More Trials of Tim







Since the last stories, Tim has been learning the joys of been restrained, especially with Ruth when he gets the chance to – but not necessarily just with her.  There have been other occasions – but I’m getting ahead of myself in this.


After all, that would mean not mentioning his cousin Sophie.  She stayed recently, and she likes to dress in a particular way.  The day I’m thinking of, for example, Tim was wearing a grey t-shirt and black shorts with trainers.  As for Sophie, she had on a black halter top with brown flowers printed on it, a long matching wrap-round skirt with brown suede boots, and a thin scarf round her neck. 


His mother had been to work, and was wearing a long light brown dress and a matching long scarf.  She picked up some food for dinner on the way home, and got back to find the house in silence.  But as she came back from the kitchen, she could hear mumbling, and she looked in the main room.


Timmy was playing a game for kidnap with Sophie – he was standing against one of the large central pillars in our main room, his arms taken behind the pole and she could see bands of rope at his waist, upper arms, legs and ankles.  Sophie had done a good job, as she looked round and said hello to her from behind him.


By all accounts, she had done a wonderful job – and Tim would have agreed, if it was not for the fact Sophie had gagged him with her scarf.  His mother seemed to think so as well, because she looked at the pillar across the room – and asked Sophie if she would bind her in the same way to that pillar.


Which is why, fifteen minutes later, Tim’s mother has her scarf wedged firmly between her lips, the ropes holding her firmly against the pole, as they both squirmed.  Sophie had offered to cook for them all – which is just as well, because as Tim watched his mother squirming round, he was aware of how excited he was getting and was a little embarrassed about what was happening…




The thing is with Tim, that was not the first time he had been ‘kidnapped’ in that way and enjoyed what had happened.  Do you remember his girlfriend Ruth?  Well, one day the two of them were in his home, just hanging around.  Tim was wearing a long-sleeved brown top, pants and trainers, and Ruth was wearing an off the shoulder brown patterned crop top, a tight yellow leather skirt, and mid-calf leopard print boots.


That in itself was enough to get Tim excited, but when Ruth said she had a surprise for him, but he needed to be kidnapped for it, he offered no objections.  So they went out into the back garden, Ruth carrying the ropes, and Tim stood by the tree as she guided his arms round it and secured his wrists together.


Ruth made sure they were tightly bound, and then started to use rope after rope to bind him to the tree.  The first one went round his arms and body above his chest, the second below his chest, and the third round his waist as he squirmed round, and said how much he was loving this.


Well, Ruth decided that was enough out of him, so she rolled up a blue bandana with red spots, tied a knot in the middle, and cleave gagged him with it before she knelt down and tied his ankles together as well.  She then moved up his legs – but as she tied each band, Tim was moaning and those moans were getting louder and louder.


Well, it was only as she tied the last band round his legs that she saw his eyes were closed, heard him groan – and then looked at the front of his pants.  The bump was impressive, and Ruth was not quite sure what she should do.  But when she touched it with her hand, Tim moaned and nodded – he wanted her to do that, no matter what happened.


So she stroked him there, and he responded – even more so when she opened the front of his pants up and saw what came out.  Tim was blushing now, as she gently stroked it with her hand, making him groan even more as she did so.  Ruth was enjoying it as well, as she gently kissed it, and then took his cock into her mouth.  Tim’s eyes closed as he almost exploded in joy at the feelings running through him as Ruth continued…



It was an open secret how excited Tim was when he was tied up, amongst his friends and family, but they knew it was a natural thing, and he didn’t feel embarrassed about it.  Not even when he persuaded his sister to give him a Christmas present he would never forget…


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
As Tim walked quietly down the stairs,
He wondered if his present would be there.

He walked in the room lit by tree lights,
And there before him was a wonderful sight.
His sister was standing in a dress of red,
But that was not all that could be said.

The skirt it was short, the gloves they were long,
Fur trim on the top, and her breasts partly shown.
A red Santa hat was on her head.
The thigh high boots, they too were red.

Now Tim, he was wearing pyjamas of white
With pictures of spaceship, a glorious sight.
He stared at his sister, her voice like ice,
“Hello Tim – have you been Naughty or Nice?”.

Tim grinned, his grin from ear to ear,
As he said “very Naughty I fear.
I deserve to be punished, I really do,
Are you the one who will punish me true?”

"Turn around,” his sister said with a smile
As she picked a length of rope from a pile.
So Tim turned around, his joy complete,
and she folded the rope into two lengths neat

He felt her fold his arms in a box,
His mind was racing like the wildest wild fox.
She passed the rope around his forearms,
And made sure they stayed together, like a charm.

Tim sighed as his arms were tied so tight,
The room still lit by the pale tree lights.
He then saw the rope as it went around,
His arms and body, but he made no sound.

She bent down and bound his ankles so tight,
Then stood, and walked round to look in his eyes.
“Thank you,” he said as his heart started to pound,
“Now gag me, and make sure I can’t make a sound.”

So she wound round his head a strip of cloth white
To cover his mouth, the ends knotted tight,
At the base of his neck, as he made a sound,
A muted one, as the cloth covered his head round.

“So you are a naughty boy,” she said,
And Tim nodded as he bowed his head.
“Well Naughty boys must be punished, you know,
So bend right over and l will show how.”

So Tim nodded as he bowed at the waist,
His sister smiling as she said “this is a taste
Of what all naughty boys will get,” then there was a whack
And Tim groaned as he felt the cane and the smack.

He spoke not a word, as she pulled his pants down,
Then hit his bottom, but he did not frown.
Instead he felt his excitement rise,
As well as his manhood, not to his surprise.

So Tim got the present he had so desired,
And as he felt his body respond, he conspired.
He thought “This is wonderful so have no fear,
"I’ll do it all the same way next year…”



Ruth liked to play the damsel from time to time as well.  Tim got a call from her mother, asking him to come round to her house, and he quickly made his way round.  Her mother opened the door, and looked at him in his shirt and jeans, before she let him in.  Her mother was wearing a red jacket over a white top, the collar up and a belt fastened round her waist, with a matching long skirt and white high heeled boots.


Tim asked where Ruth was, and her mother took him to her, his eyes wide open as she looked at her.  She was wearing a black cocktail dress, with a deep neckline, and black fishnet stockings, her blonde hair in two pigtails – but she was lying on the couch, on her side, and he could see that her hands were behind her back, bands of rope around her arms and framing her chest as she wriggled round.


She also had her ankles tied together and round the soles of her black heels, as well as her legs below her knees – and she had a rolled scarf pulled between her lips as she winked at Tim. 


Tim was excited by this, and her mother could tell – as she took his arms behind his back and tied his wrists together.  Soon, the two of them were lying together on the floor, tightly bound, gagged and hogtied as they rolled round, the gags darkening at the corners of their mouths as they did so and their mother watched.


At least until the burglar hand gagged her – so thirty minutes after that, she was on the floor as well, as tightly hogtied and gagged as they all struggled to get free – or at last, that’s what they said later…




The most momentous of recent occasions for Tim, however, was the annual display at his school, when he persuaded his friends Nick, Mark and Jason that they should all be damsels in distress.  They had all taken part a year or two ago at a garden party where they were all in dresses, tied up and gagged, and they all knew they had enjoyed that time, so they agreed.


And then, much to their surprise, when they approached their mothers with the idea they all agreed to help.  Apparently, Tim’s mother had told the others what had happened, and they wanted to see what they looked like.


So backstage, the four boys were in separate booths, being prepared by their mothers.  Jason was dressed in a floor length brown dress, the collar up as his mother started to bind his wrists together behind his back.  She had already tied bands of rope round his upper arms, and his stomach, as he looked at her in her blue and black off the shoulder dress.


 “Be careful with my lipstick when you gag me,” he said as she pulled the ropes tight, “and don’t make the knots so tight that it leaves ugly red stripes on my wrists.”


“Don’t stand so casually. It must look realistic.”


He nodded as she bound his wrists together, and then tied the rope round his legs and ankles, then she rolled up the white scarf and pulled it between his lips…


In the next cubicle, Jason was sitting in a chair as he wriggled round.  He was wearing a white dress with pink dots that came below his knees, a pink collar band with white dots round the top as it came off his shoulders, a matching band round his waist with a bow at the front.


He had his wrists tied together behind the back of the chair, his ankles tied together over the hose he was wearing, his feet in white wedges shoes, and another band gathering the skirt of his dress round his legs above his knees.  His mother stood in front of him, her black jacket tightly belted, her red skirt coming down and her black shoes showing.


“I’m not sure about this, Mom,” he said as he wriggled round. “I have to look a lot more helpless. Take those two other ropes and tie me really tight.”


“All right,” she said as she took the coil for rope and wrapped it round his upper body, forcing his arms against his sides as she wound it round his stomach and his upper arms. 


“That’s better,” he said as she tied the ropes off, and then used the second band to secure his lap to the chair.  “Someone can lift me in – now gag me.”  He looked at his mother as she peeled the white tape from the roll, and pursed his lips in anticipation…


“Hello, Bärbel? Did you see the photo?”


Nick’s mother smiled as she looked at her son.  She was wearing a tight purple skirt that left little to imagination on her chest – and Nick had to admit the sight of her was getting him a little excited.


Not that he could say anything as he stood in his floor length brown patterned dress.  He had a thin black patterned scarf round his neck ad hanging down, but that was pinned to him by the bands of rope round his arms at his shoulders and his stomach.  His wrists were already tied tightly behind his back, and under his dress he could feel the ropes round his legs, above and below his knees and round his ankles.


“He looks great, doesn’t he? I tied him up right, very tightly.”


“Thank you Mum,” Nick thought to himself, the brown scarf tied tightly over his mouth and keeping his mother’s special surprise in there.


“What do you mean, about the gag? Do I leave it alone, or twist the cloth together and tie it between his lips?”


“Oh yes please,” Nick thought as his mother said “ok then” and hung up, walking behind him and loosening the knot as he opened his rouged lips.  She pulled the scarf back between his lips, pulling back the corners of his mouth as she re-secured the ends, and said “is that better?”


“Yhsmmhmmm…” Nick said as his mother’s panties got wetter in his mouth…



As for Tim, he was standing in his gown, a yellow silk one with a red and brown rose pattern, held up by thin straps round his neck.  His wrists were secured together behind his back, bands of rope holding his upper arms tightly against his sides, and the dress was gathered around his ankles under the rope binding there.


His mother looked at him after she had tied the grey scarf tightly between his lips, and said “I have an idea.  I want to get you into a hogtie, and make a great spectacle pulling you across the stage. That will make a powerful impression.”


“Hyyhsss,” Tim nodded as she helped him to lie on the floor, and pulled his ankles back before she secured them to his chest ropes.  His mother was wearing a black velvet gown with a square and deep neckline, showing some for her chest, and Tim was aroused by that and the ropes.


“It’s time,” a stagehand said as she tied another rope to the crotch rope, and then pulled him out for the cubicle as the other three boys jumped and shuffled out.


“Show time?”


The mothers nodded as Jason was lifted out, and they made their way to the stage.


Who won?  Well, that’s another story… 









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