A Day at the Races








As she looked out from the hotel window, Veronika Mueller smiled at herself.  A day at the Autumn meeting at Windsor was just what she needed at this time, and the chance not only to meet with her cousin Annika, and Annika’s twin sisters Eva and Maria, was a pleasant coincidence.



She looked at herself in the mirror, her long brown leather skirt moving in the soft pleats as she twisted round, and the brown silk blouse just open at the neck.  “Perfect,” she said quietly as she sat down, and pulled on her long matching leather boots, unaware of what was going to really happen that day…




Eva looked out over the balcony, smiling as she felt the cool autumnal breeze on her face.  The redhead was wearing a taupe coloured dress, with long sleeves and a square neckline that came down to just over her knees, a marching greatcoat providing additional warmth.  Her lower legs were snugly covered by a pair of tan leather over the knee boots, a matching thin belt fastened around her waist, and her gloves were designed to match her outfit, with little bows on the back of the hands.


“A wonderful place,” she said to herself as she looked out through her dark sunglasses.


“Indeed it is.”


“Maria, you managed to make it,” Eva said as she kissed the new arrival on both cheeks.  Maria was wearing a cream coloured cashmere sweater, with a collar made to look like a scarf round her neck, and a knee length lace skirt in the same colour.  On her legs were a pair of long cream leather boots, and Eva could see the leggings which were tucked in under the hem of the skirt.  “No coat?”


“It is inside – you know I like the cool air.  Have you heard from Annika?”


“She will be along later – and apparently cousin Veronika is in town, and will join us as well.”


“Cousin Veronika?  So she has recovered?”


“So I have been told – so are you looking forward to today?”


“In more ways than I can say – I am going to see if I can get a coffee.  Will you join me?”


“In a few minutes – I want to go in and remove my coat first,” Eva said as the twin sisters walked into the private box, Maria walking out of the room as Eva slipped her coat off, and placed it over the back of one of the chairs.


“Will you be requiring anything, Madame,” a waiter said as he walked in.


“Yes – I was wondering why my sister has had to go to find a coffee, when some should have been provided.”


“Ah – an unfortunate oversight, and one I think I can address for you.”


“And how will you do that,” Eva said as she sat down and crossed her legs.


“By you doing exactly what we say, Lady Eva.”


“What do you…”  As she turned her head, she saw the young man, wearing the dark waistcoat and pants, white shirt and black tie – but with a gun in his hand as he said “stand up, hands in the air, and come with me.”


“Oh my god,” Eva said quietly as she stood up, raising her hands as the waiter waved towards a door at the rear of the room.  She walked slowly, trying not to panic as her hands were raised in the air, and walked in front of him, through to a rear room where two other men were waiting.


“Where’s her sister?”


“Gone to find a coffee – do not worry, I had contingency plan in place.  Now, Fraulein, slowly put your hands behind your back.”


“What is going on here?”


“I said,” the waiter repeated in a more dangerous tone, “slowly put your hands behind your back.”  Feeling the gun against her spine, Eva nodded and slowly moved her arms, before she felt him grab her wrists, cross them, and then bind them together with some sort of rope.


“That hurts,” she said quietly as the cords were pulled tighter – and then she gasped as more rope was wrapped round her body, pinning her arms to her sides as it was taken above and below her chest.  This not only stretched her dress over her breasts, but forced them up and out, as she wriggled round.


“Stop struggling, Fraulein, you will only hurt yourself,” the waiter said as he pulled the ropes tighter, and then secured them behind her back, before he turned Eva round and made her sit in an old armchair.


“Now,” he said quietly as he picked something up, “put those lips together…”



“Eva?  She must have gone to the rest rooms,” Maria said as she set her cup down.  She had been fortunate enough to find a stall relatively quickly, and it certainly smelt good as she sat down, and took a sip.


“Tastes good too,” she said to herself as she sat down, looking out over the racecourse as she slowly drank.  It was good coffee, and warm, the warmth spreading through her body as she sat there, making her feel more relaxed, sleepy even…


Setting the cup down on the table, she relaxed, barely noticing the female barista as she came into the room, quietly closing the door as her eyes slowly closed…


The woman smiled as she drew from her pocket some white cords, placing them on the table next to Maria as she knelt down and moved her legs together, then doubled over one length and wrapped it round her ankles, pulling them together as she wrapped the rope around and between her legs, securing them tightly to each other.  Satisfied, she folded back the hem of the redhead’s skirt, and secured her legs together below her knees, smiling as her gloved fingers stroked the back of Maria’s legs.


“You are a very beautiful woman,” she said quietly to herself as she stood up, and crossed Maria’s wrists, securing them together as the rear door opened.


“Is she out?”


“She is,” the woman said with a smile as she took the roll of white tape from the waiter, tore off a strip, and pressed it gently over Maria’s lips.  “Her sister?”


“We take her there now,” he said as he put his hands under Maria’s own, the woman taking her legs as they carried her into the rear room.




“She cannot hear you,” the woman said as they sat Maria next to Eva, the other woman calling through her taped lips as she twisted round, the leather squeaking on her legs as her boots rubbed together.  She could only watch as they secured her twin sister’s arms in the same way as hers, while one of the other men took a call.


“Their sister is on the course?”


“Good – be quiet,” the waiter said as he sat, the gun in his hand as he looked at the twins…





Veronika walked from the lifts and across the lobby of the hotel, a brown suede coat with fur trim wrapped round her and held in place by a wide belt, and a large felt hat on her hair.  She smiled at the reception staff, her heels clicking the marble floor as she walked to the waiting car.


“Where to, Madame Mueller,” the chauffer said as he touched his cap and opened the rear door of the limousine. 


“Ascot,” Veronika said as she sat inside, smiling as she looked forward to the day.




Annika walked along the corridor, her long olive coloured scarf hanging down from her neck as she looked round.  It had been some time since she had seen her sisters, and the news that Veronika was there as well was especially pleasing.  Her recent illness had been upsetting, but she seemed to have fully recovered.


“Good morning,” she said to the waiter as she entered the box, looking at the buffet that had been laid out, “I thought the rest of my family would be here.”


“Ah – they received an invitation to visit the paddock,” he said with a low bow.  “They should return shortly.”  As he spoke, he looked at the brunette, her long hair under a khaki coloured fedora with a black trim, a black scarf with white polka dots tied as a cravat over a black top, and matching pants.  The legs of the pants were tucked into a pair of thigh high black leather boots, her hands in black leather gloves, and a black jacket over the whole ensemble.


“Typical – and our cousin will be here soon,” Annika said as she looked round.  “May I have some of that champagne?”


“Of course,” the young man said as he poured some of the drink into a glass, and handed it over as Annika heard a thump.


“What was that,” she said as she looked to the door at the back of the room.


“Nothing to concern you, I am sure,” the waiter said with a smile as he stood there, his hands behind his back.


“Still – a little…  What is going on in there,” Annika said as she put the glass down, standing up as she walked to the door.  The waiter stepped forward, quietly saying “I assure you, Madame, there is nothing to…”


“I will be the judge of that,” Annika said as she put her hand on the door handle – and then stopped as the hand was pressed over her mouth, and from the corner of her eye she saw the gun.


“My apologies, Fraulein – you have forced me to take steps slightly earlier than expected.  A pity to waste good champagne.  Do not scream, and do exactly what I say – nod if you understand.”


Annika slowly nodded as the waiter said “good – I am going to take my hand away, and you will put your hands behind your back.”  As the hand was taken away, she moved her arms, breathing heavily as she felt the rope pulling her wrists together.   The waiter worked quickly, winding the rope around and between her wrists, and then securing the knot out of reach of her gloved fingers.


“Good – now…”


“Annika?  What is going on?”


Looking over her shoulder, Annika saw Veronika standing there, and said “for god’s sake get help!”  Veronika turned to leave – and then walked back in, her hands in the air as the barista followed, a pistol in her hand as she said “guess we have an extra guest.”


“Indeed – close the door,” the waiter said quietly as Veronika looked at her cousin.  “Do as they say, Annika – if I have learned anything, it is not to argue when someone has a gun pointed at you.”


Annika nodded as the waiter took another length of cord from his pocket, and walked quickly over, pulling Veronika’s wrists behind her back and securing them together.  As she grimaced, she looked over and said “where are the twins?”


“I suspect they are behind that door,” Annika said quietly, the barista nodding as she opened the door, and motioned for both women to walk inside.  As they did so, Veronika looked at Eva and Maria, and said “are you both all right?”


Nhttrheelee,” Eva said as she squirmed in the chair, looking at Maria as she breathed in and out through her nose, her eyes still closed.  The waiter closed the door, and said “make sure these two are properly secured” to the other two men inside.  They nodded and picked up longer lengths of rope, Annika and Veronika looking at each other as they doubled the ropes over and stood behind them.


“How can you remain so calm,” Annika said quietly as the rope was passed round her, forcing her arms into her sides as it was wound round.


“Sadly, practice,” Veronika said quietly as her own arms were secured to her body, the rope framing her chest.  “What exactly is this about?”


“Simple – a ransom for their safe return to their family.  You are just the unfortunate bystander.”


“Not the first time that has happened as well,” Veronika said as she wriggled round, glad her coat was protecting her somewhat from the full effect of the ropes.  “We all need to remain calm – so what happens next?”


“Go and bring the van round,” the waiter said, the barista nodding as she went off, and he picked up the roll of white tape.  Tearing a strip off, he pressed it firmly over Annika’s mouth, and then tore a second strip off as he looked at Veronika.  “This is not the first time you have been kidnapped, Fraulein?


“I wish I could say it as, but no,” Veronika said before her mouth was covered by the tape, and she nodded to assure Annika she was all right.  Looking round the room, she said “swhrhrhrwhghnn,” Annika staring as her cousin’s lips moved under the tape.


“You will see,” the waiter said as the barista returned, nodding as the other two men lifted Eva and Maria over their shoulders.  “Go where we go, and do nothing to raise the alarm, or you all end your life journey here.”


Veronika nodded as he went first, walking with Annika as the men followed with her younger cousins, and then the barista.  They walked along a corridor, and then down some service stairs, before they were made to sit in the back of a grey transit van.  As she and Annika watched the waiter secure their legs, Maria and Eva were sat next to them, Maria groaning and opening her eyes, and then looking round as she said “WHTHSSSHHH…”


“Remain calm, Fraulein, do not struggle – it would be most unfortunate if you were to choke,” the waiter said, Eva looking at Veronika as she nodded, and then calming herself, her breath on short gasps through her nostrils.  The waiter smiled as he sat down, the pistol on his lap as the doors were closed, and the van moved off…






Whhrwhlknnn,” Maria grunted as the four women were pushed into a large room, furnished with four beds.  As the waiter came in, he said quietly “Helga – fetch the clothing.”


“Of course, Hans,” she said as she closed the door, Veronika hearing the lock before Hans walked round and peeled the tape away from her mouth.  “Do as we say, you don’t get hurt.  Understand?”


“I understand,” Veronika said quietly, “what are you going to do?”


“Release you.  I will leave, you will untie the others and wait here.”


“Why me?”


“Because this is not your first time,” Hans said quietly as he untied her arms and wrists, Veronika nodding as he knocked on the door.  It was opened by one of the other two men, who waited for him to leave before he closed and locked the door again.


“All of you need to remain calm and quiet,” Veronika said as she walked over and untied Maria’s arms, then Eva, before she released Annika.  As they removed the tape from their mouths, she unfastened and removed her coat, saying “at least we are together.”


“But what are they going to do,” Eva asked as she looked round.


“I do not know – I imagine they will prepare a ransom demand, and then…”


Veronika looked to the door as it was opened, and Helga came back in.  “You,” she said as she looked at Maria, “come with me.”


“Why should…”


“Maria,” Annika said as she hugged her sister, “do as she says.  Hopefully, we will be back soon.”


“All right,” she said quietly as she walked off, the door closed and locked again as the three captives looked at each other.


“What do you think they are going to do to her?”


“Record a message – all three of you might have to do it.  I wish we had some water or something…”




“Father…  We have been taken hostage by armed men and women.  We are safe and well, but if you do anything to alert the authorities, then that may not be the case.


“They will contact you shortly to arrange terms – please, wait for their call, and do nothing before then.”


“Good,” Hans said as he stopped the recording, then handed Maria a bottle of water.  “Drink – it is not drugged.”


“Unlike the coffee?”


“Unlike the coffee,” he said as she took a long drink from the bottle.


“And what are you going to do to me now?”


“Me – nothing.  Helga, on the other hand.”


Maria looked at the woman, who smiled as she said “remove your jumper.”


“I beg your pardon?”


“And your skirt - unless you want me to remove them for you?”



“Your turn,” Hans said as he looked at Eva, the younger woman nodding as she left Annika and Veronika alone in the room.


“When you were kidnapped, what happened to you,” Annika said as she sat down.


“Different things each time – whatever happens, Annika, do not offer resistance.  We can talk about it when this is all over.”


“But what if he…”


“I do not think he would do that, but remember – nothing that happens here is your fault – my god…”


She stared at the door as it opened, and Maria came back in, ropes holding her arms tightly to her sides and her wrists behind her back.  She was still wearing her pants and boots, but she only had a cream bra on over her chest, the cups framed by ropes on all sides.  There was one other rope tied to her, starting from between her breasts and then going between her legs, Maria groaning as she sat down on a bed.


“Do not touch her – we are watching,” Maria said with a grin as she closed the door.


“Maria – are you…”


“I…  I am unharmed, but reluctant to move for – obvious reasosn,” she gasped as she wriggled round.


“Are they going to do that to all of us?”


Veronika nodded slowly as she said “if they are, the thing you must not do is panic.  It is possible to accept this situation – in fact…”




“It can be – entertaining as well.”


“How can you – oh,” Maria said as she wriggled round, and then sighed.  “I…  I see what you mean…”


“Maria, what are you saying…”


“When she was binding me, the woman – Maria – she used her hands on me, and at first I was afraid, but…”


She stopped talking as the door was opened again, and Eva returned – no longer wearing her dress and gloves, but bound in her white bra and panties, the rope rubbing between her legs as she slowly walked over and sat on another bed.


“You,” Hans said as he looked at Annika, “come with me now.”


“I will talk to them,” Veronika said as she looked at her younger cousins, Annika nodding as she left.


“Now,” Veronika said as she sat and looked at them, “what did Helga do Maria?”


“She – as she bound my arms, she stroked my arms and chest, and then she started to squeeze my breasts after she had finished.  I did not want her to do it…”


“Neither did I,” Eva said as she wriggled round, “but then she tied this rope in front, let it drop to the floor, walked behind me, and…”


“Did you gasp when you felt it at first?”


Eva nodded as she looked down.  “Why am I damp there now?”


“Ah,” Veronika said quietly, “can I ask a – personal question of both of you?”


“You mean – no, neither of us have,” Maria said as she looked down at herself.


“Well, this is not the best place for this conversation, but – where that rope is rubbing is a very – sensitive area.  It can be very pleasurable, if a little scary, and the dampness is part of your body’s reaction to it.”


“Oh my…”


“girls,” Veronika said as she looked at them, “I suspect we are all going to end up the same way, so while I can, let me say this.  Do not be afraid if you feel anything – in fact, embrace it, because it will also help distract you from any fear about this situation.”


“But what if he…  Or she…”


“I do not think they will, but when my turn comes – and come it will – I will ask for assurances.  For now, let yourself get used to how this feels.  I think when they have finished, it will be somewhat different…”


“Why,” Eva gasped as she wriggled round again, “and why do I want to do that…”


Before Veronika could answer, the door opened again and Annika came in.  she was like Maria, with her top removed, her arms and wrists tightly bound, and the white rope clearly visible as it went between her legs, the red in her face as she sat down clear.


“You – come,” Hans said as he looked at Veronika, the older woman standing as she said “talk to each other” and left with Hans.  They walked down a corridor and into another room, where Helga stood smiling.


“You are the innocent party in this,” Hans said as he closed the door, “we can…”


“No – we must all be treated the same.”


He looked at Veronika, then nodded as he said “very well – remove your blouse.”


Nodding, Veronika slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she watched Helga double over a length of rope.  Letting it drop to the floor, she waited as the female moved behind her and guided her arms behind her back, then let out a soft gasp as she felt her elbows been drawn together.


“You – you did this to the others as well?”


Hans nodded as Veronika felt the rope around and between her arms, and then her wrists as they were secured together as well.   As Helga worked, she said “my cousins – especially my younger ones – they are afraid…”


“Helga may have a little fun,” Hans said with a smile, “but no – what they fear is not going to happen.  We have no desire to force ourselves upon them.”


“And Helgahhhh…”  Veronika gasped as the hands came round and caressed her chest, gently squeezing the cups of her black bra, before the rope was passed around her stomach and pulled tight, bands formed above and below her chest as it was forced up and out.


“I do appreciate an older woman,” she whispered into Veronika’s ear as she pulled the ropes still tighter, bringing the bands together behind her back, and then fed the rope under one arm, taking it up and around the back of her neck before repeating the move on the other side.


“As I say – it is not the first time,” Veronika whispered, then tried not to sigh as the hands returned, caressing and kneading her chest as she closed her eyes.  “And it is not the first time a captor has done this to me…”


“I admire beauty, both young and old,” she said quietly as Veronika slowly nodded, and then opened them again as she felt the fastening on her skirt loosen, and saw it drop to the floor, while Helga passed some rope around the two bands of rope and between her breasts, feeling the ropes pressing even more firmly as she drew the bands together and knotted the new rope, then letting the ends drop to the floor.


“do what you must,” she said quietly as she saw the hand appear between her legs, grabbing the rope and pulling it up as it pressed onto her black lace panties, Veronika biting her lip as it rubbed on her, and she felt Helga bind it to her chest ropes behind her.  As she wriggled round, the rope rubbed on her, and the pleasant warmth she knew started to grow as Helga stood behind her, reaching round and caressing her chest even more as she let out a low moan.


“Enough Helga,” Hans finally said as he stood up, “fetch the food and drinks, and we feed our guests before we get them ready for the night.”


“Thank you,” Veronika panted as she was escorted back to the room, the other three watching as she walked in and slowly sat down, before a trolley with food and bottles of water was brought in.


“And how are we meant to eat,” Annika said as she twisted her body round – and then sighed as the ropes rubbed on her.


“We feed you, we give you water,” Hans said as Helga looked at Maria, and smiled…





“All right ladies,” Hans said as the last bottle of water was put down, “we need to secure you for the evening.  You two,” he said as he looked at Eva and Maria, “sit on that bed, you two on the other.”


“What are you going to do,” Eva said as she watched the two other captors kneel in front of her and her twin sister, crossing their ankles and then securing them tightly together with fresh rope.


“Make sure you are – entertained and distracted for the evening,” Helga smiled as she knelt at Annika’s feet, looking up s she crossed and secured the older cousin’s ankles, while Hans secured Veronika’s ankles, and then her legs below her knees.


“It sounds strange,” Maria said as she moved her legs, the leather squeaking for her and then for the others.


“You will all sound funny in a minute,” Hans said as he picked two half sponges up, and compressed them in his hand.  “Please, open your mouths.”


“Stay calm, girls, it is not unpleasant,” Veronika said as he pushed the sponges into their mouths, both girls nodding as he took the white tape and wrapped it round their heads, trapping their red hair against the back of their necks as he did so.


“Your turn,” Helga said as she stood in front of Annika and Veronika, sponges in her hands.


“We will talk tomorrow,” Veronika said quietly as she opened her mouth, feeling the sponge expanding in her mouth and pressing her tongue down as she closed her lips over it.  The squelch of the tape been peeled from the roll made Annika look over as her mouth was stuffed, Veronika nodding as the tape was wound tightly round her head, before she watched her cousin receiving the same treatment.


She then looked over to the other bed, as Eva and Maria were made to lie next to each other, and then their ankles were pulled back, their heels almost touching their bottoms as the ropes was tied from their ankles to the other girl’s crotch rope.


“HMMHLRDDD,” Eva called out as Maria twisted round, her own reaction making her legs move as Maria groaned as well.




Veronika could only nod as they were both made to lie on their stomachs, and then their ankles pulled back – but she was relieved to find they tied their ankles to their own crotch ropes.  IT still made her groan as she tried to move, but as she rolled onto her side and looked at Annika, she at least could choose what to do.


The light went off as the room door was closed, Veronika listening to the twins as their moans increased in volume and pitch – and then they both let out muted screams as Annika looked at her.


Whthphnndndhmmhhhh…” she moaned as her eyes closed, Veronika nodding as she started to move her ankles to and fro, the fire building in her as she determined to enjoy the evening…







Veronika opened her eyes as she saw Annika shaking, her body covered in sweat, the damp patch between her legs growing as she nodded and panted.  Raising her head slightly, she could see Eva and Maria were asleep, but their bodies were covered in sweat, and the ropes looked damp.


Whhhh  hwww…”


Jhstrlx,” Veronika mumbled as the door opened, and she saw Hans come in with Helga.  He looked at the twins, then at her and Annika before he said “untie them, take them to the shower, let them change.”


Fhhnkkuhhh,” she mumbled as her legs were released, Annika sighing as both of them were helped to stand up, and then walked to a shower block.  They stood still as their upper bodies were untied, and Helga said “shower – there are towels there, and toiletries.  Then you can eat and drink once you have changed.  Remove the gags when I leave.”


As she left the room, Veronika slowly unwound the tape from Annika’s mouth, and then eased the sponge from her mouth as her cousin worked her lips.  “My god,” she whispered in a husked voice, as Veronika pointed to her mouth.  “Oh yeah – let me…”


“Thank you,” she whispered as she shook herself, and removed her boots, then her damp undergarments.  “Trust me – we need to shower.”


“I know – but…”


Veronika looked at Annika, and slowly nodded as she said “I know – let’s get cleaned up…”





“So what do you think they will do next,” Annika said as she sipped her orange juice.  She and Veronika had been given a white polo top and a pair of leggings to wear, as they sat with their breakfast.


“I suspect our time tied and gagged is not over,” Veronika said with a sigh as the door opened, and the twins walked in, their eyes red as they sat down.  “How are you both?”


“I…  I don’t know.  How should I feel,” Eva said as Maria picked up a breakfast bar.


“I cannot answer that – it was your first time, after all.”


“Is it…  Is it wrong to say I actually enjoyed some of it?”


Maria and Annika looked at Eva, and then at Veronika as she nodded.


“No – you have to accept what happened, or…”


Hans interrupted as he opened the door, and said “you two eat.  Ladies – come with me please.”


“We will see you soon,” Annika said as she and Veronika walked with Hans, seeing the grey van as Helga stood beside the side entrance.


“Both of you, take these,” she said as she handed them each a length of rope, “and tie the rope between your legs.”


“How am I meant to do that?”


“Annika – copy me,” Veronika said as she doubled the rope and wrapped it round her waist, making a knot just below her belly and then twisting it round her waist before she let the rope drop behind her.  She watched as Annika did the same, then reached between her legs, moaning softly as she pulled the rope up and against her crotch, and then tied it to her waist rope.


“You have done this before,” Helga said as Annika did the same.


“I have been forced to do it before,” Veronika said, not wishing to admit she also did it for enjoyment, as they were helped to get into the van, and then to kneel facing each other.  They watched as Helga and Hans took two lengths of rope, and Hans said “hug each other, nice and tightly.”


“Well – this is cosy,” Annika said, Veronika nodding as she felt Hans cross her cousin’s wrists behind her back, and bind them together – and then tie them to her crotch rope.


“We need to eb careful as we move,” she whispered as her own wrists were bound and secured to Annika’s crotch rope, her cousin gasping and nodding as they both felt their ankles been secured.  Their legs were then secured, together and then to each other, above their knees, their waists tied together, and then their upper bodies.


“Fetch the other two,” Hans said, Helga nodding as he folded two cloths, and held them in front of the mouths of both women.  As they opened wide, the cloths were pushed inside, and then wide strips of white micropore tape pressed over their mouths and jaws.


Hmmmnwwhwtt,” Annika said as he looked into Veronika’s eyes.  Her cousin smiled, the tape moving as she did so, and then gave a playful tug on Annika’s crotch rope, seeing her eyes widen and then close slowly as she returned the favour.


“OH crap.”


Veronika looked over and nodded as Eva and Maria were brought in, and made to kneel facing each other as they were bound and gagged in the same way.


“One last thing.”


Whttt,” Eva said as she tried not to moan, and then gasped as Helga put something in her leggings, under the crotch rope.  Veronika wondered what it was as Maria and Annika also gasped, and then she found out, feeling the soft vibrations as the device was slipped under her crotch rope and into her leggings, nestling against her sensitive areas as Annika pulled the rope tight against her.


She looked at her cousin, and groaned, resting her gagged face on the younger woman’s shoulder, barely noticing as the doors were closed, and the van moved off…





Hmhhlhrddd,” Veronika groaned as the fourth orgasm washed over her, her pants soaking wet, her body covered in sweat as she looked at her cousins, and then at the bright light as the side door of the van was opened.


“They’re in here,” she heard someone call out as she looked through red eyes, and then the police climbed in…



Two weeks later


“So,” Veronika said as Mandy placed the coffee on the low table, and then backed out, “how are you three?”


“Recovering,” Annika said as she accepted the coffee.  All three were wearing black leather – Eva in a slip dress and stilettos, Maria in a black jumper, leather skirt and jacket, and ankle boots, and Annika in a black leather cat suit and over the knee boots.


“But?”  Veronika sat back, the blue leather of her dress creaking as she did so.


“But…  I think we all discovered something,” Eva said as she looked over.  “In fact – Veronika, was that the worst thing that has happened to you?”


“No – no, it wasn’t…”


“Would you tell us of the worst?”


Veronika put her cup down and said “I would have to be uninterrupted.”


“We want that,” Maria said with a shy smile, “we want that a lot…”







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