A Night of Mischief









Pet Hope was looking carefully round the dinner table, set for four, and wondering how long it would be before the others arrived.  It was still early, true, but there was something she wished to tell her daughter, and her friends – something very important.


She had spent the morning with her solicitors, with her bank manager, and now everything was in place, everything was ready.  Once they were here, she would be able to sit them down – all she needed now was for the caterer to arrive...


She walked back out into the hallway and looked at herself in the mirror.  She looked good for her age, the loose fitting chocolate brown dress hanging on her pert body, coming down to just above her knees and her lower legs sitting in a pair of brown suede boots with wedge heels.


The doorbell ringing made her turn her head, as she walked towards the door and opened it.  Standing outside was a tall, thin woman, wearing a black coat over a white blouse and a knee length black skirt.  Pet looked at her, her long legs in sheer pantyhose and a pair of black leather shoes with kitten heels.


“Mrs Hope?  My name is Laura,” she said as she smiled, her short black hair carefully styled in a classic manner.  “I am afraid Agnes has been unavoidably detained, and she has asked me to come and do the catering for you tonight.”


“Oh dear – she’s not unwell is she,” Pet said as she looked at the young woman.


“No – she had to deal with a family matter,” Laura said with a smile.  “May I come in?”


“Oh of course – Agnes had everything delivered yesterday,” Pet said as she allowed Laura to come in, the dark haired woman smiling as she followed her to the kitchen.  Putting her bag down on the wooden table, she removed her coat and hung it on the back of the door.


“Well, I’ll leave you to it,” she said as she turned and walked out, heading back to her front room.  Sitting down on a chair, she picked up a magazine and started to flip through it, listening to the music on the player.


The damp cloth took her by surprise as it was clamped tightly over her nose and mouth, and Pet opened her mouth to shout for help – only to inhale deeply the sweet scented fumes, as her eyes instantly became heavy, and her mind started to feel foggy.


“That’s right,” she heard Laura say, this time with a faint French accent, “deep breaths, and a nice sleep...”


Pet tried to break free, but the grip was too strong, and she slipped into unconsciousness...


Laura held the pad there for a few more minutes, before she allowed Pet to fall back into the chair, smiling as she put the cloth carefully away.  “Now then,” she said, “let’s make you nice and comfortable, before that darling daughter of yours comes home...”





“Mum – are you in the front room?”


Karen took off her black leather jacket and hung it next to her mother’s coat, before checking her reflection in the mirror.  Unlike her mother’s greying brown hair, which was cut short and frizzed, Karen wore hers long, falling over the shoulders of her long sleeved black dress.  There was a white fern pattern print on the dress as well, while the hint of black stocking was visible between the hem of her skirt and the thigh length black leather boots she was wearing.




Kate wondered if her mother was busy, as she made her way into the front room – and then froze as she saw Pet sitting in one of the high backed chairs that usually sat at the dining table.


Her mother’s head was down, but she could see the bands of white rope tied tightly round her upper body, keeping her firmly against the chair back, or the way her arms were taken around the back as well.  There were bands of rope around her legs above and below her knees, and her ankles were pulled under the chair.


As she walked slowly in, she saw her mother’s ankles were also tied tightly together, and pulled back, a length of rope going from them to her bound wrists.  She also seemed to be breathing in and out through her nose, and as Karen slowly raised her mother’s head she saw the strips of white tape covering her mouth.


“Ah – you are back.  Excellent – very slowly, allow your mother’s head to drop, and raise your hands.”


Karen heard the soft female voice, and turned slowly round, looking at the woman standing in the doorway, a gun pointed at her.  She was thin, and her black hair was styled with a fringe lower over one eye than the other.


“Your mother will be just fine,” she said as she came in, “as will you be, if you do as I say.  Now, do you see that very comfortable couch over there?”


“Yes,” Karen said as she glanced over.


“Good,” Laura said with a smile.  “Go and kneel in front of it, then put your head on the cushions and your hands behind your back.”


“Who are you,” Karen said as she knelt down, “and what have you done to your mother?”


“Oh she will be all right,” Laura said as she knelt behind Karen, and crossed her wrists, “a little chloroform – she should come round soon.  I just wanted her to be where I could ensure she did not move while I emptied her jewellery boxes.”


Karen winced as she felt the rope pulled tightly round her wrists, keeping them together as it went around and between her arms.  “As to who I am,” Laura said as she tied the ropes off, and then crossed Karen’s ankles, smiling as the rope squeaked on the leather, “I believe the powers that be have named me Laura Mischief.”


Karen’s eyes widened as she heard the name.  Laura Mischief!  This was the woman who robbed the home of the Duchess of Holborn, leaving not only the Duchess, but her entire female domestic staff trussed and gagged in one bedroom.  The woman who was accused of the kidnapping of the wife of the Prime Minister, just to ensure safe passage for herself to and from the country at all times. 


As she felt Laura’s gloved hands on her shoulders, lifting her up as more rope was wrapped around her arms and body, pulling them into her sides as the band sat under her chest, and then a second band was added above, Karen whispered “so you are robbing us?”


“Well, if truth be told me dear,” Laura said as she wrapped the rope around Karen’s body several times, “I am killing two birds with one stone.”


Pet slowly opened her eyes, feeling as if she had had the nightmare to end all nightmares.  Her mouth felt as if it was filled with cotton wool, and something was pulling at the skin over her lower face, while her wrists felt as if they were glued together.


As her senses slowly returned to normal, she remembered what had happened, and kept her eyes closed as she assessed the situation.  With her fingers, she could feel the ropes around her wrists, and the fact she could not move told her she was tied to something.


“That hurts.”


Karen?  She slowly raised her head and opened her eyes to see her daughter been made to lie face down on the long leather couch, her upper body encircled in bands of rope, while her ankles were crossed and tied together.


“Krnn?  Lreewhtrdnnn?”


She was surprised to hear herself talk like that, and then with a moment of sudden realization she knew why her mouth felt like the Gobi desert, and something was covering her mouth.


“Ah excellent – your mother is awake,” Laura said with a smile as she bound Karen’s legs above and below her knees, and then pulled her ankles back, securing them to her chest ropes.  “I compliment you on your jewellery, Pet – they will make a fine addition to my collection, as will that of your daughter.”


“What are you going to do to me now – gag me as well?”


“In a moment,” Laura said with a smile as she reached round, her gloved hands pressing gently on Karen’s chest as she started to moan, “first, a little fun I think, a reward for been such gracious hosts to me.”


“Lffmgrllnnn,” Karen said as she started struggling.


“Oh don’t worry,” Laura said as she looked over, “it will be your turn soon, so be patient.” 


Karen was moaning as the intruder’s hands massaged her, her boots squeaking as she tried to move her legs.  Eventually, however, Laura stopped, and pushed a folded cloth into her mouth, before tearing off several strips of white tape and smoothing them over her mouth.


“Now, I did say I would give you some fun as well,” she said as she walked over behind Pet, and started to massage her chest as well, Karen watching as her mother closed her eyes and moaned as well.


She did this for some time, moving between both of them, before she glanced at the clock.


“Ah – your guests will be here soon,” she said as she used the white tape to blindfold her captives, “so I am afraid you need to sleep now.”


“Nttnggnn,” Pet said as she felt the damp cloth pressed over her nose as well, Karen trying to ask what was happening before she was forced to inhale the fumes as well.  As she fell asleep, she was dimly aware of the front doorbell ringing...




“Good evening ladies,” Laura said as she answered the door, “Miss Hope had to step out for a few moments, but she asked me to ensure you were both made comfortable.  Please, come in.”


“Thank you,” Angela McKay said as she came in.  The dark haired woman had her hair styled in a swept back manner, and was wearing a black coat over a sliver short sleeved dress, with dark hose and a pair of sand coloured leather boots.  Her daughter Patricia followed her in, removing her coat to show her black sleeveless dress.  The skirt of her dress, like that of her mothers, came halfway down her thighs, while her legs sat in a pair of purple ribbed tights, her feet in a pair of black suede mules.


“Is Karen here yet,” she said as Laura took their coats.


“She is unavailable as well, I’m afraid,” Laura said with a smile, “but if you will come with me to the dining room, I have some drinks ready for you.”


“Would it be possible for me to have some water,” Angela said, “I have to avoid alcohol for the moment.”


“Of course,” Laura said with a smile, “would you both prefer water?”


“Thank you,” Patricia said, Laura nodding as she took them into the dining room, and poured them each a glass of water.


As Angela sipped it, she asked “so where are Pet and Karen?”


“The Hopes?  Well, right now they are enjoying a nice sleep,” Laura said with a smile, “while I make sure you two ladies come with me.”


“I beg your pardon?”


“I said,” Laura said as she smiled, and produced the pistol, pointing it at both of them.  “Please, do exactly as I say – I would hate for either of you to be harmed as you prepare each other for transport.”


“Oh my god,” Patricia said as she looked at the armed woman, “mummy, what’s going on?”


“Oh you will find out soon enough – I believe your father will pay handsomely for both of you.  Now,” Laura said as she used her foot to bring a bag out from under the table, “I need you both to remove your dresses.”


“I beg your...”


“I said,” Laura repeated quietly as she pulled back on the safety, and aimed the gun at Patricia, “remove your dresses.




The two women looked at each other before they reached round and pulled down the zip fasteners, both of them allowing their dresses to slip down before they stood, Patricia in a black bra and her panties visible under the hose, Angela wearing a white bra and panties.


“Very good,” Laura said with a smile.  “Now, sit back to back.”


As the two women sat down, Laura took two cloths and a brown bottle from the bag, pouring some clear liquid from the bottle onto the folded cloths before she brought them over and handed one to each girl.


“And what do you expect us to do with these,” Angela said as she looked at the woman.


“Press them over your noses and mouths – and we will talk later.”




“Now, if you would be so kind.”




“It’s all right, Patty,” Angela said, “just do as she says.  We’ll get through this together, all right?”


Both women nodded as they pressed the cloths over their noses and mouths, Angela’s eyes opening side as she realised what the liquid was, the last thing she saw as the fumes sent her to sleep the smile on the dark haired woman’s face.






“Hmmgdddd,” Karen said as she slowly came to, wondering what it was that was rubbing between her legs.  As she opened her eyes, she saw her mother looking over at her, with one thing different – the rope that was going between her legs, and Karen suddenly realised what it was that was rubbing.


“Hello?  Is anyone in here?”


“Hlppssss,” Karen called out as the door to the room opened, and she saw Patricia’s father walk in, looking at both of them and saying “dear lord...”


He walked over to Pet, peeling the tape away from her mouth and pulling what Karen could now see were her mother’s own panties, as he said “where are Angela and Patricia?”


“I don’t know,” Pet gasped, “we were knocked out.”


“By who?”


“Laura...  Laura Mischief.”


He looked at both of them, and whispered “oh God” as he went out of the room, returning with their dresses in his hand.  “I’ll call the police, and then free you,” he said as he took his mobile phone out.





“Mmmme?  MMMEEE!!”


Angela opened her eyes and saw Patricia sitting on the floor opposite her.   Her daughter’s arms were pulled behind her back, and she could see the ropes framing her chest, forcing her breasts out as they sat around all four sides.  From the tension on her own body, she realised she was in the same predicament, looking down to see her breasts barely contained by the ropes. 


They were both sitting in the lotus position, their ankles lashed to their knees, and a length of rope running from their legs to their chests.  Angela could see the tape over her daughters mouth, and the pulling on the skin around her own mouth, the feeling of something in her own mouth pushing her tongue down, told her all she needed to know.


“Ah good – you are both awake.”


They turned their heads to see Laura Mischief standing beside them, wearing a black blouse with the top buttons open, a black leather skirt split up one side, and knee length boots.


“I am sure your loving husband and father will do what I have asked him to do, but it will take some time,” she purred as she walked round them, “but we must apses the time until he does that somehow. Now, what game shall we play?”







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