Binding Relationships









“Right – I think we have all four of you ready for the challenge now?”


It was Saturday morning, and Sam and I were standing in the front room, looking at the rest of our families as they lay on the floor.


My mum, Regina, was wearing a pink silk bomber jacket over a black top, faded denim jeans and black suede boots with a low heel.  Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, as was that of my sister Kristen. 


Her blonde hair hung down the back of her grey long sleeved sweater, while the legs of her favourite Levis were tucked into the brown straight leather boots.  She looked over and nodded at Sam’s Aunt Jennifer, who was next in the line, wearing a backless purple top, leggings and over the knee black leather boots with a three inch stiletto heel.  Jennifer has always been the more adventurous dresser of our family group.


Finally, there was Linda, Sam’s mum.  She was wearing a dark blue jumper with light blue stripes, and her jeans were tucked in to a knee length pair of fur lined grey Ugg boots, zipped up the side.


Now, you may ask, why were they all on the floor?  Well, it was not as if they had a choice in the matter.  All four had their wrists crossed and firmly tied together behind their backs, while ropes held their arms to their sides, coiled above and below their chests as they wrapped around their upper bodies. 


Their ankles were also crossed and tied tightly together with rope, and their legs secured below their knees.  As they moved them, the sound the rope made on the boots Kristen and Jennifer were wearing was intoxicating.


So were the muffled calls each of them were making through the strips of wide tape that covered their mouths, keeping in there something for each of them.  I’m not going to say exactly what – let’s just say they all agreed to it.


Finally, their ankles had been pulled back and tied to the ropes securing their arms to their sides – oh, and they each had a scarf folded and tied over their eyes.


“Well,” Sam said as she looked at her watch, and then set an oven timer next to them, “usual rules apply.  You get an hour, and if any of you are not free by the end of the hour, you have to pay the forfeit.  I’m starting the countdown – now.”


She pressed the button, the beep making our four contestants start to struggle as Sam and I went into the kitchen.


This had become a regular Saturday exercise for all four of us – we’d meet either at my place or Sam’s, the challenge issued, then we’d all have lunch and go for shopping – before any forfeits were meted out at our own houses.  Today, it was our turn to play captors, and the other four to play captives.


As for the attire – it was late summer, and there was a little bit of a nip in the air, but they chose their outfits to suit their temperaments.  Besides, Sam and I had other things on our minds for that week.


“So when do they get in,” Sam said as I passed her a can of coke.


I looked at the e-mail we’d received after I came back from my trip with Mum.  “The flight touches down at about four, so we’ve plenty of time to get to the airport to meet them.  You sure your mum doesn’t mind them staying with you?”


“No of course not – we have the room, after all.”


“Thanks,” I said with a smile before I kissed her, “it’ll be good to see Jessica and Tony again.”


Sam and I had met Jessica and Tony when we went on the trip to LA we won for the Halloween dance.  They’re about the same age as us, and as we discovered that weekend, we share many of the same interests.  A week or so after we met, we got a special gift from them, which we had made use of a few times, but we’d also arranged they should come and spend a few days with us before our new semester started.


The grunts from the front room were barely audible as we sat and talked about our plans.


“So we’ll take them to the pizza place tonight, we’re having a big Sunday lunch tomorrow, and then we’ll wing it from there?”


Sam nodded before she said “Your mum’s out tonight isn’t she?”


“Yeah – seeing the mystery person again,” I said with a smile. 


It had started before the trip – Kristen and I had noticed Mum sneaking out once or twice a week, and we had no idea where she was going.  What we did know is she was always happy when she came back, so we eventually figured out she’d found a new partner.  Mum being mum, though, she was never going to tell is who it was until she was ready to, and we knew better than to press, so it was left at “the mystery person.”


After the holiday, however, she’d asked the two of us to clear out of the house on a couple of evenings, which suggested it was getting more serious.  Neither of us had a real problem with that – it had been so many years since Dad went, we just wanted her to by happy with someone.


The infuriating part was not knowing WHY she would not tell us.  She must have had a reason, but so far it was unknown to us.


“Hey – what are you two talking about?”


We looked up to see Kristen standing in the doorway, smiling as she held the pair of panties that had been in her mouth in her hand.


“Well, that’s one of you,” I said with a smile, “what about the others?”


“Jennifer has got out of the hogtie, but…”  The ringing of the over timer told me all I needed to know, as we walked back into the front room.


“Crssss” Mum said through her tape as she looked at the other two.  Jennifer was sitting up, working on her sister’s hogtie, but all three had the look of despair in their eyes.


“You did well – but you’ll all pay the penalty later,” I said with a smile.  “If you two can get them untied, I’ll sort out lunch.”





“And where are you going dressed like that,” Kristen said as Mum passed the door to the front room.  It was two thirty, and Sam had gone with her mum and aunt back to her house.


“What’s wrong with the way I look,” Mum said as she came in.  She was wearing a long gypsy style skirt with black felt boots, and a white jumper.


“It’s just not that cold out there – planning on sitting somewhere chilly.”


“I might be,” Mum said with a smile, “don’t wait up for me.”


She waved at us and then left the house, the two of us watching from a window as she walked down the sidewalk to the bus stop.




“And a show, possibly,” I said as I looked at my watch, and then grabbed my keys.  “I need to go meet the others.  What are you doing tonight?”


“Danny’s coming round later – when will you be back from Sam’s?”


Danny was a fellow student, and I knew he and Kristen were starting to have, for want of a better word, a thing for each other.


“Not until late – I’ll try not to disturb you,” I said with a grin as I went out and took the car down the driveway, heading to Sam’s house.  I was still wearing my red polo shirt and khaki shorts, but when Sam came out of her place and to the car I saw she was wearing her more normal attire – a black t-shirt, denim shorts over a pair of black leggings, and baseball boots.


“Let’s go meet some guests,” she said as we headed for the airport.





“There they are,” Sam said as she waved to a young couple, both carrying rucksacks.  I recognised Tony, with his short black hair, leather jacket, jeans and shoes, while Jessica was wearing a red and black checked shirt over a scoop necked blue top, a short denim skirt and knee length red boots.


“Welcome to our neck of the woods,” I said as she hugged Sam, and I shook Tony’s hand, “we’re glad you could make it.”


“Our pleasure,” Jessica said as we walked them back to the car, and let them put their bags in the trunk before climbing in.


“So what are the plans,” Jessica said as we hit the interstate.


“We’ll go to my place, let you settle in, and then go and grab a pizza,” Sam said as she turned round and talked to them.  “Tomorrow is church and lunch, but after that we’re free to do anything.”


“That’s good,” Jessica said as she let out a little sigh.  Sam looked at her, and said “Are you…”


“She is – the entire flight,” Tony said as Jessica lifted her skirt and showed us the crotch rope.  “So we get to meet your families?”


“Oh yeah – ropes and all,” I said as we went down the road…


As I stopped the car outside Sam’s place, a thought suddenly occurred to me, and I looked at her.


“No – we postponed until tomorrow, when your mum will do so as well,” she said as we got out of the car.


“Postponed what until tomorrow,” Jessica said as she looked round.


“An exercise for after lunch then,” Sam said as the door opened and Linda stood there, in a jeans and top.


“Welcome,” she said as we came in, “you must be thirsty.  I’ll make some coffee while Sam shows you to your room.”


“This way,” she said as Tony took their bags, and she showed them up the stairs.


“Nice looking couple – I think the four of you are going to have a real fun time,” Linda said with a smile.


“Well, I think so as well – but tonight is about catching up over pizza and drinks,” I said with a smile.  “Besides, Sam said you were postponing penance until tomorrow?”


“Yeah – we figured your friends would like to see how the older generation like to play.”


I nodded and smiled – that suited me just fine.






“Sunday Sunday,” Mum sang to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror, “can’t stand that day…”


“It’s Monday Monday,” Kristen said with a smile, “But that’s not the important thing here.”


“Oh,” Mum said as she adjusted the gold and black Hermes scarf around her shoulders, “what is?”


“How much care and attention you are paying to yourself,” I said as we both watched.  Mum had put on a new black roll neck sweater, long black skirt and suede boots, and smiled as she looked at us.


“Can’t I dress up for church anymore,” she said as she put her lipstick on.


“Oh we didn’t say that – but who are you trying to impress,” Kristen said.  She was wearing a brown waistcoat over a floral print top, jeans and high heels, while I had on a shirt and chinos.


“None of your beeswax,” Mum said as she picked up the car keys.  “Come in, I’m driving.”


As we pulled into the car back, Sam was waiting for us, wearing a blue knee length skirt and jumper with her black heels.  Tony was wearing his black leather jacket over a checked shirt and jeans, while Jessica wore a denim dress and dark hose with heels.


“No, I’m not,” she said as she answered my unspoken question.  “This is church, after all.”


“Fair enough,” we said as we walked in, to find Linda and Jennifer talking to a tall fair haired man.


“Hello Regina,” he said as he looked over.  “And you must be Linda’s guests.  I’m Tom Majors, the town sheriff.”


“Very pleased to meet you,” Tony said as he shook his hand.


“You look particularly lovely today,” Tom said as he smiled at Mum, who blushed as Kristen and I looked at each other.


“You’re too kind,” she said as we walked into the sanctuary.  Quite a few people looked round and nodded at us, and I noticed a school friend, Dave, staring at my mother with his mouth open.


He then got a slap on his head from his mother, but I noticed her looking at mum as well.  Danielle had been to school with mum, and as she sat in her trouser suit and blouse I wondered why she was looking at us.


Not everyone was looking in an approving manner either.  Sheila Cann was one of the more – strict and particular members of our congregation, shall we say.  I don’t think I’d ever seen her in anything that was not black or grey, and there was no exception today, as she sat in her black blouse and long skirt, staring at us.


“I get the feeling she doesn’t like you,” Tony whispered as we took our seats.


“You think?”


The band started playing as the minister came to the front, and the service started.




“Interesting Sermon,” Jessica said as we sat round our dining table.


“Yeah, wonder why he picked freeing the Israelites from bondage,” I said as I looked round.  We had just finished off a roast turkey dinner, and were looking at the Key Lime pie that mum had placed on the table.


“Oh who cares,” Jessica said with a smile, “that was a wonderful lunch Regina.  Can I help you wash up?”


“We’ll do the washing up,” I said, “because you three have an exercise to do, and Kristen is going to watch you while you so this?”


“Oh lord, the penance,” mum said as she shook her head.  “May we have coffee before we get started?”


“Sure,” I said.


“So this penance?”


“We lost a bet yesterday, Tony,” Jennifer said, “and now we must, as Deborah Kerr said in Casino Royale, “PAY THE PIPER!”


“I see – and how exactly do you do that?”


“We’ll show you once lunch has gone down,” Linda said as she stood up.  “Shall we?”


We made our way into the front room and sat talking for a little while, before Mum said “right ladies – we need to go and get ready.”


The three of them went upstairs, as Tony and Jessica looked at us.


“We set them an escape challenge yesterday,” Kristen said, “and the penalty for not escaping is to be tied to a chair, securely bound, and watch a really really cheesy film.  Today’s selection is this.”


She held up a DVD and handed it to Sam.  “Oh that is cruel beyond measure,” she said as she passed it round, me seeing it last.


“You Can’t Stop The Music?  Kristen, even they don’t deserve that!”


“What did she do to us last week, Mark?”


“Made you, me and Sam sit through Xanadu.”  I looked at them and said “you’re right – they deserve every scintillating second of this.”




The three of them soon returned, wearing vest tops, shorts, long socks and trainers.


“Have a seat,” Kristen said as she indicated three dining table chairs that we had set up in front of the television.


“What have you picked for us,” Mum said as I guided her arms around the chair back, tied her wrists together and then secured them to one of the spars running up the support.


“All in good time,” I said with a smile.  Between myself, Kristen and Sam, we bound the three older women tightly to the chair backs, and then secured their ankles and legs to the front legs of the chair.


“Open wide now,” Sam said to Linda as she pushed a compressed sponge into her mouth, Jennifer and mum getting the same, and then we wrapped duct tape round their heads, making sure we kept their hair out of the way.


“And now,” Kristen said with a smile, “for the afternoon’s entertainment.”  She switched on the television, put in the DVD, and nodded to us to leave.  We had got as far as the kitchen door before I heard mum scream “HMGFDDNNTTHTTHHHHPLLSSSSS!” and the music started.


“We wash,” I said to Tony,” and the girls dry – we’ll soon get through this lot, if we ignore the screams of despair from next door.”


“Your sister could turn the volume up,” Jennifer said with a grin.


“Don’t suggest that – then we would have to listen to it as well!”


It didn’t take long for us to wash, dry and clear things away, and as we sat round the table Tony said “Perhaps you two would like to take up a challenge as well?”


“Oh now we could be talking,” Sam said, “what do you have in mind?”


“Can we use your room Mark?”


I nodded as we headed up, and Tony said “Why don’t you kneel and put your arms around each other?”


“This could be – close,” Sam said as she and Jennifer embraced, and then I tied Sam’s wrists together while Tony took care of Jennifer.  We then took several long lengths of rope and tied their upper bodies tightly together, at their waists, abdomens and upper arms.


“Open wide,” I said as I pulled a rolled and knotted scarf into Sam’s mouth, and Tony did the same for Jennifer, and then we knelt and tied their ankles together, as well as their legs above their knees.


“So,” I said, “let’s see how long it takes you to free each other.  Ready, set – go!”


Tony and I sat back and watched as the two girls started to wriggle round, rubbing up against each other as they tried to free their wrists, their chins resting on each other’s shoulders as they looked at their wrists.


“Hmgddd,” Sam said as they continued to rub up against each other, and then she turned her head and looked at me.


“Want a hand,” I said innocently, Sam nodding as Tony and I stood up.


“Shall we?”


“Yes, we shall,” I said as we knelt behind our girlfriends, and gently caressed their chests, kissing their necks as they tried to free their wrists.  Their moans increased from the point on, as we continued to please them as well…




Eventually, the four of us went back downstairs, grinning broadly as we walked into the front room in time to see the film ending, and three very angry women glaring at the grinning Kristen,  sitting watching something on a tablet with her earpods firmly in place.


“Enjoy the film,” I said as I removed mum’s gag.


“Oh you are going to pay for this,” she said as she looked at me and Kristen.  “This I promise you.”


“You lose them, you take them,” Kristen said as she removed the earpods.  “Why don’t I sort some coffee out?”


“Yes, thank you,” Linda said, “and then we can discuss how this balances last week.”


“They seemed to take it well,” Sam said as they went to relieve themselves.


“I’m not so sure,” I said quietly, “not so sure at all…”






“We’ll see you tomorrow,” Sam said as she kissed me and then left with the others, leaving me and Kristen alone with mum.


“Now then,” she said as we sat in the front room, “do you think you got your own back for last week?”


“I don’t know,” Kristen said, “after all, there are degrees of torture…”


“I’ll call it quits if you do,” she said as the telephone rang, and she went to answer it.


“Hello?  Yeah, give me a minute,” she said as she closed the door, and we looked at each other.


“Mystery caller?”


“Has to be,” Kristen said as she stood up, “and I hate a mystery.  We need to find out who this is.”


“So who are the likely suspects?”


“What about Sheriff Majors?  He likes mum, and they certainly talked for a while after church today.”


“True – and he has been friendly ever since those armed and escaped prisoners held us captive.”


“but he’s old – older than mum,” Kristen said.  “Maybe it’s a younger man – like Dave.”




“Well, you never know – she’s still a young woman…”


“I’m not denying he has the hots for mum – but his mum may have a thing or two to say on the matter.”


Kristen sat back, and then said “we could just ask her, you know?”


“Ask me what?”


We looked at mum standing in the doorway, and took a moment before I said “Who it is you’re spending so much time with.”


“None of your beeswax,” mum said, “I’m going to go and make some supper.”


Kristen and I looked at each other, before we nodded.  We were going to find out who this was.




I walked up to the front door of Sam’s place and knocked, expecting her to answer the door, but I wasn’t too surprised when it was Tony who answered the door.


“Hey – the girls up yet,” I said as I came in.


“Yeah – but they’re a little preoccupied at the moment,” he said as I closed the door behind myself.  “Her mum and aunt are in the kitchen though.”


“Hey Mark,” Linda said as she saw me come in, “fresh coffee there if you want it.”


“Thanks – how long before they’re ready Tony?”


“I think they’re just getting dressed now,” he said as I heard the sound of them coming – very slowly – down the stairs, and then Sam came in with Jessica, both girls grinning as they stood at the coffee bar.


The unusual thing I first saw was that Sam was wearing a long denim skirt, with what looked like brown leather boots underneath, while Jessica was wearing a mid-calf floral print skirt.  Both girls had v-necked jumpers on, Sam with a blue scarf round her neck and tucked in while Jennifer had a t-shirt on underneath.


“So what are you two planning on doing today,” Jennifer said as she looked over from the kitchen bar.


“I thought we’d head down to the lake for a while this morning, and then go to the mall for a while,” I said as I looked at them, “we might grab a bite to eat before heading back tonight.”


“Well, so long as you let me know what you’re doing about food,” Linda said, “that’s fine.  I’ve got to get to work.”


She pulled her blue jacket on and waved as she headed out.


“Come on,” I said as I finished my coffee, “let’s go.”


As we walked to my car, I said “all right, why the long skirts?”


“We’ll show you when we sit in the car,” Sam said, waiting until they were sitting in the back seat before they lifted their skirts, and showed us the ropes holding their legs together below their knees.


“Interesting – and the idea is?”


“We challenged each other to spend the day, in public, tied and gagged in some way.”


“Well, I get the tied bit, but the gagged?”


Sam opened her purse to show me the roll of clear tape.  “Let’s head to the lake first – the quieter car park – and we’ll take it from there.”





It was a beautiful late summer day, as I pulled into the car park and turned the engine off.


“So, what’s the plan?”


“We need to get out of the car first,” Sam said as we opened the doors for them, and then they turned, their hands behind their backs as Jessica said “there is some rope in my purse, tie our wrists, and then you can gag us before we go for a walk.”


“Sounds fair,” I said as I crossed Sam’s wrists and lashed them together, while Tony bound Jessica’s wrists, hands palm to palm.


“Open wide now – and you go wherever we tell you, all right?”


“Well, it’s usually very quiet round here, so we should be all right,” Sam said before she allowed me to push the scarf into her mouth, and then to smooth the wide strip of clear tape over it, making sure no wrinkles showed as Tony did the honours for Jessica.


“Right then,” I said as we put their purses over their heads so they hung on one side, “let me take you both for a guided tour.”


I put my arm round Sam’s shoulders and walked with her, Tony escorting Jessica as we made our way down a path and then slowly around the path that went alongside the water’s edge.  I thought back to the week at the cabin, and smiled as we walked along, just enjoying the sunshine, the sound of the birds in the trees, the gentle lapping of the water on the shore…


Eventually, we reached a small clearing that had a bench set up. 


“Why don’t we have a sir down and rest,” Tony said as we sat the two girls down, and they rested their heads on our shoulders as we just watched the day go by, and then Dave and his mother Danielle walk by…


In itself, that would not be unusual, save for the fact Danielle had a dog collar on round her neck, and Dave was holding the other end of a short leash which was attached to it.  What was more, Danielle was wearing a long cloak fastened in front of her, with no sign of her arms, and a pair of Ray bans covered her eyes.  Finally, a large black scarf covered her hair and ears, tied at the back of her head.


Tony and I looked at each other, and then Sam and I looked at each other, before I said “Hey Dave – what’s happening?”


He stopped suddenly – his mum walking into him before she stopped – and stared at the four of us.


“Ah…  Err….  I thought there would be nobody here at this time…”


“So did we,” I said quietly, “where are you and your mum going?”


“Oh nowhere – nowhere in particular – nowhere at all really…”


“Hllssssdnnn,” Sam said, Dave gawping at her but his mother making no sign of having heard her.  She slowly walked over, and as he turned his mother turned also, as I saw her red lips on…


“She’s wearing a flesh coloured tape gag, isn’t she,” Tony said, and he was right – as they came closer, I saw the edge of the tape covering her mouth, and the red lips drawn on with lipstick.


“Oh my,” I said quietly, “have you been looking at John Willie’s work recently?”


“Well,” Dave said as he blushed, “I found my mum’s copy of this book, and – well, she wanted to try it out.”


“Let me guess – arms tied tightly behind the back and to her body.”


“Wthshpnnng,” Danielle said as Dave opened the cloak, and we saw the bands of rope around her waist, chest and shoulders, hugging her white cashmere sweater to her body.


“It’s all right, mum, just checking,” Dave said as he closed the cloak again.  Removing the Ray bans, we saw the pads of cotton wool taped over her eyes, and also saw the thin black wires on each side of her neck going under the scarf.

“iPod held in by the scarf?”


“Ngenousss” Jessica said.


“Oh – I forgot to introduce you yesterday.  Dave, this is Tony and Jessica.  We met them in LA.”


“Pleased to meet you,” Dave said as she shook their hands.  “Well, I guess Mum and I should…”






“When you were looking at Mum on Sunday – why?”


“Well, she is hot…”


“Yeah, so I hear – apart from that?”


“Well, I was going to ask her why I saw her in the shop I got this cloak and the ropes in last week, but Mum stopped me.”


“Oh? What shop?”


“Loving Embrace – it’s at the back of the mall.”


“Okay – thanks, and Dave?”


He looked at me as I said “your secret’s safe with me.”


“So’s yours – clear tape?”


Same and Jessica nodded as he smiled, and said “I’ll need to try that with mum some time.  See you around.”


As they walked down the path, Tony said “What was that about?”


“Mum’s got a secret friend – one she’s spending a lot of time with recently.  I did wonder if it was my mate Dave there, but I don’t think it is now.”


“Well, we’re going to the mall later – we could have a look in this place, see what it offers?”


“Sndssgdd,” Sam said as she stood up, and we resumed our walk.




“That’s better,” Sam said as I removed the tape and cloth back in the car, “who would have thought Dave and his mum had it in them?”


“We all have our little secrets,” Jessica said as she rubbed her wrists.  “Guys, can you untie our legs as well – I don’t want any problems at the mall.”


“Sure,” I said as we untied the ropes, and then I got behind the wheel, driving off as a light rain started to fall.  It took about an hour to get to the mall, and as I parked we walked quickly into JC Penney’s.


“So where is this mysterious store,” Tony said as we consulted the store guide.


“There it is – behind the cinema.”


“Right – why don’t I go and get the tickets, and the three of you head for the store.  I’ll meet you inside.”


Sam nodded as the three of them peeled off to the left and I went to the ticket office, buying four tickets before I slipped round the side and across the car park.  The store itself was there, the sign bright and clear, and the written sign in the window of “Over 21’s only” very clear.


So was the police car outside, as I saw Sheriff Majors get out of his car, look both ways and then walk in.  I started praying the others either were not spotted or got out – before I jumped out of my skin as a hand was clamped on my shoulder.


“Don’t do that to me,” I said as I turned to see Sam, “how come you didn’t go in?”


“Because I recognised someone else in there – our Civics teacher.”


“Miss Boone?  I never knew she had it in her…  So Tony and Jessica are in there?”


“Hmm – I don’t think we can go in if Majors has gone in, true?”


“True – why do you think he’s in there anyway?”


Before we could get an answer to the question, Sheriff Majors came out and placed a brown bag in his car, before he got in and drove off.  A few minutes later we saw Miss Boone come out, wearing a black all in one suit with the legs tucked into brown suede boots, and walk in the opposite direction, a grey bag over her shoulder.


Tony and Jessica came out and walked over to us.  “Interesting place, very well laid out,” Tony said, “so why didn’t you come in?”


“Apart from the local sheriff paying the place a visit – as was our Ethics teacher?”


“That’s a double ooch,” Jessica said.  “Come on – let’s go and see that film and we can grab a bite to eat afterwards.”


I called mum to let her know what was happening, and then the four of us went in, with me still wondering if the mystery friend was Tom Majors or not…





“Tom Majors?  Not a chance.”


Kristen laughed as she sat with us at the California Pizza Company table – she had come in to meet her boyfriend and go to a late film, and we had just finished eating.


“What?  Are you saying he would not be a good match for Mum?”


“No I’m not saying that,” Kristen said, “it’s just I know who he is seeing – and it’s not mum.  Not unless mum is suddenly three inches smaller and a redhead.”


“Three inches…  You have got to be kidding me?”


Kristen looked at her watch, then at me before she said “come with me – and if anyone asks, you’re all my guests.”


We left the money for the food and went with Kristen to a bar across the road from the mall.  As we went in, the doorman said “Hey K – friends of yours?”


“Yeah – I’m taking them upstairs if that’s okay?”


The doorman nodded as we went up a narrow staircase.  At the top, Kristen turned and said “mot a word to mum about this,” and then opened it, showing us into what was obviously the upper floor.  It was one long room, with tables and comfortable chairs, and a few people sitting in the dim light. 


We walked over and sat by a table, Kristen calling over a waiter and ordering five beers.


“What is this place,” I said as I looked around.


“It’s a private club – I’m a member, but I have an hour to spare before I meet the boyfriend.  You need to see this to understand…”


The lights dimmed even more as the waiter brought our beers over, and I saw Tom Mason come into the spotlight that shone down on the stage.  He was dressed casually – black t-shirt, jeans, and trainers, and as he looked round I could see him smiling.


“Welcome to tonight’s demonstration,” he said quietly, “of love bondage.  Tonight, we shall demonstrate the safe hog tie, but also how it can enhance the pleasure of the subject as well as you.  Please welcome to the stage my partner, Carol.”


Sam and I had to stop ourselves gasping as Miss Boone came into the light, her red hair falling down her back, the red vest top hugging her chest as the matching satin shorts hugged her behind.


“For an ethics teacher, she’s a looker,” Tony whispered as Tom said “As always, we will be using pre-prepared rope, washed to remove all starch and thoroughly dried.  We start, as usual, with the wrists.”  He turned Carol to the side and crossed her wrists, using a suitable length of white rope to bind them tightly together, taking several passes around her arms and then between them.


“Remember, cinching the ropes helps to take up the clack, and keep the coils in neat layers to prevent rubbing and catching,” the sheriff said as he tied the ropes off, and tucked them into the binding.  “Now, take a longer length of rope – about twelve feet, and use it as a belt around the waist, letting the ends drop in front of your partner.”


He passed the rope around Carol’s waist, tying a simple hitch knot at the front under her belly button and then letting the ropes drop to the front.


“At this point, if you wish to do an elbow tie, to would be best to do so, using the techniques I showed last week.  Remember always to check your partner is happy – but tonight I have other plans, so don’t worry Carol, no need for that.


“Instead, take the ropes – the more adventurous of you may wish to tie strategically placed knots, but not tonight, as this is a first time demonstration.  If the partner is male, remember to separate the ends and take them either side of the scrotum.  If female, keep the lengths together as you take the ends between the legs, and gently – gently pull them up behind your partner.”


We watched as he tied the crotch rope on Carol, seeing her gasp and smile as he pressed her shorts against her body and then secured the rope to her wrists, leaving short ends dangling behind her back.


“Note we have some rope left – we will deal with the later.  For now, we deal with the binding of the upper body – I will be doing the classic rope bra tie tonight.”


As he got to work, Kristen said “that’s how I know it can’t be Tom – he is a regular demonstrator here, and he and Carol have been seeing each other for at least six months now.”


“But she’s our Ethics teacher,” Sam said as we watched her arms being pressed into her sides, the vest stretching over her chest as Tom took the rope above, below, and eventually between her breasts.


“And is she doing anything that contradicts what she teaches?  Mark, everyone is entitled to their private life,” Kristen said as Tom turned her round, took the dangling lengths of rope and tied them to the chest ropes behind her back.


“There – now her upper body is immobilised, but she is also able to gain some pleasure as she tries to move around.  Now for her legs – please, sit down on the floor, Carol.”


Out teacher sat and crossed her ankles as Tom started to bind them together, and Kristen finished her beer.   Once Carol’s ankles and knees were secured, Tom helped her to lie on the floor and rolled her over, pulling her ankles back and tying them to her chest ropes.


“You may, of course, choose to bind the ankles to your partner’s wrists,” he said as he stood up, “and if you have secured those to the crotch rope as well, that can add to the stimulation.  You must always be safety conscious, however, and for a lot of people the strain on the wrists would be very uncomfortable, so the chest ropes provide a safe and secure alternative anchor – and as they pull on them, it provides stimulation in another form.


“Now we need to keep Carol here nice and quiet – open wide my dear.”


I watched, and could see Tony was fascinated as well, as he pushed a sponge into Carol’s mouth and then covered her lips with white tape.


“Now, as always you may feel free to come and inspect the work, or try yourself – I will be available to provide guidance if you so wish”


“And that is our cue to leave, quietly,” Kristen said as she stood up, “before Tom arrests me for bringing you all in here.”  We stood up and left the room, heading outside as Kristen looked at her watch.


“Right – I need to go.  I’ll see you at home later Mark,” she said as she went over to the mall.


“Want to come back to my place,” Sam said as we walked back to the car.


“Actually, would it be awful if I asked you and Sam to drop us off at Sam’s place,” Jessica said, “I’m keen to try that technique with someone…”


“All right then,” Sam said, “just don’t disturb Mum.  I’ll drop you off and then head round to Mark’s for a while.”


I dropped them off, and then drove Sam to my house.  As we went in, the light was on in the front room, but it was quiet.


“Mum must have gone to bed,” I said as I closed the door to the front room, “so how are you feeling?”


“Horny as hell – this rope has been rubbing all day, you know…”


“Well,” I said as I put my arms round her neck, “would you like a little relief?”


“I wouldn’t say no,” Sam said with a smile before we started to kiss each other, and I put my hands down her body…




“Want a drink?”


Sam nodded sleepily as she lay on the couch, while I got up and put my pants back on.  The damp rope sat on the floor, while I went into the kitchen and found two cans of soft drink.


When I came back in, Sam had gone upstairs, I presumed to go to the toilet.  I put one of the cans on the coffee table, and opened the other, but then I heard Sam whisper “Mark?”


Turning round, I looked at her as she beckoned to me with her finger.  I followed her out and up the stairs, stopping outside Mum’s room.


“I had just finished on the toilet when I heard a noise in here,” Sam whispered, “so I peeked in.  You need to see this for yourself.”


I looked in the half open door and could see Mum lying on the bed, wearing – well nothing, if truth be told, save the four silk scarves that had been used to secure her wrists and ankles so that she lay spread-eagled on top of the covers.  A pair of panties had been pushed into the mouth, and a final scarf used as a cleave gag to hold them in place.


Nothing really that unusual in itself – what was was the person lying next to her, their head on mum’s chest as they quietly slept, their arm around mum’s waist.


I looked at Sam, and then back in, before I mouthed “Oh my god” and we went back downstairs.


“I did see correctly, didn’t I,” I said as we sat back on the couch.


“If you didn’t then I didn’t either,” Sam said as she picked up her drink.  “That was…”




“And they were…”




“Which means…”


“It seems to mean that, doesn’t it?”  I took a drink from my can, and then said “I didn’t even know…”


We then heard steps on the staircase, and watched as the room door opened.


“Ah – I guess you’re wondering about upstairs?”


Sheila Cann was standing in the doorway, wearing one of mum’s gowns as she looked at both of us.  “It had crossed my mind,” I said quietly as she gave a shy little smile, “actually, two things had crossed my mind after I saw you both lying there.”


“Mark – play nice,” Sam said as she stood up.  “Can I get you something to drink Mrs Cann?”


“It’s Sheila, Samantha – and thank you, I’ll have what you’re having,” she said as she sat down.  “The truth is Mark, I don’t think your mum quite knows how to explain what’s happened between us.”


“Well, you have to admit, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting – did you tie her to the bed?”


“Yes I did – that’s how it started,” she said as Sam came back and handed her a drink.  “She came round to see me on another matter, and we got talking about films and other things. Well, one thing led to another, and she told me about what had happened to her, you and your sister – the good things and the bad.


“It – it excited me, so I asked her to tie me up.  She did, and then watched me as I tried to get free before she gagged me.  After a while, she gave me the chance to do the same to her – and we’ve been practicing on each other for a while now.”


“So I saw,” Sam said quietly as she looked at me.  “I’m sorry, Mark, but better if I ask – you are intimate as well?”


Sheila blushed as she said “that was the real surprise – and no, it wasn’t a case of me seducing your mum.  It just – happened, and she couldn’t be happier.  I hope you and your sister can be happy for us as well.”


“Well, I can’t speak for Kristen,” I said as I looked at Sam, “but if mum’s happy, I’m happy.  I don’t understand why you have to be the way you are at church, though.”


“Because we want to keep it private – look, I’ll go and release your mother, and then we can talk properly.”


She left the room for a few minutes, returning with my mother, who had put on a robe as well and was looking very sheepish.


“I guess you had to find out at some point,” she said as she sat down.  “Well?”


“I’m glad you’re happy,” I said quietly, “but it’s going to take some getting used to.  What do you think Kristen will say?”


“About what?”


We all looked to the door to see Kristen standing there, looking at us.  Mum took a deep breath, and said “about me and Sheila here being in a relationship.”


“Oh,” Kristen said quietly, and then smiled as she said “so you finally decided to come clean, did you?  I wondered how long it would take.”


“You knew?”


“YOU KNEW?” I said louder than mum.  “You said you had no idea.”


“Yeah – I lied.  I wasn’t about to say anything until mum said it, but honestly – I know Sheila’s car registration, and it’s been parked outside a few times over the last few weeks.”


“Clever girl,” mum said, “and thank you for not saying anything.”


“So what happens now?”


“Why should anything happen,” Sheila said as she looked at me.  “Although there is one thing, now that you know, that you could do for me and your mother?”


“Oh – what’s that?”


“We’ve tied each other up,” mum said, “but we’ve never both been tied up at the same time.  Could you…”


“I’ve an idea,” Sam said.  “It’s getting late – why don’t we do a five way tomorrow.  You and Tony can be the intruders, and secure all five of us.”


“You up for that Sheila?”


As she nodded, I said “Right then – I’ll drop you off Sam, and you get Tony to call me…”




The next morning found Mum and Kristen sitting at the breakfast table.  Mum had on a pair of blue jeans, as well as a blue and white striped polo shirt, and black pirate boots made of felt, while Kristen was wearing a white roll necked sweater over grey leggings and knee length leather boots.


“Hello, Regina,” Sam said as she came in with Jessica, “where’s Mark?”


“He’ll be back in a little while – can I get you girls a drink,” she said as she stood up.  Sam was wearing a black t-shirt, blue denim shorts, tights and sneakers, while Jessica was wearing a pleated black skirt and a white blouse under her leather jacket.


“I’ll get it,” Kristen said as she went to the door, returning with Sheila Cann.  Wearing a black sweater, knee length skirt and black leather boots, she sat down and said “So what happens now?”


“Nobody move – just put your hands on your heads and remain very still.”


They all turned and looked at me and Tony as we stood in the doorway.  We both had stockings pulled down over our heads, and wore leather jackets fastened to the neck as well as leather gloves.  Tony was carrying a large holdall, while I had a starter’s pistol in my hand.


“Oh my god,” Sheila said quietly, “what’s going on?”


“A raid – now like I said, stay very still in those chairs,” I said as Tony put the bag down, and drew out five lengths of cord, which he used to secure the wrists of each of the ladies together behind their backs.


“Right then,” I said quietly, “we need to keep you ladies safe and separate, so I want you all to stand up and come with us.  Sooner we do this, sooner we leave you all alone.  Let’s go upstairs.”


As the five women stood up, they talked quietly to each other while we walked up the stairs.  Reaching the landing, I looked at Kristen and said “Which one’s your room?”


She indicated her bedroom door, as Tony opened it and we walked in.  “You four don’t move,” I said as Tony opened the bag and handed me some rope, which I used to tie my sister’s arms to her side while Tony knelt down and started to tie her ankles and legs together.  She was soon squirming round as the ropes rubbed her chest from below and above.


“Hop over to the bed and lie down,” I said as we produced more ropes, and I started to bind Sam’s arms to her sides while Tony took care of Jennifer.  As the ropes forced their chests back, Kristen wriggled on the bed and looked at us.


I walked over and pulled her ankles back, securing them to her chest ropes while Tony eased a folded scarf into her mouth, and then covered her lips with white micropore tape.  Nodding, we left her in there and made our way into my room.


“Right,” I said as I looked at Sam, “open your mouth and say Ah.”


“Why,msmsmsmmmm” she said as I pushed the cloth into her mouth, and then taped her red lips over – right after I kissed them through the nylon stocking.  Once Tony had kissed and gagged Jennifer, we made them both lie face down on the bed, bound their ankles and legs and hogtied them, before I said “Watch them both – I’ll take care of these two ladies.”


Tony nodded as I took Sheila and mum through to her bedroom, and dropped the bag on the bed.


“Right – both of you, turn and keep your backs to me,” I said as I took out more rope.


“What do you think he’s going to do to us, Regina,” Sheila said as I passed some rope around my mum’s arms, below her chest, and pulled tight, taking the rope above and below her chest as I secured her upper body.


“Just stay calm, Sheila,” mum said as I tied the ropes off, “he won’t hurt us if we do as he says.”


“Quite right,” I said as I started to bind Sheila’s upper body, “all we want are your valuables.”  She gave a little gasp as I pulled the ropes tighter, her black jumper stretching over her chest as I tightened them again and again.


“You’re both fine looking ladies, you’ll be fine,” I said as I tied the ropes off, and then said “Kneel on the floor, facing each other.”


“What are you going to do to us,” Sheila said as I knelt behind her, and started to bind her ankles, the rope rubbing on her boots.


“Make sure you two can’t move or get away easily,” I said as I secured her ankles, taking the rope between her legs as well, and then her legs above her knees, then did the same for my mum.  I then picked up two cloths, and the white tape, and said “time to be quiet – open wide now.”




Sheila merely nodded as I pushed the cloth into her mouth, and then taped her lips over, gagging mum in the same way before I used more rope to tie their upper bodies together.  As they came face to face, I saw mum lean her head to the side and press her gagged lips against Sheila, the move reciprocated as they struggled, their bodies rubbing against each other.


“I’ll leave you now, and get on with robbing the place,” I said as I closed the door on them, low moans coming from that direction as I went back to my room…


“All secure?”


“All secure,” I said to Tony as I sat next to Sam and stroked her hair away from her face.  “So what are we going to do with our captives here?”


“Oh I think we can find something to distract them while we rob the place,” Tony said quietly as he slipped his hand between Jennifer’s legs, her moans joined by Sam as I started to gently rub her thigh as well.  As they wriggled round, we moved our hands under their bodies, making them groan even more with our gentle attentions.


Sam opened her eyes and nodded as I leaned over and kissed her neck, seeking to pleasure her as much as the current situation would allow...


A short while later, I looked in the room to see Mum and Sheila with their heads on each other’s shoulder.  Mum looked up at me and nodded as I untied them from each other, and then untied her wrists.


“Thanks,” she whispered, “can you give us a few minutes?  We’ll be down for lunch after that.”


I nodded and left her to untie herself and Judith, going down to the kitchen where the others were waiting.


“How are they,” Kristen said as she sipped her coffee.


“Happy I think would be the right word,” I said as I sat down.  “I left them to sort themselves out.”


“It’s weird,” Kristen said quietly, “now that we can be a bit more open amongst ourselves, I have to say this is something I never thought would happen.”


“Does it bother you though,” Sam asked as she looked over.


“Nope – not at all.  She’s still our mum, after all.”


“That’s right, I am,” Mum said as she came in with Sheila, both having recovered themselves.  “Still, thank you for saying that.”


“Listen – I had an idea, but you can shoot it down in flames if you want,” Sheila said.  “We’d like to say thank you to you and Tony for what you did this morning.”


“Oh?  Can I ask how?”


“Let Regina and I discuss that – we’ll get back to you in the morning.”




I came down to breakfast to find Mum and Kristen sitting at the table, having breakfast and talking to each other.


“Hey – what’s happening,” I said as I poured myself some coffee.


“Nothing much – Sam rang.  Can you meet her and the others at the coffee shop at eleven?”


“Sure – no problem,” I said as I sat down.  “What are you going to be doing today?”


“Course work,” Kristen said.


“And I need to go into the office, so I’ll see you tonight.”




“Hey,” Sam said as I came in, “how are you today Mark?”


“Can’t complain,” I said as I kissed her, “where’s Tony and Jessica?”


“They wanted some time shopping,” she said as she sipped her mocha, “I told mum and Aunt Jennifer about your mum last night.  Want to hear what they said?”


“Go on, what did they say?”


“Good for them,” Sam said with the biggest grin possible.  “So what do you...”


I took my cell phone out and looked at it, frowning slightly.


“What’s wrong?”


“I’m not sure,” I said, “mum’s working late, and asked me to start dinner.”


“Want some company?”


“Sure,” I said as we finished out drinks, and then walked out...



“Kristen can’t be home yet,” I said as I closed the door behind us, “you go through to the front room and I’ll get some drinks.”


Sam nodded as she went into the room, but before I got to the kitchen I heard her call out “Mark?  Can you come in here please?”


“Sure, what’s...”  I went in to see two women dressed in black jumpers and leggings, one with a gloved hand on Sam’s shoulder while the other looked at me.  Both were wearing black balaclavas, showing only their eyes and mouths.


“We need to keep these two out of our way,” the woman holding Sam said.


“Agreed – both of you, strip to your underwear.”


“We’d better do as they said,” I whispered to Sam, who nodded as she removed her clothes, standing there in a white bra and panties while I was in blue boxer shorts.


“You,” the second woman said as she handed me some rope, “do you know what a crotch rope is?”


I nodded as she said “right – tie one on your girlfriend here, and then tie her wrists together in front of her.”


I nodded and smiled at Sam as I passed the rope around her waist, then down and between her legs, kissing her as I pulled it up and tied it just below her navel, before using the remaining rope to bind her wrists crossed in front of her.


“Well, this could get interesting,” Sam whispered into my ear as the two women made me hug her, her hands pressing on my front as my own wrists were crossed and tied behind her back, and then secured to the rear of her crotch rope.


We were then bound together even more with rope around our stomachs and our upper arms, Sam pressed even more tightly against me as I move my wrists slightly.


“Ohhmmmmm – do that and we could both be in trouble,” she whispered into my ear.


“You can talk,” I whispered back as I felt her hands cupping my manhood, and smiled even more at that.  The two masked women then made us lie on the floor, and cross our legs around each other before they bound our ankles, and then our legs together above and below our knees.


As we rubbed against each other, I moaned as well.


“We need to keep them quiet,” one of the women said, and they pushed a folded cloth into each of our mouths, before covering them with white medical tape.  Sam looked into my eyes, and I nodded as we pressed our taped lips against each other, my wrists slowly moving up and down as she caressed me between our bodies.


“Let’s leave them to it,” I heard them say, but I wasn’t really paying that much attention at that time – I was busy enjoying what was happening to me, and helping Sam to enjoy her experience, as I pulled the rope to and fro, listening to her moans grow in volume and passion.


Mind you, I matched them with my own, as I felt the pressure growing there too.  And I knew Sam was enjoying herself as well, as we kissed and moved...




A while later, we were both resting on the floor as I looked to the door, having heard someone jumping towards it.  I then saw Kristen jumping in, wearing only a bikini, trussed like a sausage with rope between as well as round her legs, and white tape covering her mouth.


“Stttlrrtt,” she said as she looked at us, waiting until we looked at each other and nodded before she jumped in and let herself lie on the couch.  She sighed and then nodded – she had obviously had a very personal time as well.


I had one thought on my mind now – much as I had enjoyed this, revenge was required.  But how could I top this?


Eventually, we all looked to the door as Mum came in, and untied Kristen’s arms, leaving her to free us.  Once she had untied her legs and removed her gag, she untied our upper bodies and legs, followed by my wrists.


“I’ll let you two get dressed,” she whispered as I nodded, and then left us to regain some decency.


“You know what this means,” I said as I removed Sam’s tape and cloth.


“Oh yes – war.  And I have the perfect idea for the finale with all the adults...”



Saturday morning was, as is usually the case, a get together for coffee with our parents.  When I came down, Mum was fussing more than usual over the table with the cakes and other food items.


“You’d almost think you were expecting an extra visitor,” I said as I poured myself some coffee.  Mum had on a white short sleeved blouse and a pair of black leatherette leggings, with heeled sandals.


“I am,” she said as she looked at me, “Jennifer and Linda are meeting Sheila today for the first time as my partner.”


“Good morning,” Linda said as she came in with Jennifer, Sam, Tony and Jessica.  Tony, like me, was wearing a pair of jeans and a polo shirt, while Sam was in her favourite black t-shirt, tights and shorts.  Jessica was wearing her denim dress with a jumper underneath, with mid-length boots, but I could tell from the expression on their faces and the way they walked something else was being worn by them.


Jennifer was also wearing grey jeans, the legs in baggy black felt boots, and a sleeveless blouse, while Linda was wearing a grey jumper and slacks. 


“Well, let me put the coffee on, and we can all talk,” Mum said as she went to the machine.


“Where’s Kristen this morning,” Sam said as she sat next to me.


“Work – she won’t be back until tonight.”  I watched mum as she laid out the coffee cups, and poured some in, before there was a knock on the front door.


“I’ll get it,” she said as she went off, returning with her hand in Sheila’s.


“Hi Sheila,” Linda said as she looked up, “and congratulations.”


“Thanks,” Sheila said as she blushed.  She was actually dressed in brown – a silk blouse over a roll neck sweater, pleated skirt and tight knee length leather boots.


“Well, now that all four of you are here,” I said with a smile, “are you ready for today’s challenge?”


“We are,” Jennifer said, “once we finish our coffees.  What do you have in mind?”


“Oh it’s a surprise,” I said quietly, “you’ll see.”


A short while later, Mum, Sheila, Linda and Jennifer were standing in the front room, looking at the four of us.


“Today’s challenge,” I said quietly, “needs you to be stripped down to bra and panties.  Please, get ready now.”


“Sounds like fun,” Sheila said as she unbuttoned her blouse, the other three following her example until they all stood in their underwear.


“Now,” I said as I held up four scarves, “use one of these to blindfold yourselves.”


Mum took the first one, folded it into a band and then tied it over her eyes, the other three doing the same before Jennifer said “And now?”


“Now, we begin,” Sam said as I opened a large box of ropes, and we each took one, using them to wrap round the other’s arms and pull their elbows together behind their backs.


“Ohhhh that’s different,” Sheila said as I wrapped the ropes around them, almost making her elbows touch but wrapping the rope around the band between them instead.  We then took more rope and tied their wrists together, cinching them as they stayed palm to palm, before we nodded to each other.


“Hey, what are you doing now,” Linda said as she felt Jessica tie her thumbs together with a length of thin cord, the others all getting the same treatment, before we started to bind their arms to their bodies with rope above and below their chests, forcing their breasts out, and then taking the ropes under one arm, around the back of their necks, and under the other arm, pulling the bands even tighter.


They became tighter still when we also passed the rope between their breasts, under the lower band and back up again.


“Have you guys any idea how this makes me feel,” Linda said as she wriggled her remaining fingers.


“We have a good idea, Aunt Linda,” Sam said as we all collected something from the box, “but now, you all need to open your mouths.”


“Talk to you girls later,” Sheila said as Tony pushed a folded pair of clean panties into her mouth, the others getting the same thing, followed by a rolled up chiffon scarf as a cleave gag.   We then took a roll of micropore tape each, and wrapped it round their heads, leaving them able to do little more than mumble.


“Time to test it,” I said as I looked at the others, and they all nodded, as we tied one end of a length of rope to the top band between their breasts, and let it drop to the floor.  Walking behind the four captives, we knelt, took our hands between their legs, grabbed the rope and pulled it up.


“Hmmgdddd,” Sheila moaned as she felt the rope on her own panties, while Tony secured the rope to her elbows.  We all did the same to our captives, before I said “We’re going for a little walk.  Just let us guide you.”


We took them by the arm and helped them to walk out of the front room and up the stairs, their muffled moans the only sounds as we took them into Mum’s room, and helped them all to lie face down on the floor.


We worked from there, crossing and binding their ankles together, securing their legs together below their knees, and then pulling their ankles back, securing them to the crotch ropes and making them moan even more.


“Did you get them Tony,” I whispered as our friend nodded, and slipped out for a few minutes, while the three of us rolled our older relatives onto their sides.


“The challenge will begin when you feel the signal,” I said quietly.


“Whnwnwflthsgnll?  WhtsgnllMMMFFKGNNGGDDDDD!”


That last expression from Mum was probably due to the fact I had pushed one vibrator into her panties, under the crotch rope, and another under the ropes between her breasts.  Linda, Jennifer and Sheila all got the same gifts, the four of them trying not to move as the low rate worked its magic on them.


“Enjoy,” I said as the four of us slipped quietly out and walked downstairs, Kristen shaking her head as she saw us come down.


“When does your flight leave,” she said as she looked at Tony and Jessica.


“Three – we thought we’d take them to lunch and see them off, if you don’t mind keeping an eye on them.”


“If they decide to take revenge on me, I will have my revenge on you,” Kristen said with a twinkle in her eye.


“I’d expect nothing else,” I said as I held Sam’s hand. 


“Pleasure to meet you, Kristen,” Tony and Jessica said as they hugged her, “say goodbye to your mum and friends for us.”


“Have a good trip,” Kristen said as we left with them, getting into the car and heading to my favourite diner.  We knew Kristen would keep them safe.


But as to what happened when we got back – that’s another story...










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