Three Times a Lady









First experience


How did it start?  Well, we’d been on a girl’s shopping trip, while my dad was away and my grandfather was with him.  We decided we were going to hit the mall, see a movie, get a meal and then head back to our place.  A way of celebrating my eighteenth birthday.


I was wearing a sleeveless dress, green silk with a white fern pattern, and a pair of knee length black leather boots, with my black leather jacket over the top.  My blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail.


Mum’s in her mid-thirties – she had me when she was young - and still liked to dress as I do at times.  She had put on a white jumper over a pair of tight black leggings, and finished the outfit with a pair of light brown knee length leather boots, with a false lace up front.  She had her black hair cut recently.


And then there’s Granny – who thinks she can dress like Mum, but manages to get away with it more than Mum does when she dresses like me.  She was wearing a pair of black leather boots over tan leather trousers, and a black roll neck sweater under a purple coat.


So there we were – three women on the town, and we got home about ten at night, thinking a nightcap, Gran goes home, and we go to bed.  Turned out to be a very different night for all of us.


The first hint we got something was wrong was when we walked into the living room, Mum turned on the lights, and we saw the mess.  The second, more important hint was when we heard this muffled voice behind us say “right, you three, hands on your heads and turn round.”


We looked at each other, wondering what was going on, but then we heard the gun, and slowly turned round, putting our hands on our head as we did so.  There were three men standing there, wearing black jumpers and trousers – and black balaclavas over their heads.  The one in front was pointing a very real pistol at us, as she smiled.


“Well now – three lovely ladies walking in on us,” he said as he looked at us, “now then, we need to make sure they appreciate our visit, don’t we boys.”


The two behind him nodded, as we looked on, afraid of what he might be talking about.  He reached into his pocket, and took out three plastic strips.  “Very slowly,” he said as he looked at us, “turn round, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Who the hell are you,” Gran said as I felt the plastic biting into my wrists.


“If I was you, my dear, I’d keep quiet until you’re allowed to speak,” the man with the gun said as we were turned round to face him again, “or we’ll stop you talking.  Now, you two older ladies take a seat.”


He then looked at me before he said over his shoulder “Take the kid upstairs – make sure she doesn’t want to leave her room.”


“Mum,” I whimpered as one of the two men grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the staircase, and I saw a canvas bag in his hand.  Mum tried to say something, but the man said “Not a word” as I was forced to climb the staircase, and into my room.


It wasn’t anything special, but as the masked man closed the door he looked at me and said quietly “Don’t be afraid – I’m going to make this as pleasant an experience for you as possible.”


“What do you mean by that,” I said as he walked behind me, his hands stroking down my arms before he unzipped my jacket and slid it down my arms.


“Relax, and allow me to show you,” he whispered as his leather gloved hands stroked down my bare arms, and then he went to the bag he had placed on the bed.  I watched as he opened it, and took out a length of what looked like washing line.


“You don’t have to do this,” I said quietly as he walked behind me, “I won’t cause any trouble.”


“I know you won’t” he whispered into my ear as he wrapped the rope around my arms, and then pulled my elbows together.  I’m fairly flexible, but I still gasped as my elbows touched, and my chest was forced out.


He was good, I grant him that, as he then cut the strip from my wrists, and removed my jacket, before tying my wrist tightly together as well.  I tried flexing my fingers, and looking for the knot, but it was no good – it was well out of my reach.


There was something else, however – he was being gentle, very gentle, as he cut through the shoulder straps of my dress and let it fall to the floor, revealing my light brown bra and panties.  I didn’t even complain – truth to tell, it was an old dress, but somehow he made it the most natural thing in the world to do, as he started to wrap even more rope around my arms and chest, enclosing my bra and breasts in two thick bands.


“What are you doing to me,” I breathed as his gloved hands stroked over my chest, making me shiver – and not just from the cold.  The way my chest was made more prominent meant it was also becoming more sensitive, and his touch was making me feel…


“It feels good, doesn’t it,” he whispered in my ear as he put his hands on my chest, and started to gently move them round.


“I struggled at his touch, but then had to breathe “Yes, yes it does – what are you doing?”


“Showing you how special this can make you feel – you cannot stop me, so all you can do is accept my appreciation of you,” he said, before I felt the touch of his lips on my neck, his hands gently kneading on my chest.


“Oh my god,” I whispered, “that feels so good, and yet it feels so wrong…”


“I know,” he said as he kissed me again, “Do you want me to stop?  After all, I am robbing you.”


My brain was screaming “YES!!!” but I surprised myself as I whispered “no – oh god no…”


“Good,” he said as he slipped my bra down, and began to play with my bare nipples.  I bit my lip as he said “you are a very beautiful woman, my dear, and it is my pleasure to make you feel special.”


“Thank you,” I whispered as he guided me to the bed, and laid me down, smiling as he removed my boots, crossed my ankles and started to tie them tightly together.  He then stroked his hands up my legs, kissing them as he went, before he shocked me by placing his lips on my breasts and starting to suck no my nipples.


I moaned then, and heard somebody walking past my room, but he had my attention totally as he sucked on my nipples, and his hand slipped between my legs.  I was already feeling warm there, but his touch was like an electric shock through me, and I felt myself getting damp.


“Hmmgoddd do you know what you are doing to me,” I sighed as he looked at me.


“I do,” he whispered, “but I must now ensure you do not make too much noise, and upset your mother and grandmother.”  Taking the scissors, he cut away my panties, folded them, and held them in front of my mouth, saying “Open wide.”


I could have said no, but as he played with my nipples I found myself allowing him to push the silk panties into my mouth, savouring the taste as he then picked a stocking up from the floor and tied it between my lips.  That was all, but it was enough, as he started to kiss me again, moving slowly down my body.


I was powerless to stop him, as I felt his lips between my legs, and I started to shake and buck.  A few minutes later, I arched my back and screamed into the cloth and nylon in my mouth, as I had my first real orgasm.


When I finally collapsed on the bed, I looked at him as he tied my legs together below my knees, and then picked up a second length of rope.  “Something to keep you occupied,” he said as he tied it between my breasts, and then fed it between my legs, pulling it up between and up against my damp sex as he tied it to my wrists.


He then rolled me onto my stomach, pulled my ankles back and tied them to my chest ropes, before he rolled me back onto my side and stroked my hair from my head.


“I hope you enjoyed that,” he said quietly, “now, where is your jewellery?”


I was in such a haze I told him with my head and eyes, watching as I started to pull on the rope, not worrying as he robbed me, not thinking of Mum or Gran.


All I wanted was to feel that experience again….





Second experience


As the first masked man took my daughter upstairs, my mother and I were made to sit down on the couch and watch as the two men closed the door, and then sat down in front of me.


“Let’s make this easy for you,” the masked man said as he looked at me, “Where does your husband keep the money?”


“And if we don’t tell you?”


He just smiled and said “Don’t – trust me, you will not enjoy the implications of refusing.”


We looked at each other, and as Mum slowly nodded I said “all right – I’ll tell you.”


As he went to look in the office at the back of the house, the second man sat and watched us, a sawnoff shotgun lying across his lap.


“Do you think she’s all right,” she said as we looked at the door.


“Let’s hope so – I haven’t heard anything to make me think otherwise,” I whispered back as I looked round.  The plastic was cutting into my wrists, but I tried not to think of that.


Eventually, the man came back in, smiling as he said “thank you.  Now, my friend here is going to take you upstairs and make you – comfortable.”


“What do you mean?”


The man said nothing, taking my arm and making me stand as he led me away from my mother.  He picked up a bag as we went out, climbed the stairs, and passed my daughter’s room.  I heard a gasp from her room, but my guard walked me past, and into my bedroom.


Once he closed the door, he said “I am going to remove the plastic tie from your wrists, then I want you to sit on the bed and remove your boots.”


I looked at him as he put the bag down, and picked the gun up he had carried in it as well, so I did as he asked, sitting on the bed and then slowly unzipping my boots before leaving them on the floor.  “I understand why you think you can intimidate us,” I said as I looked at him, “but why are you doing this?”


“It’s a living,” he said in a very casual manner.   “Now, strip.”


“I beg your pardon.”


“I said,” he repeated slowly as he pointed the gun at me.  “Take your clothes off.  I’m going to tie you up and gag you, and I want you to be naked for it.”




“Lady, if I was going to do that, we would not be having this conversation.  Now, strip.”


I put my hands on the bottom of my jumper, and lifted it over my head, taking it off and letting it fall to the floor before I stood up and eased my leggings down.  My bra was next, the white silk garment falling on the rest of my clothes, before I removed my hose and then my panties.


I could see him looking me up and down, before he said “Lie face down on the bed, and put your hands behind your back.”


“You’re not going to hurt me, are you,” I said as I lay down, and turned to watch him as he opened the bag.


“Not unless you do something stupid,” he said as he took out some rope, walked over to me and started to bind my wrist tightly together.  It was softer than the plastic, more pliable, but as he wrapped it around and between my arms it felt just as tight, if not tighter.


He then crossed and lashed my ankles together with a second length of rope, crossing them as well, before he rolled me over and helped me to sit up.  I watched him as he walked to a chest of drawers, opened one and took out a pair of panties, then walked to the wardrobe and took out two large silk headscarves – one black, the other red with a gold pattern printed on it of horses at the gallop.


“Tell me where you keep your jewellery,” he said quietly as he knelt behind me, “and I promise you I will not make a mess.”


Well, he asked so nicely, and I knew I was going nowhere, so I told him where to look, watching as he stole my gold, my pearls, my jewels.


“Thank you,” he said as he walked back over, “now it’s time.”


“Time for what?”


“To make sure you cannot raise the alarm,” he said as he folded the black scarf and tied it tightly over my eyes, blocking out most of the light.  “Now, open your mouth.”


I did as he asked, feeling the satin on my tongue as he pushed the panties into my mouth.  I tried to damp it down, but then I felt a silk knot being pulled between my teeth, and I realised he had rolled the second scarf up and tied a knot in it, before gagging me with it.  The silk pressed in on my cheeks as he tied it round my head, but that was not the only thing I felt pressing.


My arms were slowly pulled into my sides, as I felt the rope under my chest, and then above it, slowly locking my arms in place as I felt the soft rope rubbing on my skin.  It should have felt rough, but it felt smooth.  It should have scared me, but it didn’t.  If anything, it made me feel – safe, and something else.  Something I could not put my finger on.


So he did, as I gasped into the cloth at the tightness of the ropes, and then at the touch of his finger on my chest.  I was powerless to stop him as he lay me down, and started to massage my chest, as I writhed on the bed.


His lips on there – oh the feelings that roused, as I barely noticed him tying my legs together, and then an extra rope between my legs.  As he rolled me over, and pulled that rope up however, I knew what it was doing, where it was moving – and I had to close my eyes at the pleasure it was giving me, while he tied the rope to my wrists, then tied my ankles to something – I guessed the chest ropes form the way the pressure increased, the rubbing became better, and I moved round, slowly making myself cum.


I could have stopped – I should have stopped – and yet, and yet…  I wanted it more and more, as I heard my moans getting louder, felt the rope getting damper – indeed, the cool sweat over my whole body as the door opened and closed, leaving me alone with this torment, this feeling, this pleasure…




Third experience


“You are not going to hurt either of them, are you?”


“Of course not,” the masked man said as I watched my daughter follow my granddaughter up the stairs, “we will make them comfortable, perhaps give them something to distract them from their situation, and then we will leave you to try and get free.”


“A distraction?  What sort of distraction?”


He looked at me and smiled as I shook my head.  “No – don’t tell me, I can guess.  It happened to me when I was my granddaughter’s age.”




I smiled as I remembered what happened.  “I walked in on a cat burglar in the house I was living in.  He was dressed in black, like you, and very polite, but he trussed me up quite tightly in my blue velvet hot pants, crochet top and denim boots.  He then put some brown sticking plaster over my mouth, before robbing the house.”


“Sounds like a true gentleman – so that would explain why you’re not scared.”


“Oh I’m scared, but I don’t think you’re going to hurt me are you?”  I looked over my shoulder and said "Look, can you let me take my jacket and boots off?  I promise I’m not going anywhere.”


“I was going to ask you to do that anyway,” he said as he stood up and cut the strip from my wrists.  I sighed as I slipped my jacket off, and then pulled my boots from my legs, wriggling my stocking covered feet as I did so.


“Does that feel better?”


“Very much so,” I said with a sigh.  “But I imagine I am not going to be free for very long, correct?”


“I regret to say you are correct.  I also regret to say it is our custom to leave those we meet unable to just hop out of the house.”


“Ah,” I said quietly, “may I at least keep my underwear on?  Not that I am ashamed of my body, but – well, age and all that.”


“Of course,” he said as he opened a small canvas bag.  “Please, remove your jumper and trousers.”


“Thank you,” I said – he had some manners, as he turned round while I took off the clothes.  I then stood there, in my black bra and – well, large bloomers, and said “So where do you want me?”


“Where would you be most comfortable?”


I looked round the room, and then back to the couch, before saying “I think I will lie there, if that is all right – but I presume you will wish to secure my wrists and arms first?”


“That would be correct,” he said as he took some rope from the bag.  “Can you fold your arms behind your back, elbows in the palms of your hands?”


“I think I can manage that,” I said with a smile as I turned my back and did as he asked, sighing as I felt him tying my wrists to my elbows, and then felt rope going around and between my forearms.


“That should keep them secure,” he said as he placed his hands on my shoulders, “and hopefully you will not be uncomfortable.  Now, please keep still – I need to make sure your arms are further secured.”


“I expected as much,” I whispered as I closed my eyes, and felt the rope around my upper arms and my chest as they were lashed into place.  As he took the rope round, the back of his hand brushed over my breasts, and I could not stop myself from sighing.


“I’m sorry – I did not mean to upset you.”


“You didn’t – but just because I’m older, it doesn’t mean I can’t feel some pleasure from your touch.”


“Of course – how does it feel,” he said as he tied the ropes off, and then used two smaller lengths to tighten the bands together under my arms.


“Snug, tight – and strangely exciting,” I found myself saying.  Looking down, I saw the way the rope framed my chest, and I had to smile at the way it looked…


It looked good.


“You look good,” the masked man said, as if he had read my mind.  I blushed, and said “thank you – so now?”


“Sit down please, and then lie on your back.”


I walked over and sat down, then lay with my head on the arm of the couch as he crossed my ankles and tied them tightly together.  I smiled again as his gloved hand held them firmly, and then bound my legs together below my knees, as well as above, giggling as he passed the rope between my legs to tighten it still further.




“No,” I said as I looked at him, “but your hands feel good there.  I guess it’s been a while since anyone over than me touched me there.”


“A pity – your husband…”


“My ex-husband?  Not a chance.”


“Is there a partner?”


I looked at him, bit my lip and said “Not at the moment.”


“A pity,” he said as he stroked my cheek, “a wise and mature and beautiful woman such as you deserves a man to look after her.”


“Flattery will get you nowhere,” I whispered, but he was true – I missed the company of someone, of the touch he was now doing to my legs, to my body…


“Do you want to be kissed?”


I looked at him, and slowly nodded, as he reached over and gently kissed me.  I couldn’t stop myself from reaching up and returning the kiss, as he held me in his arms, stroking my back with his gloved fingers.


“Oh my,” I said as he laid me down, “oh my…”


“You are a very beautiful woman,” he said quietly, “under different circumstances…”


“I could feel the same,” I said, with absolute candour.  As I twisted my body round, and felt the rubbing on my chest, warmth spread through me and I smiled.


“We sometimes add a little extra rope – if you are interested,” the masked man said.


“Oh – where?”  I felt his hand slip between my legs, and stroke up my crotch, and then I understood.


“Have my daughter and granddaughter been given that rope?”


“I would imagine so.”


“Then do the same to me.”


I watched as he tied the rope between my breasts, effectively making a rope bra over my own bra, and then fed the rope down and between my legs.  I rolled onto my side as he leaned over me, and felt it rubbing over my panties as he tied the other end to my arms.  It felt nice – and even nicer as I rolled back and wriggled a little.


“Sometimes, we forget the more mature woman has needs as well,” he said as he took a cloth from his bag, as well as something I recognised.


“You can still get that,” I said as I looked at the wide roll of sticking plaster.


“If you know where to look,” he said with a smile.


“What about the others?”


“They won’t be able to come down, and indeed they may have other things on their mind.  We’ll raise the alarm for you in a few hours.”


“Thank you,” I said as I opened my mouth, and let him push the folded cloth in.  He then gave me another kiss, before smoothing a strip of the plaster over my mouth, the material forming to the shape of my face and jaw.


He kissed me again, and gave the rope between my legs a gentle pull, before leaving me alone.  I played around for a while, hoping the others were having as much fun as I was…









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