The Seven Days of Simon









Ever since I came to an – understanding – with my wife about who I am, and why I do what I do, life has been a series of new and varying experiences.  Life as a man – and as a woman – has never been so varied or interesting.


Let me take you through a recent week, as an example.  Starting with Monday – Denise came home from work with a face like thunder.  She was wearing a deep blue dress with elbow length sleeves, black tights and knee length brown suede boots, and she gave me a look that said she just wanted to explode.


So I made her an offer – I would cook dinner, and give her a chance to vent her frustrations in a way where she would upset nobody.  She agreed to that, so I pulled a chair away from the table, and asked her to sit down while I fetched what I needed.


Coming back, I asked her to try and relax as I guided her arms round the hair back, and used a length of soft white rope to secure her wrists together as well as to the chair back.  I then wound more rope round her waist and the chair back to hold her there, before more rope went round her upper arms and the chair back.


Smiling, I then knelt in front of her and bound her ankles together, the rope sinking into the soft suede as they were forced together, the leather lightening under the tension of the binding.  I took the rope round and between her legs, and then pulled her ankles back under the chair, securing them to the chair back.


More rope then held her legs together below her knees, before she opened her mouth up and I pushed a red sponge inside, watching her cheeks push out as it expanded behind her teeth.  Taking the roll of silver tape, I covered her mouth with several strips, and then let her shake and scream to her heart’s content while  I went to the kitchen and fixed us both some supper.


No, I was dressed in my jumper, shirt and jeans, nothing else – but this time, it was about helping my wife not me – and besides, our playtime would come later in the week.  For now, I let her get it out of her system, and then we talked later…




Yeah, Denise has accepted when I wear women’s clothes – like the next day, which I had off work.  When she had left, I had a long shower, and then put on a white top with thin grey stripes, a grey checked skirt, dark hose and knee length black leather boots.  Once I had on a blue cardigan over the top, I pout the red-brown wig on over my own hair, and smiled as I applied my makeup.


So you can imagine my surprise when I went downstairs, and there was this stranger standing there – casually dressed, young, and with a knife in his gloved hand.  He looked at me, and said “the lady of the house?”




“Okay – go into the front room, lie face down on the couch, and put your hands behind your back.  I need to make sure you can’t stop me taking your things.”


Well, it wasn’t as if I had a choice, was it – I walked into the front room, lay down, and heard the ripping sound before he used some sort of tape to secure my wrists together behind my back.  I then felt him cross my ankles before they were held together as well, and then he turned me over.


That’s when I saw it was duct tape – right before he pressed one length over my mouth, and then went out.  He was going to be disappointed – we don’t have a lot at home – but I was enjoying the experience until I heard him leave the house.


It took me a few minutes of rubbing my cheek on the cushion to get the gag off, and then to get off the couch and scoot over to Denise’s knitting basket, and the scissors there to free myself.  He really had found nothing as well – but I enjoyed myself…



The rest of the week was considerably more exciting.  Wednesday night is my weekly meeting with Sheila, who introduced me to this world and all it involves.  So I made sure I went prepared – a blonde wig, a grey jersey dress with a low neck and a short skirt, light hose, white boots.  Sheila was also nicely dressed in a black jumper and leggings, the legs tucked into knee length black leather boots.


Her friend was also there – no names, no pack drill – but he was ready to ensure we spent a comfortable night.  So we sat side by side on two dining chairs, and I smiled as he took my arms round the chair back, and started to secure my wrists together with soft white rope.


He then wrapped more rope round my upper body, forcing it against the chair back as he did so and forcing my arms against my sides, and then I watched as Sheila smiled at the feeling when he did the same to her.


He then knelt down and bound my ankles tightly together, making sure my legs were secured above and below my knees, and then he pulled a rolled up gold scarf between my lips – the knot  he  had tied pressing down my tongue as the silk pressed in on my cheeks.


Sheila was soon jut as secure and silent, as we both started to listen to the music he was playing, enjoying the sensation of being so helpless…



Which is more than I felt the next day.  I was heading home from work, having changed into something more comfortable – in this case, a red cowl necked dress with aa wide black belt which was studded at the front, dark hose and over the knee black leather boots.  All I wanted to do was pop into my local off licence and pick up a bottle of wine.


So it was just my luck two teenage girls were tying up the manageress as I walked in.  One of them looked at the other, and then uttered various oaths as she pointed a gun at me, and the other one went to lock the front door.  I looked at the manageress, who was wearing a black dress, black hose and black boots, her wrists secured behind her back and bands of rope round her arms and upper body.


A state I found myself in a few minutes later, as the one who closed the door pulled my hands behind my back and bound them together, then passed brown rope round my body to force my arms against my sides.  I looked down as her ‘partner’ stuffed a cloth into the manageress’ mouth, watching as she twisted her legs round – the leather squeaking as her legs rubbed together, held fast at her ankles and knees.


I was forced to sit next to her, and then watch as my own ankles and legs were secured with the brown rope, before a second cloth was pushed into my mouth.  Now, I knew I could push this out easily if I wanted to, but I was concerned for the manageress.


Besides, as she twisted round and looked ta me, I am a little ashamed to admit that I was turned on by the way she looked, and felt it all the more by the way I was at that time…


The police eventually found us – and Denise and I had a drink later…



I mentioned about playtime with Denise, right?  So come Friday night I got home first, and was having a drink of coffee when I heard a knock on the front door.  I had already changed to relax for the weekend – a grey print dress with lower mesh sleeves, fishnet stockings and black boots – and when I heard the front door open and close I naturally thought it was Denise.


It wasn’t – it was not my week, for it turned out to be an escaped prisoner, and he needed somewhere to hide out.  Guess where he picked?  So he forced me at gunpoint to find some ropes, and used some of that to bind my hands behind my back, and my arms to my side.


Which was the moment Denise chose to walk into the house, wearing a camel coloured zipped jacket and long skirt with a cream cowl necked jumper under the jacket, and long burgundy boots.  One look at me, and she rolled her eyes, then put her bag down before the intruder bound her wrists behind her back, and her arms to her sides.


We were then forced at gunpoint to walk up to our bedroom, before he made us stand back-to-back.  I took Denise’s gloved fingers in mien as he used a long length of rope to secure our upper bodies together, and then bound our ankles with shorter lengths, before securing our legs together – and to each other – below and above our knees.


 He then pressed duct tape down over our mouths and left us standing there, wriggling round and trying to break free as the ropes held us together.  I glanced to the side and saw Denise and me – and forgive me, but it was such a turn on…


We were not left like this for too long – thank you the local constabulary, who traced the prisoner and freed us.  Just a little too early for my liking…



Saturday was a day Denise had decided I was to spend it relaxing – so as she stood there, her jeans tucked into a pair of over the knee brown suede boots and an off-white V-necked sweater over her upper body, she just smiled before she pushed the folded scarf into my mouth, and then covered the lower half of my face with white micropore tape.


I was wearing a peach coloured long sleeved top with a low neckline, black leggings and knee length black leather boots – and a smile under the tape as Denise turned me round and folded my arms behind my back, before she bound my wrists to my elbows with white cord.


She then passed a longer length round my upper arms and body, holding them firmly against my sides before she took the rope under one arm, up and round the back of my neck, and then under the other arm, then winding it between my arms and neck so I could hardly move at all.


Satisfied that I was secured that way, she then helped me to sit on the long couch before she knelt down and secured my ankles tightly together as well.


Actually, she did one more thing before that, so that as I sat down I was  feeling the rope rubbing between my legs – but anyway, she then secured my legs together above and below my knees, before I was helped to lie face down, and hogtied – my ankles secured to the rope between my legs.


Leaning over, she gently kissed my cheek and slapped my bottom – and then left me watching television while she went out for the day.  I was left to my own devices – and if you were left to your own devices like me, I defy you to say you would not.  I know you probably would…




Which brings us, I guess to today – and I am spending some time with our neighbour Joan.  She’s a little older than me, with shoulder length blonde hair, and is wearing a crimson blazer over a black top and skirt, with knee length boots.


She was also wearing a long, green, black and blue scarf – it had been round her neck, but right now it was sitting between her lips, tied tightly round her head and keeping her quiet as she struggled in the ropes tightly bound round her.  I had come in to find two men robbing her house – dressed in black, with slightly different heights. 



They had made her sit on a chair, and secured her to it with lengths of rope so that her ankles were secured together against the front leg, and she could only wriggle round – as well as gagging her with her scarf.  So I had to be the same – I was wearing a jumper, jeans and ankle boots, but I also had a gold and white scarf tied loosely round my neck.


Well, it was – I could now taste the silk no my tongue as it sat between my lips, and was tied tightly round my head as my body was secured into place.  I just had to hope Denise did not come in until…


Ah – looks like all three of us will be here for a while…







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