That was Then, This is Now 4







“I really cannot believe it has been that long,” Lorraine said as she sat at the restaurant table with Beth, “Forty years?”


“It is – forty years since those days in the flat in Tooting,” the blonde haired Beth said with a smile.  “Seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it?”


“It has been for me,” Lorraine said as she sipped her wine.  “Married, two grown kids, divorced…”  The redhead was wearing a white top, with black trim and a red and black floral print, coupled with a short black skirt and black knee length boots.  Her eyes twinkled behind a pair of brown rimmed glasses as she looked over.


“Well I’ve been a widow for five years now, but I’m still having fun,” Beth said with a laugh.  Her black dress buttoned up the front, with lace sleeves and black and white panels on her skirt, her legs in black hose and stilettos.  “I’m glad you could come and meet me however.”


“Well, I’ll confess – it does get a bit lonely at home,” Lorraine said as she put her glass down.  “It does remind me of those good old days though.”


“All the scrapes we got into?”


Lorraine sat back and laughed.  “Oh yeah – all of them.  I was looking through some of my old albums the other day – actually, do you need to rush off?”


“No – why?”


“Want to come back to my place for a nightcap?  I can show you one or two of them.”


Beth sat back for a moment, and said “why not?  Let me get the bill.”


“Oh come on, I can…”


“No – my treat.  Then we can head round.”


“Well, if you insist…”




“Well, at least you came out of the divorce well if you can live here,” Beth said as they walked down the Bayswater Road.


“I can’t complain – especially with the girls married and in their own homes now,” Lorraine said as she opened the door to her flat block.


“Agnes McAdam?  She lives here?”


“Indeed – a floor above me,” Lorraine said as she closed the door, and they walked up a flight of steps. Beth watched as she found the second key, and then unlocked the door to her flat, saying “I have a twenty year old brandy if that interests you?”


“Well now,” Beth said as she followed Lorraine into the main room, “that does sound like…”


“Ah – my apologies ladies, but will you please stay quite still, your hands in the air?”


Beth and Lorraine stared at the young man standing in the front room.  He was tall, thin, wearing a fitted black leather jacket, trousers, shoes, gloves – and a balaclava over his head, as well as holding a gun in his right hand which he was pointing at them.


“Ah,” Lorraine said quietly as she raised her hands, “I may have to delay that drink Beth.”


“Thank you,” the intruder said as he watched Beth raise her hands.  “Kindly put your purses on the table, and then kneel on the floor, in front of the Chesterfield sofa, heads down on the cushions and hands behind your back.”


“Well, as you asked so nicely,” Beth said quietly as they both placed their purses on the telephone table, walked in and knelt down, Lorraine looking to the side as he took two lengths of cord from a black bag, and knelt behind her, crossing her wrists and beginning to bind them together.


“You know what I’m thinking of now,” Beth said quietly as she watched.






“This is JY in the afternoon – and next up we have Sweet…”


Lorraine looked at herself in the large mirror in her room, and smiled as she patted her reddish brown hair, held in place by the hairspray.  She was wearing a tight floral print blouse, unbuttoned but with the front tied just under her impressive chest, like a cheesecloth blouse.  Her brown miniskirt barely came to the tops of her black stockings, while the white go-go boots hugged her lower legs, the straps buckled at the top.


“Hey Lorri – you about done in there?”


“Coming out now,” she called back as she left her bedroom and walked into the front room, where her flatmate Beth was sitting on a leather couch.  Beth was wearing a grey waistcoat style top and a checked mini skirt, again with dark stocking and knee length white go-go boots.  Her own blonde hair was also brushed up and back, with a can of hairspray over it.


“Well, the guys at the club can’t complain about the way we look now,” Beth said as she stood up.  “Let’s go and make some honest barmaid money.”


“To supplement our humdrum grants?”


“But of course,” Beth said as she opened the door – and then stepped back inside as Lorraine saw a young man follow her in.  He was wearing a blue boiler suit, but had a stocking pulled down over his head, and a shotgun, the barrel sawn off at the butt, in his gloved hands.


“Sorry girls,” he said as two more men followed him in, closing the door behind them, “you’re going nowhere except back into that room.”


“What the hell…”


“Language,” the man said as they were walked back, “now get those hands where we can see them.”


“I think they mean business Lorri,” Beth said quietly as they both raised their hands, one of the other two men dropping a canvas bag on the floor and opening it up before he took a length of rope out.  Standing behind Beth, he pulled her hands down behind her back, and used the rope to secure her wrists together as she bit her lip.


“We have some business to conduct downstairs,” the man said as Beth felt the rope bite into her bare wrists, “so you two need to be kept out of the way while we are about it.”


“Oh god,” Lorraine whispered as the masked man fetched another length of rope, and then pulled her wrists behind her back, feeling the rough cords rub on her wrists as they were forced together.


Beth was twisting round, but stopped as she was smacked on her bottom.  “Stop struggling lady,” the armed man said, “it will be easier on you if you do.”


“Please, Beth,” Lorraine said as she felt the man tie the rope off, “we don’t have a choice, do we?”


“I guess not,” Beth said as the man went back to the bag, and returned with a much longer length of rope.  Doubling it over, he wrapped it around Lorraine’s arms and body, pulling it tight under her chest as her arms were forced into her sides, and then taking it around her, making two bands above and below her chest as he did so.  She glanced at Beth, who was looking at her, and then looked at the way her blouse was been stretched as the ropes were tied off.


Beth then felt the rope around her own body, and could see the buttons on her vest top staining slightly as her arms were secured to her sides as well.


“And how are you going to stop us calling for help,” she asked as her chest ropes were tied off.”


“Distraction and muffling.”


Lorraine looked at him, and said “what on earth do yuoohhmhhnhhmmmm.”  Her silence was caused by a folded cloth which had been pushed into her mouth, and then by the brown sticking plaster which was pressed firmly over her lips.


“That’s the muffling,” the armed man said as Beth clamped her mouth shut – and then opened it wide as her left breast was squeezed by a gloved hand, before she was soon as quiet as Lorraine.


“And now for the distraction.”


Beth watched as a length of rope was tied round her waist, the ends allowed to drop to the floor in front of her, before a gloved hand went between her legs and they were pulled through, hiking her skirt as they pressed on her panties, rubbing on her as the ends were secured to her chest ropes.


Hmmfhknnghd,” she mumbled as Lorraine watched, her eyes wide at first with shock, and then as the ropes were tied between her own legs with surprise.


“Into the bedroom – both of you.”


He waved the gun as Beth and Lorraine looked at each other, and then started to walk – shirt steps as the rope rubbed more on them with each one, and they tried not to react to the new sensations that were running through them.  The tight rope seemed to push their panties up more with each step – and with each step they could feel more of the dampness that had started to appear…


As they went into Beth’s room, the man said “both of you, lie face down on the bed.”  They complied, looking at each other as they felt the two other armed intruders cross and bind their ankles tightly together, the rope rubbing on the leather as the boots squeaked when they moved together.  They then felt more rope around their legs as they were secured below their knees, the hand stroking their legs as the cords were taken around and between their limbs.


Swhwhwhphhnsnhnw,” Lorraine whispered as she was rolled onto her side, and her ankles were pulled back behind her – and then she screamed out as they were secured to the rope between her legs.


Beth rolled over to face her, and then her eyes opened wide as her ankles were secured in the same way.  They both lay there, wondering what would happen if they moved, as the armed man said “you can both stay there – I’m sure you’ll find a way to pass the time”.  The three walked out, the key to Beth’s door been taken out as they heard the door lock on the other side.


Beth tried to wriggle round, but then Lorraine heard the gaps and sigh as the rope moved between her flatmate’s legs.  Dhnntnt,” she said as she too moved – and then gasped as the rope rubbed on her as well.




Lorraine looked at Beth, and then said “Whchnpssththtmmm.”




Beth watched as Lorraine started to move her feet back and forth, her eyes closed as the rope moved, and she started to moan.  Nodding, Beth started to do the same as she felt the dampness, felt a fire starting to grow within her, as she wriggled round. 


As she moved, the buttons on her vest came undone, and she gasped again as the rope on her chest rubbed on her bare flesh.  Looking over, she could see Lorraine’s blouse had come undone, her chest now framed in the ropes.  Slowly, she leaned over, Lorraine opening her eyes as she felt Beth’s taped lips on her chest.  It made her wriggle more, made the ropes rub so deliciously more…


Beth looked at her as Lorraine nodded and then nuzzled her own chest, both of them losing themselves in the growing distraction…



Beth grunted as the masked man pulled the rope tight around her, making her dress stretch over her chest as he passed it around her above and below her chest.


“Yeah – just like then,” Lorraine said as she wriggled round.  He had already secured her arms and upper body, two bands framing her chest, and then the rope had been taken under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm so that her breasts had been forced up and out.  As she glanced down, she saw her dress had started to open at the front – and then, as she looked over, she saw that Beth’s dress had also started to open up as the rope pulled the lower band up.


“I do regret the necessity of this ladies,” the young man said, “but I do need to get away.”


“At least you are not robbing the pawn shop downstairs,” Beth said as he tied the ropes off.


“I beg your pardon?”


“Something that happened a lifetime ago,” Lorraine said as he helped them both to stand up, and then to sit on the Chesterfield.


“I see – please both of you, cross your ankles and put your feet on the coffee table.  It will only be for a few minutes.”


“Well,” Beth said as she looked at Lorraine, “here we are again.”


“Yeah – how long was it last time?”


“About four hours before the boss came round to see why we had not turned up,” Beth said as she watched the way he bound her ankles together, “do you remember how you felt?”


“Exhausted and elated we had finally been discovered?”


“That – that’s not what I meant,” Beth said as she looked at Lorraine.  The redhead looked at Beth’s legs as the white rope went round and between her ankles, and then around and between her legs below her knees, and nodded.


“I know that’s not what you want,” she said quietly, “and yes, I did feel something else…”


“So did I,” Beth said quietly as he tied the binding off, and then helped her to lower her legs to the floor, the bands tightening on her as he did so.  “Have you ever since…”


“No,” Lorraine said quietly as she felt her own ankles been tied together, “I met Tony soon after, and – well…”  She looked at Beth, as the first couple of buttons came undone under the strain of the ropes, and said “you?”


“Once or twice – quietly, discretely,” Beth said with a smile.  She watched as he bound Lorraine’s ankles and legs, and then lowered her feet to the ground again.  “Can I say something- and I hope you don’t find this offensive?”


“What,” Lorraine said as she wriggled round, and looked over.


“I never forgot that day, and how you looked – and seeing you like this now, well…”




“Lorraine – I find you incredibly attractive and enticing like that.  You look – sexy.”


Lorraine blushed as she said “well – you don’t look too bad in those ropes either.  I could almost kiss you now.”


“What’s stopping you?”


“Ladies,” the man said as he looked at them.  “Time to keep you both quiet.”


“One moment please young man,” Beth said as she looked at Lorraine.  “Well?”


Lorraine looked at Beth, and then tilted her head to one side, Beth going in the other direction as they kissed, a long, slow, passionate kiss.


“That – was nice,” Lorraine said as they parted, “I’d like to do that again.”


“So would I – in some way.”


“If you would both open your mouths?”


As Lorraine felt the compressed sponge ball expand in her mouth, she closed her lips and looked at Beth, wriggling round as her top fell more open.  Beth smiled back and nodded as a second sponge ball was pushed into her mouth, and then she felt the white tape pulling at the skin round her mouth as he pressed it firmly onto her skin.


Lorraine felt the same tug as the tape was pressed over her mouth, and then she turned and looked at Beth.  She slid over, and pressed her taped lips on the side of her friend’s neck, Beth moaning as she twisted round, and then they gag kissed, the young intruder watching and smiling before he returned to his search…







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