Teddy Time







My friends and I tend to take a classic approach to our work.  We watch the person we intend to visit for several weeks, learning their life and work patterns – usually young bankers, brokers, or those in a position to help us, and with a partner, be it married or otherwise.  We then select the best day, and in the early afternoon one of us will take their partner hostage in their home – male or female.  We then wait for the correct moment before making them call their partner at work, and while the rest of us take care of business there, the one at the home ensures the alarm cannot be raised.


As I said – simple, classic.  Recently however, it was my turn to deal with the partner, and it was – revealing…


This particular couple were in their late twenties – he worked as a night manager for a loans company, and as such he had access to their vaults.  The plan was, as I say, classic -  I was asked to make sure his wife cooperated fully, before my friends raided the firm during the night.


So I was watching from my car as she came out and kissed him before he drove off.  She was certainly a stunner – long blonde hair, wearing a black leather jacket over a black dress, dark hose, knee length black leather boots.  As he drove off, she walked down towards the local shops – and I drove off, to find somewhere quiet to park, and to make my way back.


She had not yet returned when I walked up to the front door – but our research had shown there was no obvious alarm system, so I soon unlocked the door and let myself in.  Closing the door, I waited for a moment, and looked round the hallway – then walked to a small white box on the wall, and put a device I carry onto it.


Alarm neutralised, I walked into the front room, and opened the large canvas bag I had carried with me, taking a look round.  Well furnished, with a black leather corner sofa – and a very large brown stuffed teddy bear sitting in the corner, against a grey cushion.  It had to be as big as my daughter, but for the time being I did not get the significance of why it was there.


Not at first anyway, because I heard the front door open and close, and I knew it was time to get to work, standing by the door and pulling the balaclava down over my head.    I smiled as I heard the footsteps, and then saw her from behind as she walked in.


There is no better sound, to my mind, then that of the someone when you put your gloved hand over their mouth and tell them not to struggle or shout.  She did not disappoint, as she struggled under my grip and tried to get free.


Naturally, she failed.  Having said which, it did take her a while to realise this, before she stopped and listened to me explain the situation, and ask her if she was going to do what I said.  When she nodded, I took my hand away, and said I needed to make sure she could not raise the alarm – and so, she should put her hands behind her back.


She didn’t offer any resistance as I used some cord to secure her wrists together.  It was only after I secured the ends that she asked if I was going to tie Edward up as well.


Now, I had checked – there was nobody else in the house, so I asked her who Edward was.  So when she looked at the bear on the couch, I realised there was something else going on here.  So as I wound a longer length of rope round her upper body, forcing her arms into her sides as her jacket was pulled open, I asked why I had to tie Edward up as well.


Her answer?  Because he might raise the alarm as well, and he would be scared – so I had to tie him up, and then tie them together back to back as well as silence them both.


That was different – but as I pulled the ropes tighter, framing her chest above and below, I figured if it helped me get the job done, then fair enough – so I told her to sit down, and then took some ropes and tied Edward’s paws together in front of him, and then wrapped it round his arms to hold them in place as well.


I didn’t see her smile as I did that – but when I knelt in front of her and bound her booted ankles together, she leaned her head on the bear’s shoulder and told him everything was going to be all right. She didn’t even flinch as I tied her legs together below her knees  and then tied Edward’s legs together at his paws, and half way up as well.


She even rubbed her cheek on him as she watched me doing this – slowly gently, as if she was calming down a lover.  It seemed to keep her calm as well, as I stood up and explained that I needed to keep her quiet until it was time to call her husband.  She nodded slowly, and said she’d be quiet – so I tore some duct tape from a roll an pressed the strips down over her lips, and then as she nodded I tape gagged Edward’s sewn mouth as well.


I then made her sit on the long couch, her legs stretched out, and moved Edward to sit behind her before I used more rope to tie the two of them together.  I swear, at the time, I figured it would make it more difficult for her to stand up and try to hop away, so I left them both on the couch and went to search for anything I could take with me.


It was when I was walking past to head upstairs that I heard the squeaking and her muffled moaning, so I looked into the room to see what was happening.  She was twisting round, her boots rubbing against each other and making the squeaking sound, but the way she was moving, and the way she was moaning, it almost looked as if she was turned on, taking herself to an orgasm.


But I had not added a crotch rope, or used any toys on her – so she was doing this purely with hr imagination, as she rubbed against Edward and twisted herself so that she was rubbing against her.  That made the ropes rub on her body as well, and perhaps that was arousing her as well.


Then she opened her eyes and groaned out loud as her whole body shook, and I saw the damp line on the inside of her thigh.  She had made herself have an orgasm, as she closed her eyes and let her head slump down.


What I could not understand was how she had done that – so I headed up the stairs, and started to search the bedrooms.  That was when I found in the main bedroom some very interesting outfits – bodysuits made to look like a fox and a dog.


I had heard of furries, of course, but I thought they were harmless, that they didn’t get sexual satisfaction from dressing up.  Having said that, everyone has their own feelings, so maybe I was wrong.


But the other thing I noticed was the collection of teddy bears, and some of them seemed to have some – modifications made.  And that was when I realised just what was going on, and why she had done what she did.




“No, he has not hurt me  - but he says you have to do what his friend says, or else he will hurt me.  Please, just do what they say…”


I was standing by her, holding the handset to her ear as she spoke to her husband, still tightly bound and Edward bound just as tightly to her.  It was about eight at night, and I had let her have some food and a drink before she made her call.


“I love you,” she said quietly as I ended the call, then put the handset to one side and looked at her.




“You’re a plushophile, aren’t you?  You got off on being tied to Edward?”


She blushed and nodded, as she said “if I had to be tied up and gagged, I may as well get some enjoyment from it.  So, what happens now – I stay here?”


“No – I’m going to untie you, let you shower and change – and then I tie you up in your bedroom.  All right?”


She looked at me, and nodded as I removed the rope holding her to Edward, but then she said “leave Edward like that – please?”


I nodded as I escorted her to the bedroom, and watched as she removed her boots, stripped, and then picked up a nightie before I walked her to the bathroom.  When she came out, she was wearing – well a sleeveless white lace teddie, with white panties underneath.


I walked her back into the bedroom, and she said “if I am going to be tied up – I want Norman tied to me.”


“Which one is Norman – and where,” I asked, and she pointed to a small brown teddy bear – and then down to her crotch.  I nodded, and said “if you insist – put your hands together behind your back.”


As she did so, I used the first length of rope to bring her elbows together behind her back, taking the rope around and between them as her chest was forced out.  A second hand went round and between her wrists as she flexed her fingers – and then I made sure her chest was framed with ropes above and below, tightened under her arms and between her breasts as well.


She nodded as I then picked up the teddy bear, and held it against her so that the bear’s head was on her stomach, and the legs between her own, before I used more rope to secure it tightly against her.  She then lay down on her side as I crossed and secured her ankles together, and then her legs below and above her knees, each band cinched tightly as she groaned softly.


I then pulled her ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes, as she thanked me for letting her do this – and then I pushed two pairs of her panties in her mouth, before covering her mouth with more duct tape.


I turned the light off, but from the light in the hallway I could see her close her eyes and twist round, rubbing herself against Norman as she started to groan again…




When I told my colleagues what had happened, they had to agree it was unusual – but at least she was happy…








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