Not a Robbery: The Hotel








Room 1 – Chen


I had spent all day at the convention, and frankly I was tired, but the rest of my team had insisted on a night out at a bar, so I had said I would meet them there.  Because I was a late addition, my hotel was a lot smaller and a few miles away from the others, so it was dark by the time I got back and let myself in.


None of the other residents seemed to be around, and when I looked at the reception desk Mrs Ross the Manageress was nowhere to be seen, so I let myself into my room and sat on the bed, leaving my bag on the chair as I eased the shoes off, and flexed my toes.


I then slipped off my jacket, and stood up, letting my matching fawn skirt fall to the floor as I unbuttoned my blouse.  Picking my clothes up, I laid them on the chair as well, before I stepped into the shower.


Once I had cleaned myself up, I dried myself down, and then put on a checked long sleeved blouse, rolling the sleeves up to my elbows before putting on a long blue denim skirt and fastening a white belt around my waist.  Finally, I pulled a pair of black leather cowboy boots from my wardrobe and put them on, before looking at myself in the full length mirror on the wardrobe door.


My black hair was cut then in a bob, and I smiled as I said “ready to go” and closed the wardrobe door – to reveal him standing there.


He was tall, and broad shouldered, and smiled as he looked at me.  “Hello,” he said, “don’t be afraid.  I’m not going to hurt you – just make you very happy.”


Well, I did what any sensible girl would do at that point – I screamed.  For all the good it did me as he placed his very large hand over my mouth, and said “Please, no loud noises – you might give the surprise away for the others.”


Ffrrs,” I mumbled under his hand, and then he did the most frightening thing I could think of at the time.


He nodded and said “Yes – the others.  Now, if you promise not to scream, I’ll take my hand away.  What do you say?”


He was easily six foot something, and I’m five foot nothing – of course I nodded, and then gasped as he took his hand from my mouth. 


“Now then, why don’t you make yourself comfortable on the bed,” he said as he looked at me, “and as I say, do not worry – I’m not going to hurt you.”


Something in his voice made me feel I had to obey him, so I went and sat on the bed, while he looked in a drawer and took out four stockings.  “Lie down on your back,” he said, “and put your hands in front of you.”


“My purse is there – take it,” I said, but he just smiled and gently pushed me back, my head landing on the pillows as he took my left wrist, and tied one end of a stocking round it, then stretched my arm above my head and tied the other end to the top of the bed.


“OH no,” I whispered as he repeated the process on the other side, my arms now spread wide above me as he looked deep into my eyes.


“I find the Chinese so fascinating,” he said as his gloved hand stroked down my cheek, “they always seem to be so extraordinarily sensitive.”


“Wha…  What do you mean by that,” I whispered, and then he reached down and gently kissed my throat.  I gasped at that, and then as he kissed my lips and my forehead, and walked round to the bottom of the bed.


Taking my left foot, he slipped my boot off, tied one end of another stocking round my ankle, and then tied it to the left side of the foot of the bed.  One more stocking around my bare right ankle, and I was tied to the four corners of the bed, unable to do more than pull at the stretched and suddenly very strong nylon.


“There,” he said, “that will make sure you do not miss a single moment of pleasure.”


I stared at him, and whispered “pleasure?  What do you meannnmmmmmm?”


He started to kiss my lips again, tenderly, softly, and despite myself I started to return the kiss, even as I felt him slowly unbuttoning my blouse and opening it at the front.  I wasn’t sure what to think now, especially as he started to caress and gently massage my chest, his hands over the cups of my light fawn bra.


“Oh my god, what are you doing,” I said quietly as he started to kiss me neck again, and I grabbed the stockings in my hands, pulling on them as despite my brain screaming out, my body started to respond, my chest firming up – and then he kissed the top of my breasts, his hands stroking across my belly.


“Oh god,” I whimpered again and again as he squeezed my chest, and then he slipped the bra up, exposing my breasts to the air – and to the touch of his lips, the stroke of his tongue, the gentle envelope and caress of his mouth.


Ohhhmmmmmm Please, be gentle," I gasped as he drew my nipples out, the flesh firming as he looked at me.  “I promise, I always am,” he said, and then as he kissed my chest I felt him unbuckle the belt, and then ease my skit down towards my feet.

“Oh my,” he said as I felt his fingers stroke up my panties, “you appear to be somewhat damp.”


I nodded weakly as he eased my panties down, and then stroked his fingers between my legs, soft, gentle, alluring – and the shock ran through me, making me arch my body as he looked at me.


“Can I trust you to be quiet,” he whispered, and then he reached down, his lips touching my sex, and I moaned loudly.


“I guess not,” he said, as he went and picked up my hose from earlier.  Folding the gusset into a ball, he looked at me and said “Open wide and raise your head.”


I nodded and did as he asked, tasting myself on the nylon as he pushed the gusset into my mouth and then wrapped the legs round my head, the knot as he tied it off sitting between my teeth.  I nodded as I watched him travel down my body again, and then…


Much of the next half an hour seemed like a blur as he brought me to a peak, using only his mouth and tongue.  His hands held me, caressed, stroked, and massaged me, but it was his wonderful mouth that made me arch my back, that made me squeal in muted ecstasy, that made me cry out in complete submission as the waves crashed over me…


When he had finished, he looked at me and stroked my head.  “I have other guests to attend to,” he said quietly, “but I would leave you with a gift, a way to remind you of me.”


I nodded weakly, looking at him with eyes filled of mist as he slipped something into me between my legs, and then pulled my panties back up.  The vibration made me moan again, and then nod as he looked at me, and left the room, closing the door behind himself…


Room 2 – Amanda


Why was I there?  Well, let’s see  I had just walked out on the male chauvinist pig I called a husband after twenty years of marriage proved to be a sham, and I found out about his after work activities with his personal assistant.  What I needed more than anything right that moment was a place to lie low and think what my next step was going to be – and this place seemed to fit the bill.


I’d arrive an hour or so earlier – no luggage, no toothbrush, just a head and heart full of anger and hatred.  I look good for someone in her fifties, my greying blonde hair was piled up and held in place by a clip, and I had on a gold jacket lined in black, a long denim tunic, leggings and laced black ankle boots.


As I say, I was full of anger and hatred, so when there was a knock on the door I was ready to explode at whoever it was that was disturbing my fuming. 


“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!!! I screamed as I opened the door, and then found my face thrust forward by a hand into this broad chest as I was pushed backwards into the room, a hand at the back of my head.


“I want you to stop shouting first,” a male voice said “Will you do that?”


I nodded as he let me go, and I got my first look at his face.


“Now then Amanda,” he said quietly, “I want you to take off your jacket, and lay it on that chair.”


“Oh yeah,” I snarled, “you and Wonsmmmmffff


I was startled as he pushed a folded cloth into my mouth, then span me round and hand gagged me before he pressed a length of sticky tape over my mouth.


“I believe I told you to be quiet,” he said in a matter of fact way.  “Now, allow me.”


He pulled my jacket down and then walked me back into the bedroom – at which point something hit me.


Hoe on earth did he know my name?


Before I had a chance to consider that any more, however, he had taken my arms behind my back, and I felt rope rubbing on my wrists as he tied them tightly together.


whruggntdtmmm,” I mumbled as the cloth held my tongue down.


“To show you that age is not a barrier to pleasure,” he whispered into my ear as he pulled the rope tight, and then started to unbutton my top, his lips pressing gently on my neck as he did so.


I was taken completely by surprise, and didn’t know whether to scream for help or moan with pleasure – or both, as the top opened more and more, and then he pulled it up and over my head, letting it hang on my wrists as his hands danced over my chest.


Yes, danced – his touch was feather light, but somehow he knew where to touch me to make me jump, how to touch me to make it a pleasant feeling, even when he took more rope and tied my arms tightly to my body, forcing my chest out as he did so.


Hmmggddd” I moaned as he traced round my chest, and then made me lie on the bed, his lips travelling down my body as he pulled my leggings down, and then stroked his hand between my legs while he kissed my belly and my chest


I knew it had been a long long time since my husband had touched me anywhere near there, but the feelings that exploded in me as he stroked me there made me man out loud.


“It feels good, doesn’t it,” he said as looked at me, and to my surprise I found myself nodding in agreement, as he slipped his fingers inside my panties.  I hadn’t even realised I was damp there until then, but as he played my lips I closed my eyes and threw my head back.


“I see,” he said as I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me, “you have been denied for far too long, haven’t you?”


I nodded weakly as his fingers continued to tease me, and then he pulled my panties down, and kissed me there.  As I shook, I felt him unlace and remove my boots, my leggings, my panties, and then bend my leg, as rope held my ankles to my thighs.


I looked at him as he moved on the bed, between my legs, and smiled – and then I closed my eyes again as his tongue and lips led me over the edge.


And I mean really over the edge – all I remember of the next half hour is wave upon wave of pleasure washing over me, as he worked me, teased me, made me cum again and again and again.


Despite the fear, despite the restraint, despite the damned gag that prevented me giving full voice to what was happening to me, what was most memorable was the fact that he reminded me I was a woman again.


Eventually, however, I was lying on the bed, my eyes half closed, exhausted and yet more fulfilled and relaxed than I had been in lord alone knows how long.  I could feel the cool sweat on my forehead as he stroked my hair away from my face, and gently kissed my taped lips, eyes and neck, as I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep…


Room 3 – Cher


Business trips are hell, and I hate large hotels – they are just far too impersonal.  That’s why I picked this place – it had the personal touch many other places lack.


Heh  - the personal touch.  Given what happened…


I had spent all day in the boardroom of this company we were negotiating with, and just wanted to sit down for half an hour before finding somewhere to eat.  I was still wearing my black jacket and round necked top, mustard coloured short skirt, tights and black suede boots.


I could hear some noises from the first room I passed, and nothing from the second, so I let myself into my room and walked in – to find him sitting there on the bed, smiling as he pointed a very real and very deadly pistol at me.


“Hello Cher,” he said, and for a moment I wondered how he knew my name – and then I saw some papers on the desk opposite the bed.  “Come in, take off your jacket and relax.”




“Hush,” he said as he stood up, “my name is unimportant.  What is important is you – and that you remain calm and relaxed.  Please, take your jacket off, and leave it on this chair.”


Well, I did as he asked, and watched as he opened one of the drawers in the room.  When I dress casually, I love to wear scarves, and I had a selection from home with me – a selection I watched him take out of the drawer and lay on the bed, before he looked at me.




Shhh,” he said as he picked up a long blue scarf, and walked behind me, the soft fabric pulling my wrists together behind my back as I felt him tie the band around them.  It was a new feeling, to have my wrists secured in this way, and I wasn’t sure quite what to make of it.


“What is it you want,” I said as I watched him walk round and pick up a second long scarf, this one red.


“You will soon see, Cher,” he said as I felt him pull my arms together behind my back, my elbows almost touching as I saw my chest being forced up and out.  This second band should have scared me even more – after all, my hands were now pinioned, my arms useless – and yet, and yet it didn’t.


I wriggled round, feeling the softness and admiring the strength, before I realised he was reaching round me, gently kissing my neck as his hands rested on my very prominent chest.  Was I so lost in the feeling on my arms I hadn’t noticed?  Or were the new sensations flowing through me clouding my mind?


No it couldn’t be that – because it was as if every sense was now sharpened.  The soft touch of his lips, the smell of his scent, the touch of his fingers – all were as clear as a digital film picture.  Especially when he gently squeezed my chest, and I heard my own sigh.


“See, it is nice to relax, isn’t it,” he whispered as he continued to rhythmically massage my chest, making me shiver and feel giddy, faint – whatever you want to call it.  All I knew was I was starting to melt, and this despite the fact he had effectively made it impossible for me to stop him.


“Oh god,” I moaned, which made hi m then say “Allow me,” as he eased my top up, and then slipped his hand under the cups of my bra, his fingers gently kneading as he kissed my neck and shoulders.  The next thing I knew, I was resting my head against his as I whispered “What are you going to do to me…”


“I told you,” he said as he then slipped my bra up over my breasts, and then made me lie on the bed, gently kissing and teasing my nipples as he continued to caress and stroke me.


It was like a fire burning through me now, and not just at my chest – I could feel warmth elsewhere, in places I had never had those feelings before.  Did he  Could he possibly know I was still


The idea of this being where I lost my virginity made me shake and shout “NO”, at which point he looked at me and said simply “never?”


I shook my head, before he said “be at peace – that is not my intent, but I will teach you a wonderful lesson.”  He then picked up a blue silk square, and tied my ankles tightly together, before using a smaller bleu scarf between my legs to tighten it.


Even the touch of his hands on my boots made me gasp now, as he repeated the process with a yellow and a white scarf below my knees.  I felt as If I was going to burn up by this point, but he returned to my chest, kissing, nibbling, licking, making me feel so firm, wanting it so much, I barely noticed as he slipped my skirt down my legs, and then pulled my tights and knickers down to my knees.


You can bet I noticed a minute later though, as he stroked up the inside of my thigh and then between my legs, looking at me as I squealed.  He showed me the damp finger, and said “Taste it.”


I had no control by that time, as I slowly opened my mouth and sucked on his finger, tasting my own juices and smiling.


“May I,” he said quietly, and I must have nodded, because the next thing I felt was his lips, his tongue, teasing and tasting me!


“Oh god,” I moaned, “I’m going to scream.”


“I cannot allow that,” he said quietly as he picked up a green scarf, and folded it into a pad.  I nodded and let him put in my mouth – I let him silence me, stuff my mouth and then tie a red bandana between my lips to keep it in place, before he returned to kissing me.


It was like pure ecstasy now as he made me feel more and more aroused, using his tongue to search inside me between my legs, showing me by touching me in places I had never been touched what I had missed all these years.  And as he did so, I felt the dampness, I felt the burning, I felt the hunger and the passion as I screamed “TKMMMMMMM!!!”


“No,” he said simply, “that is not my intent,” and then he used his tongue to tip me over the edge, to allow me to sink beneath the waters and let them wash completely over me…


How long I lay panting I do not know – what I do know was he used two shawls to tie my arms to my body, and then laid me on my side, pulling my ankles back and tying them to one of the shawls with one last scarf.


“I have others to visit,” he whispered, “rest, sleep and dream.”


I watched him leave, and tried to move, but in the end I just lay there, reliving every moment…


Room 4- Frances


My back was killing me – if I am honest, that was the thought in my mind when that whole evening started.  My back was killing me.  I was eight months pregnant at the time, and about to go on maternity leave, but my boss had insisted I do this site visit first.  At least that had gone well, but I needed to stay the night before driving home the following morning.


I had changed out of my business clothes, and was wearing a grey top and black leggings, with a pair of old brown leather boots on my lower legs and feet.  I had also put on a brown woollen sleeveless top like a long tailed waistcoat, open so that my bump was there for all to see.  I had planned to meet a friend for dinner, and wore a pair of hoop earrings and a long pendant.  I also had my reddish brown hair cut short, if that means anything.


Anyway, I was ready to go, and I opened the door and stepped out – but before I could close it I felt a hand press firmly over my mouth, covering it completely.


Whthlll,” I remember saying as I was walked back into my room, seeing the door close in front of me, before a calm, almost gentle male voice said “Be calm, and do not be afraid – I mean neither you nor your unborn child any harm.”


Uwnthrrtmmm,” I said quietly.  I figured this was a robbery, so if I cooperated then he would not harm me.


“I promise,” he whispered, “so will you do as I ask, and keep quiet if I remove my hand?”


I nodded slowly and gasped as he took his hand away, and then heard him say “I want you to put your hands behind your back, and keep looking straight ahead.”


“If it is money you want, take my purse,” I said as I held it out.


“No, I do not want your money,” he said quietly, and I started to be very afraid.  “Please – my baby is due soon, don’t do that…”


“What are you thinking I intend to do?”


“You…  You’re not going to rape me?”


“No – but I want to show you how much pleasure you may still have even so close to the happy event.  Now, put your hands behind your back, and let me show you.”


I wondered what he was going to do, as I felt him fold my arms behind my back, and then some sort of cord around my left wrist as I felt him tie it tightly to my right elbow.  He repeated the process on the other side, and it – well, it did feel comfortable.


“You need not fear what I am doing,” he said quietly, and then he turned me round and I got my first look at him.  He was about six two, casually dressed, and had short hair, blue eyes – a gentle loo, which made it all the more difficult to accept he had just tied my arms to each other.


“How long,” he said quietly as e placed his hand on my bump.


“About… About a month,” I whispered.


“Very well then – I will make you very comfortable,” he said as I saw him pick up more rope, and then wrap it round my upper arms, tying them to my side as it went above and below my chest.  My jerkin skipped slightly as he did this, but it wasn’t hurting junior in any way.


He then did something unexpected – he put the pillows and cushions on the bed, and helped to sit down so that my back was supported.  “Thank you,” I said quietly as I watched him then cross my ankles, and tie them tightly together, before he tied my legs together below my knees.


“What are you going to do now,” I said as I looked at him. And he smiled.


Before he gently kissed my neck and started to run his hands over and around my breasts, the feeling different as they gently played over my body.  My husband had held me, but never played with me during the pregnancy, and I’m ashamed…


Actually, no – I’m not ashamed to say I found myself enjoying the caress – especially when he slowly, slowly pulled my jumper up, his lips kissing my belly before he pushed it over my chest, reached round and unfastened my bra, and then eased it up so that my breasts were exposed and then held by the ropes.


That was when he started to kiss and suck on my nipples and flesh, and I moaned openly in delight.  He stopped and looked at me for a moment, and then said “I must keep you quiet – put your lips together for me.”


“What if…”


“I will not hurt you – but if things start, I will personally drive you to the hospital.”


I nodded, trusting him for some reason, and allowed him to press a length of brown plaster firmly down over my lips, before he continued to kiss and caress my breasts, making me feel – well, incredible.


I didn’t want him to stop, and as he eased down my leggings and placed his lips gently between my legs I began to squirm round, enjoying feelings I had not felt for months.  I really did not want it to end…


Which is why, and I am ashamed to admit this, I was annoyed when my room door opened and my friend Kiki came in, wearing a black vest top, tight black jeans and high heeled red leather boots with the cuffs turned down below the knees.


“Hey, what’s keeping you Frances,” she said as she closed the door, turned round – and stood in shock as she saw me, my leggings down, my jumper up, and a man kissing my crotch and my chest.


“Ah – forgive me,” he said to me before he turned and gently grabbed Kiki, holding his hand over her mouth as he said “Hush – do as I say and all will be well.  Place your purse on the bed, and then put your hands behind your back.”


I watched, fascinated as he bound her wrists tightly together, and then wrapped more rope around her body above and below her chest, forcing her breasts out.  The rope came from a rucksack I had missed before, and as Kiki tried to say something he took a cloth and pushed it into her mouth, before covering her lips with brown plaster as well.


“I do not wish to hamper your breathing,” he said in answer to my unasked question, as he made Kiki kneel, and then bound her ankles tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees, and then he started to massage her chest, her eyes widening as he kissed her neck.

Hsshrpdduuu,” she mumbled as she looked at me, and I shook my head from side to side, staring as she closed her eyes and started to moan in response to his touch.  God alone knows why, but this was turning me on as well, as ne pulled her vest top up and started to play with her bare chest.


Hsetjsss,” I heard myself say as I wriggled round, and felt a damp warmth between my legs – not the feeling of my waters breaking, but a pleasant warmth as Kiki wriggled, her leather boots squeaking before she had her own jeans unfastened and pulled down.


“I am not going to rape you,” the man said quietly, “but I will take you to the doors of ecstasy.”  As he said this, he picked her up and laid her on the large bed next to me, and eased her jeans down to her knees, smiling at me before he began to work her clit with his lips and tongue, making her squeal and wriggle and shake next to me.


And I was squealing and wriggling as well, as much as Junior would allow me, as he brought her to one of the loudest and yet most muted orgasms I had ever witnessed or heard.  He then looked at me as he rolled her onto her side, and hogtied her, her ankles secured to her chest.


Those waves were soon rolling over me as he worked me, very gently and very erotically into a complete states of submission, my body shaking and then relaxing time after time.


All too soon, he stood up and smiled, his hand on my belly as he said “May he or she bring you every happiness,” and then he left both of us there, too exhausted to do anything…


Room 5 – Sophia


I had spent the day at the University, doing interviews and assessments, and wondering if I was going to get my place after all.  Mother and Father had insisted I go alone, and I was dressed in a way to impress – a pale blue long sleeved blouse, with a short light brown suede skirt that came to just above my knees, and over the knee black fabric boots with a wedge heel.  A brown great coat was over all that, and I had a large blue Hermes scarf with a checked pattern tied over my long blonde hair to keep it under control.


Anyway, I got back to the hotel, and there was no one around – not even Mrs Ross, the manageress.  There are only five rooms, and the other four seemed quiet as well, as I made my way back to my own room and unlocked the door – only to be taken completely by surprise at the hand over my mouth, the arm around my waist, and the quiet voice that said “Please, open the door and step in.”


I nodded as I unlocked the door and opened it, then allowed him to walk me in, his hands firmly over my mouth as he closed the door.


“Now, I am going to take my hand away, but do not scream – you are the last person I need to visit in the hotel, and none of the others can help you.  I wish to give to you what I gave to them.”  With that, he removed his hand and let go of me, as I whispered “Who are you?”


“Someone who likes to bring pleasure to women, without hurting them.”  I heard a soft thud as something was placed on the floor, as the voice said “Take your coat off.”


I slowly did as he asked, feeling his hands on me as he slipped it down my arms and then placed it on a nearby chair.  ”What…  What are you going to do to me,” I whispered, afraid to know the answer.


“Do not be afraid, I have no intention of physically harming you,” he whispered as I felt his hands gently stroke my arms, and then take them behind my back.  I wondered what he was doing, and then I felt rope around my wrist as he tied them tightly, yet strangely comfortably together.


I flexed my fingers as I said “If this is a robbery, I don’t have much…”


“The only thing I wish to steal,” he whispered, “is your ignorance of bliss.”  I am very thin, and flexible, but still as I felt my elbows being drawn together with more rope it made me gasp out.


“Oh my god,” I whispered as they touched, and I felt the rope between my arms, my blouse stretching over my chest.  “There – but I have only just begun,” he said as I watched the arms pass rope around me, above and below my chest, fixing my arms in place as it stretched my blouse even more, and the top button opened to reveal my throat.


I felt him brush my hair out of the way, and the soft touch of his lips on my neck, as he wound the rope over my shoulder and between my breasts.  The way it was making me feel was a combination of fear, uncertainty – and something else, something new.


“Nobody has done this to you before, have they,” he whispered as his hands touched my chest, stroking gently over it, and I whimpered as I shook my head, afraid of what was happening to me.


“A pity – so young, so beautiful, and never appreciated for that.  Allow me to amend that,” he said as his lips kissed my neck, and he gently held my chest, the pressure increasing as I moaned.


“What’s happening to me,” I whispered as I felt him unbutton my blouse, and pull it to the side, then felt his fingers dance over my bra as he kissed my neck again and again.


“Please, I’m a virgin,” I whispered.


“And I will not take that from you,” he said quietly, “but pleasure does not need to involve that.”  And with that, he gently squeezed my chest, and I was surprised at how firm I felt, never mind him.


“I may scream,” I said with a gasp.


“No – you will be quiet,” he said as he let go of me, and then I felt him remove the scarf from my hair.  I stood still, afraid of what was coming, and then I saw he hold it in front of me, folded into a band with a large knot tied in it.


“Oh my god,” I whispered, but I opened my mouth, the scented silk filling my mouth and pressing my tongue down as he tied it tightly round my head, and then started to work on my chest, and then my soft bare flesh as he pulled my bra up and teased my nipples.


Hmdrggdddd,” I said as he then walked me to the bed and laid me down, my eyes wide as he leaned over and started to kiss my breasts and nipples.  There had been some warmth between my legs, but that turned into a raging fire as his lips pulled and sucked on my nipples.


“This is nice, isn’t it,” he said as he looked at me, and I nodded, watching as his hands stroked down my legs, then crossed and tightly tied together my ankles, before his hands slipped up my skirt and his lips returned to the teasing of my body.


Oh sweet lord the feelings that were running through me now, as he stroked my legs, caressed my bottom, teased on my nipples.  I heard a low moan, but it took me a long time to realise it was me making the noise as my body responded to his touch.


I was also writhing, wondering why I felt so damp down there – and then he unzipped and removed my skirt, and ran his finger up my damp panties.  That in itself was exciting, but then he pulled my panties down as well, and his finger on my flesh there made me arch my back and moan even more loudly.


Even that was not enough, however, as he played me there, and kissed my neck, chest, belly – every touch like a small fire, which just added to the burning as I opened my eyes and looked at him…


And then he kissed me between my legs, and I screamed out loud.  I felt like I had never felt before, screaming and arching my back as his tongue probed, his lips caressed, and soon I felt a wave of fire pass over my entire body.


He didn’t stop there though, continuing to kiss and lick me as another wave, and then another, washed over me, the sweat making my body glisten as I screamed and screamed in pleasure.


Eventually I slumped on the bed, but he hadn’t finished with me yet.  He took some more rope out of his bag, as well as a small white device, and said “you deserve to continue to enjoy this sensation.”  I wondered what he meant, as he slipped the device into me, and I felt the low vibrations – and then the rope he tied round my waist and pulled between my legs to keep it in place – the rope also rubbing where I felt so very sensitive.


I groaned continuously, barely noticing as he tied my legs together below my knees, rolled me onto my side and tied my ankles to my chest.  I heard him walk out of the room, but I was so lost in myself by then the only thought I had was the wrong one.


Whoever else he visited, I hoped they felt this good.


Mrs Ross, the manageress


Where was I when all this was going on?  I’ll tell you where – I was there at the start, I was there at the end, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.


It must have been about six when he arrived.  I was sat behind the desk, doing some work when I heard him say “Excuse me – do you have any rooms for the night?”


I’m not exactly a stunning beauty – in my early fifties, long slightly curly brown hair with a fuller figure is the nice way of putting it.  I was wearing a red wool jumper, a long grey flannel skirt and black leather boots, and I had a grey crocheted shawl wrapped round my upper body like a pashmina.


“Sorry,” I said as I looked up.  He was a young man, nothing special save his smile.  “I’m fully booked tonight.”


“I hoped you were,” he said with a smile, and then I saw the small gun in his hand, and I froze.


“Is that your office in there,” he said with a smile, and I nodded as he said “Good – shall we step inside?”


Well, he had a gun – what choice did I have?  I stood up and went into the office, him following and closing the door behind us.


“Be calm, you are not going to come to any harm,” he said as he put a canvas bag on the floor.  There was an old wooden armchair in the room, which he looked at and then said “Sit down and place your arms on the rests.”


“We don’t keep much money here,” I said quietly as I did so, and then watched as he took lengths of rope from the bag, and secured my wrists and forearms tightly to the armrests.


“I am not looking for money,” he said quietly as he took another, longer length of rope and then tied it round my waist and the chair back, keeping me in place before he tied my ankles to the front legs of the chairs.


“Then what are you looking for,” I said as I looked at him.  He smiled and went out to the desk, returning with the hotel register.


“Ah, I was right,” he said as he looked at the names of those occupying the five rooms, “perfect.  I’m going to pay your guests a little visit, and then I will make sure you are all right.  For the meantime, however, I must ensure you enjoy some time in silence.”


He took a red scarf from his bag, folded it into a pad, and then said “Open your mouth and allow me to put this in – I’ll then put some tape over your lips, and leave you alone for a little while.”


“But what are you going to do to me – and what do you mean visit my guests?”


“You’ll see – open wide now.”


Again, what choice did I have?  I let him push the scarf in, feeling it fill my mouth before I closed my lips and he pressed a length of white tape over them.  It formed to the shape of my face, and held firm as I tried to move my lips.


“Just stay there,” he said, and then he stepped out, turning the light off as he did so.


I’m not sure how long passed, with me too afraid to move – not that I could anyway.  The rope around my wrists was too tight, and held them to the chair back, while around my ankles they’d pulled the leather so tight I could not even move my leg up and down.


The minutes ticked past as I mewled and struggled, but all it did was make me sweat, so I calmed down and waited, listening to people walking past.  Nobody seemed to leave, only arrive.  The door makes a different sound when people go out to when they come in, so they only came in, and I wondered if they were in the same position as me.


Well, that wasn’t the case – at first.  Eventually, I was even beginning to imagine myself in some old movie, tied to the chair in the detective’s office, watching the door as the bad guy waited to kill or cosh him…




I looked over to see him standing in the doorway, looking at me.


“You have been very very patient,” he said quietly as he walked in, “and that deserves a reward.”  He stood behind me, slowly removing my shawl and putting it to one side before he started to gently massage my shoulders, the tension starting to melt away.


“I have visited your guests, and they are all very happy,” he said quietly, “would you like to know what happened to them?


I realised I was nodding too late, as he said “Very well then” and walked in front of me, kneeling down and releasing my ankles, only to use the rope to tie them firmly together in front of me, his hands stroking my thighs as he did so.


It felt – it felt strange, his fingers pressing the leather against my legs, but not as strange as the next thing he did, as he lifted my skirt back and tied my legs together below my knees, the rope going between my legs as I felt his touch against my bare flesh.


Whrudnggg,” I mumbled, but he smiled and stood up, walking behind me again as his hands worked on my shoulders and stroked down my arms.


Shhhh – even one as mature as you deserves to feel pleasure,” he said, and then he began to use his hands to massage and squeeze my chest – not in a painful way, but almost in a sensual way, and I could feel my body responding to that caress.


No I do know what he was doing to me, but after the hours spent in the room, I swear it came almost as a relief to feel the touch of another person – I even moaned a little and closed my eyes, as he whispered “Are you enjoying this?”


I nodded as he slowly worked my jumper up and exposed my bra, my very large white bra – but the massage began again, and this time he pressed in gently with his fingertips, revelling in the way I began to push my chest out.  It was involuntary, I was scared stiff of what he might do next – but my body still craved that attention.


So much so that when he lifted my bra up and exposed my breasts, and then started to play with my nipples, I said “Hyssssss” and groaned as I felt them harden under his touch.


“When I untie your arms, lean forward and put your hands behind your back.”


I nodded and did as he asked, his kisses on my neck as he released my arms sending little shivers down my spine, as he lifted the jumper and bra over my head and pulled them off me.  I then felt him move my hands behind my back, and tie my wrists tightly together, before he wound rope above, below and between my breasts, creating a new bra of rope even as he held my arms to my sides.


The air was cool, but I felt how damp I was there – and that wasn’t the only place, as he sat on my lap, smiling as his hands continued to massage my chest, and then…  And then…


The first kiss was a surprise, the second a shock, and the others just built on the tension as he used his lips and tongue on my nipples like a master flute player, bringing notes of sweet and lyrical sensation from my mouth as he began to play me.  IT was poetry, it was divine, it was indescribable.


And he did it until I screamed into the cloth and tape “WHTRUDDNGGGGGG!!!!”


“Taking you to the edge,” he said as he released my waist and slipped me off the chair, pulling my skirt off me as he did so, and laying me on the floor in my boots and panties.  And even they were eased down, the sounds of the leather squeaking mingling with my moans of joy as he felt the dampness between my legs, and I felt his touch, his stroke, his tease, his tongue and lips….




I cannot describe what happened after that in words – all I will say is some time later, I looked at him with eyes filled with lust and want.  He had tipped me over the edge, and I wanted more.


“No,” he said quietly, “I must go.  But I thank you and all your guests for a pleasant evening.”


He kissed me one more time, and then left me there, exhausted, satiated, and wondering no more what had happened to the others.   IT was hours before I was discovered, never mind the others, but those hours.


Those hours…







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