No Warning








I had no idea it was going to happen, no inkling, no warning...  If I did, I would never have left work early, but it was just a typical, normal day.


What do I do for a job?  I work as a teacher – primary school kids, have done for twenty years.  This was an in service day, but I only had to be in for the morning, so I headed home to catch up on some marking.  I was wearing what you took for forensics – a yellow round necked top with elbow length sleeves, a pink knee length skirt with a white chintz print, and short black boots.  I had a long black blazer over that, and...


Look, does it have to be said?


All right – I had a black scarf, the style that looks as if it’s made of tinsel, loosely tied round my neck.  I don’t want to remember that because...


Anyway – I came home, locked the car, and walked into the house.  Everything was just where it should be, so I went to the kitchen, put the kettle on, walked back in – and there he was.  He was wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, but all I could see was the piercing blue eyes that were visible in the balaclava which covered his head.


He smiled, pointed a gun at me, and said in a deep Northern voice that if I did what he said, I wouldn’t be hurt.  He then told me to walk slowly over to the windows and draw the curtains over.  I did, of course – the gun scared the hell out of me – before turning to look at him and try to remember what I could.


He was over six foot tall, and broad shouldered – but as I say, all I could see of his face were the piercing blue eyes and the thin lips.  I asked him what he wanted – if it was money, I had some, but not much, and apart from the rings and silver loop earrings I had on I didn’t have much jewellery.


He smiled – he actually smiled – and then told me to take my scarf off.  Well, I did so, scared he was going to use it to tie me up.


And then he told me to use it as a gag – to open my mouth and tie it round my head with the scarf between my lips.  I tried to protest, but he just said it again, more slowly, and raised the gun.


What was I meant to do?  I had to stop myself shaking as I opened my mouth and then felt the fabric tickling on my tongue as I tied it round my head, the ends hanging down my back.  He looked at me, as I tried to remain calm, and told me to lie face down on my long couch.


Walking over, I did once more as he had said, my head to the side as he crossed my wrists on the small of the back and used some sort of code to tie them together.  It was tight, and firm, as I then felt him cross my ankles and secure them together as well.


I tried to find the knot with my fingers as he left me there, and I could hear him searching through the rooms.  When he came back in, I turned and looked at him – and that was when things got...



Sorry – needed a minute.  He walked over and made me sit up, brushing my short brown hair out of the way from behind, and then I felt his lips on my neck, as he pulled my jacket down my arms, leaving it hanging over my bound wrists.  I tried to get out of the way, but he put one arm round me, holding me against him as he continued to kiss my neck – and then he put his hands on my chest, pressing gently down as his fingers moved over me.


I let out a gasp of surprise, muted by the scarf, and then tried to wriggle out of his grasp – but all that did was increase the rubbing on my chest, and it was making me feel strange.  Very strange, as I closed my eyes, breathing heavily as he then lifted my top up and pulled it over my head, exposing my white bra as it rested n top of my blazer and wrists.


That was when I felt more rope around my arms, and gasped even more as I felt my elbows being drawn together, almost touching as he tied the rope tightly.  He then untied my wrists, taking my jacket and top off before he re-tied them more tightly than before.


By now, I was beginning to realise this was more than a robbery, but he had my arms pinned behind my back, and this damned scarf in my mouth.  So when he reached round and started to – well, to grope my chest again, as his lips travelled over my shoulders and down my back, I wanted to scream for help.


Not moan at the way it felt, but that was exactly what I was doing, as I closed my eyes and without realising it moved my head to one side.  He then stopped, and I wondered why – until I saw the doubled over rope that he passed round me, rubbing on my belly as he tied it to force my arms against my back, and then wrapping it round me, several times above and below my chest.


It had felt strange before, with my chest forced out, but now that it was framed in the rope I really was starting to feel something different – only accented when he tightened them further by taking the rope under my arms and around the back of my neck.


I looked at my chest, so much more prominent and firm, and his hands as he massaged ad groped them – which is when I realised I was damp between my legs, and that despite my fears, this was actually turning me on.  So I wriggled round some more, as he kissed my neck, and then...


I don’t know what was the bigger shock – the cool air on my bare nipples, or the fact he cut my bra in half between my breasts, but he did, and he made me lie on my back, my groans getting louder as he stated to kiss my chest, my nipples hardening even more at the touch of his lips, the stroke of his tongue.


I closed my eyes as I started to feel this warmth running through me, and then looked as he pulled my skirt down and off, revealing my white panties – with a damp stain in the middle.  I could see he had seen that as well, as he pressed his hand on it, and I arched my back.


I thought he was going to pull them down then, but instead he took another length of rope, and tied my legs together below my knees, before he picked the scissors up and cut my panties away.  that was when I noticed the bulge in his trousers – and I knew what was going to happen eventually.


Before that, though, he reached down and kissed me on my mound – and it was the most amazing, unexpected feeling of all, as his lips and tongue seemed to take me back to my youth.


What was worse, the scarf was tickling on my throat – a fact he noticed as he pulled the scarf from my mouth, and pressed his lips to mine before I could get the chance to speak, his tongue entering my mouth as I tasted my juices on him.


I gasped as he pulled his head away, and that gave him the opportunity to push the panties into my mouth, leaving me essentially naked save for my boots, and the rope was creaking like mad as he kissed my breasts again, using his finger to work past my petals as he sucked on my nipples.


I moaned as I arched my back, and offered no resistance as he made me kneel facing the couch, pressing a length of white tape over my mouth before he pushed my face onto the cushions, and I sensed him kneeling behind me – and then as he pushed himself inside me.


By this time, he had taken me so close to the edge that I found myself welcoming him, gripping him with my muscles as he moved to and fro behind me, and grateful he was at least there, rather than anywhere else.


As for what happened after that...  I will say it was mercifully short, but only because I was so ready to take anyone at that point I found myself contributing and helping him on at that time...


When he had finished, he made me lie on the floor, and tied my ankles to the chest ropes, and then tied a second rope around my waist, pulling it between my legs as the cords sank between my lips, and then tied it to the hogtie rope.  All I could do was roll over, panting into the gag as I watched him dress and leave through misty eyes...



As I said, it happened, and I want to move on.   My worry is, this was not the first time he had done this, was he?  Who else has he attacked?


Who else...







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