Older Beauty









It was a cool, clear night with a Harvest moon hanging in the air.  A perfect night for a nocturnal visit, as I cruised round the dark streets of the Thames side town.  A lot of famous people lived in this area, and they believed that their houses were secure and safe from intruders.  I, of course, knew differently, as I stopped and looked at the house through the gates in the high wall.


It was fairly small, but the wall and the communicator at the front suggested privacy.  I wanted that too, so I drove down the side road to the rear, parked the car, checked my gear in the rucksack before putting it on my back, and then threw the rope over the wall, hearing the clink of the metal hook and testing it before I climbed up.


I stowed the rope away, and dropped onto the soft grass underneath.  The house was in darkness, safe for one light in a downstairs room.  My information told me that was where the housekeeper slept, so I imagined it would be her in there.  Which was fine - I was prepared for this. 


I approached the house, keeping to the shadows as much as possible, and then used a heated screwdriver to force the door to the kitchen open.  Slipping in, I could hear the television on in the room that was lit, so I closed the door to, took the revolver from the jacket of my pocket, and made me way down the darkened corridor to where the light was shining under the door.


Counting to ten, I gripped the door handle and opened it, stepping and saying “Don’t move,” as I did so.  As I had suspected, it was indeed the housekeeper - or au pair if you prefer.  A young girl of about twenty five, she had talked to me when I had visited earlier posing as a gas inspector.  That time she had worn a grey dress coat, dark tights and shoes, but tonight she was in a long white t-shirt, a pair of grey leggings and long socks with padded soles.


I looked different as well, of course - the black balaclava with the holes for my eyes, nose and mouth, the black leather jacket, and the gun in my gloved hands saw to that.  I looked at her, her petrified blue eyes looking at me from under the fringe of her blonde hair and said “Please - don’t hurt me...”


“I won’t hurt you,” I said as I took my rucksack off, put it on the table by her chair and drew out a coil of rope, “if you do as I say.  Now, lie face down on the bed, and put your hands behind your back.”


I was grateful that she slowly stood up and did as I asked - I find it much easier that way.  I crossed her wrists, and tied them tightly together, the pop music on the MTV channel playing in the background.   Satisfied it was tight enough, I then tied her ankles together side by side, making sure the rope went between her legs, before saying “Very good - what’s you name.”


“Inga,” she replied quietly.


“All right Inga - roll over, sit yourself up and then turn with your back to me. I’m going to make sure you’re secured and quiet, and then I’m going to look for the jewellery.  Do you know where your employer keeps her safe?”


“It is in the study,” she said without hesitation, as I passed some rope around her arms and pulled it tightly under her chest.  “Thank you,” I said as I quickly wound it above and below her chest, the t-shirt stretching over it as I pulled her arms tightly into her side, then made it even tighter by passing the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, then under the other arm.


“That’s not uncomfortable is it,” I said with a smile, but she just glared at me - occupational hazard, of course.  Anyway, I helped her to lie on her side, and then tied her legs together below her knees and around her thighs.


“Where is your mobile phone and your purse,” I said as I made sure she had a pillow under her head.  She nodded to a bedside cabinet, which had a brown leather bag on it.  Looking inside, I took her phone and removed the battery, then disconnected the main phone from the wall before pocketing her cards.


“I’ll be back later,” I said as I knelt in front of her, and brushed her hair away, “but forgive me if I make sure you cannot shout or scream.”  I held a small sponge ball in front of her mouth, and as she opened wide I pushed it in, then pressed the end of a roll of micropore tape at her cheek before winding it round her head, trapping her hair to her neck as I did so.


“Forgive me,” I said quietly as I pulled her legs forward slightly, bending her knees before I tied her ankles to the ropes around her chest, and then left her, watching the television as I made my way to the other downstairs rooms of the house.


As she had said, I found the safe in a study, and it did not take too long to open it, but as I had equally suspected there was nothing I could take in there - the real valuables, the things I could take and sell on, would be upstairs.  Still, there was some money, which always comes in handy, and I decided to continue my search upstairs.


Now, I know what you’re thinking - I went upstairs, found the most fabulous jewellery, and got away Scott free?  Well, there is some element of truth to that, but that didn’t happen immediately.  There was something else that attracted my attention - or rather someone else.


She was standing with her back to me, her lithe and slim body highlighted against the car lights that shone through the open door.  “Thank you, Desmond,” I heard her call out as she waved, “I will see you in the morning.”  With that the car drove off, leaving us in momentary darkness as she closed the door, turned the light on and turned to face me.


My god she was beautiful - she had long light brown hair that fell over the shoulders of the fur coat she was wearing, the coat reaching to just above the floor.  She was also wearing a pair of strapped sandals, the four inch stiletto heels making her look taller than the five foot nine she was in all the books.


Of course I recognised her - Rachel Cardiff, the film star and owner of the house I had broken into.  She looked at me, her head cocked to one side and a slight smile on her face, before saying “I trust Inga is unharmed?”


“I left her in her room - bound and gagged, but unharmed.  I must trouble you, Ms Cardiff...”


“Rachel - I hate to stand on formality, so call me Rachel.”  She unfastened her coat and turned with her back to me.  “Can I trouble you to take this for me?  I promise you I will not try to scream or run off or raise the alarm.”


Well, this was an unusual request, but I am nothing if not accommodating, so I left the gun where I could get it and slipped the coat off Rachel.  It revealed a stunning leopard print dress, which went from the collar to the hem that reached just above her knee, leaving her very shapely legs visible underneath.  It had sleeves that came to just below her elbows, and as she turned I realised it fitted her like a glove, the material conforming to the shape of her body as I saw the top of her chest in the square cut front.


“You can stop looking now,” she said as she looked at me, her hair piled high.


“I’m sorry,” I said eventually, “it’s just that you look stunning, even though you’re...”


“I’m 75,” Rachel said as she looked at me, “and I have been very lucky.  Enough of me for the moment, however - who are you and why exactly have you broken in.”


“I’m not going to tell you my name,” I said quietly as I picked up the gun again, “but I am going to steal your jewellery - starting with the earrings and bracelets you are wearing.  Please, take them off and put them in this bag.”  I took a small velvet bag from my jacket pocket and handed it to her.


“And if I refuse?”


“Then I will tie you tightly up, gag you, and then remove them.  Somehow, I think, you don’t want that.”


“I get the feeling the tying and gagging will happen anyway,” Rachel said with a shrug, “but thank you for the courtesy.”  She took the bag, removed her jewellery and slipped it in, before handing it back to me.  “So, where shall we go now?”


“First,” I said quietly, “I must trouble you to turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“Well, if you insist,” Rachel replied with a smile, and then she allowed me to bind her wrists tightly together, making sure I cinched it between her arms, and then I wrapped some rope round her waist, securing them to her back.  As I did so, my hand brushed over her stomach, and I could feel the soft material of the skirt over her body.


“Did that feel nice,” she said over her shoulder as I tied the rope between her arms and her back.


“It did - I’m sorry if that upsets you,” I said as I walked in front of her, and motioned to the staircase.


“Oh it doesn’t - at my age it is good to be appreciated for who I am,” she said with a smile, as we started to climb the stairs.  “So are you a fan?”


I blushed and said “Well, yes - ever since I saw Amazing Journey.”


“Many fans seem to say that - I think it was the wetsuit,” she replied as we got to the top of the stairs.  “We may as well get this over with - second door on the left.”


“You do not seem to be afraid of what I may do,” I said as we entered the large and luxuriously furnished bedroom, and I helped Rachel to sit on the side of the king sized bed.


“You’re not the first person to rob me, and you won’t be the last - bur you’re not the worst or the most violent either.  I guess I owe you some courtesy for that - and besides, I’m well insured.”


“So,” I said as I looked round the room, “where should I look?”


“Try in the top drawer of the dresser first,” Rachel said as she crossed her legs, and I saw a glimpse of the tops of her stockings, “And there is a safe in the wardrobe.”


“Will you tell me the combination?”


She nodded, and watched as I emptied the drawer she had indicated of her gold rings and bangles, then went to the wardrobe and found the safe.  After she gave me the numbers, she watched, shifting slightly as I emptied the trays of jewellery.  I caught a glimpse of her, the leopard skin dress moving over her chest as she did, and I started to think some thoughts that I probably should not...


“Don’t be embarrassed - I like it when younger men think me beautiful.”


I blushed at that, and said “It’s very difficult to think of you as the same age as my grandmother - you look so much younger.”


“I’ll take that as a compliment - now tell me, how did you tie Inga?”


“I’m sorry?”


“How did you tie her up?”


I told Rachel, who nodded and said “Good - she won’t be too uncomfortable, but I need you to secure me just as tightly.”


I was going to protest, but then she said “I can take it - so don’t try and use the age card on me.  Besides, you deserve something for your politeness.”


“What do you mean?”


She looked at me, and then said “I know what happens to men when they tie me up, or see me tied up - and I’m not a prude in that matter.  So long as you give me your word you won’t actually do anything more than touch, you may - oh now what’s the modern phrase - cop a feel.  I might even like it.”




“Oh come on,” she said as she looked at me with her brown eyes, “you’re not going to pretend you’re not tempted, are you?”


Shaking my head, I put the jewellery into the bag, then took out several lengths and walked over to her.  “I’m going to tie your ankles first,” I said quietly.


“Well then, take my shoes off as well - my feet are killing me.”  I swallowed, then unfastened the straps one her shoes before I tied her ankles tightly together, loving the way her hose stretched under the white bands of rope.  I heard her sigh as I then slipped the sandals off, and look at me before she said “Oh that is good.  Would you mind massaging my feet for me?”


“Of course,” I said as I started to use my fingers to gently stroke the soles of her feet, the slight moans coming from her a sign of what I was doing before I took more rope, and tied her legs together below her knees.  As I passed the rope between her legs again, my hands stroked the side and back of her legs, and I realised it felt so good. 


After tying off the knee ropes, I stroked my hands down the back of her calves, then said “I need to tie your legs together at your thighs.  Do you mind...


Rachel shook her head and stood up, allowing me to move her skirt up and hold it out of the way as I bound her thighs in the same way as her knees.  As I pulled the skirt down, and helped her to sit again, she wriggled her legs and said “Good job - I won’t be running off anywhere.   Now, I guess you need to bind my arms next, correct?”


Nodding, I drew out a longer length of rope and knelt behind Rachel on the bed, wrapping the rope around her torso and pulling it so that her arms were forced against it.  She let out a bigger sigh then, as the front of her dress stretched over her chest and threatened to slip under.


That threat increased as I wrapped the rope several times around her arms and upper body, above and below her chest, the white visible over the brown shading as I made sure she was unable to move her arms.  As I did so, my hands had to stroke over those beautiful, 36D breasts, and it felt so good to feel that firm flesh under my gloved hands...


“Not yet, big boy,” Rachel said as she winked at me, while I pulled the bands together behind her back and tied the rope off.  “I don’t mind if you want to force them further out, but I want to be gagged before you start to have any fun.”


“You seem to be very calm - aren’t you afraid I may do something more?”


She turned her head to look into my eyes, and then said “No - I don’t think you will.  So, what do you intend to do now?”


I tied the end of  a length of rope to the side behind Rachel, then took it over her shoulder, passed it under the lower band of rope between her breasts and then pulled up, making the front of her dress start to slip down as I took it back over her shoulder and tied it off.  “Nice,” she said as she looked over at me, “I guess I won’t be able to stop you lowering it now.  So, the gag - look in the wardrobe and you will find a leopard print scarf.  There are clean panties in the top drawer of the chest - from there on, you’re on your own.”


“All right - but if I go too far, you’ll let me know?”


“I trust you,” she said as I went to the wardrobe, and found the long rectangle of silk she had spoken of.  I also took a pair of panties, and returned or her, folding the cotton garment before saying “open wide.”


“Thank you,” was the last thing she said before I pushed the panties in, and then wrapped the scarf twice round her head pulling it between her lips and teeth to keep the cotton in place before tying it off at the back of her head.  She closed her eyes, then nodded and moaned as I reached round and started to massage her chest.


It was a childhood fantasy coming true - but in a dress that yielded and felt soft and warm to my touch, as opposed being cold and wet.  As I pressed more firmly, she leaned back against me and moaned, a deep, throaty, encouraging moan as my hands felt her nipples firming under my touch.  I closed my own eyes and moaned a little as well, slipping my hands under the tightly stretched fabric to touch and play with her nipples.


Mmmssgddd,” Rachel said quietly as she rubbed her head against my neck, while I continued to play with her, feeling them firm more and more as I did so.  Eventually I couldn’t resist any longer, and pulled the front of her dress down, exposing her chest to the cool air as I grabbed and massaged it.


Hyssssss,” she moaned out, twisting in my grasp as she pushed herself more against my hands, and I responded in kind, planting little kisses on her neck and throat as I did so.  Before I knew what was happening, she had turned her head and was kissing me, as I laid her on the bed.


“You don’t want me to do more than this, do you,” I said quietly, and in a strange way I was relieved when she shook her head and looked down.  Ummkssthm,” she did say, and then moaned even more as I gently kissed her breasts, massaging them as I did so.


I could have carried on with this for hours, but I caught a glimpse of the clock showing one in the morning, and I stopped for a moment, looking into her eyes as the sweat glistened on her brow.


“I’m afraid the time has come for me to go, “I said quietly, “but thank you for co-operating.”


She looked at me, then said “Urwlcm” before allowing me to kiss her again.  I then pressed a strip of the micropore tape over her lips, before collecting my gains and leaving her on the bed.


I checked on Inga before I left, and then made my way out the way I had come in.  Once I had scaled the wall again, and returned to my car, I drove home - I had to be at work in a few hours.




“Miss Cardiff?  You’re wanted on set.”


Rachel opened the door and smiled at me.  “Thanks, Tommy,” she said as she stepped out, in her figure hugging black cat suit, and then adjusted the mask that covered her eyes.


“For everything,” she then whispered into my ear.  “I’ll pay you when I recover my jewellery later.  Inga has also asked me to say thank you.”


“No thank you,” I said quietly as she walked off, her bottom moving in the leather.  There are many perks to working in the film industry - some of which come more often than others, but giving a wonderful actress some much needed stress relief?  Priceless.







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