A Bonding Experience









Two weeks has passed since the weekend we spent as hostages, and all through that time I had been wondering what Karen had meant about feeling that way again.  As I let myself into the house after school on a wet Friday afternoon, I had no idea of what was ahead for me that night.


I went into the kitchen, and got some Mountain Dew from the fridge, when I heard the front door opening and I say Karen walk in.  She had been at college, and was wearing her brown leather blouson jacket over a white blouse, tight white jeans and her brown leather boots.  She looked in the kitchen, called out “Hey John” and went into the living room.


I followed her, watching as she sat down and removed her boots, wriggling her sock covered feet as she did so.  “That’s better,” she eventually said, as she looked up at me.  “Rough day?”


“Long day - so what have you got planned for tonight?”


“Nothing specially - why?”


Karen looked at e for a minute, her hand running through her long blonde hair, before she said “Well, remember when I said I might be interested in been tied up again?  I think I’d like that - it would help me to relax.”


Well, my eyes lit up at the sound of that.  “What about Mum?”


“What about her?  She won’t be back until late, and we can be finished by then.”  She stood up and left the room for a few minutes.  “See if you can find some rope and things, and then meet me upstairs.”


“What are you going to do?”


“Change,” Karen called down as I sat there, stunned.  Then I moved - I had been building up a collection of things to tie people up with for some time, and now would be a good time to use it.


Fifteen minutes later, I was climbing the stairs, and knocked on Karen’s door.  “Some in,” she called out, and as I walked in I had to stop myself from letting out a wolf whistle.


Karen is actually quite a nice looking girl, but dressed as she was I almost forgot I was her brother,  She was wearing  a tight white vest top, blue satin hot pants, knee length tan stockings and a pair of flat white shoes.  “I feel really - up for this,” she said as she lay on her bed, “And I want you to use some of my scarves.  Tie me up, John, and make it tight.”


OF course I didn’t need a second invitation - I looked at the pile of scarves on the bed, picked out four long thin ones of varying colours, and wrapped the end of one around Karen’s wrist, before tying it to the head board.  Walking round, I did the same thing on the other side, so that her arms were spread wide above her head.  Karen started to bite her lower lip as she pulled at the silk bands.


“Hmmm,” she eventually said, “It’s a good thing you’re my brother, or I would feel rather exposed right now.  Go on - tie my ankles.”


I tied her ankles in the same way, securing them to the foot of the bed, and lay next to Karen, with my arm round her waist.  I could see the way the top was stretching over her chest, and the shape of her nipples under the white cotton.


What’s more, she could see me staring at them, “It’s all right John,” she eventually said, “I want you to touch them - I want them to be touched.”


Rather nervously, I stroked round her nipples with my hands, and was surprised to hear Karen gasp slightly as I did so.  Looking at her, I could see she had her eyes closed, so I asked “Is it hurting you?”


“No,” she said with a smile, “quite the opposite, John - keep doing it.”  I nodded and started to trace round her nipples again with my fingers, hearing Karen moan as I pressed slightly in.


“Hmmmm,” she said, and I was wondering what would happen when suddenly I heard the front door open.  I looked at Karen, who mouthed “Mum?” at me.  At this point I panicked, picked up a red bandana and stuffed it into Karen’s mouth.  “I’ll be back in a minute,” I said to her as I went downstairs.


“Oh there you are,” Mum said as I came into the kitchen.  She was wearing a light blue linen jacket and knee length skirt, with a white blouse underneath, sheer hose and three inch heel blue shoes.  “Is Karen home yet?”


“She’s - sleeping,” I said quickly, “you’re home early.”


“Yeah - I got everything done,” she said as she looked at me.  “So I’m free for the evening - and I was wondering if you would like to play a game with me.”


“Oh, what sort of game,” I said, trying to sound as innocent as possible.”


“Give me a moment to get changed,” Mum said as she kissed me on the cheek, “I’ll call you when I’m ready.”


I could not believe my luck - Mum wanted to play as well?  I tried to contain my excitement as I waited, until she said “Well, how do I look?”


She was standing in the doorway, wearing a low cut white jumper and tight jeans, with a pair of loafer son her feet.  “I feel like dressing down,” she said as he dropped a load of rope on the bed, “now tie me up.”


I smiled as I turned her round and pulled her hands behind her back, crossing them as I tied them tightly together, and cinched the rope.  “Oh - I like this,” she said as she looked over her shoulders, “especially if it is you doing it as opposed to some other guy.”


I wondered what a certain cousin of mine would think as I tied some rope around Mum’s waist, to hold her wrists in place and then said “Can I tie your arms around your breasts?”


Mum nodded as I wrapped the rope around her arms, and pulled them into her side, forcing her breasts up as the V of her jumper stretched open.  I wound the rope round, above and below her breasts, before tying it off round her back.


“Oh,” she said as she looked down,” I like this.  Where did you learn this?”


“From the internet and those creeps,” I thought to myself before I said “Do you want to be gagged, mum?”


She nodded and looked at a pair of scarves that were lying on the chair.  Balling the smaller one up, she opened her mouth and allowed me to push it in, before closing her red lips and smiling at me.  I folded the second one into a band and tied it over her mouth, as she said “wntlldwnpstrs?”


Picking up the rest of the ropes, I helped Mum to walk up the stairs, and into her room, before she sat down on the bed and watched as I tied her ankles together with more rope.  Another length went around her legs, below her knees, before I helped her to lie down on the bed.


“Hmmmmmmsggdd,” Mum said as she closed her eyes and wriggled round, me watching the whole time.  Opening them, she looked at me and said “Uravreegdb, Jn?”


“Thanks mum,” I said as I got an idea, “but I have a surprise for you.”


“Frmm,” Mum said as she looked at me.  “Be right back,” I said as I left her and went back to Karen's room.


“Want to join Mum,” I said as I sat next to her, and I was so delighted when she nodded that I quickly untied her wrists, and helped her to sit up.  I used one of the scarves to tie her wrists together, palm to palm, and the other to secure her elbows to each other, before I released her ankles and tied one of the scarves over her mouth to keep the bandana in place.


“Look who else is here,” I said as I walked Karen into the room.  “Hmmm,” Karen mumbled as I lay her next to Mum, and bound her ankles and knees together with more rope.


“Fnsemtnguhr,” Mum said, and I could see her eyes crinkles as if she was smiling while I looked at both of them.  “Well, well,” I eventually said in my best evil voice, “two wonderful captives - whatever am I going to do with them?”


“Durwrst,” mum said as she looked at me, thinking the worst I could do was tickle them.  Well, I had something like that in mind, but with something over than my fingers.  I left the room for a moment, and when I came back I had something in the kitchen to help me.


The first they really knew of what was happening was when I took their shoes off, and then they felt the vibrations on their feet as I ran the electric toothbrushes over their soles.  “NNStTTTTTTPPPPP,” Karen screamed as she tried to squirm out of the way, but I held her legs and ran the electric toothbrush over her stocking soles, Mum laughing through her gag the whole time.


“Don’t think you’re getting away with this, either,” I said as I grabbed mum’s feet and started to run the toothbrush over them as well, feeling her trying to squirm out of the way as I held them tight.  It was Karen’s turn to laugh now, as I looked at the way their tops were riding up, exposing their bellies.


“I wonder what would happen,” I said as I walked behind mum and put my arm around her, “if I did this?”  She tensed under me, so was surprised when I reached between then and ran the toothbrush over Karen’s belly.  The way her eyes shot wide open as she realised she was the one who was been tickled was a joy to behold, as was the way mum reacted.


“Your turn,” I said as I ran the toothbrush over mum, and as she squirmed round I could see her breasts heaving under eh tight top.  Looking at Karen, I could see that she had seen me as well, as she looked at mum, then at me.  Reaching my hand round, I started to trace my finger around mum’s nipples as well.


“Mmmgddd,” I heard mum say, so I continued to work my finger round as Karen said to me, “tstgthr.”


“You want me to tie you together,” I said as I looked at her and mum.  They both turned their heads and nodded, so I helped them both to get on their knees and face each other on the bed.


“Tsfnsffrrjn,” Karen said as I grabbed some rope and wound it round their upper bodies, just above their waists.  “Ysfnkks,” mum said as I tied them together, and then said “Now I can tickle both of you at the same time.”  They looked at each other, and then started to howl and moan as I tickled their sides.


As I did this, I didn’t notice the gags slipping down their faces until I heard mum say “Enough - John, stop a minute,” and I looked at her face.  “Why don’t you untie us both for a moment?”


“Aw mum, I was enjoying this,” Karen said as she looked at me. 


“I know - but I want John to feel he can tie up us up any way he wants.  He can also do anything he wants to us - within reason,” she said as she winked at me.




“Really - but untie us please.  I really need to go to the toilet.”


I untied both of them and watched mum as she rushed out of the room.  “What are you thinking of doing,” Karen said as she looked at me.


“Oh, I have an idea - an escape challenge, but I wonder if you’ll be both be up to it?”


“Up to what,” Mum said as she came in and Karen ran out.


“I want to tie you two together, back to back, with tape and then see how long it takes you to get out.”


“Hmm - sounds fun, but not in these clothes.  Let me put something else on.”


I watched as mum went to her wardrobe, and stripped out of her jeans and top, before putting on a green body stocking - I’d seen her wear it for aerobics classes.


“Oh, are we changing,” Karen said as she looked in. 


“Yeah - put on your leotard and then come back in here.  John, do you want to start tying me up now?”


“Why don’t you sit down,” I said as I picked up a roll of duct tape, “and I’ll start to tape your legs together.”


“Not my wrists?”


“No - you’ll see why in a minute.”  I watched as Mum sat on the floor, and I taped her ankles, knees and thighs together.  As I tore off the last bit of tape, Karen came back in, wearing a purple, blue and green striped leotard.


“Where do you want me,” she said as she looked at mum.  “Sit down with your back against hers,” I said, and “I’ll tape your legs too.”


“Do you have any idea what he’s up to,” Karen said as she watched me putting her legs together, side by side, and taping them up.


“None whatsoever,” mum answered as I finished the legs, and then said “Raise your arms for me please.”  They both did so, as I tore the tape free and started to wound it round their torsos, holding them tightly together.


“All right - now put your arms around each other.”


Both mum and Karen are slim, so they had no trouble putting their arms around each other’s waist - and I had no trouble using the tape to tape their wrists together in front of each other’s stomachs.  “All right - this could be more difficult to get out of,” Karen said as I balled up two socks.


“Ready,” I said as I knelt next to both of them.  They both nodded and opened their mouths as I pushed the wads in, and then sealed their lips with several layers of tape.  Sitting back, I watched as they squirmed round, trying to get each other free.


As they did so, I could see their chests heaving, and for some reason mum’s looked very inviting as they bounced slightly up and down.  She did say I could do whatever I wanted, so I walked over and knelt next to them, placing my hand under mum’s breast.  She looked at me, then at my hand, before nodding as I started to slowly move my hand over it.


I could see she was blushing slightly, but also that she seemed to be enjoying it, as I ran my hand under her breast, and I was surprised to hear her moan slightly.  Karen tried to look over her shoulder, so I did the same thing to her, and got the same reaction.


Gently, slowly, I began to move my hand up and over their chests, and I felt them both squirming at my touch.  Not in a bad way, or a way that said they wanted me to stop, but a gentle, almost passionate way as my fingers felt their flesh under their Lycra.  They both closed their eyes and moaned even louder, and I have to admit that for me it was having an effect as well.  Swallowing, I started to gently squeeze down on her breasts, surprised at how firm they felt.


I was also surprised as they both gasped, and I could feel their nipples actually firming under my palms.  I could also feel them not fighting but relaxing, almost as if they were enjoying what I was doing to them.


“Do you mind me doing this,” I whispered into mum’s ear, and she began to slowly shake her head from side to side, gasping again as my fingers started to play with them.  Karen was the same, as she moved under my touch.


More to the point, I could feel something happening to me as well - a feeling I had not had since that day I had been forced to watch the three men tying them up, and then was carried out of the room.  I didn’t want to hurt them, and at the same time I could not deny they were enjoying it - and so was I.


“Plsdntstp,” Karen moaned, so I pressed even harder, feeling their breast moving under my hands as a bulge grew in my pants.  I started to pant in time with them as I kept moving, feeling them relax under me and their moans turn into whimpers.


“OH god,” I heard myself say as they both turned and looked into my face, then down towards my pants.  “Uenjyngts,” mum said, and I had to nod in agreement.  Eventually, I could take it no more, and had to excuse myself for a few minutes.


When I came back, Mum was twisting her wrists round in front of Karen, slowly managing to work them loose.  I sat down and watched as she eventually managed to free them, and then nudged Karen.  My sister lowered her head and allowed mum to peel the tape away from her mouth, and she spat the sock out.


“Thanks, John,” she finally said as she stopped panting, “If you untie both of us, then we have a game we want you to play with us.”


“Oh - what’s that?”I said in as innocent a way as I could.


Mum finally spat out her gag and said 2We want you to tie us up and - help us to relax.  You can play with us; even touch us in private places, but no more than that.  Would you like to?”


“But what if...”


“It’s all right, John,” Karen said as she looked at me, “we trust you to do that, and not to take advantage.  Give us a few minutes to shower and put something on, and then we’ll be ready.”


Well, I wasn’t going to refuse that invitation, so I found some scissors and cut them free, watching as Karen ran off and mum shooed me out of the room.  “Go and get a drink or something,” she said with a big smile, “We’ll call you back when we’re ready.”


I walked down the stairs, wondering what was going on, and headed to the kitchen.  I opened a can of Cole and took a big drink, waiting for the call.


“You can come up now.”


Karen was standing in the door, wearing a pink dressing gown, with nothing on her feet.  She smiled as she took me by the hand and led me back upstairs to mum’s room.  She was sitting on her bed, her white dressing gown fastened around her body as she smiled at me.


“It seems you have disturbed my daughter and I when you were robbing the place,” she said as she stood up, “and you decided to make sure we could not raise the alarm.  It’s a pity we were trying on some new lingerie at the time.”



As she said this, she stood up and took off her dressing gown, to reveal a white lace bra and panties.  I looked at Karen, who was now standing in a black bra and panties.


“Please don’t hurt us,” Karen said as she put her hands on her head, “we’ll do whatever you say.”


“Well then,” I smiled, “both of you lie face down on the bed, and put your hands behind your back.”


The two women in my life smiled at each other and then lay face down next to each other, crossing their wrists as I had asked them to.  I picked up some lengths of rope and tied them together, making sure the coils were tightly cinched.


“You stay on your stomach,” I said to mum, and then to Karen I said “get off the bed and kneel down in front of it.”  Karen rolled over and slid off the bed, laughing as she managed to position herself.


It only took me a few minutes to wind some rope around her arms and tie them to her side, forcing her chest up and out again as I did so.  She gasped as I did this, and gasped even more as I reached round her chest and started to play with her breasts again, feeling them firm up and harden as I played gently with her flesh.


“Hmmm that’s nice,” Karen said as she closed her eyes, not noticing the cloth I held in my mouth.


“Time for you to be quiet, lady,” I said as I pushed the cloth into Karen’s mouth, and then took a white bandage I had found earlier, winding it tightly around her head to hold the cloth in place.


“Mmmmmm,” was all she could say as I picked up another length of rope, and wrapped it round her waist.  A SI passed the ends between her legs, pulling them up and behind her, she let out an audible moan as I finished the crotch rope.


Helping her to her feet, I lay her on the bed and turned her onto her stomach.  “Are you all right,” Mum said to Karen, who was lying with her eyes closed as she squirmed round,


“Your turn,” I said as I took mum’s arm and helped her to kneel on the floor.  Within a few minutes, I had her as tightly bound, but I tied her crotch rope on before I started to gag her.


“You’ve been talking to your cousin, haven’t Yooooouu,” she said as I pulled the rope between her legs.  “Oh, that’s different,” she gasped before she opened her mouth and allowed me to gag her.


Helping her back onto the bed, I bound their ankles together, side by side, and then tied their legs together below their knees.  I knelt between them, stroking their legs as they wriggled round, squealing as the rope rubbed them between their legs.


Turning to Karen, I pulled her legs back until her heels touched her bottom, and tied them to her chest with a length of rope.  I tried to do the same to mum, but only manage to pull her legs towards her bottom.


Kneeling between them again, I put my hands round their bodies and started to stroke their breasts, one at a time.  Karen moaned into her gag as I felt them firming up, and I could not resist pulling her bra down and playing with her bare nipples.  She started and then moaned softly, moving her body round as she did so.


“Mttt,” mum said as she turned her head and looked at me, so I turned and did the same to her, her moans increasing in intensity.  Her skin was not as soft as Karen’s, but she seemed to get the same sort of enjoyment from them as I did, so I also slipped her bra down and ran my fingers over her nipples.


“HGggDDDD,” she moaned as I did this, making her head go up and a gasp to escape her gagged mouth as the rope ran against her body.  I kept going, feeling her relax and hearing the moans turn into mewls, before I decided to do something different, something daring.


I slipped my hands between the legs of both mum and Karen and gently rubbed the rope against them with my fingers.  I could feel dampness there on Karen, and soon after one on mum, and wondered what it was.  I was actually afraid they had done the toilet, but from the way they moaned and squirmed as I touched them I did not think that was the case.  In fact, it was arousing me as well, making me throb in my pants as I felt their bodies move and squirm under me.


I wondered if this was what the men had done to them, but I didn’t want to ask - it was proving too much for me to say anything, as my fingers slipped under the ropes and stroked their panties instead.  Karen said “HHGGGDDDDD” as she raised her head while mum buried hers into the mattress and kept moaning louder and louder as she lay there.


I could tell they did not want me to stop, although they were panting now and I was concerned I was hurting them.  When I started to move my fingers out, however, they both screamed “NNNNNNN” and looked at me, so I continued, listening to them as their moans grew louder and louder, and  a faint line of perspiration appeared on their brows.


Suddenly, without warning, Karen threw her head back, her eyes closed as she let out as long, deep, passionate scream of joy, and then relaxed on the bed.  I looked at her, wondering what had happened, when mum suddenly did the same, screaming out as I felt the wetness suddenly increase, and then flopping on the bed.


“Are you both all right,” I said, not noticing the growing damp patch on my own trousers, or the serious sweet smell.  They both looked at me and nodded, taking as deep a breath as they could through their noses.


“Do you want me to untie you,” I said, but they both shook their heads, moving so that they could place their head son my stomach as I lay between them.  I was dumbfounded, as I put my arms around them and held them in the best way I could, wondering what had just happened - to them and to me.


Whatever it was, one thing was certain - I liked it.







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