Not a Robbery – Shopping









Alexis Channing, 35, Chelsea


I had lunch with some of my girlfriends that day, in a little bijou bar I know off Sloane Square, and then went to Harvey Nicks to pick up a new outfit.  It was a cool day, so I had on my dusky pink fur jacket with a pink scarf wrapped loosely round my neck.  That covered my brown floral print top, which I had matched with a pair of mustard brown leggings and over the knee brown suede boots.


My short blonde hair blew in the soft breeze as I carried my bags from Harvey’s, and picked up some orders from other stores, before I walked back to my basement flat off the High Street.


I unlocked my front door and walked in, putting my bags down on my couch and then taking off my jacket and scarf, leaving them there before I went to the kitchen to put some coffee on.  I left it to bubble away as I went back into the front room – and saw him standing there.


He was tall, broad shouldered, wearing an open necked shirt and slacks – but he also had a gun in one hand, and a small bag in the other.  He had a nice smile though – funny the things you notice when someone points a gun at you and tells you to put your hands up.


As I slowly raised my hands, he walked to the windows, pulling the blinds down as he kept looking at me, and then told me to turn round, and put my hands behind my back.  As I did this, I saw him put the small bag down and open it, too afraid to look and wondering what he was going to do.


I had already noticed the latex gloves on his hands, and now I felt them on my arms as he crossed my wrists behind my back, and then the soft rope on my skin as he bound them tightly together, the bands of ropes going tightly around and between my arms as it rubbed on them.


I wasn’t sure what he was going to do, as he kept talking to me, calming me down as I found myself unable to move my arms.  I asked him what he was going to do, but instead I felt his hand on my shoulder as he told me to kneel down.


I felt him cross my ankles, and then more rope as the soft suede of my boots was pulled against my legs, my ankles almost fused together as the tight bands held them close.


He then stroked his gloved hands down my arms, as I tried to control my breathing, wondering what he was going to do.  I found out what that was, as I saw him reach into his bag, and then take a folded silk scarf out.  He told me to open my mouth, and as I did so he pushed the cloth into my mouth, the soft material on my tongue as it filled the space.


Closing my lips over it, I was amazed at the fact I could still breathe, even when I heard this strange squelching and ripping sound, and then he pressed some type of tape over my mouth and jaw, sealing my lips together as he ran his hands over it and it formed to the shape of my jaw.


“Whtrudngttmmm,” I mumbled as I felt him stroke his hands down my arms again, and then reach round, my eyes widening as he slowly started to unfasten the front of my blouse and ease it down my arms.  I tried to struggle, but he just gripped me firmly, and then I felt his lips as he kissed the side of my neck.


He talked to me, quietly, calmly, telling me not to be afraid, that I was not going to have what I feared happen to me, but that he was going to make me totally happy and fulfilled.  I swear, I had no idea what he was on about at that point, but I soon found out as he kissed me again, between my shoulder plates, a little shock running down my spine as he let my blouse hang over my wrists, and then unhooked my bra.


The touch of his fingers on my chest as he slipped it down my body, and then traced round my nipples, was something unexpected, and exquisite at the same time.  I moaned slightly as he did this, and then he started to use his hands to massage my breasts, all the time kissing the sides and back of my neck as he did so.


I couldn’t stop him, and somehow I didn’t want to, as I felt his hands on my flesh, my breasts firming in response to his touch, my body beginning to ache.  It had been far too long since someone had done this to me, and even in the situation I was in, somehow I was getting more than a little aroused by this.


I closed my eyes at this point and moaned again, especially as I felt something pulling my arms into my sides.  When I opened them again, I saw the man had started to wind rope around me, framing my chest above and below as my arms were forced into my side, and then the bands tightening suddenly, making me gasp again as the two bands pressed and forced my chest out.


That wasn’t all he did though – he also took the rope over one shoulder, down between my breasts and fed it round the lower loop, and then back up and over the other shoulder.  That forced my chest out even more, as he started to play and tease my nipples with his gloved fingers, again his lips travelling over my neck, and then up and down my spine as he did so.


By all rights I should have been screaming at him to stop, but somehow I didn’t.  Somehow I could do nothing but close my eyes and moan loudly as he did this, even when he manoeuvred me to lie on my back, and straddled my body, smiling before he leaned over and started to use his lips and tongue on my chest.


IT was like nothing I had ever felt before, his gentle kisses making me forget he had bound and gagged me as they covered my throat and chest, his hands slipping between my legs as I felt how warm I had grown down there. 


I looked up as he moved down, and produced more rope, using it to secure my legs together below my knees, bending them slightly to do that, before he looked at me.  I remember saying something like “whrruggntddd,” as he looked between my legs – and then slowly unfastened my trousers, pulling them down to around my knees as he ran his finger up my damp panties.


“Hmfkngggd,” I whimpered as he did this, and then leaned over from the side, his lips teasing on my already firm and hard nipples as he continued to do just that – run his finger up my crotch, pressing the wet cotton of my panties against it and making them even more wet as he did so.



“Hnnn...  Hnnnn...  Hswtmkkrrr....”


My gasps were getting louder and louder, until I looked at him, my eyes wanting one thing at the same time as my head was trying to scream no.  He just looked at me, and smiled as he eased my panties down, and then put his head between my legs and kissed me.


I arched my back involuntarily, as he kept kissing me there, and then using his tongue to lick me, to probe me, to make me shiver and shale and scream and...  Oh shit – I need to be honest with myself, don’t I?


He used his tongue to take me to the edge, and then dive over in a glorious freefall of pleasure and excitement, my screams muffled in a way I was so glad about as he made me drain myself, emotionally, physically, sexually – and all with his mouth and tongue.  No one had ever done that to me before, or since – and I’m not sure I would want to, for far too many reasons.


All I know is eventually he stopped, and looked at me as I lay there, panting, sweating, glowing even.  “Thank you,” he said, and then without a word he turned and left me there.  My housemate found me later, and nothing was missing, but...





Darla Hope, 38, Liverpool


Well, it’s not something you expect to happen, is it?  I’d been down the Albert Docks for lunch with some friends, and then we had gone shopping at Liverpool 1, looking for some new clothes for me mate Renee’s Hen Do next month.


It was a bit nippy, so I had a dark brown hooded jerkin on over my big grey cowl necked jumper, which just about covered my black leather miniskirt.  I have naturally copper red hair, which fell over my shoulders, and to keep my legs warm I had on white tights and a pair of skin tight over the knee black leather boots.


The boots have a three inch stack heel – to make my little body look taller – but that’s a side issue right now.  The thing was, we were shopping, joking, having a really good time until I had to leave them and head home to the West side.  I got on the bus, paying absolutely no attention to other people as they got on and off, and once we got to Woolton and I jumped off, making my way home and letting myself in.


I only had time to take my hooded top off before I heard the doorbell ring.  I thought it was just a delivery or something – I’d ordered a few things on Amazon and they always have to ring – so I opened the door without thinking.


So when this big guy pushes into the house, and holds me against the wall, his hand over my mouth as he looks at me, you can forgive me for being a little bit taken aback, can’t you?  All I could do was stare at him as he looked at me.  He was tall, handsome and clear eyes, as he told me not to scream, and he didn’t want to hurt me.


I was considering whether or not to kick him in the nads, when I saw the gun that he was taking out of his pocket, so I nodded to show him I understood.  He thanked me – he THANKED me – and then closed the door as he kept looking at me.


I asked him what he wanted, but he just smiled at me as I said that, and asked me where I kept my valuables.  Well, they were in my room, so I told him that, which made him smile even more as he took my arm, and gently suggested we should go there.


As we went in, he looked round, and then made me sit on the bed, putting my hands on my head and asking me where I kept my scarves.  I knew then he was going to tie me up, and I guess in a way I was relieved he was not going to use rope, so I told him to look in the wardrobe where I kept my collection.


He told me to sit on the bed, with my hands on my head, and as I did this he selected two long green chiffon rectangles.  He told me not to move as he tied the ends to my ankles, and then spread my legs apart, securing the other ends of the scarves to the foot of the bed.


I could hear the chiffon rubbing on the leather, as I looked at him and wondered what he was going to do next.  He looked in the wardrobe, and took out a large blue headscarf, rolling it into a band and tying a knot in the middle, and then folding a small scarf into a pad.  I really didn’t want him to do this, but his gun was there, so I allowed him to put the small scarf in my mouth and then tie the knot behind my teeth, the silk band trapping my hair against my head as he tied the ends at the base of my neck.


Up until that moment, I thought he was going to steal my rings and things, but then he said he was after something else, and with one motion he pulled my jersey up and over my head, revealing my skirt and the black bra I had on.  Before I had time to protest, he had started to bind my wrists together with a black silk scarf, and then tied a red one between them as he put my hands over my head, and secured them to the headboard,


Now I knew I could be in real trouble, as he leaned over and started to massage my chest with his gloved hands, ignoring my protests, ignoring my moans as his fingers kneaded my breasts, and his kips kissed my neck and shoulders.


I was so afraid at that point, I would have done anything to make him stop, even as he used some scissors from my dressing table to cut through the front of my bra, and started to kiss my breasts, sucking gently, licking softly, making me feel as if I was melting under his attention...



I started to groan as I moved around, unable to stop him as he started sucking on my nipples, his hand moving down my belly as he looked at my skirt.  It was held in place by a zip up the front, so as he pulled the zip down and the skirt fell open, I could only moan and nod as his hand touched me, my panties already wet...


I was powerless – yes I know, it sounds stupid, but I truly was powerless, my eyes misted over, my heart racing, as he moved his lips down my body, pulled my soaking wet panties down, and then started to kiss me between my legs, his tongue starting to probe me...


As it entered me, licking me, touching me in places I never really knew existed, I started to twist round and arch my back.  By then, I didn’t care he was holding me hostage – I just wanted him to take me, to end this.


And he did – but not in the way you’re thinking.  He just kept kissing me, licking me, probing with his tongue until I screamed into the gag and had the strongest orgasm I had ever, EVER had.  It seemed to last forever, until I finally collapsed on the bed and looked at him through watery eyes, filled with satisfaction and pleasure.


My husband found me later, and I did speak to the police, but – well, how do I explain how he made me feel, how he drove me wild.


And how can I feel that way again?




Delores M’gana, 42, Newcastle


It was – January, I think, maybe February.  At any rate, there was snow on the ground, because I remember fretting over what to wear before I went to Northumberland Street and the shops.


As you can see, I’m a big, happy woman – back then I had my hair platted in dreadlocks, and I’d put on a green and lack patterned top, with sleeves down to my elbows.  I love big jewellery as well, so I had on large hoop earrings and a chunky necklace to cover the front of my chest where the top didn’t cover.


The skirt it had on was black, and tight – it came to my knees, but as I moved I loved the way it felt as it moved on my bottom.  Mind you, given what happened later...  Anyway, I also had ob black tights, and eventually I went for a pair of green suede boots.  Looking out, the snow had been cleared to the side, so I figured I was safe with them.


Did I find everything /I needed at the shops?  Well, with a fair bit of looking, yes I did, so I was in a very good mood when I got the Metro back to Gosforth, and then walked to my house.


I hung my coat up, stamped my feet a bit, walked into the front room and then heard the front door ring.  Looking out of the window, I saw a smartly dressed man standing there, carrying a briefcase and waiting patiently.  Well, we’d had the usual round of JWs and Mormons, so I figured he was another one, and whoever was with him was on his other side.


So I put on my best “no thanks” face, walked into the hallway, took a deep breath, opened the door – and then backed up as he came in, closing it behind himself as I stared at the gun he was holding in his gloved hand, pointed directly at me!


He looked at me, smiled and then told me to put my hands on my head, and to walk into the front room.  As I went in, he told me to sit down, and then closed the curtains over the bay window, smiling as he looked at me.


I was – yea, I was petrified, this stranger just looking at me.  He spoke quietly, calmly, telling me I would not be hurt, that he would not harm me – and then he opened his briefcase, and he took out several lengths of rope.  Looking at me, he told me to turn round and kneel on the floor, head on the seat, and hands behind my back.


Well, by now I had figured he was going to tie me up and then rob me, so I did as he asked, looking to the side as I heard him kneel behind me, and cross my wrists.  When the rope went over them, I was taken by surprise at how soft it was, but as he wrapped it around and between my arms, I was surprised again at how strong it was – by the time he tied the rope off, I wasn’t able to move my arms apart at all.


I then felt him tie some rope around my ankles, but to my surprise he didn’t tie them together – I just felt the circlet as it was tied tightly around each ankle.  I was going to say something about that, when he did something else I wasn’t expecting – he made me raise my head, and then open my mouth, before he pushed a folded cloth into it.


It felt like silk on my tongue – I later found out it was a small blue scarf – but it stopped me from making any sort of understandable words.  That was reinforced when I heard a strange tearing sound, and then he pressed something over my mouth that seemed to form to my face, and boy did it stick firm!


I mumbled something as he removed my necklace and my earrings – saying it was so I would not hurt myself, as if I could like this – and then he did something with the ropes around my ankles, before making me stand up.  To do this, he reached round under my arms and held my chest in his hands, using his arms to lift me up as I felt him press down.


That – that was a very different feeling, but he seemed to enjoy it, as he told me to walk.  Looking down, I saw he had tied the ropes around my ankles between them, so that I could kinda hobble along, but before I started he squeezed my chest again.  This time, I heard myself moan in fear, before he let me go, picked up the bag and told me to walk up the stairs.


It was strange – and even more so when I saw my reflection in the hallway mirror.  A large strip of white tape covered my mouth and jaw, contrasting with my own skin, and I could clearly see the shape of my lips under it.


Anyway – he made me walk upstairs, and into my bedroom, before he told me to stop still for a moment – and then he yanked my skirt down, letting it fall to the ground before he told me to step out of it, and sit in the centre of the bed.


Well, I certainly tried to say something about that, but he told me to stay calm, he had no intention of doing that to me, and I should not worry.  So the armed man, who has tied me up, gagged me and just pulled my skirt off, has told me not to worry?


A prod from the gun, however, and I sat down, watching as he untied the ropes between my legs, then bent them and re-tied the ropes around my thighs, so that my ankles were held firmly in place against them.  I could certainly feel the suede against the nylon of my stockings, before he walked behind me, and started to massage my chest again.


Now, as I said, I’m a big woman – and I know from boyfriends that my breasts are very sensitive.  But the way my body started to respond to this, took me completely by surprise, as I heard myself moan while he pulled me back against himself.


I closed my eyes, and could feel his lips on my neck, before he pulled my top up and over my head, taking it down to my wrists before he took more rope from that bag, and tied my arms tightly to my body, the rope going above and below my breasts as it rubbed against my silver coloured bra.


It felt so different – and then, as he tightened them by taking the rope under my arms and around the back of my neck, it felt even more secure.  I wasn’t even afraid as he continued to grope my chest – in fact, I think I even started to encourage him at this point. 


That might be why he eased the cups of the bra down, and my straps, before he lay me flat on my back on the bed, my knees in the air, and started to kiss my neck as his hands groped my breasts, my nipples hardening under his touch, my body starting to shake as he began to lick, to kiss, to nibble...


OH god, now I remember – the shock as he literally sucked my nipple into his mouth, his tongue dancing over it as I started to moan even more loudly, and then I felt his hand between my legs, commenting on how damp I was feeling, and then kissing me between my legs, feeling his lips even though I still had my tights and panties on.


The way he had tied my legs, I realised he was not going to pull them down, so I thought I was safe – and then I felt his hand slipping in, his fingers stroking over my mound, my clit, into me as he continued to suck and kiss my chest...


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just lose yourself, to let everything overwhelm you and not have a single thing to worry about, just knowing everything would be all right?  That comes close to what I was experiencing then, as my body started shaking, and I let myself go completely to the wondrous feelings coursing through me...


It was over so quickly, that when I finally opened my eyes, I saw him preparing one last length of rope.  Before he used that on me, however, he took out a small white cylinder, and with his fingers inserted it into my damp, accommodating passage.  Tying the rope round my waist and then between my legs, I felt it press the device in, and then I felt it starting to vibrate...


As I gasped and started to moan again, I saw him look at me and smile as he walked out.  It was some time later when my sister called and found me, exhausted but oh so happy...


Carol Walker, 45, Aberdeen


I’d spent the day with friends, spending some time over a long lunch, and then shopping, before I caught a taxi back to my home in the outskirts of town.  I like my place – it’s a cottage, and you can see the hills rising behind the garden as you look out over the kitchen.


It was April, and a warm day, but I still wore a leather jacket over a grey round necked jumper, and blue jeans.  The legs of my jeans were tucked into a very comfortable old pair of black leather knee length boots, and I had a pink webbing belt round my waist.  I have long blonde hair, which was held back by a thin hairband, and my glasses which I really do need to see.


Anyway – I went in, and dropped my bags on the floor.  As I looked outside, I saw a taxi pull up, but didn’t think anything of it as I closed the door and took my jacket off, hanging it on a hook on the wall before I went up to the toilet.


When I came back down, I was looking forward to sitting down and watching the television – so you can imagine my surprise when a gloved hand went over my mouth, and a male voice behind me said, very quietly, to not struggle.


Of course I struggled, trying to pull the hand away, but then I felt a small metal disc press against my back, and the voice said once again not to struggle, but to stay calm and do as he said.  His grip did not slacken once, so I let me hands drop and slowly nodded.


He thanked me, and then told me not to scream as he took his hand away.  I turned round and looked at him – tall, thin, almost handsome, but he had a gun in his free gloved hand, and smiled as he told me to very slowly walk over and close the curtains across the front windows, without attracting attention to myself.


As I did this, I heard him move a chair from my dining table, and as I turned round I saw him place it in the centre of the room.  He indicated the seat, and told me to sit down, with my arms by the side of the chair.


As I did so, he said not to be afraid, he was not going to hurt me, but he would make sure it was a memorable afternoon.  I wondered what he meant by that, as he asked me to lean forward, and then guided my arms through the gaps n the chair back.  I felt him cross my wrists, and then some sort of rope as he started to tie them together.


I tried to pull them apart, but he was too strong, forcing them together as I felt the cords around, and then between my arms, before he tied the ends together and walked round to look at me.  I told him where my purse was, and my jewels in my room, but he looked at me, smiled and said he wasn’t looking to rob me – not in that way.


Seriously, at that moment those words went right over my head, as he knelt on the floor and put my left ankle against the front leg of the chair, taking another length of cord from his pocket and using it to secure my ankle to the wood.  Another length of rope was used to secure my legs below my knee to the chair leg, and then moved over, securing my right leg in both places as well.


As he stood up, he looked at me, his head cocked to one side, and then he walked slowly behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders and gently squeezing them as he asked me if I had any allergies, or if I was asthmatic.  I shook my head in response to both, wondering why he was asking before he put his gloved hand in front of my head, and I saw a folded piece of silk in the palm of the glove.


Well, at that point I realised why he had asked, and I clamped my mouth shut, determined not to allow him to put that in my mouth.  I expected him to do something like pinch my nose or cover my mouth, but instead he reached round with his free hand, and began to gently massage my chest his hand pressing firmly on as he stroked over my breasts.


That was totally unexpected, and I opened my mouth to tell him to stop – at which point he pushed the silk in, and covered my mouth with his gloved hand as he continued to tease me with his free one.  The silk felt soft as it pressed down on my tongue, and I had to start breathing in and out through my nose, but that just seemed to add to the sensation, the helplessness.  That was when I started to realise something else was going on here, something unexpected.


I mean, I was scared shitless, but still, he was gentle as he whispered into my ear, and then removed his hand.  I stared straight ahead as I heard a sound like paint peeling from a wall, and then some sort of tape was pressed down over my mouth.  He smoothed it into place with his hands, but when he took that away and I tried to open my mouth, whatever it was moved with me, and I knew what it meant to be gagged.


I mumbled something, and then started to protest as he used both his hands to massage my chest – but it was to no avail, as he squeezed, massaged, caressed, and I felt my body start to respond, my breasts firming up as he moved over them, and then eased my jumper up, revealing my grey bra before he produced more lengths of rope, and started to bind my upper body to the chair, using two bands above and below my chest to frame and force it out as I was pulled back.


As I felt him tie the ropes off, I squirmed round, surprised at how the tight bands felt as I moved.  So when he reached round from behind again and started to feel me, I could feel my nipples hardening, even as he kept gently squeezing and massaging my flesh.


He showered something about how I felt, but I had my eyes closed, and I heard myself moan as my nipples seemed to turn into little rocks.  I barely even noticed as he slipped my bra up and over my chest – but I opened my eyes and sighed deeply as his lips enclosed my nipples and sucked, a fire that had only just started in me raging up as he did so.


I let my head back as I growled, and that only seemed to fuel him on, that burning growing stronger as I squirmed in the chair under his assault, and I felt a dampness between my legs as well.  A dampness that was encouraged as his hand went between them and stroked over my crotch, while he looked at me.


He then removed my glasses, and as I closed my eyes he kissed them, then my neck, and then moved down as he unfastened my belt and my jeans, and pulled them down me, followed by my panties.  I felt his finger on my bare damp flesh, and shook as he gently stroked to and fro, hi slips kissing my nipples as his tongue played with them.


It was like nothing I had ever felt before – my body was shaking, and I was trying to tell him to stop, but at the same time I was starting to moan with pleasure, as I pushed myself towards him – and then he knelt on the ground, between my legs as he looked up at me, and then placed his lips on my crotch.


I screamed at that, and then screamed again as he kissed me there, and his tongue stroked over, and then into me.  It wasn’t screams of fear – it was pure lust, egging him on as he began to work on me, and I fell deep, deep into the ocean of pleasure he was generating for me.  I didn’t want it to stop, as he took me close to the edge – and then sent me over again and again, as I shook and felt my body give itself totally over.


I eventually let my head drop, panting as he looked at me and stood up, and then thanked me.  He thanked me – despite the situation, I wanted to thank him for what he had just done!


At any rate, i watched as he turned the television on, and then left me watching it as he exited the house.  It was hours later when my husband got home and found me – but it was an amazing experience, despite everything....


Rena McCulloch, 51, Bristol


I’d spent the day at the local antiques market, looking for anything that I could use to add to my collection.  Not a lot else to do since he left me for that blonde haired...


My chestnut red hair was cut short, and I had on a brightly coloured jacket which looked a bit like a Jackson Pollock painting on black, a long blue scarf wrapped round my neck and tucked into the sides.  The coat covered a pair of black leggings, and I had on a pair of knee length red leather boots with flat heels and zipped on the inside.


As I said, I was walking round the stalls and markets for the best part of the day, and not finding very much, so by the end of the day I was ready to get home and have a nice cup of tea.  I got onto the bus that went out to my estate, not paying much attention to what was going on as I sat down, let the world go by, got off and walked into my front door.


Putting my striped shopping bag down, I was going to unfasten my coat when a gloved hand was clamped over my mouth, and a calm male voice told me to be quiet, and do what he said.  For a moment I thought the bastard had come home to cause trouble, but it wasn’t his voice, and I could feel a small disc against my back, so I nodded as he told me to take my scarf off.


I did that, and then he removed his hand – and told me to use the scarf to gag myself.  Slowly, too afraid to do anything other than obey, I opened my mouth and pulled the wool between my teeth, before I saw his gloved hands take the scarf and pull it tight, forcing the corners of my mouth back before he wrapped it round my head, between my lips again, and then secured the ends together at the base of my neck.


IT tasted strange, the wool on my tongue, before he reached round and unfastened my jacket, pulling it down my sleeves and hanging it on a hook as he uncovered my black v-necked top.  He then gently pulled my arms behind me, and I felt him cross my wrists, before some thin cord was used to bind them firmly together.  I could feel it around and between my arms, and he knew what he was doing – as he reached round and stroked his gloved hands down my arms, making me shiver as I mumbled into the wool which was drying out my mouth.


He then walked me through to my front room, my eyes opening wide as I saw the coils of rope laid out.  He must have been waiting for me to come in...


I heard him whisper into my ear to sit on the couch, and I finally got a good look at him.  Tall, greying hair, well built – and he knew what he was doing, as he knelt down and crossed my ankles before he tied them together, the rope squeaking as it rubbed against the patent leather of my boots.


I’m not the world’s thinnest woman, but as he looked at me, I could see a look in his eyes that seemed to say it didn’t matter to him, as he took more rope and tied my legs together below my knees, the band sitting on top of my boots.  As he did this, his hands stroked down my legs, making me shiver again as he cinched the binding.


He then stroked down my arms again, as I felt his lips on my neck – and I started to whimper, terrified of what he was going to do.  He whispered into my ear, told me not to worry, he wasn’t going to rape me, but he was going to make me feel wanted and loved.


I had no idea how he was going to do that, as he took another length of rope, ad tied it round my waist, locking my wrists to my back before he eased my jumper up, and then took it over my head, dropping it down my arms and exposing my black bra.


I had never felt hopeless – and then he produced more rope, and wrapped it round my body, pulling my arms into my sides as it sat under my chest, and then went round, tighter with each pass, above and below my breasts, until they were both framed and forced out.


But that wasn’t all he did – he then took another length of rope and tied it behind me, then under one arm, up and round my back, and then under my other arm, as the bands pressed on my chest, rubbed on my breasts, and made me feel – tingly, if the truth be told.


That feeling only increased as he started to use his hands on me, gently massaging my chest while his lips kissed my neck and shoulders.  The bastard had not done this for years – in any way – but somehow the fact I could not stop him made it feel so different, as his hands gently groped me, making my chest firm, making me hot, making me – feel desired, as he had said he would do.


He then slipped the straps of my bra down my arm, and exposed my breasts, but he continued to massage them as he kissed me.  I was barely aware of the darkening centre of my scarf, or the fact he was now pinching my firm nipples – all I knew was the growing warmth in my body, the feeling that I wanted him to continue, as he laid me down on the couch and looked at me, his eyes sparkling and then he leaned down, his lips enclosing one nipple as he...


The shock that ran through me was amazing as he sucked on each of my nipples, his tongue running over them as I squirmed round, the leather squeaking more and more.  He looked up and me, and continued to kiss me there, as his hand slipped between my thighs and I felt him touch me...


I had no idea now what I was doing, as he continued to kiss my breasts, to suck and enjoy, at the same time his hand gently stroking me there, and then I watched through misty eyes as he pulled my leggings down, revealing my bare crotch.


As his lips touched me there, I felt myself open up, involuntarily allowing him to do what I feared – but he didn’t.  Not in that way.  Instead he used his lips and tongue, entering me with that and sending me into screams and moves of pleasure as he kept going.  He somehow knew just where to touch me, to kiss me, to lick me, to...


I had no idea how he did it, but he sent me tumbling over the edge as my eyes opened wide and I screamed into the soaking wet wool, shaking as I came more than I had ever done with HIM.  And he kept going, kissing, licking, taking me down as gently as he had taken me to the edge....


I looked up as he stood up, and mumbled something like thank you as he stroke my head, and then left me there.  It was an hour later when my neighbour came in and found me – red, but nor from crying.  From exhaustion and exhilaration.


As I sit here, thinking it over, I got to thinking – who else out there would have met this man?  Did he do the same to them?  Did they feel the same way I did...









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