Satisfied Customers







Sitting in my flat, a small whisky in my hand, I looked back on my notes for my work schedule over the last week.  It had been an entertaining week, with a variety of appointments, but I felt I had done well with all of them…




The start of the working week is always a tiring affair, and as Margaret stopped the car outside her house she hoped she was going to get a chance to unwind.  What she anticipated was the surprise she had arranged for herself – her husband was away on business, the girls long since moved out.  She had the house to herself.


Well, not quite, as she realised when she let herself in and put her bag down.  She had a black jacket on over a short sleeved dress, with grey front and back that had a black pattern printed on it, and black sides.  Her legs were in a pair of high black leather boots, and from my viewing spot I was amused to see one of those step counters fixed to the top of her left boot on the outside.


That viewpoint, by the way, was on the upper landing – I had let myself in when she was timed to leave work, and I was prepared in an outfit suitable for a burglar – black jumper and pants, leather gloves, and a domino mask.  As she made her way to the kitchen, I slowly made my way down the staircase, and slipped into the front room, waiting behind the door.


I watched as she came in with a cup of tea and sat down, picking up the television remote and turning on the news before she picked up the cup and took a sip.  I allowed her to refresh herself, before walking up behind as she put the cup down, and putting my gloved hand over her mouth.


Hmmhgghdd,” she mumbled as she looked up at my smiling face, “hi,” I said quietly, “now, I need you to promise me you are not going to get upset or call for help.  Will you do that?”


Margaret slowly nodded as I said “that’s good – now, I am robbing you, and you need to be prevented from raising the alarm.  So, decide what you want to watch, because you are going to be here a while, and then lean forward, hands behind your back.”


She nodded again as she picked up the remote, while I took my hand away and took from my pocket a length of white cord.  She turned on a film, and then leaned forward, allowing me to remove her jacket before I guided her wrists behind her back, crossed them, and bound them tightly together.  I then walked round and knelt in front of her, crossing and binding her ankles with a second length of rope, before I stood and looked at her.


“May I make a request,” Margaret said as she wriggled round, and I noticed the step count increase.  “If I am going to be here, I need to eat – can you order something, and then help me to eat it?”


I nodded and said “where is your purse?”


“My handbag is outside.”


“If you remain quiet, I can do that,” I said, watching as she nodded before I went outside, called a local takeaway, and then went back upstairs.


I returned half an hour later, with a pillowcase that tinkled as I put it on the table, and then we heard the doorbell.  I put my hand over Margaret’s mouth, saying “going to be quiet?”  She nodded, and I slipped out, removing the mask before I collected the food.


And so it was, that the burglar fed the woman he was robbing a selection of dim sum, as she sat bound hand and foot on her couch, watching a film.  Some people have very unusual requests, and this was Margaret’s regular scenario.


Anyway – once she had finished, and had a drink, I used one of her blue scarves as a cleave gag, and helped her to lie with her head on the arm of the chair, with a pair of scissors within reach of her hands behind her back.  She smiled and nodded as I made my exit – leaving the pillow case on the table.


Look, I’m not a thief – not in that way anyway.  But often, the simple ones give a lot of satisfaction – and besides, from the way she was moving her legs, her step count target was going to be met…





The issue with a client with Rose is you have to be prepared for the possibility that she ropes a friend in – literally.  So as I sat in the van outside her workplace, I was keeping a careful watch – and then she came out.  She was wearing a black jersey dress, dark tights and knee length black leather boots, her long dark hair falling free – but she was with a second woman, with dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, wearing a black jacket with white trim over a dark grey dress with a floral print, black leggings and black Ugg style boots – and a tartan scarf wrapped round her neck.


For a moment, I wondered if she was postponing, but then she went down the pre-arranged route, I nodded and started the van – Rose was obviously wanting to introduce a friend.


I turned down a different road and stopped where their path came out, going into the back and putting on my dark glasses as I saw them approaching.  I waited as they came closer, then got out, pointing a toy gun at them as I ordered them to get into the van.


Rose’s friend looked at her, and rolled her eyes as she said “I heard you liked this sort of thing, Rose, but seriously?”


“Come on Kate – you haven’t anything planned for tonight, have you?”


Kate shook her head as they both got in, and I said to her “kneel down, and put your hands behind your back.”


“I’ll give you this, it’s realistic,” she said as I handed Rose a length of rope, and told her to tie her friend up.  I watched her smile as she guided Kate’s hands behind her back, and used the rope to secure them together, Kate shaking her head as she said “why are we friends again?”


“Because we know how to have fun,” Rose said as she tied the rope off, and helped Kate to sit down, taking a second length of rope and using it to bind her ankles together, the rope sinking into the soft black fabric.  “And besides, I’m going to be the same as you in a few minutes.”


“True,” I said as I tore a length of white tape from a roll, and pressed it over Kate’s lips, “so kneel down.”


Sthhsshshhwhtfhls,” she mumbled as I bound Rose’s hands and feet, then tape gagged her a swell, before I tied a black scarf round her head as a blindfold.


And then used Kate’s tartan scarf as a blindfold for her, then stepped out of the van and made my way to the driver’s seat.




When I arrived at the destination, I opened the door, and carried Rose in first, putting her on one side of the couch before I carried Kate in and sat her on the other end.  I then went back to the van, returning with a bag of supplies before I took a long length of rope out and doubled it over.


Whtssghnnhn,” Kate said as she looked round, while I wrapped the rope round Rose’s body and pulled it tight, hearing her grunt and sigh as I wound the rope around above and below her chest, then tied it off before cinching the bands with shorter lengths between her arms and body.  I then took another length of rope, and tied her legs together below her knees, watching as her stretched dress moved over her chest.


I then went behind Kate, and whispered “in a moment, I will remove the blindfold, and you will see how Rose is now.  I know her, she will want you to be the same, but the choice is yours, so say nothing – just nod or shake your head.”


Kat slowly nodded as I untied the tartan scarf and removed it.  She looked round the room, but said nothing as she looked at Rose, twisting on the couch as her legs rubbed together, and the ropes rubbed on her chest.  After a moment, she slowly nodded, watching as I doubled another long length of rope over and bound her arms to her sides in the same way, forcing her jacket to open up more as her own chest was forced out.


I then knelt down and secured her legs below her knees, before I walked over and allowed Rose to see.  She blinked for a few minutes, looked round, and said “Whlchmmthmhhmmkht




Rose nodded, the smile visible under the tape as I said “usual arrangements, Rose?”




“You’re to try and free each other,” I said as I left a pair of scissors on a low table.  “Have fun.”


And something told me they would.


Now, Monday and Tuesday, fairly straightforward.  The next day was more – personally rewarding…





Olive is a widow, in her late fifties, who is a regular customer, and I know what she likes.  So pulling up outside her house, wearing a smart suit, shirt, tie and shoes properly shined, I knew what was going to happen.


Getting out, I removed a black bag from the back of my car, and walked up, ringing the doorbell and smiling as she opened it.  She had been to a salon – her greying brown hair was cut back, and she was wearing a grey cardigan over a white top, and black trousers tucked into baggy black leather boots.


“Good afternoon, Madame,” I said with a smile, “I wonder if I can interest you in an insurance policy?  There have been a lot of home invasions in the area, and we are…”


“I’m sorry,” Olive said as she looked at me, “I’m not interested…”


“Oh, I think you will be in this,” I said as I opened my jacket, and showed her the butt of an imitation pistol.  She looked at me, and said quietly “if you insist…”


“I do, I do,” I said with a smile as we walked in, and she closed the door.  “Now, keep those hands where I can see them.  Is there anybody else in the house?”  She shook her head, and then I asked “are you expecting anyone else?”


“No – what are you going to do to me?”


“Well,” I said quietly, “I want you to walk up to your bedroom, and keep your hands where I can see them.”


She turned and raised her hands, slowly walking up the stairs as we entered her bedroom.  Smiling, I put the bag on the bed, and said quietly “I want you to remove your cardigan, and then put your hands, nice and slowly, behind your back.”


I watched as she slipped the grey wool garment down her arms, letting it fall to the floor, before she moved her hands behind her back.  Removing a length of soft rope from the bag, I crossed and tied her wrists tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms as she looked ahead.


“Good, now stand still,” I said quietly as I took a longer length of rope, doubled it over, and started to bind her arms to her sides, forming bands above and below her chest as her top was stretched over it.  Olive moaned slightly – especially when I took the rope over one shoulder, under the lower band and back up, my hands stroking over her breasts, now more prominent, and also her firm nipples.


“That’s tight,” she whispered, as I tied the rope off behind her back, and nodded.  I then reached round and started to massage her chest, kneading her breasts with my fingers as she closed her eyes and leaned against me. 


“You are a very beautiful woman,” I whispered into her ear before I kissed her neck, Olive starting to shake as I lifted her top up and massaged her chest – she wasn’t wearing a bra, something I already suspected.


I pinched her nipples gently, and then said “Open your mouth.”   As she did so, I pushed a compressed sponge ball into her mouth, playing with her as her groans were muffled, and she closed her lips over it, and then told her to lie on her back.


As she did so, I tore from a wide roll of white micropore tape a long strip, and then gently kissed her lips before I pressed the tape over them, the shape of her lips visible underneath as she looked at me.


I made my way down to her ankles and took some more rope from the bag, tying them tightly together, and then secured her legs below her knees, before securing her ankles further to the foot of the bed.  I then looked at her, smiling as I started to gently kiss her breasts, using my lips and tongue to tease her nipples.


She groaned more and arched her back, as I slipped my hand down between her legs and started to stroke her crotch.  That made her moan even more as I licked her nipples, and then moved my mouth down, kissing her belly button as I unfastened and pulled her pants down to her knees, and then her panties.


My finger stroked up over her damp slit as she shook, and I moved my mouth down, kissing her and then using my lips and tongue on her clit.  This was what she wanted, what she needed, as she ground her hips and moved against my mouth, my tongue slipping into her as I worked her to her desired state…


And when she reached that desired state, she arched her back and screamed out, her body shaking as I kept kissing her, and then held her as she slowly, slowly came back down.


An hour later, I left her sleeping, her upper body untied but her legs still bound, her mouth still taped, as I slipped out of the house…






Don’t for one second think I have an exclusive clientele, or that I do the same thing for everyone.  Everyone has their own distinct kink, and I always take account of their cultural mores and sensibilities.


This Thursday, I was in Salford, fulfilling a request for a young woman called Mika.  Mika, despite what you may think of the name, was a young Muslim woman, who lived with her nineteen year old sister Anika.  Both very devout women, but in the profile I saw they both loved real crime stories, and had requested that experience.


So I was in their area, watching them as they walked down the street.  Mika wore a beige jacket over a long white dress, a beige belt fastened loosely around her waist, and cork sandals, her head and shoulders covered loosely in a long grey shawl with a patterned edge.  Anika was wearing a shorter scarf over her head and neck, in the same shade, and had a grey sweatshirt on with fitted trousers and red sandals.


Anyway, they were heading to their home, so I followed from a distance, wearing a red bomber jacket over a grey t-shirt and faded jeans.  I knew I would be able to find what I needed for this experience at their house.


I watched as they walked in, and then walked round the back, putting on some latex gloves and then opening the back door.  How neglectful of them to leave it unlocked…


As I closed the door, I heard footsteps, and stood to the side as Mika came in, putting a bag on the table and walking past me.  Well, she would have walked past me, except I hand gagged her from behind and told her not to scream, that would be the best thing for her to do.  That was the code I had been given to reassure her of who I was, so she relaxed and nodded as I took my hand away, and asked her if she had any duct tape in the house – I was going to tape her and her sister up while I robbed the place.


She nodded and pointed to a cupboard, opening it at my prompting and handing me a large roll of the silver tape.  Removing my hand, I told her to put her hands by her sides, and wound the tape tightly round her waist and wrists to keep them in place.  I then wound another band around her stomach and arms, and one round her upper arms, so that she could only wriggle round and ask me what I was going to do next.


I asked if she had any clean clothes, and she told me to look in a drawer.  There were some clean rags there, one of which I folded up and put into her mouth, and then wound the tape tightly round her head so that it was kept in place.  She mewled and moaned as I was doing that, but her head was protracted as was her hair.


“Let’s go,” I said as I made her walk in front of me and into the front room.  Anika was watching CSI, but when she saw her sister, and me, she said “so that is what you are going to do to me?”


“Not quite – I want you to cross your wrists in front of yourself,” I said, before I helped Mika to lie on her back on the couch.  I then taped Anika’s wrists together in front of her, and then added two bands of tape, one round her stomach and one round her upper arms, then told her to sit in an armchair.


Once I had put a cloth into her mouth, and wound the tape round her head, again with her scarf protecting her hair, I taped her ankles together, as well as her legs above and below her knees.  As she twisted round, the tape crinkling, I wound tape around Mika’s ankles, and then her legs in the same places as her sisters, trapping her skirt underneath as well.


I left the room, the two of them twisting and trying to get free, and helped myself to a glass of water, before I picked up a pair of scissors and went back into the front room, leaving them where Anika could see them.


“Comfy?”  As both girls nodded, I said “I trust you are satisfied with the service provided?”


Vrrssmshss,” Mika mumbled, Anika nodding in agreement.


“Right – as per the request, I leave you a way to start to get free.  Enjoy your evening…”




Friday night is music night, and as I knocked on the door of the flat, I could hear the music playing inside.  I was wearing a brown polo shirt and shorts, and had a package in my hands, a clipboard balanced on top of it.


The door was opened by a woman in her fifties, wearing a red jacket over a black blouse, a silk scarf with a Mondrian print on it worn like a cravat.  She was also wearing blue jeans and knee length black leather boots.


“Mrs Amy Hider?”


“I am,” she said as she looked at me, “is that for me?”


“It is, Mrs Hider, but it is heavy.  Is it all right if I bring it in, and then you can sign for it before I leave?”


“Of course,” she said as she stood to one side, while I carried the box in and put it on a small table in the hallway while she closed the door.  Mopping my brow, I said “if you sign here, I’ll open the box and check the contents are all right.”


“What is in the box anyway,” Amy said as she signed the sheet on the clipboard, while I opened the box and looked inside.


“Well, I have this,” I said as I took a gun out and pointed it at her, Amy’s eyes opening wide as she let the clipboard drop to the floor.  “Now, there’s nobody else home, is there Amy?”  I smiled as she slowly shook her head, as I said “good – now, take that jacket off and hang it up, then come here.”


I watched as she did that, and then walked over, putting her hands in the air as she did so.  I smiled as I reached into the box, and took out a set of handcuffs, handing them to her and telling her to cuff her wrists together behind her back.  She did this, and then her eyes widened as I took a red ball gag from the box, and waved it in front of her.


“Open wide,” I whispered, Amy swallowing as I eased the ball between her teeth, and then fastened the straps round her head, trapping her greying hair as I did so.  she mumbled something as I then took from the box a long length of white rope, doubled it over, and then tied it round her arms and body, trapping them against her sides as I wound the rope round above and below her chest as I pulled it tighter with each pass, and then tied it off behind, before taking it under one arm, up and around the back of her head, and then under the other arm, so that her chest was forced out, her breasts framed in the ropes.


Whtsshhtuhwhnt,” she mumbled as a thin line of drool ran down her cheek while I tied the ropes off.  I walked in front of her, another long length of rope in my hand, and smiled as I tied it round the bands of ropes between her breasts, pulling it tight as the bands constricted round them, and then letting the ends drop to the floor as I walked behind her.


Reaching round, I gently caressed and kneaded her breasts, making her moan out as she leaned back against me – then I used a key to unlock and remove the handcuffs, before using more rope to hold her wrists tightly together.


I then reached between her legs, hearing her grunt as I pulled the rope up and against her pants, then fed it round her wrists before tying it to her chest ropes.  She wriggled round, the rope rubbing between her legs as I took her by the arm, and walked her into the master bedroom.


“Lie down,” I said quietly, watching as she lay on her stomach on the bed, while I crossed her ankles and bound them tightly together, then secured her legs below her knees.  She rolled onto her side as I walked behind her, and pulled on the crotch rope, then pulled her ankles back and tied them to that rope as well.


“Now, you stay there while I fill the box,” I said as I watched her, Amy nodding as I left her to – entertain herself.


When I looked in, she was shaking as the damp patch spread under her crotch rope.  I walked over and checked she was all right, before I untied the hogtie and left some scissors where she could get to them – and a vibrator under the crotch rope.  A little extra gift for a loyal customer…






Southwell is a very busy area of London, but I have a regular monthly appointment there.  So it was that I walked along, wearing a black leather jacket over a white shirt and trousers, and knocked on the door of a large house on the outskirts of the town.


The door was opened by an elderly Indian woman, wearing a red sari with a white fern print over a gold coloured blouse.  She had silver bangles on her wrists, and wore a pair of large brown glasses, as I lowered my own sunglasses and looked at her.


“No,” she whispered, and stepped back as I walked in, closing the door behind myself, and then grabbed her, putting my hand over her mouth from behind as I whispered “you’re not going to scream or call for help, are you?”


She shook her head as I said “good – into the front room, and you close the curtains, understood?”


She nodded as we walked into the front room, and she drew the curtains across the windows, turning and saying “please, don’t hurt me?”


“Then do as I say,” I said as I put down a black bag I was holding, and took out a red dupatta.  Walking behind her, I guided her arms behind her back, putting her hands together palm to palm, and using the dupatta to tie them firmly together.  I then walked back and picked up a second red dupatta, walking back to her and using to bind her arms together so that her elbows were touching, forcing her shoulders back as her sari stayed in place.


Making sure the dupatta was passed between her arms as well, I smiled as I held her arms, and said “I want you to go and sit on the recliner over there.”  She nodded and did that, watching as I fetched two gold dupattas and knelt in front of her.  I used one of them to secure her ankles together, making sure as with her arms the silk went around and between her legs, and then the second one went round her legs above her knees, gathering the lower part of her sari round them as I did so.


“What…  What are you doing,” she whispered, and then her eyes shot open as I covered her mouth, and said “what was that?”


Whtrrudhnn,” she said as she wriggled round, and tried to speak on my hand.  I then removed it, and tied a knot in a blue dupatta, before I eased that knot between her teeth and tied it tightly round her head.


Uhwhdldnntt,” she mumbled, but I did, as I started to massage her chest – but this was what she wanted, as she closed her eyes and wriggled round, panting as she pushed her chest into my hands while I kneaded and caressed it.


She closed her eyes and groaned, more and more loudly as I kneaded and teased her, never putting my hands under her sari or into her blouse, but the effect on her was the same, before I she started to shake and opened her eyes wide.  I kept going, waiting until she was done, before I slowly untied and removed the dupattas, put them into the bag, and left without another word.


This was always the deal, but she was also a satisfied customer.





Normally, I don’t work on a Sunday, but this was for one of my very special clients – a church organist called Jo.


I was waiting for her to return after the service that morning – her grey hair carefully styled, and wearing a green jersey, a knee length tweed skirt in a check, and high black leather boots.  As she pulled into her garage, and turned the engine off, I slipped inside and waited to the side while she closed the door behind the car.  She was a widower, and lived alone, although her daughter did come to call on a Sunday later on.


She stepped out of the car, closed the door – and then reached up to grab my arm as I hand gagged her, and said “I hope you’re going to scream – I want to do something to make it impossible for you to do so.”




“First,” I said quietly, “I want you to put your hands behind your back, and open your mouth.”


Jo nodded as I took my hand away, and put a folded cloth into her mouth.  As she closed her lips over it, I took her hands behind her back and tied them tightly together with rope, making sure I cinched the binding, before I took a longer length of rope and tied it round her arms and body, her jumper stretching as her chest was forced up and out.


“All right then,” I said quietly, “let’s go – I already opened the kitchen door.”


We walked inside and into the front room, Jo standing and watching as I closed the curtains, and then looked at her.  “Kneel down,” I said quietly, and as she did this I stood in front of her, holding her chin up as she looked at me.


“You’re going to do exactly what I say, aren’t you,” I whispered, Jo meekly nodding as I slowly unzipped my pants, and let my cock hang out.


Duhhwhtmhhthkhssht, shrrr?”


“Yes I do,” I whispered quietly, watching as Jo bent her head slightly and started to gently kiss it as it hung there, starting to throb slightly.  She moaned herself, as I looked at her and said “do you know what I want you to do?”


She looked up and slowly nodded as I removed the folded panties form her mouth, and she started to gently kiss and tease it, me watching as her lips pressed against the sides, the base, and then the tip, parting slightly as she drew it in and then pushed it back out again.


“Keep going,” I whispered as Jo kissed it again, and then placed her lips over it, using her tongue to lick and tease on it as I held her head in both hands.  She loved doing this – one night, when we sat and talked afterwards, she said she had to express her naughty side after a church service, to restore a balance as it were, and it was my job to help her to do that.


She sucked me in, holding my cock in her mouth as she sucked gently, pulling it in and pushing it out as her tongue licked and teased gently.  An intoxicating combination, and it was having the desired effect as I groaned and geld her head, feeling my cock expand and fill her mouth, the tip at the back of the throat as she sucked harder, the throbbing increasing as she kept going, and turning into a pressure I found almost impossible to control.


But I did so as long as I could, until I came in her mouth, holding Jo’s head as she greedily sucked and swallowed my cum, and then let me go, as I said “thank you” and pushed the wet panties back into her mouth.


I then covered her mouth in duct tape, before I walked behind her, kneeling down and starting to massage her chest as she moaned and wriggled round.  I felt her chest firming, her nipples hardening, as I eased her jumper up and over her head, letting it fall behind her as my finger slipped into the cups of her bra, stroking her hard nipples.


She groaned even more at this, as I eased her bra off as well, taking the straps down her arms as I did so, and then played with her for a few minutes as she ground against me, making me excited once again.


I then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor as I made her stand up, and then lifted her over my shoulder, carrying her up the stairs as she wriggled, and I smacked her bottom to get her to stop.  Not that she did – not that she ever did, really.


Putting her on the bed, I put the two lengths of cord I had brought up down, and bent her left leg, wrapping the rope round her ankle and then her thigh as I secured her leg in a frog tie.  The second length of rope was used on her other leg, before I pushed her onto her back, removing my own pants and boxers before I straddled her, and started to kiss her chest and neck, taking her to the peak again as my hands helped her along.



Only with their full consent, in writing, would I do this, but as I said Jo is a regular, and I slipped on the protection before I entered her, thrusting forward as she gripped me in response, and I made love to the helpless, bound and gagged woman, the way she wanted it to be.


When I had given all I could, I slipped out and looked at her as she nodded, and said “Fhnkuh.”  I nodded and said I’d give her a little while to recover, while I went to the kitchen, having adjusted myself – and started to cook lunch.


Yeah, it’s strange, but that is the arrangement – I pretend to be an intruder and make love to her, and then I cook her dinner.  We ate, we talked, and I left before her daughter arrived…




Putting the glass down, I checked my diary for the next week as well.  So many satisfied customers who wanted me to visit them again…










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