Satisfied Maturity







My last week has been a varied and interesting time, as I have dealt with a number of clients on behalf of my agency, making sure their needs were satisfied in the way they wished them to be.  Now, as I sit here relaxing, it gives me a chance to consider the way my work has differed from day to day.


I started on Monday, in the town of Sidmouth on the Channel coast in Dorset.  The person making the request was a woman in her early sixties called Dorothy Moore – she had asked if, for a few hours, she could relive an experience she had had as a young woman working as a bank clerk in Bournemouth.  At her own request, I was going to surprise her, so as I sat in a café I watched her walk past. 


She was wearing a pink dress, with tiny white hearts printed on it and a v-shaped neckline, and a pink cardigan over the top, as well as white sandals.  Her grey hair was cut short, and she had a small pendant hanging round her neck.


As she passed, I finished sipping my tea, and then put some money on the table before I walked after her.  I was wearing a black jacket over a grey shirt and dark trousers, nothing special, nothing ostentatious – just normal.


She made her way along the main road, looking from time to time into a shop window, and then we headed towards the main car park.  As we walked in, I saw her heading for a small car – and then walked beside her, pressing something into her back as I said “not a word, dear lady – just do as I say, understand?”


“Who are you,” she whispered as I guided her over to a Skoda Octavia I had hired for the day.  It was dark blue, and had tinted windows – perfect for what I was going to do.


“Time enough for that later,” I said as I opened the rear door of the car, “I want you to get in and lie face down on the seat, then put your hands behind your back.”  She looked in, seeing the cushions I had packed into the foot wells, and slowly did as I asked while I took from my jacket pocket a roll of silver tape.


Putting her hands together palm to palm, I taped Dorothy’s wrists tightly together as she whispered “please, don’t hurt me.”


“then be quiet and do as I say,” I whispered in reply as I taped her ankles together, then slipped her sandals off before I wound the tape round her feet as well.  I then rolled her over, smiling as I pressed a length of tape over her mouth, and then closed the door.


Getting in behind the wheel, I said “you’re going to give me the keys to your branch – once I make sure I have you secured somewhere else.  So be quiet and try not to move, all right?”


I looked in the rear view mirror as she slowly nodded, and I could have sworn I saw a smile under the tape, but I started the car and reversed out, before I drove out of the town and towards the country cottage she lived in.




I pulled into the driveway, and got out, looking round before I got Dorothy’s handbag from the rear of the car and opened the front door.  I then lifted her up, feeling her wriggle in my arms as I carried her into the house and laid her down on the couch in the front room, before I went and closed both the car door and then the front door.  Walking in, I said “so, are the branch keys in your bag?”


She slowly nodded as I took the tape, and secure her legs together above and below her knees, then sat her up and taped her arms to her sides as she sat still.  Letting her lie down again, I put a cushion under her head and turned the television on, letting her watch a film as I pretended to take some keys from her bag.


“Don’t move – my friends are going to take care of things while I stay here,” I said as Dorothy nodded again, lying still until I left the room, and I heard the crinkle of the tape as she twisted round.


I released her two hours later, as she thanked me for allowing her to relive the experience, before she showered, changed and joined me for afternoon tea…






Tuesday found me in Portsmouth, looking out from my car on a terraced house in the outskirts of that fine city.  As I watched, a man in his late fifties came out of the house, adjusting his tie before he got into his car and drove off.  After a few minutes, I got out of the car with a doctor’s bag in my hand, and walked across to the house.  I was dressed appropriately – a dark suit, white shirt, tie and polished black leather shoes – to play the part I had been hired to play for this lady.


When I rang the doorbell, I looked from side to side as I put my hand in my jacket pocket, then smiled as it was opened by the client.  She had short blonde hair that was streaked with grey, and was wearing a snakeskin print jacket over a white top and pants, her feet in a pair of grey mules.


“Can I help you,” she said quietly as she looked at me.


“You can indeed,” I replied with a smile as I moved my hand in my jacket pocket, “I have a gun pointing at you, so I want you to invite me in, nice and calmly, and then close the door behind me.”


She looked at me, and then slowly nodded as she let me come in, closing the door before she raised her hands and looked at me.


“Is there anyone else at home,” I asked quietly.


“No – my husband just left…”


“Good,” I said with a smile as I looked round, and saw the telephone.  “Your mobile phone?”


“In my purse… In the front room…”


“Go in front of me,” I said as I motioned, “close the drapes across the windows in the room, then hand me the phone.”  She did as I asked, while I put the doctor’s bag down and opened it, putting the phone in and taking out a cut length of white cord.


“Now – turn round, and cross your wrists behind your back.”


“Are you going to rob me?”


“I am,” I said quietly as I took the rope and bound her wrists tightly together – and then took a longer length out, wrapping it around her arms and upper body and pulling it tight under her chest, before I framed it with bands above and below, fixing her arms into place as well.  As I did this, she gasped softly, and her jacket was forced to the sides as the rope forced her chest out.


“You don’t have to do this,” she whispered as I tied the ropes off.


“Yes I do,” I said quietly as I held her arms.  “Now, where are your valuables?”


“Upstairs – the bedroom…”  I picked up the bag and let her walk in front of me as we ascended the staircase, and entered the main bedroom.  She then indicated where the jewellery boxes were, watching from the bed as I emptied them into a velvet bag.


“Thank you,” I said quietly as I then took a sponge ball from the bag, “and now I need to make sure you are both quiet and distracted while I leave.  Open your mouth as wide as you can.”


“You…  You don’t have to do this, I’ll be quiet…” she whispered, to which I replied “yes, you will – open your mouth.”  She finally did this, allowing me to push the sponge in as she closed her lips over it – and then I used a roll of white tape to further silence her, wrapping it round her head and covering her mouth.


“There – that’s the quiet, and now the distraction,” I said as I stood in front of her, smiling as I doubled a long length of rope over and tied it round the bands at her chest, between her breasts as they tightened over them.  She gasped and then watched as I knelt, measuring the rope in my hands and then tying a knot in the correct place, before I walked behind her, put my arm between her legs – and then pulled it up so that the knot rested on the correct place, and secured the other end to her wrists.


Making her walk to the bed and lie down, I proceeded to secure her legs at her ankles and below her knees – and then pulled her ankles back as she lay on her side, and secured them to the rope between her legs as well.


And so I left her – knowing her husband would be home in a couple of hours, her valuables were on the living room table, and her birthday gift was exactly what she wanted…




Wednesday, and I was in Bristol, dressed as a workman as I walked into the offices of Gimbal, Rose and Thorn.  An accountancy firm, the recent death of Mister Gimbal had left his heir in charge – in this case, his wife Joanne.  And it was a Wednesday – early closing day, and when I entered nobody was there except for her.  She was wearing a peach coloured jersey dress with three brass buttons on each shoulder, and gold coloured soft leather heels.


“Can I help you,” she asked as she looked at me, her hair cut in a feather style with her dark roots showing.


“I hope so, are you Joanne Gimbal,” I said as I put my toolbox down.


“I am – what are you here to work on?”


“You,” I said quietly as I took out of the box a starting pistol and a roll of black electrical tape, and looked at her.  “Lock the door.”


She stared at me for a few minutes, and then walked to the doorway, locking the door and pulling the blinds down before she looked at me.  “So where do you want me,” she said as she stood there.


“Sit down,” I said as I pulled a chair out with metal armrests, “and put your hands on the rests, palm down.”  She walked slowly over and sat down, crossing her legs as she did what I had ordered her to do, and watching as I used the tape to secure her wrists to the armrests – and her hands as well.


I then knelt down and slipped her shoes off, before I taped her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees as she wriggled round – before I stood up and walked behind her, and used the tape to secure her waist to the chair back, and her upper arms to her body.


“So you’ve got me where you want me,” she said as she turned her head and looked at me, “and what are you intending to do now?”


“This,” I said quietly as I reached round and started to massage her chest, hearing her gaps and moan as I did so, and feeling them firm up under my fingers and the material of her dress.


“Oh my god,” she whispered as she closed her eyes and then moaned, as I continued to grope and stimulate her, feeling her push against me.  This was what I had been paid to do – just make her helpless, talk dirty to her, grope her as she let herself enjoy it.


She left a couple of hours later, while I set off for my appointment the next day – I had an evening appointment.



The Birmingham Hippodrome was showing a touring production of Les Miserables, and it was a gala performance as I sat in the stall seat, acting as the escort to Lady Trudy Humball.  A leader of local business, the fifty year old was wearing a black evening gown with a diamond cut at the chest, and a split from above the knee to the hem of the skirt just above the floor – her four inch heels giving some extra clearance to the outfit as well.  Her long blond hair was combed back, as we sat and enjoyed the barricade scenes.


I had taken her for an early dinner beforehand, and as we left the theatre I hailed a cab, as we went to her penthouse apartment in the centre of the city.  I was been paid for the whole day, and I had paid for the dinner as well as the theatre tickets – but now it was time for me to fully meet her desires.


There was no need to play the part of an intruder in this, as she turned the music on, and I kissed her – before reaching round and unzipping her dress, watching it drop down her arms and to the floor so that she stood there in her bra and knickers, a suspender belt holding her stockings up.


Taking her hand, I walked her to the bedroom, and the large four poster bed, before I picked up the black silk square that had been laid out on the table, folded it, and pushed it gently into her mouth before I kissed her.  I then helped her to lie on the bed, taking her shoes off and rolling her stockings down before I sued them to secure her wrists to the headboard, her arms spread wide.  I then took the belts from two silk dressing gowns, and used them to secure her ankles to the foot of the bed, her legs spread wide as well.


She looked at me and nodded as I started to kiss her and caress her body, my hands stroking her breasts as I then unfastened the front of her bra and let it open, my lips moving down and kissing the bare flesh as she started to writhe and moan.  I started to gently suck on her nipples as my tongue ran over them, my hand moving between her legs and gently stroking up and down her panties as I felt them start to moisten.


Slipping them down, I removed my jacket and started to disrobe as she watched me, nodding slowly as I continued – and the rest is between us…





By Thursday evening, I was in Nottingham to meet another of my long standing clients, who wished to enact a particular scene with me.  Dorothy is in her early sixties, and when I saw her in her front room she was wearing a black sleeveless tunic and leggings, with black strapped sandals.


As I said, she was a regular client, and she knew the way I would usually approach would be to come in the back door.  I was also aware she wanted me to meet someone – and get them to play as well.


So I slipped in, wearing a black jumper, pants, shoes and gloves, and with a rucksack containing all I needed, and surprised Dorothy by putting one gloved hand over her mouth, and another round her waist.  It took her a moment to realise what was going on, as I told her not to panic, and to put her hands behind her back.  Once she had done that, I took some rope from my back and secured her wrists together, before a longer length was used to secure her arms to her sides, above and below her chest, nice and snugly as her top stretched over them.


I then told her to sit on the couch, which she did, quietly watching as I knelt down and secured her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees.  As she twisted round, she asked me what I was going to do – and I told her I was going to make her pleasure me.


Just what she wanted – but that was when her guest let herself in.  She was a few years younger, with blonde hair cut into a bob, and wore a cap sleeved red dress with a black pattern, dark tights and high heels.  I looked at her as I stood behind Dorothy, my hand over her mouth, and told her to put her purse down, and come and kneel in front of us.


She closed the door and di as I asked, she and Dorothy talking as if she had walked in on a robbery as I took more rope and told her to put her head on Dorothy’s lap.  She did this, turning it to the side as they continued to talk, while I secured her wrists behind her back, and then bound her arms to her sides in the same way as Dorothy.


I could see as I was doing this that she was gently moving her head on Dorothy’s lap – and Dorothy wasn’t complaining at all, which did not surprise me.  It was obvious she was a very special friend, even if I had not been warned in advance.


She then kissed Dorothy’s lap as I bound her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees, before I told her to sit down and bound Dorothy’s legs in the same way as she twisted round, the ropes rubbing on her chest as she did so.  She asked what I was going to do with them, as I made Dorothy kneel on the floor, facing her as I started to massage the woman’s chest.


Her friend smiled as she watched Dorothy close her eyes and moan, and then managed to kneel and face her, kissing her as I continued the massage.  Dorothy, naturally, returned the favour as they moaned in unison, my hands now stroking over the chest of both of them as I massaged Dorothy’s breasts.


But I knew what Dorothy wanted to do, and so I ordered her to turn to the side, her friend watching as I opened my pants and let my cock come out.  Dorothy looked at it and licked her lips, before I used a rolled up blue scarf to gag her friend – and then told Dorothy she had to kiss my cock.


Something she did gently and with pleasure, before she took it into her mouth, her friend watching as she slowly began to suck on it, played with it with her tongue.  This was what she was paying me to do for her – and her friend?  Well, I could hear her moan as she watched, and then started to kiss Dorothy’s neck on the side as I engorged in her mouth.


She continued as I held her head, moaning softly as she twisted round until it reached the point where I gave all that I had – and then when she had finished, I gagged her with a clean scarf as well, leaving them both on their sides on the floor hogtied as they kissed each other.  I went and cleaned myself up, before I left a pair of scissors in Dorothy’s reach, and made my way out…





Yes, there are occasions when I will provide the full service, but they are reserved for those clients that truly trust me.  Friday found me visiting one of those clients, in Newcastle.


I had the means to let myself into her house, and was waiting when she returned from a night out with some friends.  She was wearing a white strapless dress with a pleated skirt and white open toed heels – and showed a great look of surprise when she saw me sitting in her front room, wearing a denim shirt and jeans, as well as trainers.


The scenario was to be I was an escaped prisoner, who held her hostage for the night and – well, I started by telling her not to scream for help as I stood up, and told her to do exactly what I told her to do – starting with taking her knickers off.


She nodded and put her hands under her skirt as I watched, and then held her panties out in her hand.  That was when I told her I did not want to take them – I wanted her to fold them, and put them in her mouth, which she did before she smiled.


I then took a roll of duct tape that had been – conveniently left out, and threw it at her, telling her to wind it round her head and cover her mouth.  I watched as she did this, the band sitting under her swept up hair, before she looked at me.


The next thing I told her to do was to sit on the white leather couch, and tape her ankles together – which she did, before I told her to stand up.  After she had done this, I instructed her to take her dress off – watching as she untied the bow at the side of her waist, and then reached behind herself to pull the zip down, the dress falling to the floor as she stood in her bra and not a lot else.


She sat down again, picking up the roll of tape as I ordered her to tape her legs together below and above her knees.  I could almost see her smile as she did as I had ordered her to do, before I told her to give me the tape, and then to turn to the side and sit still.


Sitting behind her, I stroked my gloved hands down her arms, and then removed her bra as she shivered.  I then folded her arms behind her back, resting the elbows in the palms of her hands, and then wound the tape tightly round her forearms, from wrist to wrist, making a silver sheaf holding them together.  The tape then went round her upper arms and body, two bands again framing her chest as she wriggled round.


So there she was, taped up and almost naked, and unable to stop herself as I kissed the back of her neck and her shoulders, and started to knead her breasts with my gloved hands.  She started to moan at this, as I played with her, feeling her nipples harden as I stroked over them with my gloved hands and she pushed herself against me.


So when I made her lie on the floor and straddled her, her eyes gleamed before I started to kiss her chest, my lisp encircling her nipples and sucking as my tongue ran over the hard tips, while my hands moved down between her legs – and then I moved my whole body down, my lisp travelling down before I kissed her damp clit, my tongue stroking over it as I tasted her juices, my tongue gently probing as her petals opened up and she started to push back with her hips.


I kissed and teased her, bringing her along as I felt my own body responding, and then I pulled my own trousers down, taking the necessary precautions as she slowly nodded – and then groaned out loud as I entered her.


She had given her permission to do this, this was what she wanted me to do…





After that, I carried her up to the bedroom and left her on the bed, taped up and gagged.  The scenario was that he would stay the night, and then make her cook breakfast before he left her trussed and gagged – and on this particular occasion, she wanted her sister to take part in the last part of the scenario.


So come the Saturday morning, I had cut her free and allowed her to shower and change, so that we were sitting eating breakfast, me still in the denims and her now wearing a leopard print top and tight blue jeans.  We had just finished when we heard the door open and close – and we moved to the last part of the scenario as I moved behind her and put my hand over her mouth.


Her sister was a few years younger with black hair, wearing a black leather jacket and skirt with a black and white print top underneath.  She looked at both of us, and then slowly raised her hand as I told her not to call for help, but just to sit down – I was only going to tie them both up and stop them raising the alarm.


Tactually, what I said was her sister was going to tie her up, and then I was going to tie her sister up, as I told her to walk in front of us to the front room.  I had during the night cut two washing liens into the appropriate lengths of rope, as the sister lay face down on the couch, and I instructed my client in how to secure her wrists behind her back, and her ankles together.


Her sister then rolled over and managed to sit herself up, turning round and watching as I used more rope to secure my client’s wrists together behind her back, and then as she sat down I secured her ankles as well – before using two more lengths to secure the legs of both women together below their knees.


Her sister complemented me on my rope work, and asked if I had been a scout.  That made her sister groan, as I made them sit back to back and secured their upper bodies together with more rope.  I deliberately left their hands so they could try to free each other, as per my contract, and then used white medical tape to keep them both quiet.


That was this morning – and now I’m home again, the whisky in my hand as I reflect on my week.  A most enjoyable week, and very well paid as well – I wonder what the next week will bring…







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