Birthday Surprise








Ajitha smiled as she walked up the path to the front door of her sister’s house in Bangalore.  She had spent the day working in her office, and was wearing a green tunic with elbow length sleeves, the cuffs and neck decorated in gold cloth, and matching pants.  A crimson dupatta hung loosely over her shoulders, while she wore bangles on her wrists and a pair of silver sandals.


Knocking on the door, she opened it and said “Aneeka, are you there?”  There was no answer at first, so she closed the door behind herself and said again “Aneeka?”


The silence was deafening, as she made her way into the front room – and then stopped in shocked silence.


Her sister was lying on her side on a long recliner, looking up at her.  She was wearing a purple tunic with very short sleeves covering her shoulders, the chest open as a V and a gold and purple floral pattern in stripes at the front, turquoise pants, high heeled sandals and a purple and blue dupatta around her neck and shoulders.


In itself, that was not unusual for Aneeka.  What was were the bands of rope around her arms and chest, forcing it up and out as it held her arms to her sides, and the fact her wrist seemed to be pinned behind her back.  Her ankles were also crossed and tied with brown rope, and her legs secured together below her knees.  She also had a wide strip of white tape covering her mouth, her eyes wide over it as she made muffled attempts to speak.


“Aneeka, what happened,” Ajitha said as she walked forward, only to be stopped as she felt something press against her back, and a voice say “Don’t speak, don’t scream.  Very slowly, put your hands behind your back.”


“WH…. Who are you,” she stammered.


“Never mind that just now – hands behind your back, nice and slowly.”


“All right, but please – don’t hurt me,” Ajitha said as she moved her hands behind her, and felt someone crossing them before the rope rubbed over her wrists, her bracelets jangling as they were tied tightly together.  She felt the rope going around and between them as they were pulled more and more tightly together.




She dropped to her knees, taking care not to catch her tunic, as more rope was passed around her body, pulling her arms into her sides as it tightened under her chest, and then was passed round again and again, above and below her breasts as she felt herself more and more restricted.  That was made more effective by more rope going under her arms, and pulling the two bands of rope together.


“Why are you doing this,” she said quietly, but there was no reply as the ropes were tied off, and she was made to lay face down, a cushion placed under her head.


She looked back, but the voice said “don’t” as her ankles were crossed and tied tightly together, and then her legs blow her knees.  She felt the hands through the thin fabric of her pants as the rope went around and between her legs, and then gasped as her legs were pulled back.


She glanced over at Aneeka, who rolled over and showed her the rope connecting her ankles to the back of her chest, and then felt the same thing happening to her, as they were secured in place.  A hand appeared in front of her, holding a folded scarf, and the voice commanded “open your mouth.”


“No – I promise I’ll be quiet…”


She felt a hand pull gently on her plaited black hair, and the voice repeated “Open your mouth.”


“All right,” Ajitha said as she opened as wide as she could, and allowed her binder to push the scarf into her mouth, before he pressed a length of the white fabric tape over her lips, pressing it firmly in place.


“Ryllrrttejeeta” Aneeka mumbled, her sister nodding as her binder stood up and walked out.






Ajitha nodded, and tried wriggling round, looking for some give in the ropes, but there was none.


Suddenly, without warning, she felt hands behind her as her dupatta was pulled up and over her eyes, the cloth blinding her as he felt it knotted tightly at the back of her head.


“WTHSGNGGGG” she called out as she heard a muffled gasp from Anneka as well, and then two pairs of hands lifting her up, carrying her and placing her on some cushions.


“Hwssthrhrr” she heard Aneeka say as she was placed next to her, and then to the shock of both of them they started moving – they were in some sort of van or car, but being taken where?


Ajitha started to struggle, desperate to free herself, but there was no give in the ropes, no loosening of the tape over her mouth, and no way she could think of to get her blindfold off.


The vehicle suddenly stopped, and Ajitha felt her ankles been released from her chest, before she was carried again and then sat on a chair.


“Nneekaka” she called out, wondering what was happening and where her sister was, when her dupatta was suddenly removed.


The room she was in was pitch black, as she looked round and said “snnbedeehtrhr?”




The room was flooded with light, Ajitha squinting as she saw all her friends and family there, with a large banner behind them that read “Happy Birthday Ajitha!”


“Surprise,” Aneeka said as her sons came forward and untied her sister, “but we had to get you here somehow.  You should never have told me about that dream you had with Akshay Kumar kidnapping you.”


She was too stunned to say anything, before her nephew removed the tape and the gag.


“You are so dead,” she said as she looked at Aneeka, and then they embraced, as she went on to greet her other family and friends…









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