Weekend At Paulette's




The best weekend I ever had?  I guess that started with the phone call from Erica that Friday night asking me to come over.  It came out of the blue – I had heard she had plans for the next couple of days, so I was settling down to watch the Monster Movie Marathon at 9 o’clock when the telephone rang.




“Hey Mark.”


“Erica?  I thought you were round at your friends for a sleepover.  Don’t tell me you ran out of things to do already?”


“Nah, not really, it’s just that...”




“Listen – can you come over?  I need your help with something, and I know I can trust you.”


“Won’t those two have something to say about that?”


There was a pause, before Erica said “I don’t think they will object – you’ll see what I mean.  How quickly can you get here?”  I looked at my watch.  “Half an hour?”


“Great – just come in the front door.  I’ll see you then.”


Now, I need to explain what I thought was meant to be happening this weekend.  Erica had been invited by her best friend Paulette to spend the weekend with them in an extended sleepover.  Paulette’s parents were going to be out of town, so there would just be her, Erica, and her younger sister Kerry.  They had cheerleading practice for the college team that Friday afternoon, so Erica had said she would be going straight there, see you Sunday, miss you lots, yadda, yadda, yadda. 


There was also the small problem that Paulette did not really like me.  Well, maybe dislike is too strong a word – more indifference...  Maybe she was upset I prefer blondes to brunettes, but that’s just me.  As for Kerry, she’s a nice enough girl – a year younger than Erica and Paulette, so a freshman as opposed to sophomore. 


All three of them are on the college cheerleading team.  Given both Erica and Kerry are petite, that may seem a bit strange, but cheerleading is a lot like athletics.  Given both of them are very lithe and supple, they get used to be the top of the pyramid, or the ones flying through the air with the greatest of ease.  As for Paulette, she’s taller by five inches, and heavier, so she gets to do the base work or the throwing.  I’ve seen them in action at enough college games, so I know they’re good and enjoy what they’re doing.


Anyway, the point was this – this was a girl’s weekend, so why was I invited?  I had planned a quiet weekend at home, but it was no problem for me to go over – it would only be for an hour or two, I thought.


Well, that soon went out of the window...






When I pulled up outside the house, there was nothing unusual to see.  It was getting dark, and the lights were obviously on behind closed curtains, so nothing wrong there.  Erica had said to just come in, so I did that, closing the door behind me and calling out “Erica?  Girls?”


I didn’t get an answer immediately, but there was a note pinned to the bottom of the stairs.  I took it off and looked carefully at it.




Get a drink from the fridge and go into the front room.  I’ll be down in a minute.




So, I walked to the kitchen, took a coke from the fridge and walked into the front room.  As I looked round, however, I began to get an idea of what the girls may have been up to that night.


The first thing I noticed were the lengths of rope discarded on the floor.  I picked up a couple to look at – they had been cut to different lengths, and by the looks of them they had been used for some purpose.  I smiled to myself as I wondered what that purpose might be.  You hear tales of hazing and other activities, and you’re never quite sure what the truth behind them might be.


Far more interesting where the other things that had been left around the room.  On the floor next to the ropes were three large white cotton napkins, which had been folded into bands.  I picked them up and saw the faint lipstick stains on the side of one of them, as if some woman had pressed their lips against it.  There was also a damp patch in the centre of one of them, where something moist had gone against it.


Also on the floor were a number of handkerchiefs, which had been crumbled up into balls.  As I picked one up, I could feel that it was sodden, and put it back down again in a hurry.  Closer examination of the others showed they were all in the same state, almost as if someone had dumped them into a bowl of water and wrung them out again.  What the hell had been going on here?


There were also strips of striped cloth, which looked as if they were cut from an old sheet.  These were also twisted round in various loops, although these were not damp.  As I picked them up to look at, I heard a familiar female voice behind me saying “Hey, Mark.”


Erica was standing in the doorway, her hand running through her blonde hair, which was pulled back in a pigtail.  She was wearing the cheerleader outfit for the college – a red v-necked sweater over a white sports top, red flared skirt that came halfway down her thighs, white socks and trainers.  She stretched her 5 foot 2 frame before walking over and giving me a hug.


“Thanks for coming over,” she said as she looked up at me, “I really need a favour and you’re the only one I can trust.”


“Looks as if you’ve been having some fun already,” I said as I looked round.  “What happened here – girl guide practice?”


“I’m 20, Mark – girl guides was a long time ago.  As to what happened – Why don’t I show you?  Promise to be quiet?”


“Of course I will,” I said as she led me out of the room and up the staircase.  “Where are the other two,” I said as I followed her up.  “I don’t think Paulette likes me that much.”


“She can’t say anything about it,” Erica said as we stopped outside a door.  She looked up at me and said “We’ve been playing a few games with each other tonight, but I’m bored and I want tot take part as well in this game.  Do you think you can help?”


“What’s the game?” I said, and in answer Erica simply opened the door and showed me.


Paulette and Kerry were sitting on the floor, with black sleep masks over their eyes.  They were both sitting in the Lotus position, the skirt of their uniform spread over their legs to preserve their modesty.  That, however, was not the most fascinating thing.


I could see the ropes around their legs where they crossed in front of them, holding their ankles together over their socks.  By the same token, their arms were pulled behind their back, and I could see as Kerry leaned forward for a moment the glimpse of a coil of rope.  This was not the thing that held my attention either.


Kerry was closest to me, her wasp thin figure still as she straightened up and her blonde hair in two pigtails, one either side.  She had some form of pink gloss on her lips, and it matched perfectly the pink of the knotted bandana that they were closed around.  The bandana had been rolled into a thick and before the knot had been tied in the middle, and pulled into her mouth.  It looked as if it filled her mouth by itself, the thin black swirls of the pattern clearly visible both on the knot and on the rolled bands that stretched around her jaw and behind her head.  She let out a low moan, and she seemed relaxed and not distressed at all.


Paulette was moving her body slightly her curly brown hair falling over her head, and her unadorned lips closed around a brown band that was wrapped around her jaws.  I stepped in and looked closer, and saw it was a silk scarf that had been rolled into a tight band.  The ends also went behind her head as she grunted.  Erica put her fingers to her lips as she went to the two girls.


“The help is here,” she said as the two girls raised their heads.  “I need to talk to them for a few minutes, and then I’ll have them come and talk to you.”   The two girls nodded as she took my hand and led me out of the room.


“Good god,” I said as Erica led me into the room next door, “What have you been doing?”


“Oh, we do this all the time,” Erica said as she sat on the bed.  “We started by watching an old DVD, and then we’ve taken turns to tie each other up.  An hour ago we played a game of cards and I won, so I got to tie both of them up.


“The thing is, I wanted to take part as well, but we needed an extra pair of hands if that was to be the case.  Mark, would you be a dear and be our chaperone for a while?”


Well, what would you have done?  I was been asked if I wanted to tie up this beautiful girl, and then watch the others.  “Well, I don’t know,” I stammered, “I mean, to have three gorgeous women to myself, how can you trust me?  How can I trust myself?”


“I’ll make it worth your while,” she cooed as she stood up and walked to me.  “So, what do you say?”


I gulped, and said “What do you want me to do?”


“Here,” she said handing me a length of cord, “Tie my wrists together behind my back.”  She turned and put her hands behind her back, her head turned to look at me.  “Be gentle,” she said with a smile.  I took another gulp, and wrapped the cord around her wrists, passing it around and between to tighten the coils.


“Nice,” Erica said as she tried to move her wrists.   “Now, let me sit on the bed and tie my ankles.”


“Do you want to be tied the same way?”


“Nah – I was tied like that earlier, and I’m a bit stiff.  Just tie them together side by side.”  It took me a few minutes, and as she looked down she smiled back at me.  “All right,” she said next, “You need to gag me.  When you’ve done that, leave me and make those two more comfortable, then take me to them.  After that, you can set the rules.”


I was nervous as I looked round.  “What do you want me to use,” I said, and Erica nodded towards a long white silk scarf that was on the floor.  “Use that,” she said, and as she opened her mouth I wrapped the scarf around her head, passing it between her lips from behind before taking the ends round and tying them tightly together.  She bit down on the cloth, her lips closing around the silk so that only a little bit showed, before nodding to me.  “Gtgng” she mumbled as the cloth muffled any intelligible words from her.


I watched her lie back on the bed and move round a bit, purring sounds coming from her, and turned to walk quietly out.  I went down to the kitchen, put some water in a couple of glasses, two straws in my pocket and walked back up to where the two girls were sat.


“Hello, girls,” I said as I walked in and laid the glasses on the table.  “Erica has asked me to check on you both.   Would you like me to remove your blindfolds?”


“Mrc,” Paulette mumbled as she turned her head, but Kerry simply nodded her head.  I reached round and removed the eye mask, as Kerry blinked and looked up at me with thanks.  As I removed the blindfold from Paulette, she also nodded.


“How do your legs feel?” I asked them both, and Kerry said “sr – cn u untthm,”  Nodding, I untied the knot and wound the cords back, watching as she stretched her legs out and sighed.  Paulette nodded as well as I pointed to her legs, also sighing as she stretched her legs out. 


“I have some water for you – let me remove the gags,” I said as Kerry bowed her head forward, letting me loosen the knot and slide the scarf from out of her mouth.  There was a big damp stain in the knot where it had been in her mouth, as I laid the gag by her side.  There was also a dark tinge to the brown material, like it was dark mud against bronze, in the silk as I removed Paulette’s gag.


“She called you,” Paulette said as I brought the glasses over.  “Well, I suppose it could have been worse.”


“Nice to see you as well, Paulette,” I said as I held the glass, the water flowing through the straw as she sucked.  “Erica said you may be a bit upset, but if you want me to go...”


“No, you can stay,” Paulette said as she released the straw.  “It’s more fun if we compete against each other.”  I smiled at this, while I offered Kerry a drink from the second glass.  “Thanks,” she said after she took a drink.  “So how long can you stay for?”


“We’ll have to see about that,” I said as I put the glasses down.  “For now, I need to bring Erica in – once I’ve made sure you are both silenced again.”  As I said this, I picked up the brown scarf and looked at the two girls.  “So, which sister gets this gag?”


“Kerry,” Paulette said with a mischievous grin.  “I want to see if I can get that knot in my mouth.”  Kerry shot her a look of surprise, before shrugging and saying “All right, I was getting sick of the taste of cotton anyway.”  She opened her mouth and let me pull the brown silk band between her lips, making sure it held her tongue down before I tied the ends behind her head.  “Thststdsgsng” she mumbled as she bit down on the cloth, which only seemed to make Paulette laugh.  I then picked up the bandana and pulled the knot into Paulette’s mouth, her lips closing over the knot as it filled her mouth.  It took me a moment to pull the ends around her neck, eliciting a comment of “ndthsdsnt” before kneeling at the foot of each girl.


Paulette went to cross her legs again, but I stopped her and held her ankles together in front of her, tying them side by side before moving over and doing the same to Kerry.  As they watched, I left the door open on leaving the room, coming back a few minutes later with Erica in my arms.  I placed her on the floor next to them, and said “All right, girls, you need to try and get free.  You have twenty minutes – if one of you manages to do that, you get to decide how I tie you up next time.  If not, I get to re-gag all three of you and you stay that way for another half hour.  Understand?”


All three nodded as I looked at my watch.  “Ready – go!” I shouted, and sat back to watch the floor show.  All three started struggling, and I could see they were doing their best with very little luck.  By my reckoning, they would need to help each other, and there was no sign they had figured that out yet.


The scarf between Erica’s lips was getting darker, a growing grey blot on the white, as it absorbed the saliva from her mouth, and I could also see a little dribble of saliva down Paulette’s jaw as she tried to loosen the ropes.  As for Kerry, she just sat still, her eyes closed as she rocked gently to and fro and her lips were moving over the pink cloth.  It was a sight to behold, but I needed to watch all three as the time passed and their grunts and moans grew even more frantic.


All too soon, I could see the time had passed.   “Sorry, girls,” I said as I stood up, “your time is up.  Just stay there for a few minutes.”  They all looked up at me as I walked out of the room, returning a few minutes later with some of the cotton strips from downstairs.  I reached round and removed the gags from all three of them, giving them each a drink as I did so.


“All right, big boy,” Paulette said as she looked at me.  “A bet’s a bet.  So, are you going to swap our gags round again?”


“Not yet,” I said as I took some pillows from the bed and placed them on the floor.  Picking Erica up, I carried her over and laid her with her head on one pillow.  “Roll onto your stomach,” I said as I placed her down, “The others will join you shortly.”


I did the same for Paulette and Kerry, so that all three were facing each other on their stomachs.  “Is this your bedroom, Paulette,” I asked, but Kerry said “No, it’s mine, why?”


“I just need to find something,” I said as I opened a drawer.  Fortunately, because I could see from Angle’s face she was worried, I found what I was looking for and took out a pair of ankle socks.  “What are you going to do with them,” Paulette said, so I knelt next to her and started to ball the socks into wads.


“Re-gagging you,” I said as I held one sock in front of her.  That was when Erica said “No – I’ve got a better idea.  I want payback for the way you tied my legs earlier.”


Paulette looked over and said “You did exactly the same to me.”


“Not for as long – put my scarf in her mouth.”  I shrugged, picked up the scarf and held it in front of Paulette’s mouth.  “I hate you, Erica,” she said as I pulled the cloth in, grimacing at the wet taste as I wrapped it round twice and tied it off.  “Irlehtu”, she mumbled as I knelt next to Kerry, pushed a wadded up sock into her mouth, then took one of the striped lengths of cloth and pulled it into her mouth, her lips closing around the strip as I knotted it at the back of her neck. 


 “Try saying something,” I said to Erica after I had gagged her in the same way as Kerry and stood up.  “Lgtufrthsmrc” she mumbled as I went to turn the light off.   “Thirty minutes, ladies,” I said as I walked out of the room.  “If one of you come down, then you decide what is next.  If not, I get to pick a new scenario.”


“Cmbkhr” Paulette called out as I left the room.  I ignored her – I wanted to watch, but I needed a drink more, and that coke would have got warm.  Besides, I needed to sort a few things out downstairs for later.






As I checked my watch, I glanced up from my seat to see the three girls walk in, their wrists still tied behind their backs and the gags firmly in place, dark stains emanating from the corners of each of their mouths along the material.  “NFF,” Erica said as she sat next to me, “wsrndr.”


“Come here,” I said as I reached round and untied her hands.  She reached up and pulled the strip from her mouth, spitting out the sock and saying “that was fun.”  Kerry nodded in agreement as I untied her hands, then Paulette reluctantly allowed me to release her as well.


“Erica, I swear to God I will get you back for that.” Paulette said as she threw the sodden scarf at her friend.  “So, when did you three get into this,” I said as the three of them sat down, the sweat visible on their faces.  “Oh, it just happened,” Kerry said as she picked up my coke and took a swig.  “Mind you, this is the first time all three of us have been tied at the same time.  It was fun.”


“Glad you liked it,” I said, “Even you, Paulette – still think I’m a bad bloke?”


“Never did,” she said as she sat down, “You’re just not my type.”


I smiled at that, as Erica said “So, what does your evil mind have in mind for the next game?”


“Oh, you’ll see, but first you need to get out of those clothes – they do look a bit sweat stained.  Tell you what – if this is a sleepover get changed into your night stuff.  I’ll show you what I’m thinking of when you come back.”  They looked at each other, before Kerry said “You’re on,” stood up and walked out of the door, followed by Paulette.


“I’ll get changed in the next room,” Erica said as she stood up.  “I need to go to the bathroom,” I said as I followed them out.  “Top of the stairs, second left,” Kerry called down, so I followed her instructions. I did what I had to do, then while I was washing and drying my hands I saw some things that I could use...



As I came back into the front room, I saw Kerry sitting there in a pair of blue cotton pyjamas.  “Did you tidy up here while we were upstairs,” she asked as I came in.  “I sorted a few things out,” I said as I sat down, “You never know when they may come in useful.  Where are the others?”


“I’m here,” Erica said as she walked in, wearing a pink vest top and short pants.  She was followed by Paulette, who was wearing a white sleeveless nightdress that barely covered her bottom.


“Should he be allowed to see that,” Erica said with a laugh as they sat on the couch.  “So, what are we going to do next?”


“Are you three ready for a team game?” I said with a smile.  Kerry smiled, her eyes flashing as she said “What did you have in mind?”


“First things first – do you want to watch a movie while I do this?  Your choice.”


The girls talked amongst themselves for a moment, before Paulette said “Sure – there’s a copy of Hairspray over there.  You can stick that in.”


“Bit old for Zack Efron, aren’t you?”


“James Marston, buddy – now put it in and get on with it.”


Shrugging, I found the disk and pushed it into the player.  “Right, girls,” I said as the music started, “Erica, you sit in the middle, and then I want you to link arms.”


“What are we going to do, shuffle with each other,” she said as she moved over and linked arms with the two sisters.  “Could be,” I said as I picked up a ball of blue wool that I had found while sorting things out.  “Who wants to be first?”


“Go on,” Paulette said, “What are you going to do?”


“Put your hands together in front of you,” I said.  As Paulette did this, pulling Erica slightly closer to herself in the process, I made a small loop in the end of the wool and passed it around her wrists, pulling it tightly before passing it around and between several times.  Satisfied they were held tightly enough together, I passed the wool down and around her ankles, again around and between, then cut the end off and secured it below her feet.


“Cosy,” she said as she pulled up with her wrists, raising her feet as she did so.  It only took me ten minutes to repeat the process for the other two, until they were sitting in a (forgive me) tight knit row.


“Now, are you ready to be quiet?” I said with a grin.  “Why, what have you got planned you fiend,” Erica said, but her eyes widened when I produced what I had found in the bathroom.  “You’d better wash those after,” Kerry said when she saw what I had in my other hand.


“I’ll clear everything up, don’t worry,” I said as I knelt beside her.  I had in my hand a small blue sponge which I had taken from the bathroom – one of a set of three that had never been used.  I squashed in my hand, and said “Open wide and say ah.”


“Ahmmdfmd”, Kerry said as I gently pushed the sponge into her mouth, watching it expand as it unfolded within.  Her cheeks started to bulge out, but she nodded and winked at me to show she was not uncomfortable.  I also had a long blue cotton dressing gown belt, from the one hanging in the bathroom, which I passed around her head and pulled into her mouth from both directions, taking the ends back around and securing them together at the nape of her neck.  She closed her lips around the cloth and looked at me, smiling as she did so.


“Now, Paulette,” I said as I walked over and knelt next to her, “Your turn now.”  It took me a moment to push the scrunched up white sponge into her mouth, with her looking at me the whole time with a mixture of resignation and defiance.  For her, I used the belt from what I presumed was her mother’s dressing gown, a long thin white silk band that I pulled into her mouth from behind, wrapped around her head twice and tied off, pushing the sponge further back into her mouth than she expected.  “Wsht” she grunted as I secured the ends together.


“Nice one, Mark,” Erica said before I pushed a pink sponge into her mouth.  I had tried to find a third gown cord for her, but with no luck, so instead I had borrowed a scarf from Kerry.  This was a pink chiffon neckscarf, which I rolled into a thin band and pulled tightly into her mouth, the corners of her mouth going back as I tied the ends together behind her head.  While the other two had the ends of their holding cloths trailing down their back, Erica did not, but I felt the colour co-ordination was important.  Besides, unlike the other two I knew she had packed this outfit.  “DFgdfgdfa” was all she was able to say when I had finished.


“All right girls,” I said as I placed a pair of scissors on the other side of the room, “The game is simple – get the scissors and cut yourselves free.  Good luck.”  I sat down with a drink and watched them as they looked at each other, trying to communicate and decide what to do.  The sponges were doing exactly what I thought they would do – expanding and filling their mouths so they had no way of really talking to each other, while their linked arms meant they had to find a way to work as a unit, or they had absolutely no chance.


They took it in turns to try and raise their arms, hoping to take out their gags, but I’d expected that one.  Their linked arms would mean they all had to go at the same time, and even if they did they would have to stretch at full tilt together to do it.  Now, I knew they were capable of that, but the question was how much they wanted to play along.  As they started mmphing and pulling at their bonds, I realised they very much wanted to, and sat back to watch.


I could see again a small damp stain developing in the white in Paulette’s mouth as the sponge reached capacity and the saliva started to soak through again.  Erica had her eyes closed, and I hoped the thin chiffon band was not hurting her.  I went to stand up and check, but at that moment she opened her eyes and shook her head.  Instead, she turned and looked at her two friends before trying to say “I have an idea.”


At least, that was what I thought she had said – what came out was “hvnte”.  They looked at her, before starting to laugh, realising the simplicity of their helplessness.  “Don’t laugh,” I said, “In case you start coughing.  For now, you may want to consider a different tack.”


It was Paulette who made the first move, shuffling and bumping into Erica as she moved her head sideways.  Erica nodded and bumped Kerry in turn, and slowly, oh so slowly the three of them began to slide sideways, bumping each other in turn to move along.  I kept my eyes fixed on Erica during this time – Paulette’s night dress was riding up, and I wasn’t going to be distracted by that sight, while Kerry was concentrating on the task at hand.  Erica – Erica was looking at me, her mouth smiling as the pink went from both sides, while the trio inched their way closer and closer to the pair of scissors.


Eventually, as Queen Latifah was finishing her song, they reached the scissors.  Now they had a new problem – who was going to be able to reach for them?  This was less difficult, they simply did a “bump and grind” as I think they used to call it together to move forward until Kerry could pick up the scissors with a little effort.  To my surprise, the first thing she did was not to cut herself free, but to cut the wool going from Erica’s wrists to her ankles.


I saw my mistake a few seconds later as Erica took the scissors from Kerry, and with the additional movement she now had cut the other two free from their ankle and wrist tie.  They stretched their legs out, before all raising their hands as both Paulette and Kerry pulled the belts out of their mouths and spat out the sponges.  They made a “Splop” sound as they hit the ground, and there were dark stains at several places on both of the belts.


“Give me the scissors,” Paulette said, and she wasted no time in cutting the tie around Erica’s wrists.  She then unhooked her arms, reached up and removed the scarf from her own mouth, taking the sponge and throwing it at me.  This time it hit me on the chest, and I gave a fake groan of disgust as I picked up the sodden mass.


“The least you can do now,” Erica said as she rubbed her wrists, “is get all three of us a drink.  We’re dry as a bone here.”  At least she laughed as she said this, so I went to the kitchen while they released themselves from the remaining loops of wool, returning with four cokes as they picked up the rubbish.


“Sponge gags – very nice,” Kerry said as she moved her jaw again.  “Thanks,” was her next comment as she took a drink and started to gulp it down.  “Slowly,” I said with little effect as she drained her glass.


I looked at the clock.  “It’s nearly one in the morning,” I said, “Are you girls planning on staying up all night?”


“Nah – I think we’re going to go to bed,” Paulette said as she stretched and yawned.  “Mind you, I don’t know if we will be safe during the night.”


“Oh no – it’s not a good idea to be tied up while sleeping,” I said with a laugh.  “Trust me, I...  Well, anyway, I need to get home.  Have a nice weekend girls.”




I turned and looked at Paulette.  “Yeah?”


She threw me a door key.  “Come back tomorrow morning – we don’t have any plans, and we could play some more if you wanted.”


I looked at the other two, who both smiled and nodded.  “All right - I’ll bring muffins for breakfast,” I said as I walked out of the door, “and some other things as well.”










“Well, good morning, sleepy head.”


Erica stretched and yawned as she walked into the kitchen, the smell of fresh coffee permeating the air as she sat at the breakfast bar.


“Hey, Mark,” she said as she took a cup and grabbed a muffin, “When did you sneak into the house?”


“Oh, about half an hour ago – I’ve been sorting a few things out.  Did you girls discuss what you wanted to do today?”


“We sat and talked for a while.  There’s something very specific we want you to do for us later, but that’s later.  Once we’re up and dressed, you can do whatever you want with us – within reason.”


“Hey, I get it,” I said as the other two walked in.  They had already changed, Kerry into a brown tank top and shorts, while Paulette was wearing a red t-shirt and white pedal pushers.


“So, our tormenter kept his word,” Paulette said as she grabbed a cinnamon roll.  “Where did you learn to tie knots like that, Mark?”


“Boy scouts – where else,” I said as I put some coffee on the table.  “At any rate, just remember Erica started this, and if you want me to stop at any time I will do so.  She tells me you have something in mind for later.”


“Yeah,” Kerry said as she munched on a banana muffin, “but first, what do you have in mind.”


“The worst possible torture,” I said as I sipped my own drink, “A morning of Saturday Morning Cartoons.  And there won’t be a thing you can do about it...”




“Take a seat.”


I had arranged three of the dining chairs in a row in front of their television.  By this time Erica had also changed into a light blue top with spaghetti straps, and a short blue denim skirt.  All three had also put on socks – probably expecting what I was going to do.


I had gathered up the strips of cloth from the previous night, and placed them on a coffee table.  Now I picked up two and walked behind Paulette.  “Let your hands drop to your sides,” I said, and as she did so I tied her wrists to the sides of the chair back.  Doing the same for the other two, I then walked in front and tied their ankles to the legs of the chairs for all three of them.


“Now,” I said as I stood in front of them, “You have the choice – sponges, cloths or scarves.  Which will it be?”


“Scarves,” Kerry said as the other two looked at her.  “But...” Erica started to say, but she stopped as I showed her the scarves I had in mind.  They were winter ones, long thick bands of brown wool.  “Oh, all right,” she said with a fake scowl as I walked behind her.  “Seeing you protested, you can go first,” I said as I held the brown wool in front of her.  She opened her mouth as wide as she could, but it was still a case of closing her lips round it as I tied the ends off at the back of her neck. “Tstsfze”, she mumbled as she bit down on the material, compressing it with her teeth.


“Are you all right with that,” I asked as I checked, but “Thststfne” she mumbled.  I took a white one and pulled it into Kerry’s mouth, and then another brown one into Paulette’s.  I could see them trying to push the material out with their tongues, but that would be difficult – given that unbeknownst to them, I had also used large safety pins to hold the gags in place.


“Ready, Girls?”  “Rdeee” they mumbled back, before muffled screams came out as I put the Disney Junior channel on.   “Have fun – first one to turn the television off gets released,” I said as I went back to the kitchen to wash up the breakfast dishes.


I could hear the muffled screams from the kitchen over the sounds from the television, but it was the loud thud that really caught my attention.  Running back in, I found Erica on her side on the floor – she had tried to shuffle her chair forward, and fallen over instead.  As I lifted her up in the chair, she looked at me and nodded to show she was all right.  There was a dribble of saliva down her cheek, and the wool was soaking as she moved her lips.


“This could be too dangerous,” I said as I looked at the other two, “Do you want me to release you?”


“Nnndntdtht”, I heard Erica say, and she looked at me with her big blue eyes.  The other two were nodding, so I said “All right, but I’m changing the channel.”  Putting on MTV, I noticed it was Rhianna they were showing in her latest video.  “Hwpprpt” Paulette mumbled as I left them alone.





“Now that did leave a funny taste in my mouth,” Kerry said as I finally removed the scarf from her mouth.  “I need a drink after that.”


It was noon, and I had finally consented to release them, having spectacularly failed to get to the television.  Now we were in the kitchen again, eating lunch and sharing general chit chat.


“Have you ever tied any other girls up,” Paulette said as she looked at me and Erica.  “None of your beeswax,” Erica replied as she stuffed some salad into her mouth, “and I’m saying no more than that.”


“So, what is this thing you want me to do later?”


“The three of us are going to go shopping this afternoon,” Kerry said as she put her fork down, “About three o’clock for a couple of hours.  We were wondering if a burglar would meet us when we came home, and prevent us from raising the alarm.”


“Possible,” I said, “and it will give me some time to get ready.  It’s only twelve now - What do you want to do until then?”


The three girls looked at each other, and then Erica said “Let’s go back into the living room – I’ve got a game we can play.”


We walked into the front room and sat around the coffee table as Erica covered various clothes together and placed them to the table top.  “Let’s see who can silence each other the most effectively,” she said as she sat down.  “You can use anything on the table, and Mark gets to test how effectively we silence each other.”


I looked at the three girls, before saying “Any way I think will work?  All right – how do you decide who gets to gag who?”


Erica produced a pair of dice.  “We roll – lowest gets gagged first by the one who rolls highest.  They then get to gag whoever rolls the lowest, and that person gags the third of us last.”


The three girls rolled the dice – and as luck would have it, it was Erica who rolled the lowest score and Kerry the highest.  “Sit right there,” Kerry said as she picked up three handkerchiefs.  She wadded them into pads, before standing in front of Erica.  “Open wide,” she said, and Erica sat still as she pushed the cloths into her mouth.  “Icn still speek” Erica said as she moved the wads around in her mouth, but stopped as she watched Kerry roll one of the table napkins from the previous day into a thick white band.  She stood in front of Erica again, her head cocked to one side as she held the band in front of her mouth.  “Damt,” she mumbled as she allowed Kerry to pull the cloth into her mouth, the corners of her mouth pulling back as she knotted the two ends together at the base of her neck.


“Try saying a nursery rhyme,” I said as I stood up and walked behind Erica.  She groaned as she began.


“Mrs hda ltl lmb,

Hr flss ws wht as snnnnnnnnn”


She started giggling as I reached down and tickled her sides, the other two laughing as they watched her squirming and trying to get out of my reach.  “STPTTTT” she called out as I finally relented and untied her, the handkerchiefs soaking as they came out.


“Right,” she said as she wiped her mouth, “Who’s next?”  The dice rolled again, and Paulette came up the unlucky one.  “Oh great,” she said as she rolled her eyes and watched Erica picking up a grey and white bandana.  Rolling it into a thick band, she tied a knot in the middle and walked behind Paulette.  “open wide,” she said, and as Paulette allowed her to pull the knot in, her teeth closing over the fabric as the ends went around her neck.


“Ths ddnt wrk tht wl bfr” Paulette mumbled as sheer lips worked around the material that filled her mouth.  “I know,” Erica said as she picked up the white winter scarf, “but I haven’t finished.”  She wrapped the scarf around her mouth and jaw, the knot visible under the wool as she stretched to tightly over her mouth, before tying the ends together at her neck.


“Bttr,” she mumbled as I walked behind her again.  “Ready?” I said as she began.


“Hy ddldddl t ctndt fddl,

Tcw jmpd ver th mmmmmMMMMMMMDSFMSFDMMSFDM”


It seemed that Paulette was more ticklish, as she literally doubled up with laughter while I moved my fingers over her sides.  The dribble that appeared from under the white band showed how much she was laughing, so I stopped and allowed her to calm down before removing the cloth.


“You are so going to pay for this,” she said as she untied the bandana.  The damp stain made it look as if it had been tie-dyed with a darker shade of grey, but as Kerry prepared herself I was surprised to see her wadding it up.  “You’re going to be real quiet,” she said as she pushed the wet mass into her sister’s mouth.  “Whtduthnk...  RRGHH” she said as she was forced to close her lisp over the cotton wad.


“Next step,” she said a she picked up a bed sheet strip, tied a knot in the middle and forced it between Kerry’s lips, the knot disappearing behind her teeth as it pushed the bandana further into her mouth.  “NFFF” Kerry screamed, but Paulette just smiled as she picked up a blue head square and rolled it into a band.  “Not yet, sis,” she said as she pulled that between her teeth as well, the band covering the striped cloth as she secured that around her jaw as well.


“I think, short of taping you up, that’s going to win,” Paulette said as she stood back, “but Mark will be the judge.” 


“You know the drill,” I said as I stood up.  Kerry nodded and started to try to speak.






So she was the most ticklish of all?  Kerry thrashed around as she tried to get out of my reach, the other two laughing their heads off as they watched.  She moved so hard that the blue cloth slipped out of her mouth, a dark stain in the middle, until Paulette said “Enough – take it out.”


“Ok, ok, so you win,” Kerry said as she worked her jaw.  A glance at the clock told them it was two o’clock.  “We need to get ready to go,” she said as she stood up, “Will you be ready when you get back.”


“Sure,” I said, “but I want to ask something of all three of you?”


“Oh,” Erica said, “What’s that?”


“I want a souvenir of these last two days – no, not that,” I quickly said as I looked at their faces, “No photos, nothing that can go public.”


“What then?”


“I want the material – the rope, the gags, as a keepsake.  Does that sound too weird?”


“Let’s see how well you do later,” Erica said as she walked out of the room.  I allowed myself a smile – they had no idea what was coming...





“All right, what do we want to order in for dinner?”


“I fancy Chinese tonight,” Kerry said as she closed the front door behind her.  I could hear all three of them as they came in, from where I was waiting, so when the door opened and Paulette turned the light on I was ready.


“Don’t move,” I said as I pointed the toy gun at them, “and you won’t get hurt.  All three of you, come in here and stand still, hands behind your head.”


I watched as they walked in and stood in front of me.  Paulette came first, in her white smock top, black leggings and mid-length black suede boots.  She stood in front of me, saying “Please, don’t hurt us,” as Kerry came and stood next to her.


Her younger sister was wearing a brown leather bomber jacket, with a blue denim blouse underneath, and jeans with blue Converse sneakers.  Erica came in last, in her black waistcoat over a white t-shirt and black corduroy pants, the legs squeaking as she walked in and stood there.  It might have been her knee length leather boots that were squeaking as well, but that wasn’t important.


“All right, girlies,” I said through the scarf I had tied over my lower face, “Just do as I say and you won’t be hurt.  Which of you live here?”


“We do,” Kerry said as she nodded to Paulette.  “All right then,” I said as I picked up a rucksack and put it on the table before looking at Erica.  “You – lie down on the couch, face down and don’t move.  You two sit on the floor facing me.”


“Can I take my jacket off,” Kerry said.  She had a hint of fear in her voice, and I knew she was trying to play along.  “All right,” I said, and she unzipped her jacket and placed it on the chair back before sitting next to Paulette. 


“Put your hands behind your head,” I said as I pointed the gun at Kerry.  As she did so, interlocking her fingers, I took a length of rope out and held it in front of me.  “You,” I said pointing the gun at Paulette, “Stand up and come over here.”


As she stood up and walked over, I saw an evil smile grow on her mouth.  “Tie her hands behind her back,” I said giving her the rope and pointing towards Erica.  “Thank you,” she mouthed as she turned and placed Erica’s wrists behind her back, palm to palm, and wrapped the rope around and between them.  As she cinched the binding, I retrieved three more lengths of rope from my bag.


“Take her boots off and tie her ankles together, then her legs,” I said, then watched as she unzipped the leather boots and pulled them off, revealing black ankle socks.  It only took a few minutes for her to secure her ankles, then her legs above her knees.   She turned and looked at me, saying “What now, mister?”


“Now,” I said as I handed her the third, longer length of rope, “Tie her ankles to her wrists.  I don’t want her turning over and hopping away from me.”  Paulette actually smiled as she pulled Erica’s ankles back – not too far, and not too tight a tie, but enough to keep her in place.


“Now, silence her,” I said as I passed her the yellow sponge.  Erica shot me a look, of anger or thanks I could not tell, as Paulette pushed the sponge in, filling her mouth as she closed her lips around it.  I then held up a Palestinian scarf which I had rolled into a thick band.


“Ihtu” Erica mumbled as Paulette pulled the scarf between her lips, forcing them apart as she tied the ends again.  She could hardly close her lips around the band, as the silver threaded red cotton began to soak up the saliva in her mouth as well.  She grunted again as she tried to move her ankles back, while Paulette went and sat next to her sister again.


 I opened the bag, took out two lengths of rope and tossed them over to the girls.


“I can’t tie you up and keep an eye on all of you, so you two get to do the honours to yourself,” I said with a snarl.  “Take your boots and shoes off, and then use the ropes to tie your ankles together.”


“All right, all right, just don’t harm us,” Paulette said as she pulled her boots off.  I glanced over at Erica, who was looking at me with the biggest smile on her face, before I turned and watched the other two tying their ankles together.


“All right,” I said as I tossed them over another two lengths of rope, “Now your legs, below your knees, and make sure it is tight.”  I watched as they did this, the cords showing clearly against their leggings and jeans, before they passed the rope between and tightened the loops.


“Now then, I need you two to be quiet,” I said as I took the pink bandana from the previous night out of the bag, as well as a black one with white pattern I had found while they were out.  “Take these, and stuff one into your mouth.  I don’t want to see a single strand of material coming out.”


“Do we have to,” Kerry said as she caught the black one, “We’ll be quiet I promise.”  “Can’t take the chance, sugar,” I said as I looked at her.  “Do it, both of you.”


“It’s all right, sis, if we both do it it won’t be so bad,” Paulette said as she stuffed the scarf into her mouth.  I watched as their cheeks bulged from the material filling the space, enjoying both the look in their eyes and the sight.


“Now then,” I said as I threw two knotted strips of cotton sheet at them, “Tie that into your mouth, knot between your lips, and keep those scarves in there.”  I watched as both girls pulled the knots into their mouths, their lips closing around the cloth as they tied the ends behind their heads.


“All right,” I said as I picked up the rucksack and walked behind them.  “Make one move and I will hurt your friends.  Understand?”


“Sss,” was all Erica said as I knelt behind Kerry.  Taking a length of cord, I quickly tied her wrists together, then Paulette’s, before I helped them to sit back to back and tied some rope around their waists to hold them together.  Finally, I took the eye masks they had been wearing when I had arrived the previous night and pulled them over their eyes.


I stroked Kerry's cheek, listening to her mumble “thssfn” through her gag as I checked the binding.  “That should hold you for enough time for me to get away,” I said in my best sneer as I turned the light off.  “Have fun Ladies.”  I walked out and closed the door on all three of them.


Ten minutes later, I sneaked in as they were struggling to get free.  The white cotton was definitely darker for Kerry and Paulette, as they tried to untie each other’s wrists, while Erica was just trying to push the thick band out of her mouth with her tongue – difficult given the handkerchiefs were holding her tongue down, but she was giving it a good go.


“YSSS” I heard Kerry shout as she managed to free her hands and take off the blindfold.  As she looked at Erica, she saw me standing there, my finger to my lips as I quietly left the room and allowed them to get on with freeing each other.  Going into the kitchen, I dialled the local Chinese restaurant for takeout...






“Mark, we have a game tomorrow, but we just wanted to say thank you for spending this weekend with us.”


We were sitting on the couch, eating from the cartons as Paulette said that.  “Hey, you invited me,” I said as I out down my Kung Po chicken, “but I’m glad we got on.  I was worried you would kick me out when you saw me there last night.”


“No problem, laddie,” she said as she punched me in the arm.  “At any rate, you did a great job – even if we couldn’t shut Erica up.”


Erica looked at Paulette with a look that could only be read one way.  “Oh really,” she said quietly, “as if you were totally silenced by that gag.”


“Do you want to try it?”  Paulette stood up, picked up the soaked pink bandana and stuffed it into Erica’s mouth, quickly putting one of the stained strips of cloth in place, “see how much noise you can make, girly.”


“I cn spk prfctly wl, thnk u,” Erica said as her eyes gleamed.  She bent down and picked up the sponge, as Paulette sat back and said “You wouldn’t dare.”


“Ys I wd,” Erica said as she pinched Paulette’s nose, forcing her to open her mouth as she squashed the sponge behind her teeth.  The scarf that had filled her mouth was still there, the thick cotton band forcing Paulette’s lips apart as Erica pulled it into place.  “Tr tht frsz,” she said as she sat back down and started to untie the knot at the back of the neck.


“RHT,” Paulette said as she stood up and left the room.  “Erica, I don’t think you should have done that,” I said as she shook her head and pulled out the cloth.  “Oh, come on, Mark, she knows it’s just a game.  What could she possibly... Hey, that’s cheating!”


Paulette had crept back into the room, and without warning pulled a clean pillowcase over Erica’s head.  She then produced the long white scarf that had been used earlier, placed it over Erica’s head and pulled back where her mouth was.  This had the effect of pulling the pillow case and the wool of the scarf into her mouth, both blindfolding and filling her mouth at the same time.


“How do you like those eggs, Erica,” she said as she spat out the sponge.  “Got anything else to say now?”


Now, look at this from my perspective – my best friend and one of her female friends were sitting there, using more and more mouth filling gags on each other in a strange game of brinkmanship, and I was not meant to be enjoying it?  Strangely enough, I could see that Kerry was enjoying it as well, staring at the two of them.  “Right,” she finally said as she stood up, “You stay there, big sis.”  She walked out of the door as Paulette looked at me.


“Any idea what she’s doing,” she said as she kept her back to the door, looking at Erica the whole time.  Now, I could see what she was doing, but I wasn’t going to spoil the surprise.  “No – no idea at all,” I said as I sat back, trying to look completely innocent.


“Hold on, what are you strrggergrgrewerg” Paulette said.  Her final words were rather confused as Kerry pulled the thickest roll of material I had ever seen into her mouth.  It was dark brown, with a floral pattern embossed on it, but it was huge – a roll thick and at least three foot long.  IT passed around Paulette’s head, back through her mouth in both directions, and round again before Kerry tied the ends together between her sister’s lips.  Paulette sat there, unable to do more than mumble as Kerry came and sat down.


“I never thought I’d have to use that, but this had gone too far,” she said as she picked up an egg roll.  It took me a moment to realise what she had used – a shawl, three foot in diameter that she had taken and rolled as tightly as she could.  Erica was still looking round, the cotton bag over her eyes and in her mouth as she mumbled “Whthpnd.”


“I’ll tell you in a minute,” Kerry said as she sat back.  “You two can just shut up for a while now.”  They say it’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch – Kerry certainly fell into that category.




“Look, can you do us one last favour before you go today?”


It was nine o’clock, and Kerry had finally ungagged the other two.  They could have done it at any time, but Erica was blinded, and Paulette – Paulette knew she had been outclassed.


“Yeah,” I said as I stopped in the doorway, “but don’t you need an early night?”


“That’s kinda the favour,” Kerry said, “but don’t worry, it will be all right...”







“So, if I don’t hear from you by seven tomorrow morning, I come round and make sure you are all right?”


“Thtsrght,” Paulette mumbled through the brown silk scarf, rolled into a thin band and tied again between her lips.  Kerry nodded as she moved her lips around the blue towelling belt that was passed twice through her mouth, while Erica had the pink chiffon scarf around her head.  Not stuff gags, but enough to both prevent them talking clearly and also to allow them to breathe if they fall asleep.


All three girls were lying on the bed in their pyjamas, their wrists tied behind their backs with strips of cloth as were their ankles.  I picked up the bag they had given me before I started and looked in – there were the scarves that we had used, the ropes and the remaining strips of cloth, all in plastic bags with the saliva still on most of them.  Smiling as I closed the bag up again, I blew a kiss to them.  They rolled on their sides and shouted “Thnkew” as I went to turn the light off, allowing them to sort themselves out as I locked up and left the house.





When I woke up at six, there was a text message on my cell phone.  “All OK – C U LTR.  ERICA.”


I smiled as I went to get ready for a run, before breakfast and the game that lunchtime.  As I opened the door, I found another surprise – a second bag, with the scarves and strips from the previous evening.  I knew I could not get the dressing gown belts, but I had everything else.  I smiled as I left the package inside my door and set off.


When I got to the stadium, I could see all three of them in the cheerleading squad, their skirts flowing as they performed their acrobatic routines.  I smiled to myself as they performed – if only the others there knew...




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