We Need to Talk About Kevin







Kevin is literally the boy next door, and he and my daughter Sara grew up together – went to the same school, sat in many of the same classes, best of best friends in many ways.  But last Saturday, he did something with me and Sara that I think we really do need to talk about.


It started when I returned from the grocery store with the shopping for the week.  Sara was coming back that day for the first time from college, and I wanted to cook a very special meal for her, given my husband was away at a conference – a real girls’ night in.


It was cold that day, so I was wearing a long blue tartan pinafore dress over a white long sleeved blouse, thick black tights and knee length black leather boots.  When I pulled up on the driveway, I saw Kevin raking the leaves in the yard, and he smiled when he looked at me, standing in his white polo shirt and jeans.  I got out of the car, and said hello, before I unlocked the front door and went to get the grocery bags out of the back of the car.


As I came back, Kevin asked if I wanted some help – and how was I to know what he was planning to do?  So I accepted his help, picking up two of the sacks as he collected the others, and then carrying them into the house for me.  As he put them down on the kitchen table, I asked him if he would like a glass of water – and while he said yes, he also said I should have one as well.  I was a bit thirsty, so I got two glasses, and a pitcher of water, and poured some into two glasses.


Kevin asked if he could have some ice in his – which seemed a good idea to me, so I turned to the icebox to get some out, and then put some into each glass.  We both sat down, and as I drank my water he asked about Sara, how she was getting on, when she was likely to visit – you know, normal things.


He smiled as we spoke, and I smiled back – but it was then I started to feel a little strange, and I realised I was finding it difficult to think, or to speak.  I thought I was having a stroke – especially when my arms and legs started to feel as if they were made of lead, but Kevin just smiled, and looked at me as he asked if I was all right.  Well, I could not answer – but instead of calling an ambulance, he stood up and looked into my eyes, then left the house.


I was beginning to wonder what was going on when he came back with a large bag, which he placed on the kitchen table, and he took out of it a length of white rope.  For a moment, I wondered what he was going to do with that, and then he knelt down, put my ankles together, doubled the rope over – and started to bind my ankles tightly together!


I watched, unable to move or speak as he wrapped the rope around my ankles in neat coils, holding them together, and then separated the ends and took them between my legs before he tied the ends off behind my back.  My mind was screaming at him, wondering what he was doing, and then he stood up, stroked my cheek with his hand, and apologised for the drug he had slipped me.


The drug?  I was drugged?  But why did Kevin do that?  He wasn’t going to answer that question, even if I could answer it, because he went back to the bag, took out another length of rope, doubled it over and secured my legs together in the same way, below my knees, the rope sitting on top of my boots.


I was powerless to stop him, as in mind I wondered what he had slipped me.  Some sort of muscle relaxant – but at least I was still able to breathe, for which I was grateful.  Especially when he opened my mouth with his fingers, and pushed a folded clean white cloth in past my teeth, as he told me to breathe in and out through my nose.  Somehow, my body knew to do that, as he then picked up a roll of white tape, which made a kind of squelchy sound as he tore a strip free, and then pressed it firmly over my lips and jaw, making it adhere to the contours of my face as he made sure that even if I could talk, I could not do so.


So let’s see what Kevin had done – drugged me, tied my ankles and legs together, and then stuffed my mouth before covering my lips with tape.  And I had no idea why he had done that!  I watched as he walked behind me, and then removed the daisy chain necklace I was wearing, putting them on the table along with my earrings and the rings from my fingers.


And that was when I really started to get scared, as he slowly unfastened my dress and carefully took it off me, pulling it up and over my head so that I was sitting in my blouse, the top of my hose just visible underneath.  What the hell did Kevin think he was doing?  And then his hands stroked down my chest, and I felt him touching my breasts, before he slowly started to unbutton my blouse, opening it to reveal my white bra before he pulled it off, and then he started to across my chest, his hands pressing on them and groping me.


I must have been part of some sick game he wanted to play, was the only thought I had, and then Kevin said something about making sure I really could not move before I could move.  I wondered why he was talking in riddles, and then I realised he wasn’t kidding as he picked up some rope, took my arms behind my back, crossed my wrists – and started to bind my wrists together in the same way as he had tied my ankles.  I wasn’t wearing gloves, so my wrists were bare – and I realised I was starting to get some feeling back, because I could feel the rope rubbing on my arms as they were forced together, and the cool touch of his hands on my arms.


He then went back to the bag and took out the longest length of rope so far, doubling it over as he came back and then wrapping it round my arms, pulling it tight under my chest and then taking it around my arms and body, framing my breasts as my arms were forced into my sides.  I moaned slightly – the first sound I had really been able to make – as his hands brushed over my breasts, making me wonder why they felt so sensitive.  I was terrified, unable to anything, especially as he tightened the ropes by taking it under one arm, up and around the back of my neck as he moved my short grey-blonde hair out of the way, and then under the other arm.


As he tied the ropes off, he walked in front of me, smiling as he said he had always wanted to make sure I knew how he had felt about me for years, and how much he had wanted to do this.  For years?  For all these years?  I would have screamed a few obscenities at him then if I could have, but when he grabbed my breasts and started to firmly grope them I managed to shake my head to indicate he should not do that.


His response?  Kevin looked at me, and said he knew what I wanted right then, as he leaned over and kissed my neck while his fingers pressed onto my breasts.  I wanted him to stop – he was doing something illegal, after all – but as his lips brushed over my neck, something inside me started to say a truly terrifying thing.




No, as in don’t try to stop him, as I felt my breasts firming up, and something else – a feeling inside me I recognised.  I mean, just think about it – the son of my next door neighbour had drugged me, tied me up, gagged me, stripped me to my underwear, and…


No – now he had moved my bra down and he was kissing my nipples!  I was petrified now of what he was going to do, but I was also helpless, unable to stop him as he stroked his tongue over my nipples…


Oh sweet lord – Kevin was doing something to me I had not felt in a long time, and my body was responding on a visceral level, an animal level, to what he was doing as he started to suck on my nipples as he kissed them.  I was able to squirm a little now, but I could also feel something else – a dampness between my legs, and Kevin must have sensed it too, as he slipped his hand under my panties, and he started to use his fingers on my mound, on my slit, slipping in…


It was more than dampness now – it was a fire that was starting to burn, and I was moaning as well, still unable to really move, totally at Kevin’s mercy as his fingers probed gently inside me, and I felt something start to flow inside of me.


I was wondering what he was going to do – would the boy I had watched grow up really be about to have sex with me?  After all, this was a form of foreplay, as he eased my panties down a little, and smiled – before he put his head at my crotch and started to kiss me there, his tongue working on me, and I felt a shudder run through my body.


The ropes were rubbing on my bare breasts now, but somehow the fact I was helpless was encouraging him – and freeing me, as that voice inside said there was nothing I could do to stop him – so let him do this, and enjoy the feeling, worry about the reason later.


And that voice was winning the battle, as I shivered and moaned out again, finding myself closing my eyes as his tongue entered me, and he found those most special and secret, most intimate of spots, and kept working on me there…


When it came, it washed over me like a wave as I shivered and shook, and Kevin kept kissing, almost drinking the juices up as I let them flow, before he stood up and looked at me.  Lifting me onto his shoulder, he carried me up to my bedroom, another length of rope in his hands as he held me, caressing my bottom as we walked up, and then laying me on my side before he pulled my ankles back, and tied them to the chest ropes.


His lips gently kissed my forehead as I lay there, wondering what had just happened – and then I heard Sara call out.  Kevin looked at me, smiled, and then left me in the room, saying something about I was upstairs and asking Sara if she wanted a drink…


My body was starting to recover from the drugs, but I was still too tired, too exhausted to move, as I heard the conversation down the stairs – and then the footsteps as they came up.  I watched as the door opened, and Sara came in, looking at me and giggling as she asked what had happened.  She was wearing a blue sweatshirt with her college crest on it over a white blouse, her long auburn hair falling over her shoulders, a black skirt, dark tights and knee length black leather boots.


I looked at her as I squirmed a little, and then I noticed the look in her eyes, as Kevin came in and put the bag on the floor.  He had drugged her too, but she could still move, as she asked if he did that.


Well, Kevin admitted he had, and then he said he wanted Sara to be like me!  I watched, still unable to move as Sara slowly nodded, and he helped her to take her sweatshirt off, letting it drop to the floor before he reached round, Sara resting her head back on her chest and saying that felt nice as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her.


I shook my head, but it was no good, as he took a length of rope from the bag, took Sara’s hands behind her back, and I watched as he tied them together, presumably in the same way as he had tied mine.  He then bound her arms to her sides, her breasts straining under her black bra as her arms were fixed in place, her chest forced up and out under the tight bands.


I could feel them rubbing on me more now as I squirmed a bit – the feeling was returning to my body, but with that the realization that Kevin had really tied the ropes tightly, and I was totally unable to move.  The cloth in my mouth had soaked up all the saliva, but the tape was like a second skin, stopping me using my lips to do anything over than move a little.


Saar gasped as he took the rope under her arms and round the back of her neck, and asked what Kevin was going to do to her.  Well, I could tell her one things he was likely to do – if I was not so well tied and gagged.  As it was, I had to watch as he started to massage her chest while kissing her neck, whispering into her ear as she closed her eyes and moaned.


He then unfastened her skirt and let it to drop to the floor, before he left her for a moment, going to his bag and taking more rope out.  I watched as he stood in front of my daughter, and tied the rope around the two chest bands between her breasts, hearing her moan as the bands pressed down on her chest, and then letting the rope fall to the floor.


I watched as he walked behind Sara, and then opened my eyes wide at the same time as she did – when he pulled the rope between her legs and up, pressing on her crotch as she moaned, and then tying it behind her.  I watched as he pulled on the rope, and she sank to her knees, groaning as he walked round and knelt in front of her, kissing her as his hands caressed at first her breasts under her bra, and then moving the cups down as that he pressed firmly on her naked breasts as he kissed her.


And Sara returned the kiss, pressing her body into his hands as he kissed her.  I could hear from her moans what was happening to her, and she seemed to be moving that rope between her legs in response – and then he whispered into her ear, Sara nodding as he stood up, and let his pants drop to the floor.


Now, I’m not a prude – I knew what he was getting Sara to do, but with that glazed look in her eyes, I’m not sure she was entirely aware of what it was he was actually doing.  I could see, however, how large his dick was, as he held it in front of Sara’s mouth while she knelt there, and she started to kiss it, taking her lips up and down it before she kissed the tip, and pulled back with a soft pop.


And then she put her lips over the end, pulled back again, and then put her mouth over it, her lips round it as Kevin started to moan.  He held her head, encouraging her as I watched her squirm round, and saw her use her mouth to suck on him – I could see her cheeks go in and out as she did so.


All this time, the ability to move my body was returning, but I was hogtied, so all I could do was moan and shake my head.  Kevin must have heard me, because he turned his head and smiled at me, and said if I wanted, I could have a turn next.


Well, I did not want, but Sara in the state she was in was certainly doing her best as I heard her moan, and then saw the rope move between her legs as she continued to suck him.  I had no idea how she was doing that, but her moans were getting louder, as were Kevin’s – and I am ashamed to say it, but I was getting a little aroused watching this as well!


So I squirmed round, feeling the ropes rub on my chest as Kevin and Sara’s moans seemed to get more frequent and louder – and then I watched Kevin twitch, and Sara moan even more as her body shook, and he held her head against his body.  I could guess what had happened, as Kevin’s eyes closed and then opened again, and Sara looked up at him.  He slowly stepped back, a white streak escaping from the side of my daughter’s mouth, as she said Thank You.


Kevin smiled as he asked her if she wanted to be like her mother now, and she nodded as he took a second cloth from the bag, folded it, wiped her chin, and then pushed it into her open mouth, watching as she closed her lips over it before he tore another strip of that white tape off, and pressed it over her mouth.  I could see the shape of her lips underneath as he helped her to stand up, and walked her over to the bed, making her sit on the side.


I could see now what he had done – the rope between her legs was tied round her wrists, and she was able to move it that way as he tied her ankles and her legs together, and then helped her to lie down facing me.  We looked at each other as Kevin pulled her ankles back, and tied them to – well, I figured like me it was her chest ropes, but from the way she closed her eyes and moaned, I figured it was actually the rope between her legs.


He then looked at me, and took some more rope form his bag, as I guessed what he was going to do.  Sure enough, he tied the rope between my breasts, and then fed the rope between my legs, as I felt it pressing against my clit while he tied it the rope between my ankles and chest.


As I looked at Sara, and Sara looked at me, I wondered what else he was going to do – and then he tore another strip of tape off, and he told Sara to close her eyes.  As she did, he pressed it over them to act as a blindfold – and then he tore yet another strip off, and told me to close my eyes.


I didn’t want to at first, but I realised I did not have a choice, so I did so, and then felt the tape pressing on them.  As I squirmed round, I felt the rope rubbing between my legs – and then I heard a buzzing sound.  For a moment, I wondered if Kevin had got a vibrator – but it wasn’t.


It was an electric toothbrush, which he started to run over my chest and nipples.  It wasn’t ticklish, but it was something else, as I squirmed round, the ropes rubbing on my chest – and between my legs, making me feel very hot, very strange, ready for anything – and there was nothing I could do to stop him.


Sara was moaning as well, wondering what was going on, but Kevin’s attentions were focused on me as I felt the fire growing inside me again – and then I shook as he slipped the toothbrush under the rope, against my bare slit, and into me…


I screamed into my gag and shook as he made me cum, and then he left it there as I heard a second buzzing sound, and Sara’s moans – and I knew what was going to happen to her…






How long we were like that for, at the time I really had no idea, but at some point I must have fallen asleep – because when I woke up, the tape had been taken from my eyes, and Kevin had untied my arms – and he had done the same to Sara, our legs still tied, the rope still between our legs but now tied round our waists, and the toothbrushes still in place – as were the gags.  The room was in darkness, as I tried to get Sara to wake up.  She did eventually, as we looked at each other over the tape gags – and then pulled the toothbrushes out, before we sat up and removed our gags.


Sara told me how Kevin had poured her some water, she had drunk it – and after that, she was aware of what was going on, but her mind was so befuddled, she was not sure what else to do but go along.  We untied our legs, and each had a long shower before we sat down and talked…



And I guess that’s why I’m here today – we didn’t go to the police, although we probably should have, because I wanted to tell you first as Kevin’s mother what he had done.  I guess I wasn’t expecting to find out Kevin had also done something similar to you, or find you tied to the kitchen chair and gagged – and I was even more surprised to find myself agreeing to Kevin doing the same to me while we talked.


Well, while I talked, but whathrwghnnthdhhhbhhthm?







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