Boys Will be Girls Again








Once Upon a Time


Los Angeles


Carrie Simon smiled as she drove down the new freeway, the wind blowing over the brown scarf that covered her carefully styled brown hair.  It was a good day for driving, and as she looked to her side she said “looking forward to seeing Sam, Alex?”


“Yes, mother,” Alex said as the car moved along.  Carrie’s child was wearing a sleeveless white dress, a lace collar at the neck and a brown belt round the waist, white ankle socks and black shoes.  Carrie herself was wearing a brown checked dress, with elbow length sleeves and a knee length skirt, as well as open toed sandals.


She smiled as they turned off and made their way onto the local roads, eventually stopping on the driveway of a large single story home.  As they got out of the car, Alex noticed the black Oldsmobile parked on the road, and said “do Aunt Paul and Sam have other visitors, mother?”


“I don’t know – let’s find out,” Carrie said as they walked onto the porch, Alex smiling as she pressed the button, and they heard the bell ring.  Eventually, the door opened, and a blonde haired woman stood there, wearing a short sleeved yellow top and a floor length salmon pink dress.


“Hello Paula,” Cassie said with a smile, “is everything all right?”


“Yes  - yes, everything is all right,” Paula said as she stood to the side, “you’d better come in.”


“Thank you, Aunt Paula,” Alex said as they came in – and then stared at the man who was standing in the hallway.  He was wearing a dark suit, a thin dark tie with his white shirt, and black shoes – as well as black gloves, dark glasses, and he was pointing a gun at them.




“I’m sorry Cassie, Alex,” Paula said as she closed the door, “they arrived an hour ago, and we’re being held hostage.”


“So are you too now,” the man said as he looked at them, “keep your hands where we can see them, and go in there.”


“just do as he says, Alex,” Cassie said as they walked in and saw Sam sitting on the wooden double seat.  A rolled up yellow chiffon scarf had been pulled between Sam’s lips, and tied round their head, while Alex could see that Sam’s wrists were bound together in front with twine - twine that had then been used to secure the legs together and the ankles.  Alex’s friend was wearing a purple puff sleeved dress, with white cuffs and collar, white socks and red sandals.


“Are you all right,” Alex said to Sam, watching as Sam nodded and said “Hmmhlrhhht, bhthmshrrhe”.


“Remember, Paula,” the man said as he came back in, “their lives are in your hands.  What’s your name, kid?”




“I see – all right, Alex, sit next to Same, and put your hands together in prayer in front of yourself.  Mister Grey?”


“Yes, Mister Black,” a second man said as he came in, and looked at the new arrivals.  “Ah – bound the same way?”


“Indeed,” Mister Black said as the new arrival picked up a ball of twine and made a loop, kneeling in front of Alex as Sam looked on, and then slipping the twine over Alex’s hands before it was used to bind the offered wrists.


“Is this anything to do with John?”


“Yes – they want me to call him in a while,” Paula said quietly as Alex watched Mister black use the twine to bind the legs and ankles in the same way as Sam.  Alex then watched as a red chiffon scarf was rolled up and used as a gag, Sam nodding and saying “Ughthhssddthth?”




“Hhhrhrsh – khlchlm.”


Alex nodded as Mister Black took the roll of twine, and then pulled Cassie’s wrists behind her back, the two children watching as she felt the thin cords forcing her wrists against each other.  She was then made to sit in an armchair, Paula watching as the twine was taken round Cassie’s waist, then down and round her legs below her knees, and finally her ankles.


A black scarf was then used as a cleave gag, as Mister Grey looked at his watch.  “All right, Paula,” he said quietly, “time to call your husband.  You know what you need to tell him?”


“I do,” Paula said quietly as she looked at the three captives, and then walked out into the hallway.  As they heard her talking, Mister Black said “All right, kids – having fun?”


Sam and Alex looked at each other, but said nothing as Paula came back in.  “He…  He’ll do what you say,” she said quietly as she looked at them.


“Excellent – Mister Grey, get them back to back on the floor, then Paula is going to lie face down, and put her hands behind her back.”


“Come on,” Mister Grey said as he helped Same to sit on the floor, and then helped Alex to sit down as well, both of them back to back  as he used the twine to secure them together round their upper bodies.  He then gave the twine to Mister Black, Cassie watching as her friend had her wrists tied together, then was rolled over as the twine went round her legs above her knees, and finally round her ankles.  A white scarf was then employed as her cleave gag, before the two men sat down and waited.




“Yhshm,” Alex mumbled back.




Alex slowly nodded – with the bound wrists on the skirt of the dress, the growing bulge could be felt quite clearly, and Alex prayed they would not realize what their mothers allowed them to do.  Otherwise – well, it would be embarrassing…




Diane slowly walked down the stairs, smiling as she stopped to look at herself in the full length hallway mirror.  Her new dress fitted like a glove – made from silver silk, it had capped sleeves and a knee length straight skirt, the front of the dress decorated with two lines of grey jewels, a single jewel below the second band.


She had been to the hairdresser that day, so her long brown hair was swept back and flowed down her back, and her smile was radiant as she turned round.


“Good Evening.”


The man standing there was dressed in black, and had a stocking pulled down over his head.  He held in one hand a canvas bag, and in the other hand a knife as he said “now, just do as I say, you’ll be fine.  Walk into the front room, and make sure the curtains are closed.”


Diane knew she did not have a choice, so she walked in and drew the curtains across the windows, as the man followed her in and put the bag down.


“Good – now, kneel in front of the couch, lower your head onto the cushion, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Please, you can take whatever you want, but don’t hurt us…”


“Us?  Who else is in the house,” the masked man said as he took from his bag a length of white cord, knelt behind Diane, and crossed her wrists behind her back before he bound them tightly together so that she could not separate them.


“Mum?  What’s going on?”


As he stood up and turned round, he saw an eleven year old boy standing in the doorway, with short brown hair – wearing the same style of dress as Diane, although his skirt was pleated and came to his knees.  Like Diane, he was also wearing a pair of silver heels.


“I see – what’s your name, kid?”


“Ronnie – why have you tied my mum’s wrists together?”


“Because I’m going to rob you,” the man said, “and I need to do the same to you now, so come over here, and kneel down next to your mother.”


Diane turned her head and nodded as she said “it’s all right, Ronnie – just do  as he says.”


“What about the party,” Ronnie said as he walked in and knelt down, feeling the man take his hands behind his back and then the rope on his wrists.


“We’re not going to make it,” Diane said quietly, “but we can make sure we both stay brave, right?”


“Right,” Ronnie said  as he felt the rope go between his arms, and then more rope around his ankles as they were bound tightly together.  “We can be brave for each other, Mum?”


“Do you like wearing a dress, kid?”


“I like looking like my Mum,” Ronnie said quietly as the binding was made tighter, and then he watched as the masked man tied his mother’s ankles together, the rope going around and between her bare legs.


The man then took more rope from the bag, and tied it round Diane’s arms, forcing them into her sides as the band sat on top of her chest, and then he fed the rope under one arm, up and round the back of her neck, and under the other arm.  “What are you doing that for,” Ronnie asked  as he watched the intruder tie the ropes off.


“Makes it more difficult to move, as you will see,” the man replied, smiling at Ronnie as he took more rope and wrapped it round the young boy’s upper arms, forcing them against his sides as he looked at his mother.


“How do you feel?”


“Strange,” Ronnie said as the man helped them to sit back to back, Ronnie putting his feet flat on the floor as the man tied more rope round his legs below his knees, cinching it tightly.  He looked round as the intruder did the same thing to his mother, and then tied rope round their waists to hold them both tightly together.


He felt his mother take his hand, and smiled as the man tore a length of silver tape from a roll, and then pressed it firmly down over his mouth.


“You going to be  all right, kid?  Just stay calm and don’t struggle.”


“Hkkheee,” Ronnie mumbled through the tape as the man walked behind him, and he heard the tape being ripped from the roll again, then felt the squeeze of his mother’s hand and her mumbled words.  He knew she was being kept as quiet as he was, but they were there for each other, whatever happened…





The Disney Waldorf Astoria in Orlando was, as always, full, and as Whoopie looked out from the window at the pool below, she knew this was going to be a very special day.  The forty year old African American woman had dressed for the occasion in a Princess dress – this one based on The Frog Princess.


She turned and looked at herself in the mirror.  The strapless white dress was cut at the bust in a lily pattern, and the gathered skirt flowed out from her waist to the floor, the white skirt cut at the hem in the same pattern over the white lace petticoats.  A green silk cover with a fern pattern on it was fastened round her waist, flowing down to the back of the skirt.


The outfit was completed by the elbow length ivory evening gloves she was wearing, and the white and black headdress on her hair.  Finally, a necklace and matching earrings adorned her.


“Will, are you ready?”


“Coming Mom,” a young boy said as Will came out of the other bedroom.  Her twelve year old son was also dressed for the occasion – the thin yellow slip over the top of the ivory strapless dress, the skirt coming to above his knees.


“Oh, you look amazing,” Whoopie said as she clapped her hands, “and you don’t mind wearing this?”


“No – it actually feels nice,” Will said as he twirled round, and then he gasped as his mother took from the case a silver tiara.


“This will help you look the part,” Whoopie said with a smile as she put the tiara on Will’s head, and smiled.  “Now, put your slippers on, and…”


The knock on the door made both of them look, as Whoopie said “yes?”


“Maid service.”


“One moment,” the older woman said as she walked over and opened the door – then backed up as two women walked in, dressed as maids – one of them holding a gun as Will gasped.


“Shut the kid up.”


The second maid nodded as she took a white cloth from her pocket, and stuffed it into Will’s mouth, the edges sticking out before she made him lie face down on the bed.  Whoopie could only watch as she then took two zip ties and used them to secure her son’s wrists and ankles.


“What  - what do you want?”


“Money, credit cards, jewelry – hand them over.”


Will could only watch, the cloth getting damper in his mouth as his mother removed her jewels and put them into the canvas bag, before the second maid pulled her hands behind her back, the rasping sound as the nylon strip was pulled tight round them making him shake.  She was then pushed onto the bed, her dress pulled up and her ankles secured together as they looked at each other.




“you can shut up as well,” the maid said as a cloth was pushed into Whoopie’s mouth, Will’s eyes wide open as she looked at him, her red lips over the edges of the cloth.


The two maids then walked quickly out, as they both started to try and call for help…



Let’s play a game


“They’ll be fine with me,” Steve said as he stood at the doorway of the house, wearing an open necked shirt and jeans, “we’ll watch the football game, and we’ll order in when you get back.”


“Okay – have fun,” his wife said as she got into the car, Steve waving as she set off, and then he went back in and closed the door.


“Alan, George?”


“Yeah Dad,” the two boys said as they came out of the front room, wearing t-shirts and shorts.  Alan was seven, with short cut fair hair, while George was two years younger and the same style and shade of hair.


“Okay boys – time to play our special game as we watch the football.  You both want to get ready?”  The boys nodded as he took their hands, and then walked up the stairs with them.



A short while later, Steve looked at himself in the wardrobe mirror.  He had changed into a white patterned blouse with sleeves that came over his elbows, a pair of tight pink leggings with a scarf in the same shade hanging down from his neck, the legs tucked into knee length black pirate style leather boots.  A long brown wig was now covering his own hair.


“Perfect,” he said to himself as he went to open the door – only to be taken by surprise as a woman stood on the other side of the door.  She was tall, and wearing a brown sweater and leggings which were ticked into knee length brown suede boots – but she was also wearing gloves, and a stocking pulled down over her head as she said “well, this is different – why don’t we go back in for a minute, and you can tell me what is going on.”


Steve looked at her, and then what seemed to be a gun in her hand, as he walked backwards and she came in, closing the door as she looked at him.  “So – you are playing mother?”


“In…  In a way,” Steve said  as he heard Alan and George run past the room.  “What do you want?”


“Your valuables – and to help you play a game with your boys,” she said as she slipped off the rucksack she had on her back.  Steve looked at her as she opened it and took out a length of black rope, as he said “A game…”


“Indeed – put your hands behind your back, and I will explain…”




As the door opened and Steve walked in, he smiled as he saw Alan and George standing there.  Alan was also wearing a long wig, his one blonde, and he now was wearing a purple vest top with white dots, and a short coral pink skirt.  George was wearing a white dress, a panel under the V-necked collar, and a pleated short skirt.


“Da…  Mum, what’s going on,” Alan said as he looked at Steve.  His hands were behind his back, and two bands of black rope were around his arms and chest, holding them tightly against his sides.  George was looking at the masked woman who was walking in behind Steve.


“Well,” Steve said quietly, “I have arranged a special game for us.  This lady is an actress pretending to e a robber, who is going to hold the mum and her two daughters while she robs them.  We’re still going to watch the match, just – a little differently.  So I am going to sit down, and I would like you both to stand in front of me, and let the lady tie your wrists behind your back.”


“Does it hurt, Mum,” Alan said quietly.


“No, it doesn’t – so let her do it,” Steve said as he sat in the center of the couch, the two boys nodding as the masked woman said “you girls will be fine if you let me do this.”  She then put her rucksack down and took out two lengths of black rope, Steve smiling as he took George’s hands behind his back and started to bind his wrists together.


“It feels funny,” he said as he looked at Steve.


“Yes, it does,” he replied, “but I want you to be brave like your mother, Georgette.”  The little boy nodded as the rope was tied off, Alan watching as the masked woman then tied rope round his arms and body, making two bands as she did so.


“It’s your turn now, Annette,” Steve said, Alan nodding as he felt the rope on his wrists, holding them together before more rope pressed his arms against his sides.


“there now,” the woman said as she tied the ends off, “I want you both to sit either side of your mother, and I will make sure your ankles and legs are tied together.”  George and Alan sat either side of their father, Steve smiling as more rope was produced, and he felt it around his ankles as they were bound.


“That sounds funny, Mummy,” Alan said as the woman then bound Steve’s legs together below his knees, taking the rope between his legs to make it tighter, and as he twisted them round the leather rubbed against the other boot.


“It does, doesn’t it Annette,” Steve said as he watched the woman bind his older son’s ankles and legs, and then do the same to George as they both watched.  “When  you are doner, will you put the game on?”


“Of course,” the woman said as she went back to the rucksack, and came back with a roll of white tape.  Tearing a strip off, she pressed it down over George’s mouth, Alan watching as it formed to the shape of his chin, the shape of his lips underneath.  She then covered his mouth with a fresh strip, before she tore a longer length off and covered their mother’s mouth.


“I’ll check on you later,” she said as she left, Georgette and Annette resting their heads against their mother as they watched the buildup to the game.  Steve knew the intruder – the Games Player would leave them – and he had time.


Time to figure out how to explain this to his wife…



Watch with mother


“Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin.”


Frank nodded as he watched the man place his mother’s feet on the coffee table, and then wrap the silver tape tightly round her ankles, holding them together.


“Don’t worry Frank – it’s going to be an adventure!”


Frank turned his head and looked at his mother, who was smiling at him.  She had brown hair cut short on one side and long at the other, blue streaks running through the long hair, and a pair of small, framed glasses.  His mother was a large woman, wearing a dress which had a top half of a green material with red and white flowers printed on it, held up by spaghetti straps over her shoulders.  The skirt was white, and came down to her knees.


He watched the man tear the tape off and press it down, the silver band holding his mother’s ankles together as he started to wind it round her legs below her knees.  He had surprised them both, and they had both been made to sit in the front room as he explained he was going to take Mum and Dad’s valuables, and he had to make sure neither of them could raise the alarm.


Mum had said it was only her and Frank, and then they both saw the rolls of silver tape – one of which was now being used to secure her legs together.  He tore the tape and smoothed it down, and then walked behind the couch they were sitting on.


“Put your hands behind your back.”


“Well, here goes nothing,” she said, Frank watching as she leaned forward and put her hands behind her back, the man smiling as he put her hands together, and then wrapped the tape tightly round her wrists to hold them together.


The man then wound the tape round her arms and body, the silver band the one thing Frank was focusing on as it held her bare arms to her sides.  As the man tore the tape free and pressed it down, he looked at Frank and said “Your turn kid – you want to be just like your mum, right?”


“How can you tell?”


“Your dress.”  Frank smiled as his mother kissed his head, the clasp in his cropped brown hair, and then put his hands behind his back, feeling the tape on his bare wrists as they were forced together.  He was indeed like his mother – wearing a sundress in the same material as the top of his mother’s dress, held up by thin straps and the skirt at his knees.


The man then wrapped the tape round his arms and body, Frank feeling as if his mum was hugging him, and then he knelt at the front of the couch, putting his ankles together as he saw the silver band forming round them, the tape tugging at his skin.  IT was the strangest feeling, as he watched the man tape his legs together below his knees as well, so that he could only lift them up and down.


“Okay – I want you both to purse your lips, while I tape them over.”


Frank nodded as the silver tape was pressed down over his mouth, and then watched as his mother was tape gagged as well.


“Do you want to lie down?”


Frank nodded  as he was laid on his side, his head on his mother’s lap as he looked up and smiled under the tape.  If this was going to happen, he was happy it happened this way…



Indian Nights


Sanjay slowly raised his hands in the air as he looked at the two men, wearing balaclavas over their heads.  He had hoped he and his son would have a quiet night at home, but this…


“You often wear that?”


“I find it – comfortable” the thirty year old said as he looked at them.  He was wearing a pink short sleeved crop top with darker red spots, and a red and gold sari wrapped round his lower body and over his shoulder, in the traditional style.  “What do you want?”


“You’ll find out,” the second man said as he looked at Sanjay.  “Where does your wife keep her dupattas?”


“In our bedroom – why?”


“Move,” the man said as he waved the gun in his hand, Sanjay nodding as they slowly walked up the stairs and into the master bedroom. 


“See if anyone else is here,” the armed man said, his partner walking off as Sanjay looked on.  “You – gold and jewelry, in this bag, now.”


Sanjay nodded as he found his wife’s jewelry and put it into the sack, and then he heard the second man say “like father, like son.”




Sanjay groaned as he saw his son Ajay come into the room, his hands in the air as he looked round.  The eleven year old had short brown hair, and was wearing a green and gold sari with a matching blouse underneath.


“Keep quiet kid – sit down, and put your hand spout in prayer.  Use one of the dupattas.”


“Do as they say, Ajay,” Sanjay said as his son sat on the edge of the bed, watching as  the masked man grabbed a red dupatta and folded it over, then wrapped it round Ajay’s arms and forced them against his sides, the band contrasting with the green of his silk clothing.  The masked man knotted the long material, and then used the ends to bind his wrists tightly together.




“I know,” Sanjay said as he continued to find valuables, while the man found a yellow dupatta and tied Ajay’s legs together above his knees, and then round his ankles.  The young boy twisted round, unable to get free as Sanjay was sat next to him.


The two men then worked together, using pair of blue dupattas to bind Sanjay’s legs before his son was lifted on his lap.  “Hold your son,” the masked intruder said to Sanjay, the father nodding as he hugged his son and the end of a long black scarf was tied to one wrist, then wrapped round both of their bodies before his other wrist was secured as well.


“Close family bonding.”


“Very funny,” Sanjay whispered as a gold dupatta was rolled up, and then Ajay was told to open his mouth.  As he did, the scarf was pulled between his lips, his lips closing over it as the ends were taken round his head and Sanjay’s body, and then knotted behind his father’s back.


Sanjay lowered his head and kissed Ajay’s scalp, before a second gold dupatta was used to gag him as well, the cloth filling his mouth as it was taken round twice, and then the ends knotted behind his back.  Both of them could only watch as the men took the valuables, and left them there, too scared to move…







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