Satisfied Customers – Modesty in Silence







The company I work for can cater to most requests from ladies – and the occasional gentleman – for pleasure in their own way, but when I was called in by my manager, he explained that for the next week, I would be asked to visit a very particular set of clients, with very particular rules.  He explained the situation, and I understood what the rules were – and what would be involved with each individual case – before accepting the assignment.  And thus began a very interesting week…




I started in the City, in a very exclusive apartment block, but the client had left a key for me to use to let myself in, as well as providing the alarm codes, which meant I was ready to begin when she returned.  I was dressed formally – and I mean formally, the tux, the white shirt, the black tie, the domino mask…


When she came in, I was seated in her armchair, a glass of whisky in my hand and a gun in the other.  She was about six foot tall, wearing a red tie neck blouse, a long black skirt made of soft leather with a red triangle at the front, and long black leather boots, while her hair, neck and shoulders were covered by a long black scarf.


I smiled as she came in, clutching a red purse, and told her I was here to rob her, but I needed her cooperation.  She smiled as she looked at me, and asked how I was going to stop her from raising the alarm – at which point I reached down and picked up the red silk ropes I had brought, and told her I would have to tie her up.


I had brought through a tall brown wooden chair from the kitchen, and as I stood up I asked her to take a seat, and get comfortable.  As she did so, the hem of her skirt rose up, but still covered her legs as I put some of the ropes down, and told her to put her hands behind her back.  Once she had done that, I gently crossed her wrists and started to bind them tightly together as I asked her where her safe was. 


I secured her wrists to the support at the back of the chair as she described where to find the safe in her bedroom, after which I bound her arms to her body, framing her chest as the red blouse was stretched over it, and then tightened it between her arms and her body as she wriggled round.


Walking round, I knelt down and apologised as I wrapped the red rope round her ankles, pulling them together and passing the rope around and between her legs, taking care not to touch her legs as I forced them to be bound tightly together.  I then pulled them back and tied them to the back of the ring of wood round the legs, before I used another length of rope to secure her legs, gathering her skirt round them as I bound them just above her knees.


She wriggled round as I tied one last length of rope around her waist, keeping her secured to the chair back, and I told her to be quiet as I went to her bedroom.  A few minutes later, I returned with a velvet bag which I put on the couch, and a black scarf which I folded into a band and tied a knot in the middle of.


She looked at me and nodded as she opened her mouth, allowing me to use the scarf as a gag to keep her quiet, tying it round her head before I slowly untied the tie neck of her blouse, and opened the blouse, pulling it to the sides without touching her chest.  She looked at me and nodded as I watched her twist round, the ropes rubbing on her, and left the apartment.  She had indicated her husband would be home an hour or so later, and knew what was going to happen…





The next day found me in South London, with a similar but slightly different assignment – this time, I was taking her from work to her home.  So I was in a black van waiting around the corner from the high street as she came round.  She was also wearing a tie neck blouse – a black one in her case, and she also had a black leather skirt, but hers was pleated with a floral pattern on it.  I could see the black boots under the hem of the skirt, while her hijab was made from purple silk.


I slipped into the back, and as she passed the side door I opened it and pressed a folded cloth over her mouth.  That was all, but it was what she wanted, as she closed her eyes and fell into my arms.  I lifted her up and laid her on a mattress in the back, then crossed her wrists in front of her and tied them together with soft rope.  I did the same to her ankles, and then pressed a length of white tape over her mouth before getting into the driver’s seat, and carefully setting off…


I got to the place and used her keys to open her front door, and then quickly came back, making sure the street was clear before I carried her into the house.  Inside, I went up to her bedroom, and laid her in the pale coloured duvet, before I lifted her hands above her head and secured them to the wrought iron headstand.


Going back to the van for a moment, I retrieved my bag and came back in, closing the doors as I walked back into the bedroom, and took more rope, tying it round her legs at her knees and gathering her skirt in as I secured them together.  As if it was a cue (yeah, I know, I’m a frustrated actor) she opened her eyes and tried to talk, as I stroked her cheek with the back of my hand, and said I only wanted her to be safe.  She nodded, her eyes shining, as I secured her legs to the matching metal footstand, and made sure her scarf still covered her head and shoulders as she lay there, not wanting to move.


And that was how I left her for an hour – my instructions were to just leave her on the bed, to fulfil her fantasy, and then to release her arms and let her to do the rest.  After all, the customer is always right…




My next assignment was actually in Cardiff, for a young student who liked to be fashionable, and heard of our services – so a new client as well, which meant we offered the standard package and then moved on from there.  I was walking behind her to her home, carrying a rucksack with what I would need – she was about six foot tall, with long woollen coat over a black top and long pleated black leather skirt.  Her hijab was also black, as were her short leather boots with studs added.


So she walked to her house and let herself in, and I waited a few minutes before I rang the front doorbell.  She came to open it, her coat now off, and looked at me as I explained I had been sent by the agency, at her request.  It took her a moment – and me showing her my credentials in the form of my dummy gun – before she realised and backed in, her hands in the air as I came in and closed the door.


Indicating she should face the wall and put her hands behind her back, I took a length of cord from my bag and secured her wrists together behind her back, making sure it was firm and tight as she waited.  As she was a new customer, I paused at that point and asked if she was willing for me to continue – and after a moment she nodded in agreement, so I tied some rope round her waist to keep her wrists there, and told her to walk slowly into her front room, then select a chair to sit in.


As she sat down, I knelt and tied her legs together at her ankles, and the over her skirt at her knees.  She wriggled round for a minute as I stood up, and nodded to show she was satisfied, so I told her to be quiet while I searched her place for valuables.


So, naturally, I take a step to leave the room and she calls for help – which brings me back to put my gloved hand over her mouth, and ask her if she is going to call for help again.  She could shake her head, in which case she sits for a while, or she could nod – and she did just that, clearing the way for the next part.


So, with my free hand, I took a clean white handkerchief from my pocket, folded it, and then pushed it into her mouth, before I used a black long scarf as a cleave gag to keep it in there, tying that around her head and over her hijab.


She nodded as I left her there for a few minutes, and then went round the house – taking nothing, of course, but spending enough time to make it seem as if I was.  I then returned, looking at the darker, damper parts of the cleave gag at the corners of her mouth, and asked her if she wanted to be further secured.


She thought for a minute, and then shook her head, so I offered to prepare a drink for her before I untied her.  This met with her approval, so I made my way to the kitchen, and prepared some tea and a snack, then brought it through before I untied her.


It was her first time, after all, so we talked through the experience, and she made a return appointment…




Now, the first three appointments of the week were fairly – I know the word is vanilla, but it’s a word I hate – moderate.  But do not for one minute think just because they practice and dress in modesty, some of these clients do not have a more adventurous side…


That was certainly the case as I entered the farmhouse where my next client lived with her family – who were away with their father visiting his family.  Making my way through the kitchen, I was dressed in a black jumper and pants, and had a stocking mask down over my head, as I looked into the window to see her sitting watching television.


She was in her early forties, wearing a dark V-necked dress over a long sleeved purple top, a wide brown belt fastened round her waist.  The legs of her black pants were tucked into a pair of knee length brown leather boots, and her headscarf was a dark brown with a black fern pattern.


I waited and took several deep breaths, before I walked in and quickly approached her, covering her mouth with my gloved hand before she had a chance to say anything.  Quietly, I whispered into her ear to keep calm, keep quiet, and she would be fine, but she fought for a while before she nodded.


At my command, she lay face down on the couch, and allowed me to pull her wrists behind her back and bind them tightly together with rope, then bind her ankles, as well as her legs below her knees.  She wriggle round to try and make it difficult, but – well, I am experienced…


Once I had her legs secured, I made her sit up, and held her by the shoulders, telling her to relax, everything would be fine.  I then took a longer length of rope, and bound her arms tightly to her side, framing her chest as it was forced up and out, the ropes rubbing on her as I pulled them tighter – and then made it tighter still with two lengths between her arms and body, pulling those two bands together.


She gasped as I did this – and then gasped even more as I reached round and started to massage her chest, trying to twist her way out of my grasp, but with little success as my fingers sank into her soft flesh.


I told her she had to be quiet, or I would make sure she stayed so, but she just shook her head and kept moaning, so I took a sponge from my bag, compressed it in my hand, and pushed it into her mouth, before I covered her mouth with micropore tape.  That didn’t keep her quiet, but it did muffle her voice as I continued to grope her, and then laid her on her back as I knelt in front of her, and massaged again as she twisted round.


So when I lifted her skirt up, pulled her pants down as well as her panties, and started to kiss her mound and use my tongue there, she soon descended into bliss for herself…




No, I went no further than that, but that was enough for her.  And that wasn’t really the kinkiest client of the week – that came the next day, as I watched the young mother walking home with her pushchair.  She was in her late twenties, and wearing a grey wool poncho over a white top with thin black stripes, grey pants and knee length black suede boots.  The taupe scarf covered her head as well, as she smiled and talked to her baby.


This was in a Midlands suburb, and I followed them to their house as per my instructions.  She walked in, but left the front door open for me.  I was wearing a blue shirt, denim jeans and trainers, but I also pulled on a pair of black leather gloves as I let myself in.


She was sitting in the front room, giving her baby girl a bottle, but when I came in she looked up at me and gasped.  I told her to remain calm and quiet, and to continue to make sure her baby girl was fed and asleep before I did anything.  She nodded as I drew the curtains over the front windows, and then opened my rucksack, taking out a length of white rope and binding her ankles tightly together as she sat there.


I also bound her legs together below her knees as she burped the little girl, and then rocked her in her arms as I tied the rope between her legs and secured the ends together.  I then watched and waited until she put the baby down in her chair, and then asked what I was going to do next.


I told her to stand up, and then take her poncho off.  She did this as I walked behind her, taking more rope and wrapping it round her arms at her elbows and binding them together as she gasped.  I also tied her wrists together, hands palm to palm, and then bound her upper body with the ropes above and below her chest.


I then took the rope over one shoulder, under the lower band between her breasts, and then back up as she wriggled round.  Finally, I tied a length of rope round her waist and let the long end drop in front of her, before I told her to kneel down.


She smiled as she did so, her baby sleeping, the noise of the traffic outside, and then I knelt behind her, and pulled the loose rope between her legs, forcing it up against her pants as I secured the ends to her wrists.  She smiled and moaned softly as she started to move her wrists – as I stood in front of her, and opened my pants, letting her see my cock as she shuffled forward and started to kiss it.


She then put her lips over it, her tongue stroking as she moved back, her lips making a soft pop, and then took me in, watching me smile as she sucked and played with me, my cock engorging in response to her attentions as she brought me on.


At the same time, she moved the rope between her legs as well as I expanded in her mouth, beginning herself along in time to making me come closer and closer to the edge.


And when it came, she sucked and drank every drop I could give before she shuddered herself, and then pulled back, smiling as I cleaned myself and her up, and then untied her…



Yes, at times I am asked to go the whole way – and one of those incidents was my client for the next day.  She was the daughter of a diplomat, studying at a Northern university, and she liked to dress to impress.  This particular day she was wearing a black leather jacket over a long sleeved white blouse, the white cuffs hanging out of the jacket, a long patterned denim skirt, and brown suede boots, her head wrapped in a pink headscarf.


So when she walked into her front room, and saw me standing there in a black jumper, pants and balaclava, she watched for a moment, before she asked what I wanted.  I smiled and said I wanted her to do exactly what I said – starting with handing her handbag over.  That she did, watching as I removed her purse and her phone, and then told her to slowly take her jacket off, turn round, and put her hands behind her back.


As she did this, I crossed her wrists behind her back and tied them tightly together with brown rope, and bound her arms to her sides with two bands of rope above and below her chest.  I then smiled as I told her to walk in front of me, to her bedroom, and lie down on the bed.


She did this without a question, and watched as I tied her ankles tightly together, and then took from her drawers a pair of panties.  Once I had folded them, I put them into her mouth, and then covered her lips with sticking plaster, before telling her to close her eyes, before I taped over them as well.


This was all in her request, as was me then slowly opening her blouse, and gently kissing her naked breasts as she wriggled round, my lips enclosing and sucking on her nipples as she did so, and her moans increased in tone and volume.  As I did this, I slowly unfastened her skirt and pulled it slowly down, taking it off her and then moving her panties down as I played with her with my hand while kissing her, bringing her on, making her ready before I slipped a condom on, and knelt across her…


She arched her back as I entered her and started to push to and fro, moving with me as we brought each other on to a climax, making it last as long as possible, and then satisfying each other…



I left her hogtied on the bed, covered with a duvet, for her husband to find – again, part of the deal…



My last assignment of the week was a homage to a particular person.  The client was a Somalian, in her early twenties, and when I entered the house she lived in I could hear her upstairs.


I walked slowly up to see her in her room, wearing a large grey shawl over her head, that sitting on top of a white top with flared sleeves and jeans.  The legs of the jeans had been tucked into over the knee grey socks, and she was pulling on a pair of long brown suede boots.


As I watched, she stood up and looked in a long mirror, and then picked up her mobile phone to take a selfie – which was my cue to walk in, and handgag her after she did so.


Hruutheshllfhsnshrr” she mumbled, and I nodded as I told her to put her phone on the bed, and then slowly put her hands behind her back.  I used a roll of clear tape to secure her wrists together, and then turned her round, telling her to open her mouth.  I then put a folded cloth in, and firmly pressed the clear tape over her lips, making sure there were no creases or air bubbles.  Draping a denim jacket over her arms, I then walked her out of the house, making sure I had her house keys with me and locking the door behind us.


My car was parked in the driveway, and I told her to sit in the rear passenger seat, taking some cords and binding her ankles together, as well as her legs below her knees, and helped her to lie face down before taking the tape off her wrists, and binding them with cord instead.  As she lay on her side, I got on and took her for a two hour drive in the country, happy as she was held captive…



So, another week fulfilled, and another set of satisfied customers…









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