morning TV spies – a blue cat suit, zipped up to the neck, with a utility belt round her waist, opera gloves in a darker shade of blue, and thigh high leather boots.


Well, naturally, she was delighted to see me, and even more impressed when I told her who I was – she even thought we could talk as fellow professionals, forgetting the first rule of our profession.


What’s that first rule?  We don’t talk – and neither did she when I forced her to stuff three pairs of her panties into her mouth, and then tie a white cloth tightly round her head to keep them in there.  Such a wonderful sight to see the bulge between her covered lips…


Still, like I said Ellen – always a professional.  I pulled a chair away from the desk, made her sit in it, and pulled her arms round the chair back before I tied her wrists together, and then to the chair back.  Another band of brown rope round her stomach and the chair back, and a third round her upper arms – nice and neat, as always.


I then tied her ankles together side by side, making sure I cinched the binding, and then her legs above her knees, before lightly patting her on the head and making her watch as I tipped the gems into my own bag.


And that should have been it, Ellen – but whop should pick the moment to come into the room and turn the covers down than the maid?  I know – it took me by surprise as well!  And she was a large woman, with long black hair, wearing the grey coat dress, white apron and white sneakers.  Well, she got one look at my captive, and started to speak in Spanish – and then drop to her knees when she saw me, saw the gun, and saw the big roll of silver duct tape in my hand!


Come prepared for all occasions, that’s me – I only used rope rather than tape at first because it was such a fantastic costume, I did not want to damage it!  But for the poor maid, Ellen, I went old school – taping her wrists together behind her back, then wrapping it round her arms and body, covering her bare elbows as I made sure she could only wriggle round, then making her sit in front of the seat as I taped her ankles together, as well as her legs below her knees.


One of her dusters in her mouth, and tape round her head, and I smiled at both of them before I made my exit…


Now I know what you want to ask Ellen – how did I, wonderful flaming red hair, tight blouse open at the top and tight pants in matching grey, darker grey gloves and boots, and a grey girdle even – how come they never see me coming?  It’s a gift, I don’t flaunt it – but it does help me get my own way in the most unusual of places.


Oh, you want to know what was the most unusual place?  Oh that’s easy – the class of a school.  You see, I had visited a very posh house in the area some months ago, but needed to make a quick getaway, so I climbed into an open window, stuffed the gains into a cupboard, and got out.


When I returned a week later, I saw it was a school – and I had to sit in my Lamborghini and wait until the kids were out, before I went in.  Unfortunately, Teacher was still in residence – a strawberry blonde in her early thirties, wearing a lovely light grey coat with a brown check, a mustard coloured skirt, and black shoes.


Well, when she saw me Ellen she was overcome with joy – in fact, she was going to ring for others to come and join us, but I persuaded her not to, before I took her hands behind her back and tied them tightly together at her wrists with rope.  I also tied her arms to her sides with a nice snug band, before making her sit on a Math Mat.


What’s a Math Mat?  A floor mat with numbers and symbols on it Ellen – what else would it be?  Anyway, Blondie watched as I tied her ankles together, and her legs over her skirt, before I pushed a cloth into her mouth and tied a white strip of cloth over it.  She then had the joy of watching as I retrieved the jewels – and the greater joy of her boss coming in and me capturing her as well!


Oh come on Ellen – ten years older, brown hair in a bun, small glasses, long grey blouse over a blue skirt and sensible shoes?  Of COURSE it was her boss, and she was absolutely delighted to join in with the teacher – in fact, she insisted on been tied and gagged back to back with her, before I tied them both together at their waists and chests.


And do you know something, Ellen?  They were so happy to be like this that they both struggled and tried to call for others to come, even though they could not move and could hardly talk!  I mean, I thought they were little cats, but afterwards – oh boy did they have fun!  I couldn’t stay however, I had to go away…


Excuse me while I have a drink…  Do you know who you remind me of right now Ellen?  My mother, the first time I played my game with her.  She was also a big woman, but she loved playing with me, and the game she loved the most was Cops and Robbers.  I was always the Robber, and Momma?  Well, in a chair, wearing her blue smock top and her long purple floral print dress, she loved letting me tear an old sheet into strips, use one to tie her wrists together behind the chair back, one to secure her ankles, one in her mouth and the last tied over her mouth.


Oh what fun we had back then – even when she actually agreed to be the hostage…


Now, where was I?  Oh yes – times I really enjoyed my work.  Well, remember that maid from the hotel?  I met her again a couple of years later, but she wasn’t working in the hotel then.  Oh no Ellen – she was the personal maid to Lady Amelia Dickens, and it was just her lucky day when she came into the office of her apartment to clean it – and found me opening her safe!


I know – she looked at me and said “Santa madre no otra vez!”  Then she raised her hands – I had just pointed a gun at her – and lay face down on the floor for me, whispering all the time as I took a roll of grey tape and walked over.  This time, she was in a black coat dress with white trim, the pristine white apron of course – and the white shoes.  But that wasn’t important – what was important was me making her secure.  Wrists first, and then her ankles before I rolled her over and made her sit up, and then secured her arms to her body, the bands above and below her chest.


Oh, of course I treated her with respect Ellen – I am a lady, after all!  When she was secured, I made her shuffle over to the wall, bent her legs and taped them together above her knees, and then pushed a sponge into her mouth before covering it with grey tape.


This wasn’t duct tape by the way – oh no, this was a special Micropore tape I had made.  Doesn’t damage hair or skin, but holds so well.  Anyway, I smiled as she encouraged me with her muffled words, Ellen, and I went back to opening the safe and putting all the lovely money and jewels into my bag.


Which was the perfect moment for Lady Amelia herself to walk in – and she was amazingly gracious as a hostess, welcoming me before I made sure she could not say anything else.


Od do anything else – grey went so well with her black jumper and white skirt, as she sat next to the maid and looked round,, her short blonde hair moving so softly as they tried to talk!   Oh it was delightful, and I would have loved to stay and talk with them, but I had a prior engagement.  You know how it is Ellen – so much to do, and so little time to do it!


My most recent visit?  Well, that was last night in fact – a lovely apartment in Mayfair, and the owner had such good taste in jewellery as well.  A pity she did not have the same taste in clothing – when she came in, she was wearing a purple hooded top and jogging pants, white socks and trainers.


What was that Ellen – she may have been at the gym?  Well, I suppose it is possible, but she surely had more style than Primark for clothes?  Anyway, I soon made sure she had another workout – taping her wrists, lower arms and elbows together behind her back, then her arms to her sides, her ankles, and her legs above her knees.


I was even nice to her – I could have used her socks to fill her mouth, and I was tempted to, but instead I used a clean pair of panties and more tape over her lips, but I did take her shoes off and tickle the soles of her feet as she wriggled and giggled and mumbled…


Anyway, that was when I saw your chat show, as I turned the television on to keep her company – and I just knew I would have to come on and tell you my stories Ellen.  Thank you for having me on – and for letting me demonstrate my skills to you as well.  You have been wonderful!



Ellen shook her head as she looked at the redhead in the seat opposite her on the set.  She wanted to say something to her, but the knotted white scarf in her mouth was keeping her quiet, the band tied round her head and under her auburn hair.


She would love to have been able to clap as well, but the ropes holding her wrists down to the armrests of her chair stopped that – as did the bands holding her to the chair back, stretching her mustard coloured top over her chest.  She was also wearing a blue skirt, and matching shoes, the heels stamping on the studio floor as she thumped her bound feet up and down.


The Fox smiled as she stood up, and waved with her gloved hand before she left her in the empty studio set – the crew were not due in for another two hours…









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