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I know girls like to dress in the same way as their mothers, but one recent visit was – well, taking that to a new level.


The home I was visiting was that of the Turnbull family – Alex Turnbull was a local businessman, and he lived in this particular house with his wife Heidi and their two daughters – Tabitha, who was 9, and 6 year old Elena.


It was last autumn when this happened, a quiet Sunday afternoon.  I had followed them home from the church they attended, and waited until Alex had driven off, before I got out and made my way to the rear of the house.  For this trip, I was in my usual black clothing – tight down to the stocking I pulled down over my head and tucked under the neck of my sweater.


The back door to the house was, to my surprise, unlocked, so I let myself in and took in the kitchen layout – then stood to one side as I heard footsteps, and saw Heidi walk in.  The dark skinned woman was in her late thirties, her long dark hair coming down over the shoulders of her crimson red dress.  It had long sleeves, and a skirt that came to just above her knees.  The lower half of her legs were in a pair of knee length black leather boots that had a small square heel.


She walked to the sink and filled a kettle with some water, plugged the kettle in and turned it on, then turned and saw me with a gloved finger to my covered lips, pointing the starting pistol I used at her.  She stared at me for a few minutes, and then said “oh no – don’t tell me, we’re going to play a game of Hostages?”


“How perceptive of you, Heidi,” I said with a smile, “you are indeed going to play a game of Hostages with your daughters, and I am sure you will enjoy it.  But yes, I am also going to rob you – shall we start with the necklace you are wearing?”


Heidi looked at me, and then removed the silver necklace she had on round her neck, seeing me smile as she put it on the kitchen table.   “Thank you,” I said with a smile, “so, may I suggest you pitch this as a game of kidnapping, where the beautiful singer and her daughters are taken hostage?  I will secure your upper body, and then make sur they cannot move so that they can watch television – and then once I have you hidden in my hideout, they will join you there.”


“I have a choice?”


“No,” I said as I drew some rope from my rucksack, and walked behind her, drawing her arms behind her back and crossing her wrists.  Doubling the rope over, I wrapped it round Heidi’s wrists and forced them together, making sure the bands stayed neat before I took the rope between her wrists to make it even tighter.


“That’s – different,” she said quietly as I tied the ends off, and then fetched a longer length of rope from the bag, doubling that over and then wrapping it round her body so that her arms were drawn into her sides.


“In what way?”


“I thought it would hurt – but it doesn’t,” Heidi whispered as I formed two bands with the rope, framing her chest as I did so, and then secured the ends behind her back.  Two shorter lengths were then passed round both bands, between her arms and body, so that when she turned round her arms were truly fixed in place.


“Are you going to do this to my daughters as well?”


“Of course – would they not want to be like their mother?”


I saw her smile and shake her head, before she said “yes, they do – so I guess we should start this over.  Let me take you to them.”


“Why not,” I said with a smile as I put the pistol into my rucksack, and then followed her into the front room of the house – where I saw exactly what she meant.


Tabitha was indeed dressed very like her mother – right down to the silver necklace round her neck.  Her dark hair was up in a bun, and unlike Heidi her skirt was made from taffeta.  Instead of knee length boots, she had on black tights and felt ankle boots – but she was also wearing a short black leather jacket.


As for Elena, she had her hair in a perm, a crimson red ribbon in her hair – but she was also wearing a black leather jacket over a red dress, the skirt of her dress ruffled.  She was also wearing black tights, and mid-calf black leather boots.


“Who is this man, Mummy,” Tabitha said as she looked at me, “and why does he have that over his head?”


“Is he a bad man,” Elena said quietly.


“No, I’m not really a bad man,” I said with a smile, “I’ve been hired by your mummy and daddy to play a special game with all of you.  I call it kidnap your mummy s pretending to be a famous singer who is being taken hostage, and her daughters are going with her.”


“The kidnapper surprised me already, and he has tied my arms to me – come and have a look,” Heidi said as both Tabitha and Elena came over and examined the ropes.


“Wow – so we’re going to really be like Mummy,” Tabitha said as she looked at me.


“Of course – do you both want to take your jackets off?”


“No – let us keep them on please,” Elena said, Heidi nodding as she sat herself on an armchair.  I nodded and put my rucksack down, before saying “all right then – stand side by side in front of Mummy, while I make sure your wrists and arms are just like hers.”


The to girls smiled and stood in front of their mother, as first with Tabitha, and then with Elena, I took their hands behind their back, crossed their wrists and bound them snugly together with rope, and then wrapped rope around their upper bodies so that their arms were held tightly against their sides.


“Look at us, Mummy,” Tabitha said as I tied the ends off behind Elena’s back, and she twisted round, her jacket opened up by the bands of rope that held her tight.  Elena copied her as they both turned and looked at me.


“Now, “I said as I looked at them, “I am going to make sure the two little girls stay down here while I take their mother to my lair, and then I’m going to come back and take them to join her.  So, I want you both to go and sit on the couch, and then I’m going to do to your legs what I did to your arms.”


“Cam we do that, Mummy,” Tabitha said as she looked at Heidi.


“Of course you can,” Heidi said with a smile as the two girls ran over and pushed themselves up onto the double seat.  I followed them and knelt down, doubling over a length of rope before I wrapped it round Tabitha’s ankles and pulled them together.  Elena watched as I wrapped the rope round and between her legs, tying the ends off behind her legs, and then did the same thing around her legs below her knees.


As I began to bind Elena’s legs, I said “one more thing – I need to make sure the little ones cannot call out and raise the alarm while I make sure Mummy Singer is taken to my lair.  So, once I am done, I am going to put some tape over your mouths – it will not hurt, and if you sit quietly and watch television you will be fine.”


“Okay.” Elena said quietly as I tied her legs together below her knees, and then she nudged her sister while Tabitha returned the gesture.  I walked back to the rucksack and took out a roll of white tape, before I said “Oh – and I have your mummy’s necklace, so I will take yours as well.  Don’t worry – I will leave it for you to find later.”  I tore a strip of tape from the roll, and said “so, who is first?”




I nodded as I smoothed the tape down over Elena’s mouth, stretching from ear to ear, and then unclipped Tabitha’s necklace before I gagged her with the hypoallergenic tape.  Smiling, I then turned the television on and let them watch In the Midnight Garden.


“I will see you both soon,” Heidi said as I helped her to stand up, both girls nodding as I escorted her out of the room.  “They seem happy,” she said quietly as I closed the door to.


“As it should be – and I meant it, your daughter’s necklace stays,” I said as I held in my free hand, “but for now, let us go to your room.”  We walked up the stairs and into the master bedroom, Heidi sitting down and telling me where her valuables and other jewels were.


I then took more ropes form the bag as I asked Heidi to sit with her legs on the bed, and she watched as I crossed and bound her ankles tightly together, and then secured her legs together below her knees.  I made sure I cinched each binding by taking the rope between her legs, before I said “now, lie back, and I will make sure you are ready to have your daughters join you.”


“Thank you,” she said as she lay back, her head on the pillows as I secured her bound ankles to the foot of the bed with more rope.


“For what?”


“For making it a game – even for me?”


“You’re welcome – now, purse your lips.”  I pressed the freshly torn length of white tape down over her mouth, the shape of her lips clear underneath, before smiling as I made sure the valuables were safely stored, and then left the room.




“Hlltehbfhe,” Heidi said as I carried Tabitha in, and laid her on her side beside her mother, her head near her chest.  She rubbed her cheek on there as I left, coming back with Elena and laying her down on the other side of Heidi.


“Now,” I said as all three twisted round, “I need to deliver the ransom demand and collect my money.  Don’t leave the bed – I will be back shortly.”  All three of them nodded as I picked up my rucksack, and left them there…







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