Not A Robbery – The Office









Jayne, the receptionist


Yeah, we were all mad at her for insisting we all work back that night – bur she runs the company, so we really had no choice.  That’s why I was still at the reception desk at eight, waiting for a delivery she said she was expecting.


Well, I certainly got the delivery all right.  It was just after eight when there was a tap on the door, and I saw the man with a large brown box on his trolley.  He looked just like the couriers we use – brown short sleeved shirt and pants, shoes, baseball cap.  And he waved the clipboard at me as he pointed to the box.


So of course I let him in.  He smiled and said I looked nice – well, I had planned to go out on a date after work, but that got kyboshed by her.  I had on a white silk blouse, short red skirt and jacket, and red heels.


Six inch heels as well – I love them, patent leather, and they make me look so good – so I smiled and accepted the compliment.


And then he produced the gun, and told me to turn round, and put my hands behind my back.


I was terrified, and did what he told me to do.  I remember saying something about not hurting me, and that’s when he said the strangest thing.


“I’m not here to hurt you – I’m here to show you how beautiful you are.  You and everyone who works here.”


And with that, he took some rope from the box he had wheeled in, and tied my wrists tightly together behind my back, the rope going over the cuffs of my jacket as he pulled my arms tightly together, and then took the rope between my arms.


I made little fists with my fingers, but it was no use, as he then tied my arms tightly together below my knees, forcing my jacket open as my chest was forced out.


“Wha… What do you think you’re doing,” I said as he looked behind the reception desk.


“In there,” he said quietly as he pushed me behind the desk and into the rest room.  There was an old white couch in there, which he made me kneel in front of.


“Keep your head down,” he said quietly, as I felt rope pulling my ankles together, pulling on them as he wrapped t around and between my legs.  I tried to stop him, and to kick my legs about, but – he was just too strong.


He then pushed some rope under my legs, and tied them tightly together below my knees, and finally above, making my legs lock together.


“If this is a robbery, then turn off the alarms and leave me,” I whimpered, “I won’t raise the alarm…”


“I know you won’t,” he whispered as he pulled my jacket back, and then put his large hands over my chest, starting to gently move his hands over them as he stood behind me.


“Oh god,” I whispered as I felt his touch, “what are you doing…”


“Quiet,” I he said as he stopped for a moment, and lifted my skirt up.  “I see you go commando,” he whispered, and I nodded, and then gasped as his hands started to massage my bottom instead.


How the hell did he know I liked that?  Did he know just what thus was doing to me?  Something somehow told me he did, as I looked back and saw him smile at my gasps.


“Time for you to be quiet,” he said as he took a white cloth from his pocket and folded it.  “Open your mouth.”


“Yes,” I gasped as I allowed him to push the cloth behind my teeth, and then I moaned as he caressed my bottom again.  He then produced a white scarf from the box, tied a double knot in the middle, and eased it into my mouth between my teeth before he tied the scarf tightly round my neck.


“Now, feel free to express yourself,” I heard him say as I looked behind over my shoulder.  I wondered what he meant, but then I felt him massage my bottom, and I pushed my buttocks back, moaning at the way this was turning me on despite my situation.


He then reached round and started to unbutton my blouse, and I felt his fingers caressing my breasts, gently massaging and probing as they firmed up under his touch.  I moaned again and nodded to show I felt what he was doing, as his hands made them feel like the beauties I felt they were.


“You enjoy this, don’t you,” he whispered, and as I nodded again he teased my nipples, before making my sit on the floor, my back to the couch, and he reached down, enclosing each nipple in turn in his lips and kissing them as his tongue brushed over them.


The shocks that flew through me then!


If I had not had the cloth in my mouth, I would have screamed, but he knew what he was doing, as his lips moved down my belly, and he gently eased my skirt and hose down, exposing my sex to the cool air.


IT wasn’t cool for long – as his lips touched me there, his tongue gently stroking over my clit, I pushed back, desperate for him to do whatever he was going to do.  Something told me I was safe, but also that he knew what he was doing, and I wanted him to do it.


And then he kissed deeply, his tongue working in – and I closed my eyes, sinking into the ecstasy he was creating within me as he licked my most intimate places.


I did not know how long he did it for – I just knew I exploded time and time again, the dampness between my legs only making me more sensitive to his touch and his kiss and his tongue….




Eventually he helped me to lie on the couch, and produced a small white vibrator, Slipping it into my sensitive passage, he tied a rope around my waist and between my legs, the throbbing making me groan as I felt another orgasm approaching.


“Forgive me, but I have others to visit,” he said as he left me in there, groaning and thrashing in equal measure, oblivious to what else was going on in the building…



Caitlyn, the office junior


I’ve only worked in this place for a few weeks, so I had no choice when the boss lady said we all had to work late.  The others could have made some sort of excuse, but not this nineteen year old.


I was in the rest room, making some coffees for Suzanne and Charlotte, and wondering how much longer we were going to be there.  The boss lady had gone to her office and not come out, so I didn’t hear a lot of movement around.  I didn’t know why – not at that stage.


I was wearing a peach coloured long sleeved collarless blouse, with a peach and grey Hermes scarf tied over my shoulders, a knee length charcoal grey skirt, dark hose and black heels.  I’d been to the hairdresser a couple of days before, and my black hair was cut short and straight at the front.

So there I was, filling the kettle, putting the coffee in the mugs, adding the milk, closing the fridge door, yawning, feeling a gloved hand clamp itself over my mouth as I closed it…


Yeah that last thing was the sign something wasn’t quite right, as this calm deep voice said “I need you to be very quiet, and do exactly what I tell you.  Nod if you understand.”


He was calm, controlled, and even though I couldn’t see if he had a knife or gun or any weapon I slowly nodded.  I was too scared to do anything but.


“Good, now  I’m going to take my hand away, and I want you to stand still.”


I nodded again as he took his hand away and said “What’s your name?”


“Caitlyn,” I whispered.


“Don’t be afraid Caitlyn,” he said, “do as I say and you will be fine.  Now, put your hands behind your back.”


“What are you doing,” I whispered as I felt him cross my wrists, and then the rope as he started to tie them together, the rope sitting over the cuffs of my blouse as it went round and between my arms.


“Making sure your arms are secured,” he whispered.  Well, trust me, they were secure – I could not move my wrists apart at all.


I then saw his arms, a short sleeved brown shirt by the look of things, as he passed some rope around my body below my chest, and then gently pulled it tight, my arms forced into my side as I made fists with my hands.  He then passed the rope around my body above my chest, and then did it several more times, above and below, pulling my arms to my sides – and other things as my blouse tightened over my chest.


That was also been forced out, the buttons straining as I looked down.  I then felt him feed the rope under my ,left arm, and pull it up, tightening the two bands on my chest and rubbing them on me as he took the rope around the back of my neck, and then under my other arm.


“What…  What have you… I said as I tried to move my arms, and all that did was make the rope rub on my chest.  It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling – I don’t know quite how to describe it.  IT felt wrong and right at the same time.


“Now, open your mouth,” the voice said, and I felt him remove my scarf.


“Why,” I said quietly.


“You’ll see – open your mouth.”


I did so, and then saw he’d rolled my scarf into a band and tied a knot in the middle.


“You don’t have to…”


Shh – you’ll understand why soon,” I he said as he pulled the knot between my teeth, the silk sitting on my tongue as he tied the scarf tightly round my head, and let the ends drop down the back of my blouse.


“There – not so bad is it,” I heard him say as he put his hands on my shoulders and pressed gently.  I have to say, it was tight, and scary, but for some reason it actually felt good, so I nodded in agreement.


“Then you will like this,” he said, and I felt his hands on my chest, gently massaging them as he kissed my neck.


Whtrudng,” I mumbled through the silk knot in my mouth as he continued to grope me – but as he did so, and I twisted to try and stop him, the ropes rubbed more, and the palms of his hands rubbed over my nipples, and – oh sweet Jesus the feelings I was getting from that!


“It feels good, doesn’t it,” he whispered as he made me sit on the ground, and then tied my ankles tightly together.  I looked at him as he stood up and removed another length of rope from a box, and then kneel down by me, tying my legs together below my knees as he looked at me.


“Don’t be afraid,” he said as he went behind me, and slowly started to unbutton my blouse, pulling it to the sides and exposing my white bra, “I’m going to make sure you’re nice and relaxed.”


He then started to massage my chest again, making my sigh as he did so, and then he slipped his hands under the cups of the bra, and pulled it up and over my breasts.  The touch of his fingers on my firm nipples made me groan even more, as I failed to realise he was lying me down – and then he kissed my nipples, and I tried to tell him to stop.


PSlllssss” I moaned.


“That’s all right,” he said as he looked at me, “I’ll carry on.”


And he did – sucking and nibbling with me powerless to stop him, as he slipped his hand under my skirt, and I felt his touch between my legs.  I wanted him to stop, but at the same time I wanted him to carry on.  Was it wrong of me to feel that way?


As he kept stroking and kissing, the voice in my head got quieter and quieter, the heat getting more and more intense – and then he slipped my skirt down, my hose, my panties, and started to work me with his tongue and lips.


No man had ever done that before, and I screamed in the sudden pleasure it brought.  I then panted as he brought me to a height, and gently led me down, again and again and again, until I felt like he could o anything with me – even rape me, take my virginity from me.


Instead, he stopped, and pulled my ankles back, saying “Relax – all will be well” as he left me, closing and locking the rest room door behind himself.  You could say to me I should have struggled free, tried to raise the alarm – but right then, all I wanted to do was let the feelings last as long as possible, and then let sweet sleep take over…


When they found me the next morning, and I heard what had happened to the others, I didn’t know what to think – especially about HER!  The rest of us got together over several drinks, and – well, what happened after that is a tale for another time.  Let’s just say I’m still very confused – but I know what I like someone doing to me now.




Suzanne, the secretary


Believe me, the last thing I wanted to be doing right about now was typing up reports for an auditor – it’s not how a young girl wants to spend a Friday night, but SHE had insisted, and so there I was, sitting at my desk and just wanting the day to end.


I had my ash blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, held in place by a black clip, and was wearing a yellow silk blouse with long sleeves, and a grey pinstripe knee length skirt.  A pair of black three inch heels was on my feet, and a pair of natural tights on my legs.  Finally, I had a white silk scarf tied round my neck, the ends tucked into my shirt front.


Still, as I say, I was sitting at my desk working when I heard the door open and close.  I just assumed it was Caitlyn with my coffee, and said “just put it down where there is a space,” without looking up from my screen.


“Will this do?”


Well, it was a male voice, so not Caitlyn – and I looked up to see a tall man standing there, smiling as he pointed a handgun in my direction and said “now, you’re not going to scream, are you?”


I was too frightened to do more than shake my head as he said to me “Good – tell me your name?”


“It’s Suzanne.”


“All right Suzanne, very slowly stand up and walk over here, then lie down on your stomach, hands to the side of your head.”


Well, I thought it was a robbery or something, but equally I knew Olive would be on patrol, so I slowly walked round to humour him, noting the small canvas bag he was carrying as I lay down and put my hands to the side of my head as he had asked.


“Look, tell me what it is you want, and I’ll give it to you,” I said as I felt him cross my wrists at the small of my back, and then the rub of rope as he started to bind them tightly together.


“All in good time,” was al he said as I felt my arms being forced together with each pass of the rope, clenching and flexing my wrist as the cords went around and between until I knew I would not be able to move them. 


I was shocked, however, as he reached under my skirt and slowly, carefully, gently pulled my tights down, stopping when they had been taken below my knees.  At first, I didn’t know why, but then I felt him pass something under my legs, and as I looked back I saw him start to tie them tightly together, the white rope going again around and between my limbs.


It was a strange feeling – too scared to move, and yet somehow as the ropes got tighter, I got less scared.  I almost felt as if this was as bad as it could get – even when I felt him remove my tights, and bind my ankles tightly together.  


When that was done, I felt his fingers running up my bare sole, and suppressed a little shiver as he bent my legs back, and tied my ankles to my wrists.  I knew pi was helpless now, but then he said two words.


“Open wide.”




“Please, Suzanne, just open your mouth and then I will explain everything.”


I had no choice, did I?  I opened my mouth as wide as I could and then felt the nylon on my tongue as he pushed my balled up tights in, filling my mouth before he covered it with his hand.  I had left another of my scarves on the table the previous day, a long grey silk one with a leopard skin pattern, and it was this he tied tightly over my mouth, knotting the ends at the base of my neck before he brushed the hair away.


“There now,” he said, “just relax and enjoy what happens next…”


I had no idea what he was planning – none whatsoever, but then I felt his lips on the soles of my feet, gently kissing them, and I grumbled into the nylon and silk.  You see, my feet are very sensitive, very ticklish – but as he kept doing this, it wasn’t ticklish – it was something else I was feeling.


Something very different.  I wriggled a little and then felt his hands around my stomach, moving up as he said “Allow me to show you something spectacular.”


Whttt?” I said, but then I actually started groaning as he kissed and licked my feet – while at the same time undoing my blouse, and using his hands to gently caress and press in on my chest.


I didn’t know what to do – I wanted to scream at him to stop, but at the same time, his caress was doing something magical to me – and then he moved, leaning over with his hands massaging my chest, then my feet as he enclosed each toe in turn and started to suck on them.


Why this was having this effect on me, I had absolutely no idea, but with each suck I started to moan a little bit more, his fingers massaging my feet and making my whole body first relax, then tremble as he worked his way along my feet.


Hmggddwhtrudngg,” I mumbled as I closed my eyes, breathing more and more heavily through my nose until I felt him roll me over, and opened my eyes to see him opening my chest, smiling as his hands caressed my breasts again, and then eased my bra up, his lips touching and sucking me gently as his hands moved down my sides, and slowly pulled my skirt down.


I was putty in his hands from that point, as he moved his mouth and lips down, kissing my belly button, and then just above my sex – right before he moved down, and started to play me like a harp with his lips and tongue.


Like a harp because I started to make high pitched sounds, squeals of delight as he worked me up to an orgasm such as I had never felt before, a wave of pure ecstasy as he finally made me cum, and licked every last drop up, continuing to tease me until I screamed “NMRRRMNFFFFF!!!”


“As you wish, Suzanne,” I heard him whisper as he laid me on my side, and gently kissed my forehead as I lay there, unsure of what to do next.


So when the door opened, and I heard Olive say “what the helllssnggnnnn” I could only hope she ended up as relaxed as me…







Olive, Security


Yeah, I work the security night shift at that office.  Most other nights I wear a regulation uniform, but this particular day – well, the boss had almost forced the staff to stay late, and it was meant to be my night off, so I was actually dressed to go to fancy dress party with my boyfriend.


The theme was adventurers, and I was wearing a pair of tight light brown riding breeches, and a crisp white blouse over a black bra and panties.  I also had a black leather girdle on over my blouse and breeches, and knee length black laced boots.


Hey yeah – it was a little kinky, but it made me feel good, and I knew my boyfriend would love it.  Besides, I felt it was empowering, especially with my new blonde hairdo.


SO anyway, I’m walking the office floor, and I notice a few people seem to have stepped out.  As I pass Madame’s outer office, I can hear muffled noises inside, and I open the door to look in – and there’s poor little Suzanne, her blouse open, her skirt down, and tightly trussed as she lay on her side.  And yet she looked relaxed, as if nothing could bother her.


I stepped in and looked down at her, wondering what had happened as she looked up at me, and I said “What the hellsnngnnnn…”


My voice had been muffled by the gloved hand that had been clamped over my mouth, as a male voice behind me said “Please do not struggle.  This is a robbery, and you need to be kept out of the way.”


I really wish at that point I’d been armed, but no chance, as I walked back out of the office and into an office across the way.  Whoever had me in his grasp was strong, as he made me turn and forced me to kneel in front of a seat.


“I have hurt nobody,” he said as he guided my hands behind my back – gently, firmly – “and have no desire to hurt anybody, but I cannot have you interfering.”


I saw him take some brown rope out of a bag, and then felt it on my wrists as he tied them tightly together, the rope going around each of my wrists in a figure of eight and then between them so that they were locked in place.  He then took a longer length of rope, and tied it around my waist, several passes round over my girdle before he tied it around my wrists again.  The end result was that I could move my arms a little, but not too much.


He then helped me stand and sit down, and I got a good look at him.  Tall, broad shouldered, ordinary clothes – but he had a glint in his eye and he knew what he was doing, and he put my legs side by side and tied my ankles tightly together, the rope making my black leather squeak as he did so.


“What the hell do you think you are doing,” I said as he started to tie my legs together above my knees with more of the rope.  “You don’t honestly believe you’ll get away with this will you?”


“And what do you think I need to get away with,” he said as he produced a red silk oblong and rolled it up.  “Now, open wide, and you can say all you want after that.”


Well, I still had plenty to say, and as he pulled the scarf between my lips and tied it round my head, keeping it under my hair as he knotted it at the base of my neck, he said “Now, your complaints?”


Whtrugnggntdd,” I mumbled as he took out a larger red scarf, and tied it tightly over my eyes, cutting off any light as I wriggled round.  I had no idea what he was going to do – until, that is, I felt his lips softly kissing my neck, and his hands starting to unfasten my blouse.


Well, I was having none of that, so I struggled – and then he grabbed my chest, and started to massage it as his lips kissed my neck and shoulders.  I kept struggling of course, but that just made my chest move even more under his hands, as he pulled my blouse open and he caressed them, his lips now moving over my neck and shoulders.


I had never realised just how sensitive I was there – because the more I struggled, the more he tightened his caress and grip, and the more sensitive my nipples and breasts became.  It was getting to the stage where half my brain wanted me to stop, and the other half wanted me to press my body against his firm grasp.


And then he stopped, and I heard him walking round me.  Hstgnnnn,” I mumbled, before I felt the cold air on my nipple as he moved my bra cups up and over my chest – and then he started to tease me with his lips.


Literally – I felt his lips encircle and suck gently on my nipples as his hands caressed me from in front,  and I gasped, I moaned – my body completely overruled my head as I wriggled round, finding myself craving his touch and his lips.  He drew me in and brought me high, as I wondered what else he would do.


I got my answer as I felt my pants been pulled down, and then his lips between my legs, and I parted them as much as the rope would allow, feeling his tongue as it stroked me and made me feel even more delirious.


After that – I regret to say I don’t remember more than screaming and shaking.  I know he left me at some point – I presume to get what he was looking for.  From what I heard later, others before and after me were taken over the edge – whoever he was, he was fucking marvellous.


And he could teach my boyfriend a thing or two…



Charlotte, the filing clerk


The thing is, stuck in a strict corridor between the boss’ office and the filing cabinets, you tend to have the blinkers on and not notice what else might be going on.  I certainly didn’t notice how quiet it had got, or that the others had seemed to have disappeared – not until it was far too late.


I was wearing a denim strapless dress – it had a thin brown cord tied round the waist, and a tasselled hem to the skirt – and flat cork sandals.  Yeah, compared to the others it was very casual, but like I say – work in the back of the office, never really seen by clients, etc, etc, etc…


So there I was, putting away this large pile of files I had been given, and oblivious to what else may have been going on.


At first anyway.  It was only as I was putting the last file away that I heard him say “Charlotte, isn’t it?  I need you to find a file for me, my dear – and if you do so, you get a nice reward.”


I turned to look at him, but I didn’t really get a good look at his face – what I saw instead was the gun in one o f his gloved hands, and the coils of rough brown rope in his other one. 


“Now,” he said as he looked at me, “get me the Slocomb file, if you please?”


“The…  The Slocomb file?”


“That’s right, Charlotte – as quickly as you can please?”


Do you know, it didn’t even occur to me to ask him how he knew my name?  Anyway, I got the file he wanted – you do not argue with a man with a gun, as my mamma always said – and then stood in front of him, wondering what he wanted.


“Turn round, and put your hands behind your back,” he said, and – well, of course I did, feeling the rope against my skin as he crossed and tied my wrists tightly together.


As he did this, I was even cursing the fact I had just had my nails done – yeah, they were neat, short and nicely painted red on my fingers and toes, but it meant I had no chance of using them to pick at knots – even if I could reach them, as he took the rope between my arms, pulled the band even more tightly round my wrists, and then tied it off, tucking the ends into the rope itself.


I then saw him pass some more rope over my head, and pull it around my body, forcing my chest up and my arms into my side.  He took it several times around my body, above and below my chest, the lower band forcing my breasts up as the upper one pressed down on the top of my dress.


That did two things to me – it meant I could not move my arms, and I mean they were held fast – and t meant the ropes were rubbing on my chest.  I tried to ignore how that made me feel – and then he did something that meant I could hardly ignore it.


He had been tying the ropes in the centre of my back, but then he took the rope under my left arm, below the lower band, and pulled it up, tightening the band even more as he took it up my body, around the back of my neck and back down the other side, feeding it under my right arm and pulling that up as well before he tied it off behind me.


If I thought the rubbing was bad before, this just made it even worse.  I would not say I had a big chest, but the ropes certainly made it look bigger, and it felt…


Actually, I had to admit it felt kinda nice, and I would have told him that – except he pushed a folded handkerchief into my mouth, and then pulled a long white scarf between my lips, knotting it off at the base of my neck under my long ash blonde hair.


“Sit down,” was the next thing he said, as I sat on the floor and watched as he tied my ankles tightly together, making sure the rope went between my legs as well.  When he had finished, he said “now just sit quietly for a moment” and turned his attention to the damned Slocomb file!


I mewled a little into the gag as I struggled, managing to kick my sandals off in the process, before I realised there was no way I was going to get free from this on my own.  So I sat back, leaning against the wall, and watched as he worked through the contents.


“Yup, that’s what I need,” he said as he looked at me, and then smiled.  “I believe I promised you a reward, did I not?”


I nodded, fearful of what he would do as he knelt behind me, and started to gently caress my chest – he was very gentle actually, as I also felt his lips on my neck and bare shoulders.


I was even more surprised to hear my soft moans – you’re not meant to enjoy this sort of thing are you?  Especially with a strange who has tied you up and pulled a cloth into your mouth to stop you talking?


But my body was reacting, as I moved my head to the side, and moved so that not only did the ropes start to rub no my chest, but his hands stroked over my breasts, and that made me feel really good.


“You’re enjoying this, despite your fears, aren’t you,” he whispered into my ear, my only response a deeper moan as he kissed my ear and squeezed my chest.  I felt my nipples harden, and then nodded as he unzipped my dress a little at the back, just enough to allow him to fold the front down and expose my bare chest, and then to feel his fingers gently squeezing my nipples as he kissed my neck and shoulders.


I’m sorry, but it felt really wonderful;, as he laid me on my back, and started to kiss my chest and nipples, my crotch feeling warm and damp as I twisted and moaned more and more under his sensual arousal of me.


It was when he started to suck on my nipples that I really started to groan louder, and push my body up into this welcoming mouth.  He responded by sucking even more strongly, drawing my nipples out as his hand slipped under the skirt of my dress, and started to stroke between my legs.


I had never been so glad I had gone commando, and as I felt his finger stroke me I groaned and started to part my legs.  “Thank you,” he then whispered as he started to enter me, using his finger to stimulate me as his lips continued to tease me.


You may think I should have been ashamed, but it wasn’t as I felt myself growing more and more aroused, and then he lifted my skirt right back, smiled at me, and placed his head between my legs, his tongue continuing what his finger had started.


And what a tongue?  It worked its way past my petals, and inside me, finding the most sweet and sensitive of spots to lick and touch as I thrust my pelvis up to help it, my eyes closed, my head back, a cold sweat breaking out all over my body and on my hairline as I started to shiver and feel something growing inside me.


I could tell he felt it as well, because he kept going, drawing me on and out with his tongue as his hands caressed and teased on my breasts.  The combination was electric – literally, as  shock ran through my body, then a second, then a third, each one stronger than the last until I screamed into the gag and felt my body give itself over totally, wave after wave of pleasure running through me, juices flowing as he greedily lapped up and consumed every last drop.


When he finally stopped, he took another length of rope and tied it round my waist, under my dress, before he took it between my legs and pulled it hard against my moist clit, making me scream even more in pleasure.


“You were amazing, and now you can have your reward,” he said as he took something, and I heard the buzzing, before I felt it inside me as he slipped it under the crotch rope.


“Enjoy,” he whispered to me as I felt my body start to react again, and closed my eyes, the skirt covering it as he laid me on my side and pulled my ankles back.  I barely registered the fact he was tying them to my chest, so intense were  the other feelings washing over me.


I know what I did hear though – his footsteps as he walked down the corridor, and then I noticed the security camera looking at me, as if someone was watching and had seen everything…







Sandy, the owner


I was powerless, unable to do anything to stop what was happening – and it was only as it unfolded that I realised everything that was happening, in a way, was my fault.


I had to get everyone to work late – it was the only way we could meet the deadlines I had.  Well, that went out of the window as soon as he walked into my office, just after five, pointed the gun at me and told me to do exactly what he said.


I remember clearly what I was wearing – a dark jacket and skirt, a dusky pink blouse underneath, and under that dark hose with a cream coloured bra and panties – oh yeah, and black pumps.  I’d put my ash brown hair back in a ponytail, but the gun – the gun meant I just raised my hands, and allowed him to bind my wrists behind my back with thick rope.


As he was doing this, I was too scared to move, only allowing myself a little yelp when he not only bound my wrists tightly, but also my arms around my elbows.  He then took that rope up under my arm, around the back of my neck and then under the other arm, locking them against my back.

I watched him as he walked in front of me, knelt down and tied my ankles tightly together, as well as my legs above and below my knees.  He obviously knew what he was doing, as I sat in my chair, wondering what it was he wanted.


“Now,” he said as he reached into the bag he had, and took out a scarf, “open that very nice mouth of yours, nice and wide please.”


“You don’t have to gag me,” I finally said, “I won’t raise the alarm.”


“Oh this is not to stop you raising the alarm – although it helps,” he said as he smiled at me, “this is to stop you warning the others.”  And with that, he pushed the scarf into my open mouth, hand gagging me until he got a roll of white bandage and wrapped it tightly round my head, covering my mouth and forcing the scarf to stay in place.


I wondered what he was going to do then as he looked at me – take the contents of my safe, or something worse – but what he actually did was something totally unexpected.  He used some rope to secure me to my chair, and then he moved my computer monitor to where I could see it, and switched it on.


I had a screen where I could see what my staff was up to – Jayne on reception, Caitlyn, Charlotte, Suzanne – I could even set up a camera sequence to watch Olive at work, to make sure they did not slacken off.


So as I was left watching it, he just slipped out.  I had to sit there, silenced, unable to do more than move a little, as he obviously left the building, came back in the front door, and then took Jayne to the back room, bound her, gagged her, and pleasured her.


The way he tied her, though, as I watched was tight and good – and I had to admit, I got more than a little aroused watching it.  I didn’t even realise at the time why he had done it that way.


Then he captured Caitlyn, and as he tied her I suddenly realised why it seemed familiar – and that led to a sickening feeling, one that made me panic slightly, as he worked his way round, taking each of the girls in turn, and leaving them helpless to his sensual assault.


And yes, it was sensual, I found to incredibly erotic and arousing – as I suspect he did as well.  The problem was, I recognised the style he was using because – well, I need to make a confession.


I love bondage – I love watching films and looking at pictures where men and women, but especially women, are tightly bound and gagged, and on my computer at home I have a large collection of photographs and clips.


That was the problem – he was using his skill to bind my staff in ways I loved, and long looked at pictures of.  But to know that, it meant he must have seen my collection – he must have been in my house.


I hadn’t told anyone, but a week before I had been robbed while I was out.  A few of my neighbours on my street had all been visited by the same man, and as I watched I realised by his actions, by what he was doing, this must be that man – and now he was treating my staff in the same way he treated my neighbours.


And I could not deny how much watching what he was doing was turning me on as well – I could feel my nipples hardening, and as I squirmed round I could feel the dampness between my legs.


So when he finished with Charlotte, and came back in, I could only stare at him as he said “I hope you enjoyed the show – when I looked at your history on your computer, the poses of those five came up at the top of your list.”


I had to nod in agreement as he unbuttoned my jacket, and then my blouse, pulling them to the sides and looking at me as he whispered “Do you wish the same pleasure?”


Ysplsssmmmgddysss” I mumbled as he slowly began to kiss my neck, his hands caressing my chest and squeezing oh, oh so gently and firmly.  I let my head fall back, losing myself instantly as he caressed and egged me on with his hands and lips, and then not complaining at all as he started to kiss the top of my breasts.


The release of the pressure as he cut through the front of my bra filled my mind with joy as I felt his lips cover my breasts, and then draw out my nipples with gentle sucking and teasing, helping them to stand out firm and prominent before he traced around and over them with his fingers, and kissed them one more time.


“HSWTTJSSSS” I moaned into the cloth and bandage as he stood me up, and removed my skirt, sitting me down and tracing between my legs with his finger, before he pulled down my hose and panties, knelt in front of me, and leaned in.


The feel of his lips on my sex, of his tongue as it stroked over and then inside my passage – I do not think words can describe it as the shocks ran through me.  I realised what the other women had all felt – and I wanted it more than anything, more than anything in the whole wide goddamed world!


So as he worked his tongue in, lapping up my juices, teasing every part of me, I completely ignored that he now had me exactly like another favourite photo – I just subsumed myself to the pleasure he was brining, letting him bring me to the edge of a climax and then tip me over, my screams of delight lost in the shivering and calmness of the experience.


“HYSSFNKSSSSSSSSSSSS!” I screamed as I fell into the orgasm, my mind clear, every sense sharpened as I heard the others all moaning in their own sweet ways.  How long it lasted I could not tell you – save that eventually I opened my eyes and looked at him, sated and yet wanting more.


“FKMMM!” I pleaded as he stood up and looked at me.


“I cannot,” he said.




“No, I physically cannot,” he said, “an accident, so I live now to bring pleasure to women in other ways.”


I looked at him, and saw he was telling the truth, nodding slowly as he took me onto the floor, bent my legs back and tied my ankles to my elbows.


“This has long being a fantasy of yours, has it not,” he said, and as I nodded he said “Well, I hope I have fulfilled it – and I have not told your staff.  That is for you to decide.”


I nodded again as he left the room, and then came back.  “May I suggest you review your security?  I may come to check in the future.”


As he walked back out, do you know what I was hoping?  That he would – and I would be waiting…










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