Collect From Home





As she sat in her comfortable armchair, reading the paper, Hazel was looking forward to a nice, quiet, peaceful day.  Her vacation week was only just starting, and as soon as her sister Flora arrived, then a shopping trip to the mall beckoned for both of them.


She was all ready to go as well – her long silver blonde hair fell over the shoulders  of her cap sleeved grey blouse, the top buttons open to reveal the edge of her white bra, while her legs were encased in brown hose, and a pair of tight over the knee dark brown suede boots.  Her attire was completed by the brown suede mini skirt she was wearing.


“There is absolutely nothing in this news,” Hazel finally said to herself as she threw the paper to the side, and stood up, looking out of the window.  “Come on Flora, I need something to make this day fun,” she whispered to herself before she turned and walked to the kitchen.  “Perhaps some coffee will make this day go better,” she said to herself as she picked up the kettle, filled it with water and switched it on.


“Let’s see, let’s see – ah there it is,” she said as she searched in the lower cabinets, and took out the cafetiere.  As the kettle came to the boil, she warmed the glass jar, then scooped some ground coffee in and added the hot water.  Stirring it round, she put the plunger into place, smiled, and turned round to get a mug.


“What the…”


“Hello – now, no screaming or calling for help please,” the man standing in front of her said, “finish making your coffee – and pour a cup for both of us as well…”




Getting down from the bus, Flora looked round and then adjusted the strap of her shoulder bag.  The black leather collarless jacket she was wearing kept some of the early spring chill off her arms, as she made her way along the high street, and turned towards her sister’s home.


The brunette was wearing under her jacket a purple dress, with elbow length sleeves and a deep v-shaped front, a satin belt tied loosely round her waist.  Her legs were protected in a pair of sheer black leggings, a pair of knee length black leather boots on her lower legs.


She had a definite plan in mind for the day – drive to the mall, grab some lunch, then visit the dress shops so she could find something to wear to the upcoming happy event.  An event she was looking forward very much to attending.


She soon arrived at the front door of Hazel’s house and let herself in, smiling as she hung up her coat and called out “Hey – you in the front room?”


“Yeah – can you come in a minute?”


“I hope you’re ready to go, because…”  Flora stopped and stared as she saw her sister sitting in a chair, her wrists crossed and tied tightly together in front of her with rope, and then tied down to a second length of rope which was securing her legs together below her knees.


“Hello,” a male voice said behind Flora as she stared at her sister, “do as you’re told, you and your sister will be just fine.  Very slowly, put your hands behind your back.”


“What’s going on,” Flora said quietly as she moved her hands behind her back, and she felt someone cross them before the rope was pulled tightly around them.


“I don’t know,” Hazel said as she twisted her wrists round, “they surprised me an hour ago, tied me, and I’ve been sat here ever since.”


“They?”  Flora looked over her shoulder and saw the man standing there, smartly dressed, short hair, and dark glasses covering his eyes as he wrapped the rope around and between her wrists.  “Who else is here?”


“Ah – your charming sister, I take it?”


Flora looked to the door that led to the dining room, to see a second smartly dressed man standing there, sipping coffee from a cup as he looked over.  “Secure her arms, please.”


“Look, if this is a robbery, I understand why you are tying me up,” Hazel said, “but just tell us why?”


Flora grunted as rope was passed round her body, pulling her arms to her sides as the band sat under her chest, and then it was wrapped above her chest, the bands pressing on and forcing her breasts out as it was tightened and added to.  At the same time, the second man picked up a coil of rope and walked behind Hazel, wrapping it round her upper arms and body as they were forced into her own body.


“That hurts,” she whispered as the ropes were pulled tighter and tighter, and then she heard Flora moan as her ropes were secured behind her back, and then tightened with two short lengths of rope between her arms and body.  She then grunted as the same thing was done to her, while Flora was walked over to the chair opposite her and made to sit down.


“We’re going to be here a while longer,” the man with Flora said as he knelt down, crossed her ankles and started to bind them tightly together.  As she heard the squeak of leather on her legs as they rubbed together, she said “Okay – not going to the mall, are we?”


“I’m afraid not,” the man said as he tied Hazel’s ankles together, the rope sinking into the soft brown suede.  “I also apologise for the fact you are going to be restrained, but it is necessary.”




“It is,” the second man said as he pulled the rope tight between Flora’s legs, forcing them together as well before he ran another length of rope between her legs, and then tied the other end to the rope around her chest.  “It is also going to be necessary to silence you.”


“Silence – oh god no,” Flora said as she struggled, “I promise you, I’ll be quiet, you don’t have to dthhsssmmmhhmm.”  The sudden change in tone was instigated by the silk knot the man pushed into her mouth, before he tied the rest of the scarf tightly round her head, trapping her brown hair as he did so.


Hazel was equally unable to respond, as she felt the knot in her own gag pushing her tongue down, filling her mouth as the red scarf was tied tightly round her own head.  She could feel the knot getting heavier as it started to soak up the saliva, looking at Flora as the knot in her mouth started to slowly turn from white to dark grey.


She tried moving her wrists again, grunting as the ropes rubbed on her bare wrists, and her legs moved up and down in response to the twisting.  The ropes also were rubbing on her chest, which was infuriating her as well.


Flora was sat still, too afraid to move – it was bad enough with the pressure on her arms and chest, but if she moved, it got worse – and she did not want to feel any worse than it already did.  She glanced over at her sister, who nodded slightly as the two men stood watching them, not saying a word.




It was several hours later that the men looked at each other, and then one quickly closed the door to the room they were on, the other standing in front of both Hazel and Flora and putting a gloved finger to his lips.  The two women looked at each other as they heard a younger female voice say “I’ll be in my room” and then footsteps on the stairs.


“Stay with them,” one of the men said as he picked up a holdall and walked out of the room, the second man smiling as he stood there…


Slowly, quietly, he walked up the staircase and looked in the bedroom, where a tall, thin woman was standing, her long dark hair falling over the shoulders of her white blouse.  A pair of black leather boots were over her lower legs and knees, covering the black skin tight satin leggings she was wearing.


She was looking in her wardrobe, blissfully unaware of what was happening – until she was grabbed from behind, and she both tasted and smelt the leather glove as it was pressed firmly over her mouth.


“Not a word, young lady,” she heard the man say from behind her, “just open your mouth.”


She thought for a moment, considering her options, and then slowly opened her mouth, trying to gag as the folded cloth was pushed into her mouth, pressing her tongue down and filling the space behind her teeth.  Closing her lips, she kept herself calm as she heard the ripping sound, and the pressure, the pulling on her moth and lips as the tape was pressed firmly over them.


“There – now you can be nice and quiet,” the man said as he held her arms, “now, put your hands behind your back.  Nice and slowly – no tricks.”


Nodding, breathing slowly through her nose, she moved her hands behind, trying not think of what might happen as her wrists were secured together with rope – and other length then pulling her arms into her sides as it went around her, framing her chest as she tried to process what was happening.


She felt the bands tighten behind her, and then his hands as he fed the rope under one arm, pulling it up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, making the chest ropes even tighter, the buttons threatening to burst open at the top of her blouse.


This was made worse as he then took the rope over one shoulder, under the lower band of rope and pulled it up, then over her other shoulder.  She could barely move for the way the ropes now framed and rubbed on her breasts – especially when he reached round and gently caressed her breasts in his gloved hands, making her moan.


She could hear and sense rather than see him kneel behind her, as a length of rope was secured between her legs, just above her knees – not holding them together, but with a length of a couple of inches between them.  Finally, he folded a black silk scarf and tied it tightly over her eyes, cutting any light or sight.


She was aware of him leading her out of the room, and guiding her down the stairs, and then waiting as he opened a door and said “we’re going.”  She could hear two other muffled voices, and then a second set of footsteps as a door opened.  From there, she was walked a short distance, and then helped to sit down before a different door shut – a car door.  Two more, and then they moved off.



Hazel looked at her wrists, and then slowly leaned forward, Flora watching as she managed to hook her finger under the band of silk around her head, slowly and carefully easing the knot out before she let it fall on her chest.  Taking a few moments to gather her breath, she then lifted her wrists up, banding and raising her legs before she began to work on the knot with her teeth.


“Let me get out of this,” she said as she looked at her sister, “and then I need to make a phone call, before I explain everything…”






“We’re here.”


The two men got out of the car, looking round before they helped their captive to get out, and walked with her across the darkened parking area.  They stood in the shadows as one of them got a key from his pocket, and opened the door, all three going in as the light was turned on.


“Well, we did it,” the first man said as they both removed their sunglasses, and then the blindfold from the woman.  She looked at both of them, and then said “mggnneeklluu.”


“Probably,” he said as he peeled the tape from her mouth, and then eased the cloth out, before kissing her, “but you did say you wanted a surprise start to the weekend.”


“I know – Mum and Aunt Flora?”


“Your mum knew, and she’ll explain to Flora.  So – welcome to Gretna Green lover.  Ready for our wedding tomorrow?”







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