The Cabin by the Lake









“Mark – have you got anything in particular arranged for next week?”


I looked over at Mum and said “not really – Sam and her family are off on holiday for the next fortnight, why?”


Mum sat back and said “I have the week off, and Kristen needs to go on a college trip – how would you feel about the two of us going off for the week.”


“Oh?  Where to?”


“A friend at work has a cabin up at Lake Erie – it’s a bit out of the way, but it would give us the chance to unwind without any disturbances.  What do you say?”


“So what will we do for the week?”


“Walk, sit around not doing a lot – or we could have a theme each day, maybe play some games while we’re away?”


“Oh,” I said as I put down my cutlery, “what sort of games?”


“What sort do you think?”


Well, I had to say the idea intrigued me, and with Sam sunning herself in Florida I was at a bit of a loose end.


“All right then,” I said, “when do we set off?”


“Let me sort things at work tomorrow,” Mum said with a smile.  “If it’s good, we’ll go on Monday – and make sure to pack warm clothing.  It gets cold up there.”


“So a week on the road with Mum – think you’ve got the stamina?”


“What does that mean,” I said as I looked at Kristen, while closing my case.  My older sister was wearing a pair of denim shorts over some black leggings, a pair of black cowboy boots and a black t-shirt with a denim waistcoat.


“I think she’s up for some fun is what it means – and I’ve seen her schedule.  Have you?”


“Nope – Mum said she would show me tonight at the motel.”


“So when do you head off?”


“When she gets back from work, so about three.  You?”


“Right now,” she said as a car horn sounded outside.  “Don’t do anything I would not do.”


“That would make for a boring week,” I said as Kristen ran down the stairs.  I watched from my window as she went down the path, threw her rucksack into the trunk of the car, and then drove off.


I took the time to review and make sure my supply bag was up to scratch, and then looked at the new driver’s licence in my wallet.  I’d just passed my test, and Mum had agreed to let me share the driving.



As soon as she got in, Mum shouted out “get me a drink while I get changed” and ran up the stairs.  I went into the kitchen and poured her a glass of lemonade, handing it to her as she came back down, changed from her work clothes into a pair of jeans and a roll necked red sweater.


“Thanks,” she said as she began to drink it, “I needed that.  All packed?”


“Bags ready to go into the car.  You?”


“They’re in my room.  You go and start loading the car up while I clear some things away here.”  Mum threw me the car keys, and I began to bring the bags down.  Half an hour later, Mum had locked up and set the alarm, and we were on the road, heading out of town and along the highway.


“So what do you want to listen to,” Mum said as she moved onto the interstate.  I turned and found a soft rock station, both of us singing along for a while.


“Kristen said you had an agenda for this trip,” I eventually said as Mum moved out.


“Kind of – a suggestion for a theme of each day.  Want to hear it?”




“Well, when we get there tomorrow we check what we need for supplies – there’s a market in the nearby town.  When we get them, we have a trade game – you tie me, then I tie you.”


“Okay, that’s fair.”


“Two of the days we each take charge – Wednesday me, Saturday you.  On Friday, we do some roleplays – we can discuss them the day before.  Then when we come back on Sunday, we split the driving fifty fifty – but the other person cannot interfere, so they have to be tied and gagged.”


“I like the sound of this already – but what about Thursday?”


“Ah yes – Thursday is Undies day.”




“We both spend the entire day in nothing but our underwear.  So I hope you brought plenty of boxers.”


“I take it we’re not going out that day?”


“Not unless you really want to,” Mum said with a smile.  It was starting to get late by now, so she said “Let’s find somewhere to stop for the night – there’s a motel and steak house a few miles further on, according to the sat nav.”


“Sounds good to me,” I said as we approached, and then pulled off in front of the hotel.


We managed to get a room with twin beds, and put an overnight bag with a change of clothing in there before we went off to have some dinner.  Once we had returned to the room, I sat and watched some television while Mum went into the bathroom.  When she came out, she was wearing a white vest top with thin straps over her shoulders, and a pair of matching shorts.


“I didn’t think it was that warm up here,” I said as I looked at her.


“It’s a holiday – so I’m dressing down,” she said as she towelled off her hair.  “Mark, before you go and get changed, can you do me a favour?”


“Sure mum – what?”


“Tie me up on the bed – I brought some scarves in that you can use.  I just feel like being secure tonight.”


Looking at mum, I smiled and said “sure – where are they?”


“Brown paper sack in the case.”  She lay on her stomach and crossed her wrists behind her back, watching as I selected a red oblong and then secured them firmly together.  As she flexed her fingers, I took a similar green scarf and used that on her ankles, and then tied her legs together above and below her knees with two larger headscarves.


“We’d better make sure we wake up before the maid comes in the morning,” I said as I took a longer woollen scarf and used it to tie her arms to her sides.


“I’m sure we will – set the travel alarm for seven,” mum said as she rolled onto her side.  “Now tape my mouth over.”


I took the roll of white tape that was in the case, tore a long strip off and smoothed it down over her lips, before leaving her to get comfortable while I washed and changed.  I then turned the light off, my eyes closing as soon as my head hit the pillow…


The alarm woke me up with a start, as I looked over to see Mum still sleeping.  Getting up, I made my way to the toilet and – well, what you need to do in the toilet when you first wake up, before I started a pot of coffee going.  I then sat down and peeled the tape away from her mouth – only then did she open her eyes.


“Morning,” she said as the filter machine gurgled away in the corner.  “Can you untie me – I really need to do something?”


“Sure,” I said as I removed the scarves, packing them away and putting the tape in the waste basket while Mum ran to the bathroom.  A few minutes later, she returned and took a mug of coffee from me, grimacing slightly as she drank it.


“Right then,” she said, “you hit the shower and get dressed first – I need you to drive down to the Dunking Doughnuts I saw a mile back down the road and get some breakfast.  I can be ready by the time you get back.”


Well, I had some sort of shower, and then put on fresh boxers, a pair of khaki camping shorts, a brown t-shirt and some socks, before pulling on a pair of hiking boots.  Leaving Mum to the joys of a half powered wash, I took the car keys and headed to the drive through, returning with half a dozen doughnuts and two orange juices.


I came into the room to find Mum lacing her own hiking boots up.  She had put on a pair of jeans and a thick white jumper, with a sleeveless shooting jacket over the top of that.


“What did you get,” she said as I put the bag down.


“Cinnamon glazed and apple,” I said as I handed her a bottle of OJ and put the bag between us on the bed.  We ate and checked the route for the rest of the day, before packing up and heading out by nine.


Three hours later, Mum pulled off the road and up a dirt track, eventually stopping by the side of a wooden cabin.  It had a covered veranda,  and looked out over the crystal blue water of Lake Erie.


“Wow,” I said as I looked round, “this really is a quiet spot, isn’t it?”


“Sure is,” Mum said as she took a deep breath, and then sighed.  “Those trees smell so good,” she said as she fetched a set of keys out from her bag.  “Let’s have a look inside.”  She unlocked and opened the door as we both walked in.


It was a big main room, with a fire at one side, but as Mum turned on the light it was obvious to me this would not be completely uncomfortable – there were leather couches, and a home entertainment system for one thing.


Walking into the kitchen, it was a real old fashioned one in design, but the icebox, and the range were all modern.   So was the bathroom, and there were two big bedrooms as well.


“Which one do you want,” Mum said, so I chose the one to the front of the cabin, and she took the one to the back.  I then started to unload the car, putting our cases into the rooms and our other supplies in the main room while Mum looked to see what was already there.


“I can cook up a Spanish omelette,” she said as I came in, “and do some coffee, but we really need to go and do some shopping after that.”


“Hey,” I said as I looked at Mum, “remember what you said today, about how I could tie you and then you would tie me?”


“Yeah, I remember, why?”


“Ready for a dare?”


She looked at me as she cracked some eggs into a bowl, and then said “What?”



One of the things about places out in the boondocks is the Walmarts tend to be very large indeed, and cater for the outdoors type.  So as I pulled up into a parking bay and stopped the car, I looked at Mum and said “Right – we’ve got the list, we go in, get what we need to, and then get out, agreed?”


She looked at me and nodded as I got out of the car, and then helped her.  As we walked across the parking lot, I smiled as she stumbled a couple of times, but she said nothing and kept walking, even taking hold of the trolley and helping to push it as we entered.


We walked up and down the aisles, starting with the fresh meat area as we loaded up on steaks, bacon and sausages, and then made out way to the fresh fruit and veg.  Over the next hour or so, we loaded up on all the supplies we were likely to need, from nibbles and dips to beers, and then we headed to the hardware bit, collecting guy ropes, tapes and scarves which we put next to the food.


The teller didn’t even give them a second glance, remarking “Camping” as he put items through.


“Bit of both – we have a cabin, but we may head into the woods for a day or two,” I said quietly, Mum nodding in agreement as I paid for the purchases, and we wheeled them back to the car, Mum stumbling and gasping a few times again.


“Perhaps you’d prefer to sit in the car while I load up, Mum,” I said quietly.  She nodded and sat in the front passenger seat, watching me as I tied her wrists together with some cord and then tied them to the door handle.  I then lashed her ankles together and closed the door, loading the supplies into the trunk and closing the lid before I got behind the wheel.


“Msggttnggufrths,” Mum mumbled through the clear tape covering her mouth as she looked at me.


“Well, you did say – any way I wanted to, and you get to return the favour later” I said with a smile as we set off, returning to the cabin.  Mum sat in the car while I unloaded everything, and then untied her ankles, leading her into the cabin and allowing her to lie on one of the leather couches before I tied her wrist above her head, taking the rope over the arm of the chair and down to a leg.


“Comfy,” I said as she wriggled round.




“Well, you didn’t say no to the crotch rope under your jeans – Sam seemed to like it,” I said as I crossed and tied her ankles together, and then secured them to a leg on the other end of the couch.


“SMMMMM?  Mhthfknwm,” Mum said as she twisted round.

“Here – let’s find something for you to watch,” I said as I turned on the television, finding a soap and leaving her alone to shriek in mock indignation.


“It’s that or the Oprah channel,” I called back as I went to the kitchen.  That scared her even more, as I started to put the food away and then prepare some things for dinner.  Once I had the potatoes baking in the oven, the corn peeled and the steaks resting, I poured a glass of lemonade and put a straw in it, before walking back in.




Mum looked at me and nodded as I peeled the clear tape away, and then eased the cotton scarf out from inside her mouth.  I waited until she had worked her jaw a little, and then she said “thanks” as I put the straw to her lips.


“So how did it feel to be that way in public,” I said once she had taken a long drink.


“Terrifying,” she said as she looked at me, “and…   oh…. Exhilarating at the same time.  Do you have any idea what this crotch rope is doing to me?”


“I can imagine – I know what it did to Sam,” I said with a smile.  “But a deal is a deal – I’ll finish preparing dinner, and then after we have eaten you get to tie me any way you want to as well.”


“Oh believe me, I’ve got an idea,” Mum said with a laugh before she took another drink.  “Do you mind if the gag stays off, however – I won’t call out, I promise.”


“Fair enough,” I said as I stood up, and headed for the kitchen.  An hour or so later, I untied Mum, watching her as she ran to the toilet and I dished up the steak and potatoes with corn.


She came back a few minutes later, sighing deeply before we sat at the bar and had our evening meal.


“Tomorrow,” she said as she cut the steak, “I set the agenda, remember?”


“How could I forget – I guess I’m going to be doing everything for you tomorrow?”


“Well, not quite – but I want breakfast in bed at 8 sharp.  The rest of the day will follow from that.”


“And what would Madame wish for breakfast?”


“Raisin bagel, toasted with butter and honey, apple juice and coffee.  Think you can handle that?”


“I think so – I’m more worried about what you’re planning for me next.”


“Not saying – except I want you in your t-shirt and shorts, shoes off for that.  Eat up – you’ll like it…”


Once dinner was finished, Mum offered to do the washing up while I got ready. I went to my room, and changed into a white t-shirt and khaki shorts. I contemplated for a moment putting on a pair of socks, and then realised just what she might do with them, so I went back barefoot.

“Right,” Mum said as she looked at me, “turn round.”

Once I had done so, she folded my arms behind my back so that my elbows rested in the palms of my hands, and then tied wrists to elbows, a third length of rope going around my forearms. “Nice,” I say as I twist my body round, “so what’s next?”

“Some rope around your chest next,” Mum said as she tied a length of rope around my upper body, pinning my arms to my side, and then helped me to sit down. I watched as she tied my ankles tightly together, then my legs below my knees, and then my thighs.

“So what are you going to torture me with,” I said as I watched her fold one of her large scarves into a band, and then tie a knot in the middle of it.

“You’ll see – once I make sure you can’t complain,” she said as she walked over, “now, open wide…”

I let her push the large silk knot between my teeth, and then tie the band tightly round my head, before she went over to the television and turned it on.

“I think you’ll enjoy this,” she said as she went to her bedroom, and returned with a couple of chick flicks on DVD.

“NNNTHTTHT” I moaned through the gag as she put one on, and then went to fetch a drink and some snacks. Putting them next to the remote on the coffee table, she helped me to lie down with my head on one arm of the chair, and then sat at the other side, my feet on her lap.

“So here’s the deal Mark,” she said quietly, “if you groan at all during the film, I’m going to tickle your feet until you stop. Now, I’ll be amazed if you make it all the way through, but let’s find out…”

Yes, not even Sam would stoop to this torture – but then, Sam likes the same films as I do. It only took five minutes for me to start coughing “Rbbsshhh” through the gag – and then scream with laughter as Mum held my ankles and started to tickle the soles of my feet.

I then settled down, but very fifteen minutes or so I’d let out a snort of derision or a complaint, and the tickling would start again. What was worse, she put a second film on, so it was nearly eleven by the time she finally released me and said “bedtime – and remember, tomorrow you have to do whatever I say, starting with breakfast.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said as I stretched my arms. “I’ll see you in the morning…”

I was up at seven thirty, in my short pyjamas, and went into the kitchen to cut and toast the bagel. The coffee was brewing, as I popped the bagel under the grill and put a glass of apple juice on a breakfast tray.

Once the coffee was brewed, and I had put the butter and honey on the bagel, I carried the tray through to Mum’s room. “Good morning,” I said as I came in, “breakfast in bed, at eight, as promised.”

“Thanks,” she said as she sat up, and I saw she was wearing her short nightdress. “How did you sleep?”

“Like a log – you?”

“Best night’s sleep I’ve had for ages,” she said with a smile. “Later today, I want us to go for a walk through the forest and along the lake – with you leading me.”

“Leading you as in…”

“I’ll show you later,” she said with a smile, “for now, you may go and have your own breakfast.” As I turn, she says “but before you go – put my clothes out for me. I wish to wear a short sleeved top, shorts, leggings, underwear and hiking socks.”

Nodding, I found what she had asked for, and then returned to the kitchen, fixing myself a bagel and eating it with some coffee. By the time I had finished, Mum had gone to the shower, so I went to my room and sorted out my clothes for the day. If we were going for a walk, I didn’t think shorts were a great idea, so I found a long sleeved top and my brown pants, and put them on.

I returned to the main room just in time to see Mum looking at a map of the area. “I’ve marked out a walk route,” she said as she showed me the map. “It’s about four miles long, so we should be able to cover it and be back in time for lunch.”

“I agree – in fact, we could be back by eleven,” I said as I looked at the route. They were flat paths along the side of the lake, with a little climb at the turning point and a gentle slope back.

“Not the way I will be walking,” Mum said as she looked at me. “I want you to start by tethering my ankles together – I want to be able to take short steps, but no more than that.”

Nodding, I took some rope and tied her ankles together, allowing about a foot of rope between them.

“Good,” Mum said, “now, I want you to blindfold me with a scarf, and put some of that tape we brought over my mouth – the clear stuff. Then I want you to lead me by the hand on this walk.”


“I heard you can hear and feel much more when you cannot see or talk – I want to know if that is true or not.”

“Well, all right,” I said as I picked up the blue bandana Mum had brought through, folded it into a band and then tied it tightly over her eyes. Tearing off a strip of the clear tape, I smoothed that down over her lips and then stood up, taking her hand and helping her to stand as well before I picked up the map and a compass.

“Let’s go,” I said as I took her hand, and we walked to the door, me holding her hand and then asking her to wait on the porch as I locked the front door and put away the key. I then guided her down the steps and along the path before we walked along the shore of the lake.

It was a warm morning, and I took my time, Mum breathing in the scented air from the tress and the flowers on the forest floor. The water was lapping on the side of the lake, and Mum smiled under the tape as she heard the birds landing in the water.

At one point the path was clear of the trees, and I could see a man in a fishing boat a short way off the shore. He looked over at us, and called out “Hey kid – why the blindfold?”

“Trust walk, “I called back, Mum turning and nodding her head in agreement.

“Heh – long time since I’ve seen one of them,” he said with a smile. “Good luck.”

“Thanks,” I said as we both waved, and I took Mum’s hand again.

After about an hour, the path turned and rose away from the lake, and I followed it up, checking on the map as we eventually turned through 180 degrees and walked through the forest.

This was different – Mum stopped every so often just to listen, and hear the sound of the animals moving. We – well, I even saw a young deer moving through the trees, Mum nodding and smiling as I described the creature to her.

It was about twelve by the time we finally got back to the cabin, and I let Mum walk in front of me before removing the tape gag.

“That was different, she said quietly, “but my feet ache. Give me a foot massage while I consider what I would like for lunch, Mark.”

Walking her over to the couch, I sat her down and then moved her legs onto my lap, untying her ankles and then removing her hiking boots before I started to massage her feet. As I did so, she removed the blindfold and lay back, sighing as my fingers worked on her soles.

“Oh that does feel good,” she said quietly, “I think I need to rest my feet this afternoon. My colleague tells me the back of the cabin is a sun trap – I think I’ll enjoy that for a couple of hours.”

“Oh,” I said quietly, “and what will your humble servant be doing during this time?”

“Making sure I don’t burn by turning me every so often – I won’t be in a position to turn myself over…”

“Oh – why not?”

“Because you’re going to tie me to the sun lounger…”

So it was that, after lunch, I set up the sun lounger in the yard, and Mum came out in a pale yellow bikini, wearing a pair of sunglasses. She lay down, watching as I used four scarves to tie her wrists and ankles to the seat, and then lay back while I went and fetched some drinks.


I returned outside with a tray, setting it down on the table next to the lounger before I went back in, and came out with my eBook reader.  Sitting under a shade, I started to read the book I’d downloaded, stopping on occasion to help mum t have a drink and then sipping on mine.


An hour or so later, she said “can you untie me for a moment, Mark – I want to turn over.”


I moved over and untied the scarves, letting her rub some more oil on before she turned on her stomach and I re-secured her wrists and ankles.  I didn’t tie them too tightly, and the sun cream meant they would not hold firm anyway, but I figured mum was after the illusion of being bound as much as the feelings that invoked.


Another hour and a half or so later, I looked at Mum and said “What would you like for dinner tonight?”


“Something with tuna,” she said with a smile, “and I was wondering if you would do one of your special massages for me tonight?”


“Sure,” I said with a smile, “you’re the boss today Mum.  How much longer do you want to be out?”


She looked up at the sky, and said “you’d better untie me while you cook dinner.  Give me a shout when it’s ready.”


So with that, I removed the scarves and went in, taking the tuna steaks out of the icebox while I chopped some peppers and other things up to cook with them.  Putting on a pan of water, I waited for it to boil before putting some noodles, in and then searing the tuna steaks in a hot frying pan.  Once they were cooked, I fried the peppers with some mushrooms and spring onions, threw in the noodles as well as lime juice and soy sauce, and then arranged them on a plate before putting the steaks on top.


“Want to eat outside,” I said as I looked out of the day, “it’s still quite nice.”


“Why not,” Mum said, so I put the plate and a glass of water on the tray, and carried it out to her as she put the recliner back into an upright position.  I then went and fetched my own meal, and sat beside her.


“Talked to Sam,” she said as we ate.


“Yeah – she and the others are having a great time, but she misses me – and I miss her as well.”


Mum looked at me in a strange way, and said “You really are growing up, aren’t you?”


As I nodded, she then said “So do you think she might really be the one?”


“The one what?”




I looked out over the forest, and nodded before saying “she might be – but we want to take it slow.”


“Good,” Mum said, “on all counts.”  Slicing into her tuna, she put the piece into her mouth and then chewed it slowly, the two of us just enjoying the cooling evening air.


Once we had finished, I went and washed the dishes, while Mum went to change.  When she came back, she was wearing a pair of blue satin shorts and a matching vest top. 


“Got everything ready,” she said as she looked at me.


“I have – how far do you want me to go?”


“Far enough that I can finish the relaxation on my own,” she said with a smile.  Pulling up a foot stool, she sat with her back to me and said “Go on Mark – get to work on these shoulders.”


So I sat behind her, and started to knead her shoulders with my fingers, putting some baby oil onto the palms of my hands next and rubbing it in.  “Oh yeah, that does feel good,” she said as she closed her eyes, and I could see her visibly relax.


“Why don’t you lie down on the couch,” I said as I stood up, “and I’ll do your back for you.”  She did just that, smiling with her head to the side as I ran my hands down her back and up her sides, feeling the knots disappearing under my touch.


After a few minutes, she said “I’m ready,” and moved her arms, crossing her wrists in the small of her back.  Reaching to the floor, I picked one of several lengths of soft rope, and bound her arms together, the rope sitting around and between her wrists as she tried to wriggle them.


“I guess you’re in control now – just as I asked you to be,” she said with a smile.  “So what are you going to do now?”


I said nothing in reply, but stroked my hands down her legs, hearing her soft sigh as I took another length of rope, and tied her legs together below her knees, and finally around her ankles.


Bending her legs, I put some more of the baby oil onto my hands and rubbed it into the soles of her feet, massaging them as I did so.  Mum giggled a little, and then sighed even more as I rubbed the oil in and gently played with her toes.


“Oh keep doing that,” she said quietly, as I kept massaging her feet, her legs wriggling side by side as I did so.  Eventually, however, she said “All right – I’m ready for the next stage,” and I laid her legs down, leaving her for a moment to wash my hands before I came back and said “Roll over.”


As she did so, I picked up the things I knew she would want – a pair of her panties and the roll of white medical tape.  “Remember – three grunts and I leave you to continue on your own, all right?”


She nodded and opened her mouth, allowing me to put the wadded up panties in before I covered her lips and jaw with the tape.  She then nodded as I fed some rope under her back, watching me as I passed the ends through the centre loop in front of her, and then rolling over, grunting softly as I pulled the rope up between her legs and tied it to her wrists.


“Can you sit up if I help you,” I said and she nodded as I helped her to sit in front of me, the rope sinking between her legs.  IT took me a few moments to tie rope around her upper body, above and below her chest, and then make a rope bra that forced her chest up and out.


She looked over her shoulder and nodded to me, so I reached round and started to gently massage her chest.  Now, I know what you’re thinking – not exactly the right thing for a son to do to his own mother, but the deal was I did whatever she asked me to do today, and this was what she had asked me to do.


I heard her moan slightly as her breasts firmed up, and her nipples hardened, but I continued to just massage and play with them, listening to her as she started to try and move her wrists up and down, making the rope rub against her.  I could tell she was getting more and more excited, as she started to lean against me and put her head on my shoulder.


I kept going, she kept moaning, and I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable, but eventually she grunted three times, and I laid her on the rug on the floor, pulling her ankles back and tying them to her chest as she started to writhe and groan even more. 


“I’ll just step out here,” I said as I went into the kitchen, closed the door and took a bottle of beer from the fridge, leaving my mother to enjoy herself totally…








I heard her scream, loud even when muted, as my cell phone rang.




“Hey Mark – how’s the vacation going?”


“Not bad Kristen – how’s the course?”


“Educational – can you put mom on?”


“Nah, sorry – she’s in the middle of an exercise routine at the moment.”


“Oh…  OH!  Fair enough then, tell her I said hi and ask her to call me back when she has finished – exercising.”


“Sure – bye,” I said as I ended the call, and went back into the front room.  Mum was lying on her side, panting through her nose as she looked up at me and smiled under the tape.


“All done?”


She nodded as I untied her, and then removed the gag.


“Thanks,” she said as she stood up, “I’m going to shower, and then go to bed.  Will you be long?”


“Nah – I’ll clear up and then go myself.”


“Good…  good…” she gasped.  I’ll see you in the morning Mark,” she said as she walked slowly off…



When I woke on the Thursday morning, I stretched and yawned, enticed by the smell of bacon cooking that was wafting through from the kitchen.  Getting up, I was about to go into the kitchen when I looked down on the top and shorts I was wearing.


“Oh yeah – I need to follow the theme for today,” I said as I stripped off, and put on a pair of black boxer shorts.  Walking into the kitchen, I saw Mum was at the cooker, wearing a white apron over whatever she had on.


“Sorry – I hope you’ll allow this while we’re cooking,” she said as she looked at me.  “Bacon and pancakes?”


“Sounds good to me,” I said as she turned back to the cooker, and I could see she was wearing a white bra and panties.  I made my way over to the coffee machine, and started to make a pot while she prepared the rest of the breakfast.


“What time is it anyway,” I said as I poured the coffee.


“About ten – I let you sleep in a bit,” she said as she placed the plate of food in front of me. 


“Thanks,” I said as she removed the apron, revealing the lace effect front of her bra and panties, and sat opposite me.  We got stuck into the brunch, as I said “So just what can we do if it is an underwear day?  I mean, shopping is a bit out of the question, and we can’t go that far from the cabin.”


“Agreed – but I’m sure we’ll find some way to amuse ourselves,” Mum said.  “Thank you for yesterday, by the way.”


“It was my pleasure – and I’m sure you’ll enjoy Saturday just as much,” I said with a smile.


“Still, I think you need to relax this morning – plan for tomorrow,” Mum said as she took a sip from her coffee.


“Oh yes – role play day.  Any ideas what you might like to do for that?”


“Did you see the old building by the lake front when you took me on that walk yesterday?”


“Yeah I did – some sort of disused sawmill, isn’t it?”


“That it is,” Mum said with a smile.  “Well, how about you indulgence my inner Penelope Pitstop for an hour or two?”


“What – kidnap you and take you to the sawmill to leave you in peril?”


“Sounds good to me – what about you?”


“Well, I could be the burglar who is surprised and over powered by the home owner…”


“I think I might be able to go along with that,” Mum said with a smile.  “Anything else?”


“I don’t know yet – surprise me with what you wear in the morning.”


“Dangerous talk, Mark, dangerous talk,” Mum said with a laugh as we finished our breakfast.  “Now, let me wash up.”


“No, let me wash up.”


Mum smiled as she got up and walked behind me.  “No, I said I would.”


“And how are you going to stop me?”


I heard the tape ripping, and smiled as she taped my upper arms to my body with white tape.  “This is how,” she said as she folded my arms together behind my back, and taped them from wrist to wrist.  “Now, into the front room with you.”


I slid off the stool and walked in, the tape snugly wrapping my body as Mum made me sit on the couch, and then taped my ankles together, as well as my legs below my knees and around my thighs.


“Now, you stay there,” she said as she laid me on my side, and covered my mouth with several strips of the tape, “and let me get the dishes sorted.”


Well, what choice did I have?  I laid my head on the arm of the couch and listened to her in the kitchen, wishing Sam could have been there to see me, to tease me, unable to stop her…



“Ahem – want to think of something else?”


I opened my eyes to see Mum standing in front of me, and then I looked down, realising what she was talking about as I saw my boxers.


I saw that she had her hair pulled back now, a blue scarf tied around it to keep it in place, and she smiled as she said “Ready to be cut free?”


I nodded and waited until she had cut the bands of tape away, before making my excuses and heading to the bathroom.  When I returned, Mum was sitting in the chair, smiling as she said “All better?”


“Yeah, all better,” I said as I stood there, looking at her.  “I’m just wondering how I can repay the favour today to you.”


“Oh, I’m sure you’ll think of something,” Mum said with a smile.


“I already have,” I said as I picked up the roll of tape, and walked over to her.  “Put your arms on the arm rests please?”


“Oh, why,” Mum said as she did what I had asked, watching as I taped her wrists and arms down to the wooden armrests.  I then taped her legs together below her knees, and then her ankles together, before I said “You really enjoyed the foot massage, didn’t you?”




“Well, no massage today,” I said as I went to the bathroom, returning with my electric toothbrush.


“Oh no,” Mum said as she tried to move out of the way, “don’t you DAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!”


I then spent the next hour or so putting that electric toothbrush to use on the soles of her feet, the back of her knees, all the ticklish spots a son should know about when dealing with his mother.  Such knowledge is of great value, and need to be put to proper use on appropriate occasions – and this was most definitely one of those occasions.


I didn’t give Mum a chance to respond until I had finished, and went into the kitchen to get a cold drink, putting a straw in the top of the bottle and holding it so she could drink from it.  I could see the sweat glistening on her body as she said “Thanks – and thanks for the drink as well.”


“So what do you want for lunch,” I said as I cut the tape away from her.


“Do you know, I really fancy some McDonalds,” she said with a smile.


“You want me to drive to McDonalds?  In my boxers?”


“Would you rather I went there in this?”


“Don’t tempt me,” I said as I looked at her.  “All right – what do you want?”


“Get a share box of nuggets and onion rings with fries and milk shakes – there’s money in my purse.”


“Can I at least wear some sandals?”


“OF course,” Mum said, so I slipped a pair on, grabbed the money and car keys, and looked out of the cabin before I ran to the car and got in, never more grateful for the tinted windows and air con.


The drive-thru was ten miles away, so I took a bag with me to keep the food warm, listening to rock music as I drove down.  With luck, nobody would notice as I arrived, and placed the order at the speaker point.


When I got to the pay point, however, I had to take the window all the way down as the young girl took my money.  She looked at me, and I stammered something about it being a college prank.


She seemed to accept that, but when I got to the collection window this redhead was waiting, looking at me and smiling as she handed me the food and put it in the bag. 


“Want a holder for these or will they go between your knees,” she said as she held the milk shakes out.


“I’ll take the holder, thank you very much,” I said as she pushed them into the cardboard and handed them over.


“Pity – I think they’d look nice there,” she said.  I thanked her for the compliment and drove off, new ideas of how I would get my own back at Mum popping into my head.


All such thoughts disappearing as I came in, and saw what she had changed into…


Mum had changed into the most amazing black lace bra and panties, with a suspender belt holding up sheer black stockings.  She looked at me as I came in, and grinned at my completely involuntary reaction.


“So the big bad kidnapper has brought me a meal,” she said as she sat in a chair, “I guess that means he has to tie me to the chair and feed me.”


“I thought role play day was tomorrow,” I said as I put the box down, and then guided her hands behind her back, securing them together with some rope before I tied them to the chair itself.


“Well, I thought I may get an early start,” she said as I tied one end of a long length of rope to the chair where the back met the seat, and then lashed her upper body in place, taking the rope around her chest and the wooden back rest.  I then knelt down and tied her ankles together, securing them to the front leg, and then her legs below her knees.


“OH my,” she purred – yes, purred – as she sat there, “you’re going to have to feed me.”


“I guess I will,” I said as I pulled up a chair, and we shared the food, me putting it into her mouth and watching as she slowly chewed, and I did the same with mine.


In a media studies class at school, we were shown a scene from an old film called Tom Jones, in which the title character and a woman shared a meal.  We were asked at the time to comment on what might be going through their minds while they ate and drank, and I remember making a note at the time about how much they seemed to be enjoying the food – more than you would normally think someone would.


Of course, when it got to the point where the actor cleared the food off the table and – aw, you get the picture, and we did as well.  But I had no idea just how arousing such a simple thing as eating food could be – until I watched my mum doing it.


And that was the problem right then – if it had been Sam, then no problem.  But I knew the effect watching her was having on me, and it was my mum for goodness sake!  I mean, I wanted to help her unwind and relax, but…


She smiled as she took a drink of her milk shake – she could see the struggle I was having as well.  “Something wrong, Mark,” she said as she looked down.


“NO – no, I’m fine, “ I said with a smile, before she said “I’ve had enough – I guess the bad kidnapper is going to have to keep me quiet now while he goes and gets the ransom.”


“Quiet – right,” I said as I looked round, and picked up a bandana, folded it into a pad and then put it in my mum’s mouth, before I wound the white tape we use tightly round her head.  She then glanced down her body, and looked at me.


I gulped and then stood behind her, slowly starting to massage her chest as she closed her eyes and moaned softly.  As I felt them getting firmer, I closed my eyes and started so very hard to think of anything except her moans, and the way they made me feel as well.


“Mysyssssgddddd,” she mumbled, so I kept going, her moans and soft calls increasing as she started to move in response to me.  Eventually, I had her chest so firm, her nipples so hard, that she nodded and mumbled “Lfmmlnnnw.”


I didn’t need an excuse – I needed to go and take care of something myself anyway, so I left her to her dreams and retreated to the bathroom, and then to my own room.


When I eventually returned, having changed, Mum was sitting with her head down, but she looked at me as I came in and nodded.  I then untied her, as she hugged me and said “thank you Mark – now you relax, I’m going to fix dinner, and we can watch a movie together.”


“Sure Mum,” I said as I lay down, and put the television on.  They were showing a soccer game, so I watched that while Mum put an apron on over her lingerie, and started to prepare some spaghetti Bolognese.


Hey – if you’re only wearing boxers, that dish can be perfect, because you won’t stain any clothes!


Anyway, once we had finished I took a couple of beers from the fridge, and we just relaxed, watching a movie as we drank from the bottles.


“Hey,” Mum eventually said, “you haven’t told me what sort of role play you would like to do tomorrow.”


“Well,” I said quietly, “I’m not sure if you would want to do one of them.”


“The idea is we help each other – I’ve told you one of mine, what’s one of yours?”


“A female cat burglar – she ties me to the bed, gags me, and then…”


“Ah,” Mum said, “Well, we shall see – you see, the second one I have in mind requires a few toys I brought with me…”




When I woke up the next morning, I had a shower, and then put on some black jeans and a sweater before heading into breakfast.  Mum wasn’t up yet, so I started the coffee pot and sorted out some pastries.


“So, how do I look?”


As I turned round, I let out a low whistle when is aw the first outfit she was wearing.  She had on a high collared Western style blouse, with long sleeves, and a long crinoline skirt with black lace up ankle boots.


“Very Perils of Pauline,” I said as I looked at her.  “Makes me wish I had a top hat and false moustache.”


“You’re fine as you are,” she said with a laugh as she sat at the breakfast bar.  “We take turns – once you’ve done my roleplay, I do yours, and so on.”


“Agreed,” I said as I passed some coffee over.  “So we’ll take a trip down to the old sawmill after breakfast.”


“Well, once you have me prepared,” Mum said with a sly smile.  “I brought an old fashioned cloak with a hood as well – the sort that covers arms and conceals heads.”


“How fortunate,” I said as I brought breakfast over…


An hour later, Mum was sitting in the front room when I walked in and laughed in an appropriately threatening manner.  Think Jack Lemmon in the Great Race – but without the acting talent.


“Oh no,” Mum said as she held her hands up in surprise, “what do you want, Lord Mark?”


“You know what I want, my dear,” I said – and I even pretended to twirl a moustache – “to have you as my bride and your lands in my hands.”


“No – I will never do what you ask.”


“If you do not, then you will regret it,” I said as I walked towards her.


“No – please, I cannot marry you, my heart is given to another.”


“Then nobody can have you,” I said as  I made her stand and crossed her wrists in front of her, tying them together with rope.  “No please – don’t do this,” Mum squealed as I then took a long white scarf, and held it in my hands.


“I told you, nobody can have you,” I said, and as she opened her mouth to protest I pulled the scarf between her lips, wrapping it twice round her head before tying the ends together at the base of her neck.


“Whtruggntddd,” Mum mumbled as I fastened the cloak, over her, and pulled the hood up over her head.


“You’ll see – MWWWAHHAHHAHAHHHAAAAAAAA,” I cackled as I put my arm round her and we walked out of the cabin, along the lake side to where the saw mill was. 


When we arrived I pushed open the door and allowed the dust to settle before I walked Mum in.  The place was deserted, but I could see the old conveyer belt, with a tree trunk split in half lengthways, the flat surface up.


“Will you marry me, my dear?” I said as I looked at Mum, who shook her head in defiance.


“Very well,” I said as I lifted her up and laid her on the flat part of the log, then tied her ankles tightly together before I fed rope under her legs and pulled them together, the skirt gathering above her knees.  Another band under her waist, and a third under her body and around her arms, held her there as much as the fear of rolling off, before I looked at her.




“LTLTTMMGGGGG!” she screamed through the gag as she looked at me.


“I give you fifteen minutes to change your mind,” I said as I looked round, “before I cut you off – permanently.”


Well, I watched as Mum struggled under the bands of rope, and she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself, giggling as well as pretending to scream.  Eventually, however, I said “Last chance, my dear – will you accept?”




“Very well,” I said as I pretended to press a button, Mum struggling even more before I said “who’s there” and walked outside.  I listened to her calling out “SFMMMM” before I came in and said “Where are you?  This is the sheriff!”


“NHHRRRRR” Mum called out as I came in, pretended to stop the machine and then removed her gag.


“Oh thank you,” she said as she looked at me.  “Where is that fiend, Lord Mark?”


“Safe in custody,” I said as I untied her, “come with me.”


Mum climbed off the log, and then gave me a great big hug as she whispered “thank you – your turn now” into my ear.


I gathered up the ropes and gag, and hit them in the cloak, as we walked back along to the cabin and let ourselves in.


“Give me a chance to slip into something else,” Mum said, “and then I’ll be right with you.”


I nodded and made my way to the kitchen, pouring myself a glass of water as I took my shoes off and left them by the back door.   Sitting in the main room, I quietly sipped my drink and then picked up a magazine, leaving my glass on the coffee table as I flipped through it.


“Well, what do we have here?”


I heard Mum say that, before her leather gloved hand was over my mouth and I saw a water pistol pointing at me from the corner of my eye.  “Seems the house wasn’t empty after all,” she seemed to purr into my ear, “but that’s fine – it means I get to take very special care of you.  Now, are you going to be a good boy and do as I say, or a naughty one?”


“I’ll do what you say,” I said quietly under the hand.


“Good – now stand up, and turn to look at me.”


I slowly stood up and turned round, to see Mum standing behind the couch, smiling as she held the toy pistol pointed at me.  She was wearing a black roll neck sweater and leggings, with black gloves, and a ski mask was pulled over her head, only showing her eyes and mouth.


“Now then big boy,” she said with a smile, “what’s your name?”


“Mark,” I said quietly.


“All right then Mark – into that bedroom, nice and slowly, and keep those nice strong hands of yours on your head at all times.”  She motioned with the water pistol to the door, so I put my hands on my head and walked in, sitting down on the edge of the bed.


I could see she had several lengths of rope sorted out, as she stood in front of me and stroked my cheek with her gloved hand.


“Tell me, Mark, do you know how to tie a knot?”


“Yes – yes I do ma’am.”


“Oh – polite as well.  I like you,” Mum purred.  “Now, take one of those nice lengths of rope, and tie your ankles tightly together.  And do a good job – I’ll be watching.”


“Yes, ma’am,” I said quietly as I took some rope, sat on the bed with my knees bent, and tied my own ankles tightly together.  I thought I did a reasonably good job of it, as when I had finished they were locked together.


“Take another length and tie your legs together below your knees,” the masked woman said, and I obliged, and then tied a third length around my legs above my knees.


“Very good – nice strong knots,” she said as she walked over and inspected it.  “Now then, lie down and keep those hands of your above your head.”


I squirmed down and lay with my head on my pillow, watching as she took a pair of socks from a drawer, and balled one of them up.  Walking over, she held it in front of my mouth and purred “Open wide, there’s a good boy.”


So I clamped my lips shut and looked at her, wondering what she would do to make me open them.  I expected her to tickle my sides, or the back of my legs, or even hold my nose.


I did not expect her to put a gloved hand between my legs and start to gently squeeze – the surprise made me open my mouth immediately, and then watch as she pushed the sock in, covering my lips with strips of duct tape after I had closed them over the stuffing.


“There now – nice and quiet, the way I like them,” she said as she crossed and tied my wrist together above my head, and then secured them to the headboard, before tying my ankles to the foot of the bed.  “You just stay there now while I have a little look around.”


I turned my head and watched as she walked out, before I started to twist my body around and try to get free.  Mum had got very skilled however, and there was no way I could reach the knot with my fingers, never mind get something to work the ropes loose with.


After a while, Mum came back in, and sat on the bed next to me.  “There now, what shall we do to thank you for your good behaviour,” she said as she stroked her fingers down my side, smiling at the way I tried to wriggle out of the way.  “And so ticklish too – but how much so?”


Mum flaming well knows how much so – Sam took great pleasure in telling her a few weeks back, so that she knew exactly where it tickle me and make me thrash about.  As she did so, however, I was well aware of the other effect she was having – well, no, the effect being tied this way was having on me, and I was hoping she would not notice…


“Oh my – and what have we here?”


I looked down and – well, she’d noticed, as she put her hand on it and said “A woman could take a lot of advantage over something like this, you know?”


She gently moved her hand up and down, me moaning in response, before she said “But then, I’m not that sort of woman.”  A fact I was actually quite grateful at that point.


“So I’m just going to let you stay there, and let your imagination run riot.”  She stood up and walked out – but not before she sued a scarf to blindfold me, and I moved around, getting more and more aroused as I did so, moaning more and more…


Eventually, Mum came back in, minus the ski mask, and untied me, standing to one side as I ran to the toilet and shouting “Lunch is ready when you are” after me.


When I came into the kitchen, I’d changed into khaki shorts and a t-shirt, but mum had just removed the ski mask.


“So what’s the plan for after lunch,” I said as I sat at the bar.


“Well, seems that jewel thief may find herself in real trouble,” Mum said as she put a sandwich down in front of me, “and gets held hostage as a result.  In fact, she gets mummified to stop her getting away.”


“Well, I can see how that might happen – and those poor tootsies exposed with nobody to stop them…”


“Down boy – until I don’t get a say in the matter,” Mum said with a smile,


I smiled and said “Sure” as we sat, ate, and drank.   Eventually, however, Mum left the room while I did the washing up, and found what I wanted.




Mum was searching through the drawers in her own room as I came in, and surprised her from behind, had gagging her as I said “so, another intruder.   You won’t find the plans there, dear lady, even more than the last person did and the person before that.”




“First, you sleep,” I said as I pushed a damp flannel over her nose and mouth.  Mum’s eyes opened wide for a moment as she struggled under my group, and then her eyes closed as she pretended to faint, and I lifted her onto the bed.


“Now then,” I said as I gently opened her lips and pushed the flannel in, before covering her mouth with strips of duct tape, “Let’s start to the waist and work down…”


Taking the roll of tape, I wound it round her waist, lifting her gently to take it under, and then made my way down, overlapping each pass as her legs disappeared under a silver sheath, working my way down to her ankles and then tearing the tape free and smoothing it off.  I then took the second roll and arranged her arms so that her wrists were crossed on her chest, before taping them together.


Smiling, I started just above the first band of tape, winding it round her and gently rolling her to and fro until her upper body was also enclosed in a silver sheath up to her neck.  As I smoothed the last strip down, she slowly opened her eyes and looked round, before trying to move.


“Hmgddwhthponnd,” she mumbled as she looked at me.


“Well, I see the chloroform has worn off,” I said with a smile.  “Like I said, none of the other intruders managed to find what you were looking for, but all of them shared the same fate.”


“Nddwhwstht,” mum mumbled as she moved, the tape crinkling with each attempt.


“Oh, I understand they all lead happy fulfilled lives in their new servitude,” I said with a smile, “so relax, my friends will be along soon to take you to join them.”


“NNNNNNNN” she called out as she tried to move, but the tape held firm, so that all she could do was rock from side to side.  Anyway, I left her alone for an hour or so, sitting in the front room and checking something out on the DVD player.


So imagine my surprise when I heard a jumping sound, and then mum jumped in, giggling as she threw herself down on the recliner and lay on her side, her head resting on the arm as she looked at me.


“Getting bored?”


She shook her head and said “gtnnnlnlee.”


“Yeah – want me to free you now?”


She shook her head again and lay for a while, watching the television with me, before I finally cut her free from the tape.  While she went to change and take a shower, I prepared the evening meal, smiling as she came back in wearing a pair of Capri pants and a crop top.


“So what devilish roleplay have you got planned to undertake after dinner,” she said as she sat at the table.


“Actually, it’s kind of a lead in to tomorrow – remember, when I say what we are going to do and what happens?”


“Oh yeah,” Mum said with a smile, “and what’s that?”


“We’re going to tie each other up…”



So after we had eaten and cleaned up, I sat with mum in the front room, ropes, scarves and tape beside us, as well as two pairs of handcuffs.


“We start with each other’s ankles,” I said as we each took a length of rope and sat so we could reach each other’s ankles, me crossing mum’s ankles and securing them as she took care of mine.


“so we are both escape artists in a practise session,” I said as we tightened the ropes, “and whoever gets free first has to torture the loser in a suitable manner.”


“Understood,” Mum said as grabbed more rope, and secured each other’s legs together below the knees.  We then pushed a folded scarf into our own mouths, and taped them over, before we arranged the longer rope in two bands and positioned them loosely over our upper bodies. 


I made two pairs of rope cuffs, and handed one to mum before we both slipped them over our wrists behind our back.


“N…  t….  fr!” I said and I pulled my wrists, Mum following suit as they tightened around our arms, and then we pulled down on the second rope and tightened the chest ropes.  We then wriggled round on the floor, looking at each other to see who was going to get free first.


Actually, it was Mum who won that particular contest, before she untied me and said “all right - bedtime.  What are your first instructions for tomorrow?”


“Breakfast in bed – and I want you to wear a nice dress for it.”


“Your wish is my command,” she said with a low bow as we headed to our bedrooms.




“Good morning,” Mum said as I woke up, to see her standing with a breakfast tray in her hands.  She had out on an old fashioned blue floral sun dress, with a wide white leather belt around her waist, and a pair of white heels with natural hose on her legs.


She laid the tray on the bed as I sat up, and said “so what is your next wish?”


“There’s going to be a general theme going through today,” I said as I sipped some orange juice, “that I have hypnotised you so that when I say a certain word, you have to stop what you are doing and do what I say.  Then, when I give the second word, you have to pretend you do not know what has happened.”


“But I will be left in whatever state I am in while under your control, right?”




“So what are the words?”


I picked up a piece of paper and showed them to mum.  She read them and nodded, before she said “all right – but I warn you…”


“Relax, Mum,” I said with a smile, “I won’t do anything like that.”


“All right,” she said as she stood up, “I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re ready to begin.”


“Gotcha,” I said as I smiled and watched her walk out.




A few minutes later, I carried the tray into the kitchen and opened the back door.


“Ah,” I said as I took a deep breath, “can you smell the Apple Blossom?”


Mum was washing the dishes, but she stopped and stood straight up, before turning to look at me.


“Good,” I said, “remove the washing up gloves for a moment.”


As she did so, I found some rope I had prepared the previous night, with several knots tied along the length.


“You will take this,” I say quietly, “and tie it around your waist and between your legs, so that the knots sit where they will give you pleasure as you move.”


I watched as Mum raised the skirt of her dress up and tied the crotch rope in place, moaning slightly as she pulled it between her legs.


“Now, that will remain there until I say you can remove it, understand?”


She slowly nodded as I said “Good – put the washing up gloves on and return to the dishes.”


Mum did as I asked, walking in a funny way as she returned to the sink, and I said “Nebraska.”


She shook her head, then went back to washing the dishes, humming slightly as she moved around.


“Are those your breakfast dishes, Mark,” she said as she looked round, smiling.


“Yes they are – want me to dry up?”


“No, no – you go and sit down,” she gasped out, so I did as she said – for the moment.


I smiled as I sat in the front room, and then listened to the soft gasps as Mum washed up, and then came in, sitting down on the couch.


“I want to take you for a drive today, if that is all right,” I said with a smile.  “We might get a bite to eat at a local inn for lunch.”


“Well, that sounds a grand idea,” Mum said with a smile, “do you have anywhere particular in mind?”


“Well, I thought we would just drive into the nearby town and have a look round,” I said with a smile.  “Would that bother you?”


“No not at all,” she said with a smile, “will I need to wear a coat?”


“no, I think it’s too good a day for that,” I said with a smile, “and the apple blossom smells wonderful.”


Mum stared straight ahead as I stood up.  “Come with me,” I said as I took her hand, and led her into her bedroom.


“I want you to take a pair of your panties from your drawer,” I said, watching as Mum opened the drawer and took out a clean pair.


“Put them in your mouth, and then sit down at the dresser.”


Mum opened her mouth and pushed the panties in, and then sat down in front of the mirror.


“Make sure your lipstick is wonderfully red,” I said, smiling as she picked up the lipstick and touched up her lips.  I then tore a length of clear tape off a roll, and smoothed it down over her lips, making sure it showed as little as possible.


“Now, go and wait in the front room, watching television while I get changed,” I said, watching as Mum walked into the front room, and then getting into the shower.


When I emerged a few minutes later, doing up the buttons on my shirt, Mum was watching some infomercials on the television.


“Now, do not try to speak unless I say so,” I said with a smile, before saying “Nebraska.”  Mum blinked and looked at me, then picked up the remote and changed the channel to a re-run of Starsky and Hutch.


In it, a young bride had been kidnapped, and she was lying on her side on an old mattress, her wrist taped behind her back, her ankles secured and her mouth covered with a single strip of white tape.  I sat next to Mum as we watched it together, before it ended and I said “Come on, let’s go.”


I led her out to the car and waited as she strapped herself into the driver’s seat, before I went round and climbed in, starting the car up as we drove into town.


It was a small town, but it was a nice looking place, with a number of small craft shops.  We made our way round them, looking at a few things.  I found a shawl I thought Sam might like, and bought that, while Mum bought some local preserves and foodstuffs.  We also bought a new throw for the large couch at home, and some smaller gifts for the others.


Eventually, however, we found ourselves walking into a small café and looking at the menu.  Mum smiled at me as she pointed to what she wanted to eat and drink, and then I gave the order to the waitress.


“Apple blossom.”


Mum stared straight ahead as I said “Go to the restroom, remove the tape and dispose of it, and put the panties in your hand bag, then return here.”


She nodded and stood up, making her way to the restroom as our drinks were brought over.  As she returned and sat down, I whispered “Nebraska.”


“You know, of course, I will get my own back for this,” she whispered as she sipped her drink.


“I expect you will, somehow,” I said with a smile as we talked about what we had bought.


Mum had ordered a seafood salad, while I was having a lasagne, so we took our time, enjoying a bottle of wine as we sat there.  It was a nice peaceful afternoon, and I was certainly feeling a bit sad that the week was nearly at an end.


I could see Mum was thinking the same thing, as we ordered some cheesecake and then some coffee.


“Listen,” Mum said, “I know this is your day, but can we go and see a film?  I see there’s one on at the cinema in town I’d like to see.”


“All right – I’ll grant you that,” I said with a smile as I paid, and we took our purchases back to the car, and then went into the old style movie theatre.  It was a revelation – buying the tickets from the young girl in the kiosk, sitting in very plush seats, and then watching a weepie as I tried not to blub.


Hey – I’m a sensitive soul, you know.


Anyway, it was nearly six by the time we got back to the cabin, so I decided for one last go.


“Apple Blossom.”


“Yes, sir,” Mum said as she stared straight ahead.


“You will dress in a revealing outfit, and then cook my favourite meal for both of us, before you allow me to bind and gag you for your own pleasure.”


“Yes sir.”




“How about I cook you steak and baked potato,” Mum said as she shook her head.


“Sounds wonderful – I’ll watch some television.”


“Good I want to change first,” Mum said as she went to her room, and then came out in the shortest pair of denim shorts you have ever seen, and a cheesecloth blouse with the front tied under her chest. She also had on a pair of three inch heels, as she walked past me and into the kitchen.


An hour later, she stood in the doorway, her hand on her hip as she said “Dinner is served.”  I came into the kitchen and smiled as I sat down, and she gave me a fillet steak with pepper sauce and a large baked potato.


She ate a slightly smaller meal, and then we had a dessert, before I watched her wash up.


“Will you do something for me,” she said as he sat in my lap.




“Hogtie and gag me, and then have a beer?”


I nodded as I led her into the front room, and slowly bound her arms to her side, and then her wrists together, before I used a small length of rope to tie them to the rope between her legs.  I then helped her to lie down and secured her legs together, before pulling her ankles back and tying them to her chest ropes.


A thickly rolled and knotted scarf completed the outfit as I pulled it between her lips, Mum smiling as she rolled about on the floor and I went to get a beer.  I did feel a bit of a MCP sitting there, drinking the beer as Mum rolled about on the floor, but she was most definitely enjoying herself.


In fact, she was enjoying herself so much I left her alone for a few minutes while I took a second beer outside.  When I returned a few minutes later, I removed her gag and started to untie her as she lay panting on the floor.


“Bedtime,” I said, “we have an early start if we are going to get home tomorrow.”


Mum nodded as she slowly stood up and walked off…




And so the last morning of our trip away dawned.  We had breakfast, cleaned up and took the garbage to the designated point, and then packed up the car.  All we had left was my kit bag – and a coin.


I was wearing a checked shirt, jeans and a pair of baseball boots, while mum was wearing a blue blouse over a black jumper, with a thin black belt around her waist, leggings and black knee length felt boots with a flat sole.


“Ready,” I said as I held the coin in my hand.


“Ready,” Mum said, so I flipped the coin in the air, both of us watching as Mum called out “Heads.”


It spun down and landed on the floor, both of us looking up at it before we looked at each other.


“Oh goody,” Mum said as she picked up a length of rope, and indicated with her finger that I should turn round, “we get to listen to a country station for the first half of the journey.”


“Yeah,” I said as she crossed and tied my wrists together behind my back, “but I get to listen to soft rock for the second half of the journey.”


“I can live with that,” Mum said as she pulled the rope tightly between my arms, and tied it off, before she started to tie my arms to my sides, taking the rope around me below my elbows and around my shoulders, “but are you ready for me to sign along?”


“Do I really have a choice,” I said before I grunted as the ropes were tightened under my arms.


“Not really, no,” she said with a smile.  “So, open your mouth now like a good little boy, and we can be on our way.”


I nodded as I opened up, allowing her to put a scarf in my mouth before I closed it, and she stuck a length of flesh coloured plaster over my lips.  We then walked out to the car, me getting as comfortable as possible in the passenger seat before she secured my ankles and knees, and then strapped me in.  Walking back, she collected her handbag and the car keys, locked the cabin up, and got behind the steering wheel.


“All right then,” she said as she tuned the radio, and then started the car, “let’s head for home.”


I nodded, and then groaned as Billy Ray Cyrus started singing and Mum started singing along to Achy Breaky Heart…





Two hours of Patsy Clyne, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton and a whole panoply of stars later, we pulled in at a quiet diner and Mum removed the ropes, tape and sponge, giving me a few minutes to get the feeling back in my arms and legs before we stepped out.  I had never been so glad of the darkened windows in the car.


When I say quiet, I mean quiet – there were only a couple of other customers, although it did get a bit busier as we sat in a window booth, eating lunch and drinking iced tea as we watched the world go by.


Eventually, however, the time came to press on, and as I settled the bill Mum went to take care of more – personal business. 


A few minutes later, she came back, and handed me the car keys.  “So, what’s going to happen to me,” she said as she walked out.


“Funny you should ask,” I said as I opened the door at the back of the car, “in you get.”


Mum looked at me, and then got in, me following her as I closed the car door behind me.  About fifteen minutes later, I got out as well, and headed back into the diner – there was something I had to take care of for myself as well.  Naturally, I locked the doors, unlocking them as I came back and got behind the wheel.


“All right then,” I said as I found a station that was playing something a little more to my tastes, “ready?”


Hearing no complaints, I headed off and back onto the highway.






It was just after five by the time I pulled up into the driveway, and saw Kristen standing in the doorway.


“Hey – when did you get back,” I said as I got out of the driver’s side.


“An hour or two ago – long enough to get some milk and things before you got home.  How was the trip?”


“Restful,” I said with a smile. 


“So where’s mum,” she said as she looked at the car.


“Probably complain about the fact we listened to Pink Floyd’s The Wall for the last hour,” I said as I opened the rear door of the car.


“Hssntkddnngg” Mum said as she looked up.  I had bound her on the back seat, her arms tightly held to her sides with rope above and below her chest, her wrists crossed and tied, and her bound ankles pulled back and secured to her chest.  Brown tape covered her mouth, and kept the pair of panties I had hidden in the car earlier in place in her mouth.


Kristen had a quick look round, and then said “you’d better get her inside quickly – and then leave her on the couch.  We’ll order some food up and release her when it comes.”




“Oh yes we do,” I said as Kristen helped me to carry her in, and leave her on the couch.  I then unpacked the car as she demonstrated her skills as a culinary genius by phoning the local Chinese restaurant and ordering take-out…





“Well, I’m glad your trip went well,” Mum said as we sat round the table.  “Anything else we need to know?”


“Such as,” Kristen said as she looked at us.


“Such as who the owner of that jacket is,” Mum said as she looked at the back of the chair I was sitting in, “because it isn’t Mark’s or mine.”


“Oh,” Kristen said with a small smile, “his name is Johnnie.  I’ve invited him to come round tomorrow night…”


Mum and I looked at each other, before I said “and?”


“And – yes he plays games with me.  What of it?”


“Nothing – nothing at all,” we both said with a smile.










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