Spring Awakening







I had spent the day visiting the museums with the rest of my holiday party – Florence is a beautiful city, and I wanted to drink in the culture.  It was my first time in the city – my first time in Europe, if truth be told – and I wondered if the romantic atmosphere of a city like this would have any effect on my lack of partner.


So far, however, all the party seemed to want to talk about was art, food and wine.  All good subjects, but still…  As we walked back to the hotel after the evening meal, I caught a look of myself in a window.  I’m twenty five, and not too bad looking even if I say so myself – this day, I had my brown hair up in a bun on my head, my blue denim blouse open at the collar, the cuffs pulled back to show the sleeves of my base top, and a green pleated skirt that came down to my knees.  I was also wearing a very comfortable pair of leopard skin flat shoes.


So, as I said, it had been a good day, but I was probably about ready for a cup of something warm, and then my bed.  As we walked through the lobby of the hotel, I made my excuses and headed for the lift, yawning as I headed up to my room.  It was beginning to get dark outside, so I figured a bath would be a good start.


It was only when I walked in that I realised something was wrong  - the drawers were open in the bureau, and it looked as if someone had bene looking for something.  And – well, someone had been, because that someone put their hand over my mouth and said “Stare tranquillo e calmo, mia cara signora, fare come ho detto e nessun danno verrà a voi.”


Well, my eyes were side open now, as I mumbled “hhrruh?”


“Non parli italiano?”


I shook my hand as the man said “I want you to keep calm and quiet, do as I say, no harm will come to you.  Do you understand?”


I nodded as he said “good – slowly, take off your sunglasses, fold them, and hand them back to me.”


I had a choice?  Whoever this man was, he was strong, and I could feel his skin on my lips as I slowly reached up and removed the brown glasses.  Folding the legs down, I put my hand back and felt him take them from me, as he said “thank you.  Now, ~I am going to take my hand away.  Do you promise you are not going to shout or call out?  I would deeply regret if I had to take further steps to stop that happening at this time.”


I nodded slowly as my eyes adjusted to the slight gloom, and I felt his hands on my shoulders.  “Good – do not move,” he whispered into my ear as I felt his hands move down my arms, and then pull them gently behind me before I felt something around my wrists.  I felt like a soft cord, but it was strong, and he was using it to tightly bind my wrists together.


He did a good job as well – when he had finished, all I could do was wriggle my fingers around, as he said “there – now, turn around.”


I slowly turned round to see a dark haired young man, about my age, standing in front of me.  He was wearing a blue denim shirt and jeans, and he had a nice smile – for a man who had just tied my hands behind my back, and evidentially had been disturbed in the act of robbing me.


“I apologise for this,” he said as he looked at me, “I usually have left before the people I visit return, but – well, I always come prepared.  Please, have a seat on the bed.”


“Who are you?” I said as I sat down.


“Ah – no name, dear lady,” he said as he reached into a rucksack, and took out a second length of rope, “think of me as the stranger in the night.”  He knelt down and put my ankles together with his hands, before he started to tie them together with the second length of rope.  It was a strange thing to watch – he seemed to be such a nice person, and yet he openly admitted her was robbing me.


As he pulled the rope between my legs, his fingers stroked down the back of them, and I made an involuntary shiver.  Looking up at me, he said “I am sorry – did I hurt you?”


“No,” I said as I shook my head, “it just took me by surprise, the way it felt…”


“But it was a good surprise, no?”


I looked at him, and nodded slowly as I tried to move my feet.  “You may have noticed I don’t have anything of real value,” I finally said as I watched him sit in a chair.”


“True – I had already come to that conclusion,” he said with a smile, “but there is something you do possess that a person should never, ever try to take from you.”


“Oh – and that is?”


“Your eyes,” he said as he sat forward, clasping his hands together in front of him, “you have the deepest, most beautiful eyes, blue as the waters of the Mediterranean.  I hope you know this to be true.”


Now that was a surprising statement for him to make, as #I blushed and said “well, it’s nice of you to say that, but you have got me tied up here…”


“Also true, but – and forgive me if this sounds a little strange – the way you are looking at me speaks more than you may have realised.”


That made me look strangely at him, as he said “yes, I have tied your wrists, your ankles, and yes you have the right to feel afraid, but something tells me you are not afraid – are you, dear lady?”


I looked at him as he smiled – and he really did have a very nice smile – as I said “no – no I’m not afraid?”


“Has someone done this to you before?”


I nodded as I said “my brother – he used to play a game where he held me and my mother hostage.  But he stopped, and I was eleven the last time he did it…”


“It strikes me you love your brother very much.”


I looked over at him and nodded as I said “I do – I rarely see him now.”


“So tell me, dear lady, what was the most exciting part of playing these games - for you?”


Why on earth was he asking me such questions?  I bit my lower lip as I looked out to see the growing darkness before I said “I don’t know – the feeling of excitement as I waited to be rescued, possibly…”


“But, as you say, you were a young girl.  How does it feel now?”


Looking at him, I said “it’s exciting, yes – but a little scary as well.  I have no idea what you are going to do next?”


“Perhaps I should steal something from you.”  As he said this, he stood up and walked over, gently pressing his lips against mine as he kissed me.  That was a surprise – but my even greater surprise, I returned the kiss and closed my eyes.


“Was I wrong to do that,” he said as I opened my eyes again.  I looked at him for a moment, and then said “why did you kiss me?”


“Because you are a beautiful woman, and a beautiful woman should be told this, and should be shown that she is beautiful with a kiss.”


“You… you think I am beautiful?  You’re just saying that to make me feel not so bad…”


“No,” he said quietly as he looked at me, “I speak only the truth.  You are a beautiful woman – would you like me to show you again?”  I nodded as he put his hands either side of my head, and gently pressed his lips against mine – and I pressed mien against his for a time, before he stepped back and looked at me.


“That was nice,” I whispered quietly as he sat on the bed next to me.  “I wish we hadn’t met like this…”


“Oh – so you find me attractive as well?”  I looked at him and nodded before I kissed him, wriggling my fingers as he returned the kiss, our lips parting slightly this time as our tongues met.  It was a surprising, and wonderful development to a strange situation…


Eventually, we looked at each other as he said “will you trust me?”  I nodded as he stood up and walked to the bag, taking out another length of rope as he knelt down and folded my skirt back, securing my legs together below my knees in the same way as he had my ankles, but kissing the upper part of my legs as he did so.  I shivered with each touch of his lips, of his fingers…


He then stood up and looked at me, before he removed the rather gaudy necklace I was wearing, and put it on the table.  He then released my hair, waiting as I shook my head and let it fall naturally over my shoulders.


“so soft, so sensual,” he whispered as he stroked it, and then walked behind me, kneeling behind me on the bed as I wondered what he would do next.  His hands came round and slowly unfastened the top two buttons of my blouse, and then he pulled the back of my blouse back and gently kissed the back of my neck.


Ahhhhhhh….”  It was a soft, gentle moan, but it was me who made it as he unfastened another button, and pulled the top of my blouse down slightly, before kissing my shoulders.  I closed my eyes and moaned again, feeling his hands as he slowly unfastened the rest of the buttons on my blouse, and then pulled it down my arms, leaving it hanging on top of my bound wrists as he put his arms round and gently stoked my stomach.


“That feels nice,” I whispered, as he kissed my neck again, and said “do you still trust me?”  I nodded and then felt him lift my base layer up and over my head, taking it down my arms as well as I felt the cool evening air on me.


And I meant on me – I had not work a bra that day, so my chest and midriff was now exposed as he started to play with my breasts, gently running his hands over them as his fingertips ran over and around my nipples.


“No-one…  No-one has ever…”


“Your first time, no?”


I nodded as he gently ran his fingers over them again, and then said “shall I continue?”  Once more I nodded as he went to his bag and took out another length of rope, and walked behind me.  I wondered what he was going to do, as I felt him pass the rope around my arms – and then draw them together, making my elbows touch as he bound them together.  The rope felt soft on my skin, and as I looked down I saw the effect of having my arms bound in this way, my shoulders drawn back, my chest pushed out…


I felt his fingers on me arms as he took the rope between my limbs, and then tied it off, before he released my wrists and gently removed both my blouse and my top.  As he did this, I reached my hand back and felt between his legs, my eyes opening wide as I said “you seem to be enjoying doing this to me.”


“And you are not enjoying it?”


“I didn’t say that,” I whispered as he held my hand against him for a moment, and then retied my wrists together.  I nodded as he did this, and then felt his hands as he reached round and continued to play with me, his lips kissing my neck and shoulders until I tilted my head back.  As we put our lips together, he started to gently squeeze my breasts, making me shiver as we kissed…


“Do you like what I am doing, dear lady?”


I nodded as he went back to the bag and retrieved a long, long length of rope, doubling it over as he knelt behind me, and then wrapped it around my body, pulling it tight under my chest and then passing it round me again and again.  I could feel my arms locked against my back, and the ropes as they ribbed on my breasts above and below – and then he made it even tighter by taking it over one shoulder, under the lower band and back up, making my chest the most prominent I had ever seen it.


He tied the ropes off, and then gently squeezed and played with my nipples as I twisted and moaned.  Something was happening to me, and I was feeling less and less like a captive…


He then walked round and stood in front of me, smiling before he helped me to lie on my back on the bed, my arms trapped between my back and the mattress, and sat across my legs.  I wondered what it was he was going to do next – and then he leaned over, placing his lips over my left nipple and gently kissing it as he ran his tongue over it.


“Oh sweet lord,” I whispered and then I moaned loudly as he started to suck – and then repeated the motion on the other side.


“Do you need some help to remain quiet, dear lady?”


I nodded and watched as he left the bed, returning with a roll of white tape and a pair of silk panties from my drawer.  He folded them in his hand, and then leaned over me and kissed me on my lips again.  I pushed my hips up and moved on his crotch as we kissed, feeling just how much more aroused he was, before he said quietly “open wide, dear lady.”


As I did so, he pushed the silk gently in, watching as I closed my lips over it and then gently giving them one more kiss, before he tore a long, wide strip of the tape from the roll, and then pressed it over my mouth and face, making sure it formed to the contours of my mouth and jaw as I looked through misty eyes at him.


“Shall I continue?”


I nodded and let out a low, guttural moan as he started to use his lips on my chest again, squirming round as he did so.  Something just felt so different, and so right about this – and I was becoming aware of a warmth between my legs.


No, not just a warmth - there was something else I had never experienced before happening, I could feel I was damp, but not as if I had been to the toilet – this was different.


How different I soon realised as he slipped to the side of me, still kissing and teasing my breasts, but taking his hand under my skirt and running up my thigh, and then…


Oh sweet lord – did he just touch me between my legs?  It felt as if he did, but it felt as if it was an electric shock…


He did it again!  It was the lightest of touches, but it made me wriggle round and moan loudly into my gag when he touched me where I was damp.  What on earth was happening to me?


He looked at me, smiled, and said “shall I continue?”  I nodded as I felt him unfastening my skirt, and then slowly pulling it down, revealing me legs and the thin pink panties I was wearing.


The ones with, as I looked down, a very damp patch between my legs, as he started to move his lips down, kissing my belly button as his tongue ran over it.  I closed my eyes and pushed it up again, and as I did so, I realised he was pulling my panties down to the rope at my knees.


And then he looked at me, he smiled – and he pressed his lips between my legs where the dampness was coming from.  I closed my eyes and groaned loudly again – it felt so wrong, but it felt so right…


He gently kissed and licked me there as I squirmed round, not wanting him to stop as I wondered what was happening to me – why I felt as if I was on fire down there, and what this strange sensation that was starting to run through my body was.  I felt so hot…


I then heard a zip as it was pulled down, and I saw he had removed his jeans, the large bulge visible in his boxer shorts as he pulled them down as well.  He stood to the side of me, saying “I think you want this, dear lady, but the choice is yours – if this is truly what you desire, show me with a kiss.”


I looked at him, and then rolled onto my side and wriggled over, gently pressing my taped lips on his large, throbbing cock.  I could feel the throbbing through the tape, but he smiled and said “as you desire,” watching as I rolled onto my back and kicked my shoes off.  As I did this, he slipped a condom on, and then straddled my legs.


Even though he had tied my ankles and knees, I could move my legs apart a little – and a little was all that was needed as he smiled at me, reached over and kissed where my taped lips had kissed him – and then he entered me.


Of all the new sensations of that night, this was the strongest and most wonderful – he entered me with ease, gently moving to and fro as I tried to grip him – and then I felt something tear inside me in the most wonderful, natural way as he eased himself further in.  I arched my back at this and gripped him tight, moving in time with him as I felt him expand in my passage.  A new wave of sensations was washing over me with each movement we made, as I felt him throbbing inside me, and I felt a very strange, peculiar, wonderful sensation growing inside me as well…


I kept going as long as I could, as did he, and then suddenly it was as if a wave of cold water suddenly hit me, as I opened my eyes wide and started to shake, screaming into my gag as I did so.  I could feel something flowing out of me – and then something flowing into me from him as he pressed against me.


It was the most vivid, the most wonderful, the most amazing feeling – and yes, I was tied up, yes I was gagged, yes I could not have stopped me – but in that moment, I realized I did not want to stop him, that I wanted him to do this to me…


Eventually, I slumped onto the bed and he left me, getting off the bed before he gently kissed me again.  “This was your first time, dear lady,” he said quietly to me, and I nodded again as he went to the bathroom.  When he returned, he had a flannel and some soap, as he gently cleaned me between my legs, and then dried me off.  I nodded as my eyes slowly closed…



When I awoke the next morning, he had gone, and I had been untied – but there was a note which he left for me.  I read it, smiled and hid it away, before I went for a shower, wondering if I should say anything to any one…






That had been a year ago, and now I was back in Florence, in the same hotel, on the same day.  As I unlocked the door to my room, I walked in and closed it behind me, seeing the open drawers – and then feeling the hand over my mouth.


“Hello dear lady – you read my note?”


I nodded as he said “has there been another?”  This time, I shook my head as he said “so you have returned to accept my invitation.  Shall we begin?”


As he took his hand away, I turned and put my arms round him, kissing him before I said “Ho imparato qualche italiano tuttavia.  Quindi, Legatemi, silenzio, fare l'amore con me, il mio amante...”







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