The Collector




I may be in my seventies now, but I am a firm believer that everyone should have a hobby – something that helps you to relax and take your mind off the cares and troubles of the world.  For some it is crafts – woodwork, or painting, or photography.  For others, it may acting, and for far too many boys and men of my generation it was collecting – stamps, toy soldiers, model cars, that sort of thing.


Well, when I was a young man, I was a collector as well, but I didn’t collect model cars.  I collected car models.


Hear me out – I was fascinated by films and programs on the television where pretty girls were kidnapped and held by the villain for some nefarious reason, and I always wondered what it would be like.  My pop also used to drag me round motor shows – he ran a used car salesroom – and there I would see all these gorgeous girls in their skimpy outfits.  My mind used to race – and then one day, I decided to do something about it.


Back then, you could get hold of ropes, tapes, and other things without anyone casting a second look – and ether or chloroform was easy enough to get as well, if you knew a friendly chemist and promised him some pictures when you were done.  So I assembled a few things, and then went to a local car show on my own.


I remember the two ladies I collected that very first time – one of them was a strawberry blonde, about five three, and was wearing a white Stetson with a blue sleeveless mini dress, covered in white polka dots, tights and knee length white boots.  She was smiling and talking to the passing visitors, as I watched her carefully, and noticed she took a break every hour or two.  So I walked round, and bided my time until she smiled and went off again.


I followed from a distance, as she went backstage and into a stall.  Standing outside, I poured some of the liquid I had in a bottle on a cloth, and waited until she came out – and then came up behind her, pressing the cloth firmly over her mouth and nose as I held her.


I have to admit, she put up a struggle, trying to pull my hand away – but it made me all the more determined, as she eventually passed out, her eyelids fluttering until they closed.  I held the cloth there for a few more minutes, before I picked her up in my arms and headed for the back door.  I had my Ute outside, so I laid her in the back, and used some cord I had there to secure her wrists behind her back, and her ankles together.


I was just smoothing some sticking plaster over her mouth when I heard the back door open and close, and I quickly covered her with a blanket before getting out.  That was when I saw the second half of my first collection – a tall, willowy brunette wearing a tight grey jumper, a sliver mini skirt and silver over the knee boots.  She smiled at me as I jumped off the back, and took out a compact to look at herself.


Well, it was just too good an opportunity to pass up – so I went back in, and then soaked the cloth some more.  Five minutes later, she was in the back of the Ute as well, wrists and ankles tied and plaster over her mouth before I thought, and tied a rag over the eyes of both of them.


I could not believe the thrill I was feeling, as I got in and drove off.  And no, not down there – although they were cute – but the excitement.  I wasn’t going to hurt them – just keep them for a little while and take some souvenirs.


When they both came to, I was in a shack in the woods, and I had tied both of them to chairs with ropes around their waists and laps as well.  The sound as they tried to talk, the look of them as they tried to get out of the chairs – it was truly amazing.  I watched them for a few hours, saying nothing, not wishing to give myself away – although I did take a few pictures, and they reacted to the sound of that. 


Eventually, however, I decided it was time to return them, so I put them to sleep again, and then drove them back in the truck, leaving them outside the now dark hall.  From there, I went home, and developed two sets of photos – one for my collection, one for the chemist friend.  I heard on the radio they had been found, and remembered or saw nothing – but I am sure they enjoyed it, because I certainly did.



That was the beginning and I mean the beginning, as I set my sights on other beauties from those shows.  The next one I really remember was a few weeks later, as I went to a show in the next county.  On one of the stands was someone who resembled a movie star – long light brown hair, a tight red jumper, and a light pink mini skirt with red hearts and white flowers, a red belt through the loops and snugly fitting her waist.  She also had a pair of over the knee white leather boots, and a singing voice like Doris Day.


I just had to invite her for a visit, but I didn’t have any chloroform with me at the show – I had a few lengths of cord and two cloths, and that was it.  So I had to get creative – and that started with finding her dressing room.


I tied one of the scarves round my lower face as a disguise, and waited until she came in, before I covered her mouth with my hand and pushed a metal rod I had picked up against her back.


Well, she was taken by surprise, and she was scared – scared enough that when U told he to be quiet, she just nodded.  I held the second cloth, folded up, in front of her mouth and told her to open wide.  As she did so, I pushed the cloth in, and made sure none of it was showing before she closed her mouth, her red lips together.


I then pulled her hands behind her back and tied her wrists together as she stared straight ahead, then secured them to the loop at the back of her skirt.  There was a red cape hanging on a hook, so I put that on her, and then looked out of the door.


The hallway was clear, so I quickly walked her down towards the back door.  this time I’d brought the car with me, so I popped the trunk and made her lie in it, before I secured her ankles together and then put some duct tape over her lips, to help her keep quiet.  The look of fear in her eyes as she stared back at me was intoxicating, as I closed the trunk, and pulled the scarf down before I drove off.


I’d booked a motel room, in an off the beaten track motel, so when I pulled in the place was in darkness.  Putting the scarf back on and popping the trunk again, I carried her into the room and laid her on the bed, sitting in a chair and watching her as she wriggled round and tried to call for help.


Eventually, she calmed down and looked at me, probably wondering what I was going to do.  SO I picked up my camera and took some pictures – which was when I noticed the way she was staring at my crotch.  Looking down, I suddenly realised just how excited I was – but I didn’t do anything about it, just taking the photos again and watching her.  As she wriggled round, her jumper seemed to hug her chest even more tightly, and it was something special to watch.  I did wonder how it would look if I tied her arms more – but I didn’t have the rope or material there, so I made a note for next time.


This time was nearly over, however, so I walked behind her and took the scarf off, then used it to blindfold her before I lifted her back into the car, drove her back, and left her at the car show before driving off and returning home with my memories and the photos.



Before I made the next addition to my collection, I did the shack out, and laid in a stock of a few things, because with my next guest I wanted her to stay the night, and that meant having some things in for her to eat and drink.  Nothing fancy – just plain honest fare.  But my next guest was special – a show queen no less.  She was a high school sweetheart – long dark hair, silver mini dress and knee length grey go-go boots.  Just perfect.


I was waiting as she walked down the corridor behind the stands, her heels clicking on the floor - and then clamped the chloroform soaked cloth over her nose and mouth, holding my arm round her waist as she breathed in the fumes.  She soon succumbed to my sweet smelling invitation, as I carried her out to the waiting car.


This time I laid her on the back seat, secured her wrists behind her back and her ankles, and then smoother a strip of sticking plaster over not only her mouth, but her closed eyes as well, before covering her with a blanket and setting off.  I could hear her breathing through her nostrils as we headed deeper into the woods – and then her soft whimpers as I pulled up…


I lifted her out of the car and carried her into the shack, sitting her on the bed before I took a longer length of rope, and wrapped it around her arms and body, securing her arms to her side as I passed it above and below her chest.  I was surprised at how well it worked, and how it made her chest much more prominent as the bands pressed in.  I also stroked her chest as I tied the ropes off – and was surprised as she giggled.


SO I started to tickle her, and she laughed into the tape, wriggling round and then sighing in equal measure.  I had no idea what was happening to her, so I peeled the plaster from hr mouth and asked her if she was all right.  To my surprise, she said yes, and told me to keep going with stroking her chest.


How could I refuse such an offer?   Especially as it was making me happy as well.


And as I kept going, she eventually shook and then slumped to the side, as I gave her a drink through a straw, and then gagged her again with a fresh strip of plaster.  I watched her all night, and then dropped her off again.  She never reported me, and I had a great time.



Eventually, however, I began to toy with the idea of what would happen if I had two added to my collection at the same time and expand from car show girls – and given the Commencement at my college was coming up, I knew the perfect pair to add the weekend before.  The Gilmore were the talk of the town fair – Gilda had been named Homecoming Queen, and Grace was the head cheerleader for the college football team.  So I decided to visit them at home, rather than the showground, and invite them for a while.


I was watching from outside when their parents drove off, at about seven that Saturday morning, driving a panel van that I had – borrowed for the event.  Allowing them a little time, I slipped a balaclava mask over my head, so that only my eyes and lips were visible, and drove up to the front door, before parking the van and making my way to the back door.


As I came in, Gilda came from the other door.  She had long straw blonde hair, and was wearing a short black dress with a plunging neckline, and gold knee length boots.  Well, she looked at me, and was about to scream when I grabbed her and put my gloved hand over her mouth, the chloroform soaked cloth soon doing the job it needed to do.


Once she was out, I picked her up in my arms and took her to the back of the van.  I had put carpets down on the floor, so I laid her face down, crossing her wrists behind her back and taping them together, before I did the same to her ankles.  I was suing a wide white tape, so as I turned her over, I pressed one length over her lips, and a second over her closed eyes, before I left her in there and went back into the house.


Grace was in the front room, reading a magazine, wearing a powder blue one piece suit with long sleeves and hot pants, and a pair of knee length white leather boots.  She soon was asleep, and then similarly secured in the back of my van, as I closed the door and drove to my cabin.


They were both awake by the time I got there, so I cut their ankles free and made them walk in, before I removed the tape blindfold, and probably did their eyebrows as well.  There was a real thrill as they both looked at me with fear in their eyes, as I told them they would not be hurt if they did what I said. 


I made them both kneel on the bed facing each other, as I took the ropes and started by binding their arms to their sides, taking the rope above and below the chests and then between their arms and bodies.  Once they were secured, I cut the tape away and re-bound their wrists with rope, before re-tying their ankles and their legs above their knees.


I then made them lie facing each other, and tied their ankles to the chest ropes, sitting back and watching as they tried to move and talk to each other.  Eventually, I walked over and started to play with their chests, Gilda first, her eyes wide open with shock, but as I continued they softened, changed as she moaned and began to respond.  Grace was shaking her head with fear, but once I had Gilda relaxed I did the same to her – and she realised what was going on.


I then did something I had not done before – tied ropes around their waists, and pulled them up between their legs and behind their backs before securing them to their wrists.  As they struggled again, I had to watch, trying to control my own reaction as they groaned and then screamed out.


Eventually, I made them both sleep again, and took them home, leaving them with their wrists tied and their mouths covered – all I did was steal a kiss from their gagged lips.  Little did I know the next girl I collected would become the one I kept for life…?



It was the 1974 auto show, and as I walked round I saw her at a stand.  Long brown hair, a white mini dress that had bell sleeves and a thin gold metal belt, and white go-go boots.  She looked at me and smiled, as I stood and watched the demonstration – and I knew I had my latest addition to my collection.


I now had a VW camper, fitted out as a mobile den, so I brought it round to the stage door and slipped in.  I found the changing area for the models, and waited until she approached – coming up behind her, pressing a water pistol against her, and telling her not to look round and just walk with me.


Well, she asked why, so I told her I wasn’t going to hurt her, I just wanted to add her to my collection of women I invited to have fun with.  I thought she might scream, but instead she nodded and said she would come with me.  We walked out and into the back of my van, as I told her to kneel down and not look round while I closed the door.


To my surprise, she knelt down, and I could have sworn she smiled as she said not to hurt her.  I took a length of cord, put her hands together behind her back, and tied her wrists together, before I bound her arms to her sides.  As I did this, she said something I was not expecting.


She said she knew a girl this had happened to – and would I do what the man did to her, by playing with her?  I realised she must have meant one of my past collection items, so as I tied the ropes off I reached round and gently played with her breasts.  She groaned softly, and then said I should bind her legs before I continued.


SI I tied her ankles together, and her legs above and below her knees, before I started to lay a little more with her chest.  She actually pushed her chest into my hands, and groaned as I squeezed them, before she asked me to kiss her as well.  I gently kissed her neck, as she put her head back and kissed my ear as well – and then said she wanted to see me.


Well, I was so into it, I let her turn round, and she smiled as she said she wondered if I had done this.  She then leaned forward and kissed me on my lips, before saying I had her at my mercy – I could do anything I wanted to her.


Well, she was right in that, but as I kissed her again I realised I wanted to do this – because she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met…




We married a year later, and are still married forty-one years later.  We have children, and a grandson, and we do play the games from time to time, but I had my complete collection from that day.  She had greying blonde hair now, but last year for our Ruby anniversary we relived the day I added her to my life.  She has a fantastic figure still, so she wore a white mini-dress with silver sequins, a brown girdle belt, and the same knee length white boots.


I hired a private cabin, but I bound and gagged her, and took her in the trunk of our car, before we spent the weekend in perfect, and blissful solitude…









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