The Lady of Larceny







As she walked into the front hall of her house, she didn’t have a care in the world.  She had enjoyed a night out with her friends, it was late, and she was ready for her bed.  She felt as if she was glowing – although how much of that was just the sweat from the dancing making her tight grey dress stick to her body and how much natural love she was not sure.


She slipped her coat off and walked into the front room, sitting down and stretching her legs out in front of herself as she admired her over the knee black leather boots.  Sighing, she leaned forward to start to remove them – then stopped as she felt the small disc pressing on her back, and a female voice say “keep them on.  I like the squeak when I have made sure you cannot move.”


“Who…  Who are you?”


“Not important – what’s your name?”




“Well Vicky – just remain calm and do as you’re told, and you’ll be just fine.  For starters, you can lean forward, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Please, don’t hurt me,” Vicky whispered as she did as she was asked, feeling the woman grab her wrists and hold them together, before there was a rasping sound and she felt them suddenly forced together.


She then felt a second band around her arms, as her elbows were forced together, the rasping sound filling the air again.  As her arms were forced together, her chest was forced out, the material almost allowing her chest to burst free.


She watched the woman as she walked round – she wore a black PVC catsuit with knee length leather boots, black gloves and a black domino mask, and smiled as she used two more zip ties to secure her legs together, at her knees and ankles.


“There,” she said as she then made Vicky lie on her side, “isn’t that a wonderful sound?”


“Not sure I agree with you,” Vicky moaned as she tried to move her legs, but she had to admit, the sound of leather rubbing on leather was different.  She then heard another ripping sound, and as she looked up the tape was pressed firmly over her mouth. 


“Now you stay there,” the masked woman said, “while I have a look round.”  Vicky could only watch as she went off, and then hear as drawers were opened.


A short while later, the masked woman came back in, kneeling by Vicky and smiling as she said “well, that was fun – and now to reward you for been such a wonderful hostess.”


“WWhddummnnn,” she said as she looked at the woman, and then felt her lips on her chest, her hands on her breasts…



Vicky was found by her housemate the next morning, still zip tied and gagged, the house ransacked.  This was one of the earliest reports of a very skilled armed home invader, whose speciality seems to be robbing young women who like to wear tight clothing and long boots.  Whether this is a fetish or a matter of choice – you make your mind up as you hear the tales.


The first report of this woman came three months before that tale, in a student flat in Newcastle, where twenty year old Debbie was preparing to go to a lecture…


It was a typical North East day – cold and dry – and I was packing my bag with the books I needed that day when I heard the knock on the front door of the flat.  Not thinking, I opened the door – and then was pushed back in by this black haired woman in a denim jacket and jeans – and a very nasty knife in her hand.


“In there,” she said as she pushed me back into my room, and forced me to lie face down on the bed.  I turned my head and watched as she pulled some twine from her pocket, pulled my wrists together and wrapped the thin string tightly round them.  I had to stop myself from crying – the cuffs of my blouse were turned up, so my wrists were bare.


She then pulled a second length of twine out, and used it to secure my ankles together.  I was wearing these long black boots, like waders which came up over the knees of my grey jeans, so at least my ankles were protected.


She then pulled a white cloth out of her other pocket, and stuffed it into my mouth, before she grabbed my bag.  She then looked at me as I stared back, and smiled – before she rolled me other and smacked my bottom.


And when I say smacked my bottom, I mean smacked it hard, so that I grunted into the cloth soaking up the saliva in my mouth, before she walked out.  It took me an age to find some scissors and cut myself free…


But why?  Why did she smack my bottom like that?


Debbie’s question was a valid one, but the police dismissed it as something that was done at the spur of the moment.  Later reports, however, showed it was not a random thing – and this intruder was getting more sophisticated and daring.


One occasion that was kept quiet involved the daughter of the Secretary of Defence – and her girlfriend…


It was last autumn – Zoe was out doing some shopping, and I was reading a book at home, casually dressed – a red vest top, jeans and grey over the knee leather boots.  Yeah, I know – not casual, but we’re both actually biker chicks.  Something my dad chooses to ignore…


Anyhow…  I was reading a book, when the next thing I know is this gloved hand over a mouth, and a female voice saying to remain calm.  Well, would you remain calm if someone did that to you?  Of course I tried to scream the place down, and then I saw the knife in the gloved hand…


I looked back, and saw a dark haired woman wearing a black domino mask looking at me.  “You’re a cutie,” she said with a smile, “and you’re going to do exactly what I tell you, aren’t you?”


I slowly nodded as she said “good – now I want you, cute as you are, to keep very quiet when I take my hand away, lean forward, and put your hands behind your back.”


Nodding, I did as she asked, and then felt her cross my wrists before she used some rope to bind them firmly together.  She was good – it went around and between my arms to keep them fixed to each other.


Well, I read the stories…


Anyway, I knew I was in trouble – and even more so when she passed some rope round my body, and used it to force my arms into my sides, the band sitting under my chest.  As she passed it round several more time, above and below, I felt my chest been forced out, and I heard her sigh as well.


I would have said something, but as she pulled the ropes one last time, I heard the front door open – which was when she clamped her leather gloved hand over my mouth, and held the knife blade flat against my throat.


Zoe came in, and stopped in the doorway, staring at me as her long black hair fell over the shoulders of her white blouse.  I could see the black slip under the blouse, the hem falling over her black leggings and her long, long… crotch high tight black leather boots.


“Hello,” the woman hand gagging me said, “not a word – slowly, slowly, drop to your knees, and put your hands on your head.”


“Don’t hurt her,” Alex said as she looked at me, and slowly knelt.


“I won’t hurt her if you behave,” the masked woman said, as she removed her hand, and then I saw something in front of my face  - a large black silk square, rolled into a band with a large knot tied in the middle.  “Open wide now – I need you nice and quiet while your friend is kept secure as well.”


Nodding, I opened my mouth and allowed her to pull the knot behind my teeth – the band tied tightly round my head, before I had to watch as she walked behind Alex.  The woman was dressed in black, as she knelt down and pulled her wrists behind her back, then lashed her wrists together before she bound her arms tightly to her body.


A knotted scarf was pulled into her mouth, before she made me kneel in front of Alex, and then used even more rope to bind our upper bodies together.  This at least meant we could look at each other, our lips over the silk knots – and as she started to bind my ankles tightly together, I leaned over and gently kissed Alex.


She moaned softly, and then kissed me neck as the masked intruder went round, and tied her ankles – then she tied our legs together above our knees, as well as our thighs, cinching both bands between our bodies.


She must have gone off and raided the rooms then, but we didn’t care, as we enjoyed each other’s company… 


Police broke in and found them some time later, when her father could not get an answer on any telephone.


Just how devious this woman was, however, became very clear when she raided the home of – shall we say, a manager of women who offer pleasure?


I run a tight ship – in every sense of that word – and security is paramount as well as secrecy.  With that in mind, I even have top security in my private quarters, on the top floor of my Chelsea residence.


Which is why it was such a surprise to come up early one morning, and see this woman, clad in a Catwoman outfit complete with over the head mask and knee length leather boots, sitting and smiling as I came in.  I was wearing a black sleeveless top, a black leather skirt, flesh coloured stockings and over the knee tight black leather boots, laced behind my knees.


“Hello,” she said quietly as she looked at me, “I’m sorry for the intrusion, but I am here to rob you.  Please, lie down on that wonderfully ornate chaise longue, and put your hands behind your back.”


“And what makes you think I am going to do that,” I replied with a smile.


“Because my friend Mister Walther says so,” she said as she revealed a Walther PPK and pointed it at me.  “Would you care to argue with him?  I assure you, you would not win.”


Well, my mamma told me never to argue with anyone who had a gun, so I slowly raised my hands as she stood up, and I should do as she had asked.  As I lay on my stomach, I saw her take a large bag and open it, removing several lengths of obviously high quality rope.


Now, I have been secured by clients in the past, but this was different – she knew what she was doing, as she crossed my wrists behind my back and doubled over one length of rope, using that to secure them firmly together, cinching it and tying the ends out of reach of my fingers.  She then crossed and secured my ankles in the same way – and yes, I had to supress a thrill at the feel of rope on leather.  It is so… sensual.


She then secured my legs together below my knees – marking her out as a professional – before making me sit up, and binding my arms to my sides, creating a rather fetching rope harness as she did so.  Bands of rope above and below my chest, under my arms and around the back of my neck, and then between my breasts.  If she had not been a masked thief, I would have been tempted to offer her a job on the spot.


As it was, she knew how to pleasure someone as well, as she reached round and started to gently caress my chest, massaging my breasts as she asked me for the combination for the safe.  I held out for a while – mainly because I was enjoying the sensations – but then she pulled my top up, and I gasped the combination out.


That was when she pushed a cloth in my mouth, taped round my head, and proceeded to just use her hands to make me feel incredible – after which, she hogtied me on the chaise longue and helped herself to my jewels and money.  She then told me to have fun, as she left – once she had tied a crotch rope, and slipped one of my little toys into my panties…


What is obvious is this woman had a things for women wearing long boots – and likes to make them feel so different they offer no resistance…


“Oh I don’t know – what do you say to that, dear lady?”


The middle aged Chinese woman said nothing, trying to ignore the pressure as the masked woman pulled the doubled rope up between her legs.  It made the skirt of her cap sleeved red mini dress ride up, but more worryingly it rubbed on her panties as she secured the rope to her bound wrists.   Ropes also held her arms tightly to her sides, framing her chest as it threatened to spill out of the top of her dress.


Her ankles and legs were tightly secured as well, the white rope sitting over her thigh high black leather boots.  The squeak as the leather and rope moved from her struggles was the only sound in the room – the sponge that filled her mouth, and the white tape pressed firmly over her mouth, took care of any other noise.


“Now then,” the woman said as she pulled her captive’s ankles back, and secured them to the crotch rope, “shall we?”






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