You Never Forget Paris







They say you never forget Paris.  Well, I certainly never forgot my first night in Paris, because it opened my eyes to so many things about myself and others, in the most dramatic of ways…


My sister Annie – my older sister by ten years – had moved to Paris a year before to work for her agency there, and she invited me to come over for a week just after my twenty first birthday.  It was an amazing chance – she worked for a modelling agency, and I wondered what it would take to be part of that world – so when I got off the Eurostar that lunchtime I was so looking forward to what would happen.


I even decided to wear something nice for the trip - a little preppy possibly, but still fashionable.  The green silk blouse was open at the top buttons, over a white cashmere roll neck sweater.  The skirt was knee length, pink tartan, with a metal hoop belt loosely fastened over my waist.  And finally, the white leather knee length boots with a block heel.  I had even been to the hairdresser the day before, my hair in long soft waves down to my shoulders.


But that’s just detail – as I left the station, I saw the driver with my name on a piece of card, and he put my case into the trunk of a Daimler before he drove me to the centre of the city, and escorted me to a roof top.


The view from there!  The skyline of Paris laid out all round me, and the Eiffel Tower in the distance!  The people milling round, the glamorous models in their outfits – and then there was Annie.  She had a blue and white floral scarf tied in a band to hold her blonde hair back, and was wearing a purple silk blouse open at the neck, and a pair of green culottes with a silver belt round her waist, the legs wide at the bottom.  Her purple heels were the same shade as her blouse as well.


She saw me and waved me over, and for the next couple of hours I sat down and watched her at work, talking to the models and making sure everything went smoothly.  She even got one of the photographers to take a picture of both of us posing, with the tower in the background.


I’ve still got that photo on my bookcase – a reminder of the good times, but it was what happened after that I want to write about now, because someone said it’s important to get bad memories down on paper…



The driver took me and Annie back to her apartment, and I left my case there while we walked to a nearby restaurant for a meal, catching up with each other over a good meal and some wine.  We then walked back in the darkening night, before she opened her apartment door and we walked in.


That was when it started, as I was grabbed from behind and a large hand clamped over my mouth.  It had some sort of latex glove on it, and the stench filled my nostrils as I tried to call for help.  Annie turned round and tried to scream – only a man came out of the room behind her and put a white gloved hand over her mouth as well, her eyes wide as she tried to pull the arm down.


I then heard a click, and saw Annie suddenly stop as whoever had me told her to stop.  He spoke in English, but with a French accent, and whatever Annie was seeing was making her more afraid than the man with his hand over her mouth was.  She nodded slowly, and then she was walked back into the room, as the man holding me told me if I spoke or screamed, I would not say anything again.


Now by this point, I was petrified, so when he told me to keep my mouth shut and put my hands behind my back, I just nodded.  With one movement, the hand was taken away and my hands were pulled behind me, and I heard a rasping sound as a plastic strip was used to hold my wrists tightly together.  Some sort of cloth was then stuffed into my mouth, before I was forced by him to follow Annie into the room.


The room that turned out to be her bedroom, and Annie was lying on the bed, her scarf stuffed into her mouth and the edges sticking out as I watched the man tie her wrists together with rope.  He was about my age, with thick black hair, and dressed in denim – but he also had a gun by the side of the bed.


Annie looked at me and tried to speak, but nothing was coming out of her mouth except mumbled sounds, and the edges of her scarf, as the man then took her wrists up above her head and tied them to the metal headboard.  He then turned and looked at me, before he smiled – an evil smile, which scared me even more, before I was forced to kneel down.


Whoever was holding me then made me put my ankles together, and I felt them forced to each other as that rasping sound came in again, while the second man took another length of rope and tied Annie’s ankles together, then to the foot of the bed so she was stretched out.  Do you know what the thought in my mind was then?  That was just a robbery, they would take some things, leave us alone, and I could raise the alarm for both of us.


It was a nice thought, looking back…




So there we were – Me kneeling on the floor, as I felt the thin plastic on my wrists, and Annie tied to the bed, both of us with a cloth stuffed into our mouths, watching as the two men ransacked her bedroom.  I could see the man who had secured me as well, older than the other one, dressed in the same way – but just as angry looking as they worked their way round the room.


The strips meant all I could do was wriggle round, just as Annie was trying to get her wrists free on the bed – but what I had not realised was that some of the buttons on my blouse had come undone, and the same was happening to my sister.  So when the men stopped and looked at us, I wondered what was going to happen next.


The older man squatted down and looked at me, brushing my hair away from my face as he smiled – and then he pulled my blouse open, the buttons scattering to the side, and I screamed as I felt him grab my chest and start to knead it with his fat fingers.




Annie raised her head and screamed – but then I saw the younger man get on the bed and straddle my sister’s legs, a look on his face as he started to unfasten her blouse.


My attention was taken by the man with me, however, as he took hold of my sweater and pulled it up and over my head, then went behind me and pulled it down my arms so that the only thing keeping my blouse and jumper from dropping on the floor was that thin plastic band round my wrists. That meant the only thing covering my chest was my white bra – but I had to watch as the gloved hands came round me and started to squeeze my breasts, forcing me against his body as I smelt his breath beside me.


I tried to get out of his grip, but he was much stronger than me – and I could also see as I glanced to the side the pistol he had placed on the floor, within reach of his arms.   Or it would be, if he wasn’t so focused on using his fingers to massage my breasts, and pushing his body against mine.


There were a few things now happening at the same time.  I could hear Annie screaming and see her twisting round, as the man straddling her pulled her bra up so that her chest was exposed, and then started to massage them with his gloved hands as she twisted round under him.


As for the one behind me, his grip seemed to be tightening, but I was aware that what he was doing to me was doing something else to me as well.  I could feel my breasts were getting firmer, and as I glanced down I could see a small bump where my nipples were.


I tried to get out of his grip again, twisting round, and as I did this he held me tighter against his own body, his fingers squeezing even more firmly – and I was suddenly aware of a bulge pressing against my bottom.  This… this was turning him on?  Seriously?


The thing was – I was becoming aware that this assault was having an effect on me as well, as he pulled the straps of my bra down my arms, and then pulled my bra down so that my breasts hung free.  I could now feel the latex gloves on my cold flesh – my god, were they goosepimples? 


But it was the fact I wasn’t calling so much as groaning now, as his fingers ran over my hard nipples, and then gently pinched them.  I looked over to the bed where the younger man was kneading Annie’s chest, and as she turned her head I could see the tears in her eyes, and the fact she was experiencing something similar…


He continued to assault me in this way, and then he whispered something into my ear, something I could not repeat, even now.  But for a moment, he stopped – only to wrap some thin white rope round my body, and pull it tight under my chest so that my arms were forced against my body.  As he did this, I heard Annie moan, and looked over – to see the man had moved down, and was now kissing her chest, his lips pressing on them and then going over her nipples as she arched her back…


It was the tug on me that brought me attention back to what was happening – he had wrapped the rope round me, above and below my chest, and pulled it tighter with each pass, so that I was aware of the fact my breasts were now been forced up and out, as if the bra was still on them, as opposed to hanging down round my waist.


I was also aware of how dry my mouth was feeling – whatever the cloth was that he had pushed in had been slowly soaking up the saliva in there, so that it was not a wet mass sitting on my tongue – and my mouth felt drier than a desert.  But there was nothing I could do about it, as his grip tightened on my chest, and I let out a muffled yelp.


Even that was not the worst thing – the worst thing was that I was aware that bulge pressing against my bottom was throbbing, and I was terrified of what he might do to me…


He finished forming the bands – and then took the rope over one shoulder, his gloved hands stroking my breasts as he took the rope between my breasts and then under the lower band, then pulled it up as the ropes forced my chest out again – like a bra, but with ropes robbing on me.


And the way those ropes rubbed – I had not realised how sensitive they could be.  I mean, yeah, my boyfriend may have put his hand down my blouse and rubbed me there – but this was different, more intense, more vivid, as my body started to sweat.  That wasn’t the only warmth either, but I had no idea of what else was happening – until he stood in front of me.  I looked up and saw his blue eyes, the smile on his face, and saw the younger man as he got up on his knees, his hand going to his crotch…


Now I knew what was happening, as the older man pulled down the zip on his jeans, and it came out.  It was large, and obviously my rubbing against him had done that – but I had a horrible feeling about what he would want me to do.


A prescient feeling, as he pulled the cloth from my mouth – a cloth I now recognised as a blue washcloth – and held his cock in his hand as he came closer to me.  I shook my head – and then he picked up the pistol, and did something that made a clicking sound.


A clicking sound I recognised, as I froze – then felt the tip of his member as he stroked it over my lips.  I heard Annie say “no, please” – heard the plop of the wet scarf that had held her hair back, been in her mouth, landing on the floor – and then the muffled screams as he sat across her face.


The older man pressed the tip against my mouth again, more firmly, and I felt a cold disc against my head, so I opened my mouth and took it in, kissing it gently and then pushing it back out as my lips popped.  He nodded, a cruel smile on his lips, and then made me take it in again, this time leaving me no choice as I put my lips round it and started to – well, blow him off.


It was a disgusting thing for me to do, but with a gun to my head I felt I had no choice.  It tasted of dirt and sweat, and as I started to slowly kiss and suck it just made it grow larger, pressing down on my tongue so much I could feel the throbbing myself, sanding waves through my own body.


Knowing I had no choice was slightly liberating, in a strange way – I could have just bitten down, but the chances were he would have pulled the trigger, and I was scared not just of dying, but also of what they might do to Annie if he did that.  So I had to continue to suck and play with him, bringing him on as his cock grew larger in my mouth, filling it, pressing on the back of my throat as I struggled not to choke.


I was painfully aware, from the noises on the other side of the room that Annie was being made to pleasure the younger man as well – but from her position, he didn’t need a gun.  All he had to do, from what I could discern, was make it clear he could just suffocate her by putting his body down…


Something else was happening for me, however – that throbbing was intensifying more and more, as I struggled to breath, but at the same time knowing I could not let go of him, so the only thing I could do was close my eyes and pray for release…


Which he did, groaning as the hot, salty, sticky liquid hit the back of my throat and started to trickle down it.   I had to swallow again and again, trying to stop myself from choking by being unable to breathe, but he just kept giving again and again and again…


I could hear Annie trying to swallow as well, the man hanging over her head, but my attention was on keeping myself alive as he kept pumping more and more out…


Eventually, he pulled out, and I coughed, a line of white running down my chin and onto the floor before I looked up at him.  He was smiling – I was screaming inside, but side nothing as he replaced it in his pants, and knelt in front of me, unfastening and removing the belt which clanged a sit went on the floor.


I looked over his shoulder to see Annie sitting up, coughing as her hands were untied and pulled behind her back.  She looked at me, and mouthed “I’m sorry” as he knelt behind her and used the rope to secure her wrists together again.  For my part, I felt my skirt slip down my legs as it was unfastened, exposing my panties as the man walked behind me.


For a moment, the pressure on my wrists was relieved as he used something to cut the nylon strip away – but he then grabbed and crossed my wrists, as I felt rope wrapped tightly round them, forcing them together and feeling it as it went between my arms as well.  I looked down to see my jumper and blouse on the floor, and then there was a tug on the side of my panties.


I wondered what was happening, but then I felt the material part, and I realised he was cutting my panties away.  I swear, I was shit scared he was going to take me then – not thinking of the other option, until he pulled back on my hair and stuffed them into my mouth.


The shocking thing, however, wasn’t that he did that – it was that they were damp, tasted of something salty, and it took me a few moments to realise why they were that way – the moments it took him to press a length of tape over my mouth, tape that stuck firm and mean it was really silenced.


I looked over to see Annie was having her arms bound to her sides in the same way as mine – the younger man had removed her bra, and the ropes were pressing down hard above, below and around her breasts.


And I mean around, he was winding the rope in a figure of eight pattern around and between her breasts so they ewer truly forced up and out, and she was crying as well.


He then made her stand up and pulled her culottes down, then ripped her panties away – and I could see the darker patch on the blue silk, before he stuffed them into her mouth, and used brown sticking plaster to cover her lips, keep them in place.


I was dimly aware of the fact my ankles were separated – for a moment, before I felt something else forcing them together.  Rope, at a guess, as it was taken round and between her legs, my boots squeaking as he bound them together.  He then tied my legs together below my knees, and I could feel that all right, as his hands stroked the inside of my legs.


Now bear in mind everything that had happened so far, as I looked into Annie’s eyes.  She had been forced to kneel in front of me, and I could see the younger man was tying her ankles together as we looked at each other.  Her eyes were red, she had been crying – and I was aware I had been as well.


Aware now, because my mind had been distracted by everything that had happened.  I saw him go to the side of Annie and secure her legs together, before the two men stood and looked at us.  Looked at us with a look that sent shivers down my spine, before they moved round, and I saw the older man kneeling behind Annie, and felt the hands of the younger man on my chest as he started to grope me.


Last time, I was frightened.  This time, I was resigned – I knew I could not stop him doing whatever he was going to do, as his fingers played on me as if I was a piano, kneading and probing, and I felt them firming up again.


This time he whispered into my ear, and no, I’m still not going to tell you exactly what he said – but the other man was saying something to Annie as she shook her head, and then we looked at each other.


We leaned over and pressed our taped lips together, too scared not to, as they gripped our chests and made us groan as well – and then we felt them pressing against us, moving against us with their crotches as they massaged our breasts.  There was a rhythm to what they were doing, a real rhythm, and somehow I was starting to respond to it.


It’s very difficult to try and describe what was happening to me – the best I can say is it was as if I was falling into some sort of trance, and as I looked at Annie I could see her eyes were glazing over as well.  I knew this was wrong, I knew the chances were high they were going to do something very bad to both of is, even worse than before – but I found myself pressing back against him, rubbing against him in time to his movement, feeling how he was responding.


IT was more than that, however – my body was responding as well.  I could feel the dampness between my legs, but it was also a fire that was starting to build up inside me, a desire that it seemed as if it had been released to start to overwhelm me.  It was there inside me, as I groaned and looked into my sister’s eyes – and I could see that she was afraid, but also starting to feel the same way I was.


I know we couldn’t tell each other, but I do think it was clear to both of us then what was happening.  The only real question was what they were going to do, and how long it would take them to do it.


In the meantime, they kept moving against us, and we kept moving against them – the effect on them obvious as their bulges grew and throbbed, the effect on my obvious as I felt the fire growing strong, expanding, enveloping me as I moaned softly…


And then Annie and I were pushed to the ground, as they removed their pants, straddled us.  We looked at each other, and prayed it would not hurt as they covered their cocks – but when he entered me…


It didn’t hurt – it was amazing, as he forced his way into me, my body responding and gripping him with muscles I never knew I had.  I rose, pushed my hips up to meet him, as that fire exploded and I felt a hunger, a passion, a need to have him to do this to me in spite of everything he had put me through.


A desire that was making me sweat, making me hot as I gripped him, felt him working inside me, moving in a way that made me gasp into the gag and want him more and more…





When it came, it was a glorious feeling, before he let me fall to the floor, Annie looking at me as we turned onto our sides and looked at each other.  There was no sound at first but our own nasal breathing, and the soft squeak of my boots as the leather rubbed, but we were dimly aware of the men leaving us on the floor, exhaustion making us both more and more sleepy…





We were found the next morning by one of Annie’s colleagues, taken to hospital, examined and treated.  Eventually, they let us return to a hotel – Annie didn’t want to go back to her apartment until it was cleaned thoroughly – but it gave us the chance to talk about what had happened, and discover we did indeed have a shared experience.


It was some considerable time before we could say we had fully recovered, but the experience of that night is still with us, making us the women that we are – and yes, we have enjoyed been tied up since then.  Once the fear had passed…







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