The Disabling Demons







Case 1


I love old black and white movies – there’s something about the way they are shot that is so romantic, so the afternoon those two visited it was as if I was Rosalind Russel or someone in an Ealing crime comedy…


I was working at home, and had finished for the day, so I had just put on The Lavender Hill Mob to watch.  As I had no business meetings, I was wearing an old light brown blouse with a patterned skirt, dark leggings and knee length black leather boots.  I had brought a drink and some snacks through from the kitchen, and was about to move myself into my favourite reclining chair when I heard the footsteps, and saw them standing in the doorway.


It was a man, and a woman – both wearing denim jackets and jeans, with jumpers underneath, but while the woman was carrying a holdall the man had a gun in his hand – a gun he pointed at me as he told me to just sit still and not panic, then everything would be all right.


Well, I was too surprised to do anything except look at them, as they came into my front room, the woman putting the bag in a chair and then going to close the curtains, while the man stood next to me and smiled.  He said, in a calm, quiet voice, that if I told them where my valuables were, then the only thing they would do to me as make sure I could not raise the alarm – and they would make sure I could see the film which had started as well.


And that was why, as Alec Guinness met Stanley Holloway, I was watching as the woman took a roll of silver tape from the bag and started to tape my wrists together, hands palm to palm, and then taking the tape down so that it covered my hands.  She then taped my arms to my sides as I sat in my wheelchair, making a band above and below my chest as my arms were forced into place.


I knew I had no way of stopping them, and no desire to clear a mess up, so I told him where my jewellery boxes were as the woman put my ankles together and secured them with tape.  I mean, I was going nowhere anyway, but at least they treated me as they probably did any other person they decided to rob or burgle or whatever.


She then taped my legs together below and above my ness, the silver bands over my leather boots and my leggings, before they looked at each other, and then lifted me out of my wheelchair, placing me in my recliner and then moving it so that I was in a more – relaxed position.  That was when he told me to open my mouth, and he put a folded cloth in, before I closed my lips and she covered them with strips of the silver tape.


He then went to the room where my jewellery was, while she sat and watched me getting as comfortable as I could, and then watching the film as the plot to rob the bank played out.  It was the strangest of feelings – watching a film about a robbery when you are been robbed at the same time – but I felt safe if you can believe that.  Unable to move without the bands of tape crinkling, or my boots squeaking, and unable to talk with the tape pulling on the skin around my mouth as it covered my lips.


But yes – safe.


I watched as the man came back and they left me watching the robbery and the getaway – it was another two hours before my husband got home and found me…



Case 2


How did we truly find out how we felt about each other?  I guess we should really thank that couple who broke into my house that afternoon…


It was an August weekend, and Carol and I had been to the park for some fresh air.  We’d known each other since school, and Carol had been a great help to me after the accident left me in the chair.  I remember I was wearing a sleeveless sixties pinafore dress with  a floral print on the fabric, as well as brown boots, while Carol had a denim jacket over a brown and white minidress with a black collar, and dark brown cowboy boots.


Anyway, we went back to my flat, the wind blowing through her long blonde hair and my long brown hair as we talked about some mutual friends, and then she waited as I opened the door and we went in.  I wheeled myself into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee while Carol went into the front room, and that was when she fell silent.


Not that I noticed, as I put the cafetiere, two cups, milk and sugar with two spoons on a tray, balanced it on my lap, and then wheeled into the front room – to see Carol was not alone.  There were two other people in there, a man and a woman – and I did not know them.  What I did know is they were both wearing polo shirts and training pants, as well as gloves – and the woman was pointing a gun at Carol, while the man was tying her wrists together behind her back.  Her denim jacket was over the back of the couch, and I could see the lengths of rope in a bag in the couch itself.


The woman turned to me and smiled, and told me not to move as her – I assume, her partner – pulled the ropes and tied them off, and then wrapped a longer length around Carol’s body, forcing her arms into her sides as the woman put the gun down, and lifted the tray off my lap, placing it on the table – and then taking a length of rope from the bag as she told me to put my hands behind my own back.


Carol just nodded and watched as I did as I had been told to, and felt the rope on my wrists as she started to bind them tightly together.  The rope was soft, but strong, as I felt it on my skin while she tied it round and between my arms, and then secured the ends out of reach of my fingers.  She then took a longer length, and like Carol I felt the rope pulling my arms into my sides while I looked at her.


The rope has stretched the material of her dress over her chest as she tried to wriggle round, and I could see the blush in her cheeks – it was actually a nice thing to see.


The woman then turned me in my chair and pushed into my bedroom, the man picking up the bag and following with Carol.  As we went in, he put the bag down and told Carol to sit on the bed, while the woman took more rope from the bag and started to tie my ankles together.  I told her I could not move my legs, but she looked at me, smiled and said she thought I should be the same as Carol for the next few hours.


There was something strangely comforting about that as I watched her tie my legs together as well below my knees, while the man obviously did the same to Carol, and then took a pair of tights from my drawer.  He folded the main part, and put that into her mouth, before he tied the legs round her head so that they formed a thin brown band, pulling the corners of her mouth back slightly – and then he made her lie on her side, as he pulled her ankles back and tied them to something behind her back.


I found out what it might have bene a few minutes later, as he produced a second pair of tights, these ones white, and used them to gag me before they lifted me onto the bed and lay me so that I was looking at her.  I was aware of him pulling my own ankles back, and then an increase in the tightness of the ropes around my arms as he did something to me – I later found out he had tied my ankles to my chest ropes, but hey, no feeling down there…


I could only watch as they started to search my room, as I felt the nylon wad in my mouth soak up my saliva and press down on my tongue, the corners of my own mouth pulled back slightly – and then I saw the way Carol was looking at me as she wriggled round, the ropes framing her breasts, and I could not stop looking at her as she smiled…


Eventually, the two of them left, and we were lying there, unable to get off the bed and kept quiet – and then Carol began to shuffle over to me as I looked at her, her eyes sparkling and shining – and then I felt her lips on mine as she kissed me, and it felt so right, so normal, so much the thing I wanted more than anything…


Oh we got free eventually – I managed to get the gag out of Carol’s mouth, and she shouted until someone from across the hallway came in – but it took a while to get that nylon out, and we had a lot of fun doing it.  We still do have a lot of fun…



Case 3


I love my mum, and I would do anything for her, but it can get a bit boring looking after her sometimes – and I get the feeling she gets bored as well.  So when the intruders surprised us, we both got a little excited about what happened, even as we had to look after each other…


It was later in the afternoon on a school day, and I had come home to find Mum working at the kitchen table in her chair.  She was wearing a brown and gold long sleeved top with a round pattern on it, and dark blue jeans with the legs tucked into a pair of knee length burgundy leather boots.  She looked at me and smiled before she asked if ‘I had had a good day at school – I said I had, and then went upstairs to get changed while Mum cooked my tea.


I got out of uniform and put on a black jumper, rolling back the sleeves to my elbows, as well as a short black skirt, but I kept on my black tights, and then went back to the kitchen – only Mum wasn’t the only person in there.


There was a man and a woman, both a bit older, and wearing dark jackets.  He had a white shirt and pants, she had a white blouse and a knee length skirt – but she also was kneeling down, wrapping rope around my mother’s crossed ankles and forcing them together, while he was doing the sane to her wrists in front of her.


And then all three looked at me.  I saw the look of fear in Mum’s face, as the man finished tying her wrists together, and then the woman stood up.  “Take her into the front room, make her comfortable – I’ll bring Mummy through when we’ve had a chat,” he said – but I didn’t want to do that, so I ran over, put my arms round Mum as I stood behind her, and said I was going to stay with her, protect her.


She looked at me, and said I should do as they said, but I shook my head and said I was staying with her.  The two strangers looked at each other, and then the woman took some rope from the bag that was on the table, and started to tie my wrists together in front of Mum.  At the same time, the man took some rope and knelt behind me, and I felt him wrap it round my ankles and start to tie them together as well.


Mum looked up at me, and said I was very brave as I felt the rope on my skin.  I smiled back, and said I was never going to see her hurt as the woman tied the rope between my arms, secured that, and then tied them to Mum’s wrists as well, while the man started to tie my legs together at my knees as well.  I knew I was going nowhere, but I also knew we would be together. 


He then stood up as I tried to move.  It was tight, but it didn’t hurt, and I was hugging Mum – that hug becoming very special as they used a much longer length of rope to tie the wo of us together, the rope going round my waist and under Mum’s chest as well as the chair back so that we really could not move apart.


The woman stroked my hair back, and said I was very brave, before she pressed a long strip of white tape over my mouth, before she asked Mum where she kept her jewels.  When she told her, she also got some tape over her mouth, before she stayed in the kitchen while we both heard the man going upstairs.  When he came back down, they turned the radio on, and then left us there until Dad got home…


Case 4


I man the front of desk at an insurance brokers, and we sometimes do have large amounts of cash in the building – which explains why I arrived early one day and let myself in, and then found I wasn’t alone.


I got myself out of my car into my chair, and put my handbag on my lap as I rolled over to the main door.  That particular day, I was wearing a purple jersey dress with capped sleeves and a cowl neck, dark tights and black knee length leather pirate style boots.


Anyway – I got to the door, keyed in the code and opened it – and then was surprised to find myself pushed in as the door was closed behind me.  Looking round, I saw a man and a woman, wearing blue boiler suits and balaclava masks, the man telling me to be quiet as I was taken into the main office.


Naturally, I asked what was going on, and to my surprise they told me – they intended to empty the safe, and they had to stop me raising the alarm.  Full marks for honesty there, as the woman opened a canvas bag and took out a wide roll of silver duct tape, and then told me to put my arms behind the chair back.


I had no choice, did I – but as I did this, she knelt behind me, crossed my wrists, and used the tape to secure them tightly together.  As she did this, the man looked at me, smiled, and asked me for the combination to the safe.  My question in my head actually was, how the hell did they know I was one of the only three people to know that?


But, as I said, I wasn’t exactly in a position to argue, so I gave him the code as the woman wrapped more tape round my chest and the chair back.  Yeah, my dress was going to be ruined, but at least I could replace that – and the boots as she then knelt down in front of me, and taped my ankles together.


I asked them where they thought I was going to go given I was in a wheelchair, and the woman actually gave a reasoned reply – she said they were treating me no differently from anyone else, so was I complaining about that?  She had me on that one, as she then taped my legs together below my knees while her friend opened the safe and started to empty the contents into the canvas bag.


She then told me to put my lips together, and she covered them with strips of the tape, leaving it very difficult for me to say anything else as they both left the office.  I tried to twist my hands free, but they were too well secured – and I could not wheel myself over to the desk to make an emergency call.  I was stuck there until one of my colleagues came in…



Case 5


“I’m off for my coffee break!”


That’s the euphemism we use for a coy cigarette break outside the building, as I put my scarf round my neck and left my desk, heading for the lift.  We have a casual dress code, and I was wearing a dark cardigan over a lace white top, ripped jeans and loose grey leather boots.  My scarf was a long, thin pink woollen one with a grey tartan pattern, and hung loosely round my neck and down in front of me.


Our office is in a block, on the twelfth floor – which is okay for me, the wheelchair means I get first dibs on the lift as well as some other privileges, like knowing the toilet should be free when I need it.  But right then, what I wanted more than anything was a cigarette – and I was going to wheel myself out to the shelter when I heard a noise as I passed the coffee shop on the ground floor.


Two things caught my attention – first, the shop was closed in the middle of the morning, with a sign on the door saying they would open later, due to a staffing issue.  But I had seen Geri, the owner, go in when I arrived.  The second thing was that the door was only partially closed, and I thought what I heard was Geri saying “no…”


I should have called a security guard, I know – but my curiosity got the better of me, so I pushed the door open, wheeled myself in, and called out “hello?  Geri?”  Everything went silent – and then this woman appeared, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans with ankle boots.  She looked at me, then walked past me and closed the door, locking it before she said “come with me” and pushed me into the back room.


And that was where I found Geri, sitting on the floor with a man wearing a black polo shirt and dark jeans standing over her.  I saw why she hadn’t said much – the rolled up tea towel that had bene pulled between her lips and tied round her head took care of that.  She was wearing a grey polo shirt and cargo pants – but her wrists and ankles were tied together with twine as she sat against the wall.


“Open your mouth.”


“Why should I hphnnmmhffhhnhh” I said, opening my mouth of curse before the woman actually took my scarf and pulled it between my lips!  I could taste the wool on my tongue as she tied it tightly round my head, and then closed my lips over it as the man walked over and lifted me out of my chair, sitting my next to Geri before the woman held my hands together in front of me, and he used a ball of twine to tie them together as well.


They then let me bound wrists drop in front of me, before he played the twine out and bound my ankles as well, wrapping them in a criss-cross fashion as Geri looked at me and said “Hmshrreee…”


“Nhtuhrfhlt” I mumbled back as I felt the scarf soak up all the saliva in my mouth, while the man and woman picked up a money bag, and made their way out.  I tried to get my wrists free, but it was no use – and with a pair of useless legs, I could not even bend them to get my hands up to my mouth.


We both had to sit there until the security team actually came in, asking why they had no coffee…



Case 6


The driver stopped outside the front door of my house, saying he would only be a moment as he went and fetched the wheelchair from the boot, and then set it up before he opened the door and waited as I manoeuvred myself into it.  As the Lady Mayoress, I had just been at a ceremony to open a new school extension, and was wearing a dark jacket and skirt with a white blouse underneath, and black high heels.


Once I was in position, I thanked the driver, and made my way back into my nice little cottage – just the place I wanted to have to myself, ever since the accident and the death of my husband.


Truthfully, ~I just wanted to have a rest – and I was so BORED!  So he drove off, I let myself in – and found myself facing two intruders.  A man and a woman, both very smartly dressed in suite, the man wearing a white shirt and dark tie, the woman a white blouse – but she had a gun, and he was smiling as he welcomed me home, and told me not to raise the alarm.


I knew what they wanted – well, I could guess, given I have a very well publicised collection of coins, and when ~I asked if that was what they wanted they both nodded.  Well, I had to disappoint them – I told them they were stored at the bank.  They both seemed to take that well, and the man said they would still take what valuables they could find – and then I had an idea of how to spend the afternoon.  I asked them if they were going to stop me raising the alarm, and when they both nodded I asked if they would allow me to change first, and then they could leave me in my bedroom.


The woman nodded as she said she would come with me, and she took the bag as I wheeled myself into my bedroom, and slipped my jacket off, leaving it on the back of the wheelchair and asking if she would help be getting a top from my wardrobe.  She took out a long sleeved blue one, with a round neck and elastic cuffs, and watched as I took my blouse off and then pulled it down over my head.


She then assisted me by kneeling down and taking my shoes off my feet, as I unzipped my skirt and pushed it town me and onto the floor.  I asked her then to get a pair of jeans out and slip them up over my legs – which she did, allowing me to pull them all the way up and fasten them.


She then asked me if I wanted anything over my ankles – as she was going to use rope to bind them, even if I was disabled.  Well, I asked her to help me put on a pair of knee length brown leather riding boots, which she did, making sure the legs were tucked into the boots.


Well, at least I had a chance to change, as I wheeled myself over to my bad and then sat on it, asking what she was going to do.  She asked me if I had ever been tied up before – and I had to admit, my late husband and I had played a few, shall we say games?  She smiled at that, and then said if I wanted, she would make sure I was – and she actually apologised for saying this – truly immobile.


Well, I really had no choice, did I?  She started by taking my hands behind my back, and some rope form the bag, and tying my wrists tightly together, making sure she took the rope around and between my limbs to do so.  I admit, that was exciting me a little, as she tied the off, and then wrapped more rope around my arms and upper body, above and below my chest, so that they were fixed firmly in place.


She then asked if I had any feeling below my waist.  I said no, but if she was asking what I thought she was asking, I could still get excited.  So she tied some rope round my waist, and then helped me to lie on my stomach, before she pulled the rope up between my legs and tied the ends to my wrists.


I looked back as she crossed my ankles and tied them tightly together, and then tied my legs together below my knees, before she pulled my ankles back and tied them to my chest ropes – just as her partner came into the room.  I rolled over onto my side and answered his questions about where my jewellery was.  The woman then went to a drawer, and drew out a clean pair of my silk panties, folding them as she came back and told me to open my mouth wide.


I could taste the detergent as she pushed them in, and then when I closed my lips she took a roll of brown sticking plaster, tore off a long, wide strip, and pressed it down firmly over my mouth as I lay there, watching them take my valuables.  The man said they would call for help eventually, turned on my radio, and then left me there.


Personally, I waited until I heard the front door open and close, and then slowly moved my wrists back and forth, moving the rope that went between my legs and pressed down on me there.  I may have useless legs, but I still had some feeling there…







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