The Touch

It had been a long, tiring, weary day with nothing except fatigue and a sense of missed opportunities to show for it. Even the sky was grey as I left the office, as if it was determined to show everyone that looking up for their future would only lead to disappointment.


At least it wasnt raining that would have just put the lid on the day, as I pulled up the collar of my coat and joined the silent throng, walking along the crowded sidewalk to the subway, hoping nobody would decide this was a good day to ask if I was saved, or to make a donation actually, just to bother me at all.


That wish, at least, the gods above deemed fit to grant to me, as I made it to the station, went through the turnstile and stood, tapping my foot impatiently as the train took its own sweet time to arrive. Once I was in and seated, however, I looked round at the other passengers, all of us desperate not to attract attention to ourselves.


The journey home takes thirty minutes, out of the city, into the burbs, until I get out and walk to my car. Theres then a fifteen minute drive to my house, and its with a sense of real relief that I unlock the front door and walk in. Turning the lights on, I put my bag down and remove my coat, before looking at myself in the mirror. Light blue blouse, dark blue jacket and knee length skirt, dark hose, black heels, and the company scarf round my neck.


Nope time to be myself, I say quietly, and make my way up to my bedroom, sitting on the bed as I took off my jacket and heels, and then my skirt, before I rolled down the hose, my hands stroking my legs before I added them to the pile of laundry, and then went to the bathroom. Removing the rest of my clothes, I stepped under the shower and allowed the warm running water to cleanse me, wash away all the feelings I had about the day, renew me.


Theres something about the way the soap and water runs over me that always makes me feel better as well as the warm towel as I wrap it round myself, and head back to my room, sighing as I dry myself off and put on a silk sweater and some leggings. Soft, warm slipper socks, and I am ready for a night on my own. Picking up my cell phone, I order some Chinese takeout to be delivered, and head back downstairs.


The fridge blasts me with cool air as it opens, giving me a small shiver as I remove the bottle of Pinot Grigio, and pour myself a glass, taking it into the front room and sitting with it on the coffee table in front of me as I watch the news. The taste of the wine is sharp, but it slips down easily, as I sit and watch what the people at the broadcaster feel is the news to share. That bores me fairly quickly, as I flip through the channels, eventually finding an old cartoon series I used to watch when I was younger. At least that doesnt pretend to be something its not, so I sit back and watch until the food arrives.


The thing I love about Chinese food is the way the scents and colours assault and arouse your senses. Putting the cartons on the table in front of me, I go back to the kitchen to find a fork sorry, I could never get the hang of chopsticks and the wine bottle, and then start to enjoy the food and the wine.




Im not sure quite what it was that woke me up, but I looked at the half empty bottle and the remnants of my meal, and decided clearing up would probably be a good idea. Collecting the bottle and glass first, I take them back to the kitchen, then return to gather up the fork and the boxes before taking them back as well.


Its only when I return to the front room that I feel the breeze on my face, and I turn back to look at the front door. I didnt recall leaving it open, but I push it closed anyway and that was when I was surprised.


The scent of leather in my nostrils, the feel of the glove as it was placed firmly over my mouth, pulling me back as I felt a very firm chest against the back of my head. I was taken completely without warning, as I darted my eyes from side to side, wondering who this was, how they...


The front door they came in by unlocking the front door. I stay stock still, unsure of what to do, until a soft male voice tells me not to struggle, or to scream.


Well, there was no chance of that happening, so I slowly nodded, his hand staying over my mouth as I did so. He thanked me thanked me and then said he was going to take his hand away, but if I screamed, he would make sure I never screamed again.


The scent of leather was now mixing with his own smell a musky, yet not unpleasant one, as I nodded and tried to say yes. All I heard was a low, muffled hiss, as he took his hand away and told me to stand still.


Okay so a man had broken into my home, so I presumed this was a robbery. It could be something else, and I prayed that was not going to be the case, but for now I treated this as a robbery. So when he told me to remain calm, and put my hands by my side, I took him at his word and did just that.


I felt his hands as they stroked down my arms, and then drew my hands behind my back, putting them so that my palms were together, and then I heard a sound like tape peeling from a roll.


Which was exactly what it was, as I felt some tape wrapped tightly around my wrists, holding them together. What he was using, I had no idea, but it was strong I tried to move them apart, with no success.


I felt his hands on my arms again strong, firm grip as he guided me back into the front room and instructed me to sit down. So I saw him for the first time about six foot tall, broad chested, dressed in black and with a ski mask over his head, only his blue eyes and firm lips showing. Smiling, he knelt in front of me and gently removed my slipper socks his leather covered fingers stroking over the soles of my feet and making me giggle, before he takes what I now see is black electrical tape and secures my ankles together.


So there I am, ankles and wrists taped, watching him as he brings my bag in and systematically empties it out, my purse going into a bag he has, my cell phone switched off and the battery removed. I watch as he looks at me and smiles, and then looks round the room, taking whatever he can find of value and putting it into his bag.


At least he has left me alone so far, but he occasionally looks back at me, and smiles. Its a nice smile, but still...


Eventually, he goes into the hallway, and comes back with my telephone which he places on the table. Walking behind me, I feel his breath in my ear as he whispers how nice I smell.


I nod, not sure what he means as his hands stroke down my arms, and then I feel his gloved hand over my mouth again, as his other hand strokes softly over my chest. I stiffen a little at this, and I say something in protest, but all that gets me is his hand more firmly over my mouth, my lips grazing over as I get the taste of leather, and then his hand more firmly on my chest, working in a circular motion over both breasts.


It was gentle, and firm, but as I struggled against his hand I started to feel something else not fear, even though I was afraid, but something else. As his hand passed over them again and again, I felt as if they were getting firmer, fuller and I was surprised as he gently pulled my head back to find myself pushing my chest into his hand.


He responds by starting to gently massage my breasts, which makes me moan softly as I wriggled round. He whispers into my ear, asking if I will be quiet, and as I nod he removes his hand. I feel the wet leather now on my chest as he uses both hands to massage me, my soft moans continuing as I realised this was making me feel somewhat warm, aroused, appreciated...


This goes on for a few minutes, and as I open my eyes and look down I am surprised to see my nipples standing firm under the silk of my sweater. As his gloved fingers stroke over and round them, I start to shiver again in pleasure as well as fear. How was he doing this to me?


As he tells me to stay still, he takes hold of the edge of my sweater and pulls it up, exposing my bare chest as he pulls the sweater over my head and down my arms. I feel the weight on the tape round my wrists as he begins once again to massage me, and this time he also starts to kiss my neck and shoulders!


I dont know whats worse the fact he is doing this, or the fact the first thing I do is close my eyes and move my head against his, as his fingers play a tune with my nipples that feels wonderful.


He then stops, as I feel the cool air on my hard nipples. I wonder what hes going to do, as he moves behind me, and then I saw a length of red rope in his gloved hand. At first, I think hes going to tie my arms to my sides, but instead he doubles it over and passes it around my body, pulling it tight under my chest before he winds it several times around me, above and below my chest.


As he does this, I feel the rope rubbing on my chest, but I cant understand why he has not used it to secure my arms as well. So when he ties it behind me I can feel the knot, like silk, on my back he then lays the end of the rope over one shoulder, before feeding it under the lower band and pulling it up.


The ropes suddenly tightens around my breasts, making them stand out more prominently as he takes the rope over the other shoulder, and then ties it off. After that, he walks in front of me, and smiles as he leans over, kissing my neck, my throat, my breasts, my...


The gaps of surprise and shock I make only encourages him, and as I wriggle round the silk like bands of rope rub on my chest, somehow making it even more pleasurable as he started to suck and...


What the fuck is happening to me!


He stops and looks at me, and then cuts the tape away from my ankles, taking my hand and making me stand before he asks not orders, asks me to go upstairs in front of him. I walk forward, my chest bouncing in the rope bra (well, it was effectively that) and we walked up the stairs, entering my bedroom.


I was surprised to see more lengths of the red rope there, but nod as he tells me to sit on the bed. I do so, moving so that my back is facing my headboard, and watch as he tells me again not to move.


I nod as if I wanted to move as he begins once again to kiss and suck on my chest. This distracts me totally so it takes me a few minutes to realise he somehow had managed to pull my leggings down over my bottom, as he moved his lips down. I shiver as he brushes them lightly over my panties, and then he kisses my legs as he moves my leggings down.


Easing them over my feet, I realise my position is somewhat exposed, but then he lifts my left foot, his lips veering it with kisses. Im usually ticklish, but this is different, exciting, especially when he kisses and sucks on each of my toes in turn...


I fall onto my back and wriggle round, the ropes on my chest exciting me even more as I feel his moist lips sucking, his tongue playing with them, before he takes one of the lengths of rope, ties it round my ankle and gently pulls it to the side, securing it to the foot of the bed. Im powerless to stop him as he repeats the process on the other foot, leaving me with my legs spread wide as I look at him.


Now, there is nothing I can do to stop him doing whatever he wants and yet, there is something about the way he looks at me and smiles as his fingers stroke the inside of my thighs...


Why does that feel so good, so soft, so wonderful? I look up as he walks over, and then helps me to sit up, cutting the tape from my wrists and then tying the other two lengths of rope to my wrists. I look up at him, seeing his smile as he leans over and kisses me, before he lies me down and secures my wrists to the top of the bed, spreading my arms wide.


As I look up at him, I realise without a fight, without a struggle, he had secured me to my bed, with soft strong ropes, naked save for my panties. And yet Im not afraid if anything, Im horny.


And he can see that as well, as his lips return to teasing my chest, and his gloved hands move between my legs, gently pressing down on my sex as his lips and tongue start once again to work their magic on me as he had done in the main room. I start to wriggle round in response, moaning more and more before he looks at me.


I see the scissors, hear the two snips, and then watch as he pulls my panties away, holding them in his hand as he inhales deeply, and then folds them into a pad. I can see now what he intends to do, and Im not afraid. If I am honest, at the moment, I almost relish the thought, so aroused am I as I slowly open my mouth and allow him to push my own panties into my mouth.


They taste of me, even though I put them on clean, and I realise they were damp already as I feel the taste of salt and something else on my tongue. Closing my lips over them, I started to get used to the feeling of my mouth filled, before I felt his lips on mine again, and then raised my head when he told me to.


He had in his hand a roll of what looked like white tape, but as he peeled the end free it sounded more like a roll of plaster. I felt the pressure as he stuck it on my right cheek, and then wrapped it several times round my head, covering my lips as the tape pressed down on my cheeks and the back of my neck.


He gently laid my head back down, stroking the side of my cheek before he moved round and knelt between my legs, leaning over as he started to kiss and suck on my chest again, making me writhe and moan even more as he moved his lips down. I could feel the cool night air on my skin, the sweat on it starting to cool, as he slowly moved down my body. Even as I raised my head, I saw his moving between my legs.


And then...


And then I closed my eyes and gave out a long, deep moan as I felt him kiss my mound of Venus, and then his lips move over my clit, his tongue gently stroking on me...


Whatever reservations I may have had are totally subsumed now in the passion he was arousing in me, as he kissed and licked me, and I got warmer and warmer. It was the sound of a zip lowering that told me what was coming, as his fingers played with me next, gently parting the petals and slipping in as I felt the dampness, knew what was coming...


I opened my eyes and looked up to see him kneeling there, licking his gloved fingers but with his pants down, and saw the extent of his own arousal as he slowly lay on me, his lips caressing my neck and my taped mouth as I felt him move smoothly into me. My own muscles reacted, gripping him hard as he slowly started to move in and out, a gentle throbbing inside my own body as I allowed him to move with me, rocking gently to and fro in time to his own movement.


As we moved, I felt the throbbing growing stronger and stronger, and that only encouraged me to grip him tighter. It was sending so many different emotions and feelings through my body as I grunted and gasped, my mouth drying out as he...


When it came, it came suddenly, his timing exquisite as we reached our climax together, his seed flowing into me. We looked at each other before I collapsed onto the bed, and he slipped off, gently kissing and licking my crotch again before he picked up one more length of rope.


He passed that under me and tied it round my waist, pulling it round and then taking the rope between my legs as he pulled it gently up, the feeling as the silk strands on my still sensitive lips making me sigh again as he tied it off. I moved round as he pulled his pants up, and then gently kissed my forehead, before he left the room.


I was in darkness, sighing into the tape as the warmth left me, and then started again as I wriggled round. I knew, I just knew he would arrange for me to be found, and then the questions would start...






When the police finally came and released me, I had fallen asleep, a smile apparently on my lips when they peeled it away. When I was finally able to sit up, I was taken to hospital for an examination, and they gave me a pill.


That was three days ago, and today I take the train back once more from work, having spent the day with people not wanting to ask the question, not wanting to talk to me. Too afraid to ask the questions, to satisfy their curiosity.


As I get to my house, however, there is a white car outside. As I park and get out, a blonde haired woman gets out and walks towards me. As she walks towards me, we look at each other, and we both know, both understand, as we hug each other, and I invite her in.


To talk.







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