Tokyo Nights







It had been a long flight – a ridiculously long flight – but I was prepared for it, sleeping between the meals, so that I was at least awake when I stepped out into the arrivals area.


A number of people were holding cards with names written on them – I presumed they were names, my knowledge of written Japanese been minimal – but I did see one with my name on it – held by a young woman with her chestnut brown hair held up on her head, wearing a black double breasted blazer over a white blouse with a red leather tie.  She was also wearing a red mini skirt and black leather over the knee boots.


“Mister Smith?  I have your car waiting outside for you.”


“Excellent,” I said as I followed her out, and into a parking area.  She stopped by a white sports car, and said “I believe this is what you have been assigned?”


“Very nice, and the payment method?”


“I have been instructed to take you to the place where the payment may be left.”  Unlocking the car, she opened the boot and waited until I had placed my bags in, and then climbed into the passenger seat as I got behind the wheel, and then drove off.


“Your documents and other information may be found in the black carryall in the boot,” the woman said as she looked at me, “as well as the timetable.  Accommodation has been booked at the hotel the satellite navigation system will take you to.”


“Excellent – and as far as you are concerned?”


“Please leave at the next exit, and turn left, then right.”


I pulled up outside a simple home, getting out with the young woman and following her inside.  As I closed the door, she removed her tie and handed it to me, saying “I must be found as if I disturbed an intruder, who used what he had to hand.”  She indicated a coil of brown rope, and then turned and stood with her arms to her sides.


Although Japan is a home for the style of rope work known as Shibari, I prefer the Chinese form of Kun Bang, so I shook the rope loose and doubled it over, tied a little loop in the centre, and then began, pulling her arms behind her back as I secured them, and then her arms to her side, the bands caressing her chest.  Her tie became a cleave gag, before I helped her to lie down, crossed her ankles, and secured them together with the rest of the rope.


“I am sure help will arrive eventually,” I said as I stood up, “but thank you for your cooperation.”


She nodded as I left, driving off and heading for my hotel.


You may well be asking yourself, why did I do that?  Or more properly, why did she allow me to do that?  Well, let us just say that I was here to visit some particular people, and it was important this was done in a way that suggested random burglaries, home invasions, robberies, call them what you will – and she, as my point of contact here, needed to be the first of those visits.


It may seem a little over the top, but it was necessary.  At any rate, an hour later and I was in the hotel, showered, changed, and ready to rest before the activities began the next day...




My first target was relatively easy to find – I knew she worked in an office block in the main business district, so I waited in a coffee shop, and eventually she showed up outside.  She had short auburn hair, and was wearing a black jacket with white kisses and leather elbow patches, charcoal grey shorts with a black leather belt, dark hose and a pair of over the knee matt black leather boots with a two inch heel.


I watched as she went inside, took her purse out of her tan leather bag, bought a coffee and then walked off, me leaving some money on the table as I followed her.  She made her way onto the subway and we headed out of town, eventually arriving at an apartment block where she lived.


As she looked for her keys, I walked quickly up behind her and placed a small handgun against her back, whispering into her ear that she was going to do exactly what I said.  There was always, always the chance she would try to fight back, but on this occasion she didn’t, nodding as she opened the door, and I escorted her up to her apartment.


As we went in, I closed the door behind us, and told her to face the wall, with her hands behind her back.  I had a small case with me, and from that I drew out a length of rope, which I used to secure her wrists together behind her back.  A second, much longer length was then used to bind her arms tightly to her sides, and the gasp she gave as she felt the rope pressing on her body was – I think cute might be the right word.


Once I tied the ropes off, and secured her wrists to them, I marched her into the main room of her apartment, and asked her where her safe was.  Well, at first she refused to admit she had a safe – but seeing the gun proved a decisive argument, as she nodded over to a bookcase.


It didn’t take me long to find the safe, or to persuade her to tell me the combination, so once I had it opened I helped her to sit down, crossed her legs at her ankles and tied them firmly together with rope, another length securing her legs together below her knees, and both bands cinched by taking the cords between her legs.


She could only watch as I emptied the contents of her safe into my bag – and before you ask, I was wearing dark glasses and a hat as a disguise – before taking out a roll of white tape, and walking over towards her.  She whimpered, but then closed her lips as I wrapped the tape round her head, keeping her quiet as any burglar pressed for time would, before I let myself out.


In the bag was the USB stick I needed to obtain from her – so I headed back to the hotel.  I had research to do for my visit the next day, as I heard police cars approaching.


Well, I had to leave her cell phone within her reach – it was important to make sure she was freed quickly...


Now, I had very specific instructions for my next visit – and I had to admit, I was hoping this was because of her own wishes as well as those of my employer.  So it was that, armed with a tape recorder and dressed as a reporter, I knocked on the door of one of the leading television personalities in Tokyo.


She was in her mid-twenties, with long chestnut brown hair, and wore a black short dress with elbow length sleeves, made of a black material with a red rose print on it, and a platted black leather belt round her waist.  The skirt of her dress came half way down her thighs, while she was also wearing a pair of thigh length black patent leather boots - she had to be fashionable, I suspect.


At any rate, she welcomed me to her house, and we made our way into her front room, where she offered me tea and we sat talking for a while about her career and work.  I had donned a wig for this one, replacing my own fair hair with dark hair, and wore rose tinted spectacles.


Eventually, she stood up from the low seat to take a telephone call, which I took as the opportunity to take out of my case a clear plastic bag, which contained something I wanted to show to her.  I did, however, allow her to finish her call before I clamped the chloroform soaked cloth over her nose and mouth, while I held her round her waist.


Well, she fought and she kicked, but I was stronger, as she slowly slipped into a state of unconsciousness.  Once I knew she was out, I laid her on her low recliner, and turned her over, crossing her wrists behind her back and securing them tightly together with white silk rope.   I then crossed her ankles and bound them tightly together, as well as securing her legs below her knees.


My next task was more tricky, as I had to roll her over and sit her up, the leather creaking under the ropes before I sued a longer length of rope to secure her arms to her sides, taking it as always above and below her chest, and then tightened it by taking the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.


I had two more lengths of rope to use – and one of them was employed by tying it round her waist, and then laying her on her stomach, before I worked the rope up between her legs and pulled sharply, forcing her skirt slightly up and securing it to her wrists.  Finally, I pulled her ankles back and secure her legs to her chest ropes.


This only left the question of keeping her quiet – so I took a long white scarf, tied a large knot in the middle of it, and gently opened her mouth, easing the cotton behind her teeth before I took the ends of the scarf around her head and secured them tightly together at the base of her neck – and then tied one more length of rope from the knots to her chest harness.


Having made sure she was secured and silenced, I started to search her house, emptying everything as a robber would, but under the floorboards I found what I was looking for, and made sure I had that safely secreted away before finding and bagging the rest of her valuables.


When I came back in, she was awake – but she had her eyes closed, and she was moving her wrists up and down, making the rope rub on her – well, I think you get the idea. 


So I left her, mewling and gasping into her gag, before I made my way back to the hotel.  Two visits down – two to go.



The next night found me in a different suburb, looking at a two storey house on a residential street.  I was wearing a black leather jacket over a dark jumper and pants, and as I walked up to the front door I pulled a balaclava mask down over my head, and a pair of leather gloves on.


The lock provided no problem, and I was soon inside, heading up the staircase and looking through the furniture and cupboards in the rooms.  No luck up there, so I made my way down and began my search in the kitchen.


That was where I hit the jackpot – you would think the stories of people hiding money and valuables in flour tins were a myth, but in this case it was in some old biscuit tins.  It was as I opened them on the kitchen table and looked at them that I heard the soft cough and looked up.


She was in her late forties, and wore a long sleeved white top with a round neck, blue jeans and black over the knee boots.  She was looking at me, with her head to one side and her black hair parted to fall either side of her head, and I have to confess there was but one thought in my mind.


Why, oh why did Japanese women look so good in those boots, no matter how old or what shape they were?”


Anyway, I had a job to do, so I very quietly told her I was robbing her, and I needed to make sure she did not raise the alarm.  She seemed to accept that with equanimity, given I was the masked intruder, and took a seat on one of the kitchen chairs as I pulled it out.  Once she was comfortable, I took her hands to the side of the chair back, and used some duct tape I had found to secure her wrists tightly to the side of the chair.


Kneeling in front of her, I moved her legs apart so that her ankles were against the front legs of the chair, and taped them to each other, before I taped her legs to the top of the chair legs below her knees.  I have to confess, I prefer the sound of rope creaking on leather, but as she tried to move her legs, and the tape, wood and leather creaked in combination, it was a suitably pleasing effect.


I had to further secure her to the chair, however, which I managed by taking the tape around her thighs and the chair seat, and then around her waist and her shoulders.  She watched with an amused, slightly detached expression as I did this, and then complimented me on my care and attention.


All that remained was the silencing, as I found a clean cloth, dampened it slightly, and then placed it in her mouth, making sure it sat behind her teeth but not so far back it could trigger the gag reflex.  Three strips of the duct tape over her mouth completed the effect, as I put my gains into my bag, bowed to show respect, and then left the house.



I had now almost all the information I needed to inform my employer of what they needed, but I had one more visit to make first – and that meant visiting a residence attached to a small college.


I was there the following afternoon, smiling as I watched the students go to and fro – and then spotted my target.  She was in her early twenties, with short dark brown hair, and wore a long grey jersey with bell shaped sleeves which covered her grey skirt – and yes, you’ve guessed it, she was wearing a pair of over the knee grey leather boots.


I followed her at a distance, as she made her way across the campus and to the residence – me getting in by holding the door as one of her fellow students came out.  I knew which room she was in, so I walked up to it, and knocked.


You’re surprised by my forward approach?  Well, there was a reason – I knew the girl, and she knew me, so I saw no reason to disguise myself.  She answered the door, smiled and let me in, and then came right out and said it.  She knew what I was there for, she had heard stories of the other robberies, and she said I could have it – if I tied her so that she could enjoy the experience.


This sounded remarkably like my first visit – so I asked her if she had any rope on the premises, and was not surprised that she had.  She then folded her arms behind her back, watching over her shoulders as I tied her wrists to her elbows, and then secured her upper arms to her body with rope above and below her chest.  I then gave her a treat, as I added a nice snug rope bra to her bindings.


She smiled and giggled as she twisted round, and then nodded as I added the crotch rope, sighing as I pulled it up and fastened it round her forearms.  She then sat down and bent her legs, spreading them apart as I secured her ankles to her thighs, and a second band above and below each of her knees, each one cinched so that they were tight.


Once I knew she was happy, I asked her where to look, and I retrieved the last of the USB sticks.  I then took a pair of her panties, and pushed them into her mouth, before taping it over and kissing her lips, which were clearly visible under the tape.


From there, I went to my hotel room, and sent the information directly to my employer via a secure link, before packing the sticks safely away.  I had some time to myself, so I wondered what I was going to do.


Maybe I should visit you...







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