It was the Thursday night when Mum dropped the bombshell on us.


“I need to go away for the weekend,” she said as we sat round the dinner table, “And I haven’t been able to find a live in babysitter.  Kristin - you’re going to be in charge.


Kristin looked up, before saying “I’m in charge?  Great - does this mean we get to have a party?”  Mum smiled and shook her head, before saying “I’ll be going on Saturday morning, and back Sunday afternoon.  You need to keep the house tidied, and I’ll expect you to make sure Mark gets his homework done, but apart from that I trust you on your own.  I don’t want anyone else around.”


Kristin shrugged - the weather had turned colder, and she was wearing a checked blouse over a black and white t-shirt, jeans and socks pulled up over her legs.  “Fair enough - at least I get to be in charge.”  She winked at me as she said this - I may be bigger than her, but she is the older sibling, so it’s not like I have a lot to say about the matter.


“Good,” Mum said as she gathered up the dishes, “I’m glad we got that settled.”  We said no more about it until Friday night, when Kristin pulled me to one side.


“You’re not planning to go anywhere tomorrow, are you,” she whispered into my ear.  I shook my head, to which she said “Good - I have a plan.  Just make sure you get as much work as you can do tonight.”  I wondered what she was up to - but when I came down to breakfast the next morning, I soon found out.


I came down to find Mum finishing her cup of coffee, dressed in a smart light grey jacket and skirt, a cream coloured blouse under the jacket and matching tights, and grey leather shoes.  Kristin was sitting at the breakfast bar, wearing a short gown over her body as she looked at me.


“I have got to get going right now,” Mum said as she hugged me and grabbed her handbag.  “I’ll call both of you later - have a good time.”  She walked quickly out of the room and we sat there, listening to the sound of the car been driven away.


“Well,” Kristin eventually said as I poured myself some orange juice, “did you get your work done?”


“Almost all of it,” I said as I sat down, “There’s some stuff I cannot do until later, because I need to watch the news tonight and do a report on what I think of it.  Are you going to tell me why you wanted me to get it all done?”


Kristin smiled before saying “Because I want you to play with me today.  Today, Mark is officially Bondday.”


“Bondday,” I said, playing the innocent but secretly excited at what she might be suggesting, “What’s that?”


“I know you like tying me up, and I like been tied up.  I want you to bind and gag me five different ways, in five different outfits, and play with me in those positions.”


All right, I admit it - I almost spat out my OJ when I heard that.  “You’re kidding,” I eventually said after I mopped the mess up, “What’s Mum going to say about that?”


“She doesn’t have to know - after all, I don’t officially know about Wednesday night, do I?”  She smiled at me when she said this - because Wednesday night, Mum had asked me to hogtie her in her nightdress so that she could spend the night tied up with a cleave gag between her lips.


“Fair point,” I eventually said, “so what’s the scenario going to be?”  We always liked to have some sort of underlying scenario for these situations.


“I need to go out to the bank for an hour this morning,” Kristin said as she stood up.  “When I come back, there’s a madman waiting to hold me hostage, and force me to be tied up in different outfits and ways.  Think that might happen?”


I nodded slowly as she went to the bathroom, and I started to think through a few things.  When she came back in, she was wearing a light blue silk blouse and a black knee length tight skirt, with dark stockings and three inch heel shoes on.


“I’ll be back in an hour,” she said as she picked up her black leather jacket and slipped it on, “And then who knows what might happen?”


Well, I did - but that was for her to find out.  Once the front door closed, I was up and heading to her room and mine, to sort some things out...





“That’s better,” Kristin said as she came back in some ninety minutes later.  “I never thought I was going to get away from the office.”


From my hiding place behind the living room door, I watched as she took her jacket off and hung it on the coat rack, and then walked in my direction, her heels clicking on the wooden floor.  As she walked into the living room, she saw the cushions I had scattered across the floor, and said “What the...”


That was my cue as I sneaked up behind her and pressed the barrel of a toy pistol into her back.  “Not a word, lady,” I snarled in my deepest voice, “Just put your hands in the air and stay nice and quiet.”


I smiled as she slowly raised her hands and said “Who are you?”   Turning round, she saw that I was wearing a black rolled neck sweater and jeans, with an old stocking pulled over my head.


“Oh my god,” she whispered as she looked at me, “Who are you, and what do you want?”


“I just need a place to lay low for a while,” I said as I sat down, “but you came back too early, so I’ll have to keep you out of the way.  See that chair over there?”


I pointed to a wooden chair, the back of which had a central wooden spar running down from top to bottom.  “Yeah,” Kristin said, “What about it?”


“Bring it over here and put it in the centre of the room, then sit on it with your hands on top of your head and don’t move unless I tell you.”


Kristin nodded as she walked over and picked up the chair, setting it down in the centre of the room and sitting on it with her ankles together and to the side of the chair.  I picked up a rucksack I had packed earlier and placed it in front of her, opening it so that she could see the coils of rope and other items inside.


“Please, you don’t have to tie me up, I’ll be good," she said quietly as she looked to me, but I didn’t reply.  Instead, I guided her hands down from her head and pulled them between the spars in the chair back, before tying her wrists together, hands palm to palm, and then securing them down against the central spar in the back.


“That hurts,” Kristin said as she looked over her shoulder, but I could see her wink so I knew I was all right.  Taking her ankles and placing them against the front leg of the chair, I tied them tightly together with rope as well, and then lashed them to where the chair leg was met by a spar between the front and back.  A second length went round her legs, just below her knees, before I stood up and stroked her shoulder length dark hair.


“Comfy,” I said in a slightly sarcastic tone, before I tied one end of a long length of rope to where the seat met the chair back, and started to wind it round her upper body, pinning her to the chair as I went around her and through the wooden back, until she could hardly move for the binding. 


“Please,” she said quietly as she looked at me, with a big smile on her face, “I’m not going anywhere, just leave me alone now.”


“Can’t do that, little lady,” I said with a cruel smile, “You might shout loud enough for someone to hear - open wide.”  I showed her a red bandana, with a white check pattern on it, which I had rolled into a thick band and tied a knot in the middle of.


“Oh please, donmmmgg HLPMMMM” she called out as I pushed the cotton wad into her mouth, and pulled the ends of the band tightly against her cheeks, securing the ends together at the base of her neck.  She tried twisting round, seeing if she could get any purchase against the ropes.  As for me, I stood back and watched her for a few minutes, before I decided it was time to be a little bit more evil.


“You’re never going to escape my evil clutches,” I said as I put my hands round her waist and started to tickle her ribs.  Kristin’s eyes shot open as she felt my fingers brushing against her sides, and she started mumbling in her gaga s she tried to stop herself from laughing out loud.


“Msmsmnnnnwhhahaaaaa” was all she could say as I teased her, before kneeling at her feet and pulling her shoes off.  Her eyes widened as she watched me doing this, trig desperately to get her feet out of the way, but it was no use  - her stocking covered soles were mine to play with.


Her muffled screams and laughter lasted a good fifteen minutes, before I took a little pity on her and stopped.  “I’m going to check out the rest of the house,” I eventually said as she looked at me, sweat running down her face, “and then I might just let you have something to eat.”  I walked out of the room and watched her from the stairs, as she tried once more to loosen the ropes holding her to the chair - with no success.


After a while, I went into the kitchen and started to prepare some lunch for both of us.  When I eventually came back in, I could see Kristin looking at me, her eyes telling me she had had enough of this position.


“Ready for lunch,” I said quietly, pulling off the stocking mask.  Kristin nodded, sitting still as I untied her, and then pulling the now very wet and dark gag out of her mouth.


“One down,” she said as she walked into the kitchen.  “And four to go,” I said as we sat down and started to eat the sandwiches.


“So what’s next on the agenda?”


“You dastardly captor has decided you are going to play a game of super heroine with him - and you’re the helpless captive in his clutches.”


“I’ll bet,” she said with a smile.  “So what do I get to wear as a costume?”


“I’ve put some stuff out on the bed,” I said with a smile, “I hope you like it...”






“All right - I guess I like it.”


Kristen was looking at herself in the mirror on her wardrobe door, dressed in the costume I had laid out for her.  It consisted of a blue bodysuit, a black one piece swimsuit, a pair of mum’s black opera gloves and her own knee length leather boots, which had the cuff turned down at the top.


“I think you look fantastic in it,” I said as I looked at the way the Lycra hugged her body.  “Anyway, lie face down on the bed and put your hands behind your back.”


“I beg your pardon,”   she said as she turned and looked at me, “Mighty Girl does not take orders from puny underlings such as yourself.”  She ran at me, reaching out to grab me with her arms, but I sidestepped and used a Wrestling move to guide her safely onto the bed, sitting across her as I grabbed her wrists and held them together behind her back.


“You can’t hold me,” Kristen smirked as she wriggled under me, “Mighty Girl is stronger than ten men.”


“Not when she is bound with Megamite laced rope, she isn’t!”  I held up a white and grey striped rope, and I actually smirked as I did so.  At least Kristen took it in good grace, as she pretended to shrink back and said “You Fiend!  You know that is my one weakness!”  As she slumped onto the bed, I pulled her gloved hands behind her back and lashed them tightly together, her wrist crossed as the rope went around and between them.


A second length went around her crossed ankles, the squeak of the rope as it rubbed against the leather making me smile as I pulled them together even more tightly.  Once the rope was secured and the coils cinched, I rolled her onto her back and said “You’re at my mercy now, Mighty Girl - and I can do whatever I want with you.  You should have just given in gracefully.”


“NEVER!!” As Kristen shouted this out, I started to wrap another coil of rope around her arms and chest, smiling as I watched the swimsuit stretch tightly over her already firming breasts.  She could see this happening as well, as she smiled and winked at me, saying “Good work, you evil man,” as she felt her arms been drawn into her side.


I laughed and said “How does that feel now Mighty Girl,” as I passed the rope under her arms and around the back of her neck, tightening the coils around her chest before I brushed my hand against them.  I felt her slight shiver before I took more rope and lashed her legs together below her knees, tickling the backs of her knees when I was done.


“HHHHAAAAAA,” Kristen screamed out before I rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her ankles back, the boots creaking as I tied more rope between her ankles and secured it to the ropes around her chest.  I then started to tickle her ribs, saying “Where is the secret been hidden, Mighty Girl?”  Hey, I’m a kid and this was torture in my mind.


It was torture to Kristen as well, her body stocking and swimsuit offering little or no protection as she thrashed around, laughing and screaming at the same time.  Eventually, she said “ENOUGH!” and told me to look in the cupboard downstairs.


“Very good,” I said as I shoed Kristen a small sponge ball, “But you need to be kept silent now.”  I slapped her bottom, and as she opened her mouth to protest I pushed the sponge in, placing my hand over her mouth as I tore the end of a roll of duct tape loose with my teeth.  Tearing a strip off, I removed my hand and stuck it firmly over her mouth, adding three more strips for extra silence.


“Mmmggggg,” Kristen mumbled as she started to roll around on the bed, attempting to break free as I left the room and watched from behind the door.  It was a sight to behold, as the latex stretched and moved over her body in time with her rocking, and the muffled calls from her gagged mouth were like music in my ears.  Eventually, however, I had to leave her alone - I had some preparations to make downstairs in the garage.





“Allrtuwn,” Kristen eventually mumbled as she looked up at me when I came back into the room.  Her dark hair was damp and hung limply round her face, as she panted through the gag.


Slowly, carefully, I untied her and allowed her to remove her own gag.  “I have to go to the toilet,” she eventually said after a few moments, “What do I need to have on for your next dastardly scheme?”


“You can take the boots and swimsuit off,” I said with a smile, “and then you can meet me downstairs in the living room - I’ll show you what I have planned then.”


“Good,” Kristen said as she unzipped and removed her boots.  “My legs were getting a bit stiff in them.”  She headed for the toilet as I picked something up from her drawer and headed down the stairs.


Fifteen minutes later, Kristen came in, the stirrups on the legs of her body stocking the only protection for her bare feet.  “So what are you going to do to me next?” 


“Do you still look at those sites on line - Hunter’s Lair, things like that?”   Kristen blushed slightly before saying “Maybe - why, what are you thinking of doing?”


“You’ll see,” I said as I prepared two lengths of rope.  “I need to start by asking you to put these on.”  I handed her a pair of her whit sports socks, which she looked at and said “On my feet?”


“No - on your hands.”


Kristen smiled as she slipped the white socks over her hands, as I said “I need to begin by tying your hands and arms together.”  I walked behind her and put her hands together, palm to palm, before tying her wrists tightly together over the socks, and then her elbows over her covered arms.


“That’s nice and snug,” Kristen said as she looked over her shoulder, “but I hope you’re not planning to keep my hands tied behind my back all day.”


“Not all day, no - but you need to come with me,” I said as I took her by the arm and walked her out of the house and into the garage.  I had arranged a couple of cushions there, which I walked her over to and stood her on.


“Well, this is nice,” she said as she looked round, “but I don’t see why you WHOOAOAAAAA!”  Her exclamation came as I tied one end of a rope which was hanging from the ceiling to her wrists, and then pulled on the second end which made her wrists go up in the air, and Kristen lean forward.  I took the end of the rope and tied it to the bracket of a shelf on the garage wall, looking at my older sister as she moved her head round, her arm parallel with the concrete floor of the garage.


“Oh - now this is different,” she said as I assumed the role of the tormentor again.  “Why have you tied me like this?”


“The better to tease you with,” I sneered as I tied her ankles together, not tightly side by side but with a small length of rope between them, hobbling her rather than securing her.  I did not feel comfortable with her arms tied like that and tottering on her feet, so I thought this was a suitable compromise.


Kristen twisted round as I showed her next the thing I had retrieved from her drawer.  “Ah,” she said as the ceiling light reflected on the black rubber, “I probably should have hidden that a bit better.”


“Too late now,” I said as I pushed the rubber ball into her mouth, Kristen’s teeth closing around it as I pulled the leather straps around her face and fastened them tightly at the base of her neck.  “Tssrrll,” she mumbled as she looked at me, a small lien of saliva already forming on the black material.


“I’ve one more treat for you, my pretty one,” I said as I walked behind Kristen.  She tried to follow me, but was still surprised when I tied the rope around her waist and between her legs.  I’d seen it on the site as well, and was curious to see what effect it would have on her.


“Hmgdd,” was the reaction I heard as she started to move, the ropes rubbing against her legs as she twisted herself round.  Her eyes opened wide as she squirmed, moving and twisting as her hips seemed to move in a way that rubbed the rope against her between her legs.  I had to admit it was having a bit of an effect on me as well, as I looked at the way her hips were swaying, the small drip of saliva out of her mouth as she leaned forward...


Walking up behind her, I started to gently stroke her stomach with my hands, which made her turn her head to look at me and nod that I should continue.  As I stroked her belly, she moaned slightly, a smile forming around the ball in her mouth as she twisted in response to my strokes.


I was so, so tempted to try stroking her lower down, but instead I moved my hands up, stroking her breasts as she stood there.  I could see her nod as I did this, the moans increasing as my fingers passed over her nipples.  “I could continue,” I whispered in her ear, “or I could do more in the next tie.”  She opened her eyes and looked at me, before saying “nxtt,” and twisting round.  I settled then for simply holding her around the waist, hoping she did not notice the bulge that was starting to form in my own pants as I did so.


Eventually she looked at me and said “ntempls” through the gag.  I released her arms and helped her to stand up, before unstrapping the ball and easing it from her mouth, wiping her chin with a cloth as I did so.


“That was - intense,” Kristen said with a smile as I untied her arms, “but I need a break for a while.  Why don’t you order some pizza, and then once we’ve eaten you can do the next thing.”


“Any requests?” I said as I looked at her.


“Yeah - I want the captor to make me dress sexy and then tie me to the bed.  Then I’d be helpless to stop him having his way with me.”  She winked as she said this, then hobbled into the house, me following as I thought of that next time.





“That’s better,” Kristen said as she sat back in the chair, crossing her legs as the front of her dressing gown fell open, revealing the sheer black stockings she was wearing over her legs and the three inch strappy sandals.  We had had some pizza, and watched a movie, but the only thought in my mind at that time was what I was going to do next with my big sister.


She had gone for a path while I ordered the food, and I had very little idea what she was wearing under the cream silk gown she was wearing.  I had changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from my previous garb - something told me I was going to need something cooler for the rest of the evening.


“Well,” I said as I started to play the part of the villain, “Now that we have eaten, I need to make sure you can’t disturb me for the rest of the night.  Where’s your bedroom?”


“Upstairs, of course,” Kristen said with a gleam in her eyes, “Why?”


“Take me there, and I’ll show you.”  We both headed out of the room and up the stairs, stopping as Kristen opened the door and we went in.  Her bed was against the far wall, with the iron head and foot boards - perfect for my plan.


“Where do you keep your scarves,” I said as I made Kristen sit down on the bed.  I knew the answer anyway, but watched as she pointed to the wardrobe.  Walking over, I took out four long chiffon strips and walked back.  “Take off the gown, lady,” I growled.


“All right - just don’t hurt me,” Kristen said as she stood up and unfastened her belt, letting the gown slip down her arms and onto the floor.  She was wearing a black lace bra and matching panties, with a garter belt holding her stockings up.


“Hands out in front of you,” I said, and as she did so I tied one end of two of the scarves around her bare wrists, making the knot as comfortable but as tight as possible.  Kristen watched as I did this, then lay back on the bed and rested her head on the pillow.


“You really don’t have to do this,” she said as she watched me pull her left wrist up and tie the other end of the scarf to the head board, then walk round and do it to the other side, her arms spread wide over her head when I had finished.


“Yes, I do,” I said as I took hold of her right leg and tied one end of a scarf around her ankle, then pulled it gently to the side as I secured the scarf to the foot rest.  “I want you exactly where you are.”  Securing her other leg in place, I sat on the bed and stroked her stomach, my fingers playing with her skin as I would the keys of a piano.  “After all, I would not be able to have some fun with you if you were not in any other position, would I?”


“What do you mean,” Kristen said a she looked up at me, but I simply turned and started to run my hands up and down her silk covered legs, feeling her moan as I stroked her calf and thigh.  “Oh that does feel - but please, you mustn’t ooooooo...” she moaned as my fingers stroked the backs of her legs, and she closed her eyes as I started to move my hands over her chest.


“I think you need to be quiet,” I whispered into eh rear as I gently pressed down on her breasts; “can you, or do you need some help?”


“Please....” she whispered quietly as I felt her nipples harden under her bra, “Please stop this...”  I said nothing, but instead stood up and walked back to the cupboard, returning with a fifth scarf that I folded into a pad.


“I told you to be quiet,” I said as I took my thumb and forefinger and pinched her nipple.  Kristen opened her mouth in surprise, which allowed me to push the cloth in, filling her mouth with the soft chiffon.  As she closed her lisp over it, I picked up a roll of microfoam tape and tore off a wide strip. Holding it taut in my hands.  Her eyes sparkled as I smoothed it over her mouth, the material forming to the contours of her jaw as I pressed it into place.


“Now just lie back and enjoy,” I said as I started to massage her chest, my small hands barely covering her breasts as my fingers started to squeeze and play with her.  “Mmmmm” she moaned as she closed her eyes and her body started to buck and sway in response to my touch, to the way my digits danced across her barely covered flesh.


I had to admit, her movement and moaning was having an effect on me as well - at the very least, it was making me bolder, as with one hand I continued to stroke her chest and the other I ran up and down the inside of her thighs.  As I did so, I brushed against her panties, and she opened her eyes to look at me - a look of happiness, of desire, a look that said “Do that again.”


“Ysssss,” she moaned as I stroked my hand over her panties, feeling how warm she was there.  I had never done this before - well, yeah, I had played with myself, but to touch a woman there was a totally new experience for me.  I’d seen the men do it before, but I could begin to understand why they had done so, as I felt a throbbing in my shorts and a dampness....


I looked at Kristen, afraid that she had had an accident, but she shook her head and said “creeen” through her gag.  I did so, watching her moan and thrash round as I did so, before I realised that I needed to do something myself or I would have a damp patch there as well.


“I’ll be right back,” I said as I jumped off the bed and ran out of the room.  I could hear Kristen trying to move her arms and legs as I ran to the bathroom, hoping I would get there in time...





“Rullrt,” Kristen mumbled as I walked back in.  I nodded as I said “I’m sorry if I over stepped the mark,” climbing on the bed and putting my head on her chest.


“Uddnt,” she said as she put her head against mine, “btinndutdsmfng.”  She looked at me and wriggled her jaw, indicating she wanted the gag removed, so I did so.  “You’re all right Mark,” she said as I pilled the scarf out of her mouth, “I loved what you did, and I know how it made you feel.


“I need you to tie me up one more time, but I need you to follow my instructions.  If you do this, then I’ll take you to the cinema tomorrow and then out for lunch - my treat.”


“What do you want me to do,” I said as I looked at her.  “First,” Kristen said, “untie my ankles, and then you can take my shoes and stockings off.”  I nodded as I slowly untied the scarves from her ankles, then unbuckled and removed her shoes.  I stopped for a moment to massage her feet, watching as Kristen closed her eyes and moaned once again.


“Go on - remove my stockings,” she eventually said, so I unfastened the clips that held the top of them to her belt, and slowly rolled them down her legs, stroking them as I did so.  “Put them to one side,” Kristen said as she smiled at me, “and then go and fetch the ropes.  I’ll tell you what to do after that.”


I collected up the ropes I had used earlier, and watched as Kristen bent her left leg, so that the heel of her foot was against the back of her thigh.  “I want you,” she said as she looked at me, “to tie my ankle to my thigh, and cinch it between my leg and foot.  Make it nice and tight” I watched Kristen as I tied her foot as she had asked, biting her lower lip as the rope went between her ankle and leg.  “Now do it on the other side,” she whimpered, and as I did so she moaned again, letting her head drop back as she did so.


“Now,” she eventually gasped, “tie another rope just below my knee on each leg, and cinch it under my knee.”  As I did as she asked, she said “Oh that’s tight” and smiled at me.  I could also see a patch on her panties that was growing slightly darker.


“Thank you, Mark,” she gasped as I tied the rope off.  “Now, release my arms and help me to sit up.”  As I untied her scarves and helped her to sit, she rubbed them and then arranged them behind her back, resting her elbows in the palms of her hands.  “Now I want you to tie my arms like this - one at each wrists and one around my arms.  Makes rue you cinch that as well.”


“Where did you see something to make you have your legs tied like that,” I said as I put her arms into the box tie she had asked for.  “On line,” she whimpered as I tightened the ropes, “I wanted to see what it felt like, and it feels so good....  Now, tie my arms to my body, across my chest as you usually do.”


As I wrapped the ropes around her arms and upper body, I knew she was in charge, but it felt curiously good for me as well.  I had no idea what she was planning, but as I tied the bands of rope together behind her back she said “Don’t put any more rope around my upper body - I want you tie a long length on my back, and then do exactly what I tell you, all right?”


“Sure,” I said as I tied one end of the rope to the bands behind her.  As I tied the knot off, I was surprised to see her fall over onto her side, and then onto her back, trapping some of the rope as it fell along the bed.


“Take the end,” she gasped as she looked at me, “and pull it between my legs, then between my breasts.  Use it to make a rope bra.”  I did as she asked, hearing her moans again as the rope went up between her legs and up her chest, her breasts framed now in circles of rope as I tied it off.


“Oh that’s good,” she said.  “Now listen carefully.  I want you to put one of the stockings in my mouth, and use the other one as a cleave gag.  Then go into the bottom drawer on the left, and take out what you will find under my jumpers.  I want you to press the button at the side, and then slip it under the rope at my panties.  When you’ve done that, leave me alone, and I’ll see you in the morning.”


“Will you be all right like that,” I said as I picked up the discarded stockings.  “I will - but thank you for asking,” Kristen said before she opened her mouth.  As she had asked, I pushed one stocking in, and used the other as a cleave gag, the dark band running across her red cheeks.


Looking in the drawer, I found a white cylindrical object, and showed it to her.  She nodded, and as I pressed it I heard a soft buzzing sound.  Walking back over, I slipped it under the rope where she had said, and her eyes closed as she squirmed slightly on the bed.  I left her there, moaning happily with her eyes closed, and yawned as I closed her door.


“Some TV, a drink and then bed,”  I said to myself as I walked down the stairs, listening to the yelps from Kristen’s room fading into the background...





“I’m Home!”


Mum put her bag down and looked in on Kristen and me as we were sat watching a DVD.


“Hey mum,” Kristen said as she looked at her.  “Good trip.”


“Not too bad - no problems while I was away?”


“No,” Kristen sighed as she looked at me, “no problems at all...”







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