Cougar and Family








“What do you want?”


“What do we want?  Lady, right now what we want you to do is to shut the fuck up and do what we tell you to do.  Got it?”


Brenda nodded slowly as she looked at the two men who were standing in front of her, commanding her attention with their presence – and the very real gun one of them was pointing at her as he held it in his gloved hand.  She had just returned from a shopping trip and had barely had time to take her coat off when the doorbell rang.  She went to the door, she opened it – and then these two had forced their way into her house.


She was in her early fifties, and they looked as if they were about half her age – wearing tracksuits, baseball caps, trainers, but as she had already noted, one was armed – and the other was opening a bag he had carried in with him and taking out a length of brown rope.


“Are you going to tie me up?”


“What do you think,” the armed intruder sneered as his partner walked behind her and pulled her arms behind her back.  She was now regretting the choice of outfit she had made – because she was wearing a tight leopard print dress with a deep neckline, showing her chest a little too much in the current situation, as well as dark hose and knee length black leather boots.


She felt something pass round her arms – and then gasped as she felt her elbows being drawn together, nearly touching as her shoulder blades were pulled back, and er chest forced out as well.  She looked at the man opposite her as she felt the rope between her arms – and saw a look in his eyes as he stared at her.


“What are you looking at,” she growled as she felt more rope being passed round her wrists, forcing them together as well.


“One feisty cougar,” he said with a smirk, “and we’ve caught her.”


“What on earth are you – HEY,” Brenda called out as she felt the rough rope going between her arms, rubbing on her bare wrists as it was tightened.  “That fucking hurtshshshhtttt….” Her words were muffled as a hand was clamped over her mouth, her binder’s other hand forcing her back against him – and she felt something in his crotch area.


“Lady,” the armed intruder said as he walked over and stroked her cheek with the barrel of the gun, “I strongly advise you to shut the fuck up, or I will make sure you stay silent.  Understood?”


Brenda slowly nodded as the hand was removed, and the man walked back to the bag, retrieving a longer length of rope and doubling it over as he walked back behind her.  She saw him pass it round her and then pull it tight under her chest, as her arms were forced against her back, and her breasts were forced more out with each pass of the rope.


The two bands which were formed pressed up and down on her, framing her breasts as the dress was stretched even more tightly across them, the gap growing wider as the armed intruder smiled.  He then put the gun away, looking at Brenda and smiling as he started to massage her breasts while his partner secured the ropes behind her.  She tried to move away, tried to twist round – but that just seemed to encourage him as he squeezed harder on them.


“Leave the gun in reach of me,” the man behind her said, “then go and search the house.  I’ll make sure she is distracted.”


“Want some more rope over as well?”


“Two lengths,” she heard him say as the second man nodded and laid the gun on the floor next to her, then retrieved two lengths of rope and handed them over before he left the room.   Brenda sensed her binder kneeling down behind her, and then stared straight ahead as she felt the rope drawing her legs together, the band tightening below her knees as she stood there.


She also felt his hands stroking her legs as he took the rope between them before tying it off, and then the same round her ankles as they were drawn together, making her helpless.


“Kneel down, cougar.”


Brenda felt she had no choice, especially when he grabbed her long dark brown hair and yanked it back so that she knelt in anger, in frustration, in fear.  She then saw his hands as they came round and felt her breasts as he roughly began it grope them, squeezing hard as she was held against his body. She wriggled round, rubbing against him – and them her eyes opened wide as she felt something growing larger.


“You fucking little perfffhuhhnnhhh.h…”  Brenda groaned as one of his hands covered her mouth, the over one slipping under her dress as she regretted not wearing a bra – then felt a shiver as he stroked over her nipples under the tightly stretched fabric.  She knew what was happening to her as he pressed her back against his body, and she felt the throbbing.


“Yeah – you like this, don’t you,” he whispered into her ear, Brenda shaking her head as she tried to convince herself that her body was not responding – and then the groan that escaped her lips as her body started to shake.


“Maybe I should give you something to relay remember me by – what do you say, you hot little cougar?”




“Good,” he said as he removed his hand from her chest, and then felt him pull down the pantyhose, pull her skirt up – and then the throbbing organ against her bare bottom.  She closed her eyes, not wanting to see what was coming, not wanting to acknowledge what was coming as he pushed her head forward and whispered “don’t make a fucking sound…”


He rubbed against her – and then she felt him enter him, amazed at how damp she was that he entered her smoothly, but she felt him inside, felt her body instinctively gripping her, as he throbbed and she felt it engorge, press on the most sensitive of spots, and bit her lower lip, praying it would be quick.


When she felt him come, she closed her eyes as her whole body shook.  It was delirious and terrifying…  And then she heard the front door open and close.


“Shut it,” the man said as he quickly withdrew and hand gagged her, Brenda crying as she heard the footsteps and a grey-haired woman walked in.  She looked at the bound and gagged woman, and then said, “what are you doing to my daughter young man?”


“What does it look like,” he said quietly as he picked up the gun and aimed it at Brenda’s mother.  She was wearing a peach-coloured coat over a grey cowl necked woolen drss, the hem at her knees and he rlower legs in a pair of white leather boots.


“Brenda, are you…”


Brenda looked at her, here eyes red as the mans aid “what’s your name, lady?”


“Anna – why?”


“Well, Anna,” he said with a smile, “I want you to do what I tell you, or your love fuck of a daughter dies, understood?”  As Anna nodded, he said “good – take your coat off, and remove that belt, then put them both on the chair over there.”  Brenda watched as her mother complied, before she said, “now what?”


“Take your panties off – I can see you’re not wearing hose, so do it without removing anything else.”


Anna slowly nodded as she reached under the skirt of her dress, and slowly pulled off a pair of grey panties.


“Good – stuff them into your daughter’s gob, all the way in.”


“Please, don’t make me…”  Anna’s words were cut short as he put the barrel of the gun to Brenda’s head and nodded as she folded them into a pad.  The man took his hand away, Brenda sobbing as she opened her mouth and allowed her mother to push them all the way in.


“Now, use the belt of your coat as a gag on her.”


“I’m sorry,” Anna whispered as she picked the pink cloth belt up, and pulled it between Brenda’s lips, tying it tightly round her head.


“Better,” the mans aid as he stood up, his cock hanging out as he pushed Brenda onto her side and then walked to the bag, taking out rope as he said, “hands behind your back, and stand still.”


“As you wish,” Anna said quietly as she moved her hands behind her, feeling him grab and cross them before she felt the rope rubbing on her wrists as they were forced together.  She bit her lower tongue as Brenda closed her eyes, then gasped as she saw the rope going round her body and pulled tight under her chest, forcing her arms against her sides and forcing her chest up and out as she felt the armed intruder binding her body like that of her daughter.


The bands of rope grew thicker, before she felt him feed the rope under her arm on one side, then up and around the back of her neck before he fed it under on the other side.


“Are you going to do to me what you did to Brenda,” Anna asked as she felt the ropes being secured behind her back.


“Maybe – but I get the feeling you will enjoy something different.”  He smiled as he stood in front of her and doubled over another length of rope before he passed it under the two chest bands, between her breasts.  Brenda watched through tear filled eyes as he fed the ends pf the rope through the centre loop, and then pulled them down so that the bands were pressed round her mother’s breasts.




“Feels good, makes you feel hot, momma cow?”


Anna said nothing as he let the ends of the rope drop and walked behind her, only looking down as she felt him put his arm between her legs, take the rope, and pull it sharply back and up.  The skirt of her dress was hiked up as the rope rubbed on her bare sex, the man securing the ends behind her before she felt him bind her legs below her knees with yet more of the rope.


“You little bas…”


“Language,” the man said as he pulled the rope between Anna’s legs, making the knee binding tighter as he secured the ends together.  Another length of rope then went round her ankles pulling them together as she stood there.


“So, what are you going to do now,” she whispered as she looked at him – and then she gasped as he grabbed her chest and squeezed hard, falling to her knees as she did so.  The man walked behind her as she felt him securing more rope to the one between her legs, before he draped it over her shoulder and she saw him there, his cock engorging again as he stood there.


“Kiss it.”


“No fucking wayyyyahhhhh,” Anna moaned as he took the rope and pulled on it, the ropes rubbing between the lips of her sex as he did so, and she started to shiver.


“Kiss….  It.”


Anna slowly nodded as she pressed her lips to his organ, Brenda closing her eyes as she lay there, not wanting to watch as her mother slowly parted her lips and licked the top of his cock.


“Keep going,” he whispered as he slowly pulled the rope up and down, Anna nodding as she took the tip into her mouth and then pulled her lips back, the soft smacking sound before she took it into her mouth and slowly bobbed her head to and fro.  She could feel it throbbing on her tongue, taste the saltiness of him and her daughter on it, but she was beginning to appreciate what he was doing between her legs, and she was wanting more of it. 


She knew this was wrong, but she was wanting this as she sucked gently, feeling it engorge in her mouth as it pressed her tongue down, but she kept moving, kept sucking and running her tongue over the fast-growing member, and his moans told her he was appreciating this as well.


Brenda rolled herself over - she knew her mother had no choice, but as her and his moans grew louder, she did not want to hear this…





Anna looked over, his cock filling her mouth as she saw a twenty-year-old girl standing there, wearing a black cap sleeved top with a white fern print that her long brown hair was falling over, grey shorts and over the knee black leather boots.  She was staring at Anna, Brenda, and the man as he smiled and said “don’t move lass – your turn will coohhmmmm…”


Anna groaned as she felt the jerk on her tongue, and then the hot salty flow as it hit the back of her throat.  The new arrival slowly backed away – and then screamed as the leather gloved hand covered her mouth, and she struggled in the grip of the arm that went round her waist.


“So, this must be Rebecca,” the other man said as Brenda rolled over, the belt getting darker at the corners of her mouth as it soaked up the saliva in her mouth.


“The kid fuck – have fun with her,” the man whispered as he held Anna’s head, Rebecca struggling as she was pulled backwards,


“If you don’t stop struggling, fucker, I’m going to hurt you.  Is that what you really want?”


Rebecca stopped struggling, as he said “good”, and she heard her grandmother’s muffled voice.  She was then turned and made to walk up the stairs, her mouth still covered as she felt his body against hers.




“Me?  Nothing.  My friend?  Well, I am sure he has made them feel really special,” the man holding her said as he pushed her into a bedroom.  Kicking the door closed behind himself, he whispered “you going to scream?”




“Good,” he whispered, “look on the bed.”  Anna looked over and saw the scarves laid out form her wardrobe.  “Pick one, and stuff it into your mouth without saying a word.”


Anna stood for a moment as he took his hand away, and then slowly walked to the bed, picking up a long black silk rectangle.  She stood there, shivering and staring at it, before she slowly opened her mouth and started to push it in, filling the space behind her teeth and pushing her cheeks out until the whole length of material was inside.


“Good – now, take that top and those shorts off.”


Rebecca glared at the young man as he smiled, and then slowly pulled the top off over her head, revealing her bare chest before she slowly unfastened her shorts and let them fall to the floor, standing only in her boots.


“Lie on your back on the bed, and don’t move.”


As she lay on her back, Rebecca raised her head and watched as the man walked over and picked up a yellow scarf, taking her bare left wrist and tying one end tightly round it before he pulled her arm up and back, using the other end of the silk length to secure her wrist to the metal headboard.  She turned her head and watched as he walked round, selecting a red scarf and using it to secure her free wrist to the other side of the headboard.


Rebecca was trying to control her breathing, as the man selected a grey scarf next and bent her left leg, wrapping it round her ankle and then her thigh as the lather rubbed and squeaked.  With swift movements, she found herself unable to move her foot away, the wilk band stronger than she had expected as he selected a white one and secured her right leg in the same way.


She lay there, shivering as he gently pushed her legs apart and knelt between them, smiling as he gently stroked a gloved finger up between her legs, feeling the dampness and seeing her shiver ss well.




“Hush, little one,” he whispered as he looked into her eyes, and stroked her hair away from her cheeks with his free hand.  Rebecca looked at him feeling the leather on her skin, both there and between her legs, and then she noticed the bulge – a bulge which emerged from his pants as he slowly lowered the zip.


Her eyes widened as he put his head between her legs, and then slowly closed as she felt his lips on her, teasing and kissing her as his tongue lapped up the moisture there.  She groaned, the wet cloth in her mouth muffling the sound as he eased the tip of his tongue past the petals of her sex, and then eased into her, touching her just in the right place as she put her head back and groaned.


“You like this?”


Rebecca slowly nodded, and then she felt him enter her, thrust into her as she pushed herself up to greet him, gripping him inside her as he pulsed in her, moving with him as she felt him expand and the throbbing intensify.


He went slowly, but with time the speed increased as Rebecca moved with him, until she threw her head back and screamed mutely as he came within her, her whole body shaking as he did so.  He groaned as well, kissing her neck and face until he was exhausted and he slipped out, Rebecca falling back onto her pillows.


She panted out as the man stood up and adjusted his pants, before he took from a pocket a roll of white tape and peeled a length off.  He stuck it down over Rebecca’s mouth, sealing her lips with it as she looked at him through misty eyes.


He said nothing, leaving her there unable to move as he slowly backed out of the room and walked down the stairs, waiting as his partner came out of the front room.


“How are they?”


“See for yourself,” he said as they both looked in, Brenda and Anna lying face down on the floor, their ankles pulled back and secured to their chest ropes and silver tape wrapped round their heads.


“You get everything?”


“I did – let’s get out of here,” he said quietly as the two men left, closing the front door of the house behind themselves as the two older women tried to move, mumbling to each other.


Rebecca heard the door close, and lay there, trying to remain calm, and wondering why she had fallen for the younger man’s charms when they had talked the night before…







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