Not a Robbery – The Chain










Church lunches always seem to take the energy out of me, and this particular Sunday had been a very tiring one, with it being Easter and all the kids doing an egg hunt as well as a congregation of over a hundred to help feed.  It was no wonder the main thing on my mind as I headed back to my flat was that I just wanted a hot bath and a few hours to myself.


This was last year, so it was still late March, and I had on a long sleeved black top under my wrap dress, the brown, grey, black and white print accented by a gold belt around my waist.  Dark tights and mid length dark grey leather boots completed my clothing, while long beads and a bangle were my jewellery.


I had a grey leather jacket, same shade as my boots, on as I left my car and walked back to my flat.


I swear to God, I did not know something was wrong at first – the door was locked, I unlocked it and went in, took my jacket off and left it and my handbag in my bedroom, and then went to the kitchen to make myself a mug of coffee.  There was a film on I particularly wanted to watch.


So I go into my front room, I sit down on the couch, I sip my coffee, and I put it down on the coffee table as I switch the television on – only to scream in surprise as a gloved hand is clamped over my mouth from behind.


“Please, do not scream,” a clam male voice said from behind me, “I am not going to hurt or harm you – I have something I wish to do for you.”


“Whthhhlldduwnt,” I mumbled into the leather glove clamped tightly over my mouth.


“If you calm down, if your promise to remain quiet, you will find out – will you do that for me?”


I had to think for a moment, and then I slowly nodded.


“Thank you – now, lie face down on this comfortable looking couch, and put your hands behind your head.”  With that, the hand was gone, and I was too scared to do anything other than what he asked me to do.


“What is this, a robbery?” I said as I put my face to the side.


“Shhh,” he said as he placed my ankles side by side, and then tied them tightly together.  Even with the boots on, I could feel the rope forcing them against each other, as he took it around and between my legs.


It was a funny sound as I tried to move my legs, like a gerbil squeaking, but as I felt his hands moving up my legs, and then them being secured below my knees, it just got louder.


“All right, so I can’t move my legs, what’s next?”


I got my answer as he moved the skirt of my dress up, and tied my legs together above my knees as well, making me start to turn my head.


“No – keep looking the way you were,” he said as his hands gently massaged and squeezed my bottom.  Great, I thought to myself – a groper.


But this was different, the touch was soft, almost sensual, as he moved his hands down my legs.  “You have a beautiful body,” he said quietly, “skin the colour of mocha, and firm muscles.”


“What are you, a model agent?”


“An appreciator of beauty,” he said as I felt his lips on the back of my neck, and then heard the zip on the back of my dress been slowly pulled down.


“No,” I whispered as he gently moved my arms behind my back, easing the dress down and off them before the rope pressed against my wrists, holding them firmly together at the small of my back.


I felt the bands with my fingers as he slowly slipped my dress off, and then made me sit up on the seat.  Turning my head, I looked into a pair of sparkling blue eyes, as he said “Relax – I have not come to rob you or hurt you, but to tell you something very very special.”


“And what is that,” I said as I looked at him.


“That you are a special and unique woman, who needs to feel appreciated,” he said as he reached round and caressed my body, stroking my belly and then moving his hands up so that they gently cupped over my breasts.


“Wha… What are you doing,” I said as  I looked down to see his hands there, and then felt them gently press me back into him, my body starting to respond to his touch.


“Arousing you, letting you know that you are beautiful,” he said quietly as he started to caress my chest, gently squeezing in and then relaxing, my body starting to ache as I groaned “No – what you’re doing…”


“Is natural and right,” he said as he eased my black top up my body.  I had not worn a bra that day, so his fingers dancing and playing with my nipples made me jump and groan at the same time.  I barely noticed as he tied my arms tightly to my side, framing and forcing my chest out with the rope, until his gloved fingers pinched my nipples, and I squealed in pain and delight.


“Lie on your back.”


I did as he asked, looking into his eyes as he leaned down and gently kissed my lips, before putting his hand on my crotch and pressing gently.  I opened my mouth to gasp, and then did not resist as he put a folded scarf into it.  I figured if he was going to do this, I was going to be kept quiet.


“This will allow you to give full voice to your innermost feelings,” he said as he tore a strip off a roll of white tape and stuck it over my mouth.  It pulled at my skin, but it kept my lips shut, as I wondered what he meant.


I soon found out, as he moved down and kissed my breasts, sucking gently as his tongue moved over them.  I was tied tightly, unable to make more than muffled whimpers and calls – and at that moment, I realised I was free to do whatever I wanted, because I could not do anything else.


So I moaned, listening to the muffled calls as he slowly moved down my body, pulling my tights down to the rope around my legs, and then my panties.  I closed my eyes, expecting me to be pulled onto the floor, or straddled, or even worse made to kneel and put my head on the cushions…


But instead he kissed me on my mound, and then on my lips, as his tongue slowly worked its way into me and played with me.  It was new, it was unreal, it was..


It was fucking marvellous.  I let myself go completely and sank into the pool of warmth and feeling and enjoyment he unleashed, not stopping until I heard my own muffled screams inside my head, and I arched my back, before collapsing into a quivering heap on the couch.


That was where he left me, gently kissing my lips and my forehead before he left.  He must have looked at my phone, because a short while later my friend Annie showed up.  She removed the tape and scarf, and freed me, but we didn’t call the police – nothing had been stolen, except something that was stolen from me and returned in kind.


Annie found out how true that was herself a few weeks later…





After I found Yvonne, and she told me about what happened, I didn’t quite know what to believe.  A man who broke in, tied her up, gagged her, and then – left her after he had orally pleasured her?  Such a thing just sounded stupid  - and yet, she insisted that was what happened.


So a few weeks later, I’d been invited to a Sixties night at a local club.  There was going to be music from the time, and all my friends were going, so I asked my grandmother is I could borrow one of her old dresses.


She loaned me this fantastic black and white sleeveless dress, the collar half white, half black, and then alternating panels underneath.  The dress came to just above my knees, and I found a lovely pair of white knee length boots that had a stack heel to go with it.  A pair of hoop earrings, and two bracelets, and my outfit was complete.


At any rate, I had a great time at the party, and when I got back to my flat I waved my friends off, saying I needed an early night.


My mistake, as it turned out, but I didn’t know it at the time.  So I went into my flat, closed and locked the door, put my bag down, hung my coat up – and screamed into the leather gloved hand that was pressed over my mouth.


“Just be quiet,” a man said behind me as I reached up and tried to pull his arm down, “I’m not going to hurt you, but I need to make sure you’re not in a position to stop me.”




“Shh,” he said as he walked me into my bedroom, “If I take my hand away, will you be quiet?”


I slowly nodded as he took his hand away, and stroked both of them down my arms, before he said “Lie face down on your bed.”




“Just do it,” he said as I was pushed gently towards it.


“But why?”


“Just do as I ask, “ he said as I lay down, resting my head to the side on a pillow.  I watched as he picked up a stocking I had left on the floor, and tied the opening round my wrists, and the tied the foot to one side of my headboard, repeating the process on the other side.


I tried moving my arms, but the bands were tight, and held my arms apart, leaving me unable to stop him as he slowly opened the back of my dress, and I felt him moving it up my body so that t rested under my chin, on top of my breasts.  I felt his hands caressing my bottom as I looked down, and said “what are you doing?”


His answer was to kneel between my legs, and reach round, caressing and lifting me as he placed them on my chest.  I didn’t know what to do at that point – save I sighed at his touch, and pressed down again as his firm, large hands caressed and teased at my breasts and nipples.


“Wha….  What are you doing to me,” I whispered as I felt my bra part behind me, and then his hands on my bare flesh.


“Teaching you,” he whispered into my ear, before I felt his lips on my neck and shoulders, and his fingers dancing over the twin mounds that were firming under every delightful second of his caress.




“There – you feel it don’t you,” he whispered as his lips travelled down my spine, and then he moved my legs apart.  I felt something wrap round my ankle and then secure it to the bed, but I didn’t know until later he had used another pair of stockings on me.


Anyway, I wasn’t bothered, even if I should have been – his hands were travelling back north as were his lips on my legs, and then I felt his hands between my legs, and I gasped in excitement.


“Oh my…  You’re not going totoooOOOOOOOOOOOO”


“I think you need to be quiet,” he said as I saw something in a gloved hand in front of me.  I clamped my mouth shut, and then felt a pinch on my nipples.  I opened my mouth to protest – and that was it, as he stuffed what I knew were a pair of my panties in, and ten covered my lips with a length of fabric plaster.


Well, that was going to keep me quiet, but it was not easy, as I screamed more and more at his touch, his caress over the most sensitive parts of my body – and then I bucked as his touch finally made me have the most fantastic of orgasms.


It was as I was coming down that I heard my flat mate as she called out “Annie, of you have a man in there, tell him I want some.”


“NNUDNTTT,” I called out, but he whispered into my ear “Shall I invite her to join us” and then felt him climb off  the bed.


Five minutes later, I watched and groaned as he brought Josie in.  She was wearing a white top, purple pants and a pair of burgundy cowboy boots.


I could hear my own boots squeaking as I wriggled round, and watched the man make Josie kneel, and then remove her top as well as the patterned infinity scarf she was wearing.  He then used some ropes to bind her wrists tightly together behind her back, and then her arms to her sides, the bands of rope forcing her chest out and allowing him to caress her breasts as he had mine.


He looked over and smiled at me as Josie moaned, and then groaned as he carefully pushed another pair of panties into her mouth, and then press a length of plaster over them.


He then laid her on her back, and tied her ankles and legs tightly together, before he started to kiss her, first her neck, then her chest as he moved her bra out of the way, and then down her body as he pulled her pants down and her panties.


I watched as he brought her to the heights of ecstasy as well, using his tongue and lips between her legs like an expert, until she screamed n mute arousal and satisfaction, and then collapsed on the floor.


He stood up and looked at both of us before he left us, Josie looking at me and slowly making her way over.  As she came to the side of the bed, I raised my own head as out taped lips met, offering each other mutual support, mutual acceptance of the situation, mutual love…


When we told the girls at a night out the next week, none of them believed us – except for Yvonne.  A week later, one of them quietly approached us and apologised, as she said she had met him as well…




I wish I had believed them when they told us about their experiences – it might have made this a different experience for me.


No – scratch that.  This was so unexpected, so vivid, that nothing could have helped to predict it.  I have to say that I am not exactly a prudish person, nor am I a virgin – I have had a few boyfriends, and some of them have been a little bit kinky, but one of them did anything like this.


Maybe if they had, I would still be with…



No – don’t think that.  You asked what happened, and I’ll tell you as clearly as I can.


I like to dress in what I believe is known colloquially as “BoHo” or to be correct, Bohemian style.  This particular Saturday I had been clothes shopping, and had chosen to wear a purple and brown printed dress.  It had a round gathered collar and a pleated skirt, and the cuffs, collar and shoulders had brown leather details – as well as a brown leather belt around the waist. 


A pair of purple tights and baggy knee length tan leather boots with a small heel completed my clothing, while I had a pendant round my neck.  My long dark hair fell over my back and shoulders as I rode the tube home, and then walked the short distance from the station to my house.


When I walked in, I could feel a breeze, but I figured I had left a window open.  Turned out I had, in the kitchen, so I leaned over to close it, stood upright – and felt the gloved hand on my lips and the arm round my waist.


“Hello,”  a soft male voice said, “please, don’t struggle.  I don’t intend to harm you.”


Well, I didn’t believe him, so I brought the heel of my boot down hard where I guessed his foot was.  All that did was make him tighten his grip, as he whispered “If you want to play rough, I can do that as well, but you may come to regret that decision.  Please, I mean it when I say I do not wish to hurt you.”


I slowly calmed down as he continued to talk to me, and then removed his hand and turned me round.  He was tall - maybe six foot – and dressed casually, and he had a nice smile.  I particularly remember the smile.


“Now,” he said quietly, “do as I say, and you’ll be just fine.”


“What do you want,” I said, but he simply put a gloved finger to my lips, and then turned me round, telling me to stand with my arms by my side.  I felt something placed at the back of my neck, and then watched as tow long lengths of rope were allowed to drop down either side of my chest.


“I recently learned of this technique,” I heard him whisper in my ear, “so let’s see if I can get this right.”  I watched as he reached round and took hold of the rope on each side, and then wound it in a spiral down my arms, pulling them behind me as he did so.


I had no way to stop him folding my arms behind my back, the rope holding them firmly as he bound them and then raised them up my back somehow, before he wrapped the rope around my arms and chest, holding them firmly in place as the rope tightened my dress around my chest and forced it out in front.


“What are you going to do,” I said as I saw him reach round with his gloved hands and start to caress my chest, making me gasp out as I felt my breasts firm and swell at the most gentle of his touches.


“Help you to discover who you are,” he said as he caressed – I want to say groped, but it wasn’t like that at all.  It wasn’t a rough thing or an uncoordinated thing – it was sensual, careful gentle, as he slowly massaged and aroused me and I began to pant slightly.


“That feels good, doesn’t it,” he whispered into my ear, and then I felt a series of tiny little shocks as his lips touched the back of my neck.  I was powerless to stop him as he walked me into the front room of my house, and he made me kneel on the floor, all the time his hands and fingers dancing on my chest as I pushed forward into them…


“What… What are you…  Oh sweet Jesus what are you doing to me,” I gasped as he made me sit on the floor, still kneeling behind me.


“Open your mouth.”


I did as he asked, almost with pleasure accepting the folded silk scarf that he placed into it and then closing my lips over it, my eyes closed as I moaned in pleasure.  I barely heard the sound of the tape been taken off the roll, but as it was pressed down and it pulled gently no my skin around my mouth I actually welcomed it as a release, giving vent to what I was feeling by this point.


“Hmmsswwtgdd” I screamed out as his hands slipped down between my legs, lifting the skirt of my dress up and I felt his hand on my damp tights.  He sat me on the floor, hiking my skirt up and slowly easing my tights and panties down to my knees.


“Plss dntddtht,” I said as I opened my eyes and looked at him.


“why – what is it you think I’m going to do,” he said with a smile, as his finger stroked so gently up my slit, stroking over my mound and making me moan in pleasure again through the silk and tape.




“This,” he said as he leaned down with his head between my legs, and I screamed again at the touch of his lips and tongue there.  This was so new to me, and fuck, it felt so right…


I pushed my hips forward, not wanting to stop him as he sought out sweet spot after sweet spot, offering myself to him as if I was a gourmet dish, and he was savouring every single sweet tasteful morsel that I gave to him.


Maybe he took me by surprise, and that was why I did what I did – or maybe this was what I wanted to happen, something deep, deep down inside my psyche that I had always craved. 


Whatever the reason, I thrust myself to him, and he responded by easing his tongue past my damp lips, and making me cum completely and totally, offering myself totally up to him.  If he had actually raped me at that point, I would have accepted it – but he didn’t.


Instead, he smiled at me, and then crossed my ankles before he tied them tightly together with more rope.  One last length went around my legs between the tops of my boots and my knees, before he said “thank you” and left the house.


He stole nothing, save one thing – and he gave so much more afterwards.


It was my sister who found me an hour later, my head to the side and a big grin under the tape.  She wanted me to call the police, but I refused.


A week later, she called me and said two words.


“I understand.”




Honestly, when Zoe told me what had happened to her, I did not know what to think.  But she persuaded me not to say or do anything.


It was a warm summer night, and I had been to a party at one of the colleges.  My hair was cut short at the time, and I wore a brown and red patterned gypsy dress, the shoulders pulled down to show off my pale brown skin, and the tiered skirt coming to just above the knees.  The dress had a gathered bodice, while the sleeves flared out and covered my hands.


I also had on a pair of tight black knee length leather boots, with a three inch heel, and a pair of hooped earrings.


Anyway, the party was a great success, and I walked home in the moonlight, winging to myself as I skipped on and off of the pavement.  No mean feat in those heels, but I remember the tiered skirt twirling round in the combination the street lamps and the moon light.


Anyway, I get home, I let myself in, and I put my keys on the table.  My path was clear – bed.  However, I found myself distracted by something – the voice behind me that said “Hello” before a large hand was clamped over my mouth and I was pulled backwards.


I reached up and tried to pull the hand away from my mouth, but then I saw a glint of light on metal from the corner of my eye, and the voice said “Calm now – you’re not going to be hurt so long as you do as you’re told.  If not, I can always cut the lovely dress off you…”


I realised what I had seen was a knife, so I nodded slowly to show I understood, and let my hands fall to my side.  “There,” the voice said, calm, peaceful, in control.  “Now, if I take my hand away, are you going to scream?”


I had to think about that – could I take the risk he was bluffing with that knife?  In the end, I shook my head from side to side, and sighed as the hand left my lips.  Not that it had felt rough – if anything, the hand against my mouth had soft, smooth skin – but I was glad it was not there anymore.


“Now, my dear, I want you to sit down, on the bean bag there, and stretch your legs out in front of you.”


There was a large red bean bag on the floor, and I walked over, sitting myself down and looking at the intruder.  It was dark, with the curtains closed, but he looked big and strong – a fact that was testified as he knelt in front of me, grabbed my legs and held my ankles, and then used some sort of cord around them to hold them together, the rope going around and between my legs, and then round my feet, sitting behind the heel.


I tried moving them, the leather squeaking, before he used some more cord to bind my legs tightly together below my knees.


“Who are you,” I whispered as I felt his hands on the back of my legs.


“That is not important,” he said as he looked at me, “what is important is who you are, and who you were meant to be.  Now, turn over and kneel on the floor for a few moments.”




I felt his hand on my arm, and saw his smile as he said “Trust me – it will be a most special experience.”


Well, like I had a choice?  I rolled myself over and fell onto my knees, feeling his hands as he guided my arms behind my back and pt my hands together, saying “Hold them together and do not let go.”


There was something in the way he spoke that made me melt inside, so I interlocked my fingers and waited as he tied my wrists tightly together, the rope going around and between my arms.  I then felt his hand as they stroked down my arms and the touch of his lips on my neck and shoulders.


That was different, and yet I was in no position to argue, as he slowly pulled the top of my dress down, the elastic around the neck expanding as it went down my arms, and I felt his soft lips caressing at the base of my neck, making me melt.  It was as if he knew just what buttons to push, as I felt my dress going further down, pressing my arms against my back as it exposed my chest.


“Wha…  What are you doing, “I gasped, my breath coming in short pants as he wrapped rope around my arms and body, pulling them to my sides, forming bands above and below my chest as it forced my breasts out.


I looked down as his hands reached round and started to caress my bare breasts, and /I let out a gasp, his hands gently massaging, his lips gently kissing.  Even if I could stop him, I am not sure I wanted to – not at that moment, as I leaned back against him.


“Does it feel good,” he whispered into my ear as he gently pinched my nipples, and I breathed “Yes, damn you – why are you doing this to me?”


“If you cannot be quiet, I will silence you.”


I nodded and tried to stay quiet, but as he massaged me, I felt my breasts firm, my nipples harden at his gentle touch, and as he continued to kiss and caress me I could not help the moans starting, the pleasure rising…


He gently turned me over and lay me down, before he kissed my lips, and then moved down, his lips on my throat, my chest, my breasts, my nipples.


Oh dear god – his lips on my nipples, kissing and teasing, his tongue gently stroking over the firm mounds – I could not stop myself from crying out “Oh god don’t stop…”


“I must – for a moment,” he said as he looked into my eyes, and I saw him take something from a pocket.  There was a soft squelching sound, and then a ripping, before I felt his lips on mine, and then something pressed firmly down over them – some sort of plaster.


I tried to move my lips to speak, but I found I could not, instead enjoying the pressure of his lips on the tape before he returned to teasing and arousing me with his lips. I twisted and heard my muffled moans, as his hand slipped up me dress, and felt my damp panties – before her pulled them down to my knees.


He looked up at me, and then lifted my skirt.  I closed my eyes, fearing what was coming, but then I felt his lips between my legs – and it was the sweetest thing I had ever felt, the tiny shocks, the feel of his tongue as it gently teased on my mound, and I parted my legs as much as the ropes would allow, letting him kiss my mound and then the lips to my sweet passage…


I cannot describe what happened as his tongue and lips worked on me, only that I felt the greatest pleasure of my life as my body surrendered completely to his touch and kiss.  When it came, it came with total and absolute release, and I let myself sink into it


When I surfaced, he was gone – and he had taken nothing.  I was left to try to recover, until the police called to rescue me.  They told me I was not the first, and I believed her – the dark haired detective.


She said she was after this man – I wonder if she found him?





From the personal diary of Detective Constable Heather Locklear.


This character was unlike any other intruder I had ever come across in my police career.  I’d dealt with more than my fair share of rapes and sexual assaults, and many of them had either involved or come after robbery, but this was different.


The man took nothing of any of the women, and while he bound and gagged them, there was no other physical harm.  No mutilation, no cutting, no forcing himself on them or penetrating them.  Instead, if their accounts were to be believed – and there was a lot of evidence that was consistent – he brought them to a sexual orgasm using only his lips, hands and tongue.


What was incontrovertible was that he did it without their consent – initially at least.  By the time he was finished, all of them said they would have done anything – but the fact remained her did it without them saying yes from the outset, and in my book that meant he had to be caught.


So why a woman on the case?  Well, for one thing, my lords and masters are very sensitive to the idea the police do not take these things seriously.  For another, I guess I just understood what they were describing – although I had to confess it had been a long time since anyone moved me that way.  Still, it was my job, and I was determined to do it.


Six months I had been collating and listening, and yet beyond his description as tall, well built and dark haired, there was nothing.  He cleaned up after himself, and left no traces of DNA or other evidence.  He was a very smart and carefully man – and I guess I had a grudging admiration for that side of him.


Six months- and then one day, I discovered for myself what he could do.  I had been working late, and it was about eleven at night when I finally got back to my house.  It had been a cold day, so I was wearing a long sleeved blue jumper and a tartan print long skirt that went down past my knees.  A pair of baggy black suede boots – a favourite pair of mine – kept my legs warm, and I had a black scarf with white spots wrapped round my neck.


I closed the door behind me, and threw my keys down into the bowl by the door, before taking off my coat and hanging it up.  I had a ready meal somewhere in my kitchen, and I figured I had the energy left to bang that into the microwave, heat it and eat it with a glass of wine to wash it down, before I turned in for the night.  I wasn’t due into the station until after one, so at least I would get a lie in.


So I went into the kitchen, removing my scarf and hanging it on the banister at the foot of the stairs, and walked into the kitchen, finding the meal and piercing the top before I banged it into the microwave.  Taking the wine from the fridge, I poured a glass, tipped the meal into a bowl, found a fork which was clean and carried them all into the front room, flipping through the channels to find a film to watch while I ate.


One of the Sky channels were showign an old Scorsese film – After Hours – so I started to watch that as I ate and sipped my drink.  It wasn’t that bad, acutally, and I had finished eating when the main male character thinks he had stopped a robbery, and goes to a loft apartment to find another character tightly bound and gagged.


There then followed a discussion where it is clear she was this way for pleasure, and ther love rmakes some comment about the main man, sayign he was weak and showed a lack of discipline.


“Yeah, right,” I said out loud.


“Well, I believe it does.”


The voice came from nowhere, but before I had a chance to do anything a leather gloved hand clamped itself over my mouth, and I was pulled back against the back of the seat.


“Hello, DC Locklear,” the voice said, “I heard you had been looking for me?”


It was him!  I nodded as he said “Well, here I am – I felt ti was right and proper you experienced what I gave to the other women.  Please, do as I say – a decision to resist may be regretful for you.


I nodded as I saw the gun in his other hand, and heard him say “Good – please turn and put your hands behind your back.”


“You do realise breaking and entering is an offence,” I said once he had uncovered my mouth, but I did as he asked – it was not worth dying for.


“Indeed – but you did not shut your door, so I did not break in.  I walked in.”


I had no idea what he meant – I learned later he had somehow rigged my lock to stop it closing.  Still I looked forward as I felt him crossing my wrists, and then securing them with rope wrapped tightly around and between them.


“What makes you think I will allow you to do this to me without a fight,” I said quietly, calmly, not wishing to aggravate him as he knelt in front of me and tied my ankles together, side by side, the white rope going around and between my legs.


“A hunch – and past experience.  As you are aware, anyone I visit is reluctant at first – but they change their mind.”


“But I may not,” I said as I wriggled my arms and legs around.  I had never been tied up before, and although it wasn’t uncomfortable, it was still a different feeling.


“We shall see,” he said as he walked round and knelt behind me, his hands on my shoulders as he started to massage them.  “Such tension in your muscles,” he said, “Let me help you with that.”


“I don’t wahhhhhhhh,” I said as somehow he managed to work out the knots in my shoulders and back.  He must have been some sort of masseuse, or at least a gifted amateur, because by good he made me feel much more relaxed.


“There, is that so bad,” he whispered in my ear.  “Well no, but,” I started to say, before I realised he had lifted the bottom of my jumper a little, and had tied rope around my waist, locking my wrists against my back.


His gloved hands stroked over my stomach and my belly as I felt his lips on my neck and shoulders  I tried to twists away, saying “No, I don’t…”  but I realised his touch was soft, almost loving, and his lips were warm on my skin…


No, I tried to fight it, as he slowly moved my jumper up and over my head, letting it drop down my arms before he slowly supped my bra covered breasts in his hands, and moved his fingers  along.


Dammit – he was good, he felt good, he felt loving as his lips touched the side of my neck, and I move my head to give him more room.


“Thank you,” he whispered, and then he continued to kiss and caress me, his hands gently squeezing my breasts, his fingers slipping under the cp of the bra and stroking over my nipples…


Shit – what was happening to me?  I pressed forward, groaning slightly as he continued to play me like a Stradivarius, and pressing my head against his chest as he eased the straps of my bra down my arms, the bra itself off my chest…


“Stand up.”


I did as he asked, feeling his lisp travel down my backbone as his hands embraced, caressed, cherished my body like no man had ever done.  I heard the sound of my skirt being unzipped, and then falling to the floor,


He then lifted me, holding me in his arms and kissing my lips as he carried me to my bed, and I returned the kiss, so lost was I in his embrace.  When he laid me down, I looked into his eyes and said “How?  Why?”


“Why?  Because there are so many lonely women like you, DC Locklear, who deserve to know they are special.  As to how…”


He kissed my throat and then moved down, his lisp encircling my nipples and sucking gently as his tongue traced over them, and I let out a deep, low, loving moan.


“Fuck,” I said quietly, “What is happening to me?”


“You are discovering yourself,” he said as he looked at me, and his hand traced up the line of my panties between my legs.  I shivered as he did that, and then he put his finger to my lips, and I tasted my own dampness, parting my lisp slightly to run my tongue over his finger.


“What are you going to do now,” I whispered and moaned as he continued to kiss my breasts and belly.


“I think you know – open wide.”


I nodded and did as he asked, feeling the silk on my tongue as he pushed one of my own scarves into my mouth.  I then heard the sound of tape being torn from a roll, before he pressed it over my closed lips, moulding it to the shape of my face.


I gazed at him as he sat me up, and produced more rope from somewhere, winding it round me above and below my already firm chest, and then made a rope bra, before he played some more with my nipples in his hands, his lips on my back, my soft moans emerging as low grumbles.


Then he lay me down on my back, and eased my panties down, letting them sit on top of the cuffs of my boots before his lips travelled down, and between my legs, and I closed my eyes…



The women all said he made them feel as if they were the only woman in the world, and as he roused me and brought me to an orgasm of epic proportions, finding all of my most sensitive and stimulating spots with his tongue, I realised exactly what they meant.  I arched my back and cried out, my body shaking as it climaxed, and then collapsed in a heap on the bed, unable to do anything except feel my legs as he tied them together, and then my ankles on my bottom as he tied them to my chest ropes.


“Sleep now,” he said as he looked at me, “and forget your worries for a while.  I hope me meet again, though not in a professional capacity.”


I woke an hour or so ago, to find he had left some scissors next to me, and I managed to free myself.  I’m sitting at the kitchen table now, writing this as I consider the answer to a very important question.


What the hell do I do now?







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