Taken For A Ride 2








I was just sitting in the bar when she walked in.  There was no particular plan for my evening, nothing special – just a drink, and then maybe go out and see a movie, that sort of thing.


She was certainly a mature woman – I would have out her in her late forties – but she looked as if she kept fit.  Standing about five foot eight, she was wearing the classic little black dress – a round neckline, and short sleeves , but she also had on what looked like a sheer top underneath, the lace-like sleeves coming from under the dress and down to her wrists.


Her auburn hair was cut in a feathered fringe, framing her face and her dark blue eyes – eyes that sparkled in the light from the ceiling of the bar.  As she sat on the stool, the hem of her short skirt rose up, revealing the crimson lace top of her fishnet stockings.  There was no sign of the traditional garter belt, but I could safely assume she was wearing one, given the way they stayed up.  Her outfit was completed by a pair of patent leather boots, black, tight, the elastic sides hugging her slim calves as she crossed her legs.


“Hey,” she said as she looked at me, “buy a lady a drink?”


“Sure – what will it be,” I said with a smile.


“Screwdriver,” she said, so I signalled to the barman and we got talking.  Her name was Anne, and she was visiting the area as part of her business.  I asked what that was, but she just smiled and said it was “personal presentation.”


Anyway, she was a beautiful walking example of that, and I told her as such in slightly more veiled tones.  She smiled, and nodded, and we continued talking.


Eventually, she got off the stool and asked if I fancied a nightcap in her room.  Well, I had nothing in particular planned, so I agreed, slipping my jacket on as we left the bar and walked to the lifts.


When we got to her room – well, her suite if truth be told, I say in a chair as she poured some liquor into two glasses, and handed me one.  As I sipped it, she said “you seem like a guy I can trust – will you do something for me?”


I asked what that was, and she smiled as she said the second last thing I expected.


“Kidnap me?”


“I beg your pardon?”


“I need some excitement,” she said as she leaned forward, “so I want you to take me hostage, take me somewhere, after that – well, let’s see what happens.”


There was something in the way she was asking, that made me realise she was serious, “Well, I could do – if I had something to do it with,” I said quietly, watching as she stood up and walked to the bedroom.  She came back with a holdall, which she placed on the low table and then turned, to look out of the window.


Standing up, I looked in the bag, wondering just what this woman was into, but also recognising she was on a trip, and possibly liked to live out her fantasies.  So I put on the leather gloves, and walked behind her, placing my hand firmly over her mouth and telling her not to struggle, to keep quiet.


“Ysssrrr,” she mumbled as I walked her back with me, and made her kneel in front of the table, the hem of her skirt rising again to reveal her stocking tops as she did so.


“Don’t make a sound,” I said as I reached into the bag, and took out a length of white cord.  She nodded under my hand before I took it away, crossed her wrists behind her back and started to bind them together.


“Hmmm – you’re good,” she said as she looked forward, “were you a boy scout?”


“Amongst other things,” I said quietly as I passed the ends between her arms, and the secured them out of reach of her fingers.  “Now, I hope you are ready for the next part.”


“What’s that?”


“I’m kidnapping you – you don’t get a say in the matter,” I said with a smile as I took out a long length of rope, doubled it over and passed it round her body, pulling her arms into her sides as I did so, and then starting to wind it round her above and below her chest.


I actually heard her sigh as I did this, seeing two white bands form before I used the rope to pull the bands together behind her back.  I then took an extra length of rope, secured it behind her, and then took it over her right shoulder.


I made her turn to the side and walked round, admiring the way it made her chest stick out, as she said “what are you going to do to me, you mean man.”


“this,” I said quietly as I fed the rope between her breasts, then pulled it up as the lower band pressed more on her chest.  She giggled at that as I took the rope over her left shoulder, and then tied it off, before using two shorter bands under her arms to tighten the bands there as well.


“Hmmm,” she said as she closed her eyes, “the evil kidnapper could do whatever he wanted with me now – if he wanted to.”


Well, come on – I’m human, but first I made her sit down, and crossed her ankles, her smile getting wider as I lashed them tightly together, and then secured her legs below her knees, both bands tightening as I passed the ropes between her legs.  I then knelt behind her, covering her mouth with one hand as I started to gently squeeze her chest with my free hand.


I heard her moan as she wriggled against me, and said “hmmssmnsnskppgnnn.”  So I followed her request, and started to gently massage her chest, the ropes and leather squeaking as she wriggled about, the hem of her dress rising up to reveal the black thong she was wearing.


“Hmmmmucldhssmmmifuuwntdd,” she moaned.


“Only if that was what you wanted,” I said with a smile, and then I felt her mouth move under my hand as she slowly nodded.


“First, I need to make sure you cannot say anything – so if you want me to stop, grunt three times.”


As she nodded, I also said “and do you still wish to be taken from here at the end of this?”


She nodded again, and grunted as I gently squeezed her chest, before I stood up and went back to the bag.  There was a clean white cloth in there, as well as a silk scarf, so I folded the scarf into a band with the cloth in the middle, and walked back over.


“Thank you,” she whispered before allowing me to pull the wrapped cloth into her mouth, tying the band round her head and securing the ends together at the base of her neck.  I then used both hands to massage her chest, as she leaned against me, her eyes closed as she slowly started to moan.


I could feel her breasts firming, her nipples hardening, but I did not try to remove her dress.  Instead, I started to gently kiss her neck and ears while I slipped my hands down and pulled the skirt of her dress up, my fingers tracing up between her legs as she shivered.


I smiled as I started to play with her there, at the same time continuing to kiss her neck and cheeks.  She nodded and groaned as I could feel the dampness, and then slipped her thing down her legs, my finger feeling the dampness and her shiver before I slipped it inside, hearing her muffled gasp as I did so, and then her groans and moans as I pulled my own pants down.


Walking in front of her, she looked at me and smiled before I picked her up, and took her into the bedroom.  Placing her on the bed, she wriggled and sighed as I kissed her clit, and then eased myself in, watching as she arched her back and moved with me.




When I had given all, she collapsed on the bed, panting as I went and put my pants on.  I then returned, and she looked at the roll of white tape I was carrying in my hand.


“Time to take you to my hideout,” I said quietly, smiling as she nodded and then closed her eyes.  I smoothed one length of tape over her eyes, and then helped her to sit up before I wrapped the tape around her head, covering the gag and further silencing her.


Walking to the door of the suite, I looked up and down the corridor, and then slipped her key card into my pocket before I picked her up in my arms and placed he rover my shoulder.  I loved the way she wriggled round as I carried her to the lift, and down to the car park.  It only took me a couple of minutes to find my car, and pop the trunk, placing her inside before I closed the lid down.


I drove for about an hour before pulling in, and popping the trunk again. 


“Whrree,” she mumbled as I lifted her out in my arms, and laid her on the couch.


“Would you like to see?”


She nodded, and as I reached down and peeled the tape from her eyes she blinked for a few minutes – and then stared at the tall African gentleman standing next to me.


“Do you think you can make use of her George?”


“Oh yes – Objects of Beauty thanks you,” he said with a smile, as I stroked her hair from her face.


“Enjoy the adventure Anne,” I said as she looked at me, and then started to scream through her gag as I walked off.  I had her suite to empty – and she had an auction to attend...







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