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Josie looked over to Lesley as she sat there, watching the film on the television in the dim light of the evening.  Her younger sister was wearing a pair of red pyjamas with white polka dots, while she herself was attired in a white silk nightie that came to just above her knees.


“How much longer has this movie got to go,” Lesley said as she yawned.


“Only a few more minutes - and then....”  Her voice trailed off - well, the more accurate term would be silenced, as a tall woman dressed in black grabbed her from behind and clamped a leather gloved hand over her mouth.


Lesley wanted to respond, but her own mouth was also covered by a gloved hand, this time soft cotton, as a voice behind her said “Well, well well - a couple of little ladies sitting up late.  What do you think we should do with them?”


“Let’s show them a good time,” the woman behind Josie said with a laugh.  “All right ladies - face down, on the floor, hands behind your back and don’t say a word.”


The two sisters exchanged glances, before nodding silently, and as the hands were removed they slid themselves off their seats and onto the floor, lying in opposite directions with their heads next to each other.


“You all right, Lesley?”  As she said this, Josie felt a length of soft white cord been passed around her wrists as they were pulled together, palm to palm.  She let out a gasp, more of a sigh than a cry as her hands were pulled tightly together, and she felt more rope been passed around her arms just below her elbows.


“I’m fine, sis,” she said as she looked over and saw her sister having her ankles crossed and lashed together with thin ropes, before she was made to sit up and more rope passed around her arms, pulling them tightly into her side as it was passed around her waist below her chest.  Her breasts had already been forced out as her shoulders were pulled back, but as it went over and under them the white bands both contrasted with the lighter whiter and emphasised them still more, her nipple showing under the tightly stretched silk.


She was so entranced  by the sight she barely noticed the bands encircling her own body, until she felt her own chest been pulled up, and looking down saw her assailant had encased them in a snug, tightly; fitting rope bra, the bands forming a V between them as the red stretched over her own body.  As she looked further down, she saw her own ankles had been secured side by side, and now the masked woman was tying her legs together tightly, just below her knees, ensuring the rope went between her legs to tighten the coils.


“Please, just take out stuff and leave us alone,” Josie said as she looked at the woman beside her, pulling the ropes tightly before picking up a pair of panties.  “Where on earth did you find them?”


“IN your laundry basket,” the woman said as she folded them into a pad.  “Now open wide - time for you to shut up.”


“No, please, I’ll be quiemmfmdmdf,” Josie said as the cloth was pushed behind her teeth, followed by a red scarf which had been folded into a band and a knot tied in the middle.  As the knot was forced into her mouth, she bit down on it as the ends were taken behind her head and tied tightly over her collar length blonde hair.


Lesley simply nodded as she opened her mouth and allowed her captor to stuff a folded pair of panties into her own mouth, and then to seal it over with duct tape.  “Let’s go search the house,” the woman with her sister said, and as the two left them in the room Lesley and Josie stared at each other, waiting to see who would make the first move.


“Ftrrruu,” Josie eventually said, and she watched as Lesley started to shuffle across the floor on her behind, her bottoms rubbing against the carpet as she edged ever closer to her sister.  As she got within reach, Josie turned so that their backs were to each other, watching over her shoulder as Lesley’s fingers started to pick at the knot behind her wrists and gently to untangle the binding.






“Nice try, ladies, but no cigar.”


The two women looked at Lesley and Josie, standing in the doorway with their gags hanging round their necks, for a moment.  They then started laughing as they pulled the stockings off their heads, and said “At least it took longer than last time.  You get the wine - we’ll be down in a minute.”


IT had been six months since Lesley had started at college, and although she lived in the halls of residence once a fortnight she stayed with Josie, both for the friendly face and also for the games she liked to play on those occasions.


Tonight they had been joined by Betty and Veronica - their real names, and the subject of a lot of good natured ribbing by their friends.  This was made more so by the fact that Veronica was dark haired, and a bit more mannered, while Betty was a tomboy who liked to wear her blonde hair in a pigtail.


As the four sat round, drinking wine, Betty suddenly said “Lesley, have you got any plans for tomorrow?”


“I’ve an essay I’m meant to be working on, but I can leave that until Sunday - why?”


“Well,” Betty said as she put her glass on the coffee table, “Veronica and I are going to help a friend out with some work, and we were wondering if you would like to join us?”


“This isn’t Dave, is it?”  Lesley looked at Josie as she heard the tone in her sister’s voice.


“It is, but don’t worry - it’s strictly legit, and I though your sister might like to see what happens at these times.  You certainly were interested when you went.”


Josie nodded as she said “So long as it’s hands off - or he’ll have me to answer to.”


“Am I missing something in this conversation?”


Veronica shook her head.  “Don’t worry kiddo - it’ll be fun.  We’ll pick you up at ten - and dress casually.  You’ll have a lot of sitting round to do.”





Lesley sat down and picked up her new black leather boots, pulling them up over her lower legs and pulling the zip up at the back.  They had a cuff turned down just below the knee, and went well with the black and white smock top she was wearing over her grey leggings.


“Enjoy the day,” Josie called out from the bathroom as she headed for the door, “and you can tell me all about it later tonight.”


Lesley pulled on a black denim jacket and closed the door behind her, heading down the stairs and out of the communal door.  Betty and Veronica were waiting in a car outside, the dark haired Veronica waving at her to get in.


“So what exactly is this job you’re doing,” Lesley said as Betty turned into the road and headed off into town.”


“A photo and film shoot,” Veronica turned and said to her, “Josie has been a couple of times, but I really do think you’ll like this.”


“Oh - is it for a film?”


“In a way,” Betty said as she turned into a side road, “In a way.”


It took them fifteen minutes before they arrived at a warehouse on the outskirts of town, Betty parking the car by a simple wooden door at the back.  The three women climbed out and walked to the door, stopping as Veronica rapped three times on the wood.


The door opened and a tall, broad shouldered man stepped out, looking at the trio as they stood there.  For a moment, Lesley wasn’t sure what to think, but he then said in a quiet voice “Morning girls - Dave’s waiting for you.  You must be Lesley - I’m Maurice, and I handle security for these shoots.”




“Closed set,” he said as he held the door open, allowing the three women to walk inside, “You’ll see why in a minute.  Dave - they’re here.”


“About time,” a man said as he walked over.  He was in his early thirties, wearing an open necked shirt and jeans.  “Vicky, Betty, you need to get into costume and make up.  You must be Lesley,” he said as he held his hand out and Lesley shook it, “I’m Dave.  Why don’t you come over here and have a seat, and you can see what it is we do here.”


He escorted Lesley to a canvas chair, helping her to sit down as she looked on what was obviously a film set.  The scene was meant to replicate some sort of beach hut. With a wicker bed in the centre of the set and various cushions scattered round.  Looking over to the side, she could see a few people busying themselves with a camera and sound deck, while to one side there was a tall, thin man dressed in a black jumper and trousers checking the contents of a canvas bag.


“I’m Jill,” she heard a voice say next to her, and as she turned she saw a young, brown haired woman standing next toher, a bottle of cola in her hand.  “I’m the production manager - I thought you might like this, but when they’re filming don’t drink from it.”


“I take it this is a video shoot?”


“Yes - one for an exclusive market, you might say.  Where do you know Veronica and Betty from?”


“They’re friends with my sister Josie.”


“Oh you’re Josie’s sister?  She talks a lot about you when she’s here.”


“She makes these films as well?”


“No - Josie is strictly a photo subject.  I think she feels a bit exposed on...  Ah, show time.  Sit quietly and watch.”


Veronica and Betty walked on to the set, both wearing very small gold bikinis.  The tops barely covered their breasts, while the g-string pants only showed a small triangle of gold material against their crotches.  They were also wearing gold strapped sandals with four inch stiletto heels.


Glancing over she saw the thin man pick up a balaclava mask, and placed her bottle of drink on the floor, eager to see what happened next.


“Ready girls,” Dave called out, and both Veronica and Betty nodded as they walked out of the fake door.  “Simon?”  The tall man nodded as he walked round the back of the set.  “Lights...   Camera... ACTION!”


Lesley watched, transfixed as the man she had heard called Simon crept in through the window, moving slowly and carefully a she started to search the room.  Something must have caught his ear, for he stopped to listen for a moment and then moved quickly to hide by the door.


IT opened inwards as Veronica and Betty came in.  “That was a wonderful day at the beach,” Veronica said as she walked into the room, not looking as Betty closed the door behind her.  “Don’t you agree Betty?”




Veronica slowly turned round to see Betty standing there, the masked man holding her with a gloved hand over her mouth as he pointed a prop gun at Veronica.  “Not a word, pretty,” he said in a surprisingly deep voice, “just put those lovely arms of yours in the air and put your hands on your head.”


“Who... who are you,” Veronica said in a trembling voice as she slowly raised her arms.


“Just someone who hoped you wouldn’t be home for a while,” he said as Betty struggle din his tight grip.  “Sit down on the bed.”


As Veronica sat herself down, he whispered to Betty “Shut up, put your hands on your head and go and join your friend - and don’t move a muscle.”


Betty nodded as he released her from his grip, watching as she slowly walked over and sat next to Veronica.  They looked at each other in fear as the man looked on at both of them.


“Right,” he eventually said as he reached into his pocket and took out a length of thin cord, throwing it to Veronica, “Tie your friend’s hands behind her back.”



Lesley watched, transfixed, as Veronica guided Betty’s hands behind her back and started to lash the rope around them.  She was so engrossed she failed to notice the way that Jill was looking just as intently at her, making some notes on her pad as she did so.


As the filming continued, both Veronica and Betty eventually were lying face down on the bed, their wrists secured together behind and against their backs with rope, their ankles crossed and bound and their legs tied together just below their knees.  “Roll over,” the man said, and as they did so he opened a drawer and drew out two pairs of panties.


“No, pleassdmmgmfdmdfg,” Betty said as one pair were stuffed into her mouth, before he used a large strip of white medical tape to seal them in.  Veronica received the same treatment, before he said “Have fun ladies,” and left them on the bed, the cameras rolling as they started to struggle.


After some time, Dave simply said “CUT!!  Thanks ladies - get them released.”


“You enjoyed that, didn’t you,” Jill leaned over and whispered in Lesley’s ear.


“Yes,” she said quietly, before realising what she had said and turning to look at Jill. “What I meant is...”


“It’s all right, Lesley - we know what you meant.  Have you ever thought of doing this sort of thing yourself?”


“Sometimes - but I’m not sure I’d look that good.”


“Wait there,” Jill said as she stood up and walked over to talk to Dave.  After a few moments, he came over and sat next to Lesley.


“Jill tells me you’ve wondered what it would be like to do this - interested.”


“Yes, No - I’m not sure.”  She watched him a she nodded, and then said “Girls, do you mind if I borrow our friend for a while?”


“Sure Dave - just bring her back in one piece,” Betty called out.


“Come with me,” Dave said as he took Lesley’s hand, and she followed him and Jill into a private room.  “I’d like to make an offer - let me take a few, private photos of you now.  Jill’s here to make sure everything is above board.


“You take them with you, have a look, and if you’re still interested then we can talk, all right?”


“All right,” Lesley said as she slipped off her jacket.  “What do you want me to do?”


“Have a seat,” he said a she pointed to a simple wooden chair in the centre of the room, “and I’ll get my camera.  Jill, why don’t you get a few ropes ready?”


Lesley sat herself down, watching Jill as she uncoiled and arranged a variety of lengths of rope.  Dave returned, camera in hand as he said “Let’s take a few establishing shots - just smile for me, Lesley.”


As he walked round, taking pictures of her, Lesley smiled and threw her head back, her blonde hair waving in the air.  Eventually Dave stopped and said “Jill, bind her hands.”


“Put your hands behind the chair back,” Jill said, and as Lesley looked over her shoulder she watched the woman wrap thin parachute cord around her wrists, securing them tightly together before tying the ends round the central spar of the chair back.  “Start to look a bit frightened,” Dave said quietly a she started to take photos again, so Lesley tried to look concerned and not smile for the next set of shots.


They continued in this way, Jill adding more rope and Dave taking shots, until Lesley was secured to the chair back with rope around her chest and the wooden support then her upper body and her arms, with a final length around her waist.  Each time she looked more worried, and struggled more, as Dave kept taking shot after shot.


Jill took her leg and placed it against the chair leg, tying her ankle and knee to the wooden support.  Lesley heard the squeak of leather against rope and wood, and realised she liked both the sound and the feeling as Jill repeated the process on the other side.  “You’re really getting scared now,” Dave said a she took more photos, Lesley doing her best to look frightened.


“Now the bandana,” Dave said, and Lesley opened her mouth, tasting the rolled up cotton as Jill pulled the scarf into her mouth and knotted the ends together under her hair.  She was enjoying the ropes, the gag and the attention, and as Dave continued to take shot after shot she got the feeling he was enjoying it as well.


The door opened, and Maurice looked in.  “We’re ready for the afternoon shoot, Dave, he said, smiling at Lesley as he saw her.  “Comfy?”


“Yssthnksg,” Lesley said as Dave and Jill looked at her.  “Do you want to stay there for a little while,” Dave asked, and as Lesley nodded he smiled.  “Jill will come and release you later, he said as the three walked out, leaving Lesley to squirm, and the sound of rope on wood and leather rubbing the only other sound.




“Hey, Lesley!”


Lesley turned and looked at Jill as she walked up to her.  “Dave said to give you these,” she said as she handed her a disk and business card.  “If you want to do more, call him - there are some things that have to be done first.”


“Enjoy your private time,” Betty said as Maurice held the door open for them.


“Very much so - how much does this pay anyway?”


“Depends - but ask Dave if you decide to do any more.  Just don’t tell Josie - she like sot keep this side of things to herself.”


Lesley nodded as they got into the car - she had a lot to think about.







A week later, Lesley walked into the coffee bar, a scarf round her neck to keep the wind out, and saw Dave and Jill sitting at a table near the back.


“Lesley,” Dave said as he stood up to offer her a seat, “Thanks for coming.  Did you like the photos?”


“Very much so,” she said as she sat down, “and I’d certainly be interested in doing more.”


“That’s why I asked Jill along,” Dave said as the waitress brought three coffees other, “There are certain questions I need to ask before we proceed, and it all needs to be witnessed.”


“Of course - fire away.”


Jill took a drink, then put her cup down and said “How old are you, Lesley?”




“Had you been tied up before the other day?”


“Yes - quite a few times.”


“Was it entirely of your own consent?”




Dave nodded “Lesley, if you are going to do this for us there are certain legal requirements and records that need to be kept.  You would be willing to comply with all this?”


“I would.”


“Are there any limits that you have - any lines you are not prepared to cross?”


It was Lesley’s turn to take a drink.  “Honestly?  I love been bound and gagged, and I love the way it makes me feel, but I would never allow anyone to take advantage of me physically in that situation.  Toys, yes - but no more.  I’m sure you understand.”


“We understand perfectly,” Jill replied, “and in that respect you would be safe with us.  We could also advise you, if you wished to work with others, who it would be best to avoid in that aspect.”


“Now here’s our side of the deal,” Dave said a she leaned forward.  “As you saw, we produce bondage shorts which we offer for sale on line.  If you come to work for us, we offer a flat rate for the shoot, and if we like you and you prove to be popular with our clientele we invite you back.  We keep the legal records and disclaimers, and you get the right to refusal on any work we do.  It’s all legal and above board - we have a good contract, but you can read it for yourself and have it checked by your own attorney if you wish.


“So the question is, would you like to do some work for us?”


Lesley sat back for a moment, before saying “One question - what does Josie do for you?”


“Josie is one of our more popular photographic models, but she does not like doing the film clips.  Is that a problem?”


“No - I’ll talk to her as well, but I would like to be part of this.  I have a request, if I may, for my first shoot.”


“Eager,” Jill said as she smiled, “What do you have in mind?”






“... ACTION!”


Lesley started to walk round the room, using her feather duster to brush the imaginary dust off the furniture.  She was wearing a cap sleeved black dress, with white lace trim and an apron on the short, flared skirt.  Her legs were encased in sheer black stockings, and a pair of four inch stiletto heeled patent leather shoes were on her feet.  The outfit was completed by a white cap on her head with a black central band.


The door opened and Jill walked in, dressed in a white silk blouse with the collar up, a tight black leather skirt that hugged her hips as it came to just above her knees, high heeled black leather boots, and a pair of leather gloves on her hand.


“ZOE,” she said as she stood there with her hands on her hips, “You have not been doing a good enough job with the cleaning.”


“I’m sorry, mistress,” Lesley said as she bowed her head, “I’ll try to do better.”


“Not good enough, ZOE - I need to teach you some manners.  Come here and turn round.”


Lesley walked over as Jill picked up a length of soft rope from a bureau.  As she crossed her wrists behind her back, she bowed her head and stayed silent while the cords were wrapped around her bare wrists, pulling her wrists firmly and tightly together.


“Please, mistress,” Lesley said in a quiet voice, “Don’t punish me.  I will try to do better work.”  As she said this, however, she panted slightly, and inside her mind was going back to that family holiday a few years before.


Jill passed some rope over her head, pulling her arms tightly into her side as she passed the ends through the central loop behind her back.  “Please mistress,” Lesley started to sob as she felt the rope pulling into her stomach, and saw the way the black satin was been pulled across her breasts.


“Quiet, ZOE,” Jill said as she wound the rope around her upper arms and chest, pulling it down behind her as her arms were locked into place, before passing it under her arms and cinching the coils between her body and limbs.  Lesley could see the front of the dress stretching over her chest, her bare breasts showing, and had to stop herself from giggling.


Jill dangled a large blue ball in front of Lesley, with black leather straps going from either side.  “I promise I will be quiet, mistress,” Lesley breathed, but Jill just said “Open wide,” and pushed the rubber into Lesley’s mouth, her rouged lips closing over it slightly as she tightly buckled it round her head.


“Mggggg,” Lesley moaned as Jill took another length of rope and passed it round her waist, pulling her wrists into her back as she did so.  She knew what was coming, but as Jill passed the rope between her legs and pulled up, forcing her skirt up as it sank into her crotch, she said “Mmfmdsmmdfmmg” at the sudden pressure.  IT was not that she found it unpleasant - in fact,  quite the opposite - but as she fed the rope around her wrists and back down again she knew it was firmer than any she had experienced before.


“Walk with me,” Jill said, and as she took Lesley’s arm the couple walked towards the large bed, Lesley moaning with each movement of the rope between her legs.  Jill gently pushed Lesley onto the bed, making eh rile face down as she grabbed her ankles and crossed them.  The white rope contrasted with the black silk as Jill tightly bound her legs together, Lesley moaning as she tried to twist round.


Ten minutes later, she was tightly hogtied, the ropes around her legs below her knees biting in as her fingers played with the heels of her shoes.  A short length of rope connected her ankles to the ropes around her chest, and she was helpless, yet free at the same time.


“I’m going to inspect the rest of the house, ZOE,” Jill said as she walked out, “and if there is more unsatisfactory work, I will be back.”


Lesley closed her eyes, moaning gently as she moved the rope between her legs and tried to wriggle round.  She had forgotten the cameras were there, lost completely in her fantasy and enjoying herself immensely.  At the same time, she knew something was missing, but for now she was content to writhe round and feel the pressure and burning slowly start to grow in her body....


She was shocked out of her reverie by something been pushed under the rope at her crotch, and Jill saying “I found more to be displeased about, ZOE, so you need to be punished more.”


Lesley felt a vibration start against her crotch, and her body bucked at the sensation, making her moan more and more as the stimulation had the desired effect, her body sweating as she rolled around., trying to dislodge the vibrator while at same time loving the feeling it was producing in her, all the times the camera rolling.


Eventually she screamed out “DSMMDFSMMGDFMMGMFGMMMGGGGGGG” as she arched her back, her body exploding as she started to have an orgasm, but the vibrating and the shocks continuing to flow through her.  She wanted all of this, more, more, and as her body bucked again she knew she had found a calling, a new career for herself.






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