Trick and Treat







It started, as these things often seem to do, with my mother.  I was seventeen at the time, and I had agreed to take my younger sister out Trick and Treating while Mum stayed at home – my dad was long out of the picture.


Anyway, sis was dressed as a Disney Princess, and I stayed well in the background as we went round the local houses with some of her friends.  When we got home, Mum was waiting – she was actually a very good looking woman, and was wearing a pink jumper with a tartan skirt, and black felt boots, a large silk scarf round her neck and held in place by a silver brooch.  She worked for a firm of solicitors, and had to dress in an ‘appropriate manner’ as she put it.  As we came in, she said she had to nip out for an hour, and I was to watch my sister.


That was one of the perils of being a seventeen year old – having to watch the kid sister, so I nodded as she went out, and I took her up to get changed for bed.  I then sat down and watched some television – for a couple of hours, before my mother came back in, and she was rather drunk.


Swaying slightly, she sat down in an armchair and looked at me, before she said I was becoming a very handsome young man.  I blushed as she said that, and that was when things got very strange, as she reached up and removed the brooch from her scarf, and then rolled it into a band – before, and this was unexpected, she opened her mouth and pulled it between her lips, then tied it round her head.


She then put her hands behind her back and put her ankles together, and wriggled round as she tried to speak – but my eyes were fixed on her, the way her body was moving, the way she was mewling and the scarf was getting darker in the corners of her mouth – and I walked over and sat next to her.  She looked at me and smiled, and then leaned over and kissed me with her lips on my cheek.  It felt strange with the touch of the silk on my cheek, especially as it was so wet, but she then turned and wriggled her fingers at me – daring me to tie her wrists.


So I went and found a couple of my ties, and used one of them to tie her wrists together, and one her ankles, then watched as she twisted round – and I knew then it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen, a true Halloween treat.  What I did not know is just how that would change my life a couple of years later…



I was living in student digs, and my landlady was a middle aged woman with a very fine body – long black hair, blue eyes, and the most alluring smile.  When it came to the end of October on my first year, I didn’t actually have anything planned, but I heard the knock on my door, and opened it to see the landlady standing there.  She was wearing a blue jersey dress with a print on the front, and mid-calf black leather boots with natural hose – and she asked if I would do her a little favour.


Well, I asked her what it was, and she then told me – she wanted to surprise her boyfriend by having it look as if someone had tied her up and robbed her – but she needed someone to tie her up and keep her quiet. 


Not the sort of request you’d normally get, right?  But then she offered to let my rent go for the rest of the year – an offer too good to pass up, so I said I’d do it.  And that was when she told me to make it more exciting, she wanted me to wear a balaclava and use some ropes she would leave out.  Telling me she would leave the flat door open, she left me gawping at her as she walked off, and then looking at the black balaclava she had put in my hand.


Well, I decided I might as well go the whole way, so I found a pair of leather gloves and put them on, pulled the balaclava down over my head, and made my way to her flat on the next floor up.  Opening the door, I slipped in and walked along the corridor, and then saw her sitting on a couch – so I put my hand over her mouth, and told her to be quiet, and do as I say.


I felt her mumble against my palm, and then she nodded as I saw the ropes on the coffee table in front of her.  So, I pretended to be the robber, and promised I would not hurt her if she did what I said.  I then told her to lie face down on the couch, which she did – but the way she lay down was so slow, so sultry…


Anyway, I put her hands together palm to palm behind her back, and tied the rope around them to hold them together, and then did the same thing to her ankles.  She twisted her legs round, and said I needed to make sure she really could not move, so I pulled her ankles back and tied them to her wrists.  I know now that’s a simple hogtie, but back then I had no idea.


She rolled onto her side and said I needed to keep her quiet now.  There was a clean cloth by the ropes, so I rolled it up into a small cylinder, and told her to open her mouth.  I then put it in the open space and watched as she closed her lips over it, closing her eyes and moaning slightly as she wriggled round.


She looked incredibly sexy then, but she made it clear with her head movements and grunts I had to clear out before her boyfriend left, so I got out of the flat.  She knocked on my door a couple of days later and thanked me – but really, I should have thanked her…



That was when I got the idea, so the next year I put an advert in the personals of the local paper.  I’ve got it here somewhere…  Here it is.  “Want to give your partner a surprise this Halloween?  Ring (number withheld) if you want to be the damsel in distress.”


I was surprised then when I got a call, and on the day I went and knocked on the door of a flat on the other side of town.  The woman who answered the door was a little older than me, with frizzed blonde hair, and she was wearing a purple dress with capped sleeves, hose and a pair of knee length black suede boots.


“So you’re going to make me a damsel in distress,” she said as she looked at me, carrying a large holdall.  I’d brought everything I thought I may need, so I nodded as she held the door for me to come in, leading me into the front room.


There was an old style wooden chair there, with armrests, and as she sat down she told me she wanted to be tape din the chair, and tape over her mouth.  In return, if I went into her room and searched it, I would find an envelope with my fee.  Well, she was the customer, and the customer is always right…


So I invited her to sit down and put her hands palm down on the armrests, as I opened my bag and took out a roll of silver tape.  Not duct tape – I had done some research, and found tape that was just as tough to get out off, but did not hurt a person or damage anything else.  So I peeled the end free, and started by taping her wrists tightly down to the wood, then her arms below her elbows.


She seemed to be satisfied with this, so I wrapped the tape round her waist and the chair back, and then taped her ankles to the front legs of the chair.  I did notice as her legs spread, but she didn’t complain – not even when I covered her mouth with strips of the tape, and left her as I looked in the room.


The payment was in an envelope hidden in a drawer, but I got a sense of what it must be like to have a woman tied up as you raided their flat – just a feeling.


At least at that stage, as I showed her the envelope and she nodded.  I left then, because I had a second appointment, and her boyfriend was coming.


It was that second appointment, though, that was the true eye opener for me.  I got to the house on a quiet street to be greeted by a woman in her early forties, wearing a long sleeved purple jersey dress, dark hose and knee length black leather boots.


She had long brown hair, and ran her fingers through it as she looked me up and down, and then said was it true I could make her a damsel in distress?  I said it was, and then she said she didn’t just want that – she wanted me to make sure she could not move, and then to do whatever I asked of her.


I asked her if she was sure, a little afraid of what she meant, but she nodded as she closed the door, and asked what I wanted her to do.  Well, it wasn’t as if I did not have the stuff I needed, so I led her into the front room, noticing the curtains drawn over the windows before I asked her to turn round, and put her hands behind her back.


I had by now tied the wrists of quite a few people for fun and entertainment, so I knew what I was doing in securing her wrists tightly together, but it was obvious she was wanting a little more – so I took a long length of rope I had prepared, and passed it round her body, pulling it tight under her chest as I did so, and I heard her soft gasp.  Taking this as a sign this was what she wanted, I continued to wrap the rope around her body, taking it above and below her chest so that her breasts were framed, my hands stroking over them as I did so – and she moaned each time I did that as well.


I pulled the ropes tighter and then tied the ends behind her back, using them to draw the bands together – an act that seemed to make her happier still, as I turned her round and looked at her.  The dress was now stretched tightly over her chest, as she opened her eyes and looked down, and then at me.


“You know, I could not stop you touching them with my hands tied like this…”


There was a hint, as I gently stroked my hands over her chest, and heard her deep sigh, before I started to gently squeeze them which made her squeal a little.  She then sat down, crossing her ankles as she put them up on a low table, and told me to continue.


I took more rope from my bag, and secured her ankles together – but then I took another length and tied her legs together below her knees.  This time she giggled as my fingers stroked the back of her legs as I took the rope around and between them, so that they were snuggle tied together.  I then did the same to her legs above her knees, as she wriggled round and then looked at me.  Her eyes were twinkling as she told me to gag her, and then continue what I had been doing before.


Well, I used a cloth to fill her mouth, and then silver tape over it, before I walked behind her and started to massage her chest again, loving the way she moaned as she twisted round and closed her eyes…


I had never realised the potential for someone to enjoy been tied up, helpless, gagged, and then how they would feel if someone was to arouse them as well.  I never wanted to hurt them, or harm them, but this was consensual – and it was arousing me as well.


So much that, as she shook and groaned, I had to excuse myself for a few minutes…





I posted a slightly different advert after that.


“Want to be a damsel in distress, and give way to your deepest wishes and desires?  Ring (number withheld) if you want to know the truth.”


And so, that Halloween, I was driving in my small car up to a farmhouse, smiling as I got out and knocked on the door.  The woman who opened the door looked familiar – and then she told me she was the younger sister of the woman who had opened my eyes.  She was wearing a purple roll neck sweater, denim mini skirt, dark patterned tights and knee length black suede boots. 


As she invited me in, she told me how much her sister had enjoyed my “attentions” last year, and she was willing to pay me if I acted out a fantasy for her.  And pay handsomely.  Well, she was the customer, so I asked her to put her hands behind her back.


I wanted to try something new this time, so when she did so, her hands clasped together, I made sure her wrists were bound tightly together – and then I used a second length to force her elbows together, which had the effect of pulling her shoulders back, forcing her chest up and out – and getting a “oh that’s tight – and nice” as I tied the rope between her arms.


I then reached round and gently caressed her chest, as she started to sigh, and said she couldn’t stop me doing anything to her now.  So I gently took her jumper up, and as she nodded I tied the rope round her arms and body, framing her white bra covered chest in two bands, and then took the rope over one shoulder, under the band below her chest between her breasts, and up the other side.


“Thank you,” she whispered, “please be gentle to me…”  I nodded as I reached round and caressed her chest, feeling her breasts firming under my grip as I started to massage them.  She moaned and rubbed her body against me as she did this, which made me react as well – and she smiled as she said “feels as if you are having fun as well…”


“I may have to make sure you stay quiet,” I whispered into her ear.


“I have an idea of how to do that,” she whispered back as I continued the massage “tie my legs when I kneel down.”


“What are you going to do?”


“What you force me to do.”  She then knelt down, as I took two more lengths of rope from my bag, using one to secure her ankles together, and the second to tie her legs together below her knees.


I then walked round and stood in front of her, as she looked up at me, and said “you want me to pull your zip down?”  I nodded, and watched as she shuffled forward, and then used her teeth to pull my zip down, my cock bursting out as the opening appeared.  She had indeed got me excited, as she looked at me, and then at me, whispering “you want me to kiss you there?”  Before I got a chance to answer, she did that, gently kissing my cock and then the tip as she looked at me.


“Please, don’t force me to put that into my mouth…”


I could see where she was going now, and I have to be honest – nobody had ever done that to me.  I watched, fascinated as she kissed my cock again, and then out them over it, her tongue stroking over the tip before she pushed it out again.  I groaned softly, as she said “please, don’t force me to do that again…”


“Keep going,” I whispered, and this time as she put her lips over it I put my hands on her head, softly moaning as she drew me into her mouth, her tongue stroking over the base of my member as I felt it start to throb and enlarge while she sucked on it, pushing it out and taking it in again as she moaned in response.


It is a strange feeling – I had made love to women before, but to feel myself bene drawn to the edge of a climax using only her tongue and lips was something new.  What was more, she seemed to be getting a great deal of pleasure from it as well, as she groaned and twisted round in her bonds, while I grew larger, and I felt the pressure starting to build inside me.


I glanced down to see her looking at me with her eyes wide open, as I felt myself starting to build to the point where I would come, and I told her “swallow it all.”  She nodded – and that motion was enough to set me off, as I felt the sperm flow out of me and into her mouth.  She gasped, but she did as she was told as I heled her head, swallowing all I had to give until I felt myself start to relax.


When I took my hands away and withdrew, she looked at me, swallowed and said “I hope you liked that.  Now, silence me, and see how I feel.  I want you to make me cum using your mouth and hands – nothing else.”


I nodded as I took a folded cloth and wiped the white stream from the side of her mouth – then stuffed it in before I covered her lips with white micropore tape.  I then laid her on her back, her head raised as she watched me reach under her skirt, and feel the dampness at her crotch – and that made her moan and wriggle as well.  Easing her hose and panties down to where I had tied her legs at the knees, I unzipped her skirt and pulled it off her, and gently kissed her between her legs, my tongue lapping up the juices that had started to flow there as she pushed her hips into my face.


I kept going, and then she bucked and screamed in a muted way, as I drank her orgasm as well….




That night, after I had released her, she thanked me and paid me a double amount – but I knew then I had found a true calling…




The last time I did this solo, it was the wife of an Eastern European businessman who called me.  She had been to a party, and had sent me the access to her house for when she returned early without her husband, as well as the details of what I was to do.  When she came into the bedroom of her house, she was wearing an orange dress, sleeveless, made of silk with a tight skirt and a diamante bow on the front, natural hose and black knee length boots. 


She was surprised to see me at first, but then remembered as I told her to lie on her back, on the bed, and put her hands together in prayer.  She played along beautifully, asking what I was doing there as I used one end of a long length of rope to bind her wrists tightly together, and then take them above her head, securing them to the headboard as she wriggled round.


She had long blonde hair, and as she wriggled her chest was threatening to escape from her chest – but I told her to stay still, as I pushed the skirt of her dress up, and then pulled her hose down, before I used a pair of scissors to cut her panties away.  They were already slightly damp, as I folded them into a wad, and told her to open her mouth.


She smiled and then allowed me to push them in, closing her lips as I peeled a long, wide strip of white medical tape form a roll, and then pressed it firmly over her mouth and chin, the shape of her lips quite clear as I pressed mine to them, and she pushed her head up as well.


I then took another length of rope, and tied it round her left ankle, before pulling it to the side and securing it to the foot of the bed.  Her other ankle was bound in the same way, so that her legs were spread apart, as I knelt on the bed between them, and then started to gently use my mouth and lips to bring her on.


She groaned and closed her eyes, and as I used my tongue to ease past the petals of her passage and ease in, she suddenly bucked as well.  I continued to use my tongue and lips to bring her on, tasting her juices as they slowly started to flow, and then I used my fingers, slipping them in as she bucked and squirmed at the touch on her most special places.


But I wasn’t going to physically enter her beyond that – my instructions were clear, as I  took a very special gift from my bag and switched it on, then cut through the shoulder straps of her dress and eased it off her, revealing her black bra, and nothing else.  I then cut that away, and kissed her breasts, sucking on them and running my tongue over her nipples, while at the same time using the dildo I had in my other hand between her legs to ease her on.


As a result, when I pushed it in and she started to have an orgasm, she was silenced, secured, and in that restraint got the freedom to scream out and enjoy every single moment…


I left her there, the toy in place, at her instructions, and left with a nice payment for her husband to find her – and as I left, my phone rang, with an offer from a firm that provided fulfilment of fantasies…




Which is why I am here this Halloween, in the house of the director of a well know fashion house, making sure her upper body is well secured.  She has long blonde hair, and was wearing a black jacket over a brown sweater, faded jeans and knee length patent leather boots.  The jacket is on the floor now, and bands of white rope are tied round her upper body, stretching the jumper over her chest, her arms secured behind her back.  Other bands of rope are holding her ankles together, and her legs below her knees, her jeans pulled down to there and another length of rope tied round her waist, the long ends to the side as she lies on the floor.


For once I have finished her fantasy fulfilment, I will tie that crotch rope to keep her amused until she is found…







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